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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4721-4725

Chapter 4721

Yue Feng is very speechless.

Nima, this Fairy Yunxiu is too unreasonable, you obviously took the initiative, but now it’s my fault.

However, Yue Feng was too lazy to care about it, so he was about to turn around and leave, and continued to rest on the grass.


However, Fairy Yunxiu was unreasonable. At this moment, her eyes flickered and she looked at Yue Feng suspiciously: “I ask you, did you put that toad by my side on purpose?

” Xu Xianweng must know that he is afraid of toads, so he deliberately grabbed one and put it beside him, it must be like this.


At this moment, Yue Feng lost his patience and said with a chuckle: “It’s really interesting, what am I doing to scare you without any injustice? Don’t falsely accuse good people. Besides, this old man is not interested in using a toad to scare people.

” These, Yue Feng stopped talking nonsense, turned around and left.


Fairy Yunxiu was so angry that she still wanted to speak. Suddenly, she heard footsteps, and then, more than a dozen monster warriors rushed over and surrounded the two of them.

“Who are you?”

At this time, the leading demon warrior first looked at Yue Feng, and then at Fairy Yunxiu: “Dare to break into our demon clan forbidden area? Hurry up and recruit them truthfully, or you will look good. “

Monster forbidden area?

Hearing this, both Yue Feng and Fairy Yunxiu were stunned.

The next second, Yue Feng looked into the distance with the help of the torches in the hands of these demon warriors, and saw a wooden sign standing behind a tree, with the words ‘Forbidden land for demon race, death of trespassers’ vaguely written on it.

I’m going, really.

It’s just…. When was this black swamp a forbidden area by the demon clan?

Yue Feng clearly remembered that when the Demon Race and the Divine Realm fought, the Demon Race chose to relocate the general territory in order to avoid being involved in the war. After all, this new territory was only half a year old.

However, Yue Feng didn’t think too much. At that time, he smiled at the leading demon warrior and said, “This warrior, don’t misunderstand, we didn’t break in on purpose, but passed by. Seeing that it was getting late, we just rested here. Just a moment.”

“Rest?” The demon warrior looked hostile: “How can you rest in the demon territory?” After

speaking, he asked coldly, “Who are you?” What is the purpose of coming here? The

attitude of this monster warrior made Fairy Yunxiu very unhappy, and she immediately shouted: “Be polite to me, I tell you, my identity is not something you can provoke. “

As a celebrity next to Empress Hua Zhao, whoever sees her is not polite. This little monster warrior in front of her dares to yell at her. It’s really abominable.

Fairy Yunxiu gets more and more angry the more she thinks about it. , was about to reveal his identity, but was interrupted by Yue Feng.

“All warriors! “

Yue Feng accompanies the smiling face and rounds the field: “We are the scattered immortals who traveled around. We passed by here today to simply take a rest, not rashly.” “

While talking, Yue Feng winked at Fairy Yunxiu secretly.

This stupid woman has really revealed her identity. We’ll see how you end up.


At this time, Fairy Yunxiu also calmed down and realized that something was wrong just now. Reckless, you must know that Empress Hua Zhao explained when she left that this time to collect ghost grasses, it must be done in secret.

The most important thing is not to let the demon clan know.

Thinking to herself, Fairy Yunxiu stepped aside.


Hearing the answer, the leading demon warrior’s expression softened a bit. You must know that there are many scattered immortals in the entire God’s Domain. These scattered immortals are indifferent to fame and fortune, and they are unwilling to join the Yutian Palace, so they travel around very happily. Zizai, after Yue Feng’s master Guiguzi ascended into the realm of the gods, he did not join Yutian Palace and became a loose immortal.

At this time, the leading monster warrior said: “Although you broke in unintentionally. But this is our forbidden area, no trivial matter, you go to see the king with me, how to deal with it depends on your good fortune.”


Hearing this, Fairy Yunxiu suddenly trembled.

Want to see the White Tiger King? How does this work?

These monster warriors have limited knowledge and do not know themselves, but the White Tiger King is different, I am afraid that they can see through their identity at a glance.

