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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4706-4710

Chapter 4706

Princess Xiya finally couldn’t control it, she whispered softly and crossed the line of defense.

After an unknown amount of time, Princess Xiya finally calmed down.


Yue Feng also let out a long sigh of relief. Just now, the restraint on his body was finally lifted.

However, at this time, Yue Feng’s mood was indescribably bad. It was over. He had a husband-and-wife affair with Princess Xiya just now.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng looked at it subconsciously, and was immediately stunned.

Seeing that Princess Xi Ya was sitting there, her eyes were fixed on Yue Feng, there was no resentment and anger in her imagination, and there was a trace of complexity on her beautiful and beautiful face.

what’s going on?

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng was stunned.

This Princess Xia, shouldn’t it be too exciting, I don’t know how to get angry?


Just when Yue Feng was muttering secretly, Princess Xi Ya bit her lip lightly: “What happened to us just now?” At this time, Princess Xi Ya was very complicated and was almost in a mess. .

Despite being unruly and willful, Princess Xiya was still young and had never experienced a relationship between a man and a woman. Moreover, when Bayang Dan had a seizure in her body just now, she completely lost her mind and didn’t know what she did next.

But Princess Xia is not stupid, she knows that she lost something important just now, but she can’t hate it in her heart. Because the previous feeling was really wonderful.


Hearing the question, Yue Feng was stunned, not knowing how to answer for a while. At the same time, I also understood in my heart that the princess in front of her had never experienced it before, so she was so at a loss.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng said while thinking, “Just now we…”

Before he could finish speaking, Princess Xiya interrupted, looking unreasonable and unreasonable: “Okay, don’t Having said that, only the two of us know what happened today.”

Although Princess Xiya has little experience, she is not stupid. She knows in her heart that if the incident tonight is spread out, it will have a great impact on the reputation of the royal family. Not only will he be punished by his mother, but Ao Lin’s brother will also be implicated.

After all, the man named ‘Wind Song’ in front of him was a disciple of Xianweng Qingxu, and he was also a senior brother of Ao Lin.

At this time, Princess Xi Ya didn’t know that there was no ‘Qingxu Xianweng’ at all, and there was no Fengge. These identities were all faked by Yue Feng.


Seeing her free and easy look, Yue Feng was very surprised, I’m going, this is the turn of the story?

Not so simple, right?

This is not the style of a stubborn princess.

Just when Yue Feng was muttering in his heart, he saw Princess Xi Ya’s mouth twitched, revealing a meaningful smile: “But if you offend this princess, you must not forgive you lightly.”

Hearing this, Yue Feng smiled bitterly. .

This princess doesn’t want to publicize what happened today, and wants to teach herself a lesson. It’s impossible, because in a real fight, it’s Princess Xi Ya and she’s not her opponent.

However, Yue Feng didn’t show it, but nodded and said, “What is the princess going to do?”


Princess Xi Ya didn’t answer immediately, but slowly walked out of the wooden barrel. Suddenly, with the sound of water splashes, Yue Feng looked at it again. When I reached that charming curve, I was stunned for a moment.

Thinking of the scene in the barrel just now, it is even more memorable.

I have to say that in addition to being a bit unruly, Princess Xiya is a top-notch in appearance and figure. If she is more mature, it is perfect.

“From now on.”

At this time, Princess Xi Ya used her divine power to dry the long skirt of the stone, and she did not care that Yue Feng was beside her. Looking for you, you have to be on call, understand?”

“If you don’t want to, I will tell the queen what happened tonight, and make you lose your soul.”

When she said this, Princess Xiya’s face was firm and unquestionable.


Hearing this, Yue’s limelight became even bigger.

Want to play with you every day from now on? What have I become? Is it your own plaything?

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng didn’t show it, but scratched his head and said: “Your Highness Princess, I’m afraid this is not good, you said before, I entered Yuxi Xianyuan privately, but I violated the rules, how can I still play with you every day?”

Chapter 4707

“If you don’t agree, you have to agree!” Princess Xia’s face was full of cuteness, and she couldn’t refute: “If you dare to run away secretly, I will tell my mother what happened today and ask her to put your master in the heavenly prison.”

