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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4866-4870

Chapter 4866

Chen Qi’s eyes made Su Liner very unhappy and at the same time extremely frightened!

Liu Ying was also a little scared, but with the presence of her brother, she still summoned up her courage and shouted: “What are you looking at?”


Chen Qi smiled evilly: “The little girl is not young and has a good temper, I Seeing how beautiful you are, can you? Haha…” The

voice fell, and the other companions around also laughed.


Zhang Yueqi finally couldn’t hold it anymore. At this moment, her pretty face was frosty, her eyes were fixed on Chen Qi, and she scolded coldly: “A bunch of shameless people, who are you? Dare to come here to make trouble, I Tell you, I’m Zhang Yueqi, a disciple of Tianlongmen, if you don’t want to die, just get out of here!”

In her heart, Tianlongmen is a famous and authentic sect of Ziwei Continent, as long as she shows her name, the rogues in front of her will run away.

However, she was wrong. The other party was the notorious Jiang Yang thief. How could she be easily frightened by her two words?

Tianlongmen disciple?

At this moment, when he heard Zhang Yueqi’s words, Ge Zhenhong was stunned for a moment, and then chuckled: “Yo? He has a good temper, so he is a famous disciple.”


When the voice fell, Chen Qi and other subordinates next to him also all It was a roar of laughter.

“What about Tianlongmen? Do you think we’ll be afraid?” Chen Qi laughed and joked at Zhang Yueqi: “Do you know who our boss is? It’s the gangster who runs the world!”

When he said this , Chen Qi’s face is full of arrogance.

What? !

Zhang Yueqi’s delicate body trembled, and she stared blankly at Ge Zhenhong’s words, he…he is the notorious gangster Ge Zhenhong who is a disaster for the rivers and lakes?

Speaking of which, Ge Zhenhong was just a robber from Jiangyang, and he couldn’t compare to Tianlongmen, but after all, this was not the main altar of Tianlongmen, and Zhang Yueqi was only a female disciple, fighting alone, and could not be Ge Zhenhong’s opponent.

However, Zhang Yueqi didn’t show a trace of fear, because she could clearly see that Ge Zhenhong was pale and obviously injured, and the men beside him were a bunch of little scoundrels, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yueqi coldly shouted at Ge Zhenhongjiao: “It turns out that you are a scum. Today, I will represent the righteous path of the rivers and lakes and eradicate your scourge!” As the words

fell, Zhang Yueqi raised her jade hand and drew out her long sword.

Seeing Zhang Yueqi pulling out his weapon, Ge Zhenhong was not angry at all, but instead showed a bit of interest: “Hehe, do you want to do it?” When the

voice fell, Chen Qi also had a playful expression on his face. He joked: “Oh, I’m still a little pepper. Come, I’ll play with you!” The

voice went downstairs, the long knife in his hand drew a cold light, and he went up to meet Zhang Yueqi fiercely.


Zhang Yueqi’s long sword kept colliding with Chen Qi’s long sword, making loud noises. After a few rounds, Zhang Yueqi lost her previous confidence, and her delicate face showed a bit of solemnity!

I thought that Chen Qi was just a little guy under Ge Zhenhong, but he didn’t expect that he was quite strong.


Just when Zhang Yueqi was secretly surprised, Chen Qi laughed and sneered, then he slapped his wrist and raised his hand to hit him!

The angle of this palm was very tricky, Zhang Yueqi couldn’t dodge it at all, she was clenching her teeth at the time, and she could only use her internal strength to greet it with one palm.


The next second, the palms of the two sides touched, and a dull vibration was heard. At this moment, Chen Qi’s face flushed, his body shook, and he stepped back several steps.

Speaking of which, Zhang Yueqi is famous and authentic, and Chen Qi is naturally not an opponent in the competition of internal strength.

“Oops…” Chen Qi only felt a tightness in his chest, stabilized his figure, and looked at Zhang Yueqi in surprise: “I can’t tell, the little beauty’s internal strength is not low.

” Without panic at all, he immediately greeted his companions behind him: “Come on, let’s go up together, and have a good time with the beauties!”


Downstairs, five or six big men immediately joined the battle.

Seeing this scene, Yue Feng frowned secretly, Ma De, the gang of Jiang Yang robbers, really didn’t follow the rules at all, and several men even besieged a woman.

