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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5201-5205

Chapter 5201

Ye Xingyu and Chen Shangzhi, who have been wandering around in the arena in recent years, immediately recognized that the six women in front of them were Liu Jianji of Nianhua Palace.

Nianhua Palace is both righteous and evil, and Ye Xingyu once had an experience in the rivers and lakes half a year ago, and he had a festival with the disciples of Nianhua Palace, so when he saw Liujian Ji at this time, he was very flustered.

To be honest, Ye Xingyu would never panic if he met an ordinary disciple of Nianhua Palace, but the Six Sword Princesses in front of him were very ordinary people.

They are all direct disciples of the Palace Master of Nianhua Palace. Each of them is excellent in swordsmanship. Any one person can set off a bloody storm on the rivers and lakes. The combination of the six swordsmen is even more amazing.

It is rumored that Liu Jian Ji will be a sword formation that has been lost for nearly a thousand years, called the ‘Six Dao Zhuxian Sword Formation’. Once the sword formation is formed, no matter how strong the enemy is, they will obediently be captured without a solution.

A year ago, the deputy sect master of Shendiaomen had a fight with Liu Jianji because of an ancient tomb fight. At that time, he was trapped by the Six Dao Zhuxian Sword Formation. He was trapped for a day and a night. Finally, Shendiaomen The deputy head of the sect had no choice but to admit defeat. At that time, that incident almost caused a sensation in the whole arena.

At this time, Ye Xingyu was trapped in the woods and couldn’t get out, but he met Liu Jianji again, how could he not panic?

People from Nianhua Palace?

Hearing the exclamations of the two brothers in the woods, Yue Feng frowned and couldn’t help standing up.

This place is so remote, what do people from Nianhua Palace come to do?

Thinking about it in his heart, Yue Feng couldn’t help looking at Liu Jianji, secretly admiring that these six women seem to be young, but their strength is not weak.

Moreover, judging from the reactions of Ye Xingyu and the two, their status in Nianhua Palace does not seem to be low.

swoosh swish….

Just when Yue Feng was muttering secretly, Liu Jianji had already arrived. The next second, the leading eldest sister, Rumeng

, took out a portrait from her body, compared it with Yue Feng, and said coldly, “It should be him.”

The door was brought up and given a unified name, the eldest sister was named Rumeng.


As soon as Rumeng’s voice fell, the five sisters behind him drew out their long swords and directly surrounded Yue Feng.

Nima, what’s going on?

Yue Feng frowned, and at the same time glanced at the portrait in Rumeng’s hand, and saw a portrait of a man with facial features very similar to himself.

Not only that, the word ‘Yue Feng’ is also written under the portrait.

Obviously, Liu Jianji suddenly appeared, just running towards Yue Feng.

Noticing this, Yue Feng frowned secretly, what did Liujian Ji of Nianhua Palace want me to do? Could it be that the matter of killing Xu Wenliang by himself was found out by the Nianhua Palace?

No, when Xu Wenliang was killed, the place was very remote, almost inaccessible, and no one around saw it, it was impossible to find out the Nianhua Palace. Thinking to himself, Yue Feng made a very frightened

look and said with a smile: “Several sisters, what are you doing? Have you recognized the wrong person?”

A calm attitude.


Six Sword Princesses are all sober and arrogant women. At this time, they were a little unhappy when they heard Yue Feng’s name.

The next second, the second sister Ruyan took a step forward and pointed at Yue Feng with a long sword in her hand: “You are Yue Feng, the master of the Pill Pavilion of the Chunyang Palace?” The tone was cold, unable to hide the hostility.

Before Yue Feng could answer, the third sister Ruxue next to him couldn’t help but said coldly: “Our junior brother Xu Wenliang died tragically in the wilderness, does it have anything to do with you?”

Yes, Liu Jianji came to look for Yue Feng, just to Xu Wenliang’s tragic death.

Two days ago, Nianhua Palace and Xu Wenliang lost contact. At that time, the head was very anxious, so he sent people to check the news. After a day’s search, he finally found the dead Xu Wenliang in the wild jungle.

