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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4851-4855

Chapter 4851

At eight o’clock in the evening, Donghai City, Shengshi KTV.

Shengshi KTV is the most famous entertainment place in Donghai City. Especially at this time, the business is extremely hot, but the people who come here to consume are all people with heads and faces.

I saw that all kinds of luxury cars were parked at the door, and from time to time there were young men and women who were well-dressed, coming in and out.

At this moment, a figure came slowly, dressed in ordinary casual clothes, with a steady pace.

It was Gogne.

After getting the advice of Yu Sheng during the day, Gognie decided to visit the most famous entertainment place in Donghai City to see if there was any gain.

Speaking of which, his current identity is Liu Hao, the president of the Liu Group, and he should have made a high-profile appearance in a luxury car, but as the supreme being of the Demon Race, Gogne has no interest in luxury cars at all, and feels that driving is not as convenient as freedom of movement. .

After entering Shengshi KTV, Gogne found a random place to sit down.

dong dong dong…

At this time, in the KTV hall, deafening and explosive music is playing, and many men and women are swinging their bodies on the dance floor in the center, all of them looking crazy.

“A bunch of stupid ants.”

Seeing this scene, the corners of Gone’s mouth twitched, and he said disdainfully, and then his eyes swept over the young men and women, secretly sensing the purity of essence.

As a result, Gonie was disappointed. These young men and women who often spend time in entertainment venues, all of them seem to have a bright appearance, but in fact, their bodies have been corroded by alcohol, and their essence has long been consumed.

It seems that looking for a target in such a place is a wrong choice.

Thinking to himself, Gone was about to get up and leave.

However, at this time, the noise not far away caught Gone’s attention.

I saw that in the VIP area not far away, several wealthy disciples were punching and kicking a man, beating and cursing at the same time.

“Ma De, how long has the money owed to Lao Tzu been delayed?”

“Liu Zhiyuan, your special code is also the eldest son and eldest grandson of the Liu family. You can’t even get 10 million from the Liu family’s large property?”

“If you don’t pay back the money today, Lao Tzu ruined your legs.”

The young man who led the beating, wearing a suit full of rhinestones, shone extremely brightly under the light, with a cigarette in his mouth, while cursing, he kept kicking the man on the ground.

The young man’s name is Xu Weidong, the second young master of the Xu family in Donghai City.

The man lying on the ground was also well-dressed, but at this time he was kicked full of shoe prints, with a frightened expression and a cowardly look. At this time, he lay on the ground and kept begging for mercy: “Xu Shao, Xu Shao, please be more lenient. In a few days, I will definitely pay back the money…”

It was Liu Zhiyuan.

When Yue Feng was the son-in-law of the Liu family, Liu Zhiyuan ridiculed Yue Feng a lot. Later, Yue Feng became the master of Tianmen and suppressed the Liu family several times, and the Liu family began to decline. As the eldest son and eldest grandson of the Liu family, Liu Zhiyuan was also unable to support him. Walls, the family business is too lazy to take care of it, and is drunk all day with lantern riddles, and has recently become addicted to gambling.

Ten days ago, Liu Zhiyuan lost millions. At that time, he borrowed Xu Weidong’s usury loan, and he has not paid it back, so he was blocked in KTV by Xu Weidong.

“A few more days of grace?”

Hearing the begging, Xu Weidong’s face was full of viciousness, and he cursed angrily: “Do you think I opened a bank? Let you delay it again and again?”

Saying that, Xu Weidong thought of something, and showed a sinister smile: “By the way, your Liu family has not cooperated with an entertainment company recently, otherwise, you can help me ask two female stars out, I will consider this money, let you Pay later.”

“Xu Shao!”

Liu Zhiyuan was embarrassed, and said bitterly: “Don’t make it hard for me, those female stars are bigger than each other, how can they give me face.”

“Ma De.” Xu Weidong’s face sank: “Is it still a bargain, call me!” When the

voice fell, he greeted his companions and continued to kick Liu Zhiyuan violently.

Is this Liu Zhiyuan an entertainment company?

This person might be useful.

Gone, who was observing secretly not far away, suddenly stood up and walked straight over with a flash of eyes.

