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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4461-4465

Chapter 4461

At this time, Long Qianyu frowned secretly, already guessing Mo Yan’s identity in his heart, and said coldly: “You are from the Demon Race? Suddenly came to our Nanyun Imperial City, what advice do you have?”


When the voice fell, there was an uproar around, and all the civil and military officials present secretly exclaimed.

“Is this woman from the Demon Race?”

“Isn’t the Demon Race’s power in Kyushu already wiped out? Why did it appear again?”


Just when everyone exclaimed, Mo Yan’s delicate body flashed, and in the blink of an eye, she reached the sky above the palace hall, looking down at Long Qianyu: “You are the Queen of the Southern Cloud Continent?

” A smell of contempt.

“Yes, I am!” Long Qianyu’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and responded lightly.

Mo Yan showed a smile and said slowly, “I want you to do me a favor, Mo Yan, one of the Twelve Holy Demon Kings of the helpless Demon Race. Immediately use all the power of your Nanyun Imperial Family to help me find out the whereabouts of Yue Feng. “


Hearing this, both Long Qianyu and the surrounding civil and military officials were stunned and furious at the same time.

This woman has a lot of background, she is actually the Demon King of the Demon Race?

It’s just that the tone of her order is really rude, and the Nagumo Imperial Family is not her subordinate, so why should she obey her orders?

Thinking to himself, Long Qianyu took a deep breath, looked at Moyan and said lightly: “It’s really interesting, if you want to find Yue Feng, you can go by yourself, what does this have to do with our Nanyun royal family?”

Speaking of Yue Feng, Long Qianyu Emotions are very calm.

If it was two years ago, Long Qianyu had always hated Yue Feng because of his sister, but now he has seen it.

After all, her elder sister Long Qianying had already given birth to Yue Feng’s child, and it was done, so it would be meaningless to care about.

“It doesn’t matter?”

Hearing this answer, Mo Yan chuckled softly, and then said coldly: “It won’t take long, whether it is God’s Domain or Kyushu Continent, it is the world of our Demon Race, and you ants will all suffer from demons. Clan jurisdiction.”

“Now the demons want to find Yue Feng, you said it has nothing to do with you?”

“I don’t want to talk nonsense. After half an hour, I want to see your Nanyun royal family take action, otherwise, the consequences will be at your own risk.”

Finally As soon as the sentence fell, Mo Yan’s delicate face was full of coldness, no doubt.


When the voice fell, the entire palace hall was in an uproar! All the civil and military officials stared at Mo Yan in shock and anger!

Crazy, so crazy.

To dare to use such a tone to threaten Her Majesty the Queen is simply courting death!

“Haha, what a big tone!”

At this time, Long Qianyu was also unforgivably angry, looked at Mo Yanjiao coldly and shouted: “Don’t think that your demon clan is strong, you can do whatever you want, our Nanyun royal family will not lead you this way. One set.”

“Really?” The corners of Mo Yan’s mouth twitched: “I have limited patience, I have already said what I should say, so don’t be ignorant of flattering.”


When the words fell, a military officer finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and rushed out at once, glared at Mo Yan, and howled: “You are the Demon King of the Demon Race, right? I want to learn how to teach you how powerful you are!

” The name of the military attache is Liu Xiong! Forward general, powerful.

The voice fell, and a goose ling knife appeared in Liu Xiong’s hand, and then he rose into the air!


A powerful aura erupted from Liu Xiong’s body! In his hand, the goose ling knife burst out with a bright light, and it slashed straight at Mo Yan in mid-air.

I saw that wherever Liu Xiong passed, the air was distorted, and the power was amazing!

Seeing Liu Xiong attacking, Mo Yan’s delicate face showed a trace of contempt.

“The nameless rat, you dare to be presumptuous in front of this king?”

Mo Yan snorted coldly and slowly raised her jade hand, only to see the situation changing between heaven and earth, and an incomparable evil force burst out, condensing into a blood-colored light, Directly cover Liu Xiong!

This blood-colored light was like lightning, and Liu Xiong had no time to react, and was directly swept away!


I heard Liu Xiong let out a scream, and the whole person spilled a rain of blood in the air, was shaken and flew out, flying more than 100 meters away, and finally landed heavily on the square in front of the main hall. superior!

