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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4916-4920

Chapter 4916

Under the excitement, Yue Feng once again let Kuangxi carry himself and rush towards the place where he and Ge Zhenhong were separated before, but when he arrived, he saw that Ge Zhenhong had disappeared.

Obviously, Ge Zhenhong waited here for a long time and left alone without seeing Yue Feng coming back.


Seeing that Ge Zhenhong wasn’t there, Yue Feng couldn’t help frowning secretly. He was thinking of asking Ge Zhenhong to help pull out the soul-shattering needle from his body. Now that he’s not there, what should I do?

Although there is this Kuangxi by his side, it is just a fierce beast.


in anxiety, there was a burst of pain in the back, Yue Feng couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air, and his forehead was full of cold sweat, you know, these five soul-shattering needles pierce the most places. Sensitive acupuncture points, the longer the time, the stronger the pain.

When he was in the underground tomb just now, Yue Feng didn’t feel pain because he was instructing Kuangxi to break through the formation and was not paying attention.

“Lord Beast God.”

Seeing Yue Feng’s face, Kuangxi suddenly became nervous, and his huge body slowly approached: “What’s wrong with you?” After speaking, he found that Yue Feng had five faint blue silver needles on his back. , suddenly secretly surprised.

Yue Feng opened his mouth and was about to respond, but before he could speak, a burst of severe pain came, his eyes darkened, and he passed out directly…

“Master Beast God…”

Kuangxi was completely panicked and shouted again and again. Seeing that Yue Feng didn’t respond after a few voices, he quickly put him on his back and flew away quickly.

Lord Beast God, I will definitely find someone to save you…

At this time, Kuangxi was very anxious, and at the same time he secretly swore that no matter how much he paid, he would not let something happen to Yue Feng.

On the other side, the mainland of Kyushu. Dragon King Island.

I saw that a palace on Longwang Island stood there, and the palaces were scattered. It was the Dragon King’s palace where Mo Yan lived. This palace took three months to build and was magnificent. .

At this time, at the entrance of the main hall, the leaders of Yu Du and the Dragon King Hall stood there neatly, each with a solemn expression.

In the hall, maids came in and out from time to time, and they were all very nervous.

From the establishment of the Hailong Palace to the present, Moyan has experienced her pregnancy in ten months, and today is the day of her labor, so Yu Du and these men have been prepared early.

Speaking of which, I was very curious about the child’s father, Yu Du and the various leaders, but none of them dared to ask rashly, they just did their part.


At this moment, there was a cry of a baby in the hall, and all of the Yudu people standing outside the door were all overjoyed.


The queen successfully gave birth, and the Sea Dragon Palace will have a little master in the future. At this moment, a maid

walked out quickly, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and said to the rest of the rest: “Heads, the queen gave birth to a baby boy, the mother and child are safe.”

, and then Yu Du asked: “When can we see the Queen?”

“The Queen said that she has something to tell her. After half an hour, you can go in and see her directly.” The maid replied respectfully, then turned and left.

Half an hour later, Mo Yan summoned Yu Du and others in the main hall.

Perhaps it was because of the fact that she had just given birth. At this time, Mo Yan’s face was a little pale, but she was in good spirits. She sat there in a long skirt, and her body was filled with a powerful aura.


“See Queen!”

Yu Du shouted in unison, and knelt down one after another: “Congratulations to the queen, you have successfully given birth to a prince.”


Mo Yan nodded, with a smile on her face, she raised her jade hand: “Get up, from now on, I need to take care of the children, so in the next few months, everything in the Sea Dragon Palace will have lingering effects. Take care of it. You must all obey Yu Du’s orders and make no mistake.”

“Yes, Queen!” Upon hearing this, all the people present except Yu Du responded in unison.

Mo Yan nodded and motioned for everyone to step back, leaving Yu Du alone.

Yu Du is a smart person. Seeing everyone walking out of the hall, he hurried forward to ask for instructions, “What else is there to order from the Queen?”

Chapter 4917


Mo Yan sighed lightly and said slowly: “Yu Du, I am going to ask you to do one thing, this matter is very important, you have to be extremely cautious.

