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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5481-5485

Chapter 5481


Seeing this scene, Liu Ruxue’s face turned pale with fright, and her delicate body kept trembling.

With so many giant beasts rushing over, I’m afraid that there will be no bones left, but I can’t tell the resentment in my heart. Li Qinghai, a beast in human skin, deserves to be torn apart.

Pfft …

Li Qinghai’s legs were even weaker, feeling the breath of so many Jialan beasts, he didn’t have the courage to resist at all, his legs were weak, and he knelt directly on the ground.

The next second, Li Qinghai shouted at Yue Feng: “Yue Feng, please… please stop these giant beasts, I was wrong… I won’t dare…”

In a huge panic Below, Li Qinghai’s voice trembled.

Although Yue Feng and these Jialan beasts communicated in animal language, Li Qinghai was not stupid. It could be seen that these giant beasts followed Yue Feng’s orders and launched an attack on him.

In front of this life-and-death juncture, Li Qinghai didn’t bother to think about the relationship between these giant beasts and Yue Feng, and immediately asked for forgiveness.


Hearing the begging for mercy, Yue Feng smiled coldly, his face full of indifference.

“Ouch, ooh…”

At this moment, many Jialan beasts had already rushed to Li Qinghai, opening their bloody mouths and biting frantically.


Although Li Qinghai was powerful, he had no resistance at all in front of so many Jialan beasts.

A few seconds later, Li Qinghai’s screams were drowned out by the roar of the Jialan beast, and his whole body was torn to pieces, and finally became the mouth of these Jialan beasts, leaving no bones.


Seeing such a bloody scene, Liu Ruxue’s delicate body kept trembling, a chill came from her back, and she almost fainted.

A big living person disappeared in the blink of an eye, and no one else could calm down.

“Your Majesty!”

At this moment, Jialan Beast King walked slowly to Yue Feng and said respectfully: “This scum is dead, what else do you want to tell me?”

Yue Feng smiled slightly: “Well done, I have been tapped, and I would like to trouble you to help me solve it.” After speaking, he told Jialan Beastmaster how to solve the acupoint.

Jialan Beastmaster is a spirit beast after all. Hearing the order, he raised his claws to help Yue Feng unblock the acupoints.


The moment the acupoints were opened, Yue Feng took a deep breath and moved his muscles.

The next second, seeing Liu Ruxue who was still immersed in fright, Yue Feng said to the Jialan Beastmaster, “Please wait outside for a while, my friend and I have something to say.”

“As ordered. “

After receiving the order, the Jialan Beast King responded, and took the other Jialan Beasts, quickly exited the hall, and stood guard outside.

At this time, Yue Feng walked up to Liu Ruxue, helped her to unlock the acupoints, and then said with a smile: “Okay, don’t be afraid, it’s all right.”


Hearing Yue Feng’s comfort, Liu Ruxue recovered from the shock: “Have those giant beasts gone?”

Her voice couldn’t hide the fear, especially when she thought of the tragic death of Li Qinghai just now, her heart shuddered.

Yue Feng smiled and said softly: “I didn’t leave, I’m guarding outside.”

Liu Ruxue was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but ask, “What are these giant beasts? Why did they kneel to you just now? Also, why did they obey your orders?”

At this time, Liu Ruxue was full of thoughts. All doubts.

After all, what happened just now is so incredible that if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t believe it.


Facing Liu Ruxue’s doubts, Yue Feng scratched his head, and then slowly explained: “These giant beasts are called Jialan beasts, which are unique spirit beasts in the mysterious realm of heaven, and I… just happened to be I know a little animal language, so I can communicate with them.”

“Don’t think that they are just spirit beasts, but they are jealous of evil, so shameless villains like Li Qinghai, they will naturally not let them go.”

When explaining this, Yue Feng looked serious , but complexities flickered in his eyes.

To be honest, the fact that he is an imperial teacher is too shocking, so after thinking about it, Yue Feng decided not to tell Liu Ruxue.

Beast language?

Hearing this explanation, Liu Ruxue looked at Yue Feng tightly and was shocked again.

