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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4396-4400

Chapter 4396

Just when the five poisonous sects were exclaiming, they heard Yue Feng’s hoarse voice, spreading throughout the sky!

“Burning red lotus, burning the sky and purifying the world…”

“Boom!” When the

last word fell, he saw Yue Feng’s whole body glowing brightly, and the firelight quickly condensed a huge blood-colored lotus, spinning in mid-air .

That’s right, this is the new skill that Yue Feng realized in desperate situation, the red lotus art!


At the moment when the huge red lotus was formed, the surrounding air suddenly rose, and the sky and the earth were enveloped by this fire, and everyone felt that the heat was unbearable.


At this moment, Yue Feng raised his hand and waved, and a red lotus petal rushed towards Mu Xixi and Song Qian, and when they arrived, a protective film was formed, covering the master and the apprentice.

The power of Yue Feng and even the red lotus of Faye is stronger than the cold fire of white lotus. It can burn almost everything. Mu Xixi and Song Qian can’t stop such a scorching power.


Soon, the gowns on the closest disciples of the Five Poison Sect suddenly burst into flames.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Tong’s face turned pale, but he still pretended to be calm, and shouted at the surrounding: “Hurry up and deploy the protective film!”

When speaking, Yuan Tong’s face was calm, but his heart was inexplicable panic.

This Yue Feng’s strength is really perverted. The blood-colored lotus flower that burst out is like the sun. If you don’t take precautions quickly, I’m afraid that you and your classmates will die here.

Hearing this, the remaining disciples of the Five Poison Sect mobilized their inner strength.


It was at this time that the blood-colored lotus flower collided fiercely with the giant spider that rushed up. Suddenly, a deafening roar was heard, and within a kilometer radius, dust and smoke were everywhere.

Soon the dust and smoke disappeared, and I saw that the giant spider was burnt cleanly by the terrifying flame power of the blood-colored lotus, and there was not a trace of ashes left.

Pfft… The

giant spider was destroyed, Yuan Tong was shocked, he stepped back several dozen steps, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and his face was extremely pale.

After stabilizing his figure, Yuan Tong looked at Yue Feng closely, his eyes were full of shock, and he was speechless for a long time.


At the same time, the audience was deadly silent, even if a needle fell on the ground, it could be heard clearly!

Everyone looked at Yue Feng as if they were looking at a monster!

He has already exhausted his power, yet he can still burst out with such terrifying skills. Is this special code still human? !


Under everyone’s attention, Yue Feng’s legs softened and he slumped on the ground.

That’s right, the red lotus art broke out just now at the juncture of life and death, which completely exhausted Yue Feng’s energy. At this time, he has already fought again. It can be said that a child can easily kill him.


Finally, Yuan Tong reacted, staggering over, looking at Yue Feng with complicated eyes, and his tone was extremely resentful: “I didn’t expect that you still have the stunt of pressing the bottom of the box, but so what? You hurt me, I still have so many colleagues, today, you can’t fly!”

Said, Yuan Tong raised his hand to Yue Feng: “Catch him! He has no resistance now.”

Seriously, Yuan Tong Tong really wanted to do it himself, but he clearly felt that his heart was severely damaged, and he couldn’t use any strength.


Hearing this, the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect looked at each other one by one, and then rushed over quickly.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng was angry and anxious.

Is this fate? Today is destined to fall into the hands of this Yuantong? I have tried my best, really tried my best.

Under the rush of fire, Yue Feng’s eyes darkened and he fainted.

“Yue Feng!”

Mu Xixi exclaimed when she saw this scene, she didn’t have time to think about it, she rushed over and fought fiercely with the disciples of the Five Poison Sect who rushed up.

At this time, Mu Xixi’s internal strength did not recover much, but he had no choice but to grit his teeth and fight recklessly.

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law!” At the same time, Song Qian also ran over, hugged Yue Feng in her arms, and kept shouting, tears kept shedding.

Bang bang bang…

Mu Xixi’s internal strength has not recovered much. Facing the siege of the disciples of the Five Poison Sect, he is not an opponent at all. In less than two minutes, a disciple of the Five Poison Sect found an opportunity, slapped it hard, and hit him directly. In the back of Mu Xixi’s heart. ” Pfft

!” With this palm, Mu Xixi’s delicate body trembled, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and she stepped back and fell to the ground.

