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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4786-4790

Chapter 4786


Hearing this, Li Tianci almost jumped up, shouting and scolding: “Liu Hao, are you mentally ill?” Want all the property, all for you? What about daydreaming?

Shen Lingtong’s expression also changed, and he responded lightly: “I’m afraid this condition is not suitable.” “Not


Gone sneered: “Then kill this kid, he will either give money or life. .” The voice was calm and unquestionable.

“Ma De!”

At this moment, Li Tianci couldn’t bear it any longer, and he pointed at Gone and shouted: “Liu Hao, I think you are courting death! Master, kill him quickly, as long as Master helps you, half a year later. , I am donating 100 million to build a temple for Shaolin. There is no need to reason with this kid.”

Jiang Shan next to him did not speak, but nodded in agreement.

This Liu Hao is really crazy, even the lion opened his mouth and wanted all the property of Li Tianci, just a waste like him, I am afraid that he has his life, and he has no life to spend.


At this moment, Shen Lingtong took a deep breath and looked at Gone with complicated eyes: “This friend, I will not help you kill, and I have no right to let him give you his property, what happened today is his fault. First, I’ll ask him to apologize to you, let’s forget about it, how about it?”

After speaking, Shen Lingtong’s face was full of arrogance: “I’m the eldest disciple of the Shaolin layman, and I personally came forward to help you deal with this matter. To give you face, don’t be ignorant of flattering.”

At this time, Shen Lingtong lost his patience, he could feel that the young man in front of him was unusual, but he moved out of the Shaolin name, whoever listened to it in the arena To give some thin noodles.

Ha ha!

However, Gone didn’t appreciate it, and said coldly: “I already said just now, either give money or give life, I don’t care if you are Shaolin or have other backgrounds, if you can’t do it, get out, don’t waste my time. “


Hearing this, Shen Lingtong’s face changed, and he was furious: “You are courting death.” He had already given enough face, but this kid still didn’t eat a toast and eat a fine drink.

When the words fell, Shen Lingtong urged his inner strength and rushed over to punch Gone directly.


This punch is Shaolin’s famous stunt, ‘Subduing the Dragon and Overcoming the Tiger’.

Seeing this situation, Li Tianci was extremely excited and shouted: “Yes, that’s it, Master killed this ignorant boy, let’s see if he is arrogant.”

Jiang Shan also clenched her hands, inexplicably excited.

Liu Hao, this bastard, slapped himself a few times just now, and now he must be taught by Li Tianci’s master…


Seeing Shen Lingtong’s punch, Gone sighed, with a look of regret, without any intention of dodging: “Since you are courting death, then I will fulfill you.” The

voice fell, and Gone fluttered a punch. The punch seemed to be very slow, but in the blink of an eye it came to Shen Lingtong.


In the next second, the fists of the two sides collided, and Shen Lingtong let out a miserable howl, all the phalanges of his fists were shattered, and blood flowed out, exposing Bai Sensen’s bones.

When the pain came, Shen Lingtong couldn’t help gasping for air, and at the same time, he looked at Gone in shock. This kid seems to be normal, but his strength is so terrifying. You must know that his own fist of subduing the dragon and subduing the tiger is enough to open mountains and crack rocks. There was no harm at all, but he lost a hand.

Isn’t this a useless young master of the family? How can it be so powerful?

At this time, Shen Lingtong still didn’t know that the person in front of him was no longer Liu Hao, but the Supreme Demon of the Three Realms.


At this moment, Gone was no longer talking nonsense, his figure flashed in front of Shen Lingtong, raised his hand and slammed it on the top of his head, only to hear the sound of broken bones, Shen Lingtong barely had time to scream, and died directly.

After killing Shen Lingtong, Gone slowly turned around and looked at Li Tianci with blood-red eyes: “The person you called is not very strong.”


Seeing this scene, Li Tianci was completely frightened, his legs softened and he knelt on the ground, stammering: “Liu Hao, Master Liu, don’t…don’t kill me…”

When he said this , Li Tianci was extremely frightened in his heart, and peeed his pants. He never thought that Liu Hao’s strength was so terrifying, and his master was so vulnerable in front of him.