This Yue Feng, who can refine alchemy, possesses divine power, and now can speak animal language, how many secrets does he have?

Chapter 5482

Thinking about it, Liu Ruxue looked at Li Qinghai’s pool of blood left on the ground, and suddenly thought of something: “Aiya, medicinal pills…”

“The medicinal pills you worked so hard for just now are all gone. “

I saw that apart from a pool of blood on the ground, where is the shadow of the medicinal pill? Obviously, when the Jialan beasts bit Li Qinghai just now, they also ate the medicinal pills on him.


Hearing this, Yue Feng also realized it later, and couldn’t help but patted his forehead.

Just now, I only cared about venting my hatred and forgot to ask Li Qinghai to hand over the medicine pill before those Jialan beasts started, but it was too late to say anything now.

Seeing his expression, Liu Ruxue bit her lip lightly: “Yue Feng, can the medicinal pill still be refined?”

“I can’t.”

Yue Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head: “The glazed cauldron is broken, and it is refined. The materials needed for the medicine pill also need to be collected again, but we have no time.”

As he spoke, Yue Feng couldn’t help but glanced outside the hall.

More than an hour has passed since the release of Yang Ye and others. It is estimated that they have already encountered Prince Aotian, and the fierce battle is coming to an end…

Hearing Yue Feng’s answer, Liu Ruxue suddenly became anxious: “Then what should I do? ?” Without the medicinal pill, Yue Feng would not be able to recover his divine power, and his state was also very weak. How could he be the opponent of Prince Aotian?

“Don’t panic.”

Seeing her anxious face, Yue Feng smiled and comforted: “Even if we don’t regain our strength, we can still deal with Prince Aotian…”

Liu Ruxue is a smart woman, so she doesn’t wait for him to finish. , then answered: “Are you going to use these giant beasts to deal with him?”

The corners of Yue Feng’s mouth twitched, revealing a bit of confidence: “Prince Aotian probably never thought that at the last moment, there will be a group of Jialan beasts to help me.” The

last word fell, Yue Feng strode out of the hall .

Liu Ruxue was stunned for a moment, and quickly followed.

On the other side, the battle next to the rocks continues.

The smell of blood filled the air.


Shouting, screams kept coming, the ground was stained red with blood, and the battle became more and more intense.

Although Yang Ye and the others fought hard to resist, they were caught before, and their strength was not fully recovered. They were not opponents of Lihuomen at all.

At this time, I saw that many disciples from Tianhaimen and Beihai Xingsu fell into a pool of blood one by one, and the only ones who could continue to fight in the field were Yang Ye and some elders.

“Beyond one’s own strength…”

Seeing this scene, Prince Aotian had a grim face, pointed at Yang Ye and shouted: “All disciples obey the order and kill Yang Ye first.” As long as Yang Ye died, the remaining elders, It’s not enough to worry about.

Swish swish…

The voice fell, and dozens of Lihuo Sect elite disciples burst out one after another, rushing directly towards Yang Ye, the burst of breath tore the surrounding air, with amazing power.


At this time, Yang Ye was covered in blood. The fight just now had consumed a lot of his internal energy, but when he saw dozens of enemies rushing towards him, he was not afraid at all, and roared: “If you want to kill me, come on…”

The voice fell, Yang Ye flew up, and the long sword in his hand drew a shock.

“Flying Rainbow Sword Art!”

The next second, the cold words came out of Yang Ye’s mouth, and then, a colorful dazzling light burst out from the long sword, swept towards the dozens of elite disciples of Lihuo Sect. go.

The Flying Rainbow Sword Art is a stunt of the Tianhaimen school. When it is displayed, it is like a flying rainbow. came out.

“Give me death.” Yang Ye roared.

“Ah…” The

voice fell, and the dazzling colorful rays of light directly enveloped the dozens of elite disciples. In an instant, a scream was heard, and dozens of disciples, without exception, all fell into a pool of blood. .


Seeing this scene, the other disciples of the Lihuo Sect couldn’t help but gasp, looking at Yang Ye’s eyes with deep fear.

