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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5346-5350

Chapter 5346


Just when Yue Feng was thinking about it, Liu Ruxue bit her lip and said, “I answered everything you asked, should you let me go now?”


Yue Feng slightly With a smile on his face, he said with a playful look: “You want to hurt me, do you think I will let you go so easily? Also, you said before that you would stay by my side to be a cow and a horse.”

“Beside me, I am missing someone of you . Such a maid, so just stay with me.”

Yue Feng’s eyes were full of mockery when he said this.

Hearing this, Liu Ruxue’s tender body trembled, and she suddenly became furious: “Yue Feng, don’t go too far.” Before, she hid her identity to get close to him, how could she really be a bull and a horse by his side ?


Yue Feng smiled lightly and said lightly: “Listen to what you mean, you are deliberately approaching me, and it is not too much to control me?”

At this moment, Liu Ruxue’s face flushed, and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

At this time, I heard a burst of hurried footsteps in the woods not far away. It seemed that there were many people. Then, I saw Ren Pingsheng with dozens of Lihuomen elites, quickly came over.


Seeing Ren Pingsheng and others, Yue Feng immediately frowned. These people from Lihuomen came very quickly. It seemed that they should have been following them for the past two days.

Yue Feng guessed right. When Liu Ruxue implemented the plan, Ren Pingsheng took many elite disciples to protect him in secret. When the two were caught by bandits yesterday, Ren Pingsheng was hiding in the dark. He knew very well. The younger sister is amazing, so I don’t have the slightest worry.

Half an hour ago, after Liu Ruxue slaughtered the entire cottage, he met with Ren Pingsheng. At that time, he told Ren Pingsheng that Yue Feng was injured, and decided that after finding Yue Feng, he would forcefully use the charm technique.

At that time, Ren Pingsheng was very excited when he learned of the situation, and he was very supportive of Liu Ruxue’s decision.

Now that half an hour has passed, Ren Pingsheng guessed that the junior sister might have succeeded, so he couldn’t wait to rush over with his disciple.


When he was about to rush to the front, Ren Pingsheng couldn’t hide his excitement, and laughed at Liu Ruxue: “Junior sister… Have you already controlled this kid? Huh?

” Halfway through speaking, Ren Pingsheng suddenly stopped, his face also showing some doubts.

He clearly saw that the junior sister Liu Ruxue stood there, motionless, with a very aggrieved face, while Yue Feng, who was beside her, had a relaxed and comfortable expression, and there was no sign of being controlled.

what happened?

Could it be… Junior Sister’s plan failed?

Just when Ren Pingsheng was secretly surprised, Liu Ruxue’s delicate body trembled, and she couldn’t help shouting: “Senior brother, let’s take action together and take down Yue Feng…”

“Our plan has failed, this Yue Feng has failed. Feng is very cunning, he suspected me from the beginning…”

At this time, Liu Ruxue was both ashamed and angry.

The dignified saint of Lihuomen, who endured the humiliation for a few days, was seen by Yue Feng long ago, which is a great shame, but now that the senior brothers have brought so many elite disciples, Yue Feng can’t escape even if he has great skills. .


Hearing this, Ren Pingsheng’s expression changed, and he looked at Yue Feng in astonishment. He and his junior sister’s plan could be said to be flawless. How did he see through it?

However, Ren Pingsheng couldn’t bear to think too much about the situation in front of him. At that time, he pointed at Yue Feng and shouted, “Go! Take Yue Feng.”


the last word fell, dozens of elite disciples of Lihuo Sect, They burst into internal strength, and charged directly with the long knife in their hands.

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng didn’t panic at all, instead he looked up to the sky and laughed: “Haha… Ren Pingsheng, in order to snatch the Qimen exercises of the Tianji Palace, you really do everything you can, and finally take your junior sister, Sent to me.”

“Although I’m not a lecherous person, your junior sister is considered to be very beautiful, and she personally told me before that she wants to stay by my side to be a cow and a horse, so what? , I’m welcome, haha…” The

last word fell, Yue Feng raised his hand and waved.


In an instant, a powerful aura burst out, and the dozen or so elite disciples who rushed to the front only felt a strong force coming, and they all retreated.

