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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4521-4525

Chapter 4521

But at this moment, at that moment, there is no permanent enemy in the rivers and lakes. In order to deal with Cheng Yi, Ji Hongshang chose to help Ye Ziyi without hesitation.


Hearing this, Ye Ziyi was very surprised, but she didn’t say much, and nodded gratefully.

“Save people?”

At this time, Cheng Yi, too lazy to talk nonsense, sneered: “I want to see, how do you save people, come on, take this woman down for me.”


Hearing the order, dozens of elite guards burst into internal energy and rushed towards Ji Hongshang.

Seeing this situation, Ji Hongshang calmly recited a formula in her mouth.


With the sound of the formula, the poisonous insects that had retreated to the surrounding corners suddenly rushed up and attacked the elite guards.


Seeing this situation, those elite guards were all shocked and panicked. At the same time, he shouted at Cheng Yi.

“General, let these poisonous insects go away.”

“Help, General.”

Cheng Yi was also furious. He didn’t have time to think about it, so he hurriedly whistled and prepared to control these poisonous insects.

However, as the sect master of the Five Poison Sect, Ji Hongshang is often in the company of poisonous insects. He does not know how much more sophisticated the means of controlling insects are, and he sees Cheng Yi whistling desperately. Those elite guards.


In just ten seconds, half of the dozens of elite guards were bitten by poisonous insects. After screaming, they fell into a pool of blood, and in the end, only bones were eaten.

At this moment, Cheng Yi was so frightened that he had to rush up to help the remaining guards deal with the poisonous insects.


Taking this opportunity, Ji Hongshang’s delicate body flashed, rushed to Ye Ziyi, picked her up, and rushed out of the cave.

To be honest, Ji Hongshang didn’t want to leave like this, but she also knew in her heart that her own strength was still far from Cheng Yi’s.

Anyway, today has ruined his plans.


Seeing this scene, Cheng Yi roared angrily: “Can you run?”

After he finished speaking, he temporarily abandoned the men in the cave and rushed out, chasing after Ji Hongshang and the two.



Seeing Cheng Yi rushing out, the guards surrounded by the swarm of poisonous insects cried out.

However, Cheng Yi didn’t seem to hear it, and his eyes only locked on Ji Hongshang and Ye Ziyi. In his heart, these two women were more sexy and charming than the other. How could they be more important to the lives of their subordinates?

How to do?

Ji Hongshang was carrying Ye Ziyi, so she couldn’t fly fast at all. Seeing Cheng Yi getting closer and closer, she suddenly became a little anxious.

In the next second, Ji Hongshang thought of something, reached out and untied the spirit beast sac around her waist.


In an instant, accompanied by a powerful aura fluctuation, a huge figure burst out of the air.

It was the holy scale golden python that was recovered before.

During this period of time, the holy scale golden python has been following Ji Hongshang. Under her training, her strength has grown by leaps and bounds. Her body has reached seventy or eighty meters. The scales all over her body reflect a golden glow under the sunlight, majestic and majestic. Domineering.


Seeing the holy scale golden python, Cheng Yi stopped abruptly in mid-air, and couldn’t help gasping for air.

What a powerful breath, what kind of spirit beast is this?


Just when Cheng Yi was secretly shocked, Ji Hongshang issued an order, and saw the holy scale golden python let out a roar, and its huge body rushed towards Cheng Yi.


Seeing the rushing Saint-Scaled Golden Python, Cheng Yi tried his best to calm himself, and shouted, “How dare you be arrogant in front of this general? Get out of the way.” The voice fell, Cheng Yi’s inner strength exploded, and Saint-Scaled Golden The pythons fought fiercely in midair.

For a time, one person and one beast were constantly circling in the air, shuttling back and forth, the surrounding air was violently distorted, and the scene was shocking beyond words.

Although Cheng Yi’s strength is strong, he can’t take advantage of the huge holy scale golden python at all. And the holy scale golden python was not yet an adult, so he couldn’t kill Cheng Yi for a while.

For a time, the two sides were deadlocked, and the battle became more and more fierce.


Seeing that the holy scale golden python successfully held Cheng Yi, Ji Hongshang breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly rushed towards the famous sword villa with Ye Ziyi.

