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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4511-4515

Chapter 4511

“Jingyu is the essence of my Yuanshen, and when it merges with my body, I can re-cultivate my Yuanshen. Remember, remember…”

After the last sentence, Nuwa Yuanshen Completely dissipated without a trace, leaving a piece of exquisite golden jade in place. It is the fine jade that Nuwa just said.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng’s heart was sour, moved, and a little sentimental: “You can rest assured, I will live well and do my best to stop the conspiracy of the demons.”

Said, Yue Feng put Jingyu Carefully picked it up and put it on him.


At this moment, because of the integration of Nu Wa’s cultivation, Yue Feng only felt that he was full of inexhaustible power, and he lost his previous nervousness, but was extremely confident.

Hurry up and find a way to get out of here.

At this time, Yue Feng was muttering in his heart, and was ready to explore the surroundings.


However, at this moment, he heard a roar coming from behind. The sound was very close. At that time, Yue Feng quickly turned his head, saw the situation behind him, and was stunned.


At this moment, Yue Feng couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

I saw a huge dragon floating in the endless darkness behind him. This dragon was very strange, with forked horns on its head, and the position on the back of the neck was covered with red temples. So, the scales all over the body are actually growing in the opposite direction?

This giant dragon, hundreds of meters long, with a huge dragon head, stared at Yue Feng, his eyes flashing with dark red light, which made people palpitate.

Obviously, the roar just now was made by this giant dragon.

I go!

Yue Feng looked at the giant dragon and was stunned for more than ten seconds before he could react.

This….this is one of the four evil beasts that the mother of Nuwa said just now?

Although it looks a little weird, doesn’t it look like a dragon?

At this time, Yue Feng didn’t know that there was a mirage in front of him, which was very different from the dragon he had seen before.

Mirage is one of the four evil beasts. It has the ability to measure the sky and the earth. The gas it spews can form a phantom, which is also called a mirage in human records.


Just when Yue Feng was secretly surprised, the mirage in front of him once again let out a roar that shocked the world!

“10,000 years, haha, exactly 10,000 years.” In the

next second, Mirage opened his bloody mouth and made a deafening voice: “I didn’t expect that in this Infinite Shadow Prison, I would still encounter Human.”

After speaking, Mirage looked at Yue Feng up and down, and continued: “You human, you are young, but your strength is not weak. Today is the time to give me a tooth sacrifice.” The

voice fell, and a huge hurricane set off a hurricane. Come to Yue Feng.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng was shocked and angry, this thing is really evil, there is no injustice and no hatred, and it will eat me as soon as we meet?

“I heard that you are one of the four evil beasts.”

At this moment, Yue Feng stood there, motionless as a mountain, and said coldly, “I want to see how capable you are.” He started to fight with Mirage in mid-air.

To be honest, if it was half an hour ago, Yue Feng would never have the courage. After all, the strength of this mirage is too terrifying, but at this time, with the power of Nuwa’s primordial spirit, Yue Feng has no fear.

the other side.

Kyushu, Yellow Sea Continent.

On the mountain road with a dozen exceptions from the Famous Sword Villa, dozens of figures are slowly moving forward. These people, wearing uniform black soft armor, with long knives hanging from their waists, are all powerful.

These are the elite guards of the Southern Cloud Imperial City.

And the one at the head, dressed in silver armor, has a good aura and majesty.

It was Cheng Yi.

Under Mo Yan’s instruction, Cheng Yi decided to deal with the Yellow Sea Continent first, and the Famous Sword Villa with the highest reputation in the Yellow Sea Continent naturally became the first target.


At this time, a guard came up and asked for instructions: “When we arrive at the Famous Sword Villa, shall we go ahead and force the opponent to surrender?”

“You said it lightly!” Cheng Yi said angrily. : “There are so many people in Mingjian Mountain Villa, and it depends on us people. It’s definitely not possible to fight hard.”

With that, Cheng Yi’s mouth twitched a hint of treacherousness: “I heard that Mingjian Mountain Villa is going to let the eldest young lady Ye Ziyi take over the next term. Villa lord, we can make a fuss from this Ye Ziyi. As long as we take Ye Ziyi, we are not afraid that Mingjian Villa will not surrender.”