Chapter 4397


Seeing this scene, Song Qian couldn’t help exclaiming, and wanted to rush over to help, but she didn’t recover her internal strength, her physique was very weak, and she didn’t take two steps, only her legs felt weak, and she fell directly. on the ground.


Seeing this scene, Yuan Tong wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and shouted: “Quick, take them all down!” The

voice fell, and several disciples of the Five Poison Sect rushed up and stopped Mu Xi. Xi’s acupuncture point, for a moment, Mu Xixi’s delicate body trembled, unable to move.


Immediately afterwards, the other two disciples of the Five Poison Sect rushed to Song Qian, quickly sealed her acupuncture point, and dragged Yue Feng out.

At this time, Yue Feng was still in a coma.

“Senior Brother Yuantong!” The two disciples let go of Yue Feng when they were

dragged in front of Yuantong. One of them asked, “What should we do with this Yue Feng?” The great enemy Yue Feng was finally caught. call! Yuan Tong took a deep breath, pondered, and said lightly: “First cut off his hands and feet, lest he wake up and find a chance to escape.” When he said this, Yuan Tong’s face was cold, and his eyes flashed even more cruel. Yuantong is cunning by nature. He knows Yue Feng’s ability well. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he decided to make Yue Feng a cripple. You must know that only cripple will not escape. “Yes, Senior Brother Yuantong!” Upon hearing this, one of the disciples responded, then pulled out the machete on his body and slashed directly at Yue Feng’s right leg.


Seeing this scene, Song Qian’s heart was cut like a knife, and she burst into tears instantly.

For a time, Song Qian’s heart was ashes!

She has already decided that if her brother-in-law has three strengths and two weaknesses today, she will not live!

At the same time, Mu Xixi was also anxious, shocked and angry!

“You…” In the

next second, Mu Xixi bit her lip and shouted at Yuan Tongjiao: “You have already caught him, why do you need to chop off his legs again? To attack a comatose person, you five poisons Isn’t Zong afraid of people in the world laughing at him?”

When saying this, Mu Xixi looked at Yue Feng closely, praying in her heart.

Yue Feng, you can’t be in trouble, you mustn’t be in trouble.

Ha ha!

Hearing Jiao’s drink, Yuan Tong smiled coldly and looked at Mu Xixi with disdain: “I’m just a defeated general, how can I make irresponsible remarks about our Five Poison Sect?” After speaking

, Yuan Tong waved his hand. : “Don’t pay attention to her, hurry up!”

Hearing these words, the disciple stimulated his inner strength and clenched the machete to speed up.


Seeing that Yue Feng’s right leg was about to be chopped off, Mu Xixi closed her eyes in despair, and Song Qian’s eyes darkened even more, and she almost fainted in a hurry.


However, at this critical moment, an extremely strong breath came from not far away, and at the same time, a full body also sounded: “People from the Five Poison Sect, listen, let me go. Master.”

At this moment, both Yuan Tong and others around him all looked over.

The disciple who was about to cut off Yue Feng’s right leg also subconsciously stopped and followed the voice with everyone.

I saw a figure coming quickly. The visitor was wearing a dirty long gown, like a beggar, but his whole body was filled with a strong aura, and his expression was arrogant and arrogant.

It was Cheng Yi.

In the underground cave before, Ji Hongshang was not found, so Cheng Yi gave up the search and came directly to Fengzhuang.


Feeling Cheng Yi’s breath, both Yuan Tong and the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect were secretly shocked.

This guy is so powerful.

Especially Yuan Tong, frowning and looking at Cheng Yi, he was shocked and puzzled.

Strange, this person’s inner strength seems to be the ‘Five Saint Heaven’s Ultimate Skill’ of our Five Poison Sect. It’s only the Five Saint Heaven’s Ultimate Skill. Only the sect master is qualified to practice. Where did this strange guy come from?

At this time, Yuantong didn’t know that Cheng Yi took away Ji Hongshang’s innocence, so he got Ji Hongshang’s eighth-level skill.


Facing everyone’s attention, Cheng Yi was full of pride, but when he saw Fengzhuang in front of him, he was stunned for a moment.

Chapter 4398

What’s the situation, how did Fengzhuang become a sea of ​​fire?