” Yan took out a cheat book from the side, and on the cover was written four beautiful fonts “Blood Devil Secret Book”, apparently written by Mo Yan recently.

“Yu Du, you are very clear about my identity.” Mo Yan’s delicate face was indescribably serious: “I am one of the twelve holy demon kings of the Demon Race, and now I am living overseas to establish the Sea King Palace, which is completely compelled. I swear, I must revitalize the Demon Race.”

“So, I plan to secretly set up a sect called the Blood Demon Sect, and you will appoint the suzerain.

” My Demon Race is a special kind of unique skill, which is suitable for your human cultivation. I hope you can concentrate on your cultivation and make achievements as soon as possible.”

“As for the establishment of the Gorefiend Sect, you can do it yourself, and don’t let me down.”

Said After finishing this, Mo Yan couldn’t hide a trace of tiredness and waved her hand: “Okay, you can go down.”

“Yes, Queen.”

Yu Du respectfully accepted the secret book, his face couldn’t hide the excitement and gratitude: ” Don’t worry, Queen, I will definitely live up to your expectations!” After saying this, Yu Du walked out of the hall quickly.

Half an hour later, Yu Du deliberately selected dozens of elites from the Sea Dragon Palace and secretly rushed to the Kyushu Continent to start preparations for the establishment of the Gorefiend Sect

… On the

other side, the Ziwei Continent.

Kuangxi carried Yue Feng and flew for more than half an hour, preparing to find someone to rescue Yue Feng.

However, it has been cultivating in the underground tombs for hundreds of years, rarely coming outside, and has no idea where to go.


Seeing Yue Feng’s face turning paler and paler at this time, Kuangxi hurriedly landed.

“Lord Beast God, Lord Beast God…” Kuangxi tried to shout, seeing that Yue Feng still didn’t respond, and was completely anxious.

How to do this? You can’t just watch Lord Beast God die.

Forget it, give it a try.

The next second, Kuangxi looked at the five silver needles on Yue Feng’s back, and his heart slammed, so he leaned in and bit them out with his teeth. Soon, after all five needles were pulled out, he saw that Yue Feng was still not awake. He looked like he was shaking, and his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Oops..Are you being too reckless?

Seeing this situation, Kuangxi was annoyed and regretful. How could the situation become more serious after pulling out the silver needle? It still doesn’t know that the soul-shattering needle of Shendiaomen is an undisclosed secret. In the entire Ziwei Continent, only the disciples of Shendiaomen know how to pull the needle… Yes

Seeing Yue Feng’s trembling violently, his face All turned blue, Kuangxi suddenly thought of something, bit his right front paw directly, and then dripped blood in Yue Feng’s mouth.

As one of the top ten murderers, Kuangxi knew that his blood had the effect of tempering the muscles and bones of human beings.

If there are other Jianghu people present at this time, they will definitely be shocked when they see this scene.

You must know that Kuangxi’s blood is precious, and Kuangxi is one of the top ten beasts with a manic nature. As long as he encounters humans, he will never die. In addition, his strength is terrifying, so ordinary Jianghu people want to get treasure from Kuangxi. blood, almost impossible.

At this moment, there was actually a mad Xi, who took the initiative to bite his front paws and give the blood to a human being.

Simply too shocking.

Soon, Yue Feng drank the precious blood in a daze, and his face improved a lot in an instant, and he recovered some blood. Speaking of which, Yue Feng is the body of a mysterious saint. Even so, the five soul-shattering needles also hurt his meridians.

Under this circumstance, Kuangxi fed his precious blood to Yue Feng, which was considered a crooked attack, just using the characteristics of precious blood to clear the meridians for Yue Feng.

But even so, Yue Feng was imprisoned because of his divine power, and was stabbed by the Soul Shattering Needle just now.


Seeing this situation, Kuangxi let out a long sigh of relief, and a stone in his heart fell to the ground.

Great, Lord Beast God, finally survived, and there is no danger to life.

Chapter 4918

But… He has been in a coma, how should this be?