Chapter 4867

Speaking of which, if it were before, Yue Feng would have been there long ago, but his divine power was imprisoned. At this time, he is similar to ordinary people, so he can only watch.

Su Liner also stomped her feet in a hurry, her delicate face was full of urgency, and she shouted at Liu He and the wealthy disciples: “You guys… go and help.”

Hearing this, Liu He Immediately, he shouted: “You are shameless, several men beat a woman.” After saying that, he greeted a few wealthy disciples, and was about to rush up.

However, before he could rush to the front, he was kicked back by a big man. Liu He had just joined Tianlongmen not long ago, and he hadn’t learned the exercises yet. Who was Ge Zhenhong’s opponent?

At this time, Zhang Yueqi was already in danger under the siege of Chen Qi and several people. Fighting alone, she could completely suppress Chen Qi, but Chen Qi pulled a few big men to help, and the situation was quickly reversed.

“Little beauty, don’t resist!”

At this moment, Chen Qi laughed and took advantage of Zhang Yueqi’s unpreparedness, went around and raised his hand to touch her acupuncture point!

In an instant, Zhang Yueqi’s body froze, unable to move.

“Senior sister!”

Seeing this scene, Liu He’s face changed greatly, and he couldn’t help exclaiming. At the same time, rush to help. However, after just two steps, Chen Qi stopped him.

“If you don’t want to die, just come up!” Chen Qi wielded a long knife, his face full of sinister anger.


Feeling Chen Qi’s momentum, Liu He secretly swallowed his saliva, and quickly stopped, not daring to move. There was also some fear in his eyes.

He knew that the Jiang Yang robbers in front of him were all ruthless and ruthless, and even Senior Sister was no match for him, let alone his playboys.


Seeing this situation, Su Lin’er and Liu Ying were all terrified, and even Zhang Yueqi was subdued by the other party, which was a big trouble.

Especially the younger Liu Ying, panicked and almost cried.

Only Yue Feng stood there, surprisingly calm.

“You two!”

At this time, Chen Qi pointed at Su Lin’er and Liu Ying: “Come here and tie the wound for our boss!”

Then he ordered Liu He and the others: “You guys, go to the lake. Catch some fish and bake them for us.” Before fleeing all the way, everyone was tired and hungry.

Su Liner and Liu Ying didn’t dare to neglect, they walked over slowly and carefully bandaged Ge Zhenhong’s wound.

Holding his identity, Liu He stiffened his neck and said, “This young master will not do anything for you.” He looked up at the sky with a proud gesture.


Hearing this, Chen Qi scolded angrily: “Young master from a rich family, you have a high status, right? If you’re going to talk to me again, I’ll slash you with a knife.” After speaking, he slapped Liu He with a slap in the face. face.

Liu He covered his face and felt the murderous aura on Chen Qi’s body. He didn’t dare to speak up, and hurriedly went to the lake to catch fish.

However, when he was catching fish, Liu He couldn’t help but turn his head and glared at Yue Feng, Ma De, it was this kid who attracted these villains.

After a while, Liu He caught the fish. Under Chen Qi’s order, he lit a bonfire by the lake and started grilling the fish. Liu He is the young master of the Liu family. fish.

A few minutes later, I saw Liu He’s grilled fish. It was dark, making people look like they had no appetite at all.

“A really special code waste!”

Seeing this, Chen Qi kicked Liu He away with one foot, then greeted his own people to grill the fish, and tied Liu He and Yue Feng to the tree next to them.

“Broom Star!”

At this moment, Liu He was tied to a tree, frightened and frightened, his eyes glared at Yue Feng: “It’s all you rubbish, to bring these people here, you are especially concerned that success is not enough to fail. There’s more to do .” The

voice fell, and several rich young masters next to him also stared at Yue Feng coldly.

In their opinion, Yue Feng is a disaster star, he was the one who brought Ge Zhenhong and other Jiang Yang thieves here, and his own talents suffered unwarranted disasters.

Bunch of idiots!

Yue Feng sneered without saying a word, and was too lazy to pay attention to Liu He, but he was a little uneasy at the moment.

Mad, these Jiang Yang robbers are ruthless, they won’t kill all of them when they have enough food and drink. You can’t die if you have the body of a mysterious saint, but Su Liner and the others are ordinary people.

