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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5416-5420

Chapter 5416 In the

last sentence, Gone’s tone was indifferent, but when everyone present heard it, they all felt that there was a thunder in their ears.

Demon Supreme?

Wen Chou Chou, Sun Dasheng and the others all had solemn expressions and deep fear in their eyes.

Especially Wen Chou Chou was even more shocked inside.

No wonder… No wonder when I saw this person for the first time, I felt that there was something wrong with him. He was originally a rich young master in Donghai City, how could he suddenly possess such terrifying power?

Moreover, after the first few fights, Wen Chou Chou clearly felt that the opponent possessed incomparably evil and powerful demon power.

But I never thought that the other party turned out to be the Supreme God of the Demon Race….

But…. I heard from Fengzi before that the Supreme God of the Demon Race died with the Nine Heavens God in the previous battle between gods and demons. Why? Suddenly, he appeared as a young master from a rich family in Donghai City?


Just when Wen Chou Chou was in shock, Yu Du, who was not far away, also stared blankly at Gone in the air. His heart was so shocked that he was speechless for a long time.

Your Majesty… is the Supreme Being of the Demon Race?

Speaking of which, the first time he saw Gone’s strength, Yu Du knew that the other party had an extraordinary origin. After that, Gone trained him in his cultivation, and Yu Du further believed that Gone and Mo Yan were both at the level of Demon Kings. Why? I didn’t expect it to be so big.

For a while, Yu Du’s mind was buzzing and it was blank.

Demon Supreme.

This is an existence that can compete with the gods and even the Emperor of Heaven. With him, wouldn’t the Sea Dragon Palace want to dominate the Kyushu Continent?

Thinking of this, Yu Du’s eyes were extremely hot, and an indescribable excitement rose in his heart.

“It turned out to be you…”

Finally, Wen Chou Chou calmed down and looked at Gone with complicated eyes: “I should have guessed it a long time ago, how could a young master from the Liu family have such terrifying strength?

” It seems that you took away his body and was reborn by rebirth.”

The matter of rebirth by rebirth is just a rumor in the arena, because this kind of thing sounds very weird and absurd, but Wen Chou Chou died that year. Once, and later became the messenger of Hades, so I know a little about this.


Hearing Wen Chou Chou guessing, Gone nodded approvingly: “As expected of a famous think tank in the world of the earth, you have guessed it.”

“Yes, I borrowed Liu Hao . My body is reborn, but what if you know the truth? Today, none of you want to leave alive, the grievances between my Demon Race and Yue Feng, start with you…”


When the voice fell, Gone’s whole body flashed red, and a terrifying aura locked Wen Chou Chou.

Feeling the terrifying pressure, Wen Chou Chou’s face changed, and in the end, he gritted his teeth, and his long sword drew a panic and rushed directly to Gone.

Wen Chou Chou knew very well that with his own strength, it was impossible to resist Gone. But in the current situation, there is no way out at all. Instead of flinching, it is better to let go.

“Brother Wen, I’m here to help you.”

Seeing this situation, Sun Dasheng howled, waving his axe, and charged towards Gone.


The brothers were one after the other, and the internal force that erupted distorted the sky, with amazing power.

However, Gone sneered, with a hint of contempt at the corner of his mouth: “However, two ants, dare to be presumptuous in front of the deity?” The voice fell, the power of the demon soul within the body was urged, and two blood-colored rays of light erupted, welcoming the two ugly and ugly people. people.

Bang Bang…

The bloody light was as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, it collided with Wen Chou Chou and heard two vibrations. Both brothers groaned and quickly fell to the ground.


After landing, Wen Chou Chou stepped back a few dozen steps before he stabilized his figure. His face was extremely pale. In the past two years, Wen Chou Chou has devoted himself to cultivation, and his strength has reached the pinnacle. It can be easily dealt with, but unfortunately, in front of him is the Supreme Being of the Demon Race.


At the same time, after Dasheng Sun landed, he also quickly retreated, and finally hit the wall of Zhaixinglou, spewing a mouthful of blood, and the opening axe in his hand almost couldn’t hold it and let it go.

Chapter 5417

“Wen Chou Chou, Sun Dasheng…”

At this moment, Gone stood proudly suspended in mid-air, staring at Wen Chou Chou closely: “There is no enmity between you and this deity, but who made you Yue Yue Feng’s sworn brother.”

