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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4671-4675

Chapter 4671


As soon as he snapped his fingers, a figure entered mysteriously, with a treacherous face.

It was Bai Qing.


At the moment of coming in, Bai Qing was very excited when he saw the dead white crane on the ground, and congratulated Bai Yunhai: “Young master is mighty, I knew you would succeed.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Bai Yunhai There was no expression on his face, and he said coldly: “Hurry up and clean up.”

Bai Qing responded, and together with Bai Yunhai, lifted Bai He onto the straw mat, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then covered the blood on his clothes. , faked the appearance of sudden sudden death.

After doing this, under Bai Yunhai’s signal, Bai Qing walked out of the tent quickly and summoned the elders.

After a while, several elders came quickly.


Entering the camp, seeing the scene in front of them, the heads of several elders were buzzing, and they stood there in a daze, completely stunned.

Several elders clearly saw that Bai He was sitting quietly on the straw mat, his eyes were closed, and he was not breathing.

Beside him, Bai Yunhai was full of grief.

“What’s going on?”

“The patriarch… is dead?”

“Isn’t it okay before? How could it be…”

After a few seconds, the elders reacted one after another, shocked and puzzled. .


At this time, Bai Yunhai took a step forward, pretending to be very sad, and said slowly: “Elders, the uncle is dead. Before, he suppressed the poison for His Excellency the Demon King all the way, causing a catastrophe of internal power. Before setting up camp, the uncle was again for His Excellency the Demon King. Suppressed the poison, accidentally got it, and by the time I found out, it was too late…”

“This is all the sinister and despicable Nagumo royal family, uncle, uncle, he died unjustly.” The

last sentence fell . , Bai Yunfei cried bitterly.

Bai Yunhai is very smart. Since he wants to fake the illusion of sudden death, he needs a scapegoat, and the Nagumo Royal Family is the most suitable.


Hearing this, several elders felt a pain in their hearts, and at the same time were extremely sad and angry.

“The patriarch…”

“The abominable Nagumo royal family, who killed His Excellency the Demon King, and now the patriarch.”

“This blood feud, sooner or later, must be settled with the Nagumo royal family.”

For a time, several patriarchs were filled with righteous indignation, and no one was there. Doubt Bai Yunhai’s words.


Seeing this, Bai Yunhai’s inner worries disappeared instantly, replaced by indescribable excitement and excitement.

Bai He is dead, and he is the next patriarch.

Excited in his heart, Bai Yunfei pretended to be very heartbroken, and shouted at Bai He’s corpse: “Uncle, don’t worry, one day, I will take the Bai family and enter the Nanyun Imperial City for you. Revenge.”

Hearing this, several elders nodded.

“Yes, the patriarch cannot die in vain.”

“This blood feud must be counted…”

Seeing that the time was almost up, Bai Qing, who had been silent beside him, walked out quickly and knelt down in front of Bai Yunhai in public: “The family cannot be without a leader for a day, Young Master Yunhai has both political integrity and talent, and is the most suitable candidate for the new patriarch. Bai Qing has met the patriarch.”


Seeing this, the elders did not hesitate at all, knelt down one after another, and responded in unison.

“I’ve seen the patriarch!”

In the entire Bai family, only Bai Yunhai was the most qualified to take over the position of the patriarch.

call! !

Seeing this scene, Bai Yunhai’s heart blossomed with joy, but his face was still very sad, and he waved his hand: “Everyone, please come up quickly, speaking of which, I am not qualified to be a patriarch with mediocre qualifications, but everyone respects me so much. , I have no choice but to be respectful rather than obedient.”

Said, Bai Yunhai glanced at Bai He’s body: “The most important thing now is to deal with the uncle’s funeral in advance, and then try to find a way to get a boat as soon as possible to find overseas islands.”

“Yes. “

Hearing this, several elders responded in unison.

Early the next morning, the disciples sent to Coral Harbor successfully bought back several large ships. Baiyunhai was very happy, and immediately ordered everyone to board the boat and sail towards the depths of the sea.

At this moment, on the bow deck, Baiyunhai stood there, blowing the sea breeze, with a contented expression on his face.