Chapter 4787

Jiang Shan is also stupid!

At this moment, her legs felt weak, and her delicate body couldn’t help but take two steps back.

She could see that Li Tianci’s master was directly killed by ‘Liu Hao’ and died tragically on the spot. You must know that this was a lay disciple of the Shaolin School.

How is this possible? In the past few years after marrying him, I never knew that he was also a cultivator, and he was so powerful…

In the past few years, every time he was in a bad mood, he would not return his mouth, and he was even accused of being scolded. When Li Tianci was humiliated, he swallowed his anger and never fought.

And today…he actually killed Li Tianci’s master…

“Brother Hao, Brother Hao, I was wrong, I was wrong…” Li Tianci knelt there and wept bitterly, and kept kowtowing to Gone to apologize.

However, Gogne ignored it and just looked at him quietly.

Gone’s eyes made Li Tianci’s heart flutter, and he suddenly shouted and pointed at Jiang Shan: “Brother Hao, it’s all her, it’s this bitch who betrayed you, she was the one who seduced me first, really, half a year ago. At a banquet, if she hadn’t taken the initiative to ask me for contact information, I wouldn’t have dared to approach her.”

At this time, Li Tianci had no dignity at all, and in order to survive, he could only betray Jiang Shan. After all, Jiang Shan was just a plaything in his heart, how could life matter?


Hearing this, Jiang Shan’s body trembled, anxious and angry: “Li Tianci, are you…are you still a man?” , use me as a shield.

But now that the matter is over, Jiang Shan doesn’t want to care so much anymore, and looks up at Gone: “Liu Hao, I’m sorry for you, you kill me.” She

closed her eyes.

However, Gone didn’t even look at her, his cold and arrogant face was full of disdain.

The next second, Gone looked at Li Tianci: “Don’t talk so much, the conditions I said just now…”

“Give it, I will give it.” Before he finished speaking, Li Tianci nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. : “Brother Hao, all the property under my name will be given to you. As long as you surround me with your life, I will write the agreement.”

After speaking, he stood up tremblingly and quickly wrote a property gift agreement in front of the table. Then he pressed his handprint on it, and when he pressed the handprint, Li Tianci’s heart was dripping blood. All his property added up to billions. Now he gave it all to others. Can you believe it?

But there is no way, if you don’t give it, you will die.

“Brother Hao!”

After the agreement was made, Li Tianci came over and handed it to Gone respectfully: “The agreement is made, I beg Lord Hao to spare me once. I promise to leave Donghai City tomorrow, and later They’re not coming back.”

When he said this, Li Tianci looked at Gone cautiously, indescribably humble and respectful.


Gone glanced at the agreement and nodded in satisfaction, but his eyes flashed with icy coldness. At that time, he suddenly raised his right hand and pressed it directly on top of Li Tianci’s head.

At that time, Li Tianci didn’t have time to dodge, and he sensed a terrifying force pouring into his mind. At that time, he was frightened and stammered: “Brother Hao, spare your life, the money has been given to you, spare your life.

” He did not want Li Tianci’s life either, but since today’s incident could not be spread out, he planned to turn Li Tianci into dementia.


Finally, Li Tianci couldn’t bear the terrifying power, his eyes darkened, and he passed out.


Seeing this scene, Jiang Shan’s beautiful face was instantly bloodless, and Liu Hao was too cruel. Li Tianci even gave him the money, and even killed him.

At this time, Jiang Shan didn’t know that Li Tianci just passed out.

“Brother Hao…”

At this moment, Jiang Shan was extremely frightened and could no longer calm down. She bit her lip and walked to Gone step by step, begging: “I’m sorry for you. For the sake of the field, you…you’ll spare me, okay?”

As he spoke, he thought of Lagone’s arm, but he felt the terrifying aura on him and held it back.

Gone was expressionless and looked at her quietly: “Didn’t you just say that you want me to get out of Donghai City and never come back?”

Chapter 4788

“I was wrong, I really knew I was wrong.” Jiang Shan bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite. She didn’t have time to think about it, she hurriedly knelt down, and her delicate body kept shaking.

