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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4981-4985

Chapter 4981

Yue Feng smiled slightly and pointed to the square behind the stone tablet: “The inscription on the tablet said, let’s pass through the square in front of us first, and then we will make a major discovery.”

When he said this, Yue Feng had a look on his face Seriously, but there was a hint of cunning in his eyes.

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y way, but Yue Feng is suspiciously hiding something,

entify it carefully, you will find that every st

e over from the Iron Ch

a few years ago appeared. At that time, when he was in the ancient tomb

late had strange patterns. It seemed nothing, but it w

mant, Bai Xiaotian, Ouyang Jingwen’s boyfriend at the time, took advantage of

ince this incident, it is st

of Lu Bu at that time. Of course, there are no other formatio

ked eye at all. However, Yue Feng can deduce the loca


said with a big laugh: “Brother is really not an ordinary

ryone behind him, and Yue Feng

subconsciously looked back at Lu Xiaos


om Yue Feng, Lu X

l is this

n front of him, so he waited until Wang Meng and Yue Feng w


st into a foul language and said with emotion: “This ghos

eed up and try to pass through this place as quickly as possible.” Just now, Yue Feng sai

all Ma

othed disciples responded in uniso

a min

Yue Feng suddenly c

rtled and look

doubts, and couldn’t hel

Tang Master Wang, you may not have noticed, these slates seem to be nothing. B


n age

lothed disciples, their expressions changed,

nd asked cautiously, “Brother, since you know

is mechanism is also very easy to crack. When you enter the next time, everyone forms a column

low this rule, you will be abl

in his heart. He never thought of cooperating with Wang

er 4


ut they don’t know what Yue Feng’s thoughts are. Seeing tha

I almost steppe

this Yue Feng st

d to Yue Feng: “Thank you brother, o

is brother said just now? Quickly, line up in a column. According to Bro

cial code and triggers the mec


othed clergymen quickly lined up a

smiled secretly a

r, after walking nearly 500 meters, suddenly, a red-clothed cler

opped quickly, and all


olding the man in the lead: “You special code is looking for death, right? W

he red-clothed sect members a lesson, but consideri

: “Master, I’m not wrong, I just follow th

‘t dare to move at all, for fear that something

know that the orga


e slabs on both sides of five meters away, flipped over quickly, reveal


one had no time to react. At the same time, there was no way to avoid it. On t

my le

oon stopped, but even so, two people under Wang Meng were shot on the spot.


ally terrible. If you are not careful, you will die. Wang Meng’s face was also extremely embarrassed. Th

ith the method

ing happened, Wang Meng was not a fool, he immedi

iaoshuang, who was followin

out that Yue Feng just said that he was cooperating with

had misundersto

eng with a bad face, Lu Xiaoshua

ry embarrassed: “Tang Master Wang, don’t get excited, what was written on the stone

Feng pretended to

oked serious, but in hi


es whatever I say. Now that his subordinates are injured, h

er 4

he made a sudden realization and said, “Aiya, t

it?” Wang Meng

e rules of the first five, right and third, we can indeed avoid the hidden

the first place thought that someone would brea

ined to make fun of Wang M


erson who designed this mechanism is really ab

..Brother, since this organizati

l didn’t know that he wa


ganization has changed, so will our route, if my guess is correct, we will follow the top f

Feng only spoke

turally believed Yue Feng’s words, and immediately shouted:

and m

ang Meng didn’t turn his back on Yue Feng. But what made her wonder was what Yue Feng sai

Xiaoshuang qu

d in other matters. At this time, she had realized that Yue Feng was deliberately teasing Wang Meng.

nd, and the place where he

ng, wherever Yue Feng went, she wou

a Zh

leading Red Clothes Sect disciple


me stimulated their inner strength, looked at both s

s also shocked and angry,

ang Meng was almost on the verge of collapsing. According to this method, he was afrai

just now. If there is no accident, it’s fine to go in the way of t

Feng was aggrieved, but hi

ned, did he

next to him couldn’t help but said, “Pal


he heard his subordinate’s words, he immediat

I do next?” Said Really, at this time, Wang Meng was already suspicious of Y

ngers around, and it is

brother has already triggered the mechanism, l

er 4

ing everyone to be v


thes Sect suddenly burst into flames under his feet.

was crying and screaming, jumping up and down and slapping, try


drowning the red-clothed sect members. After the firelig


-clothed disciples, they couldn’t help swallowing their sali

w it has turned into a raging fire. It is hard to imagine that if

d, and looked at Yue Feng coldly: “Didn’t you say, be care

and what’s going on here

low is unpredictable. How can I guess it right? Depending on the sit

Feng pointed ou

to teach Yue Feng a hard lesson, but he held back when he t


ed behind. Seeing this scene, h

let Wang Meng damage some of his men, but this Wang Meng was co

od Yue Feng’s intention. While applaudin

ch more cunning

hose beasts were very unfriendly t

to the situation at the time, even if someone broke in later, Yue Feng shoul

, dare to

ngrily. Seeing Yue Feng and the others st

our, Wang Meng fe

hanism is triggered, the surrounding red-clothed clergy members will inevitably suffer casual

ked him, but he held back and did not do anything. It wasn’t until he complete

ns of subordinates, dead and wounded, There are

ng to tur

ue Feng frowned secretly, but with a smile o

id coldly: “I ask you, did you d

s, but It’s really my fault, as I said just now, we are on the sam


no longer believes in Yue Fe

hing, and pointed not far away: “Palace Maste


-clothed sect members all looked over, and wh

er 4

s a golden alta

t can illuminate the eyes of the blind. Around the altar, there are pil

altar, is a whole

e stone, and on the ice jade stone, there was a beautiful woman ly


ang Meng and the disciples of the R

is time I re

so stared at the beauty on the frozen jade

is really a fairy, especially the exquisite and g

! How be

this is the mysterious realm of heaven, an exclusive space created by t

terious Girl from the Kyushu Continent? Is it the fairy wh


ng reacted. He laughed and said exci

have looted, take a

flashing a strange light. The beauty was not dead at first sight, but fel

ful to th

l Master

ed Clothes Sect disciple


g Master Wang, the square we passed by before was already e

is is a lore formation. If you enter rashly, you will tou

had a serious face, and

formation around the altar in front of him, and

it was not his conscience that he w

g out other people’s psychological thoughts. When he passed through the square before, Yue Feng kept repe

th, Wang Meng would think

actic, and Yue Feng is

ve it at all, and there was a bit of murderousness in his

ures, so you deliberately scare me,

continue their actions, but at the same time, he was a little it

auties, and then settle accounts with Yue Feng. Anyw


oled, Yue Feng smiled, a

s Wang Meng is actually not too stupid, but it is a pi

e made a

easures, can y

ates had already rushed into the altar, scav

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