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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5421-5425

Chapter 5421

At this time, Mo Yan’s mind was in chaos, and he subconsciously shook his head and said: “No, you are in danger, I can’t return to Dragon King Island…”


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At this time, Zhaixinglou is not only the gods and soldiers who are diligent in Tia

utiful face, he couldn’t help himself for a while: “Queen

gged Mo Yan tightly

u Po’s whole he

n, but also the woman he respec

y has a beautiful appearance, but also has a strong strength. It’s just th

wever, since Gone came to the Sea Dragon Palace, Moyan handed over his power and status. The situation is getting worse, especially in

the fragrance coming, and the love that was sup

ue Feng had childr

pt herself, even if she goes up the mountain of


brain suddenly came to her senses. She was so ashamed and angry at the time, she


u’s face fiercely, only to hear a crisp sound, Yu Du

elf just now? To bl

t pure desire,

forgives… subordinate… subordinate did not intend to offend, but see

subordinate reall

“Shut up… Yu Du, you are so daring, I’m not me

te chief. Without me, you are still living a

ing’s face was full

glou, but at this time, her most powerful subordin

ok a deep breath and said seriously: “Queen, calm down, I kn

f you in your current situation, as l

out that after you and Yue Feng had a child, your honor no longer believed you, and

n to Dragon King Island to recharge our batteries and wait for him The gods

rather be the man behind you and help you

more excited he became, and he sai

er 5

ality is arrogant, w

grew even more. Had it not been tainted by Yue F


ly at Yu Du, “How about my affairs, it’s not your turn t

s face w

gehammer: “Queen… are you going to drive me away?” Forg

hould have killed you, but in the past year, yo

force me to c

things, he can do it well, even exceeding expectations, b


ggered back a few steps, feeling u

and said bitterly: “Thank you Queen for not

lked out of the

ittle, how much he hoped that Mo

ul face did not show any expression, like an


of the cabin as

the Sea Dragon Palace walked in q

n around and return to Donghai City immediately.” Your hon


nd then hesitantly said: “Now turn around and go ba

aining poison, from now on, he has been expelled from the Sea D


seeing Mo Yan’s cold face, he quickly nodded and sai

ips turned their heads and


e, Lagerstroe

c death in Lihuomen spread throughout the r

ai Xingju was infuriated. Immediately, several elders gathe

d set up formations at various important passages near the main altar. At that time,

y casualties. Tens of thousands of elite disciple

e main hall of Li

on his face, his eyes flashing with light,

st lead the entire Lihuo Sect to stand on the top of the

n choose the right person at will, integrat

my or

en or so hall masters below: “Call the disciples immed

ch is the most suitable Cultivating and rebuilding the primord

ect Ma

en hall masters responded in unis

er 5

Sect disciples, led by Prince Aotian,


, the main alta

s sitting cross-legged,


on: “No, something happened to Beihai Xingsu… After Deng Shiqi was killed, Beihai Xingsu tur

i Xingsu sent a rescue let

, Lihuomen and Beihai Xingsu were still a nominal alliance. At that time, they went to Chunyang Pal

o acted too viciously, actua

huomen , I had no name on the rivers and lakes, why did it suddenly become so

t know is that I have been in contact with that Ren Pingsheng for a few days. Th

entire river and lake will not be peaceful. I think, we still send

y, call the disciples immedi

Sect L


ng Palace also received Bei

he palace lord immediately called

he main hall of

ly: “North Sea Star wants to avenge Deng Sect Master, and as a re

send someone Going to su

must know that half a month ago, Beihai Xingsu and Tianhaimen disrega

i Cexuan who came forward to shock everyone,


he side couldn’t help but sneer and said loudly, “Palace Ma

yang Palace, wanting us to hand over Pavilion Master Yue, how coul

t’s go, it’s ridiculous. In my opinion, the grievances between the Nort

Taoist Qianqiu

any people around

orth Sea are not benevolent and unjust.

e palace lord bit his l


sects have been allied for nearly a hundred years. At this time, they are encountering an unprecedented catastrophe, and we stand idl

lly bring some disciples to Beihai Xingsu, do you want t

ke care of the overall situation, he let go

er 5


st Qianqiu and everyone looked at ea

the mysterious

major sects. On the roads on both sides, patrolling disciples were consta


f vibration not far away, and there

t’s goi

he entrance looked over vigilantly. Seeing thi

the air, and tens of thousands of figures ca

te disciple

rom Lihu

eize the Heavenly

ples present panicked, and a fear

Beihai Xingsu’s revenge, killing tens of thousands of Beihai

g, the head of Lihuo Sec

e so rampant that after defeating the North Sea

ather, hu


y. In an instant, when they heard the shouts, the disciples

charge of the mysterious

ch, is powerful and capable. Hearin


Xu Heng was sweating profusely, then turned his head and shouted at the

eral disciples nod


arrived near the entrance, and saw a burly figure soaring


Prince Aotian at this time was stil

eyes couldn’t hide his excitement, this time he came to the human world, everyth

Xu Heng, and his tone was extremely cold an

breath, resisted his inner

ed, otherwise, you will die.” Prince Aotian didn’t talk no

ct disciples present we


Aotian and said, “Ren Pingsheng, this is the place of our three major s

e major

en’t figured out the situation yet, the last person who talked to me like

strength was urged, and a suffo


is saliva, and then he said with courage: “Without the

opponent, but the responsibility lies, if he flees in fear o

very g

l you.” The voice fell, his right hand suddenly lifted, and in

d and arrived in front of

er 5


was shocked. At that time, he wa

ed and flew out, flying dozens of meters away, and finally smashed on the rock a


ects present couldn’t help taking a breath of

der is so powerful? He actuall

d is mi

huo Sect disciples shouted in uni

said loudly: “Everyone obeys the order and immediately captur

let out a howl and rus


r of Chunyang Palace and the head of

alace lord and Yang Ye sat on the VIP seats, accompanied by a few

must uphold justice and take re

tragically, this feud is undefe

Yang Ye looked at each other with extrem

d with a heavy face: “I am also very saddene

definitely advance and ret

r of course. That Ren Pingsheng is so ruthless and cruel, he will d

North Sea Constellation were all rel

od, it’s n

, looking flustered, and shouted: “It’s not g


ressions of everyo

to react and asked the discipl

of disciples from the Lihuo Clan to capture the Heavenly Mysterious


all was in an uproar, a

his Ren has become more and more arrogant in his life, and he dares

ual energy. The three major sects have always attached great importance

ot too late, we can prepare the manpower to regain the mysterious realm


imen and Chunyang Palace quickly resolved the situati

arrived at the entranc

the entrance like iron barrels, and in the open space in front

nter the secret realm, just waiting for r


pearance, Prince Aotian was stunned for a moment

the human world, and they are not infer


glanced at Yang Ye, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “The

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