Chapter 5347

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yue Feng grabbed Liu Ruxue’s waist, soared into the sky, and flew directly to the sky in the distance. In just a few breaths, he was hundreds of meters away.


With Yue Feng in his arms, Liu Ruxue’s face flushed red, and she was indescribably angry. She never thought that Yue Feng would dare to be so arrogant in the face of his senior brother and so many elite disciples.

What made her even more embarrassed was that what she said before acting was said by Yue Feng in front of so many people at this time, how would she meet people in the future?


Seeing this scene, Ren Pingsheng almost vomited blood.

I thought that my sister would be foolproof, but I never thought that in the end, the bamboo basket would be a waste of water. More importantly, the junior sister was the holy aunt of Lihuomen. At this time, she was kidnapped by Yue Feng, and the matter spread to the rivers and lakes. Even if the reputation of Lihuomen was completely ruined.

“Chase!” The

more Ren Pingsheng thought about it, the more angry he became, he shouted angrily, jumped into the air, and chased in the direction Yue Feng had left.

Dozens of elite disciples followed.

on the other side, God’s Domain.

On the northwestern edge of the God’s Domain, there is a mountain range, which is shrouded in thick fog all the year round. It is called the Xuxu Mountain. The location of the Xuxu Mountain is very special. On this side of the mountain is the God’s Domain where heaven and earth are extremely intelligent, with beautiful scenery, while the other side is endless. The chaotic void is raging with thunder and lightning all the year round, accompanied by turbulent voids that appear from time to time.

On the hillside of Xunxu Mountain, there is an antique courtyard. The courtyard is not big, very simple and clean.

This courtyard is the place of retreat for Immortal Venerable Taiyi.

Speaking of which, Taiyi Xianzun, as the master of Prince Aotian, was originally a respected position, but it was a pity that he tried to frame Yue Feng in order to help Prince Aotian compete for the throne of Emperor, but he ended up hurting himself.

At that time, Immortal Taiyi planned to trap Yue Feng in the fairy pavilion of the goddess Nuwa, but Yue Feng noticed it in time, and in turn subdued Immortal Taiyi. Finally, the gods arrived and saw that Immortal Taiyi was suspected of blaspheming Nuwa. , under the anger, he was expelled from the realm of the gods.

After being expelled from God’s Domain, Immortal Venerable Taiyi had nowhere to go, so he built a courtyard in Wuxu Mountain to meditate with peace of mind.

This time, in a secret room in the courtyard.

Taiyi Immortal Venerable, dressed in a moon-white Taoist robe, sat there quietly, with a posture of immortal style, and in front of him, sat a handsome figure.

With sharp-edged facial features, he was wearing a gorgeous robe.

It is Prince Aotian.

After the Taiyi Immortal Venerable was expelled from the realm of the gods, Prince Aolin, who was supported by Yue Feng, quickly ascended the throne of the Heavenly Emperor and was worshipped by the gods.

Prince Aotian failed to compete with the Emperor, and he was very depressed, so he often came to find Immortal Venerable Taiyi to relieve his boredom. After coming and going, he simply didn’t leave and lived directly in this courtyard.

During the recent period, Prince Aotian entered a bottleneck in his cultivation, so he retreated in the secret room of Immortal Taiyi, and Immortal Taiyi, as a master, naturally guarded the law beside him.

Today is the day when Prince Aotian breaks through, so the atmosphere in the entire secret room is indescribably solemn and tense.

“His Royal Highness!”

At this time, Immortal Venerable Taiyi couldn’t help but said: “If you can successfully break through this time, your strength will be able to enter the ‘God Venerable Realm’, even if Ao Lin has become the Emperor of Heaven, he is not your opponent. .”

“So, you must get rid of distractions and concentrate on it.”


Hearing Immortal Venerable Taiyi’s advice, Prince Aotian responded, slowly closed his eyes, and tried to break through himself. Gradually, he saw a golden light shining through his body.

This is the precursor to breaking through the realm of God Venerable.

However, Prince Aotian was too obsessed. Although he tried to keep himself calm, he couldn’t stop thinking about the failure of competing for the Emperor.

Especially when he thought of that Prince Aolin, who was inferior to himself in all aspects, but finally won the throne of Heavenly Emperor, for a while, Prince Aotian couldn’t calm down.


