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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4741-4745

Chapter 4741

“It’s already very good that we can investigate these. It’s enough to tell the White Tiger King the situation, and we can get back to life with the ghost grass.” The

words were impeccable.

Fairy Yunxiu nodded silently: “Okay then!”

At this moment, Yue Feng looked at him strangely, took off a coat and handed it over: “Here, put it on first.”

“Who wants to Wearing your clothes?”

Fairy Yunxiu looked disgusted and didn’t want to accept it at all, she pouted, “It’s dirty.”

Fairy Yunxiu, who is so dignified, how could she wear a bad old man’s clothes?


Just as she was talking, she felt Yue Feng’s strange gaze, and Fairy Yunxiu realized that there was nothing covering her body, and her face immediately flushed red.

“You…” The

next second, Fairy Yunxiu shouted softly, “Close your eyes. It’s really old and serious.”


Seeing her appearance, Yue Feng was not angry at all, and turned around at that time. Go, he smiled and said: “I put the clothes on the ground, whether you like to wear them.” After saying that, he threw the coat in front of Fairy Yunxiu.

Anyway, not only did I see it just now, but I also touched it, so I didn’t bother to talk to her.

Seeing Yue Feng turning around obediently, Fairy Yunxiu took a deep breath and slowly picked up the clothes on the ground. Although she was extremely reluctant, she still passed it on.

No way, I can’t be so naked all the time.

“Okay!” Fairy Yunxiu said angrily after getting dressed.

Yue Feng turned around and said with a smile: “You sneaked in, you definitely can’t go up with me, so let’s go out of the black swamp first, just wait for me outside, and then I will be with the white tiger. Wang said, you are in a hurry to return to Yuyao Xianyuan.”

“I went back to the White Tiger King, and after I told him about the investigation here, I took the ghost grass to join you.”


Fairy Yunxiu nodded: “Don’t let this fairy wait too long!” After the

voice fell, Fairy Yunxiu activated her divine power, and her delicate body rose and flew out of the cave.

Yue Feng waited on the spot for a while, and determined that Fairy Yunxiu had left the Black Marsh, and then flew up with her figure. He was not worried at all about Fairy Yunxiu being discovered. After all, although this woman was arrogant, she was very smart.


Soon, when I got outside, I saw the dozen or so monster warriors still on guard.

Seeing Yue Feng coming up, these monster warriors quickly surrounded him.

“Your Excellency Xianweng, are you all right?”

“Xianweng finally came, but we are worried to death…”

In their hearts, the old man in front of him was the VIP of the White Tiger King, and he did not dare to neglect him at all.

Yue Feng smiled slightly and waved his hand: “It’s all right, let’s go back.” A

few minutes later, in the courtyard where the White Tiger King was resting.

Yue Feng explained the situation he encountered in the underground cave in detail. Of course, it was inconvenient to talk about the matter with Fairy Yunxiu Yunyu.


Hearing this, the White Tiger King was very angry: “This fairy Yunxiu, she clearly told her to stay in the hall and not move around, but she dares to break into the black swamp without permission. She simply doesn’t take our demon clan seriously.”

Yue Feng With a slight smile: “Even though she is daring, she is still not controlled by me?”

With that, Yue Feng took out the imperial order of the Emperor of Heaven.


In an instant, the White Tiger King’s eyes were instantly attracted, and he couldn’t hide his shock: “My God, it’s really the emperor’s order. This thing has disappeared for nearly 10,000 years, and I didn’t expect it to be under the black swamp.

” , What did the White Tiger King think: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, do you really want to give this thing to that Prince Aolin?”


Yue Feng nodded and said seriously: “Prince Aolin has both virtue and talent, is generous and benevolent, He has become the Emperor of Heaven, which is a great thing for your demon clan and our Kyushu continent.”

“By the way, please remember your promise to forever form an alliance with Prince Aolin.”


Hearing this, the White Tiger King couldn’t help laughing, patted Yue Feng’s shoulder and said: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, don’t worry, although I am not very familiar with Prince Aolin, but I believe in you, as long as it is yours, We will always be friends of our demon clan.”

Chapter 4742 Talking

and laughing, the White Tiger King thought of something, and took out a packet of medicinal powder from his body: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, this is what you want.”

Yue Feng took it with a smile and put it away.

