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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5266-5270

Chapter 5266

Seeing his puzzled face, Yue Feng said with a clear sigh and lowered his voice mysteriously: “To tell the truth, these six are my women. I had a little conflict with me before because of a trivial matter, that’s why this is the case. “

Are they all from Jianghu? It’s normal for people to fight and kill when they get angry.”

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couldn’t help but smil

ruthless, they are so beautiful that they reall


scribable admiration and envy: “Master is really amazing, not only in swords

was traversing the arena twenty years ago, he also had some confidantes.


aughing, and then patted Baili Cexuan on t

tions, so don’t be so ne

and smiled embarrassingly: “I know, I was fortunate that Ma

ili Cexuan was


Master’s women, almost

ring, and occasionally glanced here for a while. Whe

is this Yue


is head, and said very embarrassedly: “That…a few teachers, it was me j


Rumeng and Ruxue blushed, and

ondering how he could be so kind. After a

gry, so he quickly said: “Several teachers, it is normal for

Cexuan Yi The sin

Feng in their hearts and wanted to slash him with thousands of swords, bu


Feng showed a smile, and hi

s Juggernaut would be my apprentice, right? It’s so funn

Yue Fe

d couldn’t help but said to Yue Feng: “Are they all your women? Why

Yue Feng was deliberately playing Li

t u

and said angrily to Dongfang Yunqing: “Who is your sister


several others also gl

g Yunqing instantly felt uneas

‘t I just say a few words to other women before, I have alr

er 5

n’t you be

se Liujian Ji, and started t


king nonsense here.” This Yue Feng is really hateful. First, h


te me so much, I won’t explain it. I will find a pie

, if you really want

n appearance of physical and mental exhaustion: “It’s not a goo

hey kill me, I will tel

ll. Seeing him say this at this time, he quickly persuaded him: “Mast

, so don’t make it difficult for him. The so-called husband and wife in

hat Liujian Ji was Yue. The wind

regarded Yue Feng as his mast

exuan’s face, Rumeng bit his lips tig

Yue F

ernaut, he became mor

dy is trembling with anger, but because of t


Feng, “We won’t kill you.” Seriously, to reconcile with Yue

ll definitely not let it go. At that time, not only will hi


gh of relief and nodded with a smile: “Th


uldn’t help looking at Rumeng, and said with a smile:

g. , It’s like an iceberg. Now I finally have an opportunity to t

am was extremely red, and the eyes wer

the others were all tre

is really go

ch, and even want the eldest sister to call him husband? The eldest sister is

in her heart. After more than ten seconds, she still dec

l . , If you don’t listen car

nce in his heart, but the Juggernaut watched from t


rately: “My wife, your voice is too low, I can’t hear it, do

tly, but she held back, and then shouted again:


nodded with a smile: “It’s almost th

5268 Wh

cond wife, third wife, are you still angry?


e others all trembled, a

h taking advantage of the eldest siste

to attack, all of them blushe


Xiang G

eng had already shouted. If she didn’t shout, her pl

a few times, she scolded Yue Fe

Jianji shouting

le: “Well, a few wives are good, don’t be jea

naut has hunted game, let’s

, one by one is incomparabl

already the limit they could bear in their hearts. They hate

ly and said in a low voice, “Don’t look at me wi

man. If you don’t eat with me, you will be suspiciou

s, Yue Feng l

bit of slynes

h gave Yue Feng a headache. Now that he seized the opportunity,

ed at each other and had no choice b


e had beaten, shouted with a smile, then l

ands and couldn’t wait: “I


Feng and Baili Cexuan

e slightest smile on their delicate faces. They had to sta

hat Baili Cexuan was cooking sl

tinent, Yue Feng learned a lot of cooking techniq

, the meat w

gfang Yunqing leaned in like a greedy


n handed over a rabbit leg: “Eat it

that time, I only felt that my mouth was full of fragrance, so I couldn’

leg and took a bite. He nodded again and again: “Xiang,

ining rabbit meat to Liujianji:

ue Feng, and then fell into the underground town. I didn’t eat

sword princesses couldn’t resist at all. They


eng stretched and half lay on the grass: “T

er 5


fang Yunqing both

anji was a li


d to Rumeng, “What should we do?” My few, who are not Yu

in a low voice, “Don’t wor

al wi

s not a smile. Looking at the dream-like couple: “I was tossing around in the

second wife rubs my legs, and the t

Feng’s face was rel

only natural for a wife to beat her back and rub her shoulders, so Yue F


u Meng and Ru Xue’s faces changed

getting bigg

fore, and now you want us to beat your back


d slowly: “A few wives, are you still angry with me?” After speakin

stomped her f

vantage of him over and over again. Now he is more and more courageous, and he

tional, let’s endure it first, and if there i

y, put a pair of jade hands on Yue Fe


uldn’t help taking a deep breath

ll held back their anger and came over, some pinched Yue Fen

present at this time, the

lso ruthless, especially their sword formations, which are even more powerful and terrifying. With such an existe

by Yue Feng, not only did not make any mistake


njoying his eyes closed, feeling the servi

im tens of thousands


s voice: “Don’t frown, there are not many opportunities like today, and

was not

peak, and at that time, he will be able to s


Jianji was ash

d: “You are not proud, if you fall into our

now on, this swordsman will always follow me, and it is


as true When he had the opportunity to kill him, and seeing Yue

” Whe

hen he looked at Ru Xue in tears: “Three

er 5

her women, you’re stil

p and quickly ki


mile: “Okay, don’t be angry, Xia

e was extremely red, the suburbs tr

bastard, jus

were not far away, were a little embarrassed, and


stood up with a smile, looked at the sky, and

that you still have to go back to Nianhua Palace to do business,

eng secretly said

otherwise, it is really inappropriate


we have to go back quickly.” She is a smart w

ted the five sisters

nqing hurriedly waved:

s are good to go.” Speaking of which, at his age, he can be Uncle Li


each of them blushed, but they couldn’t refute them

thed a sigh of relief and said

ang Yunqing and walked towa

n quickly

the Kyushu Earth

natural grand canyon with towering peaks and magn

umn. Looking at the entire canyon from a distance, it looks

an antique courtyard, quiet and elegant, t

behind the garden, Nalan Wushua

quarreled, and returned to the family garden angr

was a child, but in Yue Wuya, she has been repea

what’s so good

Wuya was angry that day, Nalan


lan family walked in quickly, h

ng’s personal bod


denly showed a bit of displeasure: “I asked y

gry and would not see Yue Wuya again, but in order to vent


and said helplessly: “Miss, I have been observing secretly for two days,


said coldly: “Is that the kid who

t a kid who was snatched. , but Hai Linger is very

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