Just when Kuangxi was secretly anxious, suddenly, he heard footsteps not far away.

Oops, someone is coming.

At this moment, Kuangxi became nervous all of a sudden, and quickly hid in the woods beside him. Speaking of which, if it was Kuangxi himself, as one of the top ten beasts, he is not afraid of humans at all, but now that Yue Feng is still in a coma, he can only be cautious.

As soon as he hid in the woods, he saw a man and a woman approaching.

The man was slightly fat, about thirty years old, wearing a light blue long gown, with a bamboo basket on his back, which contained some freshly collected herbs.

The woman was in her twenties, with beautiful features and a slender figure. Although she was only wearing a long linen dress, she couldn’t hide her beauty in the slightest.

In the woman’s hand, she also carried a bamboo basket with some mushrooms and wild vegetables in it.


Seeing the two of them, Kuangxi was a little nervous at first, but now he was secretly relieved.

It clearly sensed that although the man and the woman were all from Jianghu, their strength was not very high.

More importantly, from the looks of the two, they should be studying medicine.

“Senior brother!”

At this moment, the man and the woman came to the front and found Yue Feng. At that time, the woman exclaimed: “Look, there is a person lying here.”

When she said this, the woman looked vigilant .

“Don’t panic!”

The man comforted him, then walked over slowly, looked at Yue Feng’s condition, and said lightly: “He passed out in a coma, he must have been injured, but he couldn’t tell where the injury was.” The wife’s name is Ye He, and the female’s name is Bai Lin. They both study medicine in Shuiyuewu, a few miles away.

Shuiyuewu is a thatched cottage. There are several villages around. There lives an old man named ‘Mr. Shuiyue’. some fame.

Ye He and Bai Lin, the disciples of Mr. Shuiyue, went out to the mountains to collect herbs today. On the way back, they happened to meet Yue Feng.

At this Erkang, Ye He checked Yue Feng’s situation and was very puzzled. This man looked very weak, but he didn’t have any injuries on his body, which was really strange.

He didn’t know that Yue Feng was in a coma after being stabbed by a silver needle. And the pinholes are on the back, so tiny that they can’t be seen naturally.

“Senior brother!”

At this moment, Bai Lin came over boldly, glanced at Yue Feng’s situation, and couldn’t help but said, “Let’s take him to Shuiyuewu, Master will definitely be able to save him.”

Bai Linren Meixin is kind, and when she sees someone getting hurt, she can’t help but lend a helping hand.

“No!” Ye He shook his head decisively: “Junior sister, are you crazy? We don’t know him at all, so what are we doing to save him? Let’s go back quickly, so that Master won’t be in a hurry.”

Bai Lin shook her head: “Senior brother, Master said ‘the doctor’s benevolence’, you look at his situation, it seems to be very serious, we can’t see death without saving it.” When the

two were talking, their attention was on Yue Feng, and they didn’t even notice that he was not far away. In the woods, Kuangxi’s huge body was hidden there, watching them secretly.


Listening to the conversation between the brothers and sisters, Kuangxi whispered in his heart, this woman is quite kind, but the man is not. Listening to what they mean, their master should be a doctor…

As one of the top ten murderers, Kuangxi has already opened up his intelligence. Although he can’t speak human words, he can understand the conversation between the brothers and sisters.

At this time, Kuangxi had already thought about it. If the two brothers and sisters brought Yue Feng back for treatment, then it would be best. If they abandoned Yue Feng, they would find another way.

At this time, the brothers and sisters were still arguing.

“No… Absolutely not.”

Ye He shook his head with a firm look on his face: “Junior sister, you are too naive, we don’t know who he is, in case it was a vendetta in the rivers and lakes that he was unconscious here, let’s rush him. Taking it back and being approached by his enemies, isn’t he asking for trouble?”

Chapter 4919

Bai Lin stomped her feet in a hurry, and her attitude was also very firm: “Then you go, I will take him back myself.”

If you see someone injured and can’t help, then what’s the point of studying medicine by yourself?


