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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5031-5035

Chapter 5031 At the

end of the story, Xiaorou said with a smile: “It can be said that the pavilion master is now in the arena, and he is a man of influence, and everyone wants to come and see your true face.” That’s

what it is!

Hearing this, Yue Feng nodded, and then he couldn’t help but ask: “What are these disciples of Tianlongmen coming to see me for?”

Xiaorou tilted her head, thought for a while, and responded, “I heard that they are heavenly. Longmen recently got a few pills in an ancient tomb, but they don’t know the effect of pills.”

“I learned that we have a new Pill Pavilion master in Chunyang Palace, so I came with pills and thought about it. Let the pavilion master help identify it.”

When she said this, Xiaorou’s delicate face showed a trace of complexity.

In recent years, there has been a frenzy of exploration in the rivers and lakes, and major sects are exploring the sites hidden in various places. For example, some time ago, several sects headed by Shendiaomen explored a sub-altar site of the Wuji Palace. It is said that a lot of things were taken from it, and even a fierce beast, Kuangxi, who was hibernating inside, was disturbed.

Recently, Tianlongmen also inspected an ancient tomb. I heard that many disciples died, but they also found a lot of sealed medicine pills.

It’s just that Tianlongmen doesn’t know anything about medicine pills, so they specially arranged a few disciples to visit the Chunyang Palace, intending to invite the new Pill Pavilion Master to have a look.


Knowing these circumstances, Yue Feng frowned and couldn’t help but ask, “What is the relationship between our Chunyang Palace and Tianlongmen?” Ordinary sects are eager to hide when they get the medicine pill. Hundreds of thousands of hidden messages.

And Tianlongmen even sent disciples to bring the medicinal pills to the Chunyang Palace, which is really incomprehensible.

“Pavilion Lord!”

Xiaorou smiled lightly and explained: “Don’t you know? Tianlongmen is an alliance with us. If you think about it carefully, it should be an affiliate of our Chunyang Palace.”

“Because the founder of Tianlongmen is our Chunyang. Although the disciples of the palace have set up a separate portal, they have left behind a legacy, asking Tianlongmen to always respect Chunyang Palace, so the disciples of Tianlongmen always regard Chunyang Palace as their ancestral court.”

“And we are Chunyang Palace. As for the palace, on the rivers and lakes, it has always been very caring for Tianlongmen.”

“A few years ago, Tianlongmen was besieged by several forces in the rivers and lakes, and it was almost destroyed. In the end, it was our Chunyang Palace who came forward to save Tianlongmen. A catastrophe.”

Speaking of this, Xiaorou said seriously: “So, it is normal for Tianlongmen to come to Chunyang Palace to ask for advice.”


Hearing this, Yue Feng nodded with a smile on his face. It is no wonder that Tianlongmen and Chunyang Palace have such a relationship.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng asked, “Where are the people now?”

Xiaorou hurriedly said, “I’ll be waiting in the hall of Xianhe Tower.” Xianhe Tower is the place where Chunyang Palace specially receives guests. After all, Pill Pavilion is only pure Yangyang. In the forbidden area, even if the palace lord came, they needed to be notified, and those disciples of Tianlongmen were even less qualified to enter.

Then let them wait.

At this time, Yue Feng was not in a hurry at all, and looked at Xiaorou with a smile: “How have you studied the pill recipes I gave you yesterday? Is there anything you can’t do?” Early in the morning, Yue Feng It was because he was not in the mood to see any Tianlongmen disciple.

On the contrary, Xiao Rou, who is so well-behaved and sensible, taught her some alchemy techniques before leaving. After all, she returned to the Kyushu Continent, and she would never have the chance to meet again in the future.

“Pavilion Lord!”

Hearing the question, Xiaorou’s eyes suddenly lit up, her delicate face showed a bit of restraint, she bit her lip and said softly, “Xiaorou is very ashamed, I tried to make it last night according to the recipe you gave me. Several medicinal pills failed.”

Xiaorou looked very ashamed when she said this.

Speaking of which, Xiaorou wanted to ask questions just now, but she was embarrassed, but she didn’t expect that Yue Feng took the initiative to ask, and her heart was suddenly excited and a little uneasy.


Seeing her appearance, Yue Feng smiled and said, “Ask me if you don’t understand, don’t be restrained, let’s go to the pill room.”

