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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5066-5070

Chapter 5066

Deep water underwater.

Yue Wuya only felt that the world was spinning, and his body continued to sink with the undercurrent of the sea.

Stimulated by the icy undercurrent, Yue Wuya was a little shocked in addition to the pain all over his body.


Who the hell is that young man? He is so strong that he and Wen Xiaoyu are not even rivals when they join forces.

By the way, Xiaoyu…

It was at this moment that Yue Wuya suddenly thought of something, and quickly looked around. Soon, he found that in the water not far away, a figure was drifting with the current, it was Wen Xiaoyu.

Although the distance is a bit far, Yue Wuya can feel that Wen Xiaoyu is in a coma now, and is now submerged in the sea water. If he does not rescue in time, he is likely to drown.

Realizing this, Yue Wuya ignored the pain in his body, swam hard and grabbed Wen Xiaoyu.

I saw that Wen Xiaoyu’s face was pale and his eyes were closed. Obviously, in the face of Gone’s fatal blow just now, Wen Xiaoyu used all his strength to resist, but he was still exhausted. Living.

Brother, you can’t be in trouble, you mustn’t be in trouble…

At this moment, Yue Wuya dragged Wen Xiaoyu tightly and swam forward with all his strength, because it was in the sea, and he couldn’t tell the direction at all. Ya heart indescribable anxiety.

Originally, this time I came to rescue Hai Linger, but I never thought that there was a terrifying existence sitting on Dragon King Island. No one was saved, and two lives were almost lost.

In Yue Wuya’s heart, there is nothing wrong with him, and Wen Xiaoyu must never have an accident. If he died here today, not only would he not be able to explain to Wen Chou Chou when he went back, he would not be at peace for the rest of his life.


Finally, after abolishing the power of nine bulls and two tigers, Yue Wuya brought Wen Xiaoyu to the surface, and he couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

The next second, Yue Wuya hurriedly looked around, and was immediately stunned.

I saw that there was a mess of rocks in front of me, and then there was a deserted island. The deserted island was surrounded by a vast sea. It was obvious that the two of them were drifting in the sea just now, and unknowingly, they had left Longwang Island.


Seeing this environment, Yue Wuya breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he wasn’t near Dragon King Island, he didn’t have to worry about being caught.

Thinking to himself, Yue Wuya quickly patted Wen Xiaoyu’s face: “Brother, brother…”

However, Wen Xiaoyu still closed his eyes and was still in a coma.

Yue Wuya couldn’t think about it, and hurriedly took Wen Xiaoyu to the deserted island, first found a flat area to put Wen Xiaoyu down, and then found some dead grass around and lit a bonfire.

In order to prevent the bonfire from being discovered, Yue Wuya deliberately moved some stones around to cover it, so that even if the members of the Dragon King Island were patrolling the nearby waters, they would not be able to see the fire here.

After doing this, Yue Wuya first meditated cross-legged for a while, after recovering some internal strength. He started to help Wen Xiaoyu adjust his breath.


After a while, Wen Xiaoyu woke up, spit out a few mouthfuls of sea water with a wow, and his pale complexion also recovered some blood.

In the next second, Wen Xiaoyu looked around and said weakly, “Brother Wuya, where is this?”

After falling into the sea before, Wen Xiaoyu went into a coma, and he didn’t know what happened after that.

Ha ha…

Seeing that he finally woke up, Yue Wuya showed a smile, hugged his shoulders and said, “That’s great, brother, I knew you would be fine.”

Just now, I was completely swayed, but now I see Wen Xiaoyu woke up, completely relieved.

Feeling Yue Wuya’s concern, Wen Xiaoyu’s heart warmed, and then his face showed a bit of shame: “It’s just a pity that we all made it to the Dragon King Island, and we didn’t even see the sister-in-law, alas.”

Hearing this, Yue Wuya also sighed deeply, holding back his fire.

