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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4936-4940

Chapter 4936

“Get out of here before the master comes back.”

“Also, if Cao Yong brings someone back, we will say that you are gone, and you are here to recover from your injuries, and it has nothing to do with us. “

Let’s go, let’s go…” At the

end of the story, Ye He looked impatient.

Hearing this, Yue Feng frowned, looked at Ye He and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t cause trouble to Shuiyuewu. Even if there is trouble, I will solve it completely.”

After that, Yue Feng turned to look With Bai Lin: “You guys are busy with your work, I’ll go outside and wait for that Cao Yong!” After saying this, Yue Feng strode out of the yard and waited quietly under a bamboo forest not far from Shuiyuewu.

Seeing this, Bai Lin stomped her feet in a hurry and complained at Ye He: “Senior brother, what are you doing? Yue Feng has promised to hide outside, but you have to speak so badly.”

Ye He defended : “Junior sister, how can you blame me for this? You have seen the situation before. He insisted on provoking Young Master Sun, and he beat up that Cao Yong just now!

” If he causes big trouble, I will drive him away, in fact, it is for his own good.”

Hearing this, Bai Lin bit her lip, not knowing how to refute.


On the other side, there is a post station more than ten miles away from Shuiyuewu. .

At this moment, in the tavern next to the inn, a man sat quietly in front of the windowsill, drinking tea while frowning in thought.

It was Ge Zhenhong!

In the Zongmen ruins before, Ge Zhenhong waited outside for a few hours, but he never saw Yue Feng come out, so he thought something had happened to him, and he didn’t think much about it at the time, so he hurried back to pay Gu Sanniang.

As a result, when Gu Sanniang learned of the situation, she scolded Ge Zhenhong on the spot, and then gave a death order to find Yue Feng no matter what. The death will be very miserable. It can be said that the fate of Gu Sanniang has been tied to Yue Feng.

At that time, I learned that Yue Feng was in the ancient tomb inside the ruins, and his life and death were unknown. How could Gu Sanniang not be in a hurry?

Ge Zhenhong was also terrified. He did not expect that Gu Sanniang would make such a big fire. At that time, he had no choice but to go back the same way and rush to the Zongmen ruins again!

However, after arriving, the people who were catching up with Shendiaomen withdrew from the ancient tomb. At that time, Ge Zhenhong hid in the dark and heard the conversation of the disciples of Shendiaomen, only to know that Yue Feng had left the ancient tomb. He was injured and was taken away by a huge mad hee.

After that, Ge Zhenhong asked around for news about Yue Feng and Kuang Xi, but what made him depressed was that he had searched for hundreds of miles in Fang Yuan in the past two days, but there was still no news.

Yue Feng and that Kuangxi seemed to have disappeared.

Today, Ge Zhenhong passed by Shuiyuewu and rested here for a while. At the same time, he was ready to use local forces to help him find someone together.

Ge Zhenhong, as a thief in the rivers and lakes, has contacts with forces in various places. In the Shuiyuewu area, the more powerful one was Cao Yong.

Half an hour ago, Ge Zhenhong asked Cao Yong to pass the news and asked him to come to the tavern of this inn to meet, but he waited and waited, but no one was seen.


At this time, Ge Zhenhong was very angry. It would be fine if Mr. Yue Feng could not find him. Now Cao Yong, he knew that he was going to meet, but he was so neglectful.


Just as he was irritated, he heard footsteps coming from outside, and then he saw Cao Yong walking over with a dozen accomplices, very embarrassed.

I saw that half of Cao Yong’s face was swollen high, and his eyes were squinted, unable to open.

Behind him, more than a dozen big men are also weak, as if they can faint at any time.

“Cao Yong!”

Seeing this situation, Ge Zhenhong said angrily, “I asked you to come see me, why did you grind for so long?” As he spoke, he looked at Cao Yong and muttered secretly.

Isn’t this kid doing a good job in this area? Why is it so miserable now?

“Boss Ge.”

Feeling Ge Zhenhong’s displeasure, Cao Yong wanted to cry without tears: “I originally planned to come to see you first, but I was in a hurry, so it’s too late.”

Chapter 4937

Ge Zhenhong frowned: “What’s the matter, you were beaten?”

Cao Yong was ashamed: “Don’t mention it, didn’t I act as a personal guard for the young master of the Sun family recently? Miss Sun came to Shuiyuewu before. He almost had an accident, and then a kid rescued Miss Sun!”

