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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5111-5115

Chapter 5111

You must know that the alchemy technique of Ziwei Continent has been lost for thousands of years, and a Yue Feng finally appeared. It would be a pity if he died like this.


Leng Yue stopped the long sword, and Xiu Mei looked at Xu Wenliang tightly: “You know him?”

When asked, there was a bit of suspicion in Leng Yue’s eyes. If Xu Wenliang knew or was a friend of this Yue Feng, he would not mind killing him together.


Feeling the killing intent in Leng Yue’s eyes, Xu Wenliang’s heart trembled, and then he denied it with a smile: “Fairy is really good at joking, how could I know this person?”

He could see that Leng Yue hated Yue Feng deeply. In this case, he would naturally not admit that he had seen Yue Feng before. First, he originally wanted to take revenge on Yue Feng, and secondly, he was fascinated by Leng Yue’s beauty and wanted to leave a good impression on her.

This idiot…

Seeing Xu Wenliang’s pleasing appearance, Yue Feng felt contempt from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing Leng Yue’s beauty, this kid almost fell out of his eyes, and he kept saying that he didn’t know me, what bad idea was in his heart?

Hearing the answer, Leng Yue’s expression softened a little, and then she asked in a puzzled way: “Since you don’t know him, why didn’t you let me kill him?” After

saying that, Leng Yue gave Yue Feng a fierce look.

Thinking of what happened before, Leng Yue was so angry that she could not wait to slash Yue Feng with a thousand knives.


Xu Wenliang scratched his head, thought for a moment, and then said solemnly: “Fairy, you said just now, this person is the VIP of Gu Sanniang of the Four Seas Alliance, and his status is extraordinary, if he kills him so easily , it’s too cheap for him.”

“In my opinion, it’s better to keep him. Maybe he is Gu Sanniang’s weakness?” As he

spoke, Xu Wenliang watched Leng Yue’s expression closely.

Huh …

Listening to him say that, Leng Yuexiu frowned and suddenly pondered.

This Xu Wenliang was right. Killing him like this was too cheap for him, and it was definitely not easy for him to be Gu Sanniang’s guest of honor.

You must know that Gu Sanniang of the Four Seas Alliance is a well-known figure in the rivers and lakes. She is not only beautiful, but also very powerful. Moreover, in just a few years, she can make the entire Ziwei Continent, those vicious and vicious people. The robber Jiang Yang bowed his head to her, which showed that he also possessed extraordinary skills.

It can be said that Gu Sanniang is a strange woman in the rivers and lakes. Leng Yue clearly remembers that every time the leader of the Red Clothes Sect mentioned Gu Sanniang, there would be a look of fear in his eyes.

Even the sect leader was jealous of Gu Sanniang, and it was incredible that the Yue Feng in front of him could actually be her guest of honor.


Just when Leng Yue was thinking about this, Yue Feng couldn’t help but glance at Xu Wenliang, his eyes were full of contempt and anger.

This kid Xu Wenliang is really despicable and shameless. He actually wants to use me to deal with Gu Sanniang?

But this is good, at least escaped disaster.

Speaking of which, Yue Feng, as a mysterious saint, can’t die at all, but he has finally integrated the power of the Heavenly Marrow Golden Core. If Leng Yue kills him, even if he cannot take Yue Feng’s life, it will lead to His previous efforts were in vain.

In secret rejoicing, Yue Feng looked away from Xu Wenliang and admired Leng Yue up close.

Anyway, she has become a prisoner. Instead of looking at Xu Wenliang as a scum, it is better to appreciate Leng Yue. Although this woman is ruthless, her appearance and figure are amazing. It is also pleasing to see more.


At this moment, Leng Yue also made up her mind and agreed with Xu Wenliang’s point of view: “Just listen to you, leave him alive for the time being, and then take me to see our leader before making a decision.”

Leng Yue is not an ordinary woman who can be a saint of the Red Clothes Sect. She was not overwhelmed by anger, and she was very calm at this time.


Hearing her answer, Xu Wenliang breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile in admiration: “The fairy is really broad-minded, which is admirable.”

After speaking, Xu Wenliang turned his eyes and said with a flattering expression: ” Fairy, it’s really fate that we can meet here, why don’t we do it like this, I’m fine, why don’t I escort you back to the Red Clothes Sect all the way, so that we can take care of you. What do you think, Fairy?”

