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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5116-5120

Chapter 5116 The

voice fell, Xu Wenliang flipped his wrist, and an extra dagger came out, and he slashed towards Yue Feng’s right arm.


At this moment, Yue Feng was startled, and his eyes were blood red.

This Xu Wenliang is really despicable and shameless.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng was about to break the rope. He closed his eyes and rested for two hours just now. The injury he had been severely injured by Leng Yue was almost healed, and breaking the rope would not be a problem.

Clap la la…

Just at this critical moment, suddenly there was a burst of footsteps outside the monastery. There were a lot of people listening, and the footsteps were light. Obviously, they were all experts in the rivers and lakes.


Hearing the movement outside, Xu Wenliang’s heart trembled, and he stopped his hand immediately, his face changed, could it be that the news of Hao Dashuang’s murder spread out, and the Four Seas Alliance sent a master to chase here?

Although Xu Wenliang is strong and powerful, he is not invincible. He knows in his heart that there are many experts in the Four Seas Alliance. If the opponent comes prepared, he is definitely not an opponent.

Thinking of this, Xu Wenliang gave Yue Feng a cold look and lowered his voice: “If you are lucky, I will let you escape temporarily.” After saying that, he put away the dagger, walked out quickly, and then gently Leaping onto the eaves of the temple gate.

Phew …

Watching Xu Wenliang go out, Yue Feng also sighed secretly.

Mad, it was really dangerous just now, and I almost revealed my strength. At the same time, Yue Feng was also a little curious, so late, who came to this ruined temple?

Forget it, let’s restore strength first.

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng continued to close his eyes and rest, while paying attention to the movement outside.

At this moment, outside the broken temple.


Xu Wenliang went up to the eaves of the temple gate, glanced outside, and immediately frowned.

I saw that dozens of figures were coming quickly, one by one holding a long knife, and the imposing manner was domineering. The leader was a man in his fifties, wearing a black long gown, and his body was filled with a powerful aura.

It was the Great Elder of Beihai Constellation, Zheng Xuan.

A few hours ago, Wu Ming sprinkled the poison in the bedroom, Zheng Xuan and other elders, as well as the head Deng Shiqi, all inhaled the poisonous gas.

However, everyone was calm at the time, so they quickly meditated cross-legged and sealed the acupoints so that the poison did not spread in the body. Later, when it was determined that everyone was fine, Deng Shiqi immediately summoned all the elite disciples, and several elders chased down Wu Ming and searched for Yue Feng at the same time.

The team led by Zheng Xuan had no clues after searching for several hours. They were very tired. They happened to pass this ruined temple, so they were ready to come in and have a rest.


At this time, everyone arrived at the gate, and one of the disciples said to Zheng Xuan: “This ruined temple is very big, and it should be enough for us to rest.”

Zheng Xuan nodded and ordered very seriously: “Everyone rest. A moment, before dawn, let’s set off, remember, everyone is taking turns to rest, and be vigilant around!”

Then Wu Ming was very cunning, and he still had ecstasy on his body, so he had to guard against it.

At this time, Zheng Xuan did not know that Wu Ming was killed by Yue Feng long ago.

“Yes, elder!”

After hearing the order, dozens of disciples responded in unison, and then they were about to enter the ruined temple.


However, at this time, a figure flew down from the eaves of the gate, and suddenly blocked in front of everyone, holding a folding fan, with extraordinary momentum.

It was Xu Wenliang.

At the moment when he stood in front of everyone, Xu Wenliang smiled lightly, and said, “Everyone from the North Sea Stars, if you want to rest, go elsewhere. Someone is occupying it here.”

His tone was indifferent, but there was no doubt.

Chunyang Palace and Beihai Constellation are allies, and the Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace is locked inside. They must not know about this. More importantly, Xu Wenliang has been creating opportunities to be alone with Leng Yue. It is not allowed to be disturbed by outsiders.


At this moment, the eyes of Zheng Xuan and dozens of disciples suddenly converged on Xu Wenliang, and they all frowned, very angry. This kid has a big tone, how dare he block the way of Beihai Xingsu?

Chapter 5117


This kid seems to be Xu Wenliang from Nianhua Palace.