However, Yue Wuya quickly adjusted his mood and showed a smile: “It’s okay, as long as we’re okay, there is still a chance. Let’s rest for a while, and then have something to eat before making plans.”


Wen Xiaoyu nodded, and after meditating cross-legged for a while, he and Yue Wuya caught a few fish by the sea. After roasting and eating on the bonfire, we began to discuss the next plan.

Chapter 5067

“Brother Wuya!”

At this time, Wen Xiaoyu ate a fish, his energy was much better, and he frowned: “The person who fought with us just now is too strong, we can’t do it by force. “

Yeah!” Yue Wuya nodded and pondered: “So we can’t do it head-on, we have to think of a complete solution.”

When he said this, Yue Wuya felt very depressed.

After all, he is also the dignified Lord of Heaven. In all these years, in the Kyushu continent, when have you suffered such a loss?

Got it!

Just when Yue Wuya was secretly depressed, Wen Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up and said with a smile: “There is a way, when we go to Dragon King Island again, we will try to catch two patrolling people and pretend to be them. It’s much more convenient.”

Wen Xiaoyu completely inherited Wen Chou Chou’s excellent qualities, being resourceful and foresight, and acting calmly.

“Okay!” Hearing this method, Yue Wuya laughed and patted his thigh: “It’s still my brother who is very witty, so let’s use this method. Let’s take a rest first, and then try to sneak into Dragon King Island in the middle of the night.”

With that said, the two put out the bonfire and rested on the spot in the open space.

At this moment, Dragon King Island, in the main hall.

At this time, it was already late at night, and Gone was sitting on the throne, closing his eyes and resting.

At this moment, a patrolling disciple walked in quickly from outside the main hall, with an embarrassed expression, and said cautiously to Gone: “Your Majesty, we searched the nearby waters three times, but we did not find the figures of those two people.” Mo Yan called Gone the honorable, and all the members of the Sea Dragon Palace also called Gone by this.

When he said this, the disciple felt extremely uneasy.

did not find?

Hearing this, Gone frowned. Could it be that those two people died in the sea?

With their strength, shouldn’t they just die like this?

After thinking for a while, Gone said slowly: “Pass my order, the entire Dragon King Island should strengthen the defense, and there must be no slack.” As the supreme demon, Gone has a keen mind and strong insight. At this time, he instinctively thought that , Yue Wuya won’t die so easily in the sea, they are very likely to land on Dragon King Island.

Is it necessary to be so careful?

Hearing this, the patrolling disciple couldn’t help but look embarrassed.

You must know that since Gone came, the defense of Dragon King Island has been doubled compared to before.

Now we have to strengthen defense patrols, who can afford it.

However, how could he dare to say these words in the face of the powerful Gone?

“What?” Seeing the patrolling

disciple standing there, hesitating, Gone frowned: “Is there anything else?”

” No.


Soon, the patrolling disciple passed on the order. In an instant, all the disciples on Dragon King Island were complaining, but the order had to be executed.

Time passed minute by minute, and in the blink of an eye it was midnight.

I saw that there were many more guard posts on the entire Dragon King Island where you could land. There were torches on them, but the disciples who were guarding there were all exhausted. In addition, it was late at night, and many disciples couldn’t bear it. , sitting there dozing off.


At this moment, two shadows came over from the coast not far away, with light steps and quick movements.

It was Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu.

The two rested on the deserted island for a few hours, and in the middle of the night, they sneaked into the Dragon King Island again, but this time, Yue Wuya and the two had already discussed it. disciple.

After reaching a rock, Yue Wuya and the two quickly hid.

“Brother Wuya!”

After observing for a while, Wen Xiaoyu lowered his voice and said, “Look at this, the island’s defense has been strengthened again. Many new sentries have been set up around.”

Yue Wuya nodded, his face was the same Incomparably dignified, he saw that on the coastline of less than 200 meters in front of him, there were a full nine sentries, more than double the number before.