Finally, under the stimulation of huge resentment, Prince Aotian suddenly trembled, spurted out a mouthful of golden blood, and fell straight to the ground, the whole person was extremely weak and sluggish.

The biggest obstacle to breaking through the realm of God Venerable is inner demons, and Prince Aotian’s inner demons are too strong to succeed.

Chapter 5348

“His Royal Highness!”

Seeing this scene, Taiyi Immortal Venerable was taken aback, and quickly got up to help Prince Aotian up, anxious and regretful: “How could this be? You clearly know that your inner demon is the emperor, why do you still Want to think about it?”

When he said this, Immortal Venerable Taiyi was very depressed.

During this time, he pinned all his hopes on Prince Aotian. As long as Prince Aotian was still there for one day, he would still have the opportunity to return to Yutian Palace.

If Prince Aotian is gone, he will always be abandoned by God Domain.


Hearing Immortal Venerable Taiyi’s rebuke, Prince Aotian said weakly, “I’m not reconciled…Master.” Although he said it weakly, there was a bit of arrogance in his eyes.

You are the most qualified to inherit the throne of Heavenly Emperor, why did you end up like this?


And when the last word fell, I saw a golden light scattered from the body of Prince Aotian. These golden lights were his primordial spirit.

Breaking through the God Venerable Realm failed, the light ones went into flames, the heavy ones lost their primordial spirit, and the situation of Prince Aotian was the latter.

It’s over…

Seeing that Prince Aotian’s primordial spirit is rapidly collapsing, Taiyi Immortal Venerable’s hands are trembling, and his old face can’t hide his anxiety.

One of his own apprentices.

Can’t let him die, can’t let him die like this.


At this time, Prince Aotian was getting weaker and weaker. He clearly felt that his vitality was fading little by little, and he couldn’t help but say, “I… Am I going to die?”

“Don’t be afraid!” Immortal Taiyi took a deep breath and comforted: “Master will not let you die.” As he spoke, Immortal Taiyi’s mind quickly turned.

The next second, Immortal Venerable Taiyi suddenly thought of something, and quickly took out a delicate jade box from his body, and saw that the jade box was the size of a palm, made of pure and flawless white jade, with exquisite patterns engraved on it, not only that , and also set up several enchantment restrictions.

Seeing this jade box, Prince Aotian was stunned for a moment, feeling a little dazed for a while.

What is this? I have never seen Master take it out before.

Thinking to himself, Prince Aotian asked weakly: “Master, this is…”

Before he could finish the question, Immortal Tai Yi smiled slightly and explained: “This is the essence of the red lotus of the law, which contains Supreme spiritual power can help you break out of the cocoon and rebirth, but the process is a little troublesome…”

Faye Red Lotus?

Hearing this, Prince Aotian’s eyes flashed a bit of brilliance, and he was also a little excited.

As a prince, how could he not know the red lotus of Faye, which is a treasure in the realm of the gods. It only appears once in thousands of years, and the survival time is very short, which can be said to be fleeting.

For thousands of years, the gods in the realm of the gods have tried to find the trace of the red lotus of the law, but they all ended in failure.

Unexpectedly, Taiyi Immortal Venerable actually got the essence of the red lotus of the law.

“Ha ha..”

Seeing Prince Aotian’s shocked expression, Immortal Venerable Taiyi smiled slightly: “Speaking of which, it’s also Master, I’m lucky, once I passed by the floating island, and I came across a red lotus blossoming in the karma, and I went to integrate its power at that time. Who knows that the divine fire of the Faye Red Lotus is too strong to be controlled at all, and in the end I can only retreat and put a part of its essence into this jade box.”

Saying that, Immortal Venerable Taiyi couldn’t hide it. Excited: “His Royal Highness, the red lotus of Faye has taken over the creation of heaven and earth. With the essence of this jade box, you will not disappear forever.”

“Next, I will teach you some formulas, you must listen carefully, not If there is the slightest mistake, in this way, it is possible for you to reshape the primordial spirit.” The

last word fell, and Immortal Taiyi said a formula.