At this moment, Bai Qing walked quickly, unable to hide the complexity, and when he arrived in front of Bai Yunhai, he whispered: “Patriarch, something is wrong, Your Majesty the Demon King is awake.”

Chapter 4672


Hearing this, Bai Yunhai’s heart was shocked, his happy mood disappeared instantly, and his face became solemn.

He killed Bai He last night, because he had to deal with the funeral, so Bai Yunhai had no time to take care of Mo Yan, and was not worried at the time, because Mo Yan was unconscious and there was no threat at all.

But she never expected that Mo Yan would wake up at this time.

Could it be that the poison in the Demon King’s body has been resolved? You know, Bai He has been helping her suppress the poison all the way.

The more Bai Yunhai thought about it, the more panicked his heart became. If the poison in Moyan’s body was really solved, it would be troublesome now. Knowing that Baihe was killed by himself, he would definitely not let it go.


After a few seconds, Bai Yunhai ordered Bai Qing: “You stay outside, I’ll go and take a look, remember, don’t let others know about the awakening of Your Excellency the Demon King, and, without me No one can enter the Demon King’s room.”

“Yes, Patriarch.” Bai Qing nodded in agreement.

Bai Yunhai ordered a few more words, and then quickly walked towards the cabin behind.

At this moment, in the cabin.

Mo Yan sat there, her hand covering her forehead, her delicate face still showed some weakness.

She clearly felt that the power of the demon soul in her body was not as disordered as before, and the poison that spread to the whole body was also suppressed near the demon soul at this time.


Feeling this, Mo Yan was secretly surprised.

According to normal development, he should have died of poisoning by now, but he did not die.

Yes, it must be the Patriarch of the Bai clan who motivated his inner strength and helped him suppress the poison.

Muttering in her heart, she felt the surroundings sway gently, as if she was at sea, Mo Yan quickly looked around, and through the small window, she could see the endless sea outside.

Seeing this scene, Mo Yan was stunned again.

how at sea?


Just when Mo Yan was secretly puzzled, the door of the cabin was suddenly opened, and then, a handsome figure walked in slowly, with a faint expression on his face.

“Your Excellency the Demon King.”

At the moment when he came in, seeing Mo Yan really woke up, Bai Yunhai was stunned for a moment, and then he gave a pretentious salute: “I’m relieved to see that you’re all right.” As he

spoke, Bai Yunhai secretly said Looking at Mo Yan’s face, she saw that her face was pale and weak, and she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

In this state of the other party, it is obvious that the poison in the body has not been eliminated, and it was a false alarm just now.

“What’s going on?”

Mo Yan frowned, and couldn’t help but ask, “Why are we at sea?”

Bai Yunhai smiled slightly and explained, “I discussed with my uncle before, in order to avoid the royal family of Nanyun and God’s Domain. Pursue, decided to enter the depths of the sea, look for an island to settle down, and return to the mainland when the time is right.”

“At that time, Lord Demon King was in a coma, so he didn’t ask for instructions. I hope His Excellency the Demon King will not be

surprised .” The face was respectful, but a pair of eyes kept looking at Mo Yan.


This female demon king, whether it is her face or figure, is a top-notch quality.

When he first rescued Mo Yan, because Bai He was present, Bai Yunhai didn’t have a chance to look at Mo Yan carefully. At this time, when he looked closely, his eyes were straight.

Although Bai Yunhai is not very sensual, but facing Mo Yan who is close at hand, it is difficult for him to calm down for a while.

I saw that Mo Yan at this time, wearing a black tights, showed the graceful curves to the fullest, and the beautiful face, because of the poison, showed a bit of weakness, giving people a different kind of appearance. Such beauty.

It turned out to be so.

Hearing the answer, Mo Yan nodded suddenly, and immediately felt Bai Yunhai’s gaze, and felt a little unhappy in her heart.

This Bai family disciple really has no rules at all, and he stared at me so recklessly.

Thinking to herself, Mo Yan said lightly: “Where’s Patriarch Baihe, please come to see me.”

Since he wants to avoid trouble overseas, he still needs to carefully discuss many things. After all, he still has a child in his belly.

“Your Majesty the Demon King!”

Bai Yunhai stood there without moving, looking up and down at Mo Yan, and smiled slightly: “Patriarch Baihe can’t come to see you.”

