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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5441-5445

Chapter 5441

“You are courting death.” After saying a few words coldly, Prince Aotian’s body filled with suffocation, and he walked towards Yue Feng step by step: “Yue Feng, you don’t have any supernatural power now, what qualifications do you have to speak up?

” He ‘s just a poor bastard about to die, how dare you laugh at me?”

When he said this, Prince Aotian looked gloomy, glanced at the crystal stones around the Immortal Destruction Array, and said word by word, “Wait for me. Not only will you fuse your divine power, but you will also completely destroy your divine soul, so that you will never be born again.”


Hearing this, Yue Feng took a deep breath, his face was extremely weak: “Kill me, you can’t be the emperor of heaven. Because your heart is too vicious, you can’t convince the public at all.” At the

end, Yue Feng looked at the proud In the eyes of the emperor, he couldn’t hide the joke: “Aotian, you are destined to be a loser.” The

emperor was already angry, but at this time Yue Feng’s words undoubtedly added to his anger. a fire.

“There’s so much nonsense, go to hell.”

At this moment, Prince Aotian was completely furious. He howled and slapped Yue Feng with a fierce palm.

At this time, in Prince Aotian’s heart, Yue Feng was already a waste person, and he had no ability to reverse the situation at all.


The voice fell, Prince Aotian stopped talking nonsense, and slapped Yue Feng with a fierce palm.

With this palm, Prince Aotian tried his best, vowing to destroy Yue Feng’s Primordial Spirit with a single blow, and he saw that wherever the figure passed, the surrounding air was stagnant, and the power was terrifying.

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng looked fearless on the surface, but felt a little uneasy in his heart.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but quietly glance at Liu Ruxue, who was pretending to be in a coma… As I said earlier, I attracted the attention of Prince Aotian, and she looked for an opportunity to sneak attack.

It’s just… I just took away her innocence, she won’t change her mind temporarily and let Prince Aotian kill me, right?


Seeing this palm, it was about to hit Yue Feng, and at this critical moment, Liu Ruxue, who was lying beside him and pretended to be unconscious, suddenly moved.

“Return my brother

‘s life.” At this time, Liu Ruxue was drinking tenderly, and her figure was as fast as lightning, rushing directly from behind, and the long sword stabbed at the heart of Prince Aotian.

For a time, the entire hall was filled with terrifying murderous aura.

Yue Feng’s guess was good. When Liu Ruxue was lying on the ground and pretending to be in a coma, listening to the conversation between Yue Feng and Prince Aotian, he wanted them to go to hell together.

These two people, one who took away his innocence and the other who killed his closest senior brother, deserved to die, but for some reason, seeing Yue Feng’s tragic death under Prince Aotian’s hands, suddenly he couldn’t bear it.


At this time, Prince Aotian, all his attention was on Yue Feng. He didn’t expect Liu Ruxue to make a surprise attack from behind. At that time, his face changed and his mind went blank.

But after all, he is the royal family of the God Realm, so he quickly reacted and shouted angrily at Liu Ruxue: “Liu Ruxue, you are crazy.”

When he spoke, Prince Aotian was very puzzled.

Under the strong pressure of the Immortal Extinguishing Formation, this woman was fine… Not only that, but she seemed to be out of her control.

“You take away my brother’s body, and I want you to pay for it with blood.”

Liu Ruxue’s beautiful face was full of gloomy coldness. After she snorted, her speed suddenly accelerated.


When he was approaching Prince Aotian, an incomparably powerful force burst out from Liu Ruxue.


At this moment, feeling the terrifying power of Liu Ruxue, Prince Aotian was taken aback. He clearly sensed that Liu Ruxue’s strength was more than ten times stronger than before.

In particular, the terrifying aura that pervaded her body was like a goddess of war coming into the world.

How could this be?

Just when Prince Aotian was secretly shocked, Liu Ruxue’s palm was already in front of him.

“If you commit the following crimes, you should be punished!” In the

next second, Prince Aotian reacted, shouted angrily, raised his right hand, and met Liu Ruxue.


The palms of the two sides collided fiercely, and I heard Prince Aotian groaning.

