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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5296-5300

Chapter 5296

“The palace lord and several elders have already rushed over to negotiate with them, but those from the sect said that Chunyang Palace would protect you, the pavilion lord, and even threatened that the palace lord would not drive you out of the mountain gate, but would Ping Chunyang Palace.”

Finally, Xiaorou’s delicate face was full of anxiety.


Hearing these words, Yue Feng’s face changed, and his heart was full of anger.

Those people from the sect are really despicable and shameless. In the underground town, in order to snatch the Qimen exercises of the Tianji Palace, they did not hesitate to take action on a little girl in Dongfang Yunqing, regardless of their identity. Come to Chunyang Palace to make trouble.

Simply shameless to the extreme.

But think about it carefully, the Tianji Palace was at the top of the rivers and lakes a thousand years ago. Whether it was medicine pill refining, mechanical formations, or sect stunts, for other sects, they were only comparable to other sects, and it was impossible. beyond.

Even if the Heavenly Secret Palace has been destroyed for a thousand years, this concept still affects the rivers and lakes of the Ziwei Continent.

And now, the once glorious Heavenly Secret Palace Qimen Cultivation Technique has suddenly appeared in the world, and anyone who changes it will be desperate to fight for it. Therefore, it is reasonable for the major sects to go to the Chunyang Palace to provoke them together today.

“Brother Yue Feng.”

Just when Yue Feng was thinking about this, he saw Dongfang Yunqing woke up at an unknown time, walked out of Yikou’s room, and said sleepily, “Those bad guys, come to catch them again. Am I?”

While speaking, Dongfang Yunqing tried his best to calm himself, but his tender face still couldn’t hide his nervousness.


Feeling Dongfang Yunqing’s panic, Yue Feng took a deep breath, smiled and comforted: “I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

Immediately, Yue Feng looked at Xiao Rou seriously: “Xiao Rou, you stay in Pill Pavilion and take care of Yun Qing, I will go outside the mountain gate to see.” After the last word fell, Yue Feng tidied up his clothes and walked out quickly Dan Court.

Xiaorou responded, and then shouted at Yue Feng’s back: “Pavilion Master, be careful.”

After calling this sentence, Xiaorou smiled at Dongfang Yunqing: “Be careful, Pavilion Master is very capable. , with him here, those sect people would not dare to be presumptuous in the Chunyang Palace.” After spending some time with Yue Feng, Xiaorou knew that he was hidden and that there was no trouble that could not be solved.


Hearing Xiaorou’s consolation, Dongfang Yunqing nodded, but deep in his eyes, he couldn’t hide his worry.


Today’s weather is drowsy, gloomy and terrifying. It makes people feel a little depressing.

Yue Feng walked outside the gate of the Pill Pavilion, and saw the entire Chunyang Palace deserted. The disciples who were patrolling the mountain road, this time Can’t see one at all.

Obviously, all the major sects came to the Chunyang Palace to challenge things today, and all the disciples went to the gate.

Realizing this, Yue Feng quickened his pace.


When approaching the mountain gate, Yue Feng couldn’t help taking a deep breath when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that there were a lot of people gathered in the open space outside the mountain gate. It can be said to be a sea of ​​people. From a distance, there are many familiar figures. Li Qinghai of Tianhaimen, who is standing closely behind him, is exactly the same as before. Li Xingyu, who always wanted Yue Feng’s life, and the head of Lihuomen Ren Pingsheng.

It can be said that the sects who snatch treasures in the underground town before are all here today.

In addition, Deng Shiqi, the head of Beihai Constellation, also came with his disciples.

At that time, Deng Shiqi was very excited to learn that the underground town of Tianji Palace was alive, and there were treasures like the Soul of Tianji in it. Later, he learned that Yue Feng committed public anger and robbed the descendants of Tianji Palace and the soul of Tianji. Deng Shiqi again It was jealousy and atmosphere, and finally, under the invitation of many sects, I also came to Chunyang Palace to ask for justice.

So many sects, gathered together in Chunyang Palace, can be regarded as an unprecedented martial arts event.

At the entrance of the mountain gate, the palace lord led several elders, as well as thousands of elites of Chunyang Palace, waiting in full force, forming a confrontation with the major sects.

