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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5011-5015

Chapter 5011

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gone quickly took out a blood-colored pill and squeezed it directly. In an instant, a blood-colored fog spread.

Chi Chi Chi…

I saw that in the place where the blood mist filled the air, the grass and trees withered instantly, obviously containing highly poisonous.


“Big Brother Zhu, be careful…” Seeing this, Zhu Bajie and Xiao Yuruo both exclaimed in surprise, and at the same time quickly avoided back to avoid being contaminated by the blood-colored mist.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gone’s figure flashed, and he rushed towards the distance.

To be honest, just leaving like this, Gone was very angry and embarrassed, but there was no way, his strength was not at his peak, and he was not the opponent of Zhu Bajie and Xiao Yuruo at all. caught by these two men.

But when he left, Gogne didn’t forget to turn his head and glance at the two of them coldly.

Zhu Bajie, Xiao Yuruo, wait for me.

When the deity recovers to his peak strength, he must first take you to the sword….

Gone’s figure exploded to the extreme, and when Zhu Bajie and the two reacted, he had disappeared into the night.


Zhu Bajie patted his forehead angrily: “This kid is really cunning, he actually let him run away.”

Xiao Yuruo also stomped her feet in a hurry: “This person is powerful and will absorb the evil spirits of essence. Gong, if you let him escape today, there will be endless troubles in the future.”

After speaking, Xiao Yuruo turned her head towards Zhu Bajie and said, “Brother Zhu, you should stay in Donghai City first to prevent this person from coming back, I will go to Xia Yinzong now and get the news. Tell Brother Wen them.”


Zhu Bajie took a deep breath and waved his hand carelessly: “Brother and sister, don’t worry, I’ll leave this place to Lao Zhu, hehe, as long as I’m here, that kid will definitely not dare to come back.”

Xiao Yuruo nodded and explained again After a few words, he immediately set off for Xia Yinzong.


Seeing Xiao Yuruo walking away, Zhu Bajie suddenly became excited and said to himself, “That kid Liu Hao ran away, isn’t it true that the Liu Group who stayed in Donghai City is ignored, hehe, this is It’s cheap, my old Zhu.”

Zhu Bajie has no interest in money at all, he is interested in those female stars under the Liu Group, but when Xiao Yuruo was there just now, he was embarrassed to show it, and it was obvious that someone had left , which revealed the lecherous nature.

Speaking of which, with Zhu Bajie’s financial resources in the entertainment industry at this time, it would not be a problem to directly acquire the Liu Group.


Thinking of those beauties who were all over the country, waiting to be spoiled, Zhu Bajie’s eyes almost lit up, and he rushed towards the Liu Group with a big laugh.

on the other side, Zhongzhou.

The weather is good today, and the streets of Zhongzhou City are also very lively, full of traffic, and a bustling and peaceful scene.

At this time, on the most famous snack street in Zhongzhou, a young man in sportswear was strolling leisurely. It was Wen Chou Chou’s son, Wen Xiaoyu.

Wen Xiaoyu has completely inherited the advantages of Wen Chou Chou, with a face like a crown jade, gentle and elegant, and a proper handsome guy.

Half a year ago, the Ouyang family all lived in seclusion in Xia Yinzong in order to avoid the pursuit of God’s Domain. At that time, Wen Xiaoyu also followed. In the first two months, Wen Xiaoyu hardly went out and kept practicing in seclusion.

Recently, after learning that the investigation of the Ouyang family had been lax, Wen Chou Chou started arranging the disciples of the Hall of Longevity and began to conduct activities in various branches.

As Wen Chou Chou’s beloved son, Wen Xiaoyu, the future successor of the Hall of Longevity, will naturally come out to experience.

Not only Wen Xiaoyu, but Yue Wuya also came out to start deploying some matters of Tianmen, and set up the main altar of Tianmen in Zhongzhou.

Wen Xiaoyu and Yue Wuya are only two or three years apart. Because of their parents, their relationship is very good. They are like brothers. Today, Wen Xiaoyu passed through Zhongzhou City and thought that Yue Wuya was at the main altar of Tianmen. In the snack street, buy him something delicious.