The medicinal powder was ground from ordinary herbs, which Yue Feng deliberately used to fool Fairy Yunxiu.

“It’s getting late, I should go.” After chatting for a while, Yue Feng and the White Tiger King said goodbye and left.


Outside the demon clan’s territory, she saw Fairy Yunxiu still waiting there, her delicate face full of impatience.


Fairy Yunxiu said angrily when she saw Yue Feng’s appearance: “Why is it so slow? Have you got the medicinal powder of Ghost Spirit Grass?”

Yue Feng smiled and took out the prepared medicinal powder from his body: “Take it. It’s here.”

Fairy Yunxiu snatched it away: “Leave such a precious thing on me.” The main purpose of coming out this time is to get the ghost grass, and the credit must belong to her.

Yue Feng didn’t know what she was thinking, so he didn’t care at the time, and said with a smile, “Let’s go, go back!”

Half an hour later.

Yuyao Xianyuan!

Empress Hua Zhao was very happy that Yue Feng and Fairy Yunxiu successfully obtained the ghost grass.

At this moment, Madam Hua Zhao looked at the pollen in front of her and praised Yue Feng: “That’s right, yes, you can successfully get the pollen back, and you have finally lived up to the trust of this palace!” After the

voice fell, Fairy Yunxiu quickly said: ” Niangniang, in order to get this pollen, we took a lot of risk.”

At this time, such a good opportunity, of course, has to take credit.

Speaking of which, Fairy Yunxiu is not afraid that Yue Feng will expose the lie, because Yue Feng also has a handle in her hands, that is, he once rescued the son of the White Tiger King. If Empress Hua Zhao knew about this, she would definitely be suspicious. .

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng didn’t care.

The next second, Yue Feng smiled at Empress Hua Zhao and said, “Goddess is polite, it’s my honor to find herbs for you.”


Madam Hua Zhao was very satisfied with Yue Feng’s answer, and then she couldn’t help but ask: “Xianweng, now that the ghost grass has been obtained, what should I do next?

” Yue Feng said angrily, “If you fool the Empress, you will be committing a heinous crime.”

Fairy Yunxiu was the most capable of bullying others. When she returned to Yuyao Xianyuan at this time, she immediately returned to her previous high-pitched face.

Ha ha!

Yue Feng smiled secretly. Fairy Yunxiu went to the Black Swamp this time, but she still wasn’t cleaned up enough. She was still so arrogant in front of me.

Thinking about Yue Feng’s calmness, he politely said to Empress Hua Zhao, “Ghost spirit grass is only a medicinal guide. If you really want to completely solve the problems on Empress’s body, you still need to refine medicine pills.”

Before going to the Black Marsh, Yue The wind figured out a solution.


Empress Hua Zhao’s delicate body trembled, looking at Yue Feng’s eyes with a strange brilliance: “I didn’t expect Xian Weng to be omnipotent and even concoct alchemy…” The

words were full of admiration.

You must know that there are very few people who know the technique of alchemy in the realm of the gods. Otherwise, the Nine Heavens God would not have been so polite to Guiguzi.

Fairy Yunxiu on the side was disapproving: “Who knows if he is bragging.”


Empress Hua Zhao couldn’t bear it anymore, her eyebrows frowned, and she reprimanded, “Don’t be rude.”

Seeing Empress speak, Fairy Yunxiu quickly stepped aside.


Empress Hua Zhao smiled at Yue Feng: “Yunxiu doesn’t understand the rules, this time to the Black Swamp, it will definitely cause you a lot of trouble, and I hope Xianwen will not be blamed.”

“Yes, alchemy . If you have any other requirements, feel free to mention it.”

“Okay madam!” Yue Feng nodded, and then smiled at Fairy Yunxiu, “Fairy Yunxiu, please help me prepare some spirit grass. …”

Then, Yue Feng said the required materials one by one.

At this moment, Fairy Yunxiu was very unhappy, but she thought that it was to make medicinal pills for her mother, so she endured it. At that time, she gave Yue Feng a white look and walked out of the hall quickly.

In Yuyao Xianyuan, there are countless exotic flowers and plants, and Yue Feng needs all the materials. Soon, Fairy Yunxiu will prepare the required materials.