Xiaorou was full of joy, but hesitated: “That… The pavilion master, the disciples of Tianlongmen, are still waiting in Xianhe Tower.” In her heart, the disciples of Tianlongmen, although not high in status, are still guests.

Chapter 5032

Yue Feng said indifferently: “It’s okay to let them wait for a while, I’ll teach you alchemy first.”


Seeing Yue Feng say this, Xiaorou is full of joy, happy like a child: “Thank you, Lord.”

After speaking, he and Yue Feng walked towards the alchemy room at the back.

When they arrived at the alchemy room, Yue Feng nodded with satisfaction. I have to say that Chunyang Palace is one of the leading sects in Ziwei Continent, and the alchemy room is still very stylish.

There are more than a dozen rows of wooden racks, which are filled with various materials and herbs needed for alchemy. Of course, these materials were prepared by the palace master in the past two days.

After all, alchemy has been extinct in the entire Ziwei Continent for thousands of years, and the Pill Pavilion will be abandoned. However, with the arrival of Yue Feng, the place that had been dusted for nearly a thousand years has regained its vitality.

Yue Feng looked around, and there were all kinds of medicinal materials on the wooden shelf, and there were even many rare herbs. It can be seen that the Palace Master Su Lan attaches great importance to Dan Pavilion.

On the table in the middle, there are several medicinal pills that failed to refine.

It was last night that Xiaorou made the medicinal pills by herself, but unfortunately, all of them were not made successfully.

“Pavilion Master!”

At this moment, Xiaorou stood aside, bit her lip, and whispered, “Xiaorou has tried several times according to the recipe given by the pavilion master, but unfortunately all failed, and she has never been able to find it. The problem.”

Yue Feng smiled and asked, “Is the order of the materials in the wrong order?”

“No.” Xiaorou tilted her head to think about it, and denied: “The order is not wrong… “

Yue Feng pondered for a while, then understood something, pointed at the pill furnace and said with a smile: “If the order of the materials is not wrong, it means that you did not control the heat well, you must know that the control of the heat is the most important key to refining the pills. .”

In the next few minutes, Yue Feng explained the essentials of how to control the heat in detail.

“Thank you pavilion master for your teaching.”

Xiaorou listened carefully to Yue Feng’s words, memorized them in her heart, and finally said with a smile, “Then… Then let me try again?”


Yue Feng nodded with a smile on his face. Seriously, teaching Xiaorou alchemy so earnestly is not just for liking this girl, but for her own relaxation.

In the future, Chunyang Palace needs simple elixir, and with Xiaorou, Yue Feng doesn’t need to do it himself.

After a while, under Yue Feng’s personal instruction, Xiaorou finally made a medicinal pill, and she was so excited at the time.

“Pavilion Master, you are really amazing.”

At this time, Xiaorou, with a flowery smile, looked at Yue Feng’s eyes, full of admiration.

Yue Feng smiled slightly: “As long as you master the heat, the chance of failure will be greatly reduced!”

After saying that, Yue Feng looked at the time: “Okay, I’ll go to Xianhe Tower. You can refine a few more, and you’ll be more proficient. Go to me!”

“Yes, pavilion master!”

Upon hearing the order, Xiaorou continued to refine the medicinal pills with great joy.

Seeing Xiaorou’s serious look, Yue Feng smiled and returned to the second floor of the Pill Pavilion. After washing his face, he casually put on a white gown and went to the Crane Tower!

Speaking of which, as the pavilion master of the Pill Pavilion, Yue Feng’s special clothes are just too cumbersome to wear, and there is no need to be so solemn when meeting these disciples of Tianlongmen.


It’s only a shot in the sun at this time, and the air on the mountain is fresh, so on the way to the Crane Tower, Yue Feng’s mood is also very comfortable.

Soon, we arrived at the Crane Tower.

Um? It’s them! ?

The moment he entered the Immortal Crane Tower, Yue Feng was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that several people were standing there respectfully, with anxious expressions on their faces, obviously they couldn’t wait, but they didn’t dare to say it.

Several men and one woman.

Among the men, one was wearing a satin blouse and looked suave and suave. It was the wealthy dude who Yue Feng knew when he first came to Ziwei Continent, Liu He, the eldest son of the Liu family.