Chapter 4673

“Why?” Mo Yan was stunned.


Bai Yunhai took a deep breath, and said lightly, “Don’t tell me, Your Excellency the Demon King, didn’t you realize that the poison in your body was suppressed?”

“Since you were rescued from Nanyun Imperial City, the patriarch helped you suppress it along the way. Very poisonous, when I arrived at the beach, my internal strength was almost catastrophic, and in the end, I accidentally contracted the poisonous poison, which resulted in my death.”

“It can be said that the patriarch died because of Your Excellency. In other words, our Bai family died. To the entire Demon Race, benevolent and righteous.”

When he said this, Bai Yunhai looked sad, but there was a sinister smile in his eyes.


Hearing this, Mo Yan’s body trembled, and she was extremely shocked.

Baihe is dead? Moreover, he died to help me suppress the poison.


However, Mo Yan was as careful as a hair, and after thinking about it carefully, she felt that it was wrong. When she saw Bai Yunhai’s eyes, she was even more suspicious: “Are you lying to me?”

Bai Yunhai was stunned for a moment: “Why do you say that?”

Mo Yan Lightly relieved, he said word by word, “I am the blood soul pill unique to the Nanyun royal family. This kind of poison can only occur when I take it. Bai He is just urging my internal force to help me suppress the poison, it is impossible to get infected. “Go on.”

“And when you spoke just now, your eyes kept wandering left and right, obviously it was not true, right.” At the

end of the story, Mo Yan’s eyes flashed with anger, and she said tenderly, “How did Patriarch Baihe die? Tell the truth.”


This soft drink directly shocked Bai Yunhai, and he was very surprised.

She concealed it so well that she even noticed it.

In the next second, Bai Yunhai reacted, looked at Moyan with a smile and praised: “As expected of one of the twelve holy demon kings, his observation is so keen and powerful.”

Immediately, a trace of arrogance appeared on Bai Yunhai’s face: ” That’s right. Patriarch Baihe did die unfortunately, but these are not important anymore. Now the patriarch of the Bai family is me, as long as your Excellency is willing to cooperate, I guarantee that your Excellency will not suffer any harm.

” Not the slightest threat.


Seeing him finally revealing his true face, Mo Yan frowned, and said coldly, “Do you want the deity to cooperate? How to cooperate.” This person smiled and hid the knife, and there would definitely be no good thing.

“Your Majesty, don’t be nervous!” Bai Yunhai showed a smile and said slowly: “It’s actually very simple. As long as Your Majesty the Demon Lord passes the demon soul to me, I will do my best to help you find a way to detoxify.

” , it is useless to have the demon soul, it is better to pass it on to me, and when my strength greatly increases and the power of the Bai family grows, I will be able to kill the mainland and step down the Nanyun royal family to avenge your shame.”

At this time, Bai Yunhai, The more I talked, the more excited I became, and I couldn’t hide my inner ambition.


Mo Yan’s pretty face changed, and she was full of anger: “Audacious, you are not small, you dare to covet the demon soul of this deity?” I guessed that this person had bad intentions just now, but I didn’t expect that he was so ambitious that he actually I want my own demon soul.

Without the demon soul, I am a waste, how can I give it to him easily?

At the same time, Mo Yan thought of something, and stared at Bai Yunhai: “If I guessed correctly, Patriarch Bai He died at your hands, right?”

Although they had just met each other for a while, Mo Yan could see that Bai He was an upright person, and he was even more loyal to the demons. He would never do such a thing, but the Bai Yunhai in front of him was hiding a knife in his smile, despicable and shameless. personality, Bai He will surely die in his hands.


Seeing Moyan’s guess, Bai Yunhai didn’t panic at all, but laughed loudly: “Yes, I killed Baihe, he is old and too pedantic, he knows that he can’t completely help you drive away. Poison, you still have to consume internal energy. I persuaded him to take away your demon soul, but he scolded me again, saying that I was disobedient, shouldn’t this stubborn old thing deserve to die?”

“Now the entire Bai family, Up to now, it is already difficult, and with you as a burden, it will only make it more troublesome. Only when you get the demon soul, can you have a chance to reverse.”