For a while, there was a strong smell of gunpowder in the air.

The sword is drawn, and it is on the verge of fire.

Chapter 5297

“Everyone!” At this moment, Taoist Qianqiu took a step forward, looked around the major sects, and said

loudly: “You lead the disciples and block the gate of my Chunyang Palace, what do you mean?”

Daoist Qianqiu looked at Li Qinghai and Deng Shiqi again: “Elder Li, head of Deng, our three major sects have been in alliance for hundreds of years, and they have always been of the same spirit, but today you are helping other sects to embarrass us Chunyang. Gong, what is your intention?”

“Are you planning to tear up the covenant?” The

words were loud and imposing.

Phew …

At this moment, Li Qinghai and Deng Shiqi looked at each other, their expressions were a little complicated, and they didn’t know how to respond.

Because Taoist Qianqiu said it well, the three sects have been allied for a long time. For more than a hundred years, they have been adhering to the principle of advancing and retreating together. No matter what happens, they will face it together. But now, Tianhaimen and Beihai constellations are in harmony with each other. It is inappropriate for other sects to come to Chunyang Palace to make trouble together.

Ha ha!

At this moment, Ren Pingsheng chuckled lightly, walked out slowly, looked at Qianqiu Daoist and said: “Your Excellency is extraordinary, immortal style Daogu, presumably the famous Qianqiu Daoist of Chunyang Palace.”

“Qianqiu Daoist, what we have just said is very clear. A few days ago, our major sects discovered a hidden underground town in Tianji Palace together. At that time, we formed a temporary alliance to explore together, and agreed to find treasures. , but that Yue Feng, at a critical moment, stole the descendants of the Tianji Palace, and also took away the ‘Soul of Tianji’ that was integrated with the Qimen exercises of the Tianji Palace.”

“Yue Feng has no one in his eyes and is arrogant. It is too arrogant and hateful to treat our sects as nothing, so please immediately hand over Yue Feng and the descendants of the Heavenly Jigong and give us an explanation.”


As soon as the voice fell, the surrounding masters of various sects were filled with righteous indignation, and couldn’t help shouting.

“Hurry up and hand over Yue Feng.” “Yue Feng is really hateful

, you Chunyang Palace don’t want to cover him up.”

“Hurry up and hand over him.”

The Lord, as well as those elite disciples of Chunyang Palace, were all shocked and angry.

This group of people said it nicely, but in fact the ultimate goal is to snatch the soul of the secret, which is really shameless.

“Deal with someone?”

Soon, Taoist Qianqiu calmed down, looked at Ren Pingsheng up and down, and smiled coldly: “Yue Feng acts bright and upright, is it as unbearable as you say?”

“Also, Yue Feng made us Chunyang Palace. The Lord of the Pill Pavilion, his affairs are the affairs of our Chunyang Palace, and they can never be handed over to you.” The

last sentence is full of vigour and cannot be doubted.


Hearing this, both Ren Pingsheng and the surrounding sect masters were furious. “You Chunyang

Palace, are you sure you want to protect Yue Feng?”

“Is it worth fighting against the entire river and lake for one Yue Feng?” “Everyone!”

But at this moment, the princess who had been silent for a while, suddenly opened her red lips and said to the major sects: “You keep saying that Yue Feng is arrogant and snatch the things that should belong to you, but as far as this palace knows, At that time, you didn’t hesitate to attack a teenage girl in order to get the Qimen exercises of the Tianji Palace.”

“At the critical moment, it was Pavilion Master Yue who couldn’t stand it, so he took action to rescue the descendants of the Tianji Palace, and now, Don’t you feel ashamed that you have reversed black and white?” The

voice was gentle and pleasant, but it contained an invisible and powerful aura.


a while, Ren Pingsheng and Li Qinghai looked at each other in dismay, unable to hide the embarrassment on their faces.

At that time, in order to obtain the Soul of Heaven’s Secret, they threatened Dongfang Yunqing and used force, which was indeed a loss of identity. However, how could they admit to such self-destructing reputation?

Soon, Ren Pingsheng was the first to react and smiled at the Palace Master: “The Palace Master is wrong, we just asked the little girl some questions, how could it possibly hurt her?”