When it was first spread to Ziwei Continent, Yue Feng was mistakenly regarded as a man named Yue Yang, and then was forcibly arrested into the Su family and became the son-in-law of the Su family.

Su Lin’er, the young lady of the Su family, although she is beautiful and kind-hearted, but Yue Feng is not from here.

Chapter 5033

But Yue Feng can’t forget that Su Lin’er’s cousin Liu He, relying on his status as a rich young master, always opposed Yue Feng during that time.

Seeing Liu He, Yue Feng couldn’t help frowning secretly. He thought that he would never meet again with this rich guy, but he never thought that he would meet again here.

Thinking about it carefully, Yue Feng was suddenly a little surprised.

When I think about it, I heard Liu He say that, because of his family background, he went to Tianlongmen and almost forgot. No wonder he heard the words Tianlongmen just now, and he was a little familiar.

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng couldn’t move his eyes away when he saw the woman beside Liu He.

I saw that this woman was around 20 years old, wearing a long pale red dress, with beautiful curves, delicate facial features, and a heroic spirit between her brows. Standing there, looking at the writing on the wall, I was fascinated.

It was Zhang Yueqi, who was Liu He’s senior sister and who had a relationship with Yue Feng.

When Liu He invited Su Liner to go out for an outing, Yue Feng also followed. Zhang Yueqi was with him at that time. Yue Feng clearly remembered that Zhang Yueqi looked delicate, but had a tough personality.

Later, everyone was besieged by the robbers of Jiang Yang, Zhang Yueqi has always been neither humble nor arrogant, which is very admirable.

I have to say, Zhang Yueqi, this is a rare beauty.

I haven’t seen each other for a while, and it seems to have become more sexy and charming.

Ha ha!

After watching it for a few seconds, Yue Feng realized it and walked over with a smile on his face. After seeing each other for such a long time, they would not have thought that I have now become the Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace.

At this time, Liu He was talking to the people around him, while Zhang Yueqi was admiring the calligraphy and painting on the wall, so she didn’t realize that Yue Feng came over behind her.


At this time, Yue Feng came to the front, and said with a smile: “Long time no see!”


Suddenly hearing the voice, not only Liu He, but also Zhang Yueqi trembled, and quickly turned around.

I thought it was the Pill Pavilion Master coming, and when they saw Yue Feng, several people were stunned.

This… this kid? How are you here? After being stunned for a few seconds, Liu He took the lead in reacting, looking at Yue Feng with wide eyes, “Yue Yang? You…why are you here?”

At the same time, Zhang Yueqi’s exquisite and beautiful face, also Full of surprise: “Why are you?”

Zhang Yueqi has never been very impressed with Yue Feng. The only thing she remembers is that during the outing, sister Liu He was bitten by a poisonous snake. This person brought some herbs around. Detoxified.

However, in Zhang Yueqi’s heart, he also believed that at most he only knew some medical skills. Later, after listening to Liu He, this person quietly left the Su family, thinking that he was kidnapped by the enemy family or revenge by those Jiangyang thieves.

But I never expected that I would meet again in Chunyang Palace at this time.

Zhang Yueqi was surprised, and Liu He was also buzzing in his head, puzzled.

The next second, Liu He couldn’t help but said, “Boy, why are you here?”

“What? You can be here, but I can’t be here?” Liu He’s tone made Yue Feng very upset, and he seemed to laugh replied nonchalantly.


Yue Feng’s attitude made Liu He angry all of a sudden, and shouted: “Boy, you secretly left the Su family before because of your inferiority complex. Speaking of which, you still have self-knowledge.”

Speaking, Liu He’s eyes flickered, and he sneered: “Also, you are lucky to join the Chunyang Palace, but with your qualifications, you can at most be a handyman here, cleaning, right?

” At that time, Liu He’s eyes were full of contempt, thinking that Yue Feng felt that he was not worthy of Su Lin’er, so he took the initiative to leave the Su family. How could such a person become a disciple of Chunyang Palace?

Must have been assigned to do the chores here.

Yes, it must be a handyman.

Thinking of this, Liu He was full of confidence and said condescendingly: “We are the guests here, you have nothing else to do, go out quickly.”

This Xianhe Tower, but the place where Chunyang Palace specially receives guests, is not casual. You can come in, what’s more, this Yue Feng, as a handyman, has no rules at all.

Chapter 5034

At this time, Liu He still doesn’t know that the master of Dan Pavilion is Yue Feng in front of him.