In the next second, Zheng Xuan saw Xu Wenliang’s face clearly through the moonlight, and frowned immediately: “Xu Wenliang, you are really good at twisting the flower palace, and even a broken temple should be taken by force?”

After speaking, Zheng Xuan couldn’t hide it. Furious, he continued with a sneer, “In this kind of unowned land, you can rest in the Nianhua Palace, but not us?”

At this time, Zheng Xuan was very annoyed.

I just ran for more than two hours, and I didn’t find Wu Ming or Yue Feng’s whereabouts. I was tired, and I was in a bad mood. At this time, I finally found a place to rest, and I was stopped by Xu Wenliang outside. Big.

The last word fell, and dozens of disciples behind him all glared at Xu Wenliang.


Feeling Zheng Xuan’s anger, Xu Wenliang took a deep breath and smiled slightly: “Elder Zheng, don’t be impatient, it’s not that we are overbearing in the Nianhua Palace, it’s just that everything has to come first, right?

” , Xu Wenliang glanced back at the temple hall, and continued: “There are so many of you, it will be very inconvenient to wait for the next rest. Therefore, please forgive Elder Zheng.”

He said politely, but his attitude was an inch. Do not let.

Although Zheng Xuan has many people, he is not afraid at all. You must know that the Nianhua Palace has developed rapidly in the rivers and lakes in the past two years.


Hearing this, Zheng Xuan became even more angry: “You rest yours, we rest ours, what’s the inconvenience?” This Xu Wenliang, just a disciple of Nianhua Palace, actually put on airs in front of me? Looking for death?

However, Xu Wenliang turned a blind eye to Zheng Xuan’s anger. He shook the folding fan in his hand and smiled faintly: “It’s about the secret of our Nianhua Palace, so Elder Zheng should not break the casserole and ask to the end.

” The palace is occupied, you want to rest, find another place.”

“Excuse me.” After the

last word fell, Xu Wenliang was about to turn around and enter.


Seeing this scene, the dozens of Beihai Xingsu disciples present were all shocked and angry.

Mad, this Xu Wenliang is so arrogant.

Zheng Xuan’s face was also extremely gloomy, and he couldn’t bear it any longer. He shouted loudly: “Good boy, stop for me.” The elder of his dignified Beihai Constellation was despised by others. If this matter spread to the rivers and lakes, Where will you put your back?

The voice fell, and dozens of disciples behind him also scolded.


“The kid is really rude.”

“Dare to say this to our elders, do you really think our Beihai Stars are afraid of your Nianhua Palace?”

Hearing this scolding, Xu Wenliang stopped and looked back at Zheng Xuan , sneered: “What else does Elder Zheng have to say?” His face was indifferent, and his heart was also a little nervous.

After all, the other party is the Great Elder of Beihai Constellation. However, he is the chief disciple of Nianhua Palace, and his momentum must not be lost.


Zheng Xuan was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and said coldly: “Who is the one in Nianhua Palace who is resting inside? You asked him to come out and talk to me.” The implication is that you are not qualified as a disciple.

At this time, Zheng Xuan subconsciously believed that the high-level executives of Nianhua Palace were resting in this broken temple, otherwise, Xu Wenliang would not be so arrogant.

But it’s too embarrassing to leave like this.


Hearing this, Xu Wenliang was instantly happy, this Zheng Xuan, did he think my master was inside?

This is also good, just use the name of the master to scare him.

Thinking to himself, Xu Wenliang looked confident, smiled and said, “I’m sorry, my master is resting, and he doesn’t have time to talk to you.”

Referring to his master, Xu Wenliang looked arrogant.


At this moment, Zheng Xuan immediately frowned, and his face became solemn. The palace master of Nianhua Palace was here, and it was a little difficult to handle. You must know that the strength of the palace lord of Nianhua Palace is unfathomable. A year ago, the suzerain Deng Shiqi fought with him, and it was a draw at that time.

That Nianhua Palace Palace Master, even the Sect Master can’t win, if he breaks in, isn’t he asking for trouble?

However, it would be too embarrassing to leave like this.

Chapter 5118 The

dignified Beihai Constellation Great Elder, with dozens of disciples, was frightened away by Xu Wenliang’s words. If this matter spread to the rivers and lakes, wouldn’t people be laughed at?

