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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4941-4945

Chapter 4941

Thinking, Mr. Shuiyue couldn’t help but said: “Yue Feng, stay for a while.”

Yue Feng was stunned and stopped: “Is there something wrong with Mr. Shuiyue?”

Mr. Shuiyue walked back to the hall quickly, Take out the yellow phosphorus grass that has not been used up before: “Your body has not recovered, take these remaining yellow phosphorus grass with you.” This person is not simple, and he has a good relationship with him. There’s no downside to the benefits.

Yue Feng was not polite, took the yellow phosphorus grass, nodded and said, “Thank you.”

At this moment, Bai Lin walked over quickly, her delicate face showing a bit of complexity: “Yue Feng… You… will you come to Shuiyuewu in the future? Can we meet again?”

Although we’ve only known each other for a day, Yue Feng can always be impressive at a critical moment. The figure of this man has deeply moved It was imprinted deep in Bai Lin’s heart.


Yue Feng scratched his head and smiled slightly: “We will meet

if we have a fate.” After saying this, Yue Feng greeted Ge Zhenhong and strode away.

“Your Excellency Yue Feng.”

After walking a long way, Ge Zhenhong couldn’t help but said: “What happened in that underground tomb, and how did you finally come out? In the past few days, Shendiaomen has released news. Chasing you everywhere. Shendiaomen is not weak, we just have to be careful.”


Yue Feng took a deep breath and told the situation at the time, and at the end, his face was full of emotion: “Fortunately there was that Kuangxi at that time, otherwise, I’m afraid I’m still in the hands of Shendiaomen now. .”


Hearing this, Ge Zhenhong was shocked and stared at Yue Feng, completely dumbfounded. To be honest, he had already guessed that Yue Feng must be in trouble at the time, but he did not expect the real situation to be so dangerous.

What shocked him even more was that Yue Feng seemed to be ordinary, but he didn’t hide it. First, he unlocked the secret lock on the treasure chest in the ancient tomb, and then he was able to talk to Kuangxi. In the end, Kuangxi was at a critical moment. He even risked his life to take him out of the ancient tomb. All these things are things that ordinary people would not dare to think about.

No wonder Gu Sanniang treats him so politely, this person is indeed extraordinary.

In shock, Ge Zhenhong suddenly thought of something: “Mr. Yue Feng, you just said that Kuangxi rescued you and brought you near Shuiyuewu when you were in a coma. What about Kuangxi now?” He After walking the rivers and lakes for nearly ten years, I have never seen the top ten beasts, and I am very curious at this time.

Hearing the question, Yue Feng smiled slightly and looked quietly behind him.


Ge Zhenhong realized something, and quickly turned his head to look. He was shocked, and his legs were weak.

I saw that behind him, at an unknown time, followed by a huge beast, with a body more than ten meters long and fifteen meters high, with eyes like copper bells, and sharp teeth and claws.

Yes, it was Kuangxi who had been secretly protecting Yue Feng near Shuiyuewu. When Yue Feng quietly waited for Cao Yong to take revenge, he had been communicating with Kuangxi who was hiding in the bamboo forest.

At that time, Yue Feng had thought about it, no matter who Cao Yong brought, he would let Kuangxi show up at that time, and keep the crap out of them. In the end, he never thought that the person Cao Yong had brought was actually Ge Zhenhong

. Hee doesn’t need to show up anymore.

Then Yue Feng said goodbye to Shuiyuewu, and Kuangxi quietly came out and followed behind. Yue Feng always knew that Ge Zhenhong was kept in the dark.


A few seconds later, Ge Zhenhong regained his senses. He was so frightened at the time that he stuttered: “This…this is the top ten beasts, mad…Kangxi?” The

voice fell, and Kuangxi let out a low roar , seems to be responding to Ge Zhenhong.

Ge Zhenhong’s heart trembled and he almost collapsed on the ground.

“Lord Beast God.” Kuangxi looked at Yue Feng with a complicated tone: “This man is so timid, what’s the use of staying by your side? Why don’t you let me eat it and beat your teeth.”

