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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4951-4955

Chapter 4951


Hearing these words, the elite disciples of the three major sects present were all shocked and angry.

This kid is courting death, trespassing in forbidden areas, and dare to speak madly?

“Why are you looking at me like this?”

Seeing the expressions of these elite disciples, Yue Feng said with a provocative look on his face, “Why don’t you step aside and welcome this uncle into the secret realm?”

Courting death!

At this moment, one of the elite disciples at the head couldn’t hold it any longer, and pointed at Yue Feng: “Where is a boy who doesn’t know what to do? He came here to be a savage, and hurry up and stand up obediently, or you will be captured.”

The voice fell, and the others around also pulled out their long knives.


Yue Feng laughed loudly: “Just relying on you wine bags and rice bags, you want to teach me a lesson?” As he said, he approached the woods behind.

Hearing this, the elite disciples of the three major sects were all furious. You must know that in the entire Ziwei Continent, no sect force dared to challenge the three major sects, and this kid in front of him really ate a bear heart leopard. daring.

“Kill him!” In anger, the leading elite disciple shouted and rushed over.

The dozens of disciples in the back followed closely. At this time, they didn’t even know that they had been fooled by Yue Feng.


Seeing them chasing after him, Yue Feng looked very panicked, but at the same time did not forget to provoke: “So many people chasing me, how shameless.”

Said, Yue Feng quickly drilled Entering the woods, leading these disciples, they ran in the direction of the deployed five-element formation.

Soon Yue Feng entered the Five Elements Formation.

The Five Elements Formation seems simple, but it is extremely mysterious. After Yue Feng entered, the disciples of the three major sects outside suddenly became blind.

“Where’s the person?”

“Ma De, who was still here just now, why did he suddenly disappear?”

“He can’t run far, everyone is looking for him carefully, Ma De, if you dare to challenge our three sects, you are tired of living.”

Yue Feng Standing in the Five Elements Formation, when I heard the shouting outside, I suddenly showed a smile, and laughed loudly again: “Do you people from the three major sects like to bully the less with more? So many people arrest me, and it’s so hard. , Oops, I’m embarrassed for you all.”


Hearing the sound, dozens of disciples were so angry that they instantly locked the direction of Yue Feng, and they didn’t care when they saw that the little tree in front of them was a little wrong.

“This kid is hiding in here!”

“Rush in and grab him!” The

crowd howled and rushed into the Five Elements Formation.


Seeing that this group of people was successfully brought in, Yue Feng was full of smiles and couldn’t tell how excited he was.

This is still the disciple of the top three sects on Ziwei Continent, and their IQ is not very good, so they are irritated.

“Boy.” At this moment , the disciples

who rushed in also found Yue Feng, and the one headed was full of anger, pointed at Yue Feng and said, “I’ll see where you run this time.”

He wanted to greet his companions and prepare to surround Yue Feng, but Yue Feng would give them a chance. He laughed loudly, muttering formulas in his heart, his figure flashed, and he left the Five Elements Array directly.

“Haha, you idiots, just stay inside.” The moment he walked out of the Five Elements Formation, Yue Feng sneered again.


Being ridiculed again and again, the disciples of these three major sects were all furious, and they were about to rush out. But what happened next made them dumbfounded.

what happened? Why can’t I get out of the woods?

For a time, the dozens of disciples of the three major sects were surprised to find that these small trees were very evil, as if they could move, no matter how they walked, they could block their way.

“What’s the matter?”

“These trees are a bit evil…it seems they can move…” During the

discussion, these disciples were like headless flies, they couldn’t rush out, they were all anxious sweat.


Hearing those disciples shouting in the Five Elements Formation, Yue Feng laughed, feeling indescribably happy, then took a deep breath and rushed towards the entrance of the Heavenly Mysterious Realm.

Chapter 4952

Those disciples guarding the entrance to the mysterious realm of the sky were all trapped by the Five Elements Array at this time, and the entrance was almost empty at this time.