Chapter 4868 Phew

At this time, Ge Zhenhong’s wounds were bandaged, and after eating the fish Chen Qi brought, he sat cross-legged and tried to heal his wounds, but his injuries were so serious that he could not recover from meditation at all.


Seeing that Ge Zhenhong’s face was extremely bad, Chen Qi hurried over and asked worriedly, “How is your injury?”

Ge Zhenhong took a deep breath, his face was extremely dignified, and weakly said: “Ma De, my heart is injured, pure and simple. It ‘s impossible to recover from training, and you need a healing medicine.”

When he said this, Ge Zhenhong’s face was gloomy and very angry. Before fleeing all the way, the healing medicine on his body was used up.


Knowing the situation, Chen Qi frowned and was very anxious. Ge Zhenhong is their backbone, so he can’t be let in.

It’s just…. There are barren mountains and ridges near Changge Lake. Where can I get healing medicine?


At this moment, Su Lin’er, who was standing by the side, gathered up her courage and said softly: “If you want healing medicine, then let me go. Our Su family has several pharmacies in Yinlong Town. I can do it. Go back and get it for you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu He also hurriedly shouted: “Yes, yes, my cousin said it well, all heroes, as long as you let us go, we will definitely send you healing medicine!” As

he spoke, Liu He’s face is sincere, but his eyes are full of cunning!

He thought about it, as long as he returned to Yinlong Town, he would immediately report to the government, and let the head of the police send someone to arrest these Jiangyang robbers.


However, as soon as the words fell, Chen Qi walked over quickly and slapped Liu He’s face without warning.

“Shut up on you, shut up, Lao Tzu.” Chen Qi’s face was gloomy, and he yelled at Liu He: “You really think we are stupid? I really let you go, you won’t use it for healing medicine, I’m afraid You’ll call the arrest, right?”

His mind was pierced, Liu He was very embarrassed, and he covered his face and wanted to cry without tears.

Thinking to himself, Liu He flattered and said, “Otherwise, if you want money, I’ll give it to you. I have several thousand taels of silver on me. I hope you guys can raise your hand and let us go!”

Chen Qi was full of contempt and coldness. Said: “Are you an old man begging for food? Who cares about your thousands of taels of silver?” As he spoke, he slapped him again.

Liu He was completely depressed, unable to express his grievances.

Nima, these gang of thieves from Jiangyang are really too difficult to serve. They said they gave money, and they were beaten.


Seeing Liu He being beaten one after another, Yue Feng was so happy that he almost laughed out loud. Liu He, a fool who thought he could settle everything with money, really deserved to be beaten, hahaha!


At this time, Chen Qi turned his head to look at Ge Zhenhong and asked politely, “What should I do? How about I go to the pharmacy in Yinlong Town?”

These wealthy disciples who were caught could not be trusted, and they had to run away by themselves. one trip.

Ge Zhenhong did not respond immediately, but showed a smile, looked at Zhang Yueqi, and said lightly: “She is a disciple of Tianlongmen, she must have healing medicine, you can search for it!”


Chen Qi responded and walked quickly towards Zhang Yueqi go.

At this moment, Zhang Yueqi’s delicate body trembled, and her beautiful face was full of panic. How could she be searched by these stinky men as a dignified female disciple of Tianlongmen, pure and clean?

Thinking to herself, Zhang Yueqi couldn’t help scolding: “You gangsters, don’t die! Go away, don’t touch me…”


Hearing the scolding, Chen Qi suddenly became furious. With a curse, she slapped Zhang Yueqi’s face with a slap: “I think you are courting death!”

Zhang Yueqi was tapped on the acupuncture point and could not dodge at all.


As soon as the slap went down, a crisp sound was heard, Zhang Yueqi let out a coquettish cry, and a five-finger print immediately appeared on her beautiful face.

Seeing this scene, Su Lin’er and Liu Ying next to them were both angry and scared.

These villains are too ruthless. Zhang Yueqi is a disciple of Tianlongmen, and they don’t take it seriously. It is conceivable that the fate of these people will be worse in the future.

After being slapped, Zhang Yueqi was so ashamed and angry that she scolded even more.

The more Chen Qi listened, the more angry he became, and his face gradually turned hideous: “This disciple of the sect is just different. He has such a strong personality.”