Li Tianci was killed by him. If he didn’t admit his mistake, he would not escape death.

Ha ha!

Seeing her trembling look, Gone laughed and said in a playful tone: “You two are a good match, let’s be a pair of desperate couples, what happens to him, you have to accompany him…”


The moment the voice fell, Gone raised his hand and patted Jiang Shan’s head, only to hear her scream, and fainted on the spot.

At this moment, Gone didn’t even look at the three people on the ground, went downstairs delicately, and waved to a servant when he reached the lobby on the first floor.

“What’s your order, young master?” the servant said in a submissive voice.

He heard the movement upstairs just now, he knew that someone was dead above, and the appearance of ‘Liu Hao’ in front of him was shocking, covered in blood.

Gone showed a smile: “Don’t panic, now I’m explaining your business, you have to listen carefully, you didn’t see me tonight, and I didn’t come back. You don’t know what happened here, understand?”

“Understood, understand!” The servant nodded quickly.

Gogne explained a few more words, then walked out of the gate of the villa and disappeared into the night.

the other side.

At the junction of the coast of Nanyun Continent and Dongao Continent, there is an unknown abandoned fishing village.

At this time, when night fell, a few figures could be vaguely seen, and they were coming quickly. The leader is a middle-aged man, wearing a gray robe, holding a long sword, not angry and arrogant.

It was Mu Jianli, the Sect Master of Sword Sect.

Behind him, Hongxia and several elite disciples of Sword Sect followed closely.

Three days ago, Hongxia and Dongliu traveled here and found Long Qianyu washed up by the sea, so they took her to this abandoned fishing village. After discussion, Hongxia returned to the mountain gate to report the situation, and Dongliu stayed. Continue to take care of Long Qianyu.

As a result, after Hongxia left, she lost contact with Dongchuu. He had no choice but to bring Mu Jianli over.


When approaching the fishing village, Hongxia said softly to Mu Jianli: “At that time, my senior brother and I took Queen Nanyun to one of the wooden houses, and if nothing else happened, she should still be there. “

Mu Jianli nodded and stepped into the fishing village.


What surprised them, however, was that the entire fishing village was pitch-dark without a trace of light, and it didn’t look like someone was taking a break.

“Where’s the person?” Mu Jianli asked Hongxia.

At this moment, Hongxia was also inexplicably worried: “When I left, the senior brother and the empress were there, and the empress was seriously injured and would not leave easily.”

Mu Jianli frowned, no longer Instead, he waved his hand to signal everyone to look around.


After a while, an elite disciple quickly ran over, sweating profusely, with a nervous expression: “I found a corpse by the sea, which has been soaked in sea water, but… but looking at the clothes, it should be big Senior Brother.”

When he said this, the disciple looked sad.


Hearing this, both Mu Jianli and Hongxia were shocked.

Especially Hongxia, she almost fainted at the time. She had just made a lifelong decision with Dongliu, and before the wedding was held, something happened to Dongliu, how could she accept it.

The next second, everyone reacted and rushed towards the beach.

From a distance, I could see a corpse lying on the beach, and its face was swollen, but from the clothes, it could be vaguely recognized that it was Dongliu.

“Senior Brother!” Hongxia cried out in grief and rushed up, crying bitterly.

Mu Jianli was also shocked and angry. He stepped forward to check, and said to Hongxia: “Judging from his injury, it should be that something happened to him not long after you left.”

“Uuu…” Hongxia was very sad and couldn’t help but said: “Master, who is it, who killed the senior brother?”


Mu Jianli frowned, his expression was indescribably sinister, there was no clue around him, he thought It’s too hard to find the killer.

“Empress!” At this moment, Hongxia reacted and said ruthlessly: “It must be the queen, my senior brother and I kindly saved her, but she repaid the virtue with resentment, and the senior brother died but she disappeared, it must be her.”

Chapter 4789

Hearing this, Mu Jianli did not respond, but frowned and pondered.

Although she is not familiar with Long Qianyu, she is very familiar with her name. Whenever the queen is before, she is the famous female god of war in the Southern Cloud Continent.