Chapter 5298

“All of this is due to Yue Feng’s self-justification. For the treasures of the Tianji Palace, he did not hesitate to turn his face with the major sects, and even robbed people and treasures in public. Everyone present at the time saw it with their own eyes.”

The voice fell, and many sect masters nodded.

“Yes, the real despicable one is Yue Feng.”

“We finally found the treasure, but he snatched it away unexpectedly. This kind of behavior is called fairness?”

“Don’t talk nonsense with them, just go in and take Yue Feng away. Find out…”

Under the clamor, many sect masters couldn’t hold back.

Speaking of which, when we came to Chunyang Palace together this time, in addition to robbing the Soul of Heavenly Secret and Dongfang Yunqing, each of the major sects also had their own ghost ideas.

Especially some small sects, when it comes to the status of the rivers and lakes, they can’t be compared with the Chunyang Palace. If they were before, they would not be qualified to come to the Chunyang Palace. This time, with the opportunity of crusade against Yue Feng, I can’t wait for the situation to become more and more chaotic. Well, because once there is chaos, these small sects will have the opportunity to search in the Chunyang Palace.

After all, Chunyang Palace is a well-known and authentic sect that has been passed down for thousands of years, and there are many treasures hidden.


In the face of this situation, the palace lord’s beautiful face suddenly became difficult to look at, and his petite body was trembling with anger. These people are really shameless. They are obviously coveting the treasures of the Heavenly Secret Palace, but they want to Reversing the black and white, the black pot was firmly buckled on Yue Feng.

Speaking of which, the palace lord didn’t know much about Yue Feng, but for some reason, she chose to trust Yue Feng unconditionally in her heart.

At the same time, Jiang Hongyu, who was standing beside the palace lord, also bit her lip tightly, with some atmosphere in her heart, and some indescribable complexities. Since this Yue Feng came to Chunyang Palace, big and small things have continued.

And now, he has offended so many Jianghu sects, and he has also implicated Chunyang Palace.

If this matter cannot be solved well, I am afraid that Chunyang Palace will encounter unprecedented disasters. After all, with so many sects, no matter how strong Chunyang Palace is, it is not an opponent.

Speaking of which, after Jiang Hongyu realized that she had misunderstood Yue Feng last night, she felt a little guilty at first, but when she saw the situation in front of her, that trace of guilt disappeared, replaced by inexplicable disgust.

“Palace Master!”

At this time, seeing that the situation became more and more difficult to control, Deng Shiqi hurriedly came out to smooth the game, and said to the Palace Master hypocritically: “There is no way people from all walks of life have the same opinion. It’s impossible to tell lies.

” Feng is indeed a talent, but it is a pity that he is too despicable, so you should hand him over as soon as possible, Yue Feng is already the target of public criticism, do you really have the heart to see that the entire Chunyang Palace was destroyed for the sake of Yue Feng ?”

When he said this, Deng Shiqi’s face was bitter, but his eyes flashed with slyness.

Yes, he persuaded him on the surface, but in fact, he also wanted to get the Qimen exercises of the Tianji Palace. Speaking of which, Yue Feng and Jiang Hongyu went to Beihai Xingsu together a few days ago. At that time, Yue Feng helped him clear the door and retrieved the antidote. Deng Shiqi’s wife, it stands to reason that Deng Shiqi should be grateful to Yue Feng.

It’s a pity that Deng Shiqi, who looks benevolent and righteous on the surface, is actually a hypocrite. In front of the huge temptation of the Heavenly Secret Palace’s Qimen Cultivation Technique, what kind of benefactor is not worth mentioning at all.


Seeing Deng Shiqi say this, the palace lord bit his lip tightly, and his delicate face was very tangled.

Looking at the situation, without handing over Yue Feng, the various sects present are really going to besiege Chunyang Palace. Although Chunyang Palace is one of the best sects in the world, its overall strength is strong, but it is not the opponent of so many sects. .

How to do?

Seeing his hesitation, Li Qinghai couldn’t help it, and said loudly: “Palace Master, Deng Sect Leader is right, Yue Feng is doing the opposite, and he is the enemy of the entire river and lake. Your Chunyang Palace can’t keep it, so you should hand him over. If you go your own way and want to continue to cover up, don’t blame me for disregarding the friendship of the alliance.”