“But that kid was very arrogant, saying that Young Master Sun had hit someone, and he wanted to apologize! Because Young Master Sun was present at the time, Young Master Sun didn’t feel good, so he apologized. , but I was very upset, so I brought someone back to vent his anger.”

“Who knows, just now when we arrived in the hall of Shuiyuewu, we smelled a strange fragrance, and we were all powerless… ..”

When he said this, Cao Yong’s face was full of resentment.

so evil?

Knowing the situation, Ge Zhenhong also frowned, and then pondered for a moment: “If my guess is right, you must be poisoned, and you will be all weak and weak.”


Cao Yong scolded all of a sudden: “I knew there was something wrong with that kid. I think Cao Yong has been here for so long, when did I suffer this loss?”

After speaking, Cao Yong looked at Ge Zhenhong embarrassedly: “Ge Boss, you are here just today, or help me teach that kid a good lesson, you are all over the world, even if the kid secretly poisons, you can see through it at a glance.”

Ge Zhenhong thought for a while, nodded and said, “Okay, I will help you first. Solve this matter, and then you can help me find someone.”


Seeing Ge Zhenhong’s agreement, Cao Yong was so excited that he seemed to have seen the scene of Yue Feng howling on the ground, but he didn’t. Dare to show it.

Immediately, Cao Yong calmed down and asked cautiously, “Boss Ge, who do you want me to find?”

Ge Zhenhong waved his hand: “Go to Shuiyuewu first, and after you’ve dealt with your affairs, let’s talk about it in detail!” After the last word fell, Ge Zhenhong strode towards Shuiyuewu.

“Brothers, keep up.” With Ge Zhenhong’s support, Cao Yong instantly straightened his back, and loudly greeted the dozen or so big men behind him and followed closely.

At this moment, Shuiyuewu is here.

Yue Feng stood under the bamboo forest and waited for half an hour, but still couldn’t help frowning when Cao Yong and the others still didn’t appear.

Then Cao Yong wouldn’t dare to come, would he?

On second thought, no!

After all, Cao Yong is a famous gangster in the neighborhood. He suffered a big loss just now. How could he swallow his breath?

Thinking about it, Yue Feng continued to wait.

In Shuiyuewu, a dozen meters away, Bai Lin was standing in the pavilion, looking at the situation here. Seeing that Yue Feng was still standing there, she was a little anxious.

This Yue Feng is really a muscle. Why don’t you leave quickly while Cao Yong’s gang doesn’t come back? Do you really plan to fight to the end with Cao Yong and the others? He is only one person, how could he be Cao Yong’s opponent?

Thinking to herself, Bai Lin was going to persuade Yue Feng to leave.

Just before taking two steps, Ye He was held back.

At this time, Ye He looked as if he had nothing to do with him: “Junior sister, what are you going to do? Do you want to persuade Yue Feng to leave?”

“Yes.” Bai Lin was very anxious: “You didn’t watch it. Are you there? He’s still waiting there. When Cao Yong finds someone to come over, he’ll be in trouble. I have to let him go.”

Ye He frowned and said, “Junior sister, why do you care so much about him? This kid likes to cause trouble. Let him go, anyway, if he walks out of Shuiyuewu, even if he is beaten to death, it has nothing to do with us.”

“Also, you’d better not participate in this matter.”

Bai Lin frowned: “Why?”

Ye He chuckled lightly: “Why do you say? That Cao Yong is ruthless, if you know that you care so much about Yue Feng, guess what? What will he do?”

Bai Lin blushed: “I just don’t want to see him die here, let him leave, what can I do?” After saying that, she pressed away from Ye He’s hand and went over to persuade Yue Feng to leave quickly.


But at this moment, seeing the room in the distance, Bai Lin’s delicate body trembled, and her face instantly paled.

Ye He looked up and was shocked.

I saw that Cao Yong’s group went back and forth, each of them was aggressive, and they were completely different from when they left in embarrassment before. Not only that, but a man quietly followed Cao Yong’s side.

Although he was far away and could not see his face clearly, Bai Lin and Ye He could clearly sense the evil spirit pervading him.

It was Ge Zhenhong, the dragon of the mixed river.

Chapter 4938 It’s


Seeing this scene, Bai Lin’s body trembled uncontrollably, and her palms were sweating.

“Boss Ge!”