Chapter 4522


Seeing this scene, Cheng Yi’s face was extremely gloomy, and the cooked duck flew away like this. He originally wanted to enjoy the gentleness of this young lady of the Ye family, but he didn’t expect Ji Hongshang to suddenly appear.

In a frightened anger, Cheng Yi wanted to rush up to chase, but was entangled by the holy scale golden python and couldn’t escape at all.

Ji Hongshang, wait for me.

In desperation, Cheng Yi had to deal with the holy scale golden python with all his heart, but he secretly swore in his heart.

The next time it falls into my hands, it will definitely make you unable to survive or die.


On the other side, Ji Hongshang took Ye Ziyi and hurriedly returned to Mingjian Villa. Seeing that Cheng Yi did not catch up, he was secretly relieved.

Ji Hongshang didn’t worry about the holy scale golden python at all. After all, it was a spiritual beast second only to the dragon, and its defense was very strong. Even if Cheng Yi was very strong, it would be difficult to hurt it.


Ji Hongshang and Ye Ziyi had just landed at the villa, and many disciples of the famous Sword Villa suddenly surrounded them.

At the same time, several elders heard the movement and rushed over.

“The Sect Master of the Five Poison Sect?”

Seeing Ji Hongshang, both the elders and the surrounding disciples were shocked. Immediately, one of the elders scolded: “Ji Hongshang, let go of my eldest lady.

” Qiang…

The voice fell, and many disciples around drew out their long swords one after another.

They clearly saw that Ye Ziyi’s face was pale and her long skirt was stained with blood, and they mistakenly believed that she was injured by Ji Hongshang. You must know that Ji Hongshang led the Five Poison Sect to join the Demon Race, and it is no longer a secret in the Kyushu arena.

Seeing this scene, Ji Hongshang’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest.

“All retreat!”

At this time, Ye Ziyi took a step forward and scolded the disciples: “Don’t be rude, Sect Master Ji is not an enemy.”

After saying that, Ye Ziyi’s eyes fell on a few elders: “Just now I I was framed by a general sent by the Nanyun royal family, and several of my disciples died, and at the last moment, it was Ji Hongshang who stepped forward and rescued me.”


Hearing this, both the elders and the disciples were stunned.

It is incredible that Ji Hongshang actually saved the eldest miss.

At the same time, everyone was extremely angry. Mad, the Nagumo royal family was so mad that they sent someone to deal with the famous sword villa.

“I’m really ashamed.”

Finally, the leader of the elders reacted, and said to Ji Hongshang ashamed: “I was offended just now, I hope Sect Master Ji will not take offense.” He said this, but he was secretly wondering.

Ji Hongshang has been working for the Demon Race, why did she suddenly change her temper?

The disciples surrounding them also stepped back and put away their long swords at the same time.

“It’s alright.”

Ji Hongshang’s face was indifferent, and she didn’t care about these misunderstandings at all, and said to Ye Ziyi: “Miss Ye, you are safe, I should go too. We will meet later.” After the

voice fell, Ji Hongshang turned around and wanted to leave.

“Sect Master Ji.”

Just before taking a few steps, Ye Ziyi hurriedly called out and said sincerely: “I see that your condition is very bad. If you don’t mind, you might as well rest in our famous villa.”

“Now the situation in the rivers and lakes is unstable, It is very dangerous for you to be outside alone, and your situation requires a safe place to recuperate.”

Speaking of which, Ye Ziyi had always had a bad impression of Ji Hongshang.

But for some unknown reason, through today’s events, Ye Ziyi suddenly felt that this woman didn’t seem so hateful.


Feeling Ye Ziyi’s sincerity, Ji Hongshang’s eyes flickered and she pondered.

Yes, in my current situation, I urgently need a safe place to recuperate, and it is very difficult to deal with Cheng Yi alone, so it is better to join forces with Ye Ziyi.

Thinking to herself, Ji Hongshang nodded and said: “Okay, then I will trouble Miss Ye.”

Seeing her answer, Ye Ziyi showed a smile, and ordered the disciples around her: “Go, arrange a room for Sect Master Ji, Ji If the Sect Master has any request, you must do your best and do not neglect it.”