Just thinking about buying something, Wen Xiaoyu was attracted by two people not far away.

I saw that the two people were wearing very strange clothes. They were wearing clothes made of special fish scales, which shimmered in the sun. They were very strange. Compared with the people around them wearing modern clothes, they seemed out of tune.

Chapter 5012

Wen Xiaoyu knows that there are many places where the ‘dress up’ culture is popular. Some people deliberately wear strange clothes to attract attention.

But the two people in front of them, from Wen Xiaoyu’s point of view, didn’t seem to be pretending to be like this on purpose.

It seems that someone has heard of such a dress…

At this time, Wen Xiaoyu observed for a while, and suddenly thought of something, patted his forehead, and remembered that it was the sea sharks that brother Wuya talked about before.

Yes, the sea sharks.

Two months ago, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu both retreated in Xia Yinzong. At that time, they had nothing to do. Yue Wuya told Wen Xiaoyu some interesting things. At that time, not only did they mention the sea shark clan, but also specially Said Hai Linger, the princess of the sea shark clan.

Yue Wuya and Hai Linger fell in love at first sight, but at that time they were catching up with the Rakshasa clan to disrupt Kyushu.

Later, the cholera subsided, Hai Linger returned to the station in the depths of the sea, Yue Wuya broke the news with her, but she never forgot her thoughts.

Wen Xiaoyu remembered that when Yue Wuya mentioned Hai Linger, his eyes were full of warmth.


At this time, Wen Xiaoyu thought of this, and said to himself: “These two people are really the clan of Brother Wuya’s sweetheart.” Muttering, Wen Xiaoyu slowly walked away. past.

Wen Xiaoyu guessed right, these two people are the sea sharks.

One is Ashu and the other

is Ali. Five days ago, Ashu and Ali accompanied Hai Linger to the mainland for training. When they first landed, something happened, Ashu and Ali stayed at the beach temporarily. At that time, I made an appointment with Hai Linger to meet in Zhongzhou three days later.

However, what the two of them didn’t expect was that when they arrived in Zhongzhou three days later, they couldn’t contact Shanghai Linger. For a time, the two were very anxious.

At this time, Ali and Ashu, from time to time, pulled passers-by to ask questions, and they were sweating profusely.

“Excuse me, have you seen my lady?”

“She is very beautiful. If you can provide clues, I will give you pearls, very large pearls…”

However, Ashu and Ali’s mouths are torn apart. Now, no one paid any attention to them at all, instead they thought it was two neuropathy.

However, the pearls they took out were noticed by a few local gangsters not far away.


At this moment, Wen Xiaoyu was about to step forward to ask. Suddenly, a gangster with yellow hair rushed over and snatched the bag from Ah Shu’s hand.

In the bag, it was the pearls that the two of them used as a reward.


This sudden situation made Ashu and Ali a little stunned, but the two quickly reacted and quickly chased after the gangster.

Chasing and yelling.


“Change our pearls…”

Seeing this scene, Wen Xiaoyu was also stunned, and then quickly followed behind.


A few minutes later, A Shu and A Li chased the gangster to a back street, and they saw a dozen people quickly surrounded them, all of them looking bad, it was the yellow-haired accomplice.

The first one, about thirty, had a scar on his face and looked very ferocious. It was the head of this group of people, nicknamed Brother Scarface.

“Brother Scarface.”

At this time, Huang Mao didn’t pay attention to the two of Ashu at all, and blatantly handed the bag to Brother Scarface politely: “This was snatched from them just now, I just touched it. When I touch it, it seems to be a real pearl.”

Hearing this, Brother Scarface opened the bag and took a look, and saw that there were dozens of pearls in it, and each one was full of luster.

However, Brother Scarface only hangs out in Zhongzhou City, with ordinary vision, and immediately frowned: “Is this special code real? They dress like birds and look like beggars, so they can have such valuable things. Son?”

He said that, but he was reluctant to drop the bag.

Huang Mao scratched his head, and was a little unsure for a while.