Xu Wenliang was the head’s beloved disciple, but suddenly died tragically. At that time, both the head and Liu Jianji were full of grief and indignation. Afterwards, under the anger of the head, he sent people to investigate the news on the rivers and lakes in an attempt to find out the cause of Xu Wenliang’s death.

I have to say that the Nianhua Palace is very efficient. In less than half a day, it was found out that Xu Wenliang had been with the Saintess Leng Yue of the Red Clothes Sect and the Pill Pavilion Master of the Chunyang Palace before his death.

Chapter 5202

After learning about the situation, the head did not hesitate at all, and immediately dispatched Liu Jianji to go down the mountain to arrest Yue Feng.

After Liujianji went down the mountain, she kept investigating Yue Feng’s whereabouts, and finally learned that Yue Feng was in Beihai Xingsu, so the six sisters rushed over immediately.

Because they had never seen Yue Feng before, the six sisters caught a person who had seen Yue Feng before and painted a portrait.


At this moment, in the face of Liu Jianji’s questioning, Yue Feng secretly exhaled, and he really came for Xu Wenliang.

However… these six women don’t seem to know themselves, so don’t panic.


Seeing this scene, the two Ye Xingyu, who were trapped in the woods, both gloated.

This Yue Feng can really kill him, and he actually provokes the Nianhua Palace. Now he is being troubled by Liujian Ji, he really deserves it.

At this moment, Yue Feng came to his senses and waved his hands at Rumeng, who was in the lead: “Several sisters, you have mistaken people, what am I, the pavilion master of Dan Pavilion? I am just an ordinary person passing by. Trouble Several elder sisters put away their swords and looked very scary.”

When he said this, Yue Feng looked very panicked.

Passing by?

Hearing this, eldest sister Rumeng frowned and took out the portrait again to compare: “You are almost exactly the same as the picture, and you still want to lie to us?” The

voice fell, and Ruxue also said: “Eldest sister, Stop talking nonsense with him, this person looks cunning at first glance, arrest him first.”


The last word fell, Ruxue put away the long sword, raised her jade hand, and hit Yue Feng with a palm.

Damn, these women act so ruthlessly? Do you want to do it?

Seeing Ruxue’s palm coming, Yue Feng hurriedly took two steps back and shouted in astonishment: “Oh, sisters, I’m really not the person you’re looking for, how can I do it? “

The person you are looking for, since he is the pavilion owner, must be strong. I have no strength at all, so you must have mistaken the person.”

Yue Feng could see that the other party didn’t know him, so he wanted to confuse him with a few words. past.


Hearing this, Ruxue immediately withdrew her palm, and Xiumei frowned.

At the same time, Rumeng’s face became solemn, and he looked at Yue Feng again, and his heart became complicated, yes, this person in front of him has no strength at all, how could it be the Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master?

Liu Jianji didn’t know much about Yue Feng’s affairs, and subconsciously believed that the strength of the person who could be the master of the Pill Pavilion would not be too bad.


Seeing them hesitating, Yue Feng was very excited. These six women are not weak, but their minds are so simple. If they just say a few words, they won’t be able to pay attention.

However, the conversation between Yue Feng and Liu Jianji, the brothers Ye Xingyu, could hear clearly.


Seeing Yue Feng deny his identity at this time, Ye Xingyu was annoyed and contemptuous.

“Several!” In the

next second, Ye Xingyu couldn’t help shouting at Liu Jianji: “Don’t listen to his nonsense, he is the Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace, and he didn’t pass by at all.

” , Ye Xingyu stared at Yue Feng, unable to hide his anger.

As soon as the words fell, Chen Shangzhi also shouted: “Yes, he is Yue Feng, this person is cunning and despicable, you must be careful.” Originally thought that Yue Feng was easy to deal with, but after the situation just now, Chen Shangzhi realized , this Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master is far more cunning than he imagined.

What annoyed Chen Shangzhi even more was that it was just a forest, and he and his senior brother could never get out. It was a ghost.


Hearing the words of the brothers and sisters, Liu Jianji was shocked, and all eyes locked on Yue Feng.

This person is really cunning, and he almost cheated him just now.


