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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5336-5340

Chapter 5336

Yue Feng thinks about it, and continues to spend with Liu Ruxue to see how long she can endure.


After grabbing the two of them, Liu Peng was very excited and looked at Yue Feng with a proud face: “With this little strength, how dare you fight with Laozi?” He patted Yue Feng’s face.

At the same time, the other bandits in the surrounding mountains also shouted in flattery.

“That’s right, it’s beyond your own power..”

“Tai Sui’s head is breaking ground, looking for death.” “Haha…. The boss was really mighty just now. He

took this kid down with only three moves.”

An arrogant, Yue Feng sneered and said nothing.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the purpose of forcing Liu Ruxue to reveal his true identity, Liu Peng’s bandits in the mountains would have taken them down just now.

Huh …

Liu Ruxue is Xiumei frowning lightly, biting her lip lightly, her heart entangled again.

How to do? Now that both of them have been caught, do you still want to keep pretending?

Forget it, let’s take a step by step. After all, this Yue Feng is the Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace, and he must have a way to escape the danger.

Thinking of this, Liu Ruxue prepared to continue watching.

“Take them all and go back to the stockade.”

At this time, Liu Peng took the lead in the direction of the cottage with a big wave of his hand after being bragged by many of his subordinates.

“Back to the village!”

The bandits in the mountains responded in unison, followed by Yue Feng and Liu Ruxue, each of them was indescribably excited. They came out tonight to try their luck. My son-in-law, he also caught a fairy-like beauty, which was a windfall.

“Young Master!” On the way, Liu Ruxue

took advantage of the inattentiveness of the bandits on both sides, and quietly said to Yue Feng, “What should I do now?”

However, in order to plan, without revealing his strength, he can only pin all his hopes on Yue Feng.

Ha ha…

Seeing her worried face, Yue Feng secretly laughed.

Does this woman think I can get out of trouble? Then I’m not what you want.

Thinking in his heart, Yue Feng sighed and put on a bitter look: “Alas… I’m afraid this time the misfortune will be much worse. My injury is too serious. If I want to recover, I have to wait until tomorrow at least.”

“But These bandits are very vicious, and it is estimated that they will deal with us before tomorrow. When we get to the cottage, whether we live or die depends on our respective good fortune.” As

he said this, Yue Feng’s eyes showed a little bit of disdain. smile.


Hearing this, Liu Ruxue panicked completely. If he had nothing to do, wouldn’t he be even more passive?

“Young Master…” Under the anxiety, Liu Ruxue bit her lip, still holding the last glimmer of hope in her heart: “You…are you really helpless?”

Yue Feng looked helpless: “You also saw it just now. When I arrive, I can’t beat them at all, how can I do it?” As

they were talking, the bandits brought Yue Feng and the two to a hidden cottage.

I saw that this cottage was built halfway up the mountain, surrounded by a tall and lush forest. The buildings of the entire cottage were all made of wood, and the tops of each house were camouflaged with straw. At the entrance of the cottage, there were also A bamboo forest, it can be said that this place is difficult to find even if you pass by.

Don’t look at Liu Peng’s stature, he looks like a reckless man, but in fact this man is very cunning. He designed the entire cottage, and it is because the cottage is very hidden, so he has escaped the encirclement and suppression of the government more than a dozen times.


At this time, in the main hall, Liu Peng sat on the chair in the center with a look of excitement, and shouted: “Bring the wine.” The

voice fell, and a few men came in with a few jars of wine.

At this time, several small leaders also sat down on both sides of the hall, Yue Feng and Liu Ruxue were tied to the pillars next to them.


Liu Peng took a few sips of wine, full of joy, and smiled at the little bosses around him: “Tonight is really an unexpected harvest, I caught a young master, and a stunning beauty, haha… You brothers have worked hard just now. “Come on, I respect you…”

“Boss is polite…”

“Drink…” The

little bosses raised their wine bowls with a smile, and after touching Liu Peng Yaoyao, they raised their heads to drink one by one.