Soon, at the entrance, Yue Feng couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

I saw that a few meters away from the cave was an enchantment, and the enchantment was surging with strange power fluctuations, just like the underground tomb that Yue Feng had entered before.

I hope there is a teleportation formation here..

At this moment, Yue Feng muttered in his heart, strode over, and directly entered the enchantment.


The moment he entered the barrier, Yue Feng only felt that the world was spinning, and the next second, a ray of light enveloped him and teleported away directly.


just as Yue Feng’s forefoot was teleported away, he heard footsteps. He heard a lot of people, and then, he saw hundreds of people rushing forward, all of them looking excited.

Each of these people has a strong atmosphere, but they are dressed differently. Obviously, they are all from the rivers and lakes, and they do not belong to the same sect.

If Yue Feng was present at this time, he would definitely be secretly surprised.

Because among these people, there is a slender figure with delicate facial features and a sexy figure, but there is a bit of coldness and arrogance between his brows. It was Lu Xiaoshuang, the elder sister of the Shendiaomen master who had seen it once in the ancient tomb.


At the entrance of the secret realm, many experts from all corners of the world are all excited.

“It seems that this year’s Dao Discussion Conference, the three major sects were not very successful.”

“Yeah, before the conference started, a mad hee suddenly appeared… And now, the entrance to this secret realm is not guarded, it’s really a mess.”

“Hehe, the three major sects are in a mess, for us , but it’s a good thing.”

Everyone said excitedly, and quickly walked towards the entrance.

These people originally came to watch the Dao Discussion Conference, but just now, near the arena, a mad hee suddenly appeared, which caused a panic. These people took advantage of the gap between the three major sects to maintain order and slipped out quietly, heading towards the secret realm. come.

Speaking of which, over the years, the three major sects have united to occupy the mysterious realm of the sky, which made other sects and people from all walks of life feel unhappy.

On the way, these people have discussed it, and if they meet the disciples of the three major sects guarding here, they will swarm up, but they did not expect that there is no one here at the entrance.

They still don’t know that the three sect disciples who are guarding here are all trapped in the Five Elements Formation by Yue Feng.


At this moment, Lu Xiaoshuang followed the crowd, feeling extremely excited and a little complicated at the same time. Heavenly Mysterious Realm, for hundreds of years, because it has been occupied by the three major sects all the year round, other sects can only watch it, it can be said to be a forbidden place on the rivers and lakes, and today, I finally have the opportunity to enter and find out.

It’s just…such people in the rivers and lakes, each has a ghost, and after entering, it will definitely be a fight.

It seems that he has to be careful when he waits.

Swish swish…

Just when Lu Xiaoshuang was thinking about this, many people couldn’t wait to rush into the barrier, one by one incarnations and a ray of light disappeared. At that time, Lu Xiaoshuang didn’t have time to think, and quickly followed.

at this time, in the secret realm.


After a short period of dizziness, Yue Feng finally stepped on the ground, took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes.

I go!

Seeing the environment in front of him, Rao Shi Yue Feng was prepared, but he couldn’t help but take a breath.

I saw that there was an incomparably empty space in front of me, a huge group of palaces, standing there, surrounded by mountains in the distance, these palaces, all built with white stones, indescribably majestic and solemn, just in the Under the baptism of years, there is a vast atmosphere.

Moreover, some places are already dilapidated, many places are overgrown with weeds, and there are some broken walls and tiles scattered in the grass.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng suddenly realized something. Maybe this place was really built by God’s Domain, because the style of the palace is completely different from the Ziwei Continent outside.

Chapter 4953

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng immediately thought of Jiutian Xuannv who was in charge of the Kyushu mainland at that time.

At the beginning, Jiutian Xuannv was sent by God’s Domain to secretly maintain the balance of Kyushu Continent, but later because of the turmoil of Pluto, Jiutian Xuannv died and was injured…

And the place in front of him should also be sent by God’s Domain to supervise Ziwei Continent. The place where people lived, just didn’t know what happened, and then the place was abandoned.