In this case, if you want to touch it quietly, I am afraid that it is more difficult than going to the sky.

Chapter 5068

Moreover, Yue Wuya also saw that there are people patrolling back and forth between these posts. It can be said that the periphery of the entire island is like an iron wall.


After observing for a while, Yue Wuya scolded secretly, but he soon discovered that, whether it was the members of the Sea Dragon Palace on the sentry or the patrolling people, their mental state was not very good.

Especially those on guard, many of them are lethargic.


Discovering this, Yue Wuya showed a smile, the enemy is already tired, which is a good thing.

Thinking about it, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu quietly waited for the opportunity. Half an hour later, while a team of patrols left, the two hurried through the post.

Passing through these sentries, even if it is the first defense chain of Dragon King Island, there are still many posts on the way to the inner palace group.

Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu, although cautious, were unfamiliar with the environment, and it was dark at night, and after walking for a while, they felt a little dizzy.


Soon, near a grass hut, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu immediately stopped.

I saw that this grass hut was completely made of plantain leaves. It was very simple. There were seven or eight patrolling disciples sitting around, chatting and drinking to keep warm.

Although it is spring at this time, the nights overseas are exceptionally cool. These patrolling disciples have been on duty for several shifts in a row, and they hardly have any rest. Now they can’t bear it anymore. Warm up.

Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu hid in the grass next to them, listening to the constant complaints of these patrolling disciples.

“I really don’t know what that gentleman thought, our Dragon King Island’s defense is already strong enough, and we have to strengthen our manpower, trying to exhaust people to death.”

“Yes, I haven’t slept all day and night, and I have to carry it. I ca n’t stop.”

“Shh, don’t talk anymore, come and continue drinking.”

Hearing these conversations, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu smiled at each other, haha… This big leader of Dragon King Island doesn’t care about the life and death of his subordinates. , which led to the following complaints, which is a good thing.

“Brothers, you drink…”

At this moment, I saw a guard walking out of the house staggeringly, his face flushed from drinking, obviously he was incapable of drinking, and he couldn’t speak well. Shi Zheng greeted several companions in the grass hut: “I…I’ll come out for convenience, I’ll drink later…” The

opportunity came.

Seeing this scene, both Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu’s eyes flashed.

“Brother, go and deal with the grass huts.” Yue Wuya lowered his voice and said, “I’ll deal with this single person.” These people are almost drunk, and they have no deterrence at all. It is very easy to deal with.


Hearing this, Wen Xiaoyu nodded and slowly touched the grass hut.

Yue Wuya slowed down and followed the guard who came out to a secluded grass. Taking advantage of the guard’s convenience, Yue Wuya didn’t have time to think about it, rushed over and sealed the guard’s acupuncture point.

The guard couldn’t react at all, and couldn’t move for a moment.

Yue Wuya covered his mouth and dragged him into the grass!


The acupuncture point was blocked and his body could not move, but the guard could still speak. When he saw Yue Wuya, he was immediately nervous, and stammered and said, “You…you dare to come back?” During the battle with Gone, the guard watched from the side, and naturally knew Yue Wuya.

Yue Wuya was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said straight to the point: “Let me ask you, where is Hai Ling’er?”

When he said this, Yue Wuya looked at the direction of the grass hut, and saw a few guards inside, who had been arrested. Wen Xiaoyu was all stunned. Immediately relieved.


Hearing this, the guard was confused.

You must know that there are thousands of people in the arena that Yu Du brought back this time. With so many names, who remembers them?


Seeing how nervous he was, he couldn’t say a word, and Yue Wuya didn’t say any more. With no warning, a palm hit the back of his head, knocking him out.

After being knocked out, Yue Wuya quickly changed his clothes.

At this time, Wen Xiaoyu also changed his clothes and came over: “Brother Wuya, how is it? Did you ask anything?”

Chapter 5069

Yue Wuya shook his head: “No!”