Chapter 4512

When saying this, Cheng Yi’s eyes were a little helpless.

According to Cheng Yixiang’s plan, he directly led the army and swept the rivers and lakes of Kyushu, but Moyan did not agree to do so, because the goal was too big, and it was easy to cause alliances between various factions in the rivers and lakes, so Moyan asked him to act secretly.


Hearing this, the guards around couldn’t help but laugh.

“The general is wise.”

“I heard that Ye Ziyi looks like a fish and a geese. If he catches it, the general can also enjoy the tenderness of a beauty.”

“That’s right…”

When saying this, these elite guards were A look of compliment. Although Cheng Yi had just become a general, the people who came into contact with him all knew something about him. He was not only ruthless, but also very lecherous. Under such circumstances, these guards naturally had to do what they wanted.


Hearing these compliments, Cheng Yi’s mouth curled into a smile, and he waved his hand and said, “Very good, as long as you serve me with all your heart, this general promises that everyone will enjoy beautiful women, glory and wealth.”

Said At these times, Cheng Yi’s eyes flickered with anticipation.

I heard that Ye Ziyi is talented and beautiful. She is a famous beauty in the Yellow Sea Continent. This time, she must have a good experience.

Thinking to himself, Cheng Yi took out the map, looked at the terrain, and instructed: “Let’s go to the town near Mingjian Villa to rest. Before entering the town, everyone should change their clothes, and don’t expose their own identity. Identity, do you understand?”

“Yes, General.”

After hearing the order, dozens of elite guards responded in unison, then followed Cheng Yi and headed for the town.


On the other side, Famous Sword Villa.

In the hall, Ye Xuan sat on the main seat with a solemn expression on his face, and a layer of lingering melancholy shrouded his eyebrows. On the seats on both sides, the elders of the villa sat.

On the right side of Ye Xuan, sat a slim figure.

A bright yellow dress can’t hide her charming figure, but her delicate face is also a bit dignified.

In the whole hall, the atmosphere was a little dignified.

Half a year ago, Bai Yunfei was in the Five Poison Sects, causing a bloody storm on the rivers and lakes. At that time, the major sects went to encircle and suppress, and the famous sword villa also went. Although Bai Yunfei’s conspiracy was finally broken, the major sects also suffered heavy losses. .

At that time, Mingjian Villa also damaged many elite disciples, so after the incident, Mingjian Villa began to keep a low profile and keep a close eye on the situation of the rivers and lakes.

A day ago, news came that the Nayun royal family had fallen into the control of the demons. Not only that, but the Queen of Apocalypse, Ren Yingying, also publicly stated that she was allied with the demons. Knowing this, Ye Xuan, the owner of the village, was very shocked, and immediately summoned all parties. Great Elder, discuss this matter.


Ye Xuan looked around at this matter: “The situation in Kyushu is like this, what do you think?” The

voice fell, and the elders looked at each other in dismay, and immediately spoke.

“It’s better for us to wait and see.”

“I think that if we are passive, we might as well contact other sects as soon as possible to take precautions. You must know that the demons are very ambitious and will definitely invade the Kyushu rivers and lakes again. , after all, the previous Bai Yunfei is a good example.”

“But what if we contacted other sects?”

Several elders expressed their opinions. In the end, one of them thought of something, looked at Ye Ziyi and said, “Miss, you and Yue Feng have a good relationship. If you can contact Yue Feng, it would be the best.

” , He has solved the crisis in Kyushu many times before. If he was there, he would not be afraid of the demons at all.


When the words fell, Ye Xuan and other elders’ eyes also converged on Ye Ziyi.

Ye Ziyi bit her lip tightly, with a bitter expression on her face: “Since the incident of the Five Poison Sect ended, I have no news of him.” When he said this, Ye Ziyi’s face was faintly flushed.

He and Yue Feng were just friends, but the eyes of his father and the elders seemed to be the same as him, which was really embarrassing.


Hearing Ye Ziyi’s answer, the elders were extremely disappointed.