Chapter 4869

Immediately, Chen Qi ordered the big men behind him: “Come on, brothers, tie her to a tree and strip her clothes off! I want to see if this female disciple of the sect is in harmony with her body. Ordinary women are different!”


Hearing this, several big men showed sinister smiles, hurried over, and tied Zhang Yueqi to the tree next to her.

“You bastards…”

Zhang Yueqi was shocked and angry, her delicate body was trembling, and she wanted to struggle, but she was tapped on acupuncture points, to no avail.

At this time, Zhang Yueqi was very ashamed and angry!

I wanted to come to Yinlong Town today and accompany my junior and brother to see the scenery, but I didn’t expect to encounter the notorious Jiang Yang robber.


Liu He and the others next to him were also shocked and furious, but they didn’t dare to stop them when they thought of the ruthlessness of Chen Qi’s group.

Su Liner and Liu Ying covered their faces in fright.


At this time, Chen Qi walked towards Zhang Yueqi step by step, with a wicked smile on his face: “Little Pepper? Are you ready? Tsk tsk, you’re in good shape. Come on, let me search if there is any healing medicine, and then Lao Tzu I will hurt you again.”

With that, Chen Qi grabbed Zhang Yueqi’s long skirt.

Facing the situation in front of him, Ge Zhenhong sat there cross-legged without expressing his position at all. Speaking of which, he was an extremely vicious person. This kind of thing is nothing at all. As long as Chen Qi can find the healing medicine from Zhang Yueqi, he will do the next thing to Zhang Yueqi. What, he won’t care at all.

After all, Ge Zhenhong has also done a lot of this kind of thing.

“If you dare to touch me, my Tianlongmen will not let you go, and you will be smashed to pieces!” Zhang Yueqi bit her lip, but her voice trembled, her face full of despair!

If you are humiliated today, how will you walk the rivers and lakes in the future, and how will you meet people in Tianlongmen?

Chen Qi didn’t take Zhang Yueqi’s threat to heart at all, but was extremely excited: “You have a very strong personality, I want to see how strong you can be.” After the

voice fell, Chen Qi was about to tear off Zhang Yueqi’s long skirt. .


At this critical moment, a faint voice came, it was Yue Feng!


At this moment, the eyes of the audience all focused on Yue Feng.

“Boy?” Chen Qi’s face was gloomy, and he said coldly: “You want to court death too?”

Yue Feng’s face remained unchanged, looking at Chen Qi, he said lightly: “She has no healing medicine at all, you don’t need to search, you are not related. Can you save your boss? I have a way.”

Seriously, if Liu He encountered this, Yue Feng wouldn’t even look at it, let alone care, but Zhang Yueqi was different, she was a pure and clean woman, and she helped herself just now Speaking, seeing her being humiliated at this time, Yue Feng couldn’t help it.


As soon as these words came out, whether it was Chen Qi or Ge Zhenhong and the others, they were all stunned.

Several of Liu He’s wealthy disciples frowned. This waste is a gambler, can he save people?

Su Lin’er Xiumei frowned, looking at Yue Feng with a hint of complexity. If it was half a day ago, she would never have believed that Yue Feng could save people, but just now Liu Ying was bitten by a snake, Yue Feng really helped She detoxified…

“Do you have a solution?”

At this moment, Chen Qi reacted and looked at Yue Feng in amazement: “Could it be that you have healing medicine on you?”

“I don’t.” Yue Feng shook his head and said seriously: “Your boss’s heart is damaged, ordinary healing. The medicine is useless at all, you need to hit the herbs, neutralize and adjust.”

“Exactly, those herbs are needed here, I can prepare them!”

When he said this, Yue Feng’s face was full of confidence.

Yes, Yue Feng was already familiar with the surrounding environment when he was looking for Jian Meicao.

What? !

Hearing this, both Chen Qi and the people around were stunned.

Can he dispense medicine?

On the other hand, Liu He and a few wealthy disciples sneered secretly.

Yue Yang, this waste, is really a grandstanding. He just saved Liu Ying by accident, did he really think of himself as a genius doctor?

Thinking of this, Liu He couldn’t hide his disdain, and shouted loudly, “You guys, don’t listen to this kid’s nonsense, he’s just a waste, a bereaved dog that everyone looks down on. Except for gambling, he can’t understand shit.”