At this time, Ah Shu couldn’t help but said: “There are genuine pearls inside, which are raised by our sea sharks.” When the

voice fell, Ali nodded and said, “This is a specially prepared reward, pay it back soon. Give it to us, if you don’t want to give it, please help find our eldest lady. Okay?”

Ashu and Ali have lived overseas for a long time, what are they saying in their hearts, and they still don’t know the dangers of the mainland rivers and lakes.

Chapter 5013

Are these pearls real?

Hearing the words of the two of them, Scarface Brother and Huangmao looked at each other, each with a wicked smile on their faces.

“Hey!” In the

next second, Brother Scarface put the pearls away and looked at the two Ashu with a half-smile: “Since this thing is real, then I’m welcome and let it all go down.”

Ashu With a naive face, he hurriedly said, “Are you going to help us find our eldest lady? Thank you very much.” As long as the other party can help find Hai Ling’er, let alone a bag of pearls, even if it is ten times more, it will be offered with both hands.

However, Brother Scarface sneered and ignored him at all.

At the same time, Huang Mao strode out, pointed at Ashu and scolded: “Is there something wrong with your brain? This bag of pearls, even if you honor our brother Scarface, who promised to help you find someone?

” Get the hell out of here!” The

voice fell, and the surrounding accomplices all stared at the two Ashu like fools, and they all laughed.

“Qiao Na is so stupid, it really amuses me…”

“Yeah, I really thought we would find someone for him? Hehe…”

“Go away…”

Listening to everyone’s mockery , Ah Shu realized that he had encountered a robber.

Ali next to him, with a hot personality, immediately shouted: “If you don’t help find someone, just return the pearl to us.” Immediately, he rushed towards Brother Scarface, intending to snatch the pearl back.

However, the two of them, who were responsible for taking care of Hai Linger all the way at this time, had no strength at all.

“I’m going to Nima.”

Before Ali rushed to the front, Scarface’s face sank, and he kicked his stomach directly and scolded: “How dare you do it in Laozi’s place? The special code is looking for death.”

Ali covered his stomach. , sweating profusely in pain, scolding: “You are a robber, a robber…”

Ah Shu was also angry, rushed over to help Ali, and shouted at Brother Scarface: “You gang of robbers, If you steal something and beat someone, you will be punished.”

“You dare to curse me? Brothers, hit me.” Brother Scarface was arrogant and waved his hand: “Hit me hard.”

Hula …

the voice fell, and the yellow hairs next to him immediately surrounded him, punching and kicking at Ashu.

“Yes, Brother Scarface, that your pearls are for your face, how dare you not know how to praise us.” “You dare to call

us robbers, looking for slaps…”

“Beat them to death…”

Huang Mao Shi A few people scolded and punched each other. Both Ashu and Ali wanted to stand up and resist, but they couldn’t stand the crowd, and they couldn’t fight back at all.

howling loudly. He has just become a cultivator, and his strength is extremely low.


At this moment, a cold scolding came, followed by a handsome figure who walked over quickly. With an awe-inspiring look on his face, it was Wen Xiaoyu.

Wen Xiaoyu could hear the conversation between the two parties clearly, and when he learned that the two Ashu were really from the sea shark clan, he immediately came to stop them.


Hearing the scolding, Brother Scarface and the others all focused on Wen Xiaoyu, all staring at each other.

In the next second, Huang Mao was the first to react, pointing at Wen Xiaoyu and scolding: “Where is the boy without eyes, dare to care about Brother Scarface? Don’t want to live.”

Huang Mao kept on Following Brother Scarface’s actions, at this time, relying on the number of people around him, he didn’t pay attention to Wen Xiaoyu at all. From his point of view, the boy in front of him was pure and white, and there was no threat at all.

At the same time, Ashu and Ali also spoke.

“This little brother, thank you, go away…”

“Yeah, there are many of them…”

In their hearts, Wen Xiaoyu was very grateful for being able to help out, but he is alone, then The opponents of these ruffians?

Wen Xiaoyu smiled at Ashu and signaled not to worry.