The moment he landed, he saw Liu Xiong’s blood was blurred, and he was dead!

Chapter 4462


The strength of this Demon King is too terrifying, right? He killed the tyrannical Liu Xiong with just one move?

Seeing this scene, whether it was Long Qianyu or the civil and military officials present, they couldn’t help gasping for air, and they were all stunned and speechless!

They could feel that the Demon King in front of him had unfathomable strength.

However, Liu Xiong’s strength is also top-notch in Nanyun Continent, and she was instantly killed by her one move…


After a few seconds, Long Qianyu reacted, his eyes fixed on Mo Yan, and he shouted: “Take her to me.” Long Qianyu was extremely angry when he shouted the last sentence.

This female demon king single-handedly attacked the Nagumo royal family and killed her favorite general. If this matter is tolerated, Nagumo Continent will not be able to raise her head in Kyushu in the future.

More importantly, the royal majesty cannot be violated.

Therefore, this demon queen must die today!

Swish swish…

The voice fell, and nearly a thousand palace guards who had already rushed to the surrounding area exploded with internal energy and went towards Mo Yan in mid-air.

These palace guards, who are mainly responsible for the safety of the palace, are not weak.

“It’s too much!”

Seeing those royal guards rushing towards her, Mo Yan’s mouth twitched with disdain. She didn’t say a word of nonsense at that time, and slowly raised her jade hand.


In an instant, she saw a red ray of light above Moyan’s head covering the world, and then an extremely terrifying force erupted, forming a huge ghost in front of her.

The shadow was tens of meters high, like a hill, roaring and waving fists to meet the nearly a thousand royal guards.

I saw that although the ghost was transformed from the power of the devil’s soul, it was like a vajra, and the attacks of those royal guards were like tickles, and could not cause any damage at all.

Bang bang bang!

In less than half a minute, the more than 1,000 Imperial Forest Army troops were swept away by the shadowy fists one by one, screaming in agony, fell from the air, and fell into a pool of blood.


At this moment, there was a dead silence inside and outside the entire palace.

Seeing the scene in front of him, whether it was Long Qianyu or the surrounding civil and military officials, all of them were stunned and completely dumbfounded.

This…is this the true power of the Demon Race?

“How is it?”

Just when everyone was secretly shocked, Mo Yan was quietly suspended in the air, looking like a fairy, but extremely sinister, looking at Long Qianyu with a smile that was not a smile: “The conditions that this king just proposed, you should consider it well. Are you done?”

After speaking, Mo Yan glanced at the royal guards lying in a pool of blood on the ground, and continued: “Going against our demons is such an end, you have to think about it.”


Long Qianyu bit his lip lightly, and his delicate face showed no signs of fear: “I, the Southern Cloud Continent, will not be the lackey of your demons, nor will I do things for you, I think you are still dead. “

Also, you trespassed into the palace and hurt my subordinates, and you can’t leave today!” The

last word fell, Long Qianyu flew into the air, and then his inner strength exploded.


In an instant, an extremely strong force burst out from Long Qianyu, and the sky was torn apart suddenly.

After becoming the queen, Long Qianyu worked diligently in court affairs, and at the same time did not forget to practice hard. In the past few years, he has continuously learned the secrets of the royal family, and his strength has not been as good as before.

To be honest, Long Qianyu didn’t want to do it himself, but he couldn’t help it. Liu Xiong, the most powerful military general, had already been beheaded by the opponent. If he continued to let the royal guards take action, it would be tantamount to death in vain.

And as an empress, you can’t keep holding back.


Seeing that Long Qianyu was about to take action, the civil and military officials below couldn’t help but sweat for her. You must know that the strength of this female devil is really terrifying. More importantly, Long Qianyu is the queen. Once something happens, the Southern Cloud Continent will be headless.

For a time, many people wanted to discourage it, but it was too late.


Seeing Long Qianyu flying up, Mo Yan was stunned for a moment, and then said with great interest, “You’re quite strong, do you also want to learn my strength? Then I will fulfill you!”