Kuangxi is irritable and bloodthirsty . , In the world, except for Yue Feng, he doesn’t take anyone in his eyes at all, especially seeing Ge Zhenhong’s terrified look, he suddenly has the heart to kill.

Feeling the fierce light and suffocating energy in Kuangxi’s eyes, Ge Zhenhong panicked even more: “Mr. Yue Feng, it… what is it going to do?”

Chapter 4942

Yue Feng smiled lightly: “You don’t need to panic. It’s just curious about you!”

After speaking, Yue Feng said to Kuangxi in animal language: “This person is famous in the rivers and lakes, and he is a member of the Four Seas Gang. It’s useful to me, don’t hit him and pay attention.”

“Yes, Lord Beast God.” Kuangxi glanced at Ge Zhenhong regretfully and restrained the killing intent on his body.


Seeing that Yue Feng communicated with Kuangxi in animal language, Ge Zhenhong was even more surprised. Mr. Yue Feng didn’t brag. It was incredible that he could really communicate with beasts.

Who would have believed it if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes?

Under the shock, Ge Zhenhong asked cautiously, “Mr. Yue Feng, where are we going next? Do you want to go back to see Sanniang?”

Yue Feng thought for a while and said, “Go back in a few days, I plan to look for it again. Find out if there are any abandoned formations in other Zongmen ruins…”


As they were talking, they heard the sound of horses’ hooves on the road not far away, and Yue Feng and Ge Zhenhong didn’t have time to think about it. , hurriedly and Kuangxi hid in the woods beside him.

After a while, I saw dozens of people from the rivers and lakes, one by one, rushing towards the west.

Not long after these people left, some others also went in that direction.

what’s the situation?

Seeing this scene, Yue Feng frowned secretly and couldn’t help but ask, “Why are there so many people in the world all of a sudden? Is something wrong?”

Yue Feng has also been in the world for a long time. Something big is happening.

“I’m not very clear either.” Ge Zhenhong shook his head, and then he thought of something, his eyes flashed: “By the way, it seems to be the day when the three major sects hold the Dao Discussion Conference.” The

three major sects? On the Taoist Conference?

Hearing this, Yue Feng frowned and suddenly became interested: “What the hell is going on? What are the three major sects?” Ge


breathed a sigh of relief, and said slowly: “The three major sects are pure Yanggong, Beihai Constellation, and Tianhaimen. A hundred years ago, these three sects sent their disciples to explore a secret realm. It is said that the secret realm was created by the gods, and it is extremely mysterious.”

Secret realm?

Yue Feng frowned again.

Seeing his expression, Ge Zhenhong explained patiently: “The secret realm is a special space that needs to pass through the barrier to enter. It is similar to the underground tomb that Mr. Yue Feng entered before, but there are some differences.”

Hearing this, Yue The wind was stunned.

At this time, Ge Zhenhong continued: “After investigating the mysterious realm of the sky, the three sects all wanted to take it for themselves, and they fought with each other for more than ten years. There were countless deaths and injuries among their disciples, but in the end, no one accepted the other, and none of them took it. It’s cheap.”

“Afterwards, the heads of the three major sects sat together to discuss, and held a Dao discussion conference every other year. The three sects selected their disciples to compete. Entering the Heavenly Mysterious Realm for comprehension and cultivation. The time limit is one year, and in the second year, it will continue to be held.”

“Calculating, these three major sects have been held dozens of times so far, and these days, they have arrived again. It’s time for the Daoism Conference.”

When he said this, Ge Zhenhong looked complicated: “Every time this time, there will be many people in the rivers and lakes, and they will go to Amicao City to watch the game.”

Tiancao City belongs to a martial arts town. There are no ordinary people in it. People from all walks of life live in it. There are dragons and snakes mixed there. It is the most special area in the entire Ziwei Continent.

It’s a bit interesting…

Knowing this news, Yue Feng showed a slight smile, and then said: “For so many years, the mysterious realm was controlled by these three sects? Other sects and Jianghu forces never thought about it. Interfere ?”