Said At these times, Princess Xi Ya was very arrogant.

She is always playful. After experiencing that wonderful feeling, how could she easily let this ‘Wind Song’ leave?


Hearing this, Yue Feng’s heart was shocked, and he was both shocked and funny.

This girl is really arrogant and unreasonable. If I really have a master ‘Qingxu Xianweng’, I will kill him this time, but fortunately, Qingxu Xianweng is a fake and made up by himself, the name Fengge , will all be false.

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng made a very tangled look, and finally nodded and said, “Okay, I promise you.”

Anyway, it’s all fake. I will pretend to be a fairy godmother of Qingxu tomorrow, and I will not admit it.

“That’s right!”

Seeing his answer, Princess Xiya smiled and gave Yue Feng a meaningful look: “In the future, you will live here and listen to my orders at any time. As long as you cooperate, I will not be here. In front of the queen mother, I will sue you and your master.”

After saying this, Princess Xiya opened the door and left gracefully.


At this moment, Yue Feng let out a long sigh of relief, and this difficult girl finally left.

Muttering, Yue Feng soaked in the wooden barrel for a while, then put on the Thousand Transformation Mask, transformed into the appearance of Qingxu Xianwen and rested.

Early the next morning, Prince Aolin rushed over to ask for advice.

During this time, Yue Feng taught Prince Aolin a lot of secret formation techniques. Prince Aolin was very smart and learned very quickly. The prince didn’t understand, so he often came to Yue Feng to clarify his doubts.

Seeing that Prince Aolin was so eager to learn, Yue Feng was very relieved. He got up and explained it to him at that time. In the afternoon, Prince Aolin finally understood the mystery.


At this time, Prince Aolin was full of reverence, and couldn’t help but say: “You are really amazing, you know everything, according to rumors, Emperor Fuxi is familiar with the Qimen Dunjia, and his attainment in the formation technique, There is no one in the past, and no one has come since, but I feel that Master is not inferior to the Great Emperor Fuxi at all.”

When he said this, Prince Aolin was very excited.

These days, under the guidance of the master, I have a new understanding of the battle method and the ability to fight the battle has improved a lot, which is greatly beneficial to the future competition for the throne of the emperor.

Yue Feng smiled slightly: “Don’t put on a high hat for me, so that I can concentrate on my studies, Master will be very pleased.”

“Your Highness!”

Just as he was talking, a guard appeared at the door with a complicated expression: “Just now, Empress Hua Zhao sent someone here. , I want to clear the seniors and go to Yuyao Xianyuan for a talk.”

Prince Aolin frowned, the empress has always been displeased with the master, and suddenly sent someone to summon, there must be nothing good.

Muttering in his heart, Prince Aolin responded, “Wait, I’ll go with Master.” No matter what the other party’s purpose is, he will follow him himself, so that he can take care of him.

“His Royal Highness!”

The guard said with a wry smile: “The person who came here said that the lady only saw one senior Qingxu.”

Hearing this, Prince Aolin was even more worried.

Yue Feng was also stunned.

What is Empress Hua Zhao doing for her? Also, no one will follow.

Damn, could it be Princess Xia who told what happened last night? If that’s the case, that’s bad.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng said to the guard, “Okay, tell him, I’ll be there soon.”

“Yes.” The guard replied and turned to leave.


Prince Aolin couldn’t hide his worries, and said, “Ms. Hua Zhao has been trying to make us a thorn in her side, and suddenly summoned at this time, there must be something strange. I think you better not go.” The

other party refused to let him follow . , is really worried.

Yue Feng thought for a while, smiled and comforted: “It’s all right, even if Empress Hua Zhao asks for trouble, she can handle it as a teacher.”

It’s a blessing, not a disaster. Instead, we have to see what medicine is sold in the gourd of Empress Hua Zhao.

Chapter 4708


Seeing Yue Feng’s confident face, Prince Aolin didn’t say anything more: “Master, be careful.”

Yue Feng nodded, changed his clothes, and rushed towards Yuyao Xianyuan.