Chapter 4722

However, these demon warriors didn’t give Fairy Yunxiu a chance to react at all, they swarmed up, tied her and Yue Feng Wuhua directly, and then escorted them to the demon clan territory.


On the way, Fairy Yunxiu found an opportunity and whispered to Yue Feng: “When we meet the White Tiger King, we will pretend not to know each other, understand?”

When saying this, Fairy Yunxiu covered up. Incessant contempt.

It’s all this old man, if it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t be caught by the monster warriors. After she thought about it, she should clear the relationship with Yue Feng first, so as not to wait for the White Tiger King to ask, and cause more trouble.

Yue Feng was stunned for a moment, and replied with a half-smile, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Otherwise, what else could it be?” Fairy Yunxiu said angrily.

Yue Feng nodded and said to himself: “I didn’t see the White Tiger King before I started to despise me. I’ll beg you later.”


The voices of the two were very low, but they were still heard by the monster warriors in front of them, and they suddenly shouted angrily: “What are you two whispering about? Shut up!”

Yue Feng smiled and stopped talking.

On the other side, the mainland of Kyushu, the Ice and Fire Island.

The nearly 100,000 members of the Sea Dragon Palace, led by Mo Yan, have already attacked the Ice and Fire Island!

When it was just dawn, the patrolling disciples on Icefire Island were changing classes. Suddenly, tens of thousands of Hailong Hall members raided and landed quickly, taking Icefire Island by surprise.

At that time, the entire Ice and Fire Island was in a panic, and no one thought that the pirates would dare to take the initiative to attack. You must know that for thousands of years, Ice and Fire Island has always been a taboo for major pirate groups, because there were many powerful pirates who wanted to occupy Ice and Fire Island, but they were all defeated.

After all, Ice Fire Island is not only a sinister environment, it is easy to defend and difficult to attack, but the Sikong family in charge of it is also full of talents.

In a hurry, the defense of the disciples of Icefire Island was quickly scattered by the Hailong Hall members, and the fierce fighting was almost unstoppable.

However, none of these Icefire Island disciples flinched, gritted their teeth and desperately resisted, because they all knew that these pirates were ruthless, and once the Icefire Island fell, they would be in a doomed situation.

“Dangdangdang!” The

two sides kept fighting, the sound of weapons colliding and roaring echoed between the sky and sea, and the entire Icefire Island was already full of corpses!

In the fierce battle, I saw four figures that were particularly brave!

It is the Sikong four brothers. “These pirates are really looking for death. They dare to come to

Icefire Island.”

“Let’s kill more than anyone else.”

“Come on, we must kill them today.”

Like a flock of sheep, wherever they went, they heard the screams of the disciples of the Sea Dragon Hall from time to time.

“I will meet you!”

Seeing this scene, Yu Du roared, his figure rose into the sky, and went straight to the four brothers.

“Hufa Yu, let’s help you.” At the same time, several elders of the Bai family shouted and followed closely behind, fighting against the four brothers with Yu Du.

After Mo Yan changed the name of Hailong Hall to Hailong Hall, she named herself the ‘Queen of Hailong’, and then appointed Yu Du as the guardian in front of the hall.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely in mid-air.

Seeing this situation, Sikong Yanran, who was fighting fiercely on the battlefield, had a delicate face that couldn’t hide her worry: “Four senior brothers, be careful!”

As she spoke, Sikong Yanran held a long sword and rushed the disciples of the Sea Dragon Palace. Repel, the figure is smart and elegant.

For more than a year, Sikong Yanran has spent most of her time in seclusion and cultivation, her strength is not what it used to be, especially the practice of ‘Void Step’, which is unpredictable and unpredictable. Her figure, some of whom couldn’t even react at all, fell under her sword.

Bang Bang Bang…

In just a few minutes, the enemies who fell in front of Sikong Yanran almost piled up into a hill.


Seeing this scene, Mo Yan, who had been suspended in mid-air, locked her eyes tightly on Sikong Yanran, and said coldly, “You are the owner of Icefire Island, this time this king is not here to kill you all, as long as you both Recognize me as the master and join the Sea Dragon Palace, this king will not treat you badly.”