“Yes, Miss.”

After hearing the order, two female disciples came over and took Ji Hongshang to rest.

Chapter 4523


It was at this moment that there was a burst of breath shaking in the sky, followed by a huge body that slowly landed near the guest room of the manor.

It was the holy scale golden python.

“My God, such a big snake?”

“What kind of beast is this?”

Seeing this scene, everyone present was shocked.

Ye Ziyi raised her hand to signal everyone to be calm, and then walked slowly towards the guest room.

After arriving, I saw that the holy scale golden python had become smaller and was taken into the spirit beast bag by Ji Hongshang.

“Miss Ye!”

Seeing Ye Ziyi coming, Ji Hongshang’s charming face showed a bit of unwillingness: “Then Cheng Yi ran away.” Speaking of which, Ji Hongshang did not expect the holy scale golden python to kill Cheng Yi. Yi, but knowing that Cheng Yi escaped, was still very annoyed.

“You can rest assured.”

Ye Ziyi also felt a little regretful, and comforted: “This person is cunning and despicable, and dares to call my Mingjian Villa’s attention. As long as he is still in the Yellow Sea Continent, I will never let him leave alive.”

Ji Hongshang After nodding, he returned to his room and began to rest.

Ye Ziyi returned to the front yard, with a delicate face that couldn’t hide her anger and anger, she ordered to the disciples present: “Assemble all the elite disciples, search all places within a hundred miles, and find a person named Cheng Yi, this person He is the newly-appointed general of the Nanyun Imperial Family, and he is very powerful. If you find him, you must not act rashly, and come back and report immediately.”

When Ye Ziyi said this, Ye Ziyi was full of shame and anger.

That bastard, who almost ruined his innocence, must not spare him easily.

“As ordered.”

Hearing the order, all the disciples in the room responded in unison, and immediately mobilized manpower and began to search around.

At this time, an elder came over and said in a complicated tone: “Miss, that Ji Hongshang worked for the Demon Race before, is this kind of person trustworthy? Leave her in our Famous Sword Villa, I’m worried that the tiger will be infested. “


Hearing this, Ye Ziyi pondered for a while, and received: “I have also considered these, but she is very weak now, even if there is a conspiracy, it will not threaten us.”

“Also, keep her in Shanzhuang, if there is any situation, we can also facilitate the investigation.”

Seeing her say that, the elder nodded and stopped talking.

This is what Ye Ziyi thought and asked: “Have the disciples sent to the Ouyang family come back, is there any news about Yue Feng?”

“Miss Hui.”

The elder looked depressed and shook his head: “No, according to Ouyang The family got the news that Yue Feng appeared in Dongao Continent five days ago, and then disappeared again.”

“However, at that time, Empress Tianqi also went to Dongao Continent, but within two days, Empress Tianqi returned to Tianqi. In the mainland, the disciples who came back said that Hall Master Wen and Dasheng Sun have gone to Tianqi Continent to ask the Queen Tianqi about the situation.”


Knowing these circumstances, Ye Ziyi frowned and felt a little inexplicable in her heart.

What the hell is going on with this Yue Feng?

In the rivers and lakes of Kyushu, the wind and rain drifted, but he was erratic.

this moment, the other side.

In the Infernal Shadow Prison, the battle between Yue Feng and Mirage continued.


Under the constant staggering of the figures of the two sides, the surrounding air was violently distorted, forming terrifying hurricanes, like the end of the world.

“Tsk tsk…”

Mirage Dragon’s huge body circled and danced, constantly waving its claws to attack, and at the same time feeling the power in Yue Feng’s body, his eyes flashed with excitement: “I didn’t expect that there is such a pure innate in your body. Spiritual power, with these innate spiritual powers, my strength can be improved to a higher level.”

“Boy, accept your fate and give me your innate spiritual power.” The

voice fell, and the power of the mirage exploded, in the surrounding air , forming a phantom.

The Mirage at this time was very excited, because it sensed that there was an incomparably pure innate spiritual force in Yue Feng’s body.

However, it did not know that this power was passed down to Yue Feng by Nu Wa.