After suffering such a serious injury, he can still burst out with such powerful strength. Is this the true strength of the head of Tianhaimen?

Chapter 5483

At the same time, Prince Aotian’s expression was extremely ugly.

“Ma De, the dying person is still fighting the trapped beast?”

Said coldly, Prince Aotian soared into the sky and went straight to Yang Ye.


In an instant, Prince Aotian’s power exploded, and the surrounding air was torn apart.

The next second, Prince Aotian quickly raised his hand, condensed a ball of flame, and smashed it towards Yang Ye.

In an instant, where the flames passed, the surrounding temperature suddenly rose.

“Sect Master…”

“Be careful…”

Seeing this situation, several Tianhaimen elders couldn’t help but exclaim, and at the same time wanted to come over to help, but they were entangled by the Lihuomen disciples and couldn’t get through. Come.

Feeling the power of this flame, Yang Ye was also taken aback. He didn’t hesitate at that time, and quickly activated his inner strength to deploy a protective film in front of him.


That is, at this moment, the flame slammed into the protective film and made a roar. I saw Yang Ye spit out a mouthful of blood, and the whole person was shocked and flew out.


At this time, Prince Aotian, his face was full of madness, looked at Yang Ye and said coldly: “But a bunch of ants dare to be presumptuous in front of me, today, I will call you three sects, completely in Disappeared in the rivers and lakes.” The

voice fell, and Prince Aotian walked towards Yang Ye step by step.

Feeling the suffocating energy that permeated Prince Aotian’s body, Yang Ye’s face was full of panic, but he quickly thought of something, and quickly took out something from his body.

This is a black fist-sized bead, covered with runes, and contains powerful energy.

This bead, known as the ‘Xuan Lei Bead’, was found by a disciple of Tianhaimen while investigating the mysterious realm of the sky a few years ago. After it was handed over to Yang Ye, it was always carried by him.

At this critical juncture, Yang Ye immediately thought of this Xuan Lei Zhu.

“If you want me to die, I will bury you with me.”

At this moment, Yang Ye howled like crazy, directly injected his inner strength into the Xuan Leizhu, and then smashed it at Prince Aotian.


Almost in the blink of an eye, Xuan Leizhu arrived in front of Prince Aotian’s face. At that time, it exploded directly, and an earth-shattering roar erupted. At the moment of the explosion, the power of thunder and lightning was seen raging around.


There were a lot of Lihuo Sect disciples around, and they didn’t have time to dodge. They were instantly overwhelmed by those thunder and lightning, and they let out a miserable howl, and in the end not even the scum was left.

Prince Aotian was furious, but he didn’t dare to resist the power of these mysterious thunderbolts, and immediately raised his hand to deploy a protective film in front of him, but even so, he was shocked back dozens of steps, and his face instantly paled.


Taking advantage of the gap when Prince Aotian was shaken back, Yang Yeqiang endured the pain on his body, turned around and ran.

When everyone came back to their senses, Yang Ye had disappeared from sight.


Seeing Yang Ye escape, Prince Aotian looked extremely ugly, pointed at the elders who were still desperately resisting, and shouted, “Take them all down.”

“As ordered…”

Hearing the order, the surrounding Lihuomen disciples shouted and rushed forward. When Yang Ye was still there, the elders of Tianhaimen and Beihai Xingsu still had confidence in their hearts. At this time, Yang Ye left, and they all had great morale. fell, and were all captured alive in no time.

After controlling the situation in the audience, Prince Aotian took a deep breath and was ready to send someone to continue searching Yue Feng and Liu Ruxue.


But at this moment, there was a vibration of breath coming from the direction of the entrance. In an instant, Prince Aotian frowned, and at the same time, everyone around looked at him.

Seeing this, everyone was stunned.

I saw countless figures rushing towards here like a tide. After careful identification, it was found that it was the various sects on the rivers and lakes, the divine carving door, and the red-clothed sect all came.

And rushing to the front, are six charming figures, each wearing a black and red dress, holding a long sword, the facial features are exquisite and beautiful, but the whole body is filled with a powerful atmosphere.