Chapter 4723

When she said this, Mo Yan looked at Sikong Yanran’s eyes with some anticipation.

This girl is young, but her strength is not low. If she can use it for herself, the strength of the Sea Dragon Palace will definitely increase a lot.


Hearing this, Sikong Yanran’s delicate face suddenly showed a bit of anger, without hesitation at the time, she retorted coldly: “Sikong’s family has lived in seclusion on Ice and Fire Island for nearly a thousand years, and has always been clean, how can I be with you scumbags. For the company? You can fight if you want, no need to talk nonsense.”

Sikong Yanran looks delicate, but her personality is very tough.

In her eyes, the Mo Yan in front of her was just the female leader of a gang of pirates. If it sounded bad, she was the scum of all corners of the world. Naturally, she would not give him a good face.

At this time, Sikong Yanran didn’t know yet that the woman in front of her had a great background.


Hearing this, Mo Yan’s delicate face was full of anger: “Very good, since you don’t know how to lift things up, don’t blame me.”


The voice fell, and a powerful aura filled Mo Yan’s body, and immediately raised her jade hand, hitting Sikong Yanran as fast as lightning.

Mo Yan’s speed was very fast, and she saw where her figure passed, leaving an afterimage between the sky and sea.

What a great speed!

Feeling Moyan’s terrifying aura, Sikong Yanran’s pretty face changed. At that time, it was too late to dodge, so she bit her lip and slapped her with a palm.


The palms of the two sides collided, and only a roar was heard. At the moment when the two palms collided, a tyrannical fluctuation of internal force swept the audience. Sikong Yanran’s delicate body trembled, and a muffled groan came out of her mouth, and then staggered back, taking a few dozen steps to stabilize her figure.

On the other hand, Mo Yan remained motionless.


At this moment, Sikong Yanran was full of shock, looking at Mo Yan’s eyes, full of incredulity, this woman’s strength is a bit outrageous, right? You must know that for more than a year, his strength has entered the late stage of the Tribulation Realm. Even the heads of the sects in the Kyushu mainland are not necessarily his opponents, but facing the woman in front of him, he even slaps the palm of his hand. Can’t take it?

Bang bang bang!

At this moment, the four Sikong brothers not far away, facing the siege of Yu Du and several elders of the Bai family, are also in danger.

At this time, the four brothers almost burst out with all their strength, but they were still unable to defeat Yu Du and everyone else.

Done! Seeing this scene, Sikong Yanran

was very anxious, and then she shouted: “A mere bunch of pirates, don’t even think about destroying my Ice and Fire Island!” Seeing her clenching the long sword and pointing straight at the sky, a fire flashed out, and a fire phoenix condensed out in the air, quickly flying towards Mo Yan. hum! The fire phoenix rose against the wind. At first, it was only a few meters in size, but it grew dozens of times in a blink of an eye. Wherever it passed, the entire sky seemed to be on fire. Fengyu Jiuxiao is the supreme martial art that has been handed down by the Sikong family to this day. It is extremely mysterious. It is said that there are only a few people who have practiced it for thousands of years. Half a year ago, Sikong Yanran retreated and practiced, breaking through the tribulation realm, and also realized To the essence of Feng Yu Jiuxiao. However, in Icefire Island, which is far overseas, Sikong Yanran had no chance to use it, and it was only at this time that she used it for the first time.


Seeing the huge fire phoenix, the disciples around the Ice Fire Island were extremely excited.

“My God, the eldest lady has become Feng Yu Jiuxiao.”

“Great, with this magical skill, these pirates are nothing to worry about!” “The eldest lady is mighty


, At the same time of excitement, there is also a lot of discussion. In their hearts, the battle in front of them has already come to an end.

As soon as the eldest lady’s Feng Yu Jiuxiao came out, the female pirate leader would definitely lose.


Listening to the surrounding discussions, Mo Yan’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, she looked at Huofeng who was getting closer, and said softly: “I really missed the point just now, this girl is not old. It’s big, but there are a lot of tricks!” “Be

careful, Her Royal Highness!”

“Be careful!”