Chapter 5337 In the

next second, a little leader named Deng Qi said to Liu Peng with a look of flattery: “Boss, we have a good luck tonight, this kid looks like the son of a rich family, now we can finally It’s done.”

After speaking, Deng Qi looked at Yue Feng coldly: “Boy, where is your home? Tell me, so that we can contact your family so that they can pay for you.” The

voice fell, Liu Peng and the other little leaders also looked at Yue Feng with a smile like Concubine Xiao. In their eyes, Yue Feng at this time was the meat on the chopping block, and they could knead them any way they wanted.


At this moment, Liu Ruxue also looked closely at Yue Feng, wanting to see how he reacted.

Under everyone’s attention, Yue Feng smiled, with a condescending look, and said lightly: “You guys, you guessed wrong, I’m not the son of a wealthy family, I’m just a wanderer.”

“If you want to . I’m afraid it won’t work if you use me to pay back the money.”

When he said this, Yue Feng looked indifferent, without the slightest panic.


Hearing this, whether it was Liu Peng, Deng Qi and other small leaders, their faces sank, and they all felt angry.

This kid has a kind of ah, at this time, he is not afraid of death.

Thinking to himself, Deng Qi stood up abruptly, strode in front of Yue Feng, and said viciously: “Boy, do you know where this place is? He even smiled with us.”

“I ask you, can I get it from you? Money?”

Yue Feng said with a fearless face, “I’m alone, and I don’t have a cent on me, so how can I give it to you?”

Deng Qi narrowed his eyes slightly: “In that case, if I can’t get the money, I can only ask you for it. death.”

With that said, Deng Qi looked back at Liu Peng: “Boss, just kill this kid, it’s useless to keep it anyway.”


Liu Peng took a sip of wine and waved his hand impatiently: “Just pull it out and cut it.” Like Deng Qi, Liu Peng was also very angry when he saw Yue Feng being so uncooperative.


With permission, Deng Qi will escort Yue Feng out.

At this moment, Yue Feng’s face was indifferent, and he still didn’t panic at all, but his attention was always on Liu Ruxue opposite.

Yue Feng knew very well in his heart that this woman was approaching him for the sake of the Heavenly Secret Palace’s Qimen cultivation technique, so he definitely wouldn’t just watch him get killed by these bandits.

It’s time for you to get started.


Seeing that Yue Feng was about to be dragged out and beheaded, Liu Ruxue’s eyes flickered, and her heart was extremely complicated. If Yue Feng died, the plan of himself and his senior brother would be a complete failure.

Do you want to do it?

No, let’s wait, after all, Yue Feng is the Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace, so he won’t be appointed, he must have a way to protect himself.

Thinking of this, Liu Ruxue took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to do it.

Damn, are you still enduring at this time?

Seeing that Liu Ruxue never interrupted, Yue Feng was also very depressed, Nima, this woman is too tolerant.

“Wait a minute…”

He quickly arrived at the door, and when he saw Deng Qi pull out his long knife, Yue Feng couldn’t bear it anymore, and shouted at Liu Peng in the hall: “Hero, don’t kill me first, I No money, but something else.”

Something else?

Hearing this, Liu Peng raised his hand and motioned for Deng Qi to stop.

In the next second, Liu Peng looked at Yue Feng with bright eyes: “What? Take it out and have a look.” As he spoke, he motioned for Deng Qi to untie Yue Feng.

In Liu Peng’s mind, Yue Feng was his own defeated general, and he was still in his old lair, so there was no threat at all, and he was not afraid of him playing tricks.


Seeing this situation, Liu Ruxue, who was originally very entangled in her heart, suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

I knew that Yue Feng must have a way to save his life, but fortunately he held back and did not take action.

After being instructed, Deng Qi loosened Yue Feng’s ties.

At this moment, Yue Feng moved his arms, then walked into the hall, took out two medicinal pills from his body, and said to Liu Peng with a smile: “Good man, these two medicinal pills are called Huiling Pills. , it can refine the meridians, which is of great benefit to cultivation.”

