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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5821

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5821


Facing the gazes of everyone, Timur only felt his mind buzzing and blank.

Nine girls….is a member of the Tiandao Society?

A few seconds later, Timur recovered his senses and said coldly to Itel: “You don’t fall into the trap. That nine girl has lost her memory. I don’t know her identity at all.” After

speaking, Timur looked again. Prince Xiang Aotian: “When I met Ninth Girl, she was floating in the river and was injured, and then you arrived and wanted to kill her. Besides, even if she was a member of the Heavenly Dao Society, she would still be able to survive. What does it mean?”

Facing his explanation, Prince Aotian smiled and said nothing.


Yitel sneered and took advantage of the situation: “Timur, you can actually say such a thing, let me tell you, the Tiandao Society has been using a business model for all these years to conduct business with our Rakshasa tribe. Infiltration.”

“Also, after your precious son broke into the forbidden area with the nine girls that day, a large number of elites from the Tiandao Society rushed over quickly. Are these all coincidences? Although I have not found out the truth, but It is also guessed that your family and Tiandao will secretly collude and want to seize the treasures in the forbidden land. Right?”


Hearing this, Timur’s face flushed, and he scolded: “Nonsense. “

I’m talking nonsense?” Itel looked grim: “The nine girls are from the Tiandao Society, but they live in your house, and then explore the restricted area with your son. How do you explain this?”

“Okay, good, good!”

At this moment, Timur was in a hurry, and he didn’t bother to talk nonsense: “Ital, you deliberately put me in charge of the crime, you want to exclude dissidents and take power alone, I am not as good as you want.”

“If I don’t get rid of you this traitor today, I swear I won’t be human.”


The voice fell, and a powerful breath burst out from Timur’s body. He raised his hand and slapped it straight at Itel’s heart. The speed was as fast as running thunder.

Seeing the eruption of Timur, Itel did not panic at all. After all, there is the head of Wudang Ye by his side.

“The evidence is conclusive, but you dare to be presumptuous.”

At this critical moment, Prince Aotian spoke coldly, dodged in front of Itair, and the divine power in his body erupted, and in an instant, a golden glow enveloped the entire side hall.


such a strong breath!

At this moment, both Timur and the surrounding leaders were taken aback.

This Wudang sect master, what kind of cultivation technique is he practicing, and a golden light burst out. Although he had seen the skills of Prince Aotian just now, he was still extremely shocked at this time.

At this time, everyone did not know that the power that Prince Aotian burst out did not belong to the Kyushu Continent at all, but divine power.


Just when everyone was secretly shocked, Prince Aotian slowly raised his right hand, and a palm shadow condensed, directly colliding with Timur’s palm.


In an instant, a roar came out, and then, Timur let out a scream, and the whole person was shocked and flew out, and finally hit the pillar at the door heavily, and then fell softly to the ground, angry on the spot. perish.


Seeing this scene, the leaders present couldn’t help gasping for air and were terrified.

Killed Timur with one palm? Terrifying power.


For a while, the entire hall was silent. Everyone’s eyes stared blankly at Prince Aotian, all speechless.


But Itel was indescribably excited and excited.

Madd, he has been fighting against Timur for years. The opponent, relying on the protection of Queen Mona, has never been able to do anything to him, and now, the number one enemy is finally dead.

It’s really heartwarming.

At this time, Prince Aotian faced the gazes of the leaders and made a helpless gesture: “Everyone, you have seen it, this Timur shot twice and twice to kill General Itair, I have no choice but to do so. I just shot.”


Hearing this, the leaders present all sighed secretly, and then nodded successively.

They are not fools. The situation in front of them has been firmly controlled by Yi Taier. After all, he has such a master as the head of Wudang, who dares to talk nonsense?

“General!” In the

next second, one of the leaders came out and saluted in public: “Please take charge of the overall situation and save the queen as soon as possible.”

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