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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4381-4385

Chapter 4381 The

good Fengzhuang, why did it suddenly catch fire?

Is there anyone here?

For a time, Yue Feng was so anxious that he rushed in and searched carefully. Because of the rebirth of the red lotus with the help of the law, Yue Feng is not afraid of these flames at all.

on the other side, inside the underground cave.


Ji Hongshang landed quickly, listening to the wind whistling in her ears, her delicate and charming face, unable to hide her nervousness.

Yue Feng, you have hurt me so badly today, and one day I will definitely get it back with profit.

At the same time as they landed, Ji Hongshang secretly swore in her heart.


I don’t know how long it took, and finally reached the bottom, only to hear a dull sound, Ji Hongshang fell on a stone, although the winding cave had slowed down a lot of strength when she landed before, but this time, it still sprained Ji. Hong Chang’s right foot.

At this moment, Ji Hongshang sucked in a breath of cold air, then looked around.

This… what the hell is this place?

I saw that there was a huge underground cave in front of me, and the caves criss-crossed like a huge maze.

After being stunned for a few seconds, Ji Hongshang secretly rejoiced that no matter what, she did not die.

Thinking to herself, Ji Hongshang struggled to stand up, holding on to the rock wall of the cave, and walked slowly forward.


Not long after walking, Ji Hongshang’s delicate body trembled, and she quickly stopped.

I saw that not far ahead, a man was sitting on a stone, gasping for breath, his body was full of smudges, and in front of him, the corpses of poisonous insects, red-ringed centipedes, and others were piled up. Poisonous snake and scorpion…

This man is exactly Cheng Yi who is trapped here.


for a while, Ji Hongshang was stunned, her charming face was full of inconceivable.

These poisonous insects were all killed by him?

Impossible, these poisonous insects are all raised in a special way by the Five Poison Sect, and they are extremely poisonous. Anyone who touches them will die from the poison, and this person can kill so many.

At this time, Ji Hongshang didn’t know that before, Yue Feng helped Cheng Yi to detoxify the Huanglin snake venom, and the effect lasted for twelve hours. During this time, Cheng Yi had a physique that was invulnerable to all poisons, so these poisonous insects were fundamentally Can’t hurt him.


At this moment, Cheng Yi, who was sitting there resting, heard the movement and immediately looked over with alertness.

When he saw Ji Hongshang, Cheng Yi was shocked, his mind was buzzing, and his heart was even more nervous and frightened.

Isn’t this the suzerain of the Five Poison Sect, that beautiful and evil woman? How is she here?

At the time when Zheng Chunqiu and Ji Hongshang played against each other, Cheng Yi still clearly remembered that this woman was very powerful, and she was not an opponent at all, so why not panic?


Just when Cheng Yi was panicking, Ji Hongshang was expressionless and asked coldly, “Who are you? Why are you in this place?”

Although her expression was indifferent, Ji Hongshang’s eyes were not. With deep suspicion.

You must know that this person in front of him is mediocre, and he can kill so many poisonous insects from the Five Poison Sect, which is really suspicious.

Facing the question, Cheng Yi became even more nervous and opened his mouth, not knowing how to answer.


Seeing his terrified look, Ji Hongshang was very impatient, picked up a stone and smashed it on Cheng Yi’s face: “Where did the deity ask you, are you dumb?”

Ji Hongshang sprained her foot. Inconvenient to move, can only bully Cheng Yi in this way.

Ji Hongshang’s shot was ruthless, and even though it was only a small stone, it still broke Cheng Yi’s head with blood.


Cheng Yi wiped the blood on his forehead, feeling even more frightened, and stammered: “I’m just a herbalist, passing by here today, accidentally fell into a hole in the ground, and was trapped. I ‘m here.”

When he said this, Cheng Yi only felt that his heart was beating in his throat, he knew very well that he would never say his true identity, after all, Ji Hongshang caught his master Yang Chenzi. If he knew that he was Yang Chenzi’s apprentice, he would definitely kill him.


Hearing this, Ji Hongshang sneered at the corner of her mouth, obviously not believing: “Do you think I am a child, a medicinal farmer, with such great ability to kill so many poisonous insects?”

Chapter 4382

As he spoke, Ji Hongshang turned his eyes and thought of something, and shouted tenderly, “Tell me honestly, are you and Yue Feng in the same group?” When it came to Yue Feng, Ji Hongshang couldn’t hide the resentment .

In her heart, the person in front of her is not afraid of these poisonous insects, and it must be related to Yue Feng. After all, she was forced to jump into the hole by Yue Feng a few minutes ago.

Yue Feng?

At this moment, Cheng Yi was full of doubts and almost wanted to cry without tears.

Is there something wrong with this Ji Hongshang’s mind? Why did a ‘Yue Feng’ suddenly pop up? Simply inexplicable.

Thinking to himself, Cheng Yi smiled and said cautiously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, what Yue Feng? I’ve never seen it before.”

Haven’t seen it?