“Wind song? Wind song?”

As soon as he left, Princess Xi Ya’s call came from outside, and then walked in quickly, her delicate and beautiful face was full of displeasure and annoyance.

After going back last night, Princess Xi Ya slept until noon, woke up and ate something, and hurried to Yuxi Xianyuan to find Fengge to play, but when she arrived, she couldn’t find Fengge.

This made Princess Xia very angry.

That bastard, he was not too brave to lie to himself.

Annoyed, Princess Xi Ya rushed into the room where Prince Aolin was studying and planned to ask.


Seeing Princess Xiya barging in, Prince Aolin frowned and said a little displeased: “Didn’t I tell you? When I was studying, don’t barge in rashly, look at you, where? Like a princess?”

“I’m here to find my playmate.” Princess Xia said angrily.


Prince Aolin was stunned for a moment, and was at a loss: “What playmate? How can I have a playmate here?”

Princess Xiya pouted and complained: “You are busy learning skills every day, and you don’t have time to play with me. , I’m not allowed to have a new playmate?” Saying that, Princess Xiya looked around the room.

Wind song is not here, has it left?

For a while, Princess Xia got angrier the more she thought about it. This wind song, which she promised last night, would stay here at any time, but now it’s too polite to leave without saying goodbye.

“Brother!” In the

next second, Princess Xiya couldn’t help but ask Prince Aolin, “Where is your senior brother?” To

be honest, Princess Xiya didn’t want to disturb Aolin, but in order to find Fengge, she didn’t want to. way.

Hearing the question, Prince Aolin was stunned and frowned: “What senior brother, what are you talking about, little sister?” When did he have another senior brother?

Princess Xi Ya stomped her feet in a hurry: “Oh, it’s the one called Fengge, who is also a disciple of Xianweng Qingxu, isn’t he your senior brother?”

“He came from nine days away, and was in your jade yesterday. Don’t you know that Xixianyuan is staying overnight?”


Hearing this, Prince Aolin was a little surprised. His master, Xianweng Qingxu, was an immortal from outside the Nine Heavens, and it was normal to have disciples, but… This brother Fengge, he had never met him, master. Never mentioned it.

Thinking to himself, Prince Aolin looked at Princess Xi Ya and couldn’t help but ask, “Little sister, how did you know about this?”


At this moment, Princess Xi Ya bit her lip tightly . , I don’t know how to answer.

You must know that last night she secretly came to monitor, only to find ‘Wind Song’ who was taking a bath. As a princess, her behavior was so vulgar and insulting to the royal family, how could she say it?

A few seconds later, Princess Xia lied: “I… When I came to play yesterday, I saw him by accident, brother, don’t ask so much, tell me where he is.”

This wind song, If you dare to let me catch it, you must give him a good look.

Prince Aolin became more and more confused: “You said that my senior brother lived here last night? He was seen by you? Besides, you have become playmates?”

Princess Xi Ya nodded heavily.


Prince Aolin frowned: “This is interesting, if the senior brother came from nine days away, why didn’t I know? Besides, the master didn’t tell me?”

“Little sister, are you Did n’t you make up a lie on purpose to make me happy?”


Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Princess Xiya was so anxious: “How could I lie to you? It might be that old man Qingxu Xianweng, what’s the matter? Hidden from you, I deliberately let you meet that Fengge.”

“Forget it, I’m leaving, you can study slowly.” After the

last word fell, Princess Xiya walked out of the room quickly, she knew that Prince Aolin was There is definitely nothing to ask here, the only way is to find Immortal Qingxu.

On the way here just now, Princess Xiya heard that her mother had summoned Immortal Qingxu in Yuyao Xianyuan, and she was ready to go over and ask.

Chapter 4709

Princess Xi Ya has thought about it, if Qingxu Xianweng doesn’t tell her where Fengge is, she will tell her mother, saying that their master and apprentice violated the rules of heaven.

On the other side, Yue Feng rushed to Yuyao Xianyuan.

call! !

After entering the palace where Empress Hua Zhao was, Yue Feng was stunned.