The eldest miss can’t contact Yue Feng, what can I do?

Chapter 4513


At this moment, Ye Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Ye Ziyi with a smile: “According to the current situation, what is your opinion?”

When he said this, Ye Xuan’s eyes were full of love.

Ye Ziyi thought for a while and said seriously: “I think, what the elder said just now is right, we can’t sit still, let’s contact other sects first, so that we can take care of each other.”

“Also, send someone to Ouyang . Family, let’s see if Yue Feng’s whereabouts.”

Although Ye Ziyi is a woman, she has a wise personality and acts calmly.


Hearing the answer, Ye Xuan was very satisfied and nodded in approval: “What you said is also what I thought, so let’s do it like this.”

After saying that, Ye Xuan looked around and said to the elders, “A few You, in order to meet the impending catastrophe, starting from today, I plan to retreat and practice, and Ziyi will take over all the affairs of the villa.”

When the last word fell, Ye Xuan looked at Ye Ziyi expectantly.

The daughter is already old, and she is still the next owner of the village. Many things should be faced by herself.

“Yes, the village master.” After

hearing this, the elders looked at each other and nodded in unison.

Ye Ziyi’s body trembled, and her delicate face showed complexity: “Father, I… I’m afraid I can’t do well.” She is still too young, how can she take on such a big responsibility?

Ye Xuan smiled slightly and comforted: “What are you afraid of? You are now the master of the young village, and some things need to be sharpened, and the elders will assist you.”

“Furthermore, the cultivation realm of being a father also needs to be improved. You have to understand a truth. It is important to have allies when you are in trouble, but the most important thing is to be strong yourself.”


Ye Ziyi took a deep breath and nodded: “Father, I understand.”

Ye Xuan smiled and explained a few more words, then left the hall and began to retreat and practice.

“Several elders.”

After Ye Xuan left, Ye Ziyi began to instruct: “Send someone to the Ouyang family first, and then contact other sects. This matter must not be delayed.”

“Yes, Miss.” The elders agreed in unison.

Although Ye Ziyi was already the owner of the young village, they were still used to calling her eldest lady.

Soon, several elders left one after another. Ye Ziyi stood in the hall, looking at the sky outside, with a delicate face and incomparable determination.

I will definitely work hard to make Mingjian Villa stronger.


At this moment, in a small town not far from Mingjian Villa.

In the inn room, Cheng Yi changed into his casual clothes and stood in front of the window sill, looking at the Famous Sword Villa in the distance, thoughtfully.

Just now, he sent all the guards out to investigate the situation of Mingjian Villa.

Although Cheng Yi has not read the military book, he also understands the truth of planning ahead.


At this moment, the door was pushed open, and several guards walked in quickly.


When they got to the front, one of the guards respectfully said: “We have just probed. The surrounding area of ​​Mingjian Villa is heavily guarded. There are many disciples patrolling back and forth. It is difficult to sneak in.”

In order to avoid exposure, Cheng Yi explained to them, Don’t call the general, but change the name of the lord.


Hearing this, Cheng Yi frowned and cursed inwardly.

Originally interrupted to sneak into Mingjian Villa at night, and directly captured Ye Ziyi, so as to force Mingjian Villa to surrender, but now it seems that this plan will not work.

While depressed, the other guards also returned one after another.

“My lord!”

At this time, one of the guards reported, “We explored the Valley of Forging Swords, where patrols have been strengthened, and we can’t sneak in at all. But…”

After speaking, the guard changed his tongue. He continued: “We found a hidden cave not far from the Valley of Forged Swords, which can be used as a secret stronghold.”

Hidden cave?

Cheng Yi frowned and said angrily: “A cave, is it worth reporting it? It’s really no brains.” After speaking, Cheng Yi’s eyes flashed, he thought of something, and quickly took out the map.

In the next second, Cheng Yi asked about the location of the cave, and after thinking for a while, a wonderful plan popped up in his mind.

Chapter 4514


Cheng Yi took out an exquisite ancient sword and gave it to one of the guards: “You take this sword and pretend to go to sell it near the famous sword villa, remember, attract people The more the better, be sure to attract the attention of Famous Sword Villa.”