After that, the barrier set up at the entrance of God’s Domain prevented people from the rivers and lakes of the Lagerstroemia Continent from entering, so it became very mysterious.


Thinking of this, Yue Feng took a deep breath, feeling a little inexplicably excited.

According to this, there must be a teleportation formation deployed by God’s Domain in this place. You must know that when Jiutian Xuannv secretly supervised Kyushu, a teleportation formation was set up on the top of Kunlun at that time to facilitate contact with God’s Domain.

As long as you find the teleportation array here, you can leave.


The more Yue Feng thought about it, the more excited he became. Immediately, he walked quickly towards the palace group in front of him.

It was just that he had just passed through the broken wall and broken tiles on the periphery, and Yue Feng frowned secretly. He clearly saw that there were many formations in the palace group in front of him. These formations remained independent, but the formations and formations in between, and intertwined.

What the hell!

Upon discovering this, Yue Feng couldn’t help being secretly surprised. The formation was surrounded by formations. This place was really dangerous. No wonder the three major sects outside had controlled this place for nearly a hundred years, and they didn’t understand it.

However, Yue Feng did not panic in the slightest. His accomplishments in formation techniques can be said to be unprecedented and never come later. Even though the formations in front of him are very mysterious and complicated, they cannot help him.


Just after walking a few steps, Yue Feng suddenly stopped, his eyes flashed with brilliance, and he saw a faint golden light shining in a collapsed room not far ahead.

It was an ancient fragment, and it should be something from the Divine Realm.

Around the fragment, there are several statues, which is a small trapped formation. On the periphery of the trapped formation, sitting two mummified corpses, looking at the clothes, were the people of the three major sects.

Obviously, over the past 100 years, the three major sects have been sending people in to investigate, and these people have also discovered the golden fragment, but unfortunately they were trapped and trapped to death if they didn’t get it.

It seems that his luck is not bad.

Seeing the fragment, Yue Feng showed a smile. This small trapped formation was extremely dangerous for the three major sects, but for Yue Feng, it was as easy as a child playing a house.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng walked over quickly, first observed the deployment of the small trapped formation, and then studied the method of breaking the formation.


Soon, Yue Feng found a way to break the formation, moved one of the sculptures, and suddenly a tremor came, the sculptures fell to the ground one after another, and the formation was completely destroyed.

At that time, Yue Feng didn’t have time to think about it, and walked over quickly, holding the golden scroll in his hand, but with a smile on his face, he was very relaxed and happy.


In the next second, Yue Feng was about to open the scroll to watch, and when he saw the person in front of him out of the corner of his eye, he was immediately excited.

I saw that in the stone houses in front, there were some scraps in each room. Of course, small formations were also deployed around the stone table where the scraps were placed.

So many…

For a time, Yue Feng was very stunned, so he was about to walk over and continue to break through the formation, but at this time, footsteps suddenly came from behind him.

Anyone else?

Yue Feng was very alert and immediately turned around, frowning secretly, and saw a man with a long knife walking over with a sneer, his eyes staring at the scraps in Yue Feng’s hand with greedy eyes.

This person is called Hong Li, and he came in with Lu Xiaoshuang and the others just now.


At this time, Hong Li stared at the scraps in Yue Feng’s hands: “You’re lucky, you found something good when you came in, I’m not difficult for you, you give me the things and I’ll let them go. You!”

When he said this, Hong Li looked proud and didn’t take Yue Feng seriously at all.

Because Hong Li clearly sensed that Yue Feng had no strength at all, and was no different from ordinary people. He should have followed everyone and sneaked in just now.

Chapter 4954


Hearing Hong Li’s words, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing secretly. At the same time, he also realized that the entrance to the secret realm was not guarded just now, and the guy in front of him might have taken the opportunity to sneak in.

At this time, Yue Feng didn’t know that Hong Li was not the only one who slipped in.


Seeing Yue Feng standing there, his expression changed, Hong Li lost his patience in an instant: “You don’t understand what I said, hand over the things quickly.”

At this time, Hong Li was indescribably excited.