Ge Zhenhong smiled bitterly, and said slowly: “These three sects are the oldest sects on the entire road, and they have a profound background. When they join forces, there is no sect or organization in the entire Ziwei Continent, and dare to challenge them. Don’t look at the fierce fighting between them, but as soon as the mysterious realm of the sky is involved, they will immediately unite.”

Hearing this, Yue Feng thought: “Let’s go, let’s go to Tiancao City.”

Chapter 4943

Ge Zhenhong was stunned at first, and then said in surprise: “Mr. Yue Feng also wants to watch the Taoist conference?”


Yue Feng smiled lightly: “What Taoist conference? It’s just a ring competition, it means nothing at all. No, I’m interested in that mysterious realm.” It

‘s been a few days since I came to Ziwei Continent, and Yue Feng can guess that the gods mentioned here are the gods in the realm of the gods. Since this secret realm is related to the realm of the gods, it may be able to Find your way out of here.


Hearing this, Ge Zhenhong was shocked, and quickly persuaded: “Mr. Yue Feng, don’t be impulsive, the three major sects are very powerful, even our Four Seas Gang must avoid their edge, if you explore the mysterious realm of the sky, I will I advise you to give up your thoughts. Or, let’s go back and discuss it with Sanniang.”

Before seeing Yue Feng, Ge Zhenhong had been scolded by Gu Sanniang, but now it’s hard to find, Yue Feng is going to risk his life again , can Ge Zhenhong not be in a hurry?

“You don’t have to worry about this.”

Yue Feng smiled slightly, with a relaxed expression on his face: “You just need to take me to Tiancao City. For the rest, just follow my arrangements. Come up.”

After speaking, Yue Feng quickly climbed onto Kuangxi’s back and motioned Ge Zhenhong to come up together.


Looking at the majestic Kuangxi, Ge Zhenhong was almost scared, how dare he sit on its back? However, with Yue Feng’s encouragement, he finally climbed up cautiously.


After Ge Zhenhong sat down, Yue Feng gave an order, and he heard Kuangxi let out a roar.


On the other side, the continent of Kyushu.

Under Mo Yan’s instructions, Yu Du led the elites of the Sea Dragon Palace to the mainland to prepare for the formation of the Gorefiend Sect secret organization. Soon, a perfect plan was deployed.

Yu Du’s plan is very simple. As a mysterious person, he will hold ring competitions in various places in Kyushu. The top 50 will be rewarded with generous rewards. When he hears the news, people in all corners of Kyushu will be moved by the wind.

At this moment, Diyuan Continent, Beihai City.

Today’s Beihai City is very lively. At this time, a huge arena has been built in the park square in the north of the city.

According to rumors, it was a mysterious rich man who held the arena. Because he was obsessed with cultivation, he deliberately held this kind of ring competition. The rewards were very generous, but the conditions were a bit harsh. Those who were required to participate in the competition had to be at the level of Martial Saint.

Even so, there is still an endless stream of people who come to sign up.

I saw that the people in charge of the ring competition, and the people around this order, all wore uniform dark blue clothes, and their strength was not low, so no one dared to make trouble here.

At this time, everyone didn’t know that the arena was held by the Hailong Hall, which was famous overseas recently, and these people wearing blue clothes were all members of the Hailong Hall.

There are tens of thousands of people who came to Beihai to participate in the competition today.

I saw that in the rest area of ​​the game, there was a slender figure, which was particularly eye-catching and could be said to be the focus of the audience.

The girl is around 20 years old, wearing a long light green dress, giving people the feeling of being indescribably beautiful and refined, like a fairy descending to earth.

It is the princess of the sea shark clan, Hai Linger.

A few years ago, Yue Wuya and Han Bing were chasing Duan Yu in the sea. At that time, they met Hai Linger by chance. Later, the two sides became more in love with each other, but the situation in Kyushu was very unstable at that time, and Hai Linger returned after a while After joining the sea shark clan, Yue Wuya also returned to Kyushu, and finally became the new sect master of Tianmen.

However, neither side has forgotten the other. Recently, Hai Linger made a breakthrough in her cultivation, so she decided to go out and make a breakthrough, and the first thing that came to her mind was Yue Wuya.