Chapter 4463 The

voice fell, and Mo Yan’s delicate body flashed like a shooting star, heading straight for Long Qianyu.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Mo Yan arrived in front of Long Qianyu with a bit of playfulness in her eyes, and said with a tender smile, “I heard that before you became the queen, there was a female god of war in the Southern Cloud Continent. , I will try your strength today, we are all women, I am not bullying you!”


The voice fell, and a terrifying demonic soul burst out from Moyan’s body, and in an instant, a blood-colored mist filled with her.

Soon, the entire palace was shrouded in blood mist, and at the same time, a terrifying force quickly condensed in the blood mist.

Feeling this terrifying power, everyone below was suddenly breathless, and their hearts were also inexplicable fear!

For a time, Long Qianyu also had a solemn expression on his face, daring not to show any slights.

“Accept the move!”

At this moment, Mo Yan shouted Jiao, and suddenly raised her jade hand, her figure quickly shuttled through the blood mist, and a palm hit Long Qianyu, as fast as thunder.

Such a fast speed…

Feeling the speed of Moyan’s lightning fast, Long Qianyu’s delicate body trembled, and she was very surprised. At that time, she had no time to dodge, so she bit her lip and slapped her with a palm.

At this time, Long Qianyu did not dare to be careless, and urged all his internal strength to resist!


In the next second, the palms of the two sides collided fiercely. Long Qianyu only felt an overwhelming force coming from the mountains. At that time, his delicate body trembled, and the whole person was shocked and flew out. He fell heavily to the ground.

Although Long Qianyu’s strength is not low, in terms of background, it is far inferior to Moyan. You must know that Moyan, as one of the twelve holy demon kings, has existed for ten thousand years.


At this moment, Long Qianyu swayed and stood up, another mouthful of blood spurted out, his eyes fixed on Mo Yan, very unwilling.

Couldn’t stop even a single move, could this be the fate of the Nagumo royal family?

I’m so unhappy.


Under the rapid fire attacking his heart, Long Qianyu’s delicate body trembled, and the blackness in front of his eyes directly passed out to the ground.


“Your Majesty…”

Seeing this scene, the civil and military officials not far away, as well as the surrounding royal guards, were all shocked and exclaimed, and they were about to rush up.


However, at this moment, Moyan’s delicate body flashed, and she rushed over quickly. She took the lead in grabbing Long Qianyu and shouted, “Don’t move!”

As she said that, Moyan’s other hand was directly suspended. On the top of Long Qianyu’s head, he looked around and continued: “Whoever dares to take a step forward, your majesty, the talented and beautiful queen, will be fragrant and jade-like.”


Seeing this scene, no matter what Whether it was those civil and military officials, or the surrounding royal guards, they all stopped and no longer dared to act rashly.

They have already seen Mo Yan’s strength, and at this time Long Qianyu has been controlled by her, as long as her hand exerts force, Long Qianyu will be finished.

“Very good…”

Seeing that they were very cooperative, Moyan’s mouth curled into a charming smile, and then she said lightly: “From now on, you must obey my orders, as long as I am satisfied, I will not hurt you. Your queen!” The

words were gentle and crisp, but unquestionable.


Hearing this, the civil and military officials looked at each other and did not respond, but their expressions were extremely humiliating.

The queen was captured by the enemy, and it was a shame to obey her orders.

For a time, the entire palace was silent, and a drop of a needle could be heard clearly.

Seeing the expressions of these civil and military officials, Mo Yan chuckled lightly: “It seems that none of you are convinced. Well, then I will have to destroy the flowers!”

As she spoke, Moyan used the power of her demon soul and saw her. A flash of red light flashed on his right hand, and he was about to shoot it towards Long Qianyu’s head.


“We agree to your request.”

“Hurry up and stop…”

Seeing this, the civil and military officials exclaimed one after another, their faces turning pale.

Mo Yan withdrew her palm, and her delicate face showed deep arrogance: “Since you don’t want her to die, then prove your sincerity to me, everyone will kneel down immediately, and from now on, they must serve me wholeheartedly. “

Chapter 4464 The

clear and pleasant voice reverberated over the entire palace, but the civil and military officials present, as well as those royal guards, did not feel the slightest joy, but felt chills down their spines.

This demon king is so hateful, let alone using Long Qianyu as a threat, and now everyone needs to kneel to her?