The sincerity at this time clearly saw that Fengzhuang, which was originally beautiful, was completely in ruins under the burning of the fire at this time. The smoke was billowing inside, and there was not a single person.

“This friend!”

Just when his sincerity was in doubt, Yuan Tong endured the pain, took a step forward, and said cautiously, “Excuse me, what are you doing? I just heard your Excellency say ‘Let us let your master go’, I think, is there any misunderstanding in this?”

When asked, Yuan Tong looked sincere, but felt uneasy in his heart.

This person is so tyrannical, isn’t his master even more powerful? In the past half month, the Five Poison Sect had captured many famous doctors, but none of them were stronger than Emperor Wu.

So, it must be a misunderstanding.

To be honest, Yuan Tong didn’t want to act so cowardly, but he couldn’t help it. He was severely injured by Yue Feng in the first battle, and he no longer had the strength to fight again. At this time, facing Cheng Yi, he could only be extremely polite.


Seeing this scene, Mu Xixi and Song Qian were relieved at the same time.

Very dangerous, just now Yue Feng’s legs were almost unable to be saved.

While rejoicing, both the master and the apprentice couldn’t help looking at Cheng Yi, and couldn’t help but mutter in their hearts, when did such a strong man appear in Dongao Continent?

Listening to what he said just now, the Five Poison Sects also arrested his people. The so-called enemy of an enemy is a friend. It seems that this time is saved.

Thinking of this, Mu Xixi and Song Qian looked at each other, unable to express their excitement.


At this moment, when Yuan Tong spoke, Cheng Yi showed a sneer: “Five days ago, people from your Five Poison Sect took my master, can I still admit it?”

When he said this, Cheng Yi’s face was full of expression. It was cold, and my heart was indescribably happy.

So cool.

Is this what it feels like to be a peerless master? Anyone who sees it is respectful. If this is the case before, how dare you think about it.

“Dare to ask…” Yuan Tong was inexplicably nervous, and asked with a wry smile: “Dare to ask your master’s name?”

Cheng Yi snorted lightly, put his hands behind his back, arrogantly, and said word by word, “I Master is Yang Chenzi, where did you get him? Hurry up.” In the

last sentence, Cheng Yi almost roared.

At the same time, Cheng Yi couldn’t help but glance at Fengzhuang, which was still burning, with a gloomy expression on his face. If the master was burned to death, then let everyone present be buried with him.

Sheep dust?

At this moment, Yuan Tong’s heart was shocked, and he hurriedly said with a smile: “This friend, your master has been taken away by Dan Zong, it was half an hour ago, I assure you that he was not trapped in Fengzhuang. Inside.”

While speaking, Yuan Tong observed the change in Cheng Yi’s expression.

Madd, if he wasn’t seriously injured, why would he be rude to him?

In fact, Yuantong didn’t know where Yang Chenzi was, because when Zheng Chunqiu came to save people, Yuantong and these elite disciples were not in Fengzhuang.

However, Yuan Tong was quick-witted, and in a hurry, he made up a lie, intending to deceive Cheng Yi.

But he never thought that an hour ago, Yang Chenzi was indeed rescued by Zheng Chunqiu.

Master is not dead?

Cheng Yi frowned and looked at Yuan Tong suspiciously: “What you said is true?”

“It’s absolutely true!” Yuan Tong nodded quickly, and at the same time secretly winked at the surrounding Five Poison Sects.

The disciples of the Five Poison Sect understood each and every one of them, and spoke to Cheng Yi one after another.

“Yes, Yang Chenzi did go with Dan Zong.”

“We were all there at the time!”

These disciples of the Five Poison Sect were not fools. They knew that Yuan Tong was talking nonsense, but if they didn’t help Yuan Li, the man in front of him would be furious. , no one can stop him.

Seeing that the disciples of the Five Poison Sect were saying this, a stone hanging in Cheng Yi’s heart fell to the ground in an instant, and a smile appeared on his face.

Then, Cheng Yi was about to turn around and leave.


However, at this moment, Cheng Yi was stunned when he saw Yue Feng lying on the ground.

Why is this kid here?

Isn’t he with his sister-in-law? How could it appear here, with so many injuries, and fainted?

Chapter 4399

Also, where did the junior sister go?

Muttering in his heart, Cheng Yi’s eyes fell on Mu Xixi and Song Qian, and he was immediately stunned.


Two beautiful women.