For a time, Zheng Xuan was caught in a dilemma, it was not good to leave, and it was not to keep.


Seeing Zheng Xuan’s changing face, Xu Wenliang felt extremely happy.

Master’s name really has a deterrent effect, haha, this Elder Zheng Xuan was really frightened.

“Xu Wenliang!”

However, at this moment, a cold and pleasant voice came from the direction of the main hall, and then, a slender and charming figure walked over quickly.

It is the cold moon.

Leng Yueben was meditating in the main hall, and when he heard Xu Wenliang arguing with people at the gate, he couldn’t calm down and was a little irritable, so he came out to have a look.

What the hell!

Seeing Leng Yue coming out, Xu Wenliang became anxious all of a sudden, and hurriedly winked at Leng Yue, wanting her to go back. You must know that he had created the illusion that the master was there, and had already fooled Zheng Xuan. If you let him know the truth, it would be inevitable. Some fight.

It’s just that it’s late at night, Xu Wenliang keeps blinking, and Leng Yue can’t see it at all.


When Zheng Xuan and dozens of disciples heard Leng Yue’s voice, they couldn’t help but murmured secretly.

Isn’t the palace lord of Nianhua Palace resting here? How can there be a woman’s voice? Moreover, this woman called Xu Wenliang’s name directly, and she should have a high status in the Nianhua Palace.

It’s just….I haven’t heard of the high-level executives of Nianhua Palace, which one is a woman?

Just wondering, Leng Yue also appeared at the gate, under the moonlight, that exquisite curve, looming, slender waist, long straight legs, it is simply too perfect.


At this moment, both Zheng Xuan and the dozens of disciples behind him were all attracted by Leng Yue.

beautiful! What a beautiful woman, is this a fairy descending to earth?

However, everyone in Zheng Xuan also felt that the icy aura on Leng Yue’s body was like a rose with thorns.


Seeing this scene, Xu Wenliang was in a hurry, and Leng Yue was exposed. This Zheng Xuan would definitely not give up, and there would be a fight later.

After being stunned for a few seconds, Zheng Xuan reacted and looked at Leng Yue with a burning gaze: “Who are you?” As the Great Elder of Beihai Constellation, Zheng Xuan has a keen insight and can see at a glance that the beauty in front of him is not Nian Because of her inner strength, the people of Hua Gong are obviously very different from Xu Wenliang.

Speaking of which, Zheng Xuan had also heard of Leng Yue’s name, but had never seen it before.


Hearing Zheng Xuan’s question, Leng Yue did not answer immediately, but looked him up and down and asked, “Who are you?” She could see from the dozens of disciples behind Zheng Xuan that they were from Beihai Xingsu, but I have never seen Zheng Xuan, and I am not sure of his identity.

Leng Yue’s arrogant attitude made Zheng Xuan very unhappy, but he still responded: “I am the Great Elder of Beihai Xingsu, Zheng Xuan.”

Beihai Xingsu?

Knowing the identity of the other party, Leng Yue’s delicate face showed a bit of solemnity. It was strange, why did Beihai Xingsu dispatch so many people at night? Also led by the elders?

Has there been any turmoil in the rivers and lakes? Or… is it also for the supplies of our Red Clothes Sect?

“This girl!” Just

when Leng Yue was thinking about it, Zheng Xuan urged impatiently, “You haven’t told your identity yet.

Said: “What is her identity, does it have anything to do with you? I said it just now, this temple has been occupied by us. If you want to rest, you can find another place.” “

Is it interesting to spend here all the time?”

These, Xu Wenliang tilted his head to look at Leng Yue, and said in a low voice to please: “Fairy, these people from Beihai constellations are just passing by, you don’t need to pay attention, I’ll send them away.”

He said calmly, but in his heart Can’t be in a hurry.

I just pretended that my master was here, but I absolutely can’t reveal my secrets.

Seeing him say this, Leng Yuexiu frowned lightly, and said lightly, “Since they are passing by, don’t cause more trouble.” Although he didn’t know what happened, but seeing his attitude towards Zheng Xuan and the others, he knew that the two sides just now. Unpleasant.

Chapter 5119

Seriously, in Leng Yue’s heart, it has nothing to do with Xu Wenliang and Zheng Xuan.