“After killing you today, the deity will find Yue Feng as soon as possible and send him down to reunite with you.” As the

voice fell, Gogne’s whole body filled with energy and quickly approached the brothers.


The terrifying aura pervaded the world, Wen Chou Chou and Sun Dasheng looked at each other, feeling a little jealous and nervous in each other’s hearts.

To be honest, the three brothers have experienced countless calamities and encountered countless powerful enemies since they set foot in the arena, but facing Gone at this time, they feel a sense of frustration.

After all, the strengths of the two sides are so different that they are not on the same level at all.


At the same time, the surrounding Changsheng Hall, Huaguo Mountain, and even the disciples of Xia Yinzong secretly sweated for Wen Chou Chou.

The other party is the Supreme Being of the Demon Race.

Even if the brothers have the axe, I’m afraid they won’t be able to stop them.

“Remains of the demon race, don’t be mad.”

However, at this critical juncture, an angry shout came from the sky not far away. The sound was thunderous and contained great power.

At this moment, Wen Chou Chou’s heart trembled, and hope flashed in his eyes.

Looking at the sound, I saw a golden figure coming from the sky. These figures were wearing uniform golden helmets and gold armor, each holding a long spear, and their bodies were filled with powerful divine power.

It was a divine soldier dispatched by God’s Domain to the Kyushu Continent.

A year ago, the Heavenly Emperor had not yet been elected in the Divine Realm. At that time, the Haotian God monarch was in power, and he personally led the gods and soldiers to enter the Kyushu Continent, intending to eradicate all forces related to Yue Feng. With the members of the Ouyang family, they entered the Xia Yin Sect to avoid disaster.

Later, when Prince Aolin succeeded to the throne of Heavenly Emperor, the power of Haotian Divine Monarch decreased sharply.

After that, these gods and soldiers did not recall the gods, but set up a diligent watch in the Kyushu mainland to monitor the strength and order of all parties in the Kyushu rivers and lakes.

At this moment, I saw four burly figures in front of these divine soldiers and generals, wearing purple-gold armor and surrounded by lightning.

It is the Four Profound Handle God Generals.

The four mysterious generals were originally four brothers. From the eldest to the fourth, they were Lei Xingyu, Lei Xingtian, Lei Xingshou and Lei Xinghai. The four brothers started out as guards outside the gate of Yutian Palace. Later, in the battle with the demons, they were conferred the title of Xuangang generals by the Nine Heavens God.

A month ago, after Prince Aolin succeeded the throne of the Emperor of Heaven, he sent the four brothers to Kyushu to take charge of the diligent Tianjian.

In the past month, the four brothers have worked diligently to reorganize the military discipline of Qintianjian, and ordered that they should not interfere with the disputes in the Kyushu rivers and lakes at will, but at the same time, they are also paying close attention to the situation of all parties.

Especially the battle between Hailong Palace and Tianmen, Qin Tianjian has been watching secretly, and pays close attention to Gonie, although Gonie looks like Liu Hao, a wealthy disciple of Donghai City, but the powerful demon power contained in him makes Qin Tianjian not want to. It’s hard to pay attention.

Half a day ago, when they learned that a fierce battle broke out between Hailong Hall and Wen Chou Chou, the Four Great Profound Handle Gods did not hesitate at that time, and immediately came with the subordinates of Qin Tianjian.


At this moment, seeing the Four Great Profound Handle Divine Generals, Gone frowned secretly, and his eyes flashed a bit cold.

It’s these four dogs!

To others, the four mysterious gods will be the gods above, but in Gone’s heart, these four brothers were just the watchdogs of the nine gods at first. Didn’t pay attention at all.


But compared to Gone’s disdain, Wen Chou Chou, Sun Dasheng, and even everyone present were shocked when they saw the golden light in the sky in front of them.

This… Divine Soldier and General of Diligent Tianjian?

Shocked, Wen Chou Chou and Sun Dasheng looked at each other, each inexplicably excited.

Great, I was worrying about how to deal with this supreme being of the Demon Race. At the critical moment, the Divine Soldier of Diligent Tianjian is coming.

“Remaining evil!”

At this moment, the four Profound Handle God Generals came to the front, and the leader, Lei Xingyu, fixed his eyes on Gone: “Sign up and die.”