Chapter 5112

Finally, Xu Wenliang stared at Leng Yue’s beautiful face, his eyes full of ingratitude and expectation.

He is lecherous by nature, and he was deeply fascinated by the first sight of Leng Yue just now.

Moreover, he could see that Leng Yue was calm on the surface, but was actually injured, so Xu Wenliang naturally had to seize such an opportunity to perform in front of beautiful women.

Of course, Xu Wenliang’s enthusiasm is not only because of his relationship with Leng Yue, but also because of Yue Feng.

After all, Yue Feng is the Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace, and the only person in the entire Ziwei Continent who can concoct pills. If he can get some top-quality pills from him, he will be rich.


Leng Yue didn’t know what the hell Xu Wenliang was up to, she hesitated when she saw his sincere expression.

As the saintess of the Red Clothes Sect, Leng Yue has a arrogant temperament and has always been alone in walking around the rivers and lakes. At this time, facing Xu Wenliang and wanting to walk together, she was instinctively a little bit conflicted.


Seeing her hesitation, Xu Wenliang smiled slightly, and said quickly: “Are you worried that we are different men and women, it will be very inconvenient along the way? Don’t worry, as the chief disciple of Nianhua Palace, I have always been He is bright and upright, and he will never do anything nasty.”

“What’s more, this person is also a man, and it is very inconvenient for a fairy to carry him alone. Wouldn’t it be easier for me to look at him?”

Xu Wenliang not only chengfu Very deep, and very good at observing words and expressions, seeing Leng Yue’s hesitation, he immediately guessed her mind, and quickly expressed his attitude.


Seeing him say that, Leng Yue’s doubts in her heart suddenly eased a lot, she nodded and said, “Then please help me watch him along the way.”

Xu Wenliang guessed well. When he attacked Yue Feng just now, Leng Yue forcibly broke through the acupuncture point, causing the internal force to backlash. On the surface, nothing could be seen, but in fact he was very weak.

If Xu Wenliang made a surprise attack at this time, he could easily knock her down.

However, Leng Yue was also very smart and did not show any weakness. Seeing that Xu Wenliang was so sincere at this time, he would agree to it.

Speaking of which, Leng Yue is not afraid of Xu Wenliang’s secret tricks, because the red-clothed teaching method she practiced is quite unique. Although she forcibly broke through the acupoints just now and was attacked, as long as she cultivates seriously, she can recover in half a day.

Seeing her promise, Xu Wenliang was overjoyed, gave a gentlemanly salute, and said with a smile, “Thank you fairy for your trust.” What the hell


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng wanted to cry without tears.

Is this cold moon going to take me to the Red Clothes Sect? It’s over, I was in the mysterious realm of the sky before, and I designed to kill their Red Clothes Sect’s head, Wang Meng. Although nearly half a month has passed, the Red Clothes Sect is huge and must have gotten the news.

At that time, I met the leader of the red-clothed sect, and when he found out his identity, we could imagine what happened.

Thinking of this, Yue Feng stared at Leng Yue in a daze, thinking about countermeasures.

No, they can’t take them to the Red Clothes Sect, they have to figure out a way to escape…


Seeing Yue Feng’s eyes staring at him tightly, Leng Yue’s beautiful face could not hide the disgust, and a hint of coldness flashed in his eyes.

“Crack! Slap! Slap!” The

next second, Leng Yue shot without warning and slapped Yue Feng several times in the face.

“You shameless thing, if you dare to look at me like this, I’ll dig your eyes out.” Leng Yue said coldly.


After receiving a few slaps, Yue Feng only felt that his brain was buzzing, and his heart was also filled with fire.

This Lengyue is really a femme fatale. Just looking at you, you are going to dig my eyes?

Thinking to myself, Yue Feng didn’t respond either, and turned his eyes to the side. People had to bow their heads under the eaves, so bear with it.

“Deserving it!”

Seeing Yue Feng being beaten so badly, Xu Wenliang, who was next to him, immediately mocked and schadenfreudely said, “You are worthy of admiring the beauty of fairies? Toads want to eat swan meat? Hehe…also What kind of virtue do you take without urinating?”