When he got to the front, Gone spoke lightly and stopped: “Okay, don’t fight, you will kill people if you fight again.”

Chapter 4852

“Who’s special code is nosy?”

Xu Weidong’s face was full of sternness, and he scolded directly.

The next second, when I looked back and saw Gone, I was stunned and said with a sneer: “Oh, it’s Liu Shao, I heard that you are very beautiful recently. Not only did you get most of Li Tianci’s properties, but you also founded Liu Shao. Shi Group, tsk tsk, people start to drift when they are rich, dare to care about me?”

When he said this, Xu Weidong’s face was cold and arrogant, and he didn’t take Gone seriously at all.

Speaking of which, they are both rich and young in Donghai City. Xu Weidong naturally recognizes Liu Hao. Some time ago, Liu Hao, because of the family business, was willing to degenerate, and he went to the casino every day, and often met with Xu Weidong.

Several times at the gambling table, Xu Weidong used the power of his family to mock Liu Hao more than once, but he did not take him seriously at all. Although Liu Hao has risen to prominence, in Xu Weidong’s eyes, he is just rich, and he is still more powerful than power. Not as good as the Xu family, still looked down upon.

At this time, Xu Weidong’s face was full of arrogance: “Liu Hao, this is about me and Liu Zhiyuan, it has nothing to do with you, get out!”

He didn’t know that the person in front of him was no longer the cowardly Liu Hao who used to be in trouble. Demon Supreme.


Hearing this word, Gone frowned slightly, holding back his anger and said: “I have some business to discuss with this Liu Zhiyuan, please avoid him. Even if you want to trouble him, it’s another day.”


Hearing this, Xu Weidong was stunned, thinking that he had heard it wrong.

I haven’t seen you for a few days, this Liu Hao is so bold, and he is still pretending to be in front of me?

At the same time, Liu Zhiyuan, who was lying on the ground, was also full of surprise. He was not very familiar with Liu Hao, but he had heard people say that this young master of the Liu family was a joke in Donghai City.

The business of the family business that took over is not as good as day by day. Even his wife was dug up by Li Tianci. Even if he has money now, it cannot change the image in the entire Donghai City. When it comes to the power behind it, it is incomparable to Xu Weidong.

And now, how dare he talk to Xu Weidong like that? Looking for death?

Liu Zhiyuan was originally a villain who saw the wind and steered the rudder. At this time, he was not grateful for Gone’s coming to make a rescue. On the contrary, he felt that Gone was asking for trouble.


Finally, Xu Weidong reacted enough, and looked at Gone with a half-smiling smile: “My young master has been in Donghai City for so many years, and no one has ever dared to speak like this?”

“I tell you, this young master is in a bad mood today. , I will give you ten seconds to disappear, otherwise I will let you lie down and go out.”

Xu Weidong clapped his hands after the last word fell!


In an instant, more than a dozen people rushed in and shouted, all of them ferocious, surrounding Gone.

Seeing this scene, many people exclaimed and quickly retreated into the distance, pointing at Gone at the same time.

“Isn’t this Liu Hao?”

“I heard that he got all of Li Tianci’s properties. He is very rich. Now that he is rich and courageous, he dares to provoke Xu Weidong?”

“This is a good show to watch.

” Shouting at the dozen or so around, Gone didn’t panic at all, and at this time he lost his patience, and said coldly to Xu Weidong: “Go away!


Xu Weidong’s face was extremely cold and curious at the same time. He only felt that the Liu Hao in front of him seemed to be different from before, but he didn’t think much about it at the time, and shouted angrily: “Hit me!”

Huhu… The

voice fell . , more than a dozen big men, swarmed up and rushed towards Gone.

“Go away!” At this time, Gone, standing there as steady as a rock, suddenly raised his hand and waved.


The dozen or so big men who rushed up felt a powerful force blowing towards them. Before they could react, they were shaken and flew out. Some slammed into the wall, and some smashed the marble next to them. The table, the scene is a mess.


seeing this scene, whether it was Liu Zhiyuan lying on the ground, or everyone around him, he couldn’t help but gasp, and they were all stupid.