It’s just… There is a Yue Feng tied inside. This person is the VIP of Gu Sanniang, the chief of the Four Seas Alliance, so people like Beihai Xingsu can’t be discovered.

Leng Yue is not afraid of things, but in the current situation, it is better to have less than one more thing, and only think that Zheng Xuan and the others will leave quickly.

Leng Yue still didn’t know that she was deceived by Xu Wenliang. Zheng Xuan’s group did not pass by, but wanted to rest in the ruined temple, only to be stopped by Xu Wenliang.


Seeing Xu Wenliang coming out to interrupt again, Zheng Xuan was very angry, but there was no attack at that time.

In the next second, Zheng Xuanqiang held back his anger and asked Leng Yue again: “Looking at the girl’s appearance, it shouldn’t be from Nianhua Palace? I don’t know which sect master.”

As the great elder of Beihai Xingsu, Zheng Xuan Be cautious, the things in front of you should be clarified.


Seeing this scene, Xu Wenliang hurriedly winked at Leng Yue and shook his head secretly, not wanting to tell himself.

Seeing Xu Wenliang wink again, Leng Yue frowned. This time, she just pretended that she didn’t see it, and replied lightly, “Saint in the Red Dress, Leng Yue!” She has a arrogant temperament and acts bright and upright. How could she hide her identity?


Seeing Leng Yue revealing his identity, Xu Wenliang sighed in his heart. It was over, let Zheng Xuan know the situation, and there would be a big battle later.

What? The red dress?


Hearing this, both Zheng Xuan and the dozens of disciples behind him were all shocked.

In recent years, the Red Clothes Sect, like the Nianhua Palace, has rapidly developed its power in the rivers and lakes, especially this Holy Maiden, who is beautiful and ruthless.

According to legend, none of the people she targeted could see the sun the next day, so Jianghu gave her a nickname, Ruthless Fairy.

When I saw Leng Yue just now, everyone was attracted by her beauty, but they never thought that she was a famous ruthless fairy in the world, and she never expected that she would be with Xu Wenliang of Hua Gong.


After a few seconds, Zheng Xuan recovered from his astonishment, first looked at Xu Wenliang and then at Leng Yue, unable to hide his anger and sarcasm: “So you are the ruthless people spread on the rivers and lakes. Fairy.”

After speaking, Zheng Xuan gave Xu Wenliang another cold look: “Boy, you are not too timid, you and this woman are obviously the only two people in this broken temple, but you say that the people from your Nianhua Palace are resting. You’re so rude, do you really think this old man dare not touch you?”

It’s been a while, if the palace lord of Nianhua Palace was here, he would have come out long ago.

At this time, Zheng Xuan guessed the situation, and there was no scruples in his heart.


At the same time, dozens of disciples behind him also glared at Xu Wenliang.

Mad, this kid is really cunning. The lord of Nianhua Palace is obviously not here, but just now he deliberately created an illusion to scare people, which is really hateful.

Seeing this, Leng Yue frowned and asked Xu Wenliang, “What’s going on?” Knowing this, she didn’t know what happened just now.


Xu Wenliang was very embarrassed, so he lowered his voice and said the situation just now: “It’s like this, they were going to break in just now, I was afraid to disturb the fairy’s rest, so I said my master was inside… .”

“So, I kept winking at you just now, don’t reveal your identity.”

Hearing this, Leng Yue suddenly realized that it was the case.


At this moment, Zheng Xuan looked at Xu Wenliang with a smile but couldn’t hide his anger: “Boy, why don’t you dare to speak? I didn’t expect that you Nianhua Palace and the Red Clothes Sect colluded in Together, a man and a woman are alone in a ruined temple in the wilderness, hehe, they are really interested.”

“Just now I was afraid that we would disturb a good thing, so I deliberately lied, you are really cunning.”

When the Lord was not there, Zheng Xuan had no worries at all. He thought of what to say, just to vent the anger in his heart as soon as possible.

Hearing this mockery, Xu Wenliang’s face flushed, and he didn’t know how to refute for a while.


At the same time, Leng Yue’s face was also cold, and she was very embarrassed.