With Long Qianyu’s personality, he shouldn’t do such despicable things.

But if it wasn’t for her, who would have done it?


Just as Mu Jianli was thinking about it, an elite disciple thought of something and couldn’t help but say, “Could it be that the rumors we heard on the way here are true? Died at the hands of the Ouyang family?”

Hearing this, Mu Jianli’s eyes flashed.

On the way to the fishing village, Mu Jianli got a rumor from the crowd: Long Qianyu, the Queen of Nanyun, failed to exterminate the pirates, died in the sea, and was found out by the Ouyang family, so they found a woman to pretend to be the queen, and then Yue Wuya. Accompanying him to the imperial city, he intends to take the opportunity to seize the throne of the emperor, but the general Huang Zheng sees it through.

After that, the two sides fought. In the end, Yue Wuya and the fake queen lost to each other and were locked in the prison.

When he heard this rumor at the time, Mu Jianli thought it was all false, but thinking about it now, maybe these are all true.

“Ouyang Family!”

At this moment, Mu Jianli’s face was gloomy, and he said to himself, “Could it be that they really did it?”

At this time, Hongxia also recalled the scene at that time, not knowing whether it was grief or anger, delicate body Unstoppable trembling: “Master, could it be that what my brother and I saved at the time…was the fake queen from the Ouyang family? Isn’t it the real Long Qianyu?”


Mu Jianli took a deep breath, looked at Dong Liu’s corpse in front of him, and clenched his fists: “It’s very possible, with Long Qianyu’s personality, he won’t take kindness and revenge. It is estimated that you have encountered a fake queen.” Jian Li began to speculate: “Because she was afraid of revealing her identity, after you left, the fake queen shot at your brother.”

Hearing this, Hongxia was even more sad, and tears kept falling: “Senior brother, Your death is so wrong.”

Immediately, Hongxia took Mu Jianli’s arm: “Master, the big brother can’t die in vain, we must avenge him.”


Mu Jianli nodded his head, his eyes flashing with murderous intent in the dark: “Ouyang family, my Jianzong has nothing to do with you, you actually killed my eldest apprentice, I must give you a clear account of this.

” ….

on the other side, God’s Domain!

At the Yutian Palace at this time, the gods and officials gathered, not only that, but also set up a huge ring in the square outside.

Yes, today is the 100th day of the Nine Heavens God’s fall, and it is also the day when Prince Aolin and Prince Aotian compete.

The two princes vying for the throne of Heavenly Emperor is the first time in the entire Divine Realm. Therefore, not only did all the priests attend the scene today, but many scattered immortals who lived in seclusion also came to watch this grand occasion.

In the north of the huge arena, a throne was set up. Empress Hua Zhao was dressed in a long robe of gold and silver.

Prince Aotian and Prince Aolin sat on both sides, behind them, Yue Feng and Haotian God King respectively.

That’s right, since Immortal Venerable Taiyi was expelled from Yutian Palace, Empress Hua Zhao invited God King Haotian back from Kyushu, as the master of Prince Aotian, to teach him skills.

Facing the scene in front of him, Prince Aolin felt inexplicably nervous.

You must know that today’s game is related to your future. If you win, you will be in the Three Realms. If you lose, you will be in a doomed situation. After all, Aotian is ruthless.

“Don’t panic!”

Feeling the change in Prince Aolin’s expression, Yue Feng smiled slightly, patted his shoulder and whispered, “There is a master.”

When he said this, Yue Feng felt very relaxed.

I finally got through to today, and when I helped Ao Lin win the throne of Heavenly Emperor, I could return to the Kyushu Continent.

Just as he was talking, a figure slowly walked towards the center of the ring. It was Mingyue Xingjun, who would preside over today’s game.


At this time, Mingyue Xingjun first bowed to Empress Hua Zhao, then looked around and said with a smile: “Today, two princes competing for the throne are an unprecedented initiative.”

Chapter 4790

“So, with the approval of the goddess and our negotiation and decision, today’s game will be divided into three games. One Wenbi, two Wubi!”

Having said that, Mingyue Xingjun looked at him with a smile. Ao Lin and Ao Tian: “Do the two princes have any objections?”