Chapter 5442

After all, Prince Aotian has only occupied Ren Pingsheng’s body for a few days, and since he has not recreated his primordial spirit, he is naturally not Liu Ruxue’s opponent.

After all, Liu Ruxue had already obtained the divine power of Yue Feng. Although it is not fully integrated, it is more than enough to deal with the Aotian Prince in this state.


At this moment, Prince Aotian struggled to stand up, his face pale and indescribably ugly, his eyes were fixed on Liu Ruxue, full of incredible: “The power in your body, from Where did you come from?”

When he controlled Liu Ruxue before, Prince Aotian had a detailed understanding of her strength. Although this woman is not weak, she is not considered the top in the arena.

But…. It’s only been more than two hours since she didn’t see her. Not only was she out of her control, but her strength also improved by leaps and bounds.

Even if you eat the fairy fruit of the gods, it is impossible to have this effect.

In the face of Prince Aotian’s question, Liu Ruxue’s face was frosty and she didn’t respond, just looked at him coldly.

But his heart was secretly excited.

Although Yue Feng’s method was a bit despicable, it really worked. The attack just now was sure to hit him, but unfortunately, that palm didn’t kill him.


At this moment, Yue Feng smiled slightly and mocked at Prince Aotian: “Aotian, fortunately you are still the royal family of God Realm, the situation is so obvious, can’t you see it?”

“She just now It is my divine power that is used. Do you really think that this Immortal Destruction Formation has absorbed all of my divine power? Silly hat.”

Although his expression was weak, Yue Feng’s tone was very leisurely when he said this, with a strategized expression. attitude.


Hearing this, Prince Aotian was shocked. He first looked at Liu Ruxue and then at Yue Feng, only to feel that his mind was buzzing and blank.

The divine power in Yue Feng’s body was not absorbed by the Immortal Destruction Formation, but was all passed on to this woman?

This…it’s impossible.

Thinking to himself, Prince Aotian glared at Yue Feng and almost roared: “Yue Feng, shut up, stop talking nonsense here, how could she be a mortal woman with your divine power?”

Ma De, this Yue Feng must be Deliberately talking nonsense, trying to disturb my mind.

Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Yue Feng sneered: “You are still the prince, don’t you know that there is a unique ‘Taiyou Xuanyin’ body in the human world?”

Taiyou Xuanyin body?

Hearing these words, Prince Aotian was shocked, and his eyes flickered.

In the ancient books collected by God Domain, it seems that this kind of physique was recorded….

Before he could react, Yue Feng glanced at Liu Ruxue and continued: “As it happens, she is the rumored Taiyou Xuanyin body. , Aotian, you think you are in control of everything, but why do you think that you will lose here in the end.”


At this time, Prince Aotian, full of fire in his heart, roared: “Even if she is too It’s impossible for the mysterious Yin body to gain your divine power so easily, it’s impossible…” It should

have been in control of the overall situation, but it turned out to be the way it is now, and anyone else would not be able to accept it.


Seeing his crazy face, Yue Feng sarcastically said, “Whether you believe it or not, this is the truth and God’s will.” In fact, Yue Feng had guessed it just now.

The reason why Liu Ruxue was able to obtain divine power so easily was not only because of her profound Yin body, but more importantly, she had experienced an intimate exchange with herself…

but this matter is related to Liu Ruxue. Of course, Yue Feng wouldn’t say it.

After taunting a few words, Yue Feng struggled to stand up and said to Liu Ruxue: “Liu Ruxue, wasted time and killed him directly. Although you didn’t fully integrate my divine power, killing him was still easy. “

Don’t worry about his identity, he is a desolate prince. If I guess right, he came to the human world privately, and he was hiding from the realm of the gods, so no one would know if you killed him.”

“Suffer to death!”

heard At Yue Feng’s words, Liu Ruxue bit her lip tightly, without the slightest hesitation at that time, she shouted at Prince Aotian, and then her delicate body rose up and burst out.

Chapter 5443


Feeling the power of Liu Ruxue’s eruption, Prince Aotian was furious. There was no way to retreat at that time, so he had no choice but to explode his power and attack.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely in the Immortal Extermination Formation.