Ji Hongshang frowned, obviously in disbelief, she picked up another stone and threw it at Cheng Yi, and said tenderly, “You still want to lie to me? You don’t look like a good person from the look of you.”

Pa… The

stone slammed on Cheng Yi’s body. Cheng Yi groaned and squatted down in pain. Although Ji Hongshang was injured, he tried his best to throw the stone.

Before Ji Hongshang was finished, she kept picking up stones and smashing them towards Cheng Yi.


While smashing, Ji Hongshang scolded: “You think I can’t do anything if you don’t admit it? See if I don’t kill you.” When saying this, Ji Hongshang’s charming face, Full of gloom.

Ji Hongshang at this time, it is expected that Cheng Yi is Yue Feng’s person. In an instant, the resentment against Yue Feng in the depths of his heart broke out completely at this time, and all of it was vented on Cheng Yi.


Stones kept pounding and fell on Cheng Yi’s head, shoulders, and legs. A burst of pain came, and Cheng Yi was depressed and suffocated.

The suzerain of the Five Poison Sect is really a lunatic. He didn’t say anything about the arrest of the master, and now he is humiliating me in every way because of a person I don’t know.

Finally, when there were no stones under her feet, Ji Hongshang stopped.


Cheng Yi let out a sigh of relief, looked down, and saw that his clothes had been smashed with a lot of holes. bleed.

Damn, this woman is crazy.

While he was annoyed, Cheng Yi also discovered that Ji Hongshang in front of him seemed to be very imposing, but leaning against the rock wall of the cave, her delicate body trembled faintly, and her charming and coquettish face was a little pale.

The woman was injured, and her injuries were not minor.

Upon discovering this, Cheng Yi suddenly became less afraid, stood up slowly, and fixed his eyes on Ji Hongshang.

“Close your dog’s eyes!”

Cheng Yi’s gaze made Ji Hongshang feel uncomfortable. At that time, her pretty face changed, and she scolded, “Look again, this deity dug out your eyes.”

When he said this, Ji Hongshang was extremely angry, and at the same time she had to pick up stones to smash, but the stones under her feet had already been picked up by her.

dog eyes?

Hearing this, Cheng Yi’s anger rose, but he didn’t attack immediately, but sneered, and looked at Ji Hongshang more presumptuously.


I really didn’t expect that the five poison sect masters were so sexy and charming.

Before, because of fear, Cheng Yi didn’t dare to look directly at Ji Hongshang, but at this time, he was a little fascinated by careful observation.

I saw that although Ji Hongshang was very weak at this time, and had fallen from the hole before, and had a lot of dust on her body, she still couldn’t hide her slender curves, and her charming face was revealed at this time. Anger has a different kind of charm.


Seeing Cheng Yi’s unbridled look, Ji Hongshang was so anxious that she wanted to scold her, but she was inexplicably frightened and didn’t know how to speak.

Broken, this guy seemed to see that I was hurt.

At this time, Ji Hongshang had already guessed something, and she couldn’t help but feel nervous, but she still made a cold and strong attitude: “Get out of here, don’t let this deity see you again.”

However, Cheng Yi did not leave, and He

looked up and down at Ji Hongshang, and said with a half-smile, “It’s really interesting, this underground cave is also your Five Poison Sect? at his feet: “Is there no stones around? Would you like me to pick them up for you?”

Chapter 4383

When he said this, Cheng Yi’s eyes were still on Ji Hongshang.

Mad, if this woman humiliated me like this just now, if she swallowed her anger, would she still be considered a man? Just in time, while she is injured and weak, she can enjoy it.

While thinking about it, Cheng Yi walked slowly.

“Stop for me.”

Seeing Cheng Yi walking towards him with a malicious expression on his face, Ji Hongshang was shocked and angry, and scolded coldly: “I don’t know who is alive or dead, do you know who I am? I am the Five Poison Sect. Sect Master Ji Hongshang, get out of here quickly, otherwise, I will tell you to die without a place to be buried.”

At this time, Ji Hongshang had already guessed that the man in front of him didn’t know Yue Feng, and she must have misunderstood just now. However, the Five Poison Sect is very famous, and the other party will definitely have some scruples when he knows his identity.

However, Ji Hongshang didn’t know it yet, and the other party had always known her.


At this moment, Cheng Yi’s mouth curled into a sinister smile, and he said word by word, “Of course I know you are Ji Hongshang. If you hadn’t arrested my master, I wouldn’t be here.”

Saying this At that time, Cheng Yi’s face was hideous, indescribably scary.

If it wasn’t for Ji Hongshang’s arrest of Master, she and her younger sister would not have encountered wolves, were trapped on the hillside, and would not have gotten to know Ah Feng, and the series of things that followed would not have happened.

When he thought of all the humiliation he had suffered last night, Cheng Yi felt angry.

Mad, all of this was caused by Ji Hongshang in front of her, and she was the culprit.


Hearing this, Ji Hongshang’s delicate body trembled, and she only felt her brain buzzing.