“In the end, if Ye Ziyi summons you, you can say that this sword was found in that cave, and then you will lead her to the cave. “

When he said this, Cheng Yi couldn’t hide his pride.

You must know that Cheng Yi’s ancient sword was selected by Moyan from the treasure house of the Nanyun royal family before he set off at that time and specially rewarded to him. It is said to be the royal sword of a Nanyun emperor thousands of years ago. The quality is extraordinary.

If you deal with other people, this method may not be successful, but Cheng Yi believes that Ye Ziyi will definitely take the bait. After all, Famous Sword Villa is famous for forging swords in Kyushu. If you know that someone has found an ancient sword of great value in a cave, he will definitely be patient. Can’t stop being curious.

“This subordinate understands.”

The imperial guard was a wise man, he immediately understood Cheng Yi’s intention, and quickly expressed his position: “Master, rest assured, this subordinate will definitely live up to his expectations.”

After speaking, the imperial guard wrapped the ancient sword, hurried out of the room.


At this time, Cheng Yi was in a good mood. He was so resourceful that he could come up with such a wonderful solution.

Then, Cheng Yi said to the other guards: “Go, let’s go to the cave to deploy together, and then wait for the beautiful lady Ye.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Two minutes later, dozens of guards were in Cheng Yi’s Under the leadership, rush towards the direction of the cave.

However, Cheng Yi and his party didn’t know that when they left the town, there was a slender figure 100 meters away behind them, following them unhurriedly.

It was Ji Hongshang.

That’s right, Ji Hongshang has been following him secretly since he learned that Cheng Yi was named a general in Nanyun Imperial City. On the way, Ji Hongshang wanted to take action several times, but he still held back.

You must know that Ji Hongshang has lost the eighth-level skill. Although she has been practicing hard, she has not returned to her previous peak state. She and Cheng Yi are not sure of winning one-on-one. What’s more, there are dozens of other people around Cheng Yi. The guards are inseparable.

In this case, Ji Hongshang had to follow him secretly, all the way to the town.

At this time, seeing Cheng Yi and the others, changed their clothes, and sneaked out of the town, Ji Hongshang knew that they had a plan, and immediately followed up, planning to find out.

Ji Hongshang was very cautious, and kept a safe distance until she checked it out.

on the other side, on the street in front of the gate of Mingjian Villa. The guard was

holding an ancient sword, standing in a crowded place, shouting loudly: “An ancient sword, an ancient sword worth a thousand pieces of gold, only sold to those who are destined…”

It was sent by Cheng Yi to attract the attention of Mingjian Villa.

Mingjian Villa is not far from the town, and people come and go on the street in front of the door.


At this time, when they heard that someone was buying ancient swords, many passersby thought it was the disciples of Mingjian Villa selling it here, and they immediately gathered around.

“What kind of ancient sword, you want to buy a thousand gold?”

“Yeah, the lion opened his mouth.”

“Could it be the treasure collected by Mingjian Villa?”

Everyone started to speculate, and Liu Dong looked proud.

In the next second, Liu Dong looked around and said with a big laugh, “This ancient sword of mine is a rare treasure, and it is said to be less valuable. Moreover, the ancient swords that ended in Famous Sword Villa are not necessarily more precious than mine. “

Also, I’m not a disciple of Mingjian Villa, so please don’t spread the word.”


Hearing this, there was an uproar in the audience.

This kid is not small, he dares to sell swords on the site of Famous Sword Villa, isn’t this courting death?

In shock, no one in the crowd said, “You have a big voice. You dare to say that your sword is more precious than that of Famous Sword Villa. I’m really not afraid that the wind will flash your tongue.” The

voice fell, and everyone nodded in response . and.

“Yes, this bullshit is exaggerated.”

“I think he is a grandstanding.”

Hearing the ridicule, Liu Dong was not angry at all, he laughed and said: “I act straight and do it right, never talk big, don’t believe it. Yes, let’s get to know each other today.”