At that time, Hai Linger went to Donghai City first, and after inquiring, she learned that Tianmen and the Ouyang family were hidden. Hai Linger was very lost, and then traveled around.

Today, I came to Beihai City, which coincided with the ring competition held in the Hailong Palace. Hai Linger suddenly became interested. After practicing for so many years, she had too little actual combat experience, so she wanted to participate in the competition to verify her strength.

Chapter 4944

At this moment, the host slowly came to the stage, looked around and smiled and said: “Now the game starts, who will come first?”

When the voice fell, the audience was silent, and everyone who came to participate in the game looked at each other, I don’t want to be the first to take the lead.

“I’m coming!”

However, at this moment, a crisp voice sounded, followed by a beautiful figure that flew up, like a butterfly, and gently landed on the ring.

It was Hai Ling’er!


In an instant, seeing Hai Linger playing, the audience was restless, and many men’s eyes were straight.

“It’s so beautiful, which is the young lady of the big family at this time? Or the disciple of which sect?”

“I haven’t seen it before, but it’s really beautiful, like a fairy…”

“It’s a great honor to play against her. Ah .. “

Under the discussion, many men are excited, they see that Hai Linger’s long hair, the exquisite facial features, especially light green long skirts, the curve is perfect, and people can’t extricate themselves.

Speaking of which, many participants felt that Hai Linger’s strength was not low, but it did not affect their inner madness.

Even the host’s eyes lit up, and couldn’t help but exclaim: “Oh, I didn’t expect that the first one to appear was a beautiful woman, who wants to compete with her?”


“I’m coming, I’m coming…” As

soon as the voice fell, many men below shouted frantically, and then scrambled to rush to the ring, but in the end, there was no one wearing a white long shirt. The man took the lead.


Seeing that he was the first to take the stage, the man in white was very proud, and bowed his hands at Hai Linger: “Beauty, my name is Li Dongchen, we can meet here, and we are still fighting in the first match. It’s too fateful.”

“Wait for the end of the game, I wonder if the beauty is interested in having dinner with me?”

When he said this, Li Dongchen’s eyes kept looking up and down on Hai Linger, and the more he looked, the more obsessed he became. , Beautiful, so beautiful, and her body is extremely sexy. If you can spend a good night together, it will be worth dying.

Li Dongchen’s gaze made Hai Ling’er feel uncomfortable, and immediately bit her lip and said, “You can compare, don’t talk about these things

that have nothing to do with the game.”

Hai Ling’er’s indifference did not make Li Dongchen restrain at all, but she said with great interest, “Don’t turn away beautiful women from thousands of miles away. As the saying goes, meeting is fate, and I really want to be friends with beautiful women.”

“You. ..”

Hai Ling’er was annoyed, and said angrily, “Are you going to fight or not?” This man was so annoying, he even said that he didn’t want to know him, and he kept talking.

“Hit…hit…” Li Dongchen said with a smile, thinking he had put on a very handsome posture: “Beauty, don’t worry, I will strike lightly later.” The

voice fell, and Li Dongchen rushed up quickly. .


However, when he approached Hai Linger, Li Dongchen hadn’t even released his palm when he saw Hai Linger’s delicate body flashing, and it had already reached his left side, and then the jade hand quickly raised and slapped him on the palm. face!

With this slap, Hai Ling’er didn’t use her internal strength, she just wanted to teach Li Dongchen a lesson, who called him rude.


After being slapped, Li Dongchen was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Hai Linger with a bit of astonishment: “Beauty, you are…”

Before she finished speaking, Hai Linger said coldly: “This slap hit you You are slick, not serious, I never thought about being your friend, so don’t be delusional. If you are still smiling, don’t blame me for being rude.” The

voice was clear and pleasant, but there was no doubt about it.


The voice fell, and the people watching below burst into laughter and mocked Li Dongchen.

“This kid deserves it, haha..”

“That’s right, seeing how beautiful people are, I want to get close. The toad wants to eat swan meat.”

“This slap should make him stupid? Haha..”