I saw that Empress Hua Zhao was sitting there, wearing a long pale golden silk dress, showing her charming curves looming, her posture was lazy and charming, but the royal majesty that pervaded her body was not to be desecrated. .

And beside Empress Hua Zhao, there was still a maid standing quietly.

This maid is called Fairy Yunxiu, who has been serving Empress Hua Zhao closely and is the confidant of Empress Hua Zhao.

At this moment, Yue Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the situation, it doesn’t seem like he’s looking for trouble for himself.

“Niangniang.” The

next second, Yue Feng showed a smile and said politely: “Suddenly summoned, but what’s the matter?”

As soon as the voice fell, Fairy Yunxiu, who was standing by the side, couldn’t help but let out a coquettish cry, coldly. Said: “I met the Empress, don’t you know how to bow down? There are really no rules.”

This Fairy Yunxiu, relying on herself as Empress Hua Zhao’s confidant, has always been arrogant and arrogant, even if she knew that the person in front of her was Tian Wai. Immortals didn’t even pay attention.

really interesting!

Seeing Fairy Yunxiu’s aloof attitude, Yue Feng was both angry and funny.

If you can’t kneel down by yourself, Empress Hua Zhao hasn’t opened her mouth yet, and you, a maid, are yelling.

“All right!”

At this moment, Empress Hua Zhao waved her hand and said with a smile, “Your Excellency Xianweng is an immortal from the outer world and Ao Lin’s master, so you don’t need to kneel.”

After speaking, she motioned for Yunxiu to take a seat.

Yun Xiu looked reluctant, but she moved a chair and let Yue Feng sit down.


At this moment, Yue Feng was very puzzled, what’s the situation, Empress Hua Zhao has always hated her, why did she change her temper and be so polite to me today?

Thinking, Yue Feng was about to ask, but was interrupted by a shout.

“Queen Mother!”

A shout came, and then Princess Xiya walked in quickly. The moment she saw Yue Feng, her eyes flashed: “Old man with a white beard, you are really here.”

Hearing this title, Yue The wind was a little dumbfounded, and at the same time was a little flustered in his heart.

Oops! !

This Princess Xi Ya must have gone to Yuxi Xianyuan to look for ‘Wind Song’, but couldn’t find it, so she chased after her and questioned.


At this time, Empress Hua Zhao also frowned slightly, and said lightly, “How can you be so rude in front of Xianweng?” The voice was soft, but it showed a strong aura.

“Queen Mother!” Xi Ya lowered her head with a well-behaved look: “I will pay attention in the future, I am not here to make trouble, but I have a few questions, and I want to ask Xian Weng.”

Feng Ge left without saying goodbye, and asked Princess Xi Ya Very shameless, she thought about it, no matter what, she would ask Fengge’s whereabouts.

Empress Hua Zhao nodded and acquiesced.


At this moment, Princess Xiya looked at Yue Feng: “Where is your apprentice Fengge ? Where did you go?”

Hearing the question, Yue Feng was very speechless. This princess was so rambunctious that she even asked in front of the empress.

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng looked very surprised: “What did the princess say? My apprentice? What apprentice Fengge? I don’t have a disciple named Fengge.”

After saying that, Yue Feng glanced at Empress Hua Zhao . He continued: “I have only one apprentice, Immortal Weng Qingxu, that is, His Royal Highness Prince Aolin.”

Anyway, Fengge is a fiction, and he will not admit it.


Hearing this, Princess Xi Ya’s body trembled, and her head was buzzing. Isn’t Wind Song his apprentice? Who is this person taking a bath in the elder brother Xianyuan?

“Impossible!” Princess Xi Ya quickly reacted and shouted: “He clearly said that he is your apprentice, why don’t you admit it?”

Yue Feng smiled and ignored it.

At this time, Empress Hua Zhao was also at a loss: “Xia, what are you talking about? What apprentice, what kind of wind song?” After speaking, she looked at Yue Feng subconsciously, her eyes full of questions.

Although Thea is playful, she doesn’t lie. There must be something in it.