It is the Six Swords Princess of the Red Clothes Sect.


At this time, the masters of the major sects came to the front and stopped when they saw Prince Aotian and the disciples of Lihuo Sect present. Each one’s eyes flickered with complexity.

Chapter 5484

A few days ago, the killing of Deng Shiqi by Prince Aotian shook the whole world. At that time, the major sects paid close attention to Lihuomen’s every move, and later learned that Lihuomen had occupied the mysterious realm of the sky, and these sects were all sitting I can’t stop, and they come at the same time, all wanting a piece of the pie.

You must know that there are many treasures hidden in the mysterious realm of the sky, who is not jealous?


At this time, Prince Aotian also calmed down, swept over the masters of the major sects coldly, and said coldly: “You are not invited, what do you mean?” The

voice was not loud, but It spread throughout the audience, giving people a suffocating sense of oppression.


As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a burst of laughter from the crowd, and then, a man in white with a folding fan in his hand walked out slowly, smiled at Prince Aotian and said, “Ren Zhang The door, really is the unparalleled power of the world, not only killed the head of Deng in Beihai Xingsu, but also forcibly occupied the mysterious realm of the sky.”

“However, this secret realm is so big, I’m afraid you can’t stand it alone with people like Lihuomen. Why don’t you give us a point? What do you think?” At the

end, the man in white had a treacherous face.

This man in white is the deputy head of Shendiaomen, Ding Peng. This person is tactful and treacherous. If he were to face Prince Aotian alone, he would never be so arrogant, but at this moment, there are so many fellows in the rivers and lakes around him.

The last word fell, and other sect masters around also nodded in agreement.

“That’s right.. This secret realm is so big that you can’t eat it.”

“The so-called seers have a share, so we can’t let us go for nothing.

” After so many years, now it’s our turn.”

Everyone said your sentence and my sentence, and everyone was very excited, and they did not take Prince Aotian in their eyes at all, because they could see that the ‘Ren Pingsheng’ and the disciples of Lihuo Sect had been in front of them for two consecutive days. In the fierce battle, the strength of each one is almost exhausted.

Under such circumstances, he was naturally not afraid to turn his face with Lihuomen.


Hearing everyone’s words, Prince Aotian’s face instantly turned extremely cold, as if he had seen a bunch of Xiaoliang clowns, sneering again and again: “Haha, it’s interesting, really interesting…” As

he said, Prince Aotian’s eyes fell on Ding Ding. On Peng, he said word by word: “You guys are really good at challenging times. I have been fighting fiercely for the past two days and paid a great price to win this secret realm, and you people , want to get something for nothing, take advantage for nothing?”

Speaking of which, Prince Aotian sneered and said in a very cold and arrogant tone: “Do you…have this qualification?”


The last sentence fell, and the surrounding Lihuo Sect disciples, one after another Pulling out the long sword, killing intent flashed in his eyes.

For a time, the whole scene was tense, and the air was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder.

“Tsk tsk…”

At this moment, Ding Peng chuckled, looked at Prince Aotian and said, “Look at this, Sect Master Ren is very confident in the strength of your Lihuo Sect, I really want to ask for advice. “


Saying that, Ding Peng took a few steps forward, and his inner strength exploded, and a very strong aura suddenly swept out. His eyes were full of provocation.

He could see that the ‘Ren Pingsheng’ in front of him consumed a lot of strength, while he was in his peak state. If they fought, this ‘Ren Pingsheng’ would definitely lose.

At this time, Ding Peng didn’t know that the person in front of him was no longer Ren Pingsheng.

Seeing this scene, Prince Aotian narrowed his eyes slightly: “You want to fight me?” This person thought that my strength was severely depleted, so he wanted to take the opportunity to show off, hehe… He really is a typical villain.

“Naturally!” Ding Peng raised his chin with confidence.

In his heart, he believed that Prince Aotian would not dare to fight, after all, the situation in front of him caused his whole body to be affected.

However he was wrong.

“Okay!” Prince

Aotian responded lightly, then walked to the open space next to him and looked at Ding Peng with a half-smiling smile: “Since Your Excellency is so confident, how could I be so embarrassed to disappoint you?”