Xu Wenliang became more vicious the more he said it, especially when he thought of being beaten up by Yue Feng in front of so many people a few days ago, he felt extremely resentful in his heart.

Chapter 5113


Seeing Xu Wenliang’s schadenfreude, Yue Feng was very contemptuous, couldn’t help rolling his eyes, and didn’t bother to pay attention. This guy is just a villain.

Yue Feng’s attitude made Xu Wenliang very upset.

Mad, this kid has become a prisoner, how dare he roll his eyes at me?

In anger, Xu Wenliang wanted to humiliate a few words, but was stopped by Leng Yue.


Leng Yue was very irritable. Thinking of what happened before, she just wanted to leave here quickly: “It’s getting late, let’s go quickly.” After speaking, she took the lead out of the hall.

“Okay fairy!”

Xu Wenliang responded with a flattering voice, then took out a rope to tie Yue Feng Wuhua, and then pulled him like a beast, hurriedly chasing after Leng Yue: “Fairy, don’t go so fast. , wait a minute.”


Seeing the long rope tied to his body, Yue Feng felt very aggrieved.

This Xu Wenliang is pretty good at playing, is he pulling a rope and treating me like a dog?

Along the way, Xu Wenliang sat on Leng Yue’s horses in every possible way. He walked for a long time without realizing it, and it got dark.

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng couldn’t help but secretly complained.

I knew that so many things would happen. I heard the sound of fighting in the woods, so I went over to look at it without curiosity. After careful calculation, it has been more than ten hours since I left Beihai Xingsu, and I don’t know about Jiang Hongyu and Xiaorou. How are they.

Yue Feng clearly remembered that Jiang Hongyu and Xiaorou also inhaled when Wu Ming was out of his mind.

However, Beihai Constellation is a major sect, and even if there is no antidote, it has enough ability to keep the two of them alive.


Just when Yue Feng was thinking about this, Xu Wenliang had a smile on his face, pointed to a dilapidated monastery on the hillside in front of him, and said to Leng Yue, “It’s getting late, and it’s not convenient to travel. Let’s rest there for a while.”


Leng Yue nodded. She had been on her way all the time. In order to conceal her situation, she had not stopped to practice. At this time, she was also a little tired. The temple in front of her was just perfect for practicing and meditating.

With permission, Xu Wenliang took Yue Feng and took the lead to enter the temple to investigate.

I saw that the incense in this temple should have been broken very early, the yard was overgrown with weeds, and the walls of the courtyard were collapsed in many places, but the main hall was well preserved.

Xu Wenliang tied the rope to the pillar at the entrance of the hall, not afraid of Yue Feng running away.

Afterwards, Xu Wenliang hurriedly swept out a clean place in the hall, and said to Leng Yue with a smile: “Fairy take a rest, I’ll go get something to eat.”

After speaking, he walked out quickly.

Leng Yue responded, walked into the hall, sat up cross-legged, and kept an eye on Yue Feng to prevent him from undoing the rope and running away.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng also began to close his eyes and recuperate.

After walking all the way, Yue Feng seemed to be weak, but in fact he had been secretly adjusting his breath. By this time, the injury severely injured by Leng Yue was almost healed, and in a few hours, he would be able to regain his strength.

So Yue Feng is not in a hurry. When he regains his strength, even if Leng Yue and Xu Wenliang join forces, they are not his opponents.

Ha ha…

After a while, Xu Wenliang came back with a wild rabbit, his face full of excitement, then he lit a bonfire outside the hall, then peeled and washed the rabbit and started to roast it.

Regardless of Xu Wenliang’s lust, and his personality is not very good, the roasted rabbit is very good, and it will be fragrant in a short while.

“It’s so fragrant!”

Leng Yue closed her eyes and rested her mind, and when she smelled the fragrance, she couldn’t help but open her eyes and exclaimed.

Xu Wenliang was very proud of Leng Yue’s praise. He laughed and said, “Xu Wenliang is really lucky to be praised by the fairy.” As

he spoke, he tore off a leg of the roasted rabbit and handed it to him. cold moon.

After fighting with Hao Dashuang and others before, and after walking so far, Leng Yue was already hungry, so she took the rabbit legs and ate with restraint.

Xu Wenliang also enjoyed his meal, but this time he didn’t find a chance to chat with Leng Yue, but walked up to Yue Feng on purpose and asked with a half-smile, “Hey, do you want to eat?”