Chapter 4710

Facing Empress Hua Zhao’s inquiring gaze, Yue Feng smiled bitterly: “Niang Niang, what the princess said, I don’t understand at all.”

“You…” The

voice fell, and Princess Xi Ya was very angry. , said loudly: “Don’t deny it, if you don’t know, how could Fengge be in your room last night?” After

saying that, Princess Xiya said to Empress Hua Zhao: “Mother, I want to report a situation. , This Immortal Qingxu brought his apprentice privately and entered Yuxi Immortal Garden, violating the rules of heaven.”

Yue Feng refused to admit it, which made Princess Xiya very annoyed, and decided to tell everything.


At this moment, Yue Feng was speechless.

This Princess Xia is really a lunatic, she even said it all.


Empress Hua Zhao was stunned for a moment, her eyebrows furrowed: “Is there such a thing?”

Later, Empress Hua Zhao looked at Yue Feng and said, “Is that so?” You know, Prince Aolin’s Yuxi Xianyuan, Although it is not as important as the Magic Treasure Pavilion of the Empress Nuwa, it is also a forbidden place. Even the master of the prince cannot bring people into it casually.

If this is true, Xianweng Qingxu has violated the rules of heaven and will be punished.


Seeing her mother speak, Princess Xia is full of pride, and she seems to be looking at Yue Feng a little provocatively.

Still want to cover up your apprentice? Now I see what do you do?

“Go back to madam!”

At this time, Yue Feng took a deep breath and said politely to Empress Hua Zhao: “I just said that I only have one apprentice, that is, His Royal Highness Prince Aolin. People enter Yuxi Immortal Garden.”

“If the lady doesn’t believe it, you can send someone to search.”

When he said this, Yue Feng had a calm and confident expression on his face. That ‘Wind Song’ is myself, you can check it casually, and you can’t find any clues after a hundred years of research.

call! !

Hearing this, Empress Hua Zhao frowned.

Princess Xia lost her calmness just now. Could it be that she was really deceived? Qingxu Xianweng really doesn’t know that wind song?


If you don’t know him, why did Fengge take a shower in his room last night?

A few seconds later, Empress Hua Zhao reacted and ordered to Fairy Yunxiu who was beside her, “Go and take someone to check to see if someone has sneaked into Yuxi Xianyuan, tell Ao Lin, and let him cooperate well. It was the order of this palace.”

“Yes, madam!”

Upon hearing the order, Fairy Yunxiu complied and walked out quickly.

“White-bearded old man.”

As soon as his forefoot left, Princess Xiya stuck out her tongue at Yue Feng, and said coquettishly, “Don’t try to shield Feng Ge, as long as he is still in the God’s Domain, it will be difficult for him to fly.”

Yue Feng With a slight smile, he asked back: “Your Highness, I really don’t know the wind song you are talking about, but I have a question, how did you know that someone stayed at Yuxi Xianyuan last night?

” , Yue Feng looked serious, but his eyes flashed with slyness.

She shouldn’t have dared to admit what happened in the barrel last night, after all, this is about the honor and dignity of the royal family.

Huh… After

hearing the question, Princess Xiya’s delicate face suddenly flushed red, and he stammered: “I… I heard what others said.” According to the rules, she could not go to Yuxi at night. In Xianyuan, let alone bathing with a man, something else happened…


At this moment, Fairy Yunxiu came back and respectfully said to Niangniang Hua Zhao, “Just now, my servant I took people and went to Yuxi Xianyuan to check, but I couldn’t find anyone named Fengge, and Prince Aolin also said that no outsiders have entered these days.” After

hearing this, Empress Hua Zhao nodded.

Yue Feng also showed a smile.


Princess Xi Ya’s body trembled, she didn’t want to believe this fact, how could she still be a big living person and disappear?

You must know that before Princess Xiya came just now, she specifically asked the magic soldiers guarding near Yuxi Xianyuan. They all said that no outsiders came in or out on this day.

The more Princess Xiya thought about it, the more wrong she became, and finally pointed at Yue Feng angrily: “It must be you, you hid him. You white-bearded old man is the worst.”

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