Chapter 5338

“Two pills should be worth a lot of money. I hope the hero will accept it and spare my life.”

When he said this, Yue Feng smiled and looked relaxed.

The technique of medicinal pills in Ziwei Continent has been lost for nearly a thousand years, and even two ordinary medicinal pills such as Huiling Pills are of great value.


Seeing the two medicinal pills in Yue Feng’s hand, Liu Ruxue’s eyes flickered, and she couldn’t help sneering in her heart.

This Yue Feng is not stupid, and he actually used the medicinal pill to save his life.


However, Liu Peng and the little leaders present were all taken aback. They stared at the medicine pill in Yue Feng’s hands, all of them were so shocked that they were speechless.

The art of medicinal pills has been lost for nearly a thousand years. The boy in front of him actually took out two of them at once. How can people not be shocked?

“This…” A

few seconds later, Liu Peng was the first to react, staring at Yue Feng, unable to hide his excitement: “This is really a soul-returning pill? Can you temper the meridians

if you eat it?” It really has such an effect, and it will definitely come in handy at critical moments in the future.

“Of course.”

Hearing the question, Yue Feng smiled slightly: “My life is on you now, do I dare to lie to you?”

Liu Peng nodded in agreement, and said excitedly: “Okay, bring it here quickly. .”

Yue Feng smiled, took two steps forward, and was about to hand the Huiling Pill over.


However, at this moment, Deng Qi’s eyes flickered, and he hurriedly stopped: “The rivers and lakes are sinister, and people’s hearts are separated from the belly. We don’t know if what this kid took out is really a magic pill, what if it is poison?”

As Liu Peng’s most trusted subordinate, Deng Qi acted very cautiously, and this person was very intelligent. It was because of his repeated suggestions before that the entire cottage escaped several times of encirclement and suppression.


Hearing Deng Qi’s words, Liu Peng took a deep breath and his face instantly turned solemn. He looked at Yue Feng and said, “Boy, are you trying to poison me? Tell me honestly.”

This idiot.

Yue Feng cursed inwardly, but with a wry smile on his face: “Honest man, my life is in your hands, how dare I poison you? If you don’t believe me, I will eat one myself.”

After speaking, Yue Feng directly took one Returning the elixir was thrown into the mouth.


At this moment, all eyes in the audience were staring at Yue Feng, quietly watching his reaction.

Liu Ruxue looked indifferent.

Others don’t know, but she knows very well that if others take out a few pills, they will definitely be suspected, but Yue Feng is different. After all, he is the Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace. It’s a piece of cake.

Soon, five minutes later, Yue Feng stood there, his expression as usual, and there was no sign of poisoning.


Seeing this, Liu Peng took a deep breath and realized that he was a little suspicious. At the same time, I also felt a little pity that a pill was wasted in vain.

Deng Qi and the others around him were also secretly relieved.

“Do you believe the hero now?” Yue Feng asked with a smile.

Liu Peng nodded again and again: “Well, I can see that your kid is quite sincere. Not bad…” While speaking, he took another medicinal pill from Yue Feng’s hand, and then carefully put it away.

At this time, Yue Feng made a pleasing look and said tentatively, “Hey man, can you spare my life now?”


Liu Peng touched the beard on his face and said very treacherously. : “Although this medicine pill is a good thing, it can buy your life, but since you came to the cottage, I can’t let you go easily.”

“If you go out and lead the government to come here, wouldn’t I ask for it myself? Trouble?”

Hearing this, Yue Feng smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, hero, I will never expose you after I leave, I still have the last few coins here, and I’ll give them all to you, so it’s a matter of honoring you guys.

” , Yue Feng took out a few pills from his body and put them on the table in front of Liu Peng with a flattering expression.

After so many years of walking in the rivers and lakes, Yue Feng knew very well that mountain bandits like Liu Peng were extremely greedy.

Chapter 5339

Seeing those few pills, Liu Peng’s eyes were straight, and he made a very reluctant look at that time: “Well, seeing that you are so sensible, then okay, I will let you go.”