At this moment, Prince Aotian did not violate the slightest bit, and tried to keep every word of the formula in his heart, but at the same time he was a little surprised, because this formula was completely different from the exercises he had cultivated before.

There is a clear difference between it and the exercises in God’s Domain.

Confused, Prince Aotian couldn’t help but ask: “Master, why have you never said this formula?”

Immortal Venerable Taiyi took a deep breath, his face showing a bit of complexity: “To be honest, this formula , I created it myself over the years, and I call it the ‘Soul Melting Technique’.”

Chapter 5349

“You must know that the essence of the Faye Red Lotus is the essence of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, not an entity. It cannot help you completely reshape the body of God. It can only be regarded as the basis for you to reshape the primordial spirit.”

“That’s why you You need to practice this set of soul fusion techniques, as long as you take away other people’s life and essence, and reach a certain level, you can recreate a brand new soul…”

When saying this, Taiyi Xianzun covered his face. Unstoppable confidence.


And hearing this, Prince Aotian was shocked.

Taking other people’s life and essence for one’s own use, this method seems to be the blood demon sorcery of the demon race. He clearly remembered that among the demons, there was a kind of blood demon sorcery, which was to continuously strengthen himself by devouring the essence of men and women.

Back then, the Supreme Being of the Demon Race, Gone, was in the human world, devouring the essence of countless men and women before he was reborn and regained his demon body…

Thinking to himself, Prince Aotian expressed his doubts.

Seeing his doubts, Immortal Venerable Taiyi smiled slightly, and said indifferently: “This soul-melting method sounds evil, but Your Highness must know that there is no evil method in the world, just look at whether the user is evil.

” And, has Your Highness forgotten? Tens of thousands of years ago, the gods and demons were originally a family. The evil exercises that the demons can do, the gods can also, but they have been disdainful to use them. Over time, they forgot.”

“I created this The set of soul fusion art is also a reminder from an ancient book of gods and demons…”

Hearing this, Prince Aotian nodded. At this time, because of the collapse of the primordial spirit, his whole person looks empty and real, as if he will disappear at any time.

“It’s not too late.”

After discovering this, Immortal Venerable Taiyi didn’t say more, and quickly released the essence of the red lotus of the law in the jade box, and integrated it into the primordial spirit of Prince Aotian who was about to completely collapse.


In an instant, the entire secret room was directly enveloped by a dazzling blood-colored light.

A few minutes later, as the blood-colored light gradually disappeared, the divine body of Prince Aotian disappeared completely, and a translucent figure was suspended on his original seat.

It is Prince Aotian’s spirit that combines the essence of the red lotus of the law, and the spirit looks erratic, giving people a very unreal feeling.


Seeing this scene, Immortal Venerable Taiyi took a deep breath, and said to Prince Aotian’s incomplete soul: “His Royal Highness, the essence of Faye Red Lotus has been merged with your soul, you want to reshape the soul, You need to enter the human world, use the soul-melting art, and devour other people’s essence.”

Prince Aotian nodded, his voice was indescribably ethereal: “Everything is subject to Master’s arrangement.”

After speaking, Prince Aotian nodded. The soul hesitated for a moment: “It’s just… Kyushu Continent, there is Divine Realm’s Divine Guard to take care of it, I’m afraid that my soul will be noticed by them as soon as I enter, and then the boy Ao Lin will know, I’m afraid I will I have no chance.”

Immortal Venerable Taiyi nodded, his old face couldn’t hide his worry: “I am also worried about this, so I can’t go to the Kyushu Continent, let alone let Ao Lin know about this.”

Said, Immortal Venerable Taiyi’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly thought of something: “Yes!”

“Master thought of a way?” The spirit of Prince Aotian asked quickly.


Immortal Venerable Taiyi took a deep breath and said with a mysterious smile: “Your Highness can still remember that a long time ago, a fairy who was sent to the human world had some affair with mortals, and their descendants are still in the human world. A powerful sect has been built.”

“At that time, we were at war with the demons, so we didn’t notice it. Later, your father, the Nine Heavens God, finally realized it, and sent a magic soldier to send the fairy All the descendants left in the world will be wiped out.”

Hearing this, Prince Aotian’s eyes flickered, and he suddenly thought of something: “Master is talking about the Ziwei Continent in the human world?”