“So I killed him and became the patriarch. The next step is to get Your demon soul, strengthen yourself, and then lead the Bai family to grow and develop.”

Chapter 4674

When it comes to the end, Bai Yunhai’s face is full of madness.

Crazy….what a madman.

Hearing this, Mo Yan was very angry, her delicate body kept trembling, and she cursed: “You killed the Baihe Clan Chief, and you are so plausible, how did my Demon Clan make you such a scum?”

“The Bai Clan Chief is right, you Not only is he rebellious, he’s also a lunatic.”

It’s heartbreaking that a good person like Bai He was killed by his nephew.


In the face of Moyan’s anger, Bai Yunhai chuckled lightly and said lightly, “Whatever you say, I do this for the future of the Bai family and the future of the entire Demon Race.”

“Besides, Our Bai family has contributed a lot to the entire Demon Race. Before, Bai Yunfei risked his life to break into the ghost world and rescued His Excellency Demon Zun. Now you have contributed the Demon Soul, which can be regarded as a compensation for our Bai family…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Mo Yan couldn’t help but spit, and said contemptuously, “Shameless villain, are you also worthy of being compared with Bai Yunfei? Shame. Let me tell you, you can’t get a demon soul.” The

last word fell, and Mo Yan stood up suddenly, her charming eyes full of killing intent.

Patriarch Baihe took such a big risk to rescue himself from the Nanyun Imperial City, and he must not let him die in vain.

Bai Yunhai didn’t panic at all, he sat there leisurely, and said with a smile: “Your Excellency Demon King, why are you doing this? Bai He is already dead, as long as you give me the demon soul, I will do my best to help you detoxify. Think carefully, You are so weak now, and you are pregnant with a child, what is the benefit of tearing your face with me?”

“Stop talking nonsense! Lead to death!”

At this moment, Mo Yan didn’t talk nonsense, she let out a coquettish drink, her delicate body flew up, and slapped Bai Yunhai’s heart with a palm.

hum! !

At this time, Mo Yan was very weak, but this palm was all her strength, and wherever she passed, the air in the cabin was distorted, which was amazing.

In the blink of an eye, Mo Yan was in front of Bai Yunhai, her delicate and beautiful face full of anger.

“Shameless villain, you murdered the patriarch and even tried to snatch the demon soul of the deity. The sin is unforgivable. Today, I want to get rid of you scum and avenge the Baihe patriarch .

With a palm, Bai Yunhai’s face was full of disdain, while speaking, the strength of his whole body burst out, and then, he avoided Mo Yan’s palm with lightning speed.

In the next second, Bai Yunhai turned around, went around behind Mo Yan, and hit her junior with a palm. He heard Mo Yan grunt and collapsed directly on the boat.

clap clap!

In the next second, Bai Yunfei sneered, rushed over to Moyan’s body quickly, and directly sealed her acupuncture point.

In an instant, Mo Yan’s delicate body trembled, unable to move at all.

Speaking of which, if Mo Yan was at her peak, Bai Yunhai would not dare to be so arrogant, but now she is suffering from severe poison and is very weak, so she is naturally not an opponent.

At this moment, Mo Yan was both ashamed and angry in her heart.

It is a shame and shame for his own dignified demon king to be defeated by a hateful junior.


At this moment, Mo Yan bit her lip and scolded coldly: “You have committed the following crimes, and you are still trying to snatch the demon soul, so let me go quickly, or I will never spare you easily.”


Hearing the scolding, Bai Yunhai didn’t get angry at all, but said with a smile: “Come on, scold whatever you want, it won’t change anything, and even if you scream, no one will come to help you.” , Baiyunhai began to deploy the ritual of seizing the demon soul around.

Seeing this situation, Mo Yan was very desperate.

After a while, everything was ready, Bai Yunhai looked smug, looking at Moyan up and down, as long as she merged her demon soul, her strength would increase by leaps and bounds, when that time comes, let alone the Nanyun royal family, even if you encounter those The gods and soldiers are also not afraid.

Bai Yunhai’s proud eyes made Mo Yan very angry.

“Bai Yunhai!”

Mo Yan bit her lip and shouted coldly: “You’d better let me go, otherwise, you will be punished.”