I saw that although Mu Xixi and Song Qian were also injured, trapped for a few days and their clothes were dirty, they couldn’t hide their charming curves, especially the weakness on their faces. , will feel pity.

For a while, Cheng Yi’s expression was sluggish, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and secretly praised in his heart.

These two beauties are even more charming than that Ji Hongshang.

Cheng Yi’s gaze made Mu Xixi feel uncomfortable, but the current situation was not easy.

“Your Excellency!”

Seeing this scene, Yuan Tong was a little panicked, and quickly walked over and said, “These two women and Yue Feng have some personal grievances with our Five Poison Sect, please don’t interfere.”

At this time, Yuan Tong was very nervous.

Ma De, after fighting for a long time just now, he managed to catch Yue Feng, but he can’t let this person mess up the game.

Yue Feng?

Hearing this, Cheng Yi was stunned and looked at Yuan Tong in astonishment: “What did you say? Who is Yue Feng and where is he?”

Cheng Yi couldn’t help muttering secretly while asking.

Wouldn’t he be talking about Yue Feng, the famous master of Tianmen in Kyushu?

Yuan Tong hurriedly pointed at Yue Feng, who was still in a coma: “It’s him. Your Excellency, you may not know. Although this Yue Feng is famous in Kyushu, he is the most cunning person. You see what he looks like now, he is deliberately dressed up.”

Yuan Tong could see that Cheng Yi and Yue Feng were not familiar with each other, otherwise they wouldn’t recognize him, so he took the opportunity to slander Yue Feng.

“You are talking nonsense!”

Song Qian, who had been silent for a while, couldn’t help it at that time, and shouted at Yuan Tongjiao: “My brother-in-law is not such a person, he is a hero, a great hero in Kyushu.”

Yuan Tong was cold He sneered and ignored it, but observed Cheng Yi’s reaction.

I’m going…

At this moment, Cheng Yi’s heart was shocked, he looked at Yue Feng tightly, and was speechless for a while.

This kid turned out to be the famous Lord of Heaven.

No wonder he understands so much, first to disperse the wolves, then to catch the stag, and to detoxify himself, as if he is omnipotent.

But thinking of losing face in front of his junior sister for the past few days, Cheng Yi couldn’t admire Yue Feng at all. On the contrary, after knowing his true identity, his resentment grew stronger.

Nima, this Yue Feng is really shameless, he clearly has a prominent identity, but he pretends to be a nobody and has a relationship with my junior sister.

There are rumors in the rivers and lakes that Yue Feng has countless confidantes, each of which is a national beauty and a beautiful country, but he still wants to rob my junior sister from me.

This person is the most shameless.

Thinking to himself, Cheng Yi’s heart became colder and colder, but there was a smile on his face.

The next second, Cheng Yi ignored Yuan Tong and walked over directly.


When he got to the front, Cheng Yi looked at Mu Xixi, while pretending to be polite: “Are you all Yue Feng’s friends?” After speaking, he couldn’t help but glance at Song Qian.

At this time, the close observation made Cheng Yi even more itchy.

So sexy.

One intellectual and charming, one youthful and beautiful.

What kind of virtue and ability of Yue Feng, will two peerless beauties accompany him?

Facing the question, Mu Xixi’s red lips lightly opened to answer, but was interrupted by Song Qian.

“Why are you so incapable of talking?” Song Qian frowned, and said angrily at Cheng Yi: “This is my master, Qin Sheng Mu Xixi, what girl?” After speaking

, Song Qian glanced at Yue Feng, very proudly continued: “Also, Yue Feng and I are not friends, he is my brother-in-law.”

Qin Sheng Mu Xixi?

At this moment, Cheng Yi’s eyes lit up, and he was indescribably excited and excited.

It turns out that this is the famous Qin Sheng. According to rumors, Qin Sheng is not only powerful, but also has a fairy-like appearance. When I saw it today, it really lived up to its reputation.

Although Cheng Yi had never left Dongao Continent, he had also heard of the name of the Qin Sheng, Mu Xixi. At this time, after learning about the relationship between Yue Feng and Mu Xixi, a bold thought arose in his heart.

Chapter 4400

This Yue Feng dares to hit his junior sister’s attention, why don’t I grab his woman?

