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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4411-4415

Chapter 4411

These two words, Yue Feng said through gritted teeth, the look in his eyes made people tremble.


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ed and mutte

sly very weak, but his a


ace was full of revenge: “Do you dare to see me?


it anymore, roared, and quickly ru

strength in his body at all. This punch

ay, tr

s coming from behind. He avoided the punch


his body was directly shaken and flew out, flying more th

, only to feel the qi and blood in his body surging, his five


Feng’s strength was exhausted, and even if

ng Qian was even more anxi

void it. The most important thing now

safely and regains his strength,

o leave at all, and stood u


n on his face, said with a playful smile

said word by word, “Cheng Yi, dare


oked disdainful: “There are two great beau

What? Are you afraid? I don’t have any inner strength

of your junior sister over and over again, and

held back the anger in h

i head-on was completely courting death. In


he heard these words, his face turned gloomy,

ays. In other words, it is an indelible shame. At this time, s

know that he had already

distance: “It’s very simple, from here to that mountain, we don’t h

n, you let them go and I will stay. If you

ught you were a hero of Kyushu and could come up with interesting rules o

red again and again

ust be some tricks behind it, but he didn’t panic at all, because Yue Feng ha


and Song Qian looked at

lost? He is so weak now that even if he doesn’

t to speak, but was inte

ce was very calm, she didn’t know what Yue Feng planned, but

er 4

this, Song Qian

e cave and said contemptuously at Yu


p a wooden board next to the bonfire. The wood

uper tricked: “What? If you know you can’t run f

ot fluctuate at all. Indifferently sa

tion at the time, he rushed


his hand on the water, then jumped on it, adjusted his balance, use

-law is t

inally recovered and could

i, but he didn’t expect him to have a whimsical idea and take a board t

on by my bro

im also showed a smile, lookin

ue Feng will n

glide across the


turned back to see this scene, and his face suddenl

ed directly into the stream, and stopped


a grim smile at Yue Feng: “Give me this hand, right? You ac

re is no need for internal strength, I didn’t say that there


us, but he had n

just now, he only said that no internal force was nee

g, and a wicked smile appeared on his face: “Okay, v


r, pushed Yue Feng down, grabbed the plank


stream, soaking we



ere both angry, exclaimed at the sam

ar away: “You are so shameless. My brother-i

is, Song Qian

is so sh


ughed loudly: “The rules are set by him. He only said that internal forc

ntinued to mock: “Come on, catch

oard, getting further and further

n was anxious and angry,

ing at Yue Feng and said, “What do


istance, and smiled slightly: “It doesn’t matter whe

of the stream and ran along t

nd Song Qian looked at each

ng win li

as walking far away, h

secretly anxious, they saw Yue Feng

er 4


very serious and dignified expression: “It’s too late to make alchemy now, you will

and Song Qian hur

ut asked Yue Feng, “Brother-in-law, I thou


d: “Brother-in-law is that stupid? Everything I did just now was

g just said was ju

Feng deliberately used a plank to slide on the water, creating t

mate goal is to save

ue Feng’s intention at this time. She smiled lightly an

villain is still alive,” she said. I

i in one hand and Yue Feng in

shook his head


e full of doubts: “Why don’t you

ree of us, one is weaker than the other, and we can’t run very far with all our

in agreement: “Yes, let’s run away fi

xious and almost cried:

lt disgusted from the bottom of her heart, and fell int

espond, but loo

oof strategy, otherwise, he would not have ma

ess, Yue Feng smiled and

ire, and started to move stones inside. Before, a small five-element ec

y mysterious, and Cheng Yi can’t crack it, an

is a saying that ‘the most dangerous place is the safest’. Cheng Yi nev


from his forehead and shouted at Mu Xixi, “Come in with me.” After

y, we are safe now, let’s quickly recover our inner stren


Qian nodded seriously, then sat down

y half an h


“Two beauties, you can’t see the shadow of your Kyushu hero being d

ear, and soon saw Cheng

very excited. He had


heart was shocked, and he was stunned. He saw that the cave was empty

er 4

he was dazzled, and


ked out of the cave quickly, and saw that the bonfire outside had

he deliberately fell behind, and when he was far away,


e became, his face was extremely ferociou

at all, but Hidden in the deployed five-star ecstasy array. This f

I didn’t f

re both in a very happy mood, but at the same time they were a lit


e of the cave, gritted his teeth and said, “The three bastards

‘s inner strength exp

e three Yue Feng hidden in the f

id to Mu Xixi: “Okay, we are completely saf

the same time, sitting ther

side, Div

ountain is the chaotic void. The environment here is harsh, the hurricane is ho

stood quietly, each with a powerful aura, and the one a

Gone and the Twel

ountain, there was a strange white stone suspended. The side of th


ng behind, couldn’t help but stepped forward


n kings around also looked at Gon

said slowly, “Sacred

en Spiri

n Kings looked at each othe

After dividing the heaven and the earth, the great god Pangu died, his eyes turn

on Kings nodded subconscious

people in the world know about, that is the spiritual wisdom of the great god Pangu, turne

but it can only be opened once every 10,000 years. In the battle of the gods and demons, I came here

e deity will come to see where ou

one’s face was ext

the ancestors of the Great Desolation. The demons suffered heavy losses, with hundreds of thou

annoyed, but he was un


Demon Kings were all stunned,

l? If you can really predict what will happen in the future, th

er 4


y walking over, raising his hands slowly, and for a while, an incomp

saw the holy spirit stone shin

opened the s

the holy spirit stone: “You can ask me th

of life are domineering, making it im


to let out a breath. They knew that this voice was sent out by the

, and asked the Holy Spirit Stone: “After my demon race,

ce did not hesi


e’s face instantly b

t Stone again: “There is a chose

sen pe

ly demon kings behind him l

ighting alone with him, who is

Great Desolation, because he is still in r


the Holy Spirit Stone: “Who was chosen that day?

no matter what the cost


ly Spirit Stone flickering, and then a strange force surged

by the four innate spirit beasts of Qinglong, White T


he Twelve Holy Demon Kings, was shock

is facial features cut like a kn



ng’s image closely, his eyes we

completely killed by himself. How

ion of the Holy Spiri

ed Demon Kings stood there, e

is not

Zun Shang at that time? I


welve Holy Demon Kings obeyed. From now on, enter the human world immedi

kill him, I want

e’s eyes were blood red,

didn’t even die, but this t

ates obe

gs responded in unison, and immedia

inally disappeared. The three questions have been answered, and th

the Great W

himself: “It’s time for us to meet again.” The voice fell, and the f

uld not have attacked the Yutian Palace while the ancestors of the Great Desolation

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