Bang bang bang…

I saw that the silhouettes of the two sides kept moving back and forth, and the breath that burst out tore the air in the entire hall.

Just now, he was sneaked by Liu Ruxue, and Prince Aotian was shocked. At this time, under the fierce battle, the figure was defeated and retreated, and he couldn’t stand it at all.


Soon, the two sides touched again, and they heard a shock, and then, the Immortal Destruction Formation was instantly destroyed.

Prince Aotian took a dozen steps back, his face turning blue and white. As for Liu Ruxue, she just swayed slightly and stabilized her figure.

Obviously, this time, Liu Ruxue had the absolute advantage.


At this moment, Liu Ruxue raised her hand, and the powerful force in the air condensed a dazzling sword shadow, which came towards Prince Aotian like thunder and lightning.

Feeling the power of the sword shadow, Prince Aotian was taken aback.


In the next second, the sword shadow slammed into Prince Aotian, and he heard a roar, followed by a mouthful of blood from Prince Aotian, and the whole person was shocked and flew far away.

Without reshaping the primordial spirit, this blow could not be stopped at all.

Liu Ruxue’s face was cold and she didn’t give Prince Aotian a chance to breathe. He clenched his long sword and stabbed at Prince Aotian’s heart.


Feeling the killing intent in Liu Ruxue’s eyes, Prince Aotian scolded secretly, feeling a little flustered in his heart, he would definitely die here.

Realizing this, Prince Aotian was no longer in love at that time, and stabbed a few swords sharply. These swords almost exhausted their strength, and they were all unique swordsmanships in the Divine Realm, which were unpredictable.

Chi Chi… In an

instant, sword shadows condensed, the air was torn apart, and the power was terrifying.

Liu Ruxue didn’t dare to take it hard, and dodged subconsciously.

And taking advantage of this opportunity, Prince Aotian turned around and ran, and in the blink of an eye, he rushed out of the hall.

“Don’t run!”

Seeing this, Liu Ruxue shouted and quickly chased out.

Just after a few steps, Liu Ruxue suddenly thought of something, and stopped, looked back at Yue Feng and said coldly: “Yue Feng, our grievance is not over yet, when I solve him, I will come back to you to settle accounts. .”

Senior brother’s hatred is important, but his chastity cannot be lost in vain.

The last word fell, Liu Ruxue’s figure rose up, and quickly chased in the direction of Prince Aotian’s escape.


Watching Liu Ruxue’s figure go away, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing.

This woman really holds grudges, even at this time, she has not forgotten to say harsh words.

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng was too lazy to think too much. He sat there cross-legged and rested quietly.

On the other side, the mainland of Kyushu.

Before the Star Zhai Tower, the fierce battle between Gogne and the four Profound Handle generals continued.

This battle has been going on for a day and a night.

In the fierce battle, although the four Profound Handle God Generals formed a formation and trapped Gone to death, they were unable to subdue him, and Gone was also unable to break the formation.

The two sides were at a stalemate for a while.

However, the battle between Hailongdian and Wen Chou Chou and the others was drawing to a close.

At this time, it was early in the morning, and I saw that the surroundings of the Star Picking Building were completely stained with blood, and the bodies of the disciples of the Sea Dragon Palace were everywhere.


At this moment, Wen Chou Chou threw away the long sword that was about to break, and let out a long sigh of relief.

The battle is finally over.

“Brother Wen.” Sun Dasheng

next to him was covered in blood, and he was exhausted. Looking at the fierce battle in midair, he couldn’t help but ask, “Should we go up and help?”

Staring at Gone’s figure, he couldn’t hide his resentment. This time, in the battle of Xingxinglou, I don’t know how many disciples died in his hands. Fortunately, the gods and soldiers who were the last diligent in Tianjian arrived, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

Wen Chou Chou looked around at the situation in front of him, shook his head and said, “This supreme demon has unfathomable strength, and we can’t help us much if we go up.”

Chapter 5444

“Besides, he has been trapped by the four great generals now, and he shouldn’t last long. Let’s withdraw first and go back to heal.”