Chapter 4870 The

voice fell, and several wealthy disciples next to him also nodded.

“How could a waste person be able to dispense medicine?”

“Yes, he’s playing with you.” The

jeers kept coming, Yue Feng chuckled lightly and didn’t bother to pay attention.

Zhang Yueqi bit her lip and stared blankly at Yue Feng, feeling a little moved and anxious at the same time.

I really didn’t expect that this despised waste could save himself at a critical moment, but… that Ge Zhenhong has hurt his heart, can he prepare medicine for treatment?

Seeing this situation, Chen Qi’s face instantly darkened, extremely ugly.

“Ma De!” In the

next second, Chen Qi grabbed Yue Feng’s collar and said angrily, “Boy, are you kidding me?

At this time, Chen Qi also felt that Yue Feng was talking big, this boy looked at Ping Ping. Wu Qi, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like he can dispense medicine. After all, the boss has hurt his heart.


Yue Feng smiled and said to Chen Qi: “My life is in your hands now, dare to lie to you? Moreover, the situation of your boss cannot be delayed, you might as well believe me once! Hearing this ,

Chen Qi fell silent. When he was about to humiliate Zhang Yueqi just now, he already sensed that there was no healing medicine on Zhang Yueqi’s body.

At this time, Chen Qi clearly saw that the boss Ge Zhenhong’s breath was weak and his face became more and more serious. It’s getting paler, and the situation is getting worse.

“Good! After some silence, Chen Qi looked at Yue Feng complicatedly, nodded and said, “

I’ll believe you once, if you can’t prepare the medicine, all of you will not want to live. “


Seeing this scene, Liu He and others were stunned. This person must be crazy, to believe that Yue Yang is a waste…. What makes them unacceptable is that if Yue Yang does not take medicine, they will all be implicated.

“This hero!”

Thinking to himself, Liu He couldn’t help shouting at Chen Qi: “He is a grandstanding and has nothing to do with us. When he can’t make the medicine, you can just kill him, don’t take anger. Us.”

In Liu He’s heart, Yue Feng could not prepare medicine, Chen Qi would be furious at that time, and he quickly distanced himself from Yue Feng before he started looking for medicinal materials.

The voice fell, and several wealthy disciples around him also quickly nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, this waste has nothing to do with us!”

“Yes, we are not familiar with him…”

Su Lin’er bit her lip tightly, looking at Yue Feng’s eyes with a hint of complexity, For some reason, she believed that Yue Feng had this ability.

Really special code wordy.

The people’s words kept coming, Chen Qi was very irritable, and immediately scolded: “Shut up for me. Whoever says more, I will cut his tongue.”


hear this , Liu He and the others all shivered, and quickly shut up.

At this time, Yue Feng said to Chen Qi, “Okay, I’m going to look for medicinal herbs now.” After speaking, he walked towards the woods not far away!

Chen Qi nodded and sent two big men to follow to prevent Yue Feng from escaping!

After a while, Yue Feng came back with a few medicinal herbs, mixed them together, threw them into a jar, and brewed them on the bonfire.


Seeing this scene, Liu He and the others frowned secretly, each one of them couldn’t hide their contempt.

Is this dispensing medicine? Just like a child playing at home.

Thinking to himself, Liu He wanted to make a mockery, but he held back when he saw Chen Qi with a gloomy expression on the side.


At this time, Chen Qi also felt that Yue Feng was too playful, and said coldly: “You better not play with me, or I will make you die ugly.”

Yue Feng smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, I I won’t make fun of my own life.” As he was talking, the soup was ready, and he brought it over to Ge Zhenhong to consume.

At this time, Ge Zhenhong was already unconscious because of the damaged heart.


At this moment, everyone in the audience focused their eyes on Ge Zhenhong, watching the results with their breath.

Ten minutes later, I saw Ge Zhenhong’s complexion, slowly regaining some blood, and at the same time slowly coming back to his senses.

I go!

Seeing this scene, Liu He and others couldn’t help gasping for air, and they were all dumbfounded.

Before this Ge Zhenhong was still half-dead, but in the blink of an eye, his complexion changed. Obviously, the medicine prepared by Yue Feng had already worked.

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