At this moment, seeing the phantoms formed in all directions, Yue Feng felt dazzled and panicked.

This is the power of the four innate evil beasts, which is simply too terrifying.

Chapter 4524


At the moment Yue Feng panicked, Mirage found an opportunity, and his long tail suddenly swung over.

The long tail was like a flash of lightning, and the speed was very fast. At that time, Yue Feng had no time to dodge and was swept away directly.


Yue Feng flew more than 100 meters, and fell to the ground ruthlessly. The blood in his body swelled, and bursts of severe pain came, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood on the spot.


Seeing this scene, Mirage laughed up to the sky, very proud: “Boy, you are not my opponent, I advise you to give up resistance, obediently dedicate your innate spiritual power.”

While saying, Mirage Pounce again.

Mad, what should I do?

Seeing the mirage that came so fast, Yue Feng was extremely anxious. If he hit the ball like this, he would die at the hands of this mirage sooner or later. At that time, all the efforts made by Empress Nuwa would be in vain.


In the next second, Yue Feng Yuguang saw the Qingming Demon King a few meters behind him, and his inspiration flashed, and he had an idea, and rushed over immediately.

Before, the Demon King Qingming was controlled by Nuwa, and the demon soul was sealed. Later, in order to help Yue Feng, Nuwa passed down all her cultivation bases, but when she left the body, she did not revive the demon soul of the Demon King Qingming.

In this case, the Qingming Demon King is like a living dead.

Yue Feng’s plan is very simple, to revive the Qingming Demon King and use him to help him deal with the mirage.


In the blink of an eye, Yue Feng came to the front. He didn’t have time to think about it. He raised his hand and slapped it on the top of the head of the Qingming Demon King, awakening the demon soul that was trapped in the dust.

While doing this, Yue Feng did not forget to laugh at the mirage dragon rushing behind him: “You ugly dragon, you still want to devour my power? You probably didn’t expect that I still have a companion, right?”


Hearing this, Mirage’s evil eyes flickered, and he locked onto Demon King Qingming at once, secretly surprised.

This kid even has accomplices?

At the beginning, Mirage’s attention was all on Yue Feng, so he never noticed the Demon King Qingming.

“What if you have an accomplice?” The

next second, Mirage reacted, and his body was filled with incomparably violent power, and his tone was even more arrogant: “For me, it’s just an extra snack.”


The voice fell, and the huge body of the mirage turned around, opened its bloody mouth, and prepared to swallow the Qingming Demon King.


At this time, the Qingming Demon King had just recovered, and his mind was still a little confused. Seeing the surrounding environment, he was extremely puzzled.

Is this there?

Doubtful, when he saw the mirage dragon rushing towards him with his bloody mouth open, Demon King Qingming was taken aback: “Where is the evil beast, dare to be presumptuous in front of this king?” After the

voice fell, Demon King Qingming burst into the power of the devil’s soul, and his figure rose into the sky. , and fight the Mirage.

However, Mirage, as one of the four innate evil beasts, would be a little wary even if the Demon Lord Gone came here. Qingming is only one of the twelve holy demon kings, so who is his opponent?

Bang bang bang…

Within a few rounds, the Demon King Qingming was stubbornly suppressed. Under Mirage’s powerful attack, he was almost powerless to fight back.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Yue Feng’s face was full of smiles, and his mood was indescribably smooth.

With this Demon King Qingming as cannon fodder, he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng adjusts his breath, stares at the battle, and waits for an opportunity.

Chi la….

After a few minutes, I saw the Mirage Dragon waving its claws, the Qingming Demon King couldn’t dodge, his shoulder was scratched, and blood was sprayed like rain in an instant.

Under the severe pain, the Qingming Demon King also slowed down.

The Mirage pursued the situation, opened its mouth wide, directly biting the Demon King Qingming, greedily absorbing the power of the demon blood and demon soul.


Demon King Qingming screamed, his eyes were extremely blood red, and he didn’t know where the strength came from before he died. His right hand pierced like a sharp blade, piercing Mirage’s right eye at once.

The moment he pierced Mirage’s right eye, the Demon King Qingming exhausted his strength and died.