Seeing that Huofeng was about to collide with Moyan, at this moment, Yu Du and the elders of the Bai family not far away were all tolerant. Can’t stop exclaiming.

Chapter 4724

Especially Yu Du, his face is full of anxiety. As a pirate who is active in the open sea all the year round, he is very clear about the practice of Icefire Island. According to rumors, the Sikong family of Icefire Island has a unique skill that can transform into a phoenix. No matter how tough an opponent is, they will be burned to ashes.

I thought this Sikong Yanran was a weak woman and could not use such magical skills, but she never expected that she would actually use it.

Listening to the exclamations of her subordinates, Mo Yan did not mean to dodge at all, but a smile appeared on her delicate face: “The flames around this phoenix are extremely dangerous to others, but to me, it is a good thing. “

That’s right, I can use it to temper my demon body.” As

she said that, Mo Yan’s delicate body flashed and she went up to meet her.

“Om!” In the

next second, Huofeng and Moyan collided, and a loud noise broke out, forming a sea of ​​fire in mid-air. Under the blazing fire, the entire Icefire Island was illuminated as if it were daytime.

For a moment, the whole place was silent.

A few seconds later, all the disciples of Icefire Island burst into cheers.

“Haha, the female pirate leader is dead.”

“That’s great, this battle is going to be won.”

“Dare to come to Ice and Fire Island to play wild, it’s really courting death.”

Sikong Yanran breathed a sigh of relief amid the cheers, and a look of expression appeared on her face. smile. Once the female leader dies, the remaining pirates will be defeated.

Yu Du, a few elders from the white clan, and the followers of the Sea Dragon Palace were all frozen in shock.

Her Royal Highness just died like this?

“Look, it’s the queen!”

Suddenly, I don’t know who shouted, and all the members of the Sea Dragon Palace immediately became very excited.

Just saw that, in the sea of ​​fire, Mo Yan’s slender figure was looming, and the hot flames did not cause any harm to her. Not only that, but some powerful people present could clearly see that the flames were burning. Constantly absorbed by Mo Yan.

Yes, she is integrating the power of the fire phoenix to temper her demon body.


How is this possible?

Seeing this scene, Sikong Yanran’s delicate body trembled, and she was completely stunned. Feng Yu Jiuxiao, which she displayed, did not threaten Mo Yan at all.

How could this be? The flames formed by Feng Yu Jiuxiao were extremely hot, even more terrifying than some strange flames. No one could stand it. Not only was this woman okay, but she also absorbed these flames…

Sikong Yanran at this time, still She didn’t know that Mo Yan was the Holy Demon King of the Demon Race, so she couldn’t help but possess a demon soul and a demon body. The flames in the Kyushu Continent could not cause any harm to her at all.

At this moment, Mo Yan completed the tempering, and raised her jade hand, condensing the surrounding fire into a huge fireball.

“Those who obey me will perish.”

At this moment, Moyan’s red lips parted lightly, and she spat out a few words. Then, with a wave of her jade hand, the huge fireball fell from the sky.


The moment the fireball hit the ground, within a kilometer radius, the fire raged. The disciples of Icefire Island within this area were almost too late to react, and they were burned to ashes one by one.

Seeing this scene, the rest of the two sides felt chills down their spines.

This strength is too strong.

Seeing this scene, Sikong Yanran’s pretty face was pale, and her heart was filled with despair and anger. She never thought that Feng Yu Jiuxiao, which she had displayed, would be used by Mo Yan in the end.

The condensed fireball burned how many disciples of Icefire Island to death…


Thinking to herself, Sikong Yanran’s delicate body trembled, and she slowly took a few steps back. A bit weak, Feng Yu Jiuxiao’s move just now almost exhausted her internal strength, and she no longer had the strength to fight.

“Little Junior Sister!”

“Little Junior Sister, how are you?”

At this moment, the four Sikongjia shouted and rushed over, all with worry on their faces.

In the hearts of the four brothers, no one in the world is more important than the younger sister.

“I’m fine!”

Sikong Yanran shook her head, then looked at the disciples of Icefire Island around her, dying and hurting, her heart sank instantly.