Seeing this situation, Yue Feng secretly complained in his heart. Just now, he just wanted to get through the border, but he forgot that Ye Xingyu and Ye Xingyu were still locked in the woods not far away.

However, when his identity was exposed, Yue Feng was not at all flustered.

The Six Swords Princess in front of her, although her strength is tyrannical, in Yue Feng’s eyes, there is no threat at all.

Chapter 5203

After surrounding Yue Feng again, Liu Jianji was not in a hurry. “A disciple of Tianhaimen

.” At this moment, Rumeng’s eyes flickered, first looking at Ye Xingyu, and then at Chen Shangzhi: “You said he is the Pill Pavilion Master?”


“Not bad.” Ye Xingyu nodded without thinking.

Rumeng snorted and said coldly, “Why should I trust you?” Nianhuagong had a festival with Tianhaimen, and she didn’t believe that Li Xingyu would help her.

What’s more, Chunyang Palace and Tianhaimen are the three major sects side by side, and they have been allies for a hundred years. Under such circumstances, how could Ye Xingyu betray the people of the alliance?

As the eldest sister of Liu Jianji, Ru Meng acted very cautiously. At this time, she thought that Ye Xingyu was deliberately confusing the public to protect Yue Feng.


The voice fell, and the other five sword princesses around also spoke.

“Big sister is right, why do we believe you?”

“You Tianhaimen and Chunyang Palace are allies, will you help us identify Yue Feng?”

“That is, if you say he is Yue Feng, he may be fake. “

Originally, Liu Jianji believed that the person in front of him was Yue Feng, but when he heard Ye Xingyu say this, he suddenly began to doubt.

Just like Rumeng, the surrounding five sword princesses also believed that the disciples of Tianhaimen could not betray the alliance.


Yue Feng was overjoyed to see this scene.

Ye Xingyu still wanted to use Liu Jianji to deal with me, but he probably never thought of it, and it would be self-defeating in the end.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng smiled at Rumeng and said, “Well, sisters, since I’m sure I’m not Yue Feng, then I’ll leave.”

“I’m a nearby mountaineer, my family. I’m still waiting for me to go back.”

After saying the last sentence, Yue Feng turned around and was about to leave.

Liu Jianji looked at each other in dismay, and didn’t mean to stop.


Seeing this situation, both Ye Xingyu and Chen Shangzhi were too anxious.

In a hurry, Chen Shangzhi couldn’t help but shouted: “Six sword princesses, he is really Yue Feng, and my brother and I said no lie.”

“We were both used by him. He’s trapped here, stop him quickly.”

When he said this, Chen Shangzhi’s eyes were full of urgency, and at the same time he was a little annoyed.

Not only did they fail to catch Yue Feng, but they were also trapped by his formation, which was already embarrassing enough. If they let him get away from under the nose, it would really be a disrepute.


Hearing these words, Liu Jian Ji looked at each other, each with a solemn expression.

The next second, the eldest sister Ru Mengjiao shouted: “Sisters, stop him.” The voice fell, and the figure on the toes rose up, directly blocking Yue Feng’s way.


At the same time, the other five sword princesses also urged their figures to block all the retreats of Yue Feng.

Faced with this situation, Yue Feng was very helpless.

Almost ran away, unfortunately.

At this time, Rumeng took a deep look at Yue Feng, and then asked the Ye Xingyu brothers: “You said, he is Yue Feng, the Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace?

” Meng acted very cautiously, even if she was certain in her heart, she still had to ask.

“Yes!” Ye Xingyu quickly replied.

Chen Shangzhi also nodded: “It’s true.”

As he dreamed about it, he asked: “Since he is Yue Feng, and you are allies, why did he trap you in the formation?”

This… Hearing the question ,

Chen Shangzhi and Ye Xingyu looked at each other, and they couldn’t tell the embarrassment on each other’s faces.

A few seconds later, Chen Shangzhi turned his eyes and made a look of grief and anger, and replied to Rumeng: “You don’t know, this Yue Feng seems to be a gentleman, but in fact he is a scum, my senior brother and Jiang Hongyu of Chunyang Palace. , I used to be a childhood sweetheart, but now I have reached the age to talk about marriage.”