When he spoke, Li Qinghai couldn’t hide the hatred in his eyes.

When he thought of his beloved disciple, Chen Shangzhi, who died tragically at the hands of Yue Feng in the underground town, Li Qinghai’s anger rose.

Chapter 5299

Until this time, Li Qinghai didn’t know that he was deceived by Ye Xingyu, and that his apprentice was not killed by Yue Feng at all, but died tragically under the formation of the organization, and it was entirely his own fault.

“Li Qinghai!”

At this moment, Taoist Qianqiu couldn’t bear it anymore. He pointed at Li Qinghai and shouted angrily: “Dare to speak to our palace master in such a tone, do you want to die? It sounds nice on the surface, but it’s not true behind the scenes. Want to get the Qimen exercises of the Tianji Palace?”

“Thank you for being the elder of Tianhaimen, and your methods are so clumsy that you have lost all the people of

Tianhaimen.” Shuh!

At this moment, Li Qinghai’s face was ashen, his eyes almost spitting fire, and he sneered again and again: “Okay, okay… It seems that your Chunyang Palace is determined to protect Yue Feng.”

“In that case, there is nothing to say. ” When the

voice fell, Li Qinghai raised his right hand and was ready to call on the major sects to do it.


However, at this moment, they saw a figure coming quickly, and everyone didn’t react yet, they only felt that there was a flower in front of them, and the figure had already arrived.

He was dressed in a white robe and had a knife-cut face, indescribably handsome and cold.

It is Yue Feng!


Seeing Yue Feng’s appearance, the eyes of the masters of the various sects instantly locked him tightly, like a beast that had discovered its prey.

At the same time, everyone in Chunyang Palace was stunned.

Especially the palace master, with her delicate face, could not hide her anxiety, she said to Yue Feng: “You…how did you come out?” The various sects were aggressive, she had already thought about it, no matter what. Yue Feng handed it over. Unexpectedly, Yue Feng took the initiative to show up.

“It’s alright!” Yue Feng turned back and smiled at the Palace Master, indicating not to worry.

“Yue Feng!”

At this moment, Li Qinghai came out first, pointed at Yue Feng and shouted angrily, “I thought you were always going to be a tortoise, and finally willing to show up?”

“It’s really interesting.” Yue Feng laughed Laughing, he sneered: “I didn’t do anything wrong, why can’t I show up, but you, open your mouth and shut up about the three major sect alliances, and now you bring people to Chunyang Palace to fall into trouble, so despicable, I am willing to be defeated, and I can’t catch up. “


Li Qinghai blushed and was so angry that he wanted to refute, but he didn’t know where to start, so he shouted angrily: “Good boy, you killed my apprentice before, today I will let him go.” You pay your debts with blood.”

After speaking, Li Qinghai looked behind Yue Feng and said coldly, “Where are the descendants of Jigong that day?”

Yue Feng said with a relaxed and comfortable expression, “I’m resting.”

“Quick . Hand her over.” Li Qinghai shouted, his tone unquestionable: “Not only that girl, but also the soul of the secret, you’d better hand it over honestly, as long as you obey obediently, I may still be able to stay. You have a whole corpse, otherwise, the entire Chunyang Palace will be buried with you today.” The

voice fell, and the masters of the surrounding sects pulled out their weapons and shouted angrily.

“I don’t want to let the blood of Chunyang Palace flow into a river, so I quickly hand it over.”

“Don’t know how to praise…”

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng didn’t panic at all, and smiled lightly at the time, looking at Li Qinghai with a smile that was not a smile: ” That girl Dongfang Yunqing is now my righteous sister, why should I give it to you?”

“Could it be that you, the great elder of Tianhaimen, want to worship her as a teacher and join the Tianji Palace? It’s just a pity, At your age, my righteous sister is afraid that she will not look down on you, an old man.”

When he said this, Yue Feng’s eyes were full of ridicule and teasing.

Dongfang Yunqing is very pitiful. She has been sleeping in the underground town for thousands of years, and now she has no relatives, so in Yue Feng’s heart, she has been regarded as a sister.


These words made Li Qinghai’s face turn blue and white, and he was very embarrassed, but he couldn’t find any words to refute.