For a time, many people’s eyes were blood red, and they wanted to rush to kill Mo Yan, but considering the strength of the other party and the safety of Long Qianyu, they held back.


Finally, among the civil and military officials, I don’t know who was the first to kneel down, and then everyone around them bent their knees and knelt down.

To be honest, kneeling down to Moyan, all the civil and military officials present were extremely conflicted in their hearts.

But in the current situation, there is really no way out.

After all, Long Qianyu’s life is in her hands. If something happens to Long Qianyu, the entire Nanyun Continent will be completely over. It is better to surrender temporarily and fight back after finding an opportunity.

“Very good!”

Looking at the people kneeling in front of her, Mo Yan was in a very happy mood, and nodded with a smile: “You guys are still savvy about current affairs, okay, from now on, immediately mobilize all the power of your Southern Cloud Continent, be sure to use The fastest speed, help me find Yue Feng!”

“As ordered!”

At this moment, even if these civil and military officials were reluctant, they had to agree.

On the other side, Dongao Continent.

A few miles away from Fengzhuang, there is a dilapidated temple.

At this time, in the temple hall, a slender figure was sitting cross-legged, silently cultivating, with a thin layer of sweat on his delicate face, which was indescribably charming.

It was Ren Yingying.

On both sides of the gate of the monastery, there were several royal guards standing quietly. On the pillar next to him, Cheng Yi was tightly tied there, his expression decadent.

After getting the formula to solve the backlash of the demon soul from Cheng Yi, Ren Yingying led her subordinates to Fengzhuang, and did not forget to practice in her spare time.


At this moment, Ren Yingying breathed a sigh of relief and slowly opened her eyes, feeling indescribably comfortable.

With success, the hidden danger of demon soul backlash was finally completely resolved.

At this time, Ren Yingying clearly felt that the special power that had been entrenched in the body completely disappeared without a trace, and the power of the demon soul was running unimpeded.

That’s great, I’ll never be afraid of demon soul backlash in the future.

In a good mood, Ren Yingying slowly walked out of the temple hall, and ordered the royal guards: “Go, go.” When the voice fell, she took the lead to leave the temple.

Several royal guards quickly escorted Cheng Yi and followed closely behind.

Half an hour later, under the guidance of Cheng Yi, Ren Yingying and the others came to the entrance of the underground cave not far from Fengzhuang.

“Are you sure it’s here?”

At this time, Ren Yingying’s delicate face was full of solemnity, and she asked Cheng Yi, “Is there a mistake in your memory?” While asking, Ren Yingying couldn’t help but observe the entrance of the cave.

It’s unfathomable here, is there any danger?

To be honest, Ren Yingying has already obtained the formula to solve the backlash of the demon soul, and there is no need to continue chasing Ji Hongshang, but thinking that the Five Poison Sect has been in trouble for the past two years, Ren Yingying does not want to give up.

“It’s here!” Cheng Yi nodded again and again, his face full of respect: “I can’t remember wrong.”


After receiving the answer, Ren Yingying directed at the royal guards: “Leave two people to watch him, and everyone else goes to search!”

“Yes, miss!”

Several royal guards responded in unison, and immediately jumped into the underground cave. .

Ren Yingying was leaning against a tree next to her, staring at the sky in the distance, and Yue Feng’s figure also appeared in her mind.

Yue Feng has been away from Kyushu for so long, and no news has come back.

Nothing will happen.

Thinking of this, Ren Yingying shook her head again, Yue Feng was strong and strong, without him, he would not be able to turn evil into good fortune even if he encountered danger.


Just when Ren Yingying was thinking about her thoughts, she heard the exclamation of the royal guards from below the cave.

Swish swish…

The next second, I saw a few royal guards who went down, quickly flew out and rushed out, one by one sweating profusely, their faces extremely terrified.

As soon as his feet landed, one of the guards hurriedly reported: “Miss, this place is very big, there are forks everywhere, and Ji Hongshang can’t be found at all. Not only that, but there are also many poisonous insects.”

Chapter 4465

Speaking, the guard didn’t forget to give Cheng Yi a stern look.

Mad is too cunning, and the fact that there are poisonous insects in the cave is concealed.