The following people laughed Hearing, Li Dongchen was embarrassed and angry, and immediately looked at Hai Ling’er: “I really don’t know how to lift up! Be careful, I’m going to shoot.” When the words

fell, Li Dongchen’s inner strength exploded and he slapped it with a palm. .

Chapter 4945

Seeing this palm from Li Dongchen, Hai Linger was not afraid at all, and greeted him with a palm.


The next second, the palms of the two sides touched, and Hai Ling’er’s delicate body was motionless, while Li Dongchen’s body trembled, and he stumbled back several steps.


At the same time, Li Dongchen couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air. When he held his palms just now, he clearly felt a strange force of ice coming from Hai Ling’er’s hand.

This power of ice is very different from the Yin exercises he encountered before. It is just a momentary time, like falling into an ice cave.

“Okay… peculiar ice power!”

Li Dongchen shivered and couldn’t help but said. At this time, his face lost the confidence he had before, but was extremely solemn. What kind of exercises did this woman learn? never seen?

At this time, Li Dongchen didn’t know yet that Hai Ling’er was the princess of the sea shark clan, and her practice was also unique.

Moreover, the sea sharks have been living in seclusion overseas, and have never interacted with people in the arena of the Kyushu mainland, not to mention Li Dongchen, even the heads of various sects again, can’t see the truth of Hai Linger.

Seeing the shocked expression on Li Dongchen’s face, Hai Linger’s red lips parted lightly, and she said lightly: “You are not my opponent, just admit defeat.”


Li Dongchen took a deep breath, Hai Linger’s tone was indifferent, without humiliation, but in his It sounds unacceptable.

You know, when he came up just now, Li Dongchen was full of self-confidence. He planned to win the first game first, and by the way, he could get to know the beautiful woman who thought the country was beautiful, but he never expected that the opponent was so strong?

He had already been slapped in public just now, and it would be too embarrassing to admit defeat now.

Thinking of this, Li Dongchen gritted his teeth and rushed up again.

Hai Ling’er shook her head, sighed, and fought fiercely with Li Dongchen again.


Seeing this scene, everyone below was stunned, all eyes were fixed on Hai Linger, and they saw her figure flying up and down, and her figure made many men stunned.

At the same time, the host who was standing not far away also stared at Hai Ling’er and nodded in approval.

This woman is not only beautiful, but also has good strength. She is a member of the Gorefiend Sect…

Thinking to herself, the host took out a small notebook from her body and quickly wrote Hai Linger’s name.


At this time in the ring, Hai Linger and Li Dongchen fought each other for less than ten rounds before they found an opportunity and slapped Li Dongchen on the shoulder.


In an instant, Li Dongchen groaned, his face was pale, he stepped back ten steps in a row, and finally fell to the ground, extremely weak.


Seeing this scene, many men around were howling, excited as if they had won the battle themselves.


“I didn’t expect a beauty to be so powerful!”

“It’s an eye-opener.” During the

shouting, many men’s eyes converged on Hai Ling’er, and their eyes were full of admiration.

Hai Ling’er’s face was still expressionless, and she said coldly, “Who else dares to come up?”

“Congratulations, Miss Hailinger!” At this moment, the host also walked over quickly, with a smile on his face: “You have passed the preliminary round, please go to Beihai Hotel and wait, then the room card, and then we You will be notified of the next day’s match.” As he

spoke, the host took out a room card and handed it over respectfully.


Hai Ling’er took the room card. At this moment, she was in an indescribably relaxed and happy mood. I didn’t expect that the organizer was very considerate, and even the place where the contestants lived was arranged.

Thinking to herself, Hai Ling’er smiled lightly: “Thank you.” Then she put away the room card, and slowly left the ring under the attention of the men around her.

“Okay.” The host looked at Hai Ling’er’s back, with deep meaning in his eyes, then looked around and smiled: “This second game, who is coming?”


Late at night, Beihai Hotel.

In the room, Hai Linger had just finished taking a shower and was about to get ready to rest when she received a notice from the organizer that she had something to discuss and asked her to meet in the office on the top floor.

Hai Linger arrived according to the time, and saw that a lot of people had come to the office, all of them were the ones who won in the preliminary competition today.

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