For hundreds of years, there has been a rumor in the rivers and lakes that there are many peerless exercises in the mysterious realm of heaven. Because of this, the three major sects send people to investigate every year, and even hold a conference on Taoism in order to fight for the right to explore.

Each of these exercises scattered in the secret realm is extremely mysterious. As long as the cultivation is successful, it can be famous all over the world.

At this time, seeing the golden fragment in Ye Feng’s hand, Hong Li instinctively determined that this is one of the peerless exercises, and naturally he will not miss it.

Yue Feng reacted and looked at Hong Li with a frown: “I got this thing according to my ability, why should I give it to you?” After saying that, Yue Feng pointed to other stone houses with fragments: “There are many more, do you think If you want, go get it yourself.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Hearing Yue Feng’s answer, Hong Li squinted and flashed a bit of sullenness: “Do you want to die? If you hand it over, hand it over.”


The moment the voice fell, a powerful breath burst out from Hong Li, directly locking Yue Feng. At the same time, Hong Li pulled out the long knife in his hand.

In an instant, the atmosphere was extremely dignified.

In Hong Li’s eyes, the Yue Feng in front of him has no strength at all, just like the meat on the chopping board, he can do whatever he wants.


Feeling Hong Li’s ruthlessness, Yue Feng chuckled lightly and didn’t panic at all: “I won’t give it to you. If you want to grab it, you can try it.” As he spoke, Yue Feng glanced at it. A stone house not far ahead.

At a distance of more than ten steps, Yue Feng had absolute certainty. Before Hong Li started, he rushed into the small trapped formation of the stone house. As long as he entered the trapped formation, Hong Li could not do anything to Yue Feng at all.

After all, this small trapped formation was deployed by God’s Domain, and Hong Li couldn’t break it at all.

Seeing that Yue Feng was not cooperating at all, Hong Li was completely angry, and scolded: “Ma De, stinky boy, you are really courting death!” The voice fell, and he was about to rush over.


Just at this critical moment, suddenly, footsteps were heard again not far away, and then, I saw several big men rushing over quickly.

Several big men, all wearing black strong suits, were embroidered with the logo of the river. The one at the head, with a strong back, carrying a huge ghost-headed sword, is very domineering.

Four Seas Gang?

Seeing this scene, Hong Li’s expression changed, and he couldn’t hide his fear.

Yes, the big men who came were all members of the Sihai Gang. The tall man at the head was Huo Yunhai, one of the ten main halls of the Sihai Gang.

Yue Feng originally planned to rush into the stone house, but was stunned when he saw Huo Yunhai coming over.

“Te Niang’s!”

Soon after, Huo Yunhai looked at Hong Li and then at the golden scroll in Yue Feng’s hand, and immediately sneered: “You two are very fast, you will find it so quickly. good stuff.”

When speaking, Huo Yunhai was full of pride.

In his eyes, Hong Li is just a nobody on the rivers and lakes. As for Yue Feng, he has no strength at all, and he is similar to ordinary people, so he doesn’t need to take it seriously.

When Ge Zhenhong brought Yue Feng to see Gu Sanniang, Huo Yunhai happened to be out on business, so he didn’t know Yue Feng, let alone that Yue Feng was Gu Sanniang’s VIP.


At this time, Hong Li reacted and said with a look of flattery: “It turned out to be the famous Hall Master Huo. Disrespectful and disrespectful!” Attitudes are totally different. As he said that, Hong

Li looked at Huo Yunhai with a look of flattery.

Li pointed to Yue Feng: “I was going to take away the cheat book that this kid found. Since I joined you, this cheat book will be given to Hall Master Huo, how about it?”

Chapter 4955

Hong Li has been able to walk the rivers and lakes alone for so many years, relying on cleverness. He knows in his heart that the Four Seas Gang can’t be provoked by himself at all, and Huo Yunhai is even more ruthless. The best way is to join them.

Although the cheat book in front of me has been sent out, I feel a little distressed. There are so many treasures here. In the end, I will definitely be able to share some benefits.