Chapter 4743

At this time, Fairy Yunxiu couldn’t hide her disdain, and said to Yue Feng: “Here, all the materials you want are ready.”

I have to see if this old man can make pills. Medicine.


At this moment, Yue Feng breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Fairy Yunxiu with a smile: “Fairy Yunxiu, I will continue to trouble you, help me find a pill stove!”

Yes, Yue Feng did it on purpose.

This Fairy Yunxiu is arrogant because she is a celebrity next to Empress Hua Zhao. Although she has taught her some lessons in the Black Marsh before, she will not change her stubbornness. one time.


In an instant, Fairy Yunxiu’s face flushed red, and she was very angry.

This old man is addicted to using himself. Relying on his ability to help the empress to solve the trouble, you can be unscrupulous, which is really hateful.

For a while, Fairy Yunxiu became more and more angry, and wanted to refuse directly.

But seeing Empress Hua Zhao sitting there with a face of acquiescence, Fairy Yunxiu did not dare to neglect, and turned around and walked out of the hall to prepare the pill furnace.

Soon, the pill stove was ready, and Fairy Yunxiu looked at Yue Feng angrily: “The pill stove is ready, hurry up and start.”

However, Yue Feng was not finished, and said with a half-smile: “I have to trouble Fairy again, Help me light the stove!”


This time, Fairy Yunxiu couldn’t hold it anymore, and said angrily, “I have to do everything, what do I want you to do?

” , is getting more and more presumptuous. Fairy Yunxiu, who is dignified by himself, actually asked himself to make a furnace for him to fight.

“I need to sort out these alchemy ingredients…” Yue Feng said seriously, slowly: “What? Do you feel ashamed to help me make a furnace? This is to refine elixirs for the goddess. Is it your face, Is it more important than the safety of the empress?” The

words were so eloquent that they could not be refuted.

At this moment, Yue Feng looked serious, but his heart was secretly funny.

I just want to rectify you, who told you to always stand tall in front of me? “I…”

At this moment, Fairy Yunxiu’s face flushed, but she was speechless to refute, but her heart was full of anger. This old and unscrupulous person was deliberately embarrassing me.

Okay, for Empress’ sake, I’ll help you set the stove on fire, and find an opportunity in the future to see how I treat you.

Thinking of this, Fairy Yunxiu snorted coldly, ignored Yue Feng, and went to the side to start lighting the furnace.

Yue Feng smiled slightly, started sorting the medicinal materials, and put them into the fire in an orderly manner. At every step, Yue Feng was methodical and serious.


At this moment, Empress Hua Zhao watched Yue Feng’s movements closely and nodded her head in approval.

As expected of an immortal from outside the sky, looking at the technique of alchemy, it is much stronger than those alchemists in the God’s Domain.

However, Fairy Yunxiu next to her secretly sneered.

If the elixir that is refined later doesn’t work, it will be up to you how it ends. At that time, I will definitely tell the Empress to cut off your head.

After a while, Yue Feng finished putting out the materials and began to control the heat.


As the temperature of the stove continued to rise, the entire bedroom was also warm.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten minutes passed, and there was still no movement. Fairy Yunxiu couldn’t help but chuckle softly: “Will you be able to concoct alchemy? If there is no movement for a while, are the materials inside destroyed?”

She thought to herself. Hold the fire and don’t miss any opportunity to mock.

Yue Feng smiled and said nothing.


Fairy Yunxiu was about to make a mockery, when suddenly, there was a sudden vibration in the pill furnace.

Yue Feng hurriedly stepped forward, opened the pill furnace, and saw a green pill lying quietly, a charming fragrance also filled the air.


Seeing this scene, Fairy Yunxiu’s body trembled and she was completely stunned. Actually…really refined by him? !


At this time, Yue Feng handed the medicinal pill to Niangniang Huazhao, and said with a smile: “This is the Peiyuan Qingdan, which has a miraculous effect on conditioning Niangniang’s perfect Yin constitution. Niangniang will know after taking it.”

“Good! “Empress Hua Zhao smiled all over her face.

Fairy Yunxiu curled her lips: “It’s so amazing, I don’t know if it’s useful!”

Empress Hua Zhao frowned, and said very unhappily: “Yunxiu, did you forget what Ben Gong just said? Why? How can you be so rude to Xianweng? You have to get angry with this palace, don’t you?”