At this time, Cao Yong saw from a distance that Yue Feng was standing under the bamboo forest, and immediately shouted, “That kid hasn’t left yet! It looks like he’s waiting for me to come back.”

“That’s right, Boss Ge, this kid is a bit evil, we just got poisoned unknowingly!”

“It’s interesting.” Ge Zhenhong showed a trace of contempt on his face, and said coldly, “I want to be quiet, who is this kid so holy.”

With that said, Ge Zhenhong quickened his pace.

Cao Yong’s group followed behind, they were all very proud and excited. You must know that this is a famous dragon in the rivers and lakes.


When he was about to approach, when he saw Yue Feng, Ge Zhenhong was stunned.

“Yue Feng, hurry up!”

At this time, Bai Lin walked quickly to the gate of Shuiyuewu and shouted at Yue Feng anxiously, “Hurry up.” However, it was too late, Cao Yong and his group , came over quickly and surrounded Yue Feng.


Bai Lin sighed and closed her eyes in despair, not wanting to see the bloody scene that followed. Speaking of which, she knew very well that Yue Feng didn’t leave because she didn’t want to bring disaster to Chi Yu and bring trouble to Shuiyuewu.

It’s just… how could he handle such wicked people as Cao Yong alone? What’s more, Cao Yong also brought an expert in the arena.

Ye He quickly pulled Bai Lin: “Junior sister, don’t go there, it’s dangerous!”

When he said this, Ye He felt incomparably happy, this Yue Feng is too good at pretending, dare to provoke Cao Yong, wait to die.

“What’s the matter?”

At this moment, a gentle voice came from behind, Ye He and Bai Lin hurriedly looked back, instantly overjoyed.

It was Mr. Shuiyue who came back.

“Master!” Bai Lin seemed to grab a life-saving straw: “Hurry up and save Yue Feng, Cao Yong’s gang wanted to trouble him, and they brought an expert in the arena!”

Is there such a thing?

Hearing this, Mr. Shuiyue was shocked and frowned: “What happened?”

“Master.” As soon as he finished speaking, Ye He hurriedly said what happened before, adding fuel to it: “This is Yue Feng not only treated people without authorization, but also used his hands on others…”

Finally, Ye He couldn’t hide the contempt in his heart: “This is self-inflicted, and if that young master Sun didn’t apologize at that time, it would not develop. It ‘s beyond control.”

“Senior brother, you said…” Bai Lin stomped her feet in a hurry, and then pleaded with Mr. Shuiyue: “Master, the situation is critical, go and save Yue Feng.”


Mr. Shuiyue took a deep breath, nodded, and then walked over slowly, accompanied by a smile, and said to Cao Yong, “Brother Cao, is there a misunderstanding in today’s affairs…”

Seriously, Mr. Shuiyue Sober and indifferent, he doesn’t like to participate in these grievances on the rivers and lakes, but Yue Feng is resting in Shuiyuewu after all, so he can’t ignore it.

Just before he finished speaking, Cao Yong glared at him and scolded: “You are Mr. Shuiyue, hurry up and shut up, I tell you, this matter today has nothing to do with you Shuiyuewu, it is me and him. Gratitude, you’d better not go into this muddy water!”

Saying that, Cao Yong pointed to Ge Zhenhong next to him, with a proud look on his face: “Do you know who this is? The famous Hunjiang Longge boss in the arena, annoyed him and set your Shuiyuewu on fire. “


The words fell, Mr. Shuiyue’s heart trembled, his face changed greatly, and the eyes of Ge Zhenhong also showed deep fear.

Although Mr. Shuiyue is not involved in the affairs of the rivers and lakes, he also knows the affairs of the rivers and lakes very well. The jerk in front of him is a very heinous and famous person. He didn’t expect Cao Yong to have such a great ability to find him.

“Excuse me…” Under the fear, Mr. Shuiyue smiled bitterly, then turned around and returned to Shuiyuewu.

Seeing this situation, Bai Lin became anxious: “Master, should we leave it alone?” If Master didn’t care, Yue Feng would really be finished.

As soon as the words fell, Ye He pulled her and said anxiously: “Junior sister, are you stupid, can’t you see it now? The identity of the other party, the master can’t do anything, we can’t afford it at all, hurry up, Let’s go back with Master quickly, don’t meddle in your own business.”