Immediately, Wen Xiaoyu looked at Brother Scarface coldly, without the slightest nonsense: “Give it back to them, and then get out immediately.” These

people are so arrogant to grab something in broad daylight.

Chapter 5014


Hearing this, Huang Mao instantly became angry: “The stinky boy is not too small, mind your own business, right? I will let you know, the end of meddling.” The

voice fell, Huang Mao directly rushed over, a Punch to Wen Xiaoyu.

Seeing this scene, Ashu and Ali were both in a hurry, but Wen Xiaoyu was standing there with a sneer, and didn’t mean to hide at all.


The next second, Wen Xiaoyu made a quick shot and punched Huang Mao head-on, and he heard a dull sound. Then, Huang Mao covered his hands, fell to the ground and kept howling.

In the blink of an eye, Huang Mao was sweating profusely. She only felt that her right hand was cracked as if the bones were cracked. She felt extremely painful, and at the same time, she was also extremely shocked.

This kid looks thin and weak, but his fists are so hard?

At this time, Huang Mao didn’t know that he was not facing ordinary people, but the young master of the Hall of Longevity, who was famous all over the world.

what’s the situation?

All this happened so fast, Scarface brothers were stunned, all of them were full of surprise.

Huang Mao fights very hard, how did he fall to the ground in the blink of an eye?


Two seconds later, Brother Scarface calmed down and glared at Wen Xiaoyu: “The boy is courting death, the one who dares to touch me, brothers, come together and knock him out for me.”

Saying that, Brother Scarface took the lead . He rushed over, followed by a dozen younger brothers.

Ha ha…

Looking at Brother Scarface and the others who rushed up, Wen Xiaoyu was full of contempt. In less than two minutes, more than a dozen Scarface Brothers were knocked to the ground.


Seeing this scene, A Shu and A Li were also stunned. At the same time, they also realized that they had met an expert in the arena, and they were immediately grateful.

“Thank you young man!”

“Thank you young man for helping.”

Wen Xiaoyu took out the bag of pearls from Brother Scarface, walked up to the two of Ashu, and smiled: “Lu Jianbu draws his sword to help, you are welcome. .”

With that, Wen Xiaoyu returned the pearls to them and asked, “I saw you guys have been looking for a girl just now, what the hell is going on?”


Hearing the question, Ah Shu and Ah Li looked at each other and sighed, both of them extremely ashamed.

Immediately, Ashu explained the situation in detail.


Knowing the situation, Wen Xiaoyu was shocked and his eyes widened: “What did you say? The eldest lady you are looking for is called Hai Ling’er?”

This… Isn’t this Brother Wu Ya’s sweetheart?

Seeing Wen Xiaoyu’s reaction so big, Ashu and Ali were puzzled, but nodded anyway.

Wen Xiaoyu took a deep breath and confirmed again: “Is it the princess of your shark clan, Hai Linger?” This is too coincidental. If it is true, Hai Linger’s disappearance is a big deal. Brother Ya knows.


Now it was Ah Shu’s turn to be stunned. After a few seconds of stunned, Ah Shu took the lead in recovering: “How do you know?” Instead of calling Hai Ling’er a lady, she didn’t dare to call her a princess.

Wen Xiaoyu smiled: “Don’t panic, I’m not a bad person, but a friend of your princess!”

Then, Wen Xiaoyu couldn’t wait: “Go, go see someone with me, and then you’ll know That’s it.” After saying this, he took the two Ashu and rushed towards the main altar of Tianmen.

At this moment, the main altar of Tianmen.

In the hall of the main altar, Yue Wuya was sitting cross-legged, closing his eyes and resting.

“Brother Wuya, Brother Wuya…”

At this moment, there was an anxious shout from outside, and then, Wen Xiaoyu walked in quickly with the two Ashu.

Seeing Wen Xiaoyu, Yue Wuya looked surprised: “Why are you here?” After speaking, he looked at the two Ashu in confusion, and was very puzzled in his heart.

The dresses of these two people are from the sea shark clan?

Wen Xiaoyu looked anxious: “Don’t ask me how I got here, something big has happened, Brother Wuya.”