Is this still the timid and fearful Liu Hao in the rumors?

Liu Zhiyuan was even more shocked. Unexpectedly, this Liu Hao is still a cultivator, and his strength is so strong…

Chapter 4853

Xu Weidong was also frightened, staring blankly at Gone speechless.

He never thought that Liu Hao, who used to be submissive in front of him, would suddenly become so brave. Those dozen or so big men, but they were carefully selected by him, were all beaten down by him when they met each other.

“You…” The

next second, Xu Weidong reacted, pointing to Gone and shouting: “You have the seeds, wait, you wait for me…” After two harsh words, Xu Weidong left in a hurry.


Seeing this situation, the crowd watching the excitement quickly dispersed.

Gone didn’t catch up, but walked quietly to Liu Zhiyuan, and said lightly: “Can you go?”


Liu Zhiyuan responded quickly, and then got up with a grin, “Thank you… Thank you Liu Shao. Help.” Liu Zhiyuan was full of awe at this time because he had just seen Gone’s power.

Gone’s face was indifferent, without the slightest fluctuation: “I want to work with you, are you interested?”

“Yes, of course!”

Liu Zhiyuan’s eyes lit up, and the chicken nodded. To be honest, if someone else asked him to cooperate, he would definitely look contemptuous and would never take it to heart, but Liu Hao in front of him was different. He obtained all of Li Tianci’s family property and established the Liu Group, which made the original The soon-to-be-declined Liu family has suddenly become the top wealthy family in Donghai City. This is a big rich man.

More importantly, he was still a cultivator, and he beat back more than a dozen of Xu Weidong’s bodyguards with just a few gestures.

Liu Zhiyuan was originally a follower, how could he miss the opportunity to hug his thighs at this time?

Seeing him nodding, Gogne stopped talking nonsense: “Come with me.” The voice fell, and he should walk out of the prosperous KTV first.

Liu Zhiyuan quickly trotted to keep up.

“Mr. Liu didn’t drive?” Liu

Zhiyuan asked flatteringly when he saw that Gone didn’t walk to the parking lot when he got outside.

Gonier nodded: “I’m not used to driving.” Huh

Hearing this, Liu Zhiyuan’s mind quickly turned. Hearing that Liu Hao had a car accident on the coastal road a month ago, he probably had a shadow in his heart. , did not drive.

Thinking to himself, Liu Zhiyuan quickly pointed to a BMW not far away: “If Mr. Liu doesn’t dislike it, just take my car. As long as Mr. Liu is willing in the future, I will be your exclusive price, hehe…”

Gonier Nodding, there was a little approval in his eyes.

Although this kid doesn’t have any great skills, his eyesight is not bad.

Thinking to himself, Gognie got into the car and directed Liu Zhiyuan to go towards the Liu Group Building.

After half an hour.

The office on the top floor of the Liu Group Building.

I go!

The moment he entered the office, Liu Zhiyuan was instantly stunned by the luxury in front of him. All the furniture was made of red sandalwood. It would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Mr. Liu!”

Under the shock, Liu Zhiyuan flattered: “You are looking for me… What exactly do you want to cooperate with?”

Gogne sat on the sofa and smiled lightly: “I heard that your Liu family has cooperated with an entertainment company and has successfully packaged many stars. As for me, I also want to set up an entertainment company and plan to cultivate some stars. You are the president. “

Speaking, Gognie took out a bank card and threw it in front of Liu Zhiyuan: “There is one billion in it, which is the start-up capital of this entertainment company. How does this entertainment company operate, and you have full control over it, how?”


Seeing the bank card in front of him, Liu Zhiyuan only felt that his legs were weak, and he could hardly stand still.

If I go, it will be one billion in one shot. This Liu Hao really has deep pockets.

Shocked, Liu Zhiyuan quickly picked up the bank card and grinned: “Don’t worry, Mr. Liu, this matter is entirely up to me. I promise to talk about our entertainment company and make it the largest and strongest in the entire Earth Continent.”

Gone nodded. Slowly said: “I don’t care how the company operates, but I only have one request.”

“President Liu, please speak.” Liu Zhiyuan said quickly.