Said, Liu Peng looked at the sky outside the hall: “Today is too late, you stay here all night, tomorrow morning, I will send someone to take you down

the mountain.” When he said this, Liu Peng looked cold and arrogant, but his heart was full of arrogance. It’s not exciting.


I really made it today. Although I didn’t knock out any money from this kid, I got a few panacea.

“Thank you, hero.” Yue Feng smiled and thanked him.


Seeing this situation, Liu Ruxue, who was still tied to the pillar, suddenly became a little anxious and couldn’t help but said to Yue Feng: “Young Master, Master, save me…”

At this time Liu Ruxue is very depressed, this month, Yuefeng, just caring about herself, have you forgotten that I am still tied?

Speaking of which, Liu Ruxue, a woman, was waiting for Yue Feng to rescue her, but seeing that he didn’t think of him at all, he couldn’t help it.


Seeing Liu Ruxue asking for help, Yue Feng suddenly became happy and laughed secretly.

This woman couldn’t hold back after all.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng walked over slowly and said to Liu Ruxue with a smile: “Girl, I think it’s better for you to stay here.” As he spoke, there was a bit of cunning in his eyes.


Liu Ruxue’s delicate body trembled, thinking that she had heard it wrong.

This Yue Feng…he didn’t plan to save me?

Just when Liu Ruxue was stunned, Yue Feng smiled and continued: “I know, I saved you before, you are grateful to me, and you want to follow me, but you saw it just now, I even myself I can’t protect you, so how can I protect you?”

After speaking, Yue Feng pointed at Liu Peng: “Although I just met this hero, I can see that he really likes you, so I think you might as well Just stay here and be a Mrs. Yazhai, with so many people around to protect you, you don’t have to live a life of wandering.”

When he said this, Yue Feng looked serious, but secretly smiled.

That’s right, he deliberately confessed to Liu Peng just now, and even gave the medicine pill. The ultimate goal was just to leave alone, and he didn’t plan to save Liu Ruxue at all.

Can this woman act? Then I will deliberately leave you here as Mrs. Yazhai, and see how you can continue to act.


At this moment, after listening to Yue Feng’s words, Liu Ruxue’s delicate body trembled faintly, feeling depressed and angry at the same time.

This…. this Yue Feng is too shameless, in order to sign up, the women around him don’t care, and he wants to give me to the bandits to be Mrs. Yazhai?

There is no man’s responsibility at all, how did he sit as the pavilion master of the Dan Pavilion of Chunyang Palace?

At this time, Liu Ruxue didn’t know that Yue Feng did this on purpose to force her to reveal her true identity.

It has to be said that Liu Ruxue, as the saint of Lihuomen, is not a stupid woman. Although she was shaking with anger at this time, her face still showed a weak and helpless look.

“Young Master…”

At this moment, Liu Ruxue’s red lips parted lightly, and she said pitifully, “I don’t want to stay here, I want to be by your side, don’t leave me, okay?”

Seriously, this At that time, Liu Ruxue wanted to get angry, but she held back.

I’ve been acting for so long before, so I can’t be impatient, otherwise, all my efforts will be in vain. She thought about it, and continued to act like a weak woman in front of Yue Feng to win his mercy.

However, she was wrong.


Seeing that she was about to cry in a hurry, Yue Feng sighed and consoled earnestly: “I did this for your own good, you follow me in a precarious situation, and it will also implicate me.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about it, You can stay here. It is also your blessing to be Mrs. Yazhai.”

After saying this, Yue Feng looked at Liu Peng with a smile: “Hero, this man, this girl can be seen by you, and I hope that the hero will be able to do so in the future. Treat her well.”

Haha… Liu Peng

laughed approvingly: “This little brother is indeed a sensible person, and being my woman will be a lifetime blessing.”

Looking at Liu Ruxue: “Beauty, since he has decided, you can stay and be my woman, don’t worry, I will take good care of you, haha…”

Chapter 5340

“Go, send the beauty to my room.”