“But this Yue Feng, but he was in the middle of it, causing Jiang Hongyu to have a great misunderstanding of my senior brother.”

“What’s even more hateful is that last night in Beihai. In the main altar of the stars, Yue Feng broke into Jiang Hongyu’s room at night, stunned her, and tried to forcibly defile her.”

Chapter 5204

A remark, Chen Shangzhi said plausibly.

“Senior brother and I are naturally furious.” Chen Shangzhi glared at Yue Feng and continued, “It’s just that we were at the Beihai Constellation General Altar last night and it was inconvenient to do it, so I’ll be waiting for him here today, swearing. I have to teach him a lesson.”

“How could he know that although this person has no strength at all, he is extremely cunning. He used me and my senior brother to underestimate the enemy and trapped us.”


Hearing this accusation, whether it was Rumeng or the other five sword princesses, their pretty faces changed, and they couldn’t hide their contempt for Yue Feng.

“How could there be such a despicable person in the world?”

“As a pavilion master, it is truly morally depraved to conspire against his female disciples.”

“This kind of person is a scum in the rivers and lakes, and everyone gets it and punishes him.”

Liu Jianji She is arrogant by nature, and as a woman, what she hates most is this kind of lecherous person. In addition, the death of junior brother Xu Wenliang is most likely related to Yue Feng, so his impression of him is extremely bad.


In the face of Liu Jianji’s accusation, Yue Feng could not laugh or cry, but he was too lazy to argue.

“Good, you Yue Feng.” This is, Ru Meng looked at Yue Feng coldly, unable to hide her anger: “It’s really shameless and cunning, I

was almost deceived by you just now.”

Dream was very angry.

Dangtang Nianhuagong Liujianji was almost fooled by a person with no strength. If the matter spreads, how can he walk the rivers and lakes in the future?

Ha ha…

Seeing that his identity could no longer be hidden, Yue Feng didn’t panic at all, and said with a smile, “Don’t blame me for the so-called dangers in the rivers and lakes. I also consider my own safety.

, Liu Jian Ji was even more angry.

“Shut up!”

At this time, the third sister Ruxue couldn’t help but let out a coquettish cry, and said coldly, “Don’t laugh with us, let me ask you, how did our junior brother Xu Wenliang die?”


The voice fell, and the eyes of the other five sword princesses also locked on Yue Feng, waiting for his answer, while paying attention to the change in his expression.

Hehe, sure enough, it was because of Xu Wenliang.

Yue Feng smiled secretly in his heart, but he pretended to be surprised: “What? What did you say? Xu Wenliang died? When did he die? Why didn’t I know?

” Make sure that no one around you sees it, so naturally you won’t admit it.

do not know?

Hearing such an answer, Ru Xue Xiumei clenched her locks and said coldly, “Don’t pretend, we checked it out. Someone saw with your own eyes two days ago that our junior brother was with you. Saintess Leng Yue of the Red Clothes Sect.”

“Afterwards, when you were pursued by people from the Four Seas Alliance, something happened to our junior brother.”

I went.

At this moment, Yue Feng frowned secretly, unable to see that the news of Nianhua Palace was quite well-informed, and these things could be found out.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng smiled slightly: “This sister is right, we were indeed pursued by people from the Four Seas Alliance, but the three of us were separated at that time.”

“Perhaps, your junior brother was killed by the Four Seas Alliance.”

Anyway, Xu Wenliang was dead, and there was no witness at the time, so Yue Feng could say whatever he wanted.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he had been silent like a dream, and he shook his head and retorted: “Impossible! Junior Brother Xu was killed in one move, and the opponent was very powerful, so it couldn’t have been done by people from the Four Seas Alliance.”


Hearing this, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing and shrugged: “If it wasn’t for the Four Seas Alliance, it wouldn’t be me. You all noticed that I have no strength at all.”

Rumeng Glancing at the other five sword princesses, he said coldly, “Whether you are the murderer or not, you have to go back to the Huagong main altar with us, and the head will interrogate them in person.”