Chapter 5418

When speaking, Lei Xingyu couldn’t hide the excitement on his face.

Since the complete collapse of the Demon Race, there have been many rumors in the Divine Realm that there are still some remnants of the Demon Race still alive, but the whereabouts of these Demon Race remnants have not been found for a long time.

At this time, feeling the power of the demon soul pervading Gone, Lei Xingyu knew that his chance to make a contribution had come.

As long as you catch the remnants of the demon clan in front of you, your Majesty will definitely reward them with great rewards. Maybe the four brothers will no longer need to stay in the Kyushu Continent, and can return to the God’s Domain to increase their ranks.

At this time, in Lei Xingyu’s heart, he completely regarded Gone as a fish that slipped through the net of the Demon Race, completely unaware that the other party was the Supreme Being of the Demon Race.


At this moment, Gonie showed a disdainful smile, and said contemptuously at Lei Xingyu: “Just a lackey, how dare you be presumptuous in front of the deity?” After

saying that, Gone squinted slightly: “Just right, This deity wants to reshape the demon body, and I always owe some heat, and today I will use your divine power to temper my demon body.”


Feeling Gone’s arrogance, whether it was Lei Xingyu or the three brothers beside him, his expression changed and he was furious.

This demon clan remnant is so mad, his four brothers, as the dignified Heavenly Gang gods, who are in charge of diligent Tianjian, can also be regarded as overlords of a party. In his mouth, they have become lackeys?

“Looking for death!”

In anger, the third Lei Xingshou shouted angrily: “I’m just a remnant of the demon clan, who dares to speak madly. Today, I will tell you that you will never be born again.” When the

voice fell, Lei Xingshou raised his right hand . , clutching a mace, and charged directly towards Gone.

“Don’t be impulsive, the third child, don’t rush to kill him first.”

“Yes, we’d better capture these remnants alive and hand them over to His Majesty to receive the reward.”

At this moment, the three Lei Xingyu shouted, rushing up to surround Gone.


Seeing the confident expressions of the four brothers, Gone gave a contemptuous smile: “With your strength, do you want to arrest me? It’s a shameless statement.” The voice went downstairs, Gone mobilized the power of the demon soul, terrifying The breath swept out.

In an instant, the main piece of sky above Zhaixinglou was stagnant.

A terrifying aura pervaded the heavens and the earth.


In an instant, the four brothers Lei Xingyu frowned secretly, shocked inside.

Just a remnant of the demon race, how could he possess such terrifying power.

“Be careful…”

Just when the four brothers of Lei Xingyu were secretly shocked, Wen Chou Chou couldn’t help shouting: “He is the supreme god of the demon race, he was reborn with the help of Liu Hao’s body, don’t underestimate the enemy. …” To

be honest, Wen Chou Chou didn’t have any good feelings for these divine soldiers and gods. At the beginning, Yue Feng helped the gods to deal with the demons, but the gods have always regarded Yue Feng as a thorn in their eyes, and they also targeted the Ouyang family and persecuted the Ouyang family. , had to hide in Xia Yinzong.

If Wen Chou Chou saw the situation in front of him three months ago, he would naturally be happy to see it.

But now the situation is different. Gone is cruel by nature. If he is allowed to control the overall situation, not only will everyone present at the scene be doomed, but the entire Kyushu will experience an unprecedented catastrophe.


The moment the words fell, the four Lei Xingyu brothers were all shocked.

He… he is the Supreme Goni of the Demon Race?

In the Divine Realm War a year ago, didn’t he die together with His Majesty the Nine Heavens God? It has been resurrected again…

No wonder the breath that permeates the body is so strong.


Shocked, the boss Lei Xingyu took a deep breath and shouted: “The second, the third, the fourth, form a formation.” When the

voice fell, the three brothers around him responded in unison, and immediately moved the figure, and the sub-stations were in the direction of east, west, north and south. , surrounds Gone in the middle.

Seeing this situation, Gone’s face did not fluctuate at all, and said coldly: “With a single formation, you want to trap the deity? Are you four dogs too naive?

” The power of the soul exploded, and in mid-air, it fought fiercely with the four Profound Handle God Generals.

At the beginning, Gone was full of self-confidence, but gradually his face became solemn. He clearly felt that the formation in front of him, although there were only four people, was ever-changing.