Chapter 4515 When the

voice fell, Liu Dong opened the package and took out the ancient sword.


In an instant, when the ancient sword was unsheathed, I saw a golden light flickering, the blade of the sword was shining in the sunlight, and the veins were like gurgling water, showing nobility and extraordinaryness.


Seeing this scene, everyone around couldn’t help gasping for air, and all of them were stunned.

Good sword.

In an instant, everyone realized that what Liu Dong said was true, and they no longer dared to mock him.

However, Liu Dong did not show off too much, and he was always paying attention to the movements of the famous Sword Villa.

Sure enough, the situation here quickly attracted the attention of a group of disciples from the Famous Sword Villa. At that time, they walked over quickly and shouted loudly, “Hey, what are you doing around here?”


Seeing the people coming from Mingjian Villa, everyone quickly made way. At the same time, someone said, “This person is selling swords here.”

What, someone dares to sell swords near Mingjian Villa?

Isn’t this playing a big knife in front of Guan Gong’s door?

The leading disciple frowned, came over and his eyes locked on Liu Dong at once: “Is that you selling swords here?” As he said, he looked at the ancient sword in Liu Dong’s hand.

The moment he saw the ancient sword, the disciple was also taken aback.

This ancient sword is really good.

“Not bad!”

Hearing the question, Liu Dong didn’t panic at all, and made a humble look: “I need money urgently, so I dare to sell it here.”

The disciple frowned, “You have a problem with this sword, come on, come with us.”

After saying that, he greeted his subordinates, and without any explanation, led Liu Dong into the villa.

At this moment.

In the Famous Sword Villa, Ye Ziyi was sitting in the study, closing his eyes and resting.


At this moment, a disciple walked in quickly, with a complicated expression: “There is a person selling ancient swords outside our villa. It is very suspicious. We have already caught him.” There is

such a thing Son?

Hearing this, Ye Ziyi was stunned for a moment, then raised her jade hand: “Bring it here directly.”

“Yes, Miss.”

The disciple responded, walked out quickly, and led Liu Dong in after a while. .

At this time, the disciple was full of arrogance, and said coldly to Liu Dong: “This is our eldest lady of the villa, you’d better explain honestly, the origin of your sword.”

Liu Dong made a sincere look, and quickly Salute: “In Xia Liudong, I saw Miss.”

“What ancient sword?”

Ye Ziyi sat there with a calm expression: “Take it out and let me see.”

Liu Dong quickly opened the package and showed the ancient sword. In an instant, the entire study was shrouded in golden light.


Ye Ziyi’s eyes flickered, and she stood up suddenly, staring at the sword, unable to hide the shock.

It turned out to be an ancient sword of purple rank, and the workmanship is so exquisite, it must have an extraordinary origin.

The next second, Ye Ziyi held back the shock in her heart and looked at Liu Dong: “Where did you get this sword from?” The watch was full of indifference, but her eyes were full of anticipation.

Speaking of which, Ye Ziyi, as the eldest lady of Mingjian Villa, had read countless swords, and at a glance, she could see that the sword in front of her was not something that an unknown person like Liu Dong could possess.


However, as an elite guard, Liu Dong has also seen the world, so he was not frightened by Ye Ziyi’s aura at all, but he still pretended to be sincere and fearful: “This is from my ancestors. If the eldest miss wants, I will be the beauty of an adult, and I will ask you for eight hundred taels of gold.” As soon as he finished speaking,

the disciple next to him couldn’t help but scolded: “I think you really don’t know how to live or die. Your head is coming up?”

Ye Ziyi shook her head, signaling the disciple to shut up.

The next second, Ye Ziyi looked at Liu Dong with a half-smiling smile: “You say this is from your family’s ancestors? This ancient sword is not only very beautifully crafted, but also has a dragon-shaped pattern on it. It looks like a royal thing at first glance. Are you a disciple of the royal family?”

“But a disciple of the royal family, do you need to get down to the point of selling swords to live?” At the

end, Ye Ziyi’s face turned cold, and she scolded: “You always explain, I won’t care about you, and I will give it to you. You have some rewards, if you are obsessed with it, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

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