Seeing this scene, many disciples of Chunyang Palace couldn’t help laughing. At the same time, they couldn’t help but admire secretly. The pavilion master is really a real man who stands above the ground. I really admire it.


Even the palace master, who has always been calm and reserved, couldn’t help laughing, pursed his lips and laughed, but his beautiful face could not hide his worries.

Chapter 5300 There are many people on the

other side, and Yue Feng is so provocative, I am afraid that the situation will get worse and worse.

However, what surprised her even more was still behind.

At this time, Yue Feng looked around with a smile on his face, and said word by word: “I now solemnly declare that what I did in the underground town before was my own business, and it has nothing to do with Chunyang Palace. , what do you want, just come at me.”


Hearing this, both the Palace Master and the Taoist Qianqiu changed their expressions, and they were all anxious.

What is Yue Feng doing? are you crazy.

You must know that the reason why these sects have been afraid to do anything is because they are afraid of Chunyang Palace, but once Yue Feng says so, these sects have no worries, and Chunyang Palace is not easy to intervene.

Jiang Hongyu’s delicate body trembled as she stared at Yue Feng blankly, with a strange light flashing in her eyes.

I thought that Yue Feng was a broom star and would only bring trouble to Chunyang Palace, but he never thought that he would be such a man, so responsible, that he stopped the whole thing.

This man is getting more and more unpredictable.


And the people from the major sects all smiled.

This Yue Feng is really too confident, and he doesn’t let Chunyang Palace help. Isn’t this purely seeking death?

“Okay, there is something!”

Finally, Li Qinghai was the first to react, pointing at Yue Feng and shouting, “Look at you, you’re still a man, I’ll give you a treat later.” “Tianhaimen

disciple, take Lower the Yuefeng.”

This Yue Feng personally said, the whole thing has nothing to do with Chunyang Palace, how can such a good opportunity be missed?

The voice fell, and hundreds of Tianhaimen elites pulled out their long knives and rushed towards Yue Feng.

At the same time, Ren Pingsheng and the other chiefs also shouted.

“The disciples of Lihuo Sect obey the order and seize Yue Feng.”

“Take Yue Feng…”


In an instant, more than a dozen disciples of the sect heard the order and surrounded Yue Feng, adding up to several thousand people.

Like Li Qinghai, in the hearts of these sect masters, Yue Feng is a waste without the protection of Chunyang Palace. Although his own strength is not weak, no matter how strong he is, he cannot stop so many sects.

Only Deng Shiqi stood there, his eyes flickering and his face gloomy and uncertain.

Speaking of which, he also wanted to capture Yue Feng and get the soul of heaven, but Yue Feng saved his wife before, which was considered a kindness.

“Yue Feng!”

After hesitation, Deng Shiqi shouted at Yue Feng in a hypocritical manner: “The trend is over, you have no choice, you should just be obedient and capture the little girl and the soul of the secret, you can rest assured, as long as you give When people and treasures are handed over, I promise that the fellows in the rivers and lakes present will not hurt you a hair.”

“A man can bend or stretch, and he must not act recklessly.” What

Yue Feng said was very reasonable, but Yue Feng could see it at a glance. , Deng Shiqi is playing the set of ‘cats cry mice, fake compassion’.

Ha ha…

At that time, Yue Feng was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and said with a cold smile: “Okay Deng Shiqi, we all understand what you are thinking, and you don’t need to be so pretentious .

” Hearing the ridicule, Deng Shiqi’s face turned red all of a sudden, extremely ugly. “Yue Feng!” At this time, Ye Xingyu clenched his long sword and rushed to the front, his eyes flashing with intense resentment, and shouted: “Repay my junior brother’s life.” Whoa! At the same time, other sect masters also rushed to the front, and the long knives in their hands slashed at Yue Feng. Seeing this scene, whether it was the Palace Master, Daoist Qianqiu and those disciples of Chunyang Palace, they were all anxious. “You run.” Especially Jiang Hongyu couldn’t help but let out a coquettish cry. However, Yue Feng was standing there, motionless, as steady as Mount Tai. Whoosh! Seeing that thousands of long knives were about to slash at Yue Feng, suddenly, a dazzling brilliance appeared in the sky, and then, a sword shadow cut through the sky like lightning and descended from the sky.

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