If I could spend a good night with this Mu Xixi, it would be worth it to die immediately, haha…

Honestly, if it was half a day ago, Cheng Yi would never have dared to have such a thought. After all, his strength is low, and his master Yang Chenzi You don’t have much fame in Kyushu, how dare you think about the famous Qin Sheng? But after he got Ji Hongshang’s eighth-level skill and tasted Ji Hongshang’s taste at the same time, his strength became stronger, and his heart swelled up.

At this moment, Cheng Yi thought happily, the smile on his face thicker, and politely said to Mu Xixi: “It turned out to be Your Excellency Qin Sheng and his beloved disciple, disrespectful!”

As he said, Cheng Yi pointed at Yue Feng , continued: “To tell the truth, although Yue Feng and I have just met, but we met late, of course, I didn’t know he was Yue Feng before, he always called himself A Feng…”

Said, Cheng Yi He told the process of getting to know Yue Feng. Of course, Cheng Yi deliberately concealed some unpleasantness during the period. He only said that Yue Feng had helped their junior sister to disperse the wolves and detoxify him before…. In short, the relationship is very good. .


Hearing this, Mu Xixi and Song Qian looked at each other and relaxed their vigilance.

It turned out that this person knew Yue Feng, that would be great.

Speaking of which, Mu Xixi has been in the rivers and lakes for a long time, and should not be deceived so easily by Cheng Yi, but almost all of the things Cheng Yi said happened, but some details were deliberately concealed, which made it difficult for Mu Xixi to distinguish .

Song Qian’s mind is relatively simple, and she is even more convinced of Cheng Yi, she pointed at Yuan Tong excitedly at the time: “Since you are brother-in-law’s friend, help me kill him, it is him and the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect who take advantage of the situation. The danger of human beings is to make my brother-in-law look like this.”

When she said this, Song Qian glared at Yuan Tong fiercely, her eyes full of killing intent.


Seeing this scene, Yuan Tong’s heart trembled, cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he couldn’t panic.

This person turned out to be Yue Feng’s friend, and now he is in trouble.

However, listening to Song Qian’s cry, Cheng Yi did not mean to do anything, but comforted with a smile: “Don’t panic, girl, Yue Feng saved my life, I will definitely avenge him, but he is seriously injured now. , the most important thing for us is to leave here first, and then heal Yue Feng.”

When he spoke, Cheng Yi’s face was serious and sincere, but his eyes flashed cunningly.

He wasn’t stupid, so he wouldn’t waste his inner strength fighting the Five Poison Sect for Yue Feng’s sake.

Hearing this, Song Qian was a little anxious and wanted to say more, but was interrupted by Mu Xixi.

“Xiaoqian, this friend is right.” Mu Xixi sighed lightly, bit her lip and said, “The most important thing now is to heal Yue Feng, and put other things aside for now. It’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge. Besides, these five poisonous sects won’t be arrogant for a long time!” At the

end, Mu Xixi nodded at Cheng Yi and said, “It’s hard work!”

Mu Xixi didn’t know what Cheng Yi was thinking, she only knew that now Yue Feng The situation is very serious, and it is necessary to find a safe place for treatment as soon as possible.

“You’re welcome!”

Cheng Yi smiled slightly and stepped forward to unlock the acupoints for Mu Xixi and Song Qian. Phew

… At this moment, Cheng Yi could not help but take a deep breath when he smelled the fragrance of Mu Xixi’s master and apprentice at close range, and he was indescribably intoxicated. Later, Cheng Yi turned around and helped Yue Feng up. At this time, Yue Feng was still in a coma and had no idea what was going on. “Let’s go!”

At this moment, Cheng Yi supported Yue Feng, and said to Mu Xixi with a smile: “There is me, don’t be afraid!” When he said this, Cheng Yi didn’t look at the Yuantong people around him, and didn’t take it to heart at all. .


Seeing this scene, Yuan Tong’s face was gloomy and uncertain, burning with anger.

This guy is too arrogant. I have already explained the situation. He even took Yue Feng away. He really doesn’t care about the Five Poison Sect.

Thinking to himself, Yuan Tong couldn’t help shouting: “Stop!”


Cheng Yi stood on the footcloth and looked back at him coldly: “What?”

Yuan Tong took a deep breath, unable to hide his anger, and said word by word: “Your Excellency, this Yue Feng is the offender of our Five Poison Sect, you can’t bring it with you. He goes.”

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