Seeing her resolute expression, Ye He sighed: “Okay, okay. I promise you, I’ll take him back together.” He has always liked Bai Lin, but he hasn’t had a chance to confess, and he was really angry when he saw her. , and quickly coaxed.

Seeing that Ye He finally agreed, Bai Lin immediately cheered: “That’s great, I know, brother, you are cold-hearted, and you won’t die.”

As she said that, she tied Ye He to hold Yue Feng up. , slowly walked towards the direction of Shuiyuewu.


Kuangxi, who has been hiding in the woods after seeing the two of them take away Yue Feng, is also very happy, great, the Beast God Lord is finally saved.

Muttering in his heart, Kuangxi walked out slowly and followed carefully.

Speaking of which, Kuangxi’s body was too huge, several meters tall. Although he was following behind him, he could not avoid being discovered, but fortunately it was getting late. As the night deepened, the two Ye Hes walking in front did not notice at all, and there was a giant beast behind them.

ten minutes later.

Ye He and Bai Lin took Yue Feng back to Shuiyuewu.

As you can see, Shuiyuewu is built on the edge of a small lake. The two courtyards are all made of bamboo, surrounded by bamboo forests, which are indescribably quiet and elegant.

At this time, in the pavilion in the center of the courtyard, an old man was sitting there, watching a book of ancient medicine, with tea next to him, very relaxed and comfortable.

It is Mr. Shuiyue.


At this time, Bai Lin had just entered the courtyard, and she shouted in a pretty voice: “We’re back, but we saw a comatose person on the way, and my brother and I couldn’t see where his injuries were, so we brought him back. “

Mr. Shuiyue raised his head and frowned, “Where is the person?”

“It’s outside.” Bai Lin responded and hurried over to help Ye He and bring Yue Feng in.

After bringing Yue Feng into the house, Mr. Shuiyue checked it, and his expression changed suddenly.

This… This person was hit by the Soul Shattering Needle of the Divine Carving Gate before?

In the early years, Mr. Shuiyue had traveled around and learned a little about the various sects on the rivers and lakes. After a careful inspection just now, he found the pinhole on Yue Feng’s back, and he recognized it immediately. of.


Seeing Mr. Shuiyue’s expression, Bai Lin, who was beside him, quickly asked, “What’s the matter with him?”

Mr. Shuiyue didn’t answer, but silently gave Yue Feng a pulse.

Pulse is normal.

Strange, this person was shot by the Soul Shattering Needle, but he didn’t die?

Doubt in his heart, Mr. Shuiyue said slowly: “This person just passed out, there is no serious problem, but…he is very weak, and he has a unique silver needle. If you want him to wake up, you need to Only Huang Lincao…”

Huang Lincao?

Hearing this, both Bai Lin and Ye He on the side were stunned.

You must know that Huanglincao is a very rare spirit grass on the Crape Myrtle Continent. Because the leaves are golden and shaped like fish scales, it is named Huanglincao. This spirit grass generally grows on the cliffs of ten thousand feet. They learned from Mr. Shuiyue. For several years of medical skills, I have only heard of it, but I have never seen it.


Soon, Ye He was the first to react, and he couldn’t help but muttered: “Isn’t this person passed out in a coma? There is no need for Huang Lincao, right?”

Mr. Shuiyue smiled and wanted to tell him that Yue Feng was in a After the Soul Shattering Needle, I finally held back. After all, it’s better to let them know less about the affairs of these Jianghu sects.

Bai Lin’s delicate face was also full of doubts.


Mr. Shuiyue breathed a sigh of relief, and said slowly, “Just because the teacher is going to go out tomorrow to see if he can meet Huang Lincao, if he can’t find it, it can be regarded as his good fortune.

” Just wave your hand and let them out.

Ye He and Bai Lin did not dare to disobey, and quickly walked out.

At this moment, in the bamboo forest outside Shuiyuewu, Kuangxi was hiding there, observing the situation inside from a distance. He could hear the conversation between Mr. Shuiyue and his two apprentices just now.

Huang Lin grass?

At this moment, Kuangxi tilted his big head and muttered the word silently in his heart, thoughtfully, then turned and left, disappearing into the night.