He didn’t know until his death, what kind of existence he was facing, let alone that he was used by Yue Feng.

“Hoohoho…” The

right eye was pierced, and the huge body of the mirage continued to twist, and bursts of roars and mourning came out of his mouth: “My eyes, my eyes…”

Chapter 4525 The

opportunity has come.

Seeing this scene, Yue Feng, who had been waiting for the opportunity, didn’t have time to think about it. His figure was like a cannonball, and he jumped on the huge head of the mirage, raised his right hand, and condensed a mass of flames.

On this day, the flame, showing a red color, was condensed by the power of the red lotus of the law.

The moment the flame was formed, Yue Feng waved his hand.


The flames carried the power of endless terrifying destruction, and sank directly into the head of the mirage. In an instant, the flames exploded in Mirage’s head furnace, and the flames shot out from the eyes, nostrils, and ears, and the surrounding air became extremely hot.

“Roar…roar…” The

severe pain came, and the mirage made a deafening whine. It never thought that one second, he was still killing others, and the next second, he became the prey.


The fire continued to burn, and eventually the huge body of the mirage was completely burned. When the ashes dissipated, only a bright yellow elixir was left, quietly suspended in the air.

You can see that this elixir is as big as a fist, the whole body is dizzy, and it is filled with infinite power. This elixir is exactly where the essence of the mirage lies.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng’s spirit relaxed, his figure landed, and he sat there gasping for breath.

Nima, it’s finally done.

After resting for a few minutes, Yue Feng stood up and put away the elixir.

This elixir contains infinite power, and it will definitely be of great use in the future. After all, this elixir is the elixir of the four innate spiritual beasts, the Mirage Dragon.

After putting away the elixir, Yue Feng adjusted himself and flew forward.

He thought about it, he must find a way to get out of here as soon as possible.


After flying for half an hour, Yue Feng couldn’t help but feel a little impatient. This place seems to be endless. After flying for so long, the surrounding is still dark and chaotic.

How big is this Infernal Shadow Prison?

Depressed, Yue Feng stopped and landed on a small hillside, secretly worried.

“Mother Nuwa.”

At this moment, Yue Feng’s face was full of bitterness, and he said to himself: “You just passed on your cultivation base to me, you should also tell me how to leave. This place has no end, what should I do? Going out?”

Boom, boom….

As soon as the voice fell, Yue Feng sensed that the hillside under his feet shook violently, shaking the mountain for a while, as if the whole hillside was about to collapse.

Damn, what’s going on?

Yue Feng was taken aback, and hurriedly flew into the air to look down. When he saw it, he suddenly took a breath of cold air.

I saw that the hillside below actually moved, and a huge head protruded from the direction of the top of the mountain. At the same time, the four directions below also slowly stretched out four feet.

This…isn’t this hillside?

But a giant beast?

Nima, is this too big?


Just when Yue Feng was secretly surprised, he heard a loud laugh from the giant beast, the sound was like thunder, and it was deafening: “Boy, I heard it just now, the goddess Nuwa put her innate spiritual power Passed it on to you? This is really fat to the mouth.”

When he said this, the blood-red eyes of the giant beast flashed with excitement.

Yes, this giant beast is the giant turtle, one of the four innate spirit beasts.

Yue Feng saw that at first glance, this giant turtle looked like a basalt tortoise among the four innate beasts, but it was somewhat different from the tortoise. It had a huge dragon head, but a tail similar to a unicorn was dragging on the back of the turtle. , The whole body is filled with maroon flames, and the momentum is amazing.


Just when Yue Feng was secretly surprised, the giant turtle’s eyes locked him tightly, and his tone was extremely arrogant: “Give me your power, this is a great honor for you. “


At this moment, Yue Feng reacted, and said in disbelief: “What innate spiritual power, I was just talking nonsense. In fact, I was just a human kid who broke in by mistake and broke into your territory by mistake. I hope you don’t take offense.

” You continue to rest, I will leave immediately, I will leave immediately.” As he

spoke, Yue Feng turned around and ran.

Nima, it just happened that it was not easy to get a mirage, and I haven’t had time to catch my breath. Now that I have encountered such a big giant turtle, I really came home.

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