Hearing Jiao shouting, Bai Yunhai was not angry at all, but became more and more complacent. .

Chapter 4675

“Let you go?”

At this time, Bai Yunhai raised his mouth slightly and sneered: “In order to get your demon soul, I even killed my uncle, anyway, I have already been charged with infidelity, you Do you think I will let you go? Besides, with your demon soul, I will be able to greatly increase my strength. At that time in the entire Kyushu, no one can do anything to me.”

“Your Excellency the Demon King, accept your fate.” The

last word fell, Bai Yun Hai slowly walked over and put his hand on top of Mo Yan’s head.


In an instant, Mo Yan’s delicate body trembled, and she clearly felt that the power of the demon soul in her body was leaking wildly, and was slowly absorbed by Bai Yunhai.

“Let go of me, bastard, let me go…”

At this moment, Mo Yan was frightened and panicked.

Without the Demon Soul, he would no longer be the Holy Demon King, not only would he lose his powerful strength, but he could not even keep the child in his stomach.

However, Bai Yunhai didn’t seem to hear it, and continued to absorb it frantically.


With the continuous leakage of the power of the demon soul, I saw a red light permeating Moyan’s body, and then, a blood-colored light ball slowly emerged, which contained infinite power.

It was Mo Yan’s demon soul.


Seeing that the demon soul has been forced out, Mo Yan’s delicate and beautiful face is full of grief and anger, but also despair: “You shameless villain will not end well.”


Seeing that Bai Yunhai was about to successfully seize the demon soul, suddenly, the cabin door was slammed open, and then Bai Qing rushed in anxiously, shouting: “Patriarch, it’s not good, it’s not good… ” Are you courting


Bai Yunhai was about to faint with anger when he was interrupted. He cursed, “How did I tell you before? No one is allowed to come in without my order?”

He kicked him hard: “Get out, get out of here immediately.”

Mad, it’s just the last step, and it’s time to start again.


Bai Qing was kicked and staggered, and sat on the ground with his buttocks on the ground, his face was panic and anxiety: “Patriarch, our ship has been stopped. There are many people on the other side, and it seems that the people who come here are not good.

” The elder negotiated with the other party just now, but they were not at ease at all, saying that we trespassed on their chassis.”

When he said this, Bai Qing was sobbing, almost crying.

Is there such a thing?

Hearing this, Bai Yunhai frowned suddenly, his face extremely ugly. It is said that in the depths of the sea, there are many powerful pirates. These pirates loot everywhere and do all kinds of evil.

Could it be that the people I met were pirates?

Thinking to himself, Bai Yunhai coldly instructed: “Let me look at her, if there is anything wrong, you are the only one who asks.” After speaking, Bai Yunhai strode out of the cabin.

Made! !

Destroy your own fusion demon soul, no matter what pirates, you must annihilate them all.

At this time, Bai Yunhai was very suffocating, and almost merged with the demon soul, but it was interrupted. No one else could calm down about this matter.


On the deck outside, seeing the scene in front of him, Bai Yunhai was stunned for a moment, and he saw a dozen large ships lined up in the sea not far ahead, directly surrounding the wooden boats of the Bai family. There are dozens of men, these men, wearing blue gowns in swimsuits, holding long knives one by one.

On the bow of the big ship headed, stood four big men, tall and burly, but it gave people the feeling of being a little silly.

At this time, the four big men were shouting non-stop.

“Hurry up and call your bosses out.”

“Don’t you know that this is the scope of Icefire Island? Dare to break in?”

“Look at their appearance, they are sneaky, like coming to our Icefire Island to steal ‘cold marrow fish’ Yes .”

“It’s possible…” The

four of you said one sentence to another, arrogant but confusing.

Yes, these four people are the four Sikong brothers who used to have several relationships with Yue Feng, the master Sikongyu, and the younger sister Sikong Yanran.

A few years ago, the situation in Kyushu was chaotic. At that time, Sikong Yanran was looking for Yue Feng. She wanted to invite Yue Feng to go back to the Ice and Fire Island with her to avoid disputes between the rivers and lakes. However, for various reasons, she finally gave up. Ice and Fire Island.

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