Chapter 4920 Early the

next morning, Mr. Shuiyue set off.

Before leaving, Mr. Shuiyue specially explained that it is enough to take good care of Yue Feng and not give him any medicine.

The more Master said this, the more curious Bai Lin became.

Soon, after Mr. Shuiyue left, Bai Lin ran over to observe Yue Feng’s situation. She was very puzzled: “What kind of injury did this person suffer? He was able to sleep for so long.”

Seeing that Bai Lin has been guarding Yue Feng Beside the wind, Ye He felt very unhappy.

“Junior sister!”

At this time, Ye He walked over quickly and urged, “Master explained, don’t worry about him, it’s time to dry the herbs today, come and help me.

” After a few years, she had already regarded her as her own woman, and she had planned to express her feelings to Bai Lin at the right time. At this time, seeing her standing beside another man, she suddenly became jealous.

Bai Lin didn’t turn her head, she waved her hand: “Go to dry it, anyway, we didn’t take much medicine yesterday.”

Hearing this, Ye He was very upset, but he didn’t have a seizure, but he already had a problem with Yue Feng. Hatred…

Mr. Shuiyue didn’t come back until it was dark.


The moment she saw Mr. Shuiyue, Bai Lin hurried up to meet him: “Have you found Huang Lincao?”

Mr. Shuiyue smiled bitterly and shook his head: “How can it be so easy to find?” The

voice fell, Ye He, who rushed over to hear the news, took the opportunity to say, “Master, this person is unrelated to us, and Huang Lincao has not been found. Why don’t I send him back to the place before, whether it is life or death, see His own creation.”

Today, the younger sister guarded this man all day, and Ye He was full of anger. At this time, he was very happy to see that the master did not take back the Huang Lincao.

This man can’t be saved, and the junior sister should give up.

“Senior brother!”

Bai Lin stomped her feet: “Why are you so ruthless, you send him back, and there are wolves, tigers and leopards at night, is he still alive?”

Ye He pouted: “What does this have to do with me? Anyway, We did our best…”


Bai Lin blushed, but she had nothing to refute.

“Okay, okay..” At this moment, Mr. Shuiyue waved his hand and interrupted: “Don’t make any noise, this person has a strong pulse, even if he can’t wake up, his life is not in danger for the time being, so he will stay here first. Observe for a few more days.”

After speaking, he entered the room to rest.


Ye He frowned secretly, very unhappy in his heart, and so did Master, a comatose person, he had to keep it.

Bai Lin was not happy: “I know, Master is a good person.” After speaking, she stuck out her tongue and went back to her room to rest.

Ye He was very helpless, glared at Yue Feng, who was still in a coma, and turned to leave.

In the middle of the night…

the whole Shuiyuewu was quiet, the master and the apprentice were all resting, Yue Feng was placed on the bamboo bed that listened to, his eyes were closed, and he was still in a coma.


At this moment, I saw a huge black shadow, flying rapidly from the sky not far away, and finally landed steadily outside the gate of Shuiyuewu.

In the dark night, the pair of copper bell-like eyes glowed brightly.

It’s Kuang Hee.

At this time, Kuangxi’s mouth was tightly biting a few herbs, golden rays of light were emitted under the moonlight, and the leaves were like scales, which was very strange.

It is Huang Lincao that Mr. Shuiyue said during the day.

At that time, when he learned that Huang Lincao can make Yuefeng attribute, Kuangxi decided to look for it. It is one of the top ten murderers.

During the whole day, Kuangxi flew almost all over the Lagerstroemia Continent. Finally, on the top of a ten-thousand-zhang peak, he found Huang Lincao. At that time, Kuangxi did not hesitate, collected all of them, and rushed back without a moment’s pause. Finally, In the middle of the night, I arrived at Shuiyuewu.


At this time, Kuangxi put Huang Lincao outside the door, and immediately turned around and hid in the bamboo forest. In its heart, there is no Yue Feng, perhaps he has been captured alive by Shendiaomen, so he perseveres and guards Yue Feng, even if he can’t accompany him, he must hide in the dark for protection.

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