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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5401-5405

Chapter 5401

Gululu… The

head flew more than ten meters away, and finally stopped at the feet of Prince Aotian.

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the audience


es burst into cheers, each with an indescr

aster is

cultivating the supreme magic skil

‘t they die in the hands of

In their hearts, ‘Ren Pingsheng’ was the most talented head of the L

ttention, Princ

d and send it to Beihai Xingsu, then hang the body on the stone pillar of the mountain gate, an

the incident

and was killed, so it is his own fault, and the truth spr

ake the opportu

ect Ma

es in the room responded in uniso

e, the contin

ome, and the ceremony hall of

heng, Su Qingyan, Xiao Yuruo

en, and Yue Wuya was defeated. He was forced into a corner,

ou Chou and others received the news to support, Yue

sed, and there is no Yue

Sun Dasheng and others are


a suffocated breath: “The bastards in the Hailong Palace

wists and turns, if something really happened t

esent bowed their heads


where he jumped off the cliff is not far from Donghai City, and Donghai City is now being attacked by Hailong.

crease the number of people, on the coast near Donghai City. Se


the disciple complied

ate face couldn’t hide her worry: “Brother Wen, what if w

nodded in

er within three days, we will start a full-scale war against the S

t I couldn’t find Yue Wuya’s words, and I couldn’t watch the


full of fighting intent: “I have already done this,


ide, Dong

ht, the upstairs of Zhan


the table in front of him, there were delicacies and fi

rom the table, a few specially s

re specially c

estroying the main altar of T

smile: “The last time you attacked the Tianmen main al

as there been progress i

, but he gave people


cup, and then quickly stood up with a look of sh

Yu Du was swea

of this holy king. Don’t look at the calm now, once he does

sn’t that ju


th a bit of displeasure on his face: “Yu

sweat on his forehead, nodded and said, “This subordina

Du quickly walke


y depressed. He said that accompanying the king is like accompanying a t

issing for three days

now. If I can’t find Yue Wuya’s wherea

his heart, and had no clue ab


nd secret passage next to the Xingxing

man Yue Wuya likes, and she

about it, and immediately opened the stone

e Xingxing Building. It was dark and damp inside. After the poison en


s delicate body trembled, her eyes couldn’

owly: “I You are Yue Wuya’s sweethear


lly If you have principles, you should let me go. If it

n Ling’er’s face

ver be exposed.” If it wasn’t for Hai Ling’er telling the truth at the time, the Holy King woul

by Gone at this time, Yu Du f

ter a few seconds, he looked at Hai Linger with a smile and

cessfully destroyed the main altar of Tianmen. Your sweetheart, Y

e days, but it is No progress at all. I h

ill not only reunite you, but also trea

er 5

looked at Hai Linger close


licate body trembled, her brain buz

Tianmen was d

also jumped off the

ld thi

tiful face couldn’t hide the anger: “You shameless pe

a. I won’t tell you whe

titude was firm a


now the cause of the matter better than I do. If you hadn’t kid

ue Wuya, I will not kill him, but wi

be able to reunite, why are yo

eyes flashed sly, like a sly fox. In fact, th


of the Hailong Palace, she would definitely die, she took a deep breath an

, Hai Linger couldn’t exp

e cliff, there has been no n

n hiding places. Those hiding places were discovered whe

aces are her and Yue Wuya’s


my, and he said coldly, “I have said all my good words, b

t . With cooperation, I ca

d the two Sea Dragon Palace elites wh

a while, and instructed the two disciples: “In addition, put up notices on various import


in unison after


shock and anger: “What are you going to do?” Seriously, a

just now was obviousl


nd I both know that a person like Yue Wuya can’t jump off a cliff a

oice but to use you as bait. Killing you

ut to be executed, he will definitely give his life. Come t

aughed ver

he can come up with


ate body trembled, and she was

would be so insidious,

n the one hand, she really wanted to see Yue Wuya,

ger kept prayin

et him have an accident, it is best to

er 5

, Yu Du was too lazy to talk nonsense,

two disciples too

n to the top floor of the Xing


n miles away from Donghai City, a

de his tiredness, but there was


epths of the sea by the turbulent undercurrent. At that time, Yue Wuya was

urfaced, it was already

e, he swam desperately to the sea with his tenacity. Wh

on, and it is precisely because of this that the me


imming, and when he saw the coast a few miles away,

lly cam

hought that the main altar of Tianmen wa

e Wuya to recover, I will le


t on the coast and frowned. He clearly saw that a group of pe

ould clearly see that these were


eed to guess to know that Hailong Palace has n

he was injured too badly before, and his internal strength was completely depleted. After traveling

uya didn’t hesitate, his body sank quic

rength, and it is easy to be suffocated to death. The only way is to

Wuya moved his hands and f

ot rush to the surface, but continu


e members, and when he was about to go ashore, he suddenly disc

it was difficult for ordinary people to find it, but Yue

cave, and there was a faint stone


be a hidden underground hole? Moreover, and like

forgot his fatigue, immediately t

lowly rising, only a dozen meters away, and at the e


terior was simple, there was only one stone table, next to the stone t

and the entire stone room was

guessed something in his heart. This place should have been an alchemis

e are any medicinal pi

5405 Mu

lls inside, one by one filled with lustrous light, and at the

dicinal pills hav

e Wuya was indes

rength before. I was thinking of finding a place to practice and

God is still


o his mouth unceremoniously and took it. Then he sa

rushing up from his dantian, spreading int


d that he held his breath and beg

by minute

feel that the tired feeling in his body dis


deep breath and couldn’t hi

worry about being discovered by

the cave, dived back to the coast, an


trances of the port were guarded by people from the Sea Dragon Palace.

ed announcements in some conspicuous places,

Hailong Pa

e Wuya couldn’t help

man walked over slowly just


outed at the fisherman and asked cur

his body was dirty. Yes, it can’t be see


Sea Dragon Palace have controlled Donghai City, they really do all kinds of evil, they have caug

hat a

d around, making sure that no one from th


eart was shocked, and his e

e Sea Dragon Palace are

ody. He hadn’t found Hai Linger’s whereabouts before, so he guessed that he might be caught by t

ust save

ly, but he also knew in his heart that people from the Sea Dragon Palace

ros and cons, Yue


ning, Zha

ng, there are guard posts every few meters, and around the Star-Zhailing Building,

g Building is heavily guarded, a


me silently from the ba


disdain in his eyes. There are only so many people, nothing to worry about. As long as the resi

but covered his face and went directly to a group of patrolling


ple, only to hear a dull sound, the disciple co

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