At that time, this incident caused a sensation in the entire God Realm. The fairies of the dignified God Realm actually moved the hearts of ordinary people, and even had children with human men. At that time, the Nine Heavens God was very angry.

Chapter 5350

Prince Aotian clearly remembers that he was in retreat when the gods sent the gods and soldiers to clean up, otherwise, he would definitely join in the fun.

“Not bad!”

Seeing Prince Aotian saying it, Immortal Venerable Tai Yi nodded with a smile on his face: “It is Ziwei Continent, as far as I know, after the incident, His Majesty the Nine Heavens had not come to send a new Because of this, God’s Domain temporarily lost supervision of Ziwei Continent.”

“As far as I know, until now, God’s Domain has not sent a supervising fairy to Ziwei Continent. For His Highness, But it’s a good opportunity.”

“As long as His Highness does not go too far, God’s Domain will not be able to find it. After you have reshaped your Yuanshen, I will bring you back to God’s Domain for the teacher…”

Hearing this, Prince Aotian His soul also showed a smile: “Okay, just do as Master said.”


Seeing his promise, Immortal Venerable Tai Yi nodded, and he stopped talking nonsense at that time. He directly opened the secret room’s mechanism and opened a passage to the underground.

Below the passage, is a basement with a hidden teleportation array inside.

As the master of Prince Aotian, although Taiyi Immortal Venerable is not unprecedented, he is also a generation of masters. It is not difficult at all to build a teleportation array in the place where he meditates.


At this moment, Immortal Venerable Taiyi opened the teleportation array, and a dazzling light immediately enveloped the spirit of Prince Aotian.

“His Royal Highness, you have to be careful. After arriving at Ziwei Continent, before the primordial spirit is rebuilt, you must act cautiously and must not be too public.” When saying this, Taiyi Immortal Venerable’s face was solemn.

Prince Aotian nodded: “I know Master…” After speaking, he slowly closed his eyes. That is, at this moment, the burst of light from the teleportation array became stronger and stronger, and in the next second, Prince Aotian only felt that his eyes were dark, and he was directly teleported away.

On the other side, the mainland of Kyushu.

Donghai City, the lobby on the first floor of Zhaixing Building.

Gone was sitting there, with no expression of joy or anger on his face, Yu Du stood aside, and his mood was also up and down.

On the pillar next to her, Hai Ling’er was tied there. The wounds on her body have been healed, but her delicate face still shows some weakness.

One day ago, Gonie learned from Hai Linger that the father of the child was Yue Wuya. He was so furious at the time that he asked Yu Du to send someone to inform Mo Yan and ask her to come to Donghai City as soon as possible.

Just now, news came that Mo Yan had disembarked at the Donghai City Seaport, and Gone sat in the hall waiting quietly.

For a while, the hall was silent and the atmosphere was extremely solemn.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door, and then, a slender and charming figure walked in quickly. A long red dress perfectly showed off her charming and compact figure.

The beautiful face could not hide the urgency.

“Your honor!” When they

arrived in the hall, Mo Yan first bowed respectfully to Gone, and then asked impatiently, “Has the child been taken back?”

During this period of time, because of the child, Mo Yan didn’t think about it. Fan didn’t want to, when he was suddenly summoned to Donghai City by Gone, thinking that they had taken back the child from Yue Wuya.

After asking these questions, Mo Yan wanted Yu Du to cast an inquiring look.

However, Yu Du secretly shook his head, unable to hide the anxiety in his eyes.

what’s the situation?

Seeing Yu Du’s reaction, Moyan Xiumei frowned and was very puzzled.

The next second, Moyan’s heart moved when she saw Hai Linger tied to the pillar, this woman… Isn’t this Yue Wuya’s woman? When did you catch her?

“Moyan!” Just when Moyan was thinking about it, Gone snorted coldly, and said in a cold tone

, “Do you know why I called you to Donghai City in such a hurry this time?”

Nirvana couldn’t hide the anger in her heart.

This Moyan, one of the twelve holy demon kings of the dignified Demon Race, has been loyal to him for so long. During this time, not only did he violate the rules of the Demon Race, he had a child with humans, but also because of the child’s father. thing, has been hiding from myself.

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