For thousands of years, the Sikong family has been living in seclusion here, is it going to be destroyed today?

Chapter 4725

“Take them down!”

At this moment, Mo Yan’s red lips lightly parted, and she issued an order!


Immediately, countless members of the Sea Dragon Hall mobilized their figures, rushing towards the five Sikong Yanran like a tidal wave.


Sikong Yanran’s delicate face was full of despair when he saw the members of the Hailong Palace who rushed over, and he sighed deeply at the same time.

It’s all over, but I really tried my best.

However, the four Sikongjia brothers did not panic at all, instead they were extremely excited.

“Don’t be afraid, little junior sister, we are there.”

“Today, I will give these guys a glimpse of something interesting.”

“Yes, yes…” The

four brothers said in a babble, and took out one by one from their bodies. The dark ball came out. This is a thunderbolt pearl researched by the four brothers. Ice and Fire Island has a harsh environment and there are several volcanoes. The four brothers are playful by nature. The beads are made by them using volcanic stones, which contain the scorching heat of volcanic magma and are very powerful.

Whoosh whoosh!

After taking out the thunder beads, the four brothers did not hesitate, raised their hands and smashed them towards the rushing people in the Sea Dragon Palace. In an instant, the thunder beads exploded one after another, causing a roar.


Most of the people in the Sea Dragon Palace were well-informed pirates, but it was the first time they had seen this kind of hidden weapon.

“Let’s go!”

Taking this opportunity, the four brothers took Sikong Yanran and quickly flew towards the beach, disappearing from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this, Yu Du was extremely frightened and shouted: “If you want to run, everyone chase after me!” After saying that, he was about to set off to chase.

“Stop chasing!”

However, at this moment, Mo Yan shook her head and stopped the residual poison: “First control the situation on Ice and Fire Island, those five people are all injured, even if they escaped by chance, all around In the vast sea, they will not live long.”


Yu Du quickly responded, greeted everyone, and subdued all the disciples of Ice and Fire Island present.

At this moment, Mo Yan was suspended in the air, and the powerful aura that filled her body almost enveloped the entire Ice and Fire Island.

“Everyone has seen it.”

At this time, Moyan looked around and said coldly to the disciples of Icefire Island: “What is the fate of going against me? Now I will give you a chance.”

“Join our Sea Dragon Palace. “

Or, die!” The

voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the audience, especially the terrifying aura, which was breathless.


For a time, the captured Icefire Island disciples looked at each other in dismay, and finally knelt down and shouted in unison.

“My subordinates, see Sea Dragon Queen!”

Even Eldest Miss is not her opponent.

Seeing this scene, Mo Yan was very satisfied, showing a smile, and then directed at Yu Du: “Clean up the battlefield immediately, take a night’s rest tonight, and leave again tomorrow.”

Ice and Fire Island has been controlled by himself, and the rest is to annex other pirates at sea.



On the other side, the domain of the gods, the domain of the demon race.

When Yue Feng and Fairy Yunxiu were brought into the main hall, the sky was already bright.

When he entered the hall, he saw the White Tiger King sitting there, and beside him were the leaders of Qi Cai Lingfeng and other tribes. Recently, the demon clan has been expanding its territory, and things are cumbersome, so the White Tiger King has to discuss with everyone every day.


Seeing this scene, Fairy Yunxiu was nervous, but Yue Feng had a relaxed expression on her face.

Especially when he saw the colorful spirit phoenix, Yue Feng couldn’t help but admire secretly.

I haven’t seen her for a while, and this colorful phoenix is ​​even more charming. I saw that she was wearing a colorful feather coat, her slender waist and beautiful legs were exposed, and she was indescribably sexy.


At this time, all the eyes of the hall were also focused on Yue Feng and Fairy Yunxiu, especially the colorful Lingfeng. Seeing Yue Feng’s eyes staring at him, he suddenly became angry.

How could such an unruly old man dare to look at himself like this and court death.

“What’s going on?”

At this time, the White Tiger King reacted and asked the leading demon warrior, “This king is discussing matters, why did you bring two outsiders in, who are they?”

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