Prince Ao Lin nodded, expressing no objection.


Prince Aotian chuckled, his face full of self-confidence: “Today’s prince, the winning ticket is in hand, do whatever you want.” After speaking, he did not forget to give Ao Lin a provocative look.

Ao Lin just pretended not to see it.

However, Yue Feng sneered secretly, this proud prince is really unrepentant, and he is so arrogant on the field of competition.

“Since the two princes have no opinion, let’s start the game.” At this time, Mingyue Xingjun waved his hand, and immediately two fairies took the writing test questions and slowly entered the field.

At this moment, Ao Tian and Ao Lin sat in front of the prepared table respectively and started to write their answers.

In the writing test, there are some things about how to govern the realm of the gods and even the Three Realms, and there are also some questions about how to become a qualified heavenly emperor in the future.


I saw the two princes, both writing hard.

However, the font of Prince Aolin is elegant and graceful, like a dragon flying and a phoenix dancing, which is pleasing to the eyes and refreshing, while Prince Aotian has ordinary handwriting.

From the handwriting alone, it seems that Prince Aolin is slightly better.

“Time is up!”

After half an hour, with the shout of Mingyue Xingjun, the two princes handed in the papers one after another.

“The two princes are indeed both heroic and talented.” Soon, after checking the test questions, Mingyue Xingjun announced the result: “Today’s Wenbi, the two princes are evenly matched, and it is a tie.”

When saying this, Mingyue Xingjun He subconsciously looked at Empress Hua Zhao’s face.

What the hell!

As soon as he finished speaking, Yue Feng’s expression changed.

Nima, this Mingyue Xingjun was obviously bought by Empress Hua Zhao in advance. In the previous Wenbi, just from the handwriting, Prince Aolin was better than Aotian, but he actually said it was a tie?

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng wanted to go forward to the theory, but he still held back.


At the same time, the surrounding priests were also in an uproar, and many whispered.

“In this first game, it seems that Prince Aolin is slightly better.”

“Who said no? It’s a pity that Prince Aolin’s biological mother is no longer there… What can I do…”

“Alas… “

They could all see that this Mingyue Xingjun was jealous of Empress Hua Zhao, so he favored Prince Aotian, but no one dared to say it.


Hearing the announcement at this time, Prince Aotian couldn’t help laughing, and looked at Ao Lin contemptuously: “Ao Lin, when the father was still there, he often said that your writing was good, but this prince is not Poor.”

Ao Lin smiled and ignored it.

At this time, at the suggestion of Empress Hua Zhao, Mingyue Xingjun stepped into the ring again: “The remaining two games are martial arts competitions, one is a marching formation, and the other is a competition of strength.”

Saying, Mingyue Xingjun He waved to the audience, and suddenly nearly a hundred soldiers came up with neat steps.

“The two sides will choose some and fight offense and defense, and the winner will win this game.” The

last word fell, and Mingyue Xingjun quickly stepped back.


At this moment, Prince Aotian walked up slowly and looked at Ao Lin with a half-smiling smile: “Ao Lin, you are my younger brother, I will let you in this game, whether to attack or defend, you choose first.”

Saying this At that time, Prince Aotian looked confident. In the past few days, he and the God King Haotian have learned a lot of marching methods, so he is naturally full of confidence.

Prince Aolin smiled slightly: “I’m free, it’s better for the emperor to choose first.”


Aotian didn’t intend to let him, but when he saw Aolin say this, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Then I Choose to attack.” After speaking, he picked fifty divine soldiers.

Prince Aolin looked indifferent, greeted the remaining fifty divine soldiers to his side, and began to deploy the formation.

“Ao Lin!”

At this time, Ao Tian’s face was arrogant, and he said with a smile instead of a smile: “If you lose this game, you will miss the position of Heavenly Emperor, otherwise, let’s make a covenant first, if I do it Heavenly Emperor, you will always help me, okay?” His

voice was not loud, but he was full of arrogance, as if he had won.

Ao Lin smiled lightly: “Brother Huang said it’s too early to say, I won first, let’s talk about it.”

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