He waved at Ding Peng: “Please take action.”

Chapter 5485

Seriously, suddenly so many sects came, Prince Aotian was calm on the surface, but also a little flustered in his heart.

If it really started a melee, I could still protect myself, but the surrounding Lihuo Sect disciples would be less fortunate. I didn’t expect that Ding Peng in front of him would take the initiative to challenge.

For Prince Aotian, this is naturally beyond expectation.


Seeing Prince Aotian agreeing so happily, Ding Peng was stunned.

At the same time, the other sect masters behind him also whispered.

“Ren Pingsheng actually took on the challenge…”

“Hehe, this person has the best face, Ding Peng will challenge him in public, he will definitely not refuse, but, looking at his situation, he consumes a lot of internal strength, I am afraid that he will lose in the future. It ‘s miserable.”

“He deserves to lose. We gave him face just now, but he insists on swallowing the mysterious realm.” During the

discussion, no one thought that Prince Aotian would win.

“Sect Master Ren is really a happy person.”

At this moment, Ding Peng reacted with a mocking expression that could not be concealed on his face: “If that’s the case, then I’m welcome.” The voice fell, and the inner strength of the whole body exploded, and so did the whole person. Soar up.


Under the explosion of internal force, the surrounding air suddenly distorted, and then Ding Peng pulled out his long sword and drew a dazzling light, which came straight to Prince Aotian’s heart.

I saw that the air was distorted wherever the long sword passed, and the power was amazing.

However, Prince Aotian was full of disdain. He sneered at that time, raised his right hand suddenly, and grabbed a long sword that was stuck on the ground not far away.

Under the injection of divine power, I saw that the long sword burst out with a dazzling golden light.


At this moment, whether it was Ding Peng or the masters of the major sects present, they were all stunned for a moment, shocked beyond words.

This… this Ren Pingsheng looks so weak, yet he can still burst out with such a powerful aura.


Just when Ding Peng was secretly shocked, Prince Aotian snorted coldly, and when he swung his long sword vigorously, he heard a scream, and a dazzling golden light burst out from the long sword and directly greeted him. Ding Peng.

Feeling the power contained in Jinmang, Ding Peng realized that he underestimated the enemy. At that time, he wanted to dodge, but it was too late.


In the next second, Jin Mang slammed into Ding Peng fiercely, and he heard a miserable howl. The whole person was sprayed with blood and flew out, flying more than 100 meters away, and finally landed on the rubble. among.

“Pfft…” After landing, Ding Peng spat out another mouthful of blood, and then his eyes darkened, and he passed out.


Seeing this scene, the masters of the major sects present were all dumbfounded.

When did the strength of Ren Pingsheng become so terrifying? Before this, he had already fought against the three major sects, but at this time he could still defeat Ding Peng with one move.


For a while, the audience was deadly silent, everyone stared blankly at Prince Aotian, speechless in shock.

Looking at the expressions of the masters of the major sects, Prince Aotian smiled disdainfully, then cleared his throat and said loudly: “Everyone, whoever wants to come up for advice, I will accompany you at any time.”

As he spoke, his eyes swept across the masters.

Feeling the fierceness in Prince Aotian’s eyes, none of the masters from various sects dared to look at him, let alone challenge him. After all, Ding Peng was defeated by one move, who would dare to come up and ask for trouble?

A bunch of scumbags.

Seeing that no one responded, Prince Aotian raised a trace of disdain at the corner of his mouth, scolded secretly, and then said something.


However, at this moment, in the depths of the secret realm behind him, a roar suddenly came. Hearing this roar, everyone present trembled in their hearts and felt an inexplicable panic.

Are there beasts here?

For a time, under the doubts of everyone, they all looked in the direction from which the roar came.

Prince Aotian also frowned.

A few seconds later, I saw a huge figure walking slowly from a shadow not far away. It was a giant beast covered with golden hair, sharp teeth and claws, and its eyes shone with breathtaking light.

And on the back of this giant beast, a man and a woman were carried.

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