“So, I advise you not to play tricks. The

last word fell, and Ru Meng said to the sisters: “Tie his hands and feet and bring him back to the main altar.”

“Yes, big sister!”

Hearing the order, Ru Xue responded in unison, and then from Pulling out a ribbon from his body, he was ready to tie Yue Feng’s five flowers.

Chapter 5205 What the hell


Seeing this situation, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing. This Liu Jianji is too unreasonable. There is no evidence at all, so they are going to tie me up?

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng didn’t wait for the snow to approach, his body flashed like a loach, and he hid to the side and shouted: “Oh, beautiful sister, I’m not a murderer, why are you tying me?”

Yue Feng’s action, Seemingly inadvertent, but perfectly avoided Ruxue.


At this moment, Ru Xue Jiao’s body was shocked, and she was very surprised. This person has no strength at all, and the reaction is so fast?

At the same time, Rumeng was also secretly surprised.

Isn’t this guy incompetent? But how can ordinary people react so quickly?

“Several sword princesses.”

At this moment, Chen Shangzhi, who was still trapped in the woods, couldn’t help shouting: “You see, this Yue Feng is very evil, although he has no strength, you must not Underestimate the enemy.”

At the same time, Ye Xingyu also shouted: “Yes, just because the two of us underestimated the enemy, we were trapped here by him.”


Hearing this, whether it was Rumeng or the other five sword princesses, their delicate faces became extremely solemn.

In the next second, Ru Mengjiao shouted: “Sisters, take him down together.” Ceng

n n n n n n n n n n g n n n n n n g i t h… Ha ha….

Seeing this, Ye Xingyu and Chen Shangzhi, who were trapped in the woods, were indescribably excited and excited.

Although this Yue Feng is cunning and despicable, but facing Liu Jianji at the same time, he will definitely die.

Especially Ye Xingyu, who couldn’t hide the pleasure of revenge in his eyes, said to himself: “Yue Feng, even someone like you wants to fight against me? I didn’t let you die at my hands, it’s cheap for you. When the words

fell, Chen Shangzhi said with a smile: “Senior brother, I think this is the best.”

“If we kill Yue Feng, Chunyang Palace will definitely not let it go. If it doesn’t work, Master will be under pressure. Punish us. And now, Liu Jianji has eliminated Yue Feng for us, which saves us a lot of trouble.”

Hearing this, Ye Xingyu nodded, then looked at Chen Shangzhi and laughed.

outside the woods.

Seeing Liujian Ji bursting out at the same time, Yue Feng smiled and was not nervous at all, but he was a little helpless in his heart. With six people going up together, it is impossible to hide their strength now. Seeing that the six swords were about to be stabbed at him, Yue Feng

shouted at the time, “Oh, the six sisters have something to say, why do you want to kill them at every turn?”

Dodge again.


Seeing that Liu Jianji’s blow at the same time failed, whether it was Ye Xingyu or Chen Shangzhi, they were all shocked and thought they were confused.

Did this kid escape?

He has no strength at all, how did he escape? You must know that Liu Jianji’s strength is also ranked in the ranks of the rivers and lakes, but just now, the six people shot together, but Yue Feng was deftly avoided.

It’s incredible.

At the same time, the six sword princesses in the dream were also shocked.

How can it be?

A person with no strength at all has such a reaction speed. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, who would have believed it?


The next second, Sister Rumeng realized something, Xiumei locked up, and looked at Yue Feng coldly: “Good you Yue Feng, I was almost cheated by you, you have been hiding your strength, right?”

“If so, Xu Wenliang’s death must have something to do with you, look at the sword.” The voice fell, like a dream, the inner force urged, the long sword made a buzzing sound, and stabbed towards Yue Feng again.

With the sword again, Rumeng did not dare to underestimate the enemy at all, and directly stimulated the eighth-layer skill.


I saw that wherever the long sword passed, the air was torn apart, and the power was amazing.

Yue Feng frowned, knowing that his strength could no longer be hidden, and immediately chuckled: “Is this embarrassed into anger? The anger hurts people.” Open this sword and shoot it with one palm at the same time.

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