Seeing Hong Li’s look of anticipation, Huo Yunhai thought for a while and nodded: “Okay!” Speaking of which, Huo Yunhai looked down on Hong Li at all, but this place was unpredictable, and someone took the initiative to be a pawn, naturally he was willing to accept it.

The next second, Huo Yunhai looked at Yue Feng: “Boy, hand over your things!” His

tone was indifferent, but there was no doubt.

In Huo Yunhai’s eyes, Yue Feng’s status is not as good as Hong Li’s, so he doesn’t need to look straight at him.


Facing the situation in front of him, Yue Feng frowned and sneered in his heart. A jackal came just now, and now another wicked tiger came.

But Yue Feng didn’t panic, he was protected by the formation in the stone house, not to mention another Huo Yunhai, even if there was another group of people, he was not afraid at all.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng made a look of vigilance, and while slowly backing up to the stone house behind him, he said coldly: “I found something, I won’t give it to you, if you have the ability, you can find it yourself. .”


Seeing that Yue Feng was not afraid of the sky and the earth, Hong Li immediately shouted: “Stinky boy, you are really shameless.” When the words

fell, Huo Yunhai also had a grim face, and looked at Yue Feng coldly: ” Boy, there is nothing we can’t get our hands on in the Four Seas Gang.”

After saying that, he was about to let the people around him do it.

However, at this moment, Hong Li wanted to show off, and immediately shouted: “Senior Huo, what is the use of a knife to kill a chicken? This kid is just a nobody. Let me help you grab something


” Falling down, Hong Li burst out, and the long knife directly thought of Yue Feng and slashed over.

The villain who bullies the soft and fears the hard!

In the dark, Hong Li slashed over, Yue Feng secretly despised it, and didn’t think much about it at the time. He turned around and thought about the stone house and rushed in. As long as they entered the formation, Huo Yunhai and Hong Li had great skills, and they couldn’t help themselves.

However, just two steps away, Yue Feng accidentally tripped over the gravel under his feet, and the moment he fell to the ground, a token on his body also fell out.


Seeing this situation, Hong Li’s face was full of mockery: “Do you still want to run? Can you run?” As he spoke, he was about to rush up.


However, at this moment, Huo Yunhai, who was standing behind, suddenly shouted.

This loud cry made Hong Li hurriedly stop in his footsteps, and turned his head to ask, “Tang Master Huo, what’s wrong?” Huo

Yunhai ignored him, but walked over quickly, staring at Yue Feng, who had just fallen to the ground. His face was full of astonishment: “Where did you get the token from?”

When he said this, Huo Yunhai picked up the token and watched it repeatedly.

You can’t go wrong, this is the token on the leader Gu Sanniang, which symbolizes the supremacy of the Four Seas Gang.


Seeing Huo Yunhai’s excited expression, Yue Feng said lightly, “Gu Sanniang gave it to me.”

Hearing this, Huo Yunhai instantly widened his eyes and scolded: “You are not too timid, you dare to call Sanniang’s name directly? What is your name? Who is it? Is the token stolen? Tell me quickly.

” At the end, Huo Yunhai grabbed Yue Feng’s collar with a fierce look on his face.

“My name is Yue Feng!”

Yue Feng said indifferently: “Also, as I said just now, this token was given to me by Gu Sanniang. If you have any objection, go back and ask Gu Sanniang.”

What? Is he that Yue Feng?

At this moment, Huo Yunhai was completely stunned, staring at Yue Feng blankly, unable to calm down for a long time. When I returned to the main altar of the Four Seas Alliance yesterday, I heard that there was a VIP named Yue Feng, who was deeply respected by Gu Sanniang, but I didn’t expect that it was the person in front of me.

At this moment, Huo Yunhai was shocked, and quickly released his hand, his face was extremely embarrassed, like a child who did something wrong, and kept apologizing: “So you are Mr. Yue Feng, and you have offended a lot just now, and you have offended a lot… “

When he said this, Huo Yunhai was sweating profusely and felt extremely frightened in his heart.

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