Wen Chou Chou acted calmly and helped Qin Tianjian deal with Gone, which was too risky. More importantly, everyone and the people of the Sea Dragon Palace fought for a day and a night, and everyone was exhausted. Continuing to fight would only increase the damage.


Seeing Wen Chou Chou saying this, Sun Dasheng no longer insisted and nodded.

A few minutes later, the Hall of Longevity, Huaguo Mountain, and the followers of the Xia Yinzong quickly withdrew from the Star Picking Building.

For a time, in addition to the corpses scattered all around the Star Zhai Tower, there were only the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals who were diligent in Tianjian, and Gone who was trapped by the formation.


At this moment, the boss Lei Xingyu saw the situation below, and couldn’t help shouting at Gone: “I advise you not to struggle any more, all the little scoundrels under your command are dead. “

It’s pointless to continue resisting, just give up.” Phew

… Hearing this, Gone sighed secretly, his face also extremely solemn. He had seen the following situation for a long time, and because of his identity, he had never shown it on his face, but at this time, he was also a little anxious. But soon, Gogne calmed down. If this stalemate continues like this, it is better to pretend to be caught by them. When the time comes, I will find an opportunity to defeat the four Profound Handle Gods one by one and fuse their divine powers. As long as he fuses the divine power of these four profound master generals, his strength can return to its peak state.

Speaking of which, when the Four Great Profound Handle God Generals first appeared in the Xingxing Tower, Gone had the idea of ​​integrating their divine powers in his heart, but he was always on guard against the appearance of the Haotian God Sovereign, so he always had concerns.

After the death of the Nine Heavens God, the only person Gone was afraid of was the Haotian Divine Sovereign.

You must know that the status of Haotian Divine Sovereign is second only to the God of Nine Heavens. Under one person and above ten thousand people, his strength is also unfathomable. With Gone’s strength at this time, if he really wants to meet Haotian Divine Sovereign, it must be a lot of misfortune.

However, after the day and night passed, the Haotian Divine Sovereign never appeared, which made Gone realize that the Haotian Divine Sovereign was not in the Kyushu Continent.

In Gone’s heart, if the four Profound Handle God Generals do not have Haotian Divine Sovereign in charge, their biggest reliance is this formation. As long as they are separated, they will be easily defeated one by one.

Of course, in order to implement this method, they must be caught.

At this point, Gone made up his mind, and sneered at the boss Lei Xingyu: “Give up? Do you have the qualifications to talk to me like this?”


When the voice fell, Gone’s figure flashed and came straight to Lei Xingyu.

Lei Xingyu did not panic at all, he greeted the other three brothers, cooperated with each other, and fought fiercely with Gone again.

A few rounds later, Gognie deliberately revealed a flaw and was slapped in the back by Lei Xingyu.


Hearing a dull sound, while Gone was being shaken back, the four brothers threw out the trapped magic chains and entangled Gone.

The Sleeping Devil Chain is a special whip made by God Domain specially to deal with the devil race. It has a powerful divine power sealed inside, which can restrain the devil soul.

In an instant, the four trapped magic chains were wrapped around Gone’s body, and they couldn’t move at all.


At this moment, the four brothers looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing, with indescribable excitement on their faces. At the same time, he taunted Gone.

“Goni, didn’t you escape from our palms in the end?”

“The Supreme Being of the Demon Race is nothing more than that.”


The four Lei Xingyu at this time were all extremely excited. .

The Supreme Being of the Demon Race was actually captured alive by his four brothers, and these are sure to flourish.

Listening to the mockery of the four brothers, Gone looked inconvenient, and said in a cold and arrogant tone: “You despicable people, you are just lucky, what is there to be proud of?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lei Xingyu couldn’t help but laugh: ” You can scold you as you please, in short, your dignified Demon Clan Supreme fell into the hands of our four brothers, and you have no face to be proud of.”

After speaking, Lei Xingyu did not talk nonsense, and together with the other three brothers, he led the surrounding gods and generals, and quickly Return to Qin Tianjian.

Chapter 5445


Not long after the four Profound Handle God Generals left, they saw a dozen large ships docked on the seaside not far away.

Immediately afterwards, a slender and charming figure, with thousands of elites, quickly rushed to the square in front of the Star Picking Building.