Chapter 5120

“You…” The

more Leng Yue thought about it, the more angry she became, and she scolded Zheng Xuan coldly: “You shut up.” She is pure and clean, and her relationship with Xu Wenliang is even more innocent, how can you let others mess up Say? Seeing her scolding

, Zheng Xuan chuckled: “What? You are a man and a woman, and you are sneaking around here. Are you afraid that others will say it?”

What’s the matter? And I tell you, Fairy and I are innocent, if you dare to talk nonsense again, don’t blame me for being rude.”


Hearing this, Zheng Xuan’s face changed suddenly, he locked onto Xu Wenliang, and sneered: “Good boy, your tone is not small, I want to see how you are welcome.”


The voice fell, a powerful breath burst out from Zheng Xuan, and then the figure burst out, slapped it fiercely, and hit Xu Wenliang directly.

Just now, in order to track Wu Ming for a few hours, and there was no clue for a while, Zheng Xuan was a little angry in his heart. At this time, he realized that he had been deceived by Xu Wenliang, and his anger increased even more.

“I’m afraid you won’t succeed?”

Seeing Zheng Xuan’s slap, Xu Wenliang didn’t panic at all.

Although the other party is the Great Elder of the North Sea Constellation, Xu Wenliang is self-sufficient and is not false. Besides, there is a Leng Yue beside him.


In the blink of an eye, the two collided in mid-air, and they heard a dull sound. At the moment when the palms of the two sides collided, a strong internal force wave swept out towards the surroundings.

Immediately afterwards, Zheng Xuan’s figure swayed, and he quickly stabilized his figure.

Ding Ding Deng…

However, Xu Wenliang was pale. After landing, he took five or six steps back in a row before finally stabilizing his figure. Obviously, Xu Wenliang suffered a loss from this palm.

Although Xu Wenliang is very powerful, Zheng Xuan, as the Great Elder of Beihai Constellation, has been famous for several years, and his background is not comparable to him.

“Haha!” The

first palm had the upper hand, and Zheng Xuan did not hesitate at all, and immediately took advantage of the momentum to pursue. The figure flashed and attacked Xu Wenliang again.

Xu Wenliang was a little panicked, but because of his face, he did not show the slightest nervousness, gritted his teeth, and continued to fight with Zheng Xuan.

“I’ll help you!”

Seeing that Xu Wenliang was gradually at a disadvantage, Leng Yue gave a coquettish shout, and her figure rose up, ready to come over to help Xu Wenliang and deal with Zheng Xuan together.

Speaking of which, Leng Yue didn’t want to take part in such a meaningless fight, but Xu Wenliang was very diligent on the way, before and after the saddle, and at this critical moment, Leng Yue couldn’t just watch it.

More importantly, the other party slandered her innocence, which made Leng Yue the most unbearable.


Seeing this, the dozens of disciples who were guarding the surroundings roared angrily.

“Do you want to bully the less with more?”

“Do you think we have no one in Beihai Xingsu?”

“Go on, stop this ruthless fairy.”

The disciples erupted in anger and surrounded Leng Yue.

Although Leng Yue is only a woman, she has the highest strength among all the people in the audience. At this time, facing the siege of dozens of elite disciples from the North Sea Constellation, her beautiful face did not fluctuate in the slightest. Indifferently said: “Go away!”

At the moment when the voice fell, Leng Yueyu raised her hand.


In an instant, she saw a group of blood-colored rays of light that quickly condensed in front of her, and finally formed a blood-colored lotus flower.

The moment the blood-colored lotus flower appeared, the surrounding air seemed to be filled with a bloody aura.

It is Leng Yue’s unique technique ‘Pure World Blood Lotus’.

In the next second, Leng Yueyu waved her hand, and the blood lotus suddenly became larger, carrying a strong wind, whistling towards the crowd.

“Ah…” The

dozens of elite disciples of Beihai Constellation, before they could react, were shrouded in huge blood lotus, and then let out a scream, and in the blink of an eye, half of them fell into a pool of blood. among.

However, after performing the stunt, Leng Yue’s face also turned pale. Before, she forcibly rushed to open the acupuncture point. She was backlashed, and she has not yet recovered.

Bang bang bang…

Not far away, Xu Wenliang and Zheng Xuan also fought for more than a dozen rounds, which seemed to be comparable, but Xu Wenliang was in a hurry.

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