As soon as the words fell, several other royal guards also nodded.

“Yeah, it’s really big down there!”

“There are also a lot of poisonous insects…”

“Fortunately, a few of us responded quickly, or we would have been bitten by those poisonous insects!”

Hearing these words, Ren Yingying’s delicate face twitched. The child became gloomy, his eyes looked at Cheng Yi, and there was also a strong killing intent.

“You’re very brave!”

Ren Yingying’s red lips lightly opened, and she shouted at Yue Feng coldly: “Are you kidding me? Knowing that there are poisonous insects below, you plan to lead us down and let us deal with the poisonous insects, hello. Take the opportunity to escape, right?”


When the words fell, Ren Yingying drew out her long sword and was about to kill Cheng Yi.

Such a despicable villain, it is useless to keep it, and it will not be relieved to die a hundred times.

“Woman, spare your life!”

Cheng Yi was horrified when he saw the long sword slashing over, he knelt directly on the ground and begged for mercy: “I really didn’t mean to trick you, I really didn’t know there were poisonous insects down here, At that time, the poisonous insects released by the Five Poison Sect had already been killed by me.”

“Also, I did separate from Ji Hongshang below. At that time, her internal strength was absorbed by me, and she was very weak.

” Yi kept kowtowing, almost crying.

Ren Yingying frowned, and the long sword in her hand stopped.


The next second, Ren Yingying had to ask, and suddenly, the sky in the distance suddenly changed, and then, a blood-colored light shot out from the dark clouds, penetrating the sky and the earth.

what’s the situation?

Seeing such a vision of heaven and earth, whether it was Ren Yingying, Cheng Yi and the surrounding royal guards, they were all stunned.

They could all see that what caused this vision of heaven and earth was not a treasure, but a terrifying existence that came to Dongao Continent.

However, Ren Yingying had another inexplicable feeling.

This seems to be the power of the devil’s soul, but Bai Yunfei is dead, and there is no one else in the entire Kyushu who has the power of the devil’s soul except himself.

Could it be…. is the demons coming to the strong?

Thinking of this, Ren Yingying tilted her head to look at Cheng Yi: “Do you know where it is?”

Ren Yingying rarely came to Dongao Continent, and was not very familiar with the environment here.

At this time, Cheng Yi was still a little stunned. He was stunned for a moment when he heard the question, and then nodded quickly and said, “I know, there is Fengyu Mountain. I went to collect medicine with my master. It is the highest mountain range in Dongao Continent.

” Then, Cheng Yi’s face was full of sincerity: “I can take you there.”


Hearing the answer, Ren Yingying didn’t talk nonsense, let Cheng Yi lead the way in front, and quickly rushed towards Fengyu Mountain.

To be honest, Ren Yingying originally planned to find Ji Hongshang first, but in comparison, the situation of the demons is more important, after all, this is a major matter of life and death for the entire Kyushu.


At this time, the top of Fengyu Mountain.

The huge blood-colored beam of light connects the sky and the earth, surrounded by dark clouds, lightning and thunder, like the end of the world.

At this time, on the top of the mountain, more than a dozen demon warriors stood there respectfully!

Above their heads, a man in black armor hovered proudly there, his blood-colored pupils made one’s heart chill. It is the candle saint, one of the twelve holy devil kings.

Yes, Zhu Sheng was also ordered to come to Kyushu to find Yue Feng, and he set his target on the Dongao Continent.

When he first came to Dongao Continent, Candle Saint mobilized the power of the Demon Soul and triggered a vision of heaven and earth. He did this to deter the various sects on Dongao Continent on purpose.

“You all go to each sect immediately.”

At this time, Zhu Sheng directed at a dozen demon warriors and said, “Let their sect master come here to see me, if you don’t come, you will be at your own risk.”

“Yes, Demon King . Your Excellency!”

After receiving the order, more than a dozen demon warriors immediately acted and descended the mountain one after another.

At this moment, Zhu Sheng slowly landed, looked into the distance, and showed a smile. As long as the sects of the entire Dongao Continent cooperated, it would be easy to find Yue Feng’s whereabouts.


Just thinking about it, Zhu Sheng suddenly frowned and looked down the mountain.

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