Chapter 4939

At the same time, Mr. Shuiyue was also full of bitterness, and said to Bai Lin: “Lin’er, the other party has a lot of background, and he is powerless as a teacher. What Yue Feng will face in the future depends on his own fortune. “

The doctors are benevolent, we can’t fight against Hunjianglong, but wait, as long as Yue Feng doesn’t die, the teacher can still cure him.”

After saying this, Mr. Shuiyue turned around and entered the hall.

Seeing this situation, Bai Lin knew that it was useless to say anything, she sighed at that time, and entered Shuiyuewu both disappointed and worried.

At this time, Yue Feng is here.

Seeing that it was Ge Zhenhong, Yue Feng was stunned for a moment, and then showed a smile.


When Cao Yong left just now, he thought he would find some powerful helper. After a long time, it was Ge Zhenhong?

Speaking of which, when Yue Feng decided to wait here just now, it was not because he was overwhelmed, but because he knew that the fierce beast Kuangxi was in the depths of the bamboo forest. Yue Feng didn’t panic at all.

Huh …

Just when Yue Feng looked at Ge Zhenhong with a half-smile, the ecstasy hiding in the bamboo forest was ready to pounce. He had communicated with Yue Feng just now, as long as Yue Feng made a gesture, he It will rush out and kill Cao Yong’s group of people.

Seeing Yue Feng at this time, Ge Zhenhong was also shocked and extremely happy at the same time.

Mr. Yue Feng? Haha, that’s great. I’ve been looking for him for the past two days. No wonder he couldn’t find him. It turns out that he was recovering from his injuries in Shuiyuewu.

At this time, Cao Yong had not found out that something was wrong.

Seeing Ge Zhenhong standing still, Cao Yong became anxious and couldn’t help shouting: “Boss Ge, this is this kid, you can subdue him quickly, I’m going to abolish him.”


Hearing the shout, Ge Zhenhong reacted and looked at Cao Yong with a complicated expression: “The person you just said is him?!”

When asked, Ge Zhenhong’s tone was very complicated.

“Yes, it’s this kid!” Cao Yong shouted excitedly. Seeing that Ge Zhenhong hadn’t made his move, he couldn’t bear it any longer. He pulled out the long knife on his body and directly thought of Yue Feng and chopped it.

Speaking of which, Cao Yong is still a little weak, so this knife looks soft, but it is full of momentum.


However, before the long knife touched Yue Feng, he saw Ge Zhenhong’s expression change, and he suddenly raised his hand and patted the back of the knife. Suddenly, Cao Yong staggered and the long knife fell to the ground.

“Boss Ge?” Cao Yong was a little confused: “Go ahead? What are you doing with my knife? Let this bastard know how powerful we are.”

“Shut up!”

As he was talking, Ge Zhenhong suddenly roared, and Cao Yong was blinded at that time. . The big men around were also startled.

“Boss Ge?” Cao Yong quickly reacted, pointing at Yue Feng and said, “What’s wrong with you? It’s this kid who poisoned me just now, Ma De…”


Before he finished speaking, he saw Ge Zhenhong’s face was gloomy and cold, he raised his hand suddenly, slapped him fiercely, and slapped it on Cao Yong’s face!

With this slap, Ge Zhenhong almost used all his strength, and when he saw Cao Yong’s groan, the other half of his face also swelled up.

At this time, Cao Yong was about to cry. What’s the situation? Just now, when he came to trouble Yue Feng, he was abused. Now that he brought Ge Zhenhong, he was beaten by himself…

Thinking to himself, Cao Yong covered his His face was full of puzzlement: “Boss Ge, you… why are you hitting me?”

At the same time, the big men around were also completely stunned?

How could this bastard beating his own people?


At this moment, when I heard the movement outside, Mr. Shuiyue, as well as Bai Lin and Ye He, couldn’t help but come out to watch the situation.

This.. the

next second, seeing the five fingerprints on Cao Yong’s face, Mr. Shuiyue’s three were stunned.

what’s the situation?

Isn’t this Ge Zhenhong a helper brought by Cao Yong? How do you turn your face away?

“Ma De!” Ge Zhenhong’s face was gloomy, and he pointed at Cao Yong and cursed, “I think you are looking for death by a special code. It’s not good to offend anyone, but dare to offend Mr. Yue Feng.”

Mr. Yue Feng?

Hearing this title, not only Cao Yong, but also Mr. Shuiyue and others not far away were all stunned.

Chapter 4940

“Mr. Yue Feng..”