Gone’s eyes flashed with strange light, and he said word by word: “I need to take a look at all the newcomers selected by the company, and these selected newcomers must be born in the year of the year, the day of the month, and the female. It must be born on the 9th day of the 9th year.

Chapter 4854


Hearing this, Liu Zhiyuan was stunned. Speaking of which, his Liu family has dealt with many entertainment companies over the years, and there are not a few celebrities who have packaged them. This is the first time I have seen such a request. Thinking to himself, Liu Zhiyuan asked cautiously: “Mr. Liu, when we recruit new people, do

we have to pay so much attention to the date of birth?”

, I’ll find someone else to work with.”


Liu Zhiyuan suddenly panicked, and quickly said: “Mr. Liu calm down, I’m just asking, nothing else, don’t worry, I’ll do as you say.”

With such a large gold major, if the opportunity for cooperation is lost, it will be a big loss. One billion in start-up capital, it is not a problem at all to get tens of millions from it and spend it.

Gone was too lazy to talk nonsense, waved his hand and let Liu Zhi stay away.

“Mr. Liu, then I’ll leave first. Regarding the entertainment company, I’ll operate as soon as possible in the past two days.” Liu Zhiyuan greeted him and left happily.


Watching Liu Zhiyuan leave, Gone sighed lightly and leaned his body gently on the sofa.

Yes, the conditions he told Liu Zhiyuan just now were all for the purpose of absorbing pure yang and pure yin essence. Speaking of which, he could handle this kind of thing himself, but two days ago, he just killed the Shaolin master Juechen. , as well as the named disciple, this matter has already caused an uproar in the arena.

Naturally, Gone is not afraid of a Shaolin faction, but God’s Domain has established a Divine Mirror in Kyushu. If something goes wrong and attracts the attention of Divine Mirror, it will be troublesome.

So Gogne could only ask Liu Zhiyuan to do this on his behalf, so that it would be easy to hide from the public.

As long as you find a suitable target, absorb their essence, and restore your peak strength, you are just around the corner.

Thinking of this, Gone’s mouth curled into a smile.

Bang Bang…

At this moment, the door of the office was suddenly knocked, and then a security guard shouted in a panic outside: “Mr. Liu, Boss Liu is not well, a group of people came from the lobby on the first floor. Man, he said he was going to destroy the place, and he also threatened to destroy you.”

When he spoke, the security guard stuttered, obviously frightened.

Someone came to look for something?

Hearing this, Gone’s face sank, and he walked out quickly and took the elevator down to the first floor.

As soon as I arrived at the lobby on the first floor, I saw hundreds of people gathered there, and several security guards were confronting them, but in the face of the other party’s momentum, several security guards were pale.

This group of people all held long knives in their hands, and they were aggressive, and the one at the head was even more arrogant.

It was Xu Weidong who lost face at Shengshi KTV before.


At this time, when Gone appeared, the eyes of nearly a hundred people suddenly converged.

“Liu Hao, didn’t you expect me to come so fast?” Xu Weidong grinned, staring at Gone and said: “Ma De, you were very good at KTVC in Shengshi just now, this time I brought some more. When people come, I want to see if you can knock them all down.”

As he spoke, Xu Weidong’s face was full of arrogance and resentment.

Speaking of which, Gone’s performance in Shengshi KTV before was really shocking, but Xu Weidong was not afraid at all, because this time he brought a powerful helper.


The moment the voice fell, a tall man slowly walked out of the crowd, his eyes locked on Gone: “You are not too timid, dare to take care of Master Xu’s gossip, and dare to do it?”

“Today in front of everyone You will immediately kneel and kowtow three times to Master Xu, and forget about it, otherwise, you will smash your Liu Family Group Building.”

The person who spoke, called Jin Jinhe, was recruited by Xu Weidong. ‘s helper.

Jin Jinhe used to be a disciple of Wudang sect. Originally, he had good talent and was very popular with the sect master, but unfortunately, he had a bad mind and was expelled from Wudang for stealing secrets. for the subordinates.

After joining the Xu family, Jinjinhe has done a lot of bad things. He has been blessed by the powerful forces of the Xu family. He has been in peace. He just learned that Xu Weidong had lost face in KTV. Nirvana out.