Moreover, his name is not called Yue Yang at all.


Liu He’s attitude made Yue Feng secretly amused, this idiot, relying on himself as a rich young master, is arrogant and domineering everywhere, this problem will not change at all.

In his heart, Yue Feng wanted to say, I am the pavilion master of the Pill Pavilion you want to see, but after thinking about it, he held back.

In the next second, Yue Feng ignored Liu He, and said to Zhang Yueqi with a smile: “Miss Zhang, we met the robber Jiang Yang on our outing last time. Thanks to you, everyone was not harmed. I haven’t had time yet. Thank you.”


Seeing Yue Feng’s sincere face, Zhang Yueqi nodded: “It’s hard work, I can’t stop talking about it!”

After saying that, Zhang Yueqi looked outside the door: “Today we are going to see the Pill Pavilion Master, if you have nothing to do, then leave first. Right.” As a disciple of Tianlongmen, Zhang Yueqi’s quality is very good, and she will not look down on people because of her background.

“It’s okay!”

Yue Feng smiled and said carelessly: “We haven’t seen each other for a long time, let’s chat a little longer.”

When he said this, Yue Feng secretly paid attention to Liu He’s expression. He knew that Liu He always liked it. Zhang Yueqi wanted to stimulate him at this moment.


Seeing the enthusiasm on Yue Feng’s face, Zhang Yueqi pursed her lips, not knowing how to respond.

Liu He, who was next to him, couldn’t stand, as if a lit cannonball exploded at once, pointing at Yue Feng and said, “Yue Yang, why are you so thick-skinned? Is my senior sister familiar with you? I have nothing to talk to you about.”

“Also, you didn’t listen to my senior sister, do you want to see the Pill Pavilion Master? What are you doing here? Get out of here!”

At this time, Liu He was almost furious. Mad, senior sister is my goddess. , This Yue Yang, but licking his face to please, how can he bear it?


Seeing that Liu He was angry, Yue Feng was not angry, scratching his head and said helplessly: “Master Liu, this is your fault, how can I say, I am also your cousin-in-law, your senior sister, and my senior sister. , what’s the matter with me and her?”


It’s good that Yue Feng didn’t mention this, but when he mentioned this, he immediately became furious: “You special code to shut up for me, you rubbish, don’t pee and take pictures of yourself, are you worthy of my cousin? Ah? If it wasn’t for your cousin, would you be able to recruit you to the Su family to be your son-in-law?”

At this time, Liu He was very angry.

You know, he liked Su Liner since he was a child, and he always wanted to marry him and be his wife. How could he know that when he grew up, Su Liner had a hidden illness and had to recruit a son-in-law. In Liu He’s heart, this was a pity. .

Later, through the power of the family, Liu He became a disciple of Tianlongmen, and he was immediately attracted to Zhang Yueqi. He dreamed of becoming a fairy couple with her. In this case, Yue Feng took the initiative to show his favor to Zhang Yueqi.

Even if this trash stole his cousin, and now he wants to call his senior sister’s attention, it doesn’t feel good to be someone else.


Seeing Liu He’s angry look, Yue Feng shook his head helplessly: “Master Liu, I am the son-in-law of the Su family, this is true, although I am no longer in the Su family, the relationship is still there. , Besides, you are coming to Chunyang Palace today, you are a guest, and it’s not good to swear at people like this!”

“Go to your code…”

At this time, Liu He was in a fit of anger, and he couldn’t care less at that time, and scolded: “You are still chatting with this young master, even if you are a handyman in Chunyang Palace, in my eyes, you will never be You’re just a piece of trash.”

“You still reason with this young master? This young master beat you to death!” When the words

fell, Liu He raised his jade hand and hit Yue Feng with a palm.

“Liu He, don’t…”

Seeing this, Zhang Yueqi’s face changed, and she was about to stop it, but Liu He was on fire, how could she listen to her?

Damn, this kid is so embarrassed?

Seeing Liu He rushing aggressively, Yue Feng frowned. Although his divine power hadn’t recovered, he didn’t panic at all, and immediately hid to the side and shouted, “Aiya, Young Master Liu, you can’t justify me, and you can’t either. Do you want to do it?”

Chapter 5035

Hearing Yue Feng’s cry, Liu He’s anger was like pouring oil again: “You stop this young master, Mad, you must break your leg today.