Chapter 4744


Seeing Empress Hua Zhao’s anger, Fairy Yunxiu’s body trembled, she quickly knelt down, and said in fear: “Yunxiu dare not.”

Empress Hua Zhao said angrily: “From now on If you are still as unruly as before, this palace will never forgive you.”

“Yunxiu understands.” Fairy Yunxiu nodded quickly, how dare you violate the slightest.


Empress Hua Zhao stopped talking nonsense, took the medicine pill, and soon felt warm and comfortable all over her body.

The next second, Madam Hua Zhao tried to mobilize her divine power to move around her primordial spirit. Her delicate face suddenly showed a delighted smile. You must know that she is of the most yin body. She used her divine power to move around her primordial spirit. At times, the cold in the body will be stimulated, resulting in cold hands and feet.

At this time, that cold feeling was completely gone.

This medicine pill really works, it’s amazing.

For a time, Empress Hua Zhao looked at Yue Feng’s eyes, and she was a little more appreciative and excited: “Xian Weng really has magical powers, this medicine pill really works. Ben Gong’s words count, what kind of reward does Xian Weng want?”


Yue Feng rushed over and didn’t think there would be a reward. After thinking about it at the time, he smiled and said, “Can you keep this reward for me? The old man didn’t think about it for a while!”

Yue Feng didn’t lie, he really didn’t expect to get it. What a reward!

“Can the reward still be retained? What do you think of the empress?” Fairy Yunxiu couldn’t help saying.


As soon as she finished speaking, Empress Hua Zhao gave her a cold look.

Fairy Yunxiu’s body trembled, and she quickly closed her mouth.

At this time, Empress Hua Zhao looked at Yue Feng with interest: “Since Xian Weng said so, well, I will keep this reward for you. When you think of it, bring it up to me.

” The drawbacks of the body of yin have been completely solved, not to mention one reward, ten, one hundred are worth it.


Yue Feng showed a smile, nodded and said, “The lady rests, the old man has retired.”

After speaking, with the permission of Lady Hua Zhao, he left Yuyao Xianyuan.


on the other side, Dragon King Island!

Mo Yan was dressed in red, standing on the highest hillside on the island, with a smile on her delicate and beautiful face.

In the past two days, Yu Du brought back nearly 100,000 laborers. In just half a day, the foundation of the palace was laid. At this speed, the palace on Dragon King Island could be built in the shortest month.

Yu Du and more than a dozen strong men stood silently on the side, and they were all excited.

Especially Yu Du, while excited, his heart is also extremely excited.

The queen is really amazing. In less than three days, she swallowed up all the pirate organizations and became the overlord of the sea. This is something that I never dared to think about before.


At this moment, Mo Yan noticed something and tilted her head to look at the sea in the distance.

At the same time, the rest of the people also turned their heads.


Seeing this, whether it was Yu Du or the many masters around, they were all stunned, and they couldn’t help but gasp.

On the sea a few miles away, there has been a mighty fleet coming. This fleet consists of nearly a thousand large ships, which are lined up on the sea. Long knife, amazing momentum!

At the forefront of the fleet is a dragon-headed ship with a dragon flag flying on it.

At the bow of the ship, a slender figure stood there quietly, wearing a golden yellow dragon and phoenix robe.

It is Long Qianyu!

Half a day ago, after Long Qianyu led his army to rectify the Pearl Harbor, he came directly to Longwang Island to interrupt and destroy the pirates.


At this moment, Mo Yan was shocked when she saw Long Qianyu, but her delicate face was calm and said lightly: “Pass my order, leave some people to watch the workers, and the rest are on the coast. Assemble, prepare to meet the enemy.”

“Yes, Queen!” Yu Du quickly responded, and then went to deploy!

A few minutes later, nearly 100,000 members of the Sea Dragon Temple gathered on the coast.

At this time, Long Qianyu’s army of hundreds of thousands was about to arrive at the seaside.


At this moment, Long Qianyu, who was standing at the bow of the boat, suddenly locked his eyes on Mo Yan. At that time, her delicate body was shocked, and she was surprised and surprised, and said coldly: “It turns out that it is you, the demon girl!”