At this moment, Ge Zhenhong squeezed out a smile, and at the same time said extremely ashamed: “Before in the ruins of the sect, I waited for a long time and didn’t see you coming out, so I left first. , don’t be angry.”

When he said this, Ge Zhenhong felt extremely uneasy.


Yue Feng smiled lightly and said slowly: “Did you think I had already died in that ancient tomb?”

Ge Zhenhong was embarrassed and smiled, “How could it be? I guessed that Mr. If it was in danger, I hurried back to inform Sanniang, but when Sanniang found out about

the situation, she scolded me badly, saying that I didn’t protect Mr. Ge Zhenhong, his heart is up and down. The person in front of her would be polite even when Gu Sanniang saw her, how could she dare to offend her.


Seeing this situation, everyone present was dumbfounded, and they were all shocked and puzzled.

What’s the matter, this bastard Jianglong is so polite to Yue Feng, his attitude is like a son seeing his father!

But this Yue Feng, who has no power to hold a chicken, doesn’t look like a person in the arena at all.


At this moment, Bai Lin was also stunned, staring at Yue Feng blankly, unable to speak for a long time, to be honest, she was really worried about Yue Feng just now, and she was afraid that Cao Yong and Ge Zhenhong would meet. What about him, but I never expected that the situation would develop like this.

“Okay!” Hearing Ge Zhenhong’s explanation at this time, Yue Feng smiled lightly and didn’t care too much.

At this moment, Cao Yong walked over slowly. He was very puzzled at this moment and couldn’t help asking: “Boss Ge, you… Have you recognized the wrong person? This kid…” He didn’t

finish his words. , was scolded back by Ge Zhenhong: “Shut up for me? Did I admit the wrong person? Let me tell you, the Mr. Yue Feng in front of you is a VIP of our cosmopolitan gang, and even our leader Gu Sanniang saw him. , you have to be polite, you bastard dare to trouble him, you think you have a long life…”


Hearing this, Cao Yong’s heart trembled, his legs were weak and he slumped on the ground. Inwardly apprehensive.

Only then did he realize what kind of existence he had provoked. Even Gu Sanniang of the Four Seas Gang would be polite when she saw him. Isn’t this Yue Feng’s background too big?

“Yue…” The

next second, Cao Yong reacted and kept apologizing to Yue Feng, almost crying: “Mr. Yue Feng, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I was reckless just now, and I offended you… “

Yue Feng stood there, ignoring it.

“Mr. Yue Feng!” Cao Yong suddenly became anxious and couldn’t help shouting: “It’s all Master Sun, all this is what Master Sun ordered me to do, and I was forced to do it too.”

Yue Feng was expressionless, He looked at him with a half-smile but not a smile: “Because of helplessness? You relied on your personal connections and Sun Haocheng’s financial support to think that you can do whatever you want, right?” After speaking

, Yue Feng pointed to Shuiyuewu in front of him: “I If it weren’t for the distinguished guests of the Four Seas Gang, in addition to teaching me a lesson, you would also destroy Shuiyuewu, right?” After

speaking, Cao Yong was speechless: “I…”

Then, he was nervous. Under the circumstances, Cao Yong no longer cared about his face and dignity, and knelt down in front of Yue Feng, with unspeakable humility: “Mr. Yue Feng, spare your life… I beg you, spare me this time.”

To be honest, in Cao Yong’s eyes, Yue Feng has no strength at all, and is not a threat at all. It’s just the Four Seas Gang behind him, but the largest river and lake organization in the entire Ziwei Continent, even those sects that have been passed down for thousands of years. Three points for fear of the Four Seas Gang. On the other hand, he has provoked the distinguished guests of the Four Seas Gang.

Seeing his humbly admitting his mistake, Yue Feng breathed a sigh of relief and said lightly, “I can give you a chance, but you have to remember that from today onwards, you are not allowed to come to Shuiyuewu to make trouble, let alone bully others, you know. Is it?”

Cao Yong nodded without hesitation: “Understood, understand…”

Yue Feng stopped talking nonsense, waved his hand, and directly let Cao Yong lead the people away.

As soon as his forefoot left, Yue Feng showed a smile and walked towards Shuiyuewu. When he got there, Yue Feng smiled and said goodbye to Mr. Shuiyue: “There have been many disturbances in the past two days, the trouble has been resolved, and I should go.”

Mr. Shuiyue nodded, his face was calm, but his heart could not be calm for a long time.

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