Said this, but Yue Wuya was not discouraged in the slightest, and showed a smile at the time: “But it doesn’t matter, we have set up a guard now, and it will be much easier to search around. .”

Wen Xiaoyu nodded and rushed towards the palace with Yue Wuya.

After the guards were completed, the journey was smooth, and the other patrols saw it and let them go without asking.


Seeing this, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu were both excited.

Soon, after crossing a tree-lined road, the brothers came to the vicinity of a palace, and saw that there was a large garden outside the palace, with rockeries and flowing water in the garden, the scenery was pleasant, it was really like a palace.

“The leader of the Sea Dragon Palace will really enjoy it.”

Seeing this environment, Wen Xiaoyu couldn’t help but say: “It’s just a bunch of pirates, and the place built is even more luxurious than the palace.” After the words

fell, Yue Wu Ya also snorted coldly: “If you are so greedy for pleasure, you won’t be able to jump around in this Sea Dragon Palace for a few days.”

After saying this, the two had already passed through the garden. Behind the garden was a luxurious bedroom, and they saw that the surrounding area of ​​the bedroom was gone. The guard, but there are many maids guarding.


Not only that, but the baby’s cry could be heard from time to time in the bedroom.

Aware of this, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu both frowned secretly, wondering, is this Dragon King Island a pirate nest from time to time? Why are there still babies?


Just as he was puzzled, he saw several maids walk in quickly, and one of them said with a smile: “Young Master must be hungry and feeding him something to eat.”

Yes, this bedroom is where Moyan and her children rest. It’s just that Moyan needs to practice today, so she puts the child in the bedroom and lets these maids take care of her.

Little Lord! ?

Hearing the words of the maids, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu glanced at each other and vaguely guessed something.

The next second, Wen Xiaoyu guessed: “The leader of the Sea Dragon Palace, who calls himself a queen, it seems, this should be her child. As for the master who played against us before, it may be the father of this child.”

At this time, Wen Xiaoyu, subconsciously regarded Gone as the father of the child. After all, his strength is so terrifying, and only he is qualified to be favored by the Queen of the Sea Dragon Palace.


Hearing this, Yue Wuya nodded in agreement: “It seems that we have found the wrong place.” After saying that, he greeted Wen Xiaoyu and probed elsewhere.

In Yue Wuya’s heart, there is nothing to see in a child, it is better to find Hai Ling’er earlier.

Soon, they left the palace. The two of them walked while observing the surrounding environment. Unknowingly, they reached the southwest of the palace complex. They saw that some stone houses were newly built here. Around the stone houses, many people were patrolling back and forth.

It was already the second half of the night, and Yue Wuya could clearly see that many stone houses were lit up with lights, and they could clearly see inside, and some experts from all corners of the world were imprisoned.

Most of these arena masters have their hands and feet tied. They all participated in the ring competition before and were caught here.

Found it, here it is.

Although they didn’t see Huan Linger, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu were both excited. You must know that Huan Linger was also arrested because she participated in the ring competition, and she must have been imprisoned in these stone houses at this time.

As for which stone house it is in, it needs to be checked slowly.

It’s just… With so many guards around, it’s inevitable that they will be discovered after investigation.

“Brother Wuya!”

At this time, Wen Xiaoyu took a deep breath and lowered his voice: “There is no other way, wait for me to show up and lead these guards away, you can take the opportunity to find your sister-in-law.”

Yue Wuya frowned . Lock, hesitant for a while.

Although this method is good, it is very risky. If Wen Xiaoyu is caught, it will not be worth the loss.


Just when Yue Wuya was secretly tangled, he saw a figure slowly walking towards the stone house, his steps were steady, his face was expressionless, and his whole body was filled with a terrifying aura.

It was Gogne.

He closed his eyes and rested for a while in the main hall just now, and Gone had nothing to do, so he came out for a walk.

Chapter 5070


Seeing Gone, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu both changed their expressions and hid behind the stone in front of them. The two had fought with Gone before, even his horror.