After speaking, Wen Xiaoyu urged Ashu two: “Tell him the situation quickly, Only he can find your princess.”

Chapter 5015


Hearing this, Ah Shu looked at each other, and then Ah Shu took a deep breath and said to Yue Wuya, “My princess has disappeared.” After speaking, he explained the details one by one. come out.


Knowing the situation, Yue Wuya stood up abruptly and was shocked, Hai Linger disappeared?

After being stunned for a few seconds, Yue Wuya hurriedly shouted outside: “Someone, come here…”


The voice fell, and dozens of Tianmen elites ran in quickly.


At this moment, Yue Wuya clenched his fists tightly, and his face couldn’t hide the anxiety: “I immediately trace Hai Ling’er’s whereabouts, don’t let any clues go, go quickly.”

“Yes, Sect Master!”

After hearing the order, dozens of disciples rushed out of the hall.

Half an hour later, the people who went out to investigate sent back the news that after Hai Linger participated in the Beihai City arena, she rested in the local hotel and disappeared after that, but some people saw that in the middle of the night, she and others The contestants were taken away by a group of mysterious people.

Finally, there was the latest news that these mysterious people, the people who held the ring, were gathering at the beach at this time.


Hearing these news, Yue Wuya couldn’t sit still at that time, patted the table, stood up and said: “The origins of these people who are holding the ring are unknown, and Linger is in their hands, the consequences are unimaginable, no, I will go and save them. They.”

“Brother Wuya.” Wen Xiaoyu, who was next to him, quickly answered, “I’ll accompany you.”


Yue Wuya nodded and set off with Wen Xiaoyu, rushing towards the sea.

After several hours of flying, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu finally arrived at Pearl Harbor. The news they got earlier said that the group of people who held the ring really gathered in Pearl Harbor.


However, after arriving, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu both frowned secretly, and they saw the port in front of them. Except for some fishing boats and freighters, there were no people in the rivers and lakes at all.

How could this be? Is the message wrong?

For a time, Yue Wuya frowned, very anxious.

“Brother Wuya! Look…”

At this moment, Wen Xiaoyu found something and pointed to a mountain road ahead: “There are many footprints on this road, they should be heading in that direction.”

Yue Wuya hurriedly Looking at it, you can see that there are rows of footprints on the mountain road not far away. It just rained here two days ago, and the ground was wet, so the footprints are very obvious, and the footprints of ordinary people will be very deep, and these The footprints are very shallow, and they are obviously people from all corners of the world.

“Let’s go!”

Seeing this, Yue Wuya was very excited, greeted Wen Xiaoyu, and followed the footprints.

After walking for more than half an hour, when they reached a cliff, Yue Wuya and Wen Xiaoyu both stopped, lay on the cliff, and looked towards the beach below.

Seeing this, both of them were very excited.

I saw that on the beach below, hundreds of practitioners were tied up with five flowers. In the middle was a young woman with a beautiful face and a slender figure. It was Hai Linger who Yue Wuya was thinking about.

At this time, Hai Ling’er looked very weak, her body was motionless, and it was obvious that her acupuncture point had been tapped.


Seeing Hai Linger, Yue Wuya was excited and excited, and was about to rush down, but at this moment, he was stopped by Wen Xiaoyu.

“Brother Wuya, calm down.” Wen Xiaoyu looked serious: “There are many people on the other side, and they are all experts. Let’s rush down like this, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to save my sister-in-law, and we will startle the snake…”


Hearing this, Yue Wuya clenched his fists and calmed down, and then looked in the direction of Wen Xiaoyu’s finger, and was also secretly startled.

I saw that there were thousands of masked people around the bound practitioners. These masked people were wearing dark blue long gowns, holding long knives, and they were imposing.

These masked people are not weak, and the weakest are the Martial Saint level.

Not only that, there were several large ships docked at the seaside, with a flagpole standing on the bow, and a soaring dragon was painted on the flag.

Seeing the flag, Yue Wuya couldn’t help but muttered secretly, and then his heart was shocked.

With the dragon as the symbol, could it be that… these people are the members of the Hailong Palace, which has recently risen?

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