Chapter 4855

Seeing this scene, Gone’s face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and he glanced at the Golden River: “Go!” The

dignified Demon Race Supreme, let a group of ordinary humans find trouble, how can he bear it?


Hearing this, Jin Jinhe blushed and was extremely angry, and he howled at that time: “I think you are toasting, not eating or drinking.” The words fell, and Jinhe suddenly waved his hand.

The voice fell, and more than a hundred people rushed in like a flood, surrounding Gone.

“Mr. Liu!”

Seeing this situation, a security guard was sweating profusely and was so scared that he could hardly stand still. He hurried over and whispered to Gone, “Why don’t we call the police.”

Gone shook his head . He shook his head: “It’s alright, you all go out and close all the doors on the first floor. I will solve this problem myself.”


Hearing this, the security guard couldn’t help laughing and crying, how can you deal with the other party alone? Hundreds of people? But seeing Gone’s serious look, the security guard had no choice but to nod his head, and greeted his companions to walk out of the hall quickly, closing the doors of the hall at the same time.


At this moment, Huang Jinhe mocked his face: “It’s better to let the people below leave, so as not to see you kneeling and affect the image of the company.” He thought that Gogne let the security guards leave because he didn’t want them. See kneeling.

Gone’s expression did not change, he slowly took off his suit jacket, threw it on the sofa not far away, and said lightly: “Let’s go together.”


At this moment, Jin Jinhe knew that he had encountered a hard stubble, and his face was instantly ugly.

At the same time, Xu Weidong next to him was too lazy to talk nonsense, and shouted: “Jin He, what nonsense are you talking to him, fuck him for me.” The

last word fell, and more than a hundred people rushed up waving long knives.

“A bunch of ants!”

Gone sneered when he saw the crowd rushing up, his whole body exploded with power, like a ghost, he directly greeted him.

Bang Bang Bang…

In the next two minutes, Gone was like a tiger descending the mountain. The more than 100 people didn’t understand what was going on.


Seeing this situation, both Xu Weidong and Jinhe River were shocked.

In just a few minutes, more than 100 people were knocked to the ground.

Is this kid still human?

“Good boy!” In the

next second, Jin Jinhe reacted, looking at Gone and said gloomily: “I was wrong just now, it turned out to be a fellow in the rivers and lakes, I’m here to learn.” The

voice fell, Jinhe raised his hand Call out a ghost-headed knife, and the body rises into the air!


A powerful aura erupted from Jinhe Jinhe’s body, and the ghost-headed knife in his hand drew a shocking giant, heading straight for Gone. The imposing aura made the air in the entire hall distorted.

Seeing the Golden River attacking, Gogne looked disdainful.


Hearing the sound of aura, Gone slowly raised his hands, and a blood-red light enveloped him.

The red light illuminated the entire hall with blood red, and in an instant, both Jinhe River and Xu Weidong felt a terrifying sense of oppression.

Especially the Golden River, a chill rises from the bottom of my heart…

hiss… What kind of power is this? The breath is so terrifying.


At this moment, Gone raised his hand and waved, the blood-colored light all over his body condensed a strange fireball, like a blood-colored lightning, coming straight towards the Golden River!


Feeling the speed of the fireball, Jin Jinhe didn’t have time to think about it at the time, and hurriedly placed the Ghost Head Sabre in front of him in an attempt to block the blow.

At this time, the Golden River did not know what a terrifying existence he had provoked.

“Ah…” In the

next second, the fireball slammed into the ghost head knife, and heard a scream from the golden river, the whole person spilled a rain of blood in the air, and flew out all at once, completely flying. More than a hundred meters away, the glass of the main entrance of the hall was finally smashed, and he lay there like mud, his eyes were closed, and his life and death were unknown.


Seeing this scene, Xu Weidong’s face was full of horror, and his heart was even more terrified. His legs were shaking uncontrollably, and he could hardly stand still.

one move?

With just one move, the Xu family’s gold medalist Jinhe He was knocked out!

Is this still that trash Liu Hao? This strength is also… too terrifying, right? !

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