Chapter 5114

Looking at the rabbit meat in Xu Wenliang’s hands, Yue Feng licked his dry lips and did not respond.

Like Leng Yue, Yue Feng was tired and hungry after tossing around for so long. At this time, he smelled the aroma of meat and his stomach was growling. It’s just that he knew in his heart that Xu Wenliang was cunning and despicable, and it was impossible to give him food easily.

Ha ha!

Seeing that Yue Feng didn’t speak, Xu Wenliang chuckled and handed the rabbit meat to Yue Feng: “Just say it when you’re hungry. Although you are a prisoner, you have the right to eat. Fairy and I will not abuse you.”

Huh . !

Seeing him say that, Yue Feng secretly exhaled, and said lightly, “What do you want?”


Xu Wenliang exaggerated, half a smile: “It’s pretty smart, knowing that I have the conditions, okay, I I won’t tease you anymore, as long as you learn to bark, I will reward you with a piece of meat.” As

he said, Xu Wenliang quietly observed Leng Yue’s reaction.

Yes, he did this not only to retaliate against Yue Feng, but also to behave in front of Leng Yue.

Leng Yue ate the rabbit meat reservedly, watching it quietly, without any intention of stopping. She was called a vulgar fan by Yue Feng before, but Leng Yue was already on fire in her heart. Now, seeing Xu Wenliang humiliating him, naturally It is a pleasure to hear.


Seeing Xu Wenliang’s proud face, Yue Feng suddenly became angry.

This kid lost face in Chunyang Palace before, and now he is deliberately taking revenge on me, and wants me to learn how to bark? What do daydreams do?

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng sneered, didn’t bother to pay attention to Xu Wenliang, and closed his eyes directly.

“It’s pretty tough!”

Hit a soft nail, Xu Wenliang was very angry, but due to the presence of Leng Yue, it was not easy to do it, and immediately scolded: “You are all a prisoner, and you pretended to be so hard. When will you, Mad, starve you to death.”

After speaking, he ignored Yue Feng, walked into the hall, and chatted with Leng Yue.

However, Leng Yue had an icy temperament. Xu Wenliang said ten sentences before she replied lightly, which made Xu Wenliang very embarrassed.

After a while, after eating the rabbit meat, it was not too early. Leng Yue said that she wanted to rest and monopolize the entire hall. She was a saint of the Red Sect, and she was pure and clean. Naturally, she did not want Xu Wenliang and Yue Feng beside her.

Xu Wenliang was not angry either, and happily took Yue Feng to the side room on the left to rest.

The night was getting deeper and deeper, and there was silence all around.


Yue Feng didn’t eat anything, he was very hungry, but he still held back, closed his eyes and silently adjusted his breath.

Shasha… I

don’t know how long it took, and then I heard footsteps approaching slowly. Yue Feng quickly opened his eyes and saw Xu Wenliang sleeping at the door. He didn’t know when he got up, standing in front of him. He stared at himself with a half-smile.

At this time, Xu Wenliang’s expression was completely different from before. In addition to mocking, there were other things, but to Yue Feng’s point of view, it was indescribably disgusting.

Mad, what does this idiot want to do if he doesn’t sleep at night?

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng couldn’t help but curse.


At this time, Xu Wenliang walked over slowly, showing a smile, and said to Yue Feng: “George Yue, I have been wronged, I didn’t tell you in front of the Saintess of the Red Clothes Sect before. The identity is to protect you.”

He said that, but his eyes rolled around, and at first glance it was against his heart.

protect me?

Hearing this, Yue Feng couldn’t help sneering in his heart, how could this kid be so kind?

Just when Yue Feng was thinking about it, Xu Wenliang slowly came up and said in a low voice, “George Yue, we didn’t know each other before, so how could I hold grudges against you? The embarrassment I have been looking for you just now is all about Do it for that saint.”

When he said this, Xu Wenliang’s face was sincere, but treacherousness flashed in his eyes.

Yes, he said this to Yue Feng at night, not really to protect Yue Feng, but to obtain rare medicinal pills from Yue Feng.


Who is Yue Feng, you can tell at a glance that Xu Wenliang is duplicitous, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense at the time, and said lightly: “Okay, stop talking nonsense, what do you want to do?”