5419 In less than ten minutes, Gone tried many times, but was still unable to break out of the formation.

If Yue Feng was present at this time, he would definitely nod his approval to the four Profound Handle God Generals. Because this formation was exactly the four-symbol demon-fighting formation that was passed down when Prince Aolin was taught in God’s Domain.

After Prince Aolin became the Emperor of Heaven, he often studied this formation, and later dispatched the four great generals of the Profound Handle to be in charge of the Tianjian, and he passed this formation to the four brothers. to help them cope with emergencies.

To be honest, if Gone was in his peak state, a mere four-image demon-fighting formation would not be able to trap him at all, but he hadn’t fully trained his demon body, so he couldn’t forcefully break through the formation.


Seeing this scene, Wen Chou Chou was extremely excited, looked around the audience and shouted: “The Hall of Longevity, the disciples of Huaguo Mountain can launch a counterattack against the Sea Dragon Hall if they obey the order.

” Will be trapped, it is a good time to counterattack.


Hearing the order, the Huaguo Mountain, the disciples of the Hall of Longevity, and even the disciples of the Xia Yinzong, who were present, shouted loudly, and rushed towards the crowd in the Sea Dragon Hall.

The members of the Sea Dragon Palace were all focused on the fierce battle in mid-air, and they were suddenly caught off guard by the counterattacks of the three sects.


Almost in the blink of an eye, hundreds of members of the Sea Dragon Palace fell into a pool of blood.

A few minutes ago, with his powerful strength, Gogne shocked the audience. The morale of the people in the Sea Dragon Palace was high, and they almost controlled the situation. Now Gogne is trapped by the formation, which has caused the morale of the people in the Sea Dragon Palace to plummet.

Under such circumstances, in the face of the counterattacks of Wen Chou Chou and the crowd, the formation of the Sea Dragon Palace collapsed, and it was difficult to restore the situation.


Seeing that many members of the Sea Dragon Palace fell in a pool of blood, Yu Du clenched his fists tightly and his face was extremely cold.

How could this be?

In anger, Yu Du looked at Gone in mid-air, and saw that he only focused on breaking the formation, ignoring the life and death of the members of the Sea Dragon Palace below.

It can’t go on like this. He is the supreme being of the demon race. Even if he loses, he won’t die for the time being, but the following people will all die.

“Yu Du, die!”

Just when Yu Du was secretly anxious, Sun Dasheng roared, waving the axe to open the sky and rushed forward.

Yu Du’s complexion changed, and he did not hesitate at that time, mobilized all his inner strength, and fought fiercely with Sun Dasheng. However, although his strength was strong, he could not stop the power of Kaitian Axe.


In less than two rounds, the residual poison was shaken back by an axe, his face was pale, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“Your master can’t protect himself, no one can save you this time.” Sun Dasheng roared with fighting intent all over his body.

Looking at the axe of Sun Dasheng, Yu Du’s eyes couldn’t hide the panic, and he completely lost his determination to continue the fight. He took out a packet of powder from his arms and threw it directly at Sun Dasheng.


In an instant, the powder formed a blue mist in the air, and the mist stained the grass on the ground, which instantly withered and turned yellow. Obviously, the powder was highly toxic.

Seeing this scene, Sun Dasheng quickly dodged and avoided.


Taking this opportunity, Yu Du didn’t hesitate, turned around and ran towards the seaside. By the time Yue Wuya reacted, he had disappeared.

Yu Du acted decisively, and when he saw that the situation was over, he decided to flee. As for Gone, he was not worried, after all, he was the supreme being of the Demon Race and had enough self-protection ability.

Ma De…

Seeing Yu Po’s escape, Sun Dasheng’s axe smashed to the ground. He thought that he could get rid of this scourge for Jianghu today, but he didn’t arrive first. This Yu Po was so cunning, he even carried a highly poisonous with him.

Cursing inwardly, Sun Dasheng turned around and rushed into the enemy group, and continued to fight fiercely.


Yu Du rushed all the way down the mountain, increasing the speed to the extreme, watching behind him while running.


When approaching the beach, seeing that there were no chasing soldiers behind him, Yu Du breathed a sigh of relief, then turned around and quickly rushed towards the port.

The ships in the Sea Dragon Palace were all docked at the port. Not only that, but one of the ships was also imprisoning Mo Yan at this time.