But they didn’t panic. It could be seen that Gogne was out for a walk. Should be leaving soon.

However, what depressed Yue Wuya and the two was that when Gone reached the platform in front of the stone house, he stood there quietly and did not leave, looking at the distant sea in a trance.

Time passed by minute by minute.

One minute…

two minutes, five minutes…

Unconsciously, ten minutes passed, and Gogne was still standing on the platform, without any intention of leaving.


Seeing this scene, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu were both in a hurry.

Especially Yue Wuya, his fists were clenched tightly, his palms were sweating, Ma De, if this person doesn’t leave, he can’t go to those stone houses to explore, how can I show it?

Wen Xiaoyu frowned, looking at the distant horizon, her belly was already white, and she couldn’t help saying: “Brother Wuya, we can’t wait any longer, it’s almost dawn.”

“For today’s plan, I can only think about it. There is a way to exchange hostages.”

At the end, Wen Xiaoyu’s handsome face was full of solemnity.

Swap hostages?

Hearing this, Yue Wuya was stunned for a moment, and then he understood something: “You mean… let’s go back to that bedroom and snatch the child away? Then exchange the child for Hai Ling’er?”

Yue Wuya was also very Smart, he immediately guessed what Wen Xiaoyu meant.

Wen Xiaoyu nodded heavily: “Yes, that child was born by this person and the female leader. The identity is extraordinary, and they will definitely be willing to change.”


Hearing this, Yue Wuya took a deep breath and made a final decision: “Okay, just do as you said.” Speaking of which, as the sect master of Tianmen, he held his own identity, and he would never have done this before. It’s a matter of losing your identity, but for Hai Ling’er, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Under the discussion, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu quietly retreated, until they retreated very far, making sure that Gone would not find out, and then turned around and rushed towards the palace.

Soon, after walking through the garden to the bedroom, I saw that the maids guarding outside were also drowsy, and there was no baby crying inside, and it was quiet and peaceful.

Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu looked at each other, and then Wen Xiaoyu stayed outside to take care of the wind, while Yue Wuya flashed and broke into the bedroom directly.


When I got inside, I saw on the exquisite and luxurious bed, a baby carved in pink and jade, lying on the quilt and sleeping soundly. A pretty maid next to her was standing there.


Seeing Yue Wuya coming in suddenly, the maid was taken aback and exclaimed, “Who are you?” You know, this is the Queen’s bedroom, and no one can enter without permission.

Yue Wuya didn’t respond, but rushed over quickly, shot like electricity, and directly blocked several of the maid’s acupoints.


In the blink of an eye, the maid’s delicate body trembled, and she couldn’t move at all. But there was terror in his eyes. Yue Wuya sealed her dumb acupoint and other acupoints, so she couldn’t speak or move, but she was still awake.

Yue Wuya slowly picked up the child, turned back to the maid, and said word by word, “Don’t be afraid, the acupuncture points on your body can be unlocked within two hours. I won’t kill you.”

“When you can act, send a message to your queen for me, and ask her to send a girl named Hai Ling’er to a desert island twenty miles southwest within half a day.”

“I would like to make a special statement, I don’t want to hurt the child, so it’s best for your queen not to play tricks. Do you understand? Just blink when you understand.” The

voice fell, and the maid was frightened and blinked quickly.

Seeing that she was very cooperative, Yue Wuya stopped talking nonsense, picked up a small quilt, picked up the child, tied it in his arms, and then rushed out with a flick of his body.

“Brother Wuya!”

Wen Xiaoyu couldn’t wait outside. When he saw Yue Wuya coming out, he breathed a sigh of relief and urged at the same time: “Come on, it’s almost dawn, let’s go quickly.”

Yue Wuya nodded. Nodding, under the cover of Wen Xiaoyu, they quickly rushed towards the beach, and in the blink of an eye, the two disappeared into the night.

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