Chapter 5115

When speaking, Yue Feng looked indifferent.


Seeing Yue Feng’s attitude of refusing people thousands of miles away, Xu Wenliang was very embarrassed, but he squeezed out a smile and said flatteringly: “Since Pavilion Master Yue said so, I will open the skylight and say something bright. , Pavilion Master Yue has unique accomplishments in the art of alchemy, and I just need some panacea, as long as the pavilion master promises to help me make it, I will secretly let you go, how about it?” The

last word fell, Xu Wenliang’s eyes He looked closely at Yue Feng, flickering with anticipation.


Facing Xu Wenliang’s expectant gaze, Yue Feng did not respond, but sneered inwardly.

After a long time, this Xu Wenliang wanted me to concoct alchemy for him. No wonder he refused to tell Leng Yue about my true identity before.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng smiled coldly; “Xu Wenliang, I tell you clearly, I only make alchemy for people in Chunyang Palace, and others don’t practice it unless…”

“Unless you kneel down and kowtow to me a few times. , call me Patriarch, maybe I’ll consider it.”


Hearing this, Xu Wenliang’s face changed, and he almost exploded with anger. He glared at Yue Feng and said fiercely: “Well, you Yue Feng, you really don’t know what’s wrong, you are only a prisoner, I kindly help you out of trouble, you And scolding me in turn, trying to take advantage of me?”

Xu Wenliang became more and more angry.

The chief disciple of the dignified Nianhua Palace had already let go of his identity and begged him humbly, but this Yue Feng, in turn, humiliated himself.

He just didn’t know what to do, and he deserved to be killed by that Leng Yue.

Facing Xu Wenliang’s anger, Yue Feng’s expression remained unchanged, and he said lightly, “I have already stated my conditions, and it is up to you to agree or disagree.”

After saying the last sentence, Yue Feng closed his eyes directly . , continue to close your eyes and meditate. For a despicable and shameless villain like Xu Wenliang, Yue Feng is really too lazy to say a word.

Moreover, Yue Feng will soon be able to recover his divine power, and he does not need Xu Wenliang’s help.

court death!

Seeing this situation, Xu Wenliang became anxious all of a sudden, with fierceness in his eyes, he pulled out a dagger directly from his body, placed it in Yue Feng’s heart, and said coldly, “Do you think I dare not touch you? Ma De , don’t forget that in Chunyang Palace before, it was you who disgraced me, I disregarded my previous suspicions and asked you to cooperate, and you pretended it for me.”

“Tema, if you dare to say nothing again, Lao Tzu It will kill you immediately.”

When he said this, Xu Wenliang held the dagger tightly, and his eyes were full of killing intent.

In order to get the elixir, he had been helping him hide his identity in front of Leng Yue along the way. How could he know that Yue Feng would not give any face at all. As the chief disciple of Nianhua Palace, Xu Wenliang, no matter what he did, It’s all smooth sailing, when have you been so frustrated?


Feeling the coldness from the blade, Yue Feng breathed a sigh of relief, and said lightly to Xu Wenliang: “You want to kill me? Okay, you can do it, even if you do it flawlessly, things will eventually be exposed one day. It’s time to let Chunyang Palace know that you killed their Pill Pavilion Master, and how it will end, you can decide for yourself.”

When he said this, there was a smile on Yue Feng’s face, which was very contemptuous.

Yue Feng has been walking around the world for so many years. He has a very clear understanding of the heart of a person like Xu Wenliang. He knows that he takes out a dagger to scare people. If he really wants him to kill, I’m afraid he doesn’t have the courage. After all, Yue Feng’s identity is extraordinary. .

More importantly, Xu Wenliang’s main purpose was to get the medicine pill. If he didn’t get the medicine pill, he wouldn’t kill Yue Feng so easily.


Seeing Yue Feng’s fearless look on his face, Xu Wenliang’s eyes turned black and he almost fainted.

Ma De, this Yue Feng is really difficult to deal with, what should I do? Soon, Xu Wenliang

‘s eyes flashed, and a bit of coldness flashed out, and he smiled at Yue Fengxie: “Okay, very good, Yue Feng, you are right, I don’t dare to kill you.”

The crazier he said, his eyes were a bit hideous: “However, if I cut off one of your arms, it’s not a problem.”

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