Chapter 5420

A few days ago, under the pressure of Gone, Mo Yan had to admit that he and Yue Feng had a child. At that time, Gone was furious, but he was reluctant to execute Mo Yan, and finally put Mo Yan on the boat .

And taking care of Mo Yan’s affairs was handed over to Yu Du.

At this time, Yu Du arrived at the port and saw that the people guarding the ship were all there, and he felt fortunate in his heart.

Fortunately, several sects in the Hall of Longevity put their troops in the Star-Zhailing Building, and did not pay attention to this side.

Muttering in his heart, Yu Du quickened his pace and boarded one of the big boats.

“Leader Yu.”

Seeing Yu Du’s appearance, the elites of the Sea Dragon Palace guarding the boat quickly shouted respectfully. At the same time, one by one looked complicated.

Because they clearly saw that Yu Du was stained with blood, and his face was extremely weak, and he was obviously injured.

“Boss Yu.” After saying hello, a disciple walked over quickly, supported Yu Du, and asked cautiously, “Are you alright? Zhaixinglou…is it…something happened?

” They were not very far from Zhaixing Tower. They could hear the thunderous shouts and fights clearly on the boat. They wanted to check it out at the time, but their duty kept them from disembarking.

Yu Du didn’t answer directly, and asked solemnly, “How’s the Queen doing?” The situation

upstairs in Zhaixing is over, and now he only cares about Mo Yan’s safety.

Seeing that he avoided the key points, the disciple realized that the situation was not good, and immediately responded: “The Queen has not left the cabin for the past two days.”


Yu Du nodded and said without further ado, “Pass my order, all ships can return to Dragon King Island, be quick.”

Gone was trapped by the formation of the four Profound Handle Gods, and he didn’t know how long it would last. Once Gone was caught, the gods and soldiers of Diligent Tianjian would definitely wipe out the people in the Sea Dragon Hall in the entire Donghai City.

Therefore, before the battle in the Star Picking Tower is over, you must take Mo Yan and the men who are wearing them to flee quickly. After returning to Dragon King Island, make plans.


Hearing the order, the disciple hesitated for a moment, wondering: “But… Your Excellency passed down the password before, let us stand by here, and there is still a fierce battle upstairs in Zhaixing, if we leave Now, isn’t it inappropriate?”

At this moment, Yu Du’s face was gloomy and he scolded: “What? Are you questioning me?”

Yu Du’s eyes showed a cold glow when he spoke.


Seeing Yu Du’s anger, the disciple’s heart trembled, and he quickly said, “My subordinates don’t dare, my subordinates will do it now.” After speaking, he hurriedly went to summon the people from the port.

After a while, all the ships docked at the port raised their sails and headed towards the Dragon King Island.

When the ship started sailing, Yu Du washed the blood on his face, changed his clothes, and walked slowly into the cabin where Mo Yan was being held.


The moment he entered the cabin, Yu Du couldn’t help sighing when he saw the scene in front of him.

He saw that Mo Yan was sitting there quietly, with a haggard expression, completely lost the demeanor that dominated the strength of many pirates in the past. At this moment, she is a weak woman who misses her flesh and blood.

“Yu Du?” At this moment, Mo Yan saw Yu Du and was stunned

for a moment: “Why are you here? Also, how did the boat go?”

He looked weak, obviously injured.


Yu Du gave a wry smile and said slowly, “Today, Yue Wuya and the Ouyang family were supposed to be wiped out. Who knew that the sudden change would happen, and the Divine Realm’s Diligence Mirror came, and the four leading gods formed a formation. Trapped Zun Shang…”

“I… I saw that the situation was not good, so I escaped from the Zhaixing Building and rushed back. Divine Soldiers and Generals of Diligent Tianjian are no trivial matter, so I let the people below. , start the ship, and temporarily return to Dragon King Island…”


Knowing these circumstances, Mo Yan’s delicate body trembled, and she felt that the world was spinning and she almost fainted.

Zun Shang… Zun Shang is trapped in the Zhanxinglou?

The child was not found, and even Gone was in danger. What should I do?

Seeing Moyan’s unsteady standing and about to fall to the ground, Yu Du has a quick eye and grabs Moyan’s waist: “Queen, don’t be in a hurry, let’s go back to Dragon King Island first, and then act according to chance.”

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