” At that time, Liu He always wanted to teach Yue Feng a lesson, but it was a pity that Su Liner had been protecting Yue Feng and never had a chance.

At this time in Chunyang Palace, Liu He naturally would not miss the opportunity.

Anyway, this kid is just a handyman, and if he beats him, he will beat him, and no one will care about it at all.


Just at this moment, the disciples of Chunyang Palace outside rushed in when they heard the movement from the Immortal Crane Tower.

Seeing the disciples of Chunyang Palace who rushed in, Liu He squeezed out a smile and pointed at Yue Feng with a pleasing gesture: “Brothers, don’t panic, this handyman doesn’t understand the rules, I will teach him a lesson.”

In his heart , I am a disciple of Tianlongmen, and I am a guest, and it is not wrong to teach a handyman.


It’s just that the words just fell, and the disciples of the Chunyang Palace who rushed in were all staring at Liu He, and facing Yue Feng, they were also extremely respectful.

what’s going on?

Seeing this scene, Liu He was a little confused.

Next to Zhang Yueqi, Xiumei frowned, looking at Yue Feng with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

How do you look…. This Yue Yang has a high status in the Chunyang Palace, but he has no strength at all, so he can only be a handyman.

“Pavilion Master…”

At this moment, a disciple of Chunyang Palace headed over quickly and said respectfully to Yue Feng: “This person is so rude, he wants to do something to you, pavilion. What is the Lord going to do with him?”


While speaking, several other Chunyang Palace disciples had already surrounded him and directly pressed Liu He to the ground.

Just now, Liu He was chasing Yue Feng, and all the disciples of Chunyang Palace saw it. This guy dared to take action against the pavilion master. He was just courting death. You know, even if the palace owner saw him, he would have to give three points of courtesy.

“Hey…Several senior brothers…”

Liu He was pressed tightly to the ground, unable to move, his whole person was stupid, his mind went blank, he immediately smiled bitterly: “Several senior brothers, is there any misunderstanding? ?” You

just taught a handyman a lesson and didn’t do anything else?


just now, these pure Yang Palace disciples, what are you calling this waste? Pavilion Master?

At the same time, Zhang Yueqi was also trembling, completely stunned, staring blankly at Yue Feng, speechless?

He…he is the new Pill Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace?

At this time, Zhang Yueqi saw that the disciples of the Chunyang Palace in front of him were full of respect in front of Yue Feng at this time, and this kind of respect was not pretended at all.

How is this possible?

The person in front of him was just the son-in-law of the Su family. According to his younger brother Liu He, he was still a gambler in the local area. Even if he knew some medical skills, it would be difficult for him to be elegant. Not to mention the knowledge of alchemy.

It’s just…. I haven’t seen each other for a few days, and this person has become the Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master of Chunyang Palace?

It’s also incredible.

For a time, Zhang Yueqi only felt that her brain was buzzing, and her whole body was messed up.

Seeing their expressions, Yue Feng smiled and said nothing.

At this moment, the leading disciple of Chunyang Palace raised his finger and pointed at Zhang Yueqi: “Pavilion Master, do you want to tie her and the others together?”

“No, no…”

Yue Feng waved his hand with a smile. Pointing at Liu He, he said, “Just arrest this person. He almost hit him just now. Anyone else, don’t need it!”

After saying that, Yue Feng looked at Zhang Yueqi and said, “This is my friend. There’s no need to embarrass her.”

“Yes, Pavilion Master!” The

voice fell, and several Chunyang Palace disciples responded in unison, ready to tie Liu He Wuhua.


a while, Liu He wanted to cry without tears, and looked at Yue Feng blankly: “Are you the master of the Pill Pavilion?” Ma De thought that this kid was just a handyman, but he never expected that It is the person that I and my sister want to see today.

It’s just… how could this kid be the pavilion master of the Pill Pavilion?

“Otherwise?” Yue Feng looked at Liu He with a half-smile but not a smile: “If you can become a disciple of Tianlongmen, I can’t be the pavilion master of Pill Pavilion?”

After speaking, Liu He was speechless.

“I…” The

next second, Liu He cried and said to Yue Feng: “I was wrong… cousin, I was just kidding you, don’t take it seriously, let these senior brothers let me go. “

When he said this, Liu He’s eyes were full of urgency.

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