It was Mo Yan.

In the cabin at that time, Mo Yan learned about the situation of Zhaixinglou from Yu Du’s mouth, and she was very anxious. Then, because of Yu Du’s blasphemy, she expelled Yu Du from the Sea Dragon Hall in a rage, and then turned all the ships around and came to pick them up. Star support.


at this time in the square, when she saw the scene in front of her, Mo Yan’s body trembled and she almost collapsed on the ground.

Too bad, after all, he was still one step behind.

She could clearly see that the corpses of the members of the Sea Dragon Palace were everywhere around the Star Picking Building. It could be said that the Sea Dragon Palace suffered heavy casualties in this battle.

Not only that, but there was no sign of Gone in the audience. Obviously, it was captured by Qin Tianjian.

If Zun Shang really falls into the hands of Divine Realm, the consequences cannot be imagined.


Just when Mo Yan was anxious, a leader came over and said cautiously, “What should we do next?”

Mo Yan sighed lightly without hesitation: “Pass my order and let everyone be here. Rest in place, and then go with me to Qin Tianjian to rescue Zun Shang.”


The leader responded when he heard the order.

Ten minutes later, after everyone rested for a while, under the leadership of Mo Yan, they hurried towards Qin Tianjian.


On the other side, the four brothers Lei Xingyu led the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals to escort Gone, and soon returned to Qintianjian.

After Gone was imprisoned, the four brothers ordered a table of wine and food in the hall, and then chatted excitedly about the battle while drinking.

“Big brother.”

At this time, the third youngest Lei Xingshou took a sip of wine and said with a big laugh: “This time we have captured Gone, and our four brothers are going to take off.” The

voice fell, Lei Xinghai and Lei Xingtian, Nodding in agreement.

“Yeah, if His Majesty knew, he would definitely give us an appointment.”

“Haha… Guess, if those guys from Yutian Palace knew that we had captured Gone alive, what would their expressions look like?” The

three The brothers kept joking and laughing, but the boss Lei Xingyu had a calm expression.

“Don’t get carried away.”

After three rounds of drinking, Lei Xingyu said with a serious face: “Goni’s identity is very unusual. Although we caught him, we can’t take it lightly.”

“In order to avoid too many nights and dreams, I decided to go back in person . Go to God’s Domain and report the situation to Your Majesty. The three of you, stay in Qintianjian and watch him carefully.”

Staying in Kyushu to take care of Qintianjian is the responsibility of the four brothers, so they cannot return to God’s Domain together.

To be honest, Lei Xingyu also thought about taking Gone back to God’s Domain by himself, but Gone’s identity is special and his strength is unpredictable. If something happens on the way, the consequences will be unimaginable.

So after thinking about it, Lei Xingyu decided to return to God’s Domain alone.

The words fell, and the three Lei Xingtian nodded in agreement.

“Okay, just listen to the boss.”

“Just do it…”

Half an hour later, Lei Xingyu returned to God’s Domain through the teleportation array.


As soon as Lei Xingyu left, a magic soldier walked into the hall quickly, and said to the three brothers who were still at the wine table: “I just got the news that a remnant of the Sea Dragon Palace is rushing towards our Qin Tianjian. come.”


Hearing this, the three of Lei Xingtian looked at each other and were stunned.

Gone has been arrested, those people from the Sea Dragon Palace, who dare to be so arrogant, come to Qin Tianjian to provoke them, do they think they have a long life?

The next second, Lei Xingtian reacted and drank the wine in his glass: “Go, go out and have a look.”

Then he strode out of the hall.

Lei Xingshou and Lei Xinghai followed closely behind.


When they got outside, the three brothers frowned when they saw the scene in front of them.

I saw that thousands of members of the Sea Dragon Palace came in a mighty manner, each with an indomitable momentum, and a charming figure was suspended in the air in front of the team.

It was Mo Yan.

Seeing these thousands of members of the Sea Dragon Palace, the three brothers laughed disdainfully. You must know that although these members of the Sea Dragon Palace are not weak, they are completely vulnerable in front of the gods and gods of Diligent Tianjian.

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