After saying this, Liu Peng smiled at Yue Feng: “Brother is so knowledgeable about current affairs, yes, come, let’s have a few drinks with us.” Got a few pills , There is also a peerless beauty, who is not happy?

Yue Feng was not polite, and cupped his hands: “Thank you, hero.” After speaking, he sat next to him, but his eyes were always on Liu Ruxue.

Haha… I sold you all, I don’t believe you can bear it.

At this moment, several mountain bandits forcibly took Liu Ruxue out of the hall and sent him into Liu Peng’s room.


For a while, Liu Ruxue felt an unprecedented humiliation and bit her lip so hard that she was about to bleed. The dignified saint of Lihuomen was caught by a gang of bandits, and she was forced to be Mrs. Yazhai.

What a shame.

But in order for the plan to go smoothly, you must endure it. She thought about it, and when it was night, she would cast a charm on Liu Peng, and after controlling him, everything would be easy.

Thinking to herself, Liu Ruxue gave up her resistance and let several bandits send her into the room.


Seeing this situation, Yue Feng couldn’t help frowning secretly, is this woman so tough? It has come to this point, and it is still not resisting?

She won’t really take her life.

No, such a woman will not accept her fate, she must have a way to deal with these bandits.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng decided to sneak into Liu Peng’s room at night to check the situation, but to see what this woman’s true face is.

After drinking a few bowls of wine, Yue Feng made an excuse to rest, but Liu Peng did not stop him and sent a few people to follow.

Entering the room, Yue Feng lay directly on the bed and pretended to rest. An hour later, the whole cottage was calm. Yue Feng immediately got up, avoided the surveillance of a few bandits outside, and quietly rushed to the room where Liu Peng was resting.

At this moment, Liu Peng’s room.


Liu Peng was drunk and opened the door with a smile: “Little beauty, I’m here.”

The moment he entered the room, he saw Liu Ruxue sitting beside the bed, and Liu Peng looked at him. crazy. Under the candle light, Liu Ruxue’s face was exquisite, and the charming curves were looming, which was simply indescribable beauty.

After watching for more than ten seconds, Liu Peng regained his senses, swallowed his saliva, and walked over slowly: “Beauty, from today onwards, you are my Mrs. Yazhai, don’t worry, I will take good care of you. .”

While speaking, Liu Peng kept an eye on Liu Ruxue’s movements to prevent her from suddenly resisting.

But what he didn’t expect was that Liu Ruxue was out of breath at this time.


At this moment, Liu Ruxue sighed softly and looked at Liu Peng with a resentful expression, looking pitiful: “It seems that this is my life, I accept it, you have to say what you say, and take good care of me in the future.”

Liu Peng was overjoyed: “It’s natural.”

He couldn’t wait to pounce on it.


However, just at this critical moment, Liu Ruxue’s eyes suddenly flashed a little cold, and he shot like electricity, directly sealing his acupuncture point, and then silently chanted the charm formula, and looked at Liu Peng.


For a moment, Liu Peng’s body trembled, and his head suddenly felt dizzy. After just a few seconds, he was completely changed, and he said respectfully to Liu Ruxue: “Master…”

“Yeah!” Liu Ruxue nodded, the gentleness just now disappeared, returning to the coldness before: “From now on, you have to obey all my orders, you know?”

“Yes, master.”

“Very good, I It’s time to rest now, you go to guard outside the door.”


Liu Peng responded, then exited the room, guarding the door like a sculpture.


At this moment, Liu Ruxue breathed a deep sigh of relief, and finally managed to get the leader of the bandit. At the same time, he couldn’t tell the fire in his heart. Yue Feng, this bastard, was really selfish, and he left for his own safety. Keep me as Mrs. Yazhai. When I have the opportunity to control you, I will definitely make you unable to survive or die.

Thinking to herself, Liu Ruxue lay down and rested.

At this time, Liu Ruxue thought that what she had done was watertight, but she was completely unaware that behind the tree outside the room, a pair of eyes were watching all this quietly.

It was Yue Feng.

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