Before Chapter 4745

, Long Qianyu issued an imperial decree and sent people to search Mo Yan’s whereabouts, but there was no news, which made Long Qianyu very annoyed. Suddenly seeing Mo Yan at this moment, why not be surprised?

Speaking of which, Long Qianyu was a little puzzled at first. For nearly a hundred years, these pirate organizations at sea have been fighting each other endlessly, and no one will accept the other. Suddenly they are all annexed. It is incredible!

But the moment he saw Mo Yan, Long Qianyu understood.

After all, Moyan is one of the twelve holy demon kings of the demon clan, and her strength is no small matter. It is completely easy for her to swallow these pirates.


As soon as the voice fell, the nearly 100,000 members of the Sea Dragon Hall, as well as Yu Du and others were stunned and looked at Mo Yan in surprise.

Does the queen know each other?

At this moment, Mo Yan’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, she looked at Long Qianyu quietly, and said lightly, “Long Qianyu, stay safe, didn’t you expect that we would meet in this way? “

Long Qianyu bit his lip and snorted coldly, “Evil Demon Dao, you kidnapped nearly 100,000 people in the Southern Cloud Continent, let them go quickly, otherwise, I will smash your nest.”


Hearing this, Mo Yan didn’t panic at all, and said with a chuckle: “You want to step down here? I’m afraid you don’t have that ability, and I tell you, my palace has not been built, and none of these workers want to leave. .”


Hearing this, Long Qianyu’s delicate face suddenly turned gloomy, and he stopped talking nonsense at that time, and said coquettishly: “All officers and soldiers can attack and destroy all pirates.”

“Kill!” The

voice fell, hundreds of thousands of Nanyun The army jumped off the warships one after another, like a tide, rushing towards the Hailong Palace members on the coast.

“Meet the enemy!” Seeing this situation, Yu Po, who was already prepared, shouted, and immediately, he led the people in the Sea Dragon Hall to meet the enemy and fight fiercely with the Nanyun army.

“Ah!” In the

blink of an eye, the two sides collided, shouting and killing, and the sound of weapons clashing incessantly. During the fight, many members of the Hailong Hall were seen screaming and falling in a pool of blood.

Speaking of which, these members of the Sea Dragon Palace are all untrained pirates. They are usually strong merchant ships, but they have never fought a real battle. At this time, when they meet the elites of the royal family in the Southern Cloud Continent, how can they be their opponents?


But seeing this scene, Mo Yan didn’t panic at all. At that time, her red lips lightly opened and she instructed: “Yu Du, you guys go and deal with the queen.” Hundreds of thousands of Nanyun troops are nothing to worry about.

Swish swish… After

hearing the order, many strong people with residual poison, without the slightest hesitation, burst out and rushed towards Long Qianyu.

Each of these powerhouses who shot with Yu Du was once the leader of various pirate organizations, and their strength is not weak.

Although Long Qianyu is a woman, she used to be a female warrior in the Southern Cloud Continent. Facing Yu Du’s dozen or so powerhouses, she just smiled coldly: “A bunch of rabble, dare to offend this Emperor Tianwei?”


As soon as the voice fell, Long Qianyu clenched a long sword, his breath exploded, and he directly attacked.


In an instant, although the Yu Du crowd surrounded her, they couldn’t gain the upper hand. You must know that after Long Qianyu became the queen, he practiced a lot of royal skills, and his strength is not what it used to be.

At this time, Long Qianyu was fighting fiercely with Yu Du and everyone, while paying attention to Mo Yan not far away.

In her heart, Mo Yan was reluctant to take action herself, because the poisonous blood soul pill in her body had not been expelled. If this was the case, she would be taken down first after breaking out of the siege. In this way, the pirates of the entire Dragon King Island would Will collapse without a fight.

However, at this time, Long Qianyu didn’t know that the reason why Mo Yan didn’t take action was because the child in her belly was afraid of fetal gas.

Bang Bang…

After a few minutes, Yu Du and everyone still couldn’t suppress Long Qianyu. Suddenly, Yu Du was a little anxious.

“Queen, this woman is too powerful. If we go on like this, the battle situation will be very unfavorable for us.” Yu Du said anxiously at Mo Yan.


Mo Yan took a deep breath and did not respond, but looked around and saw that many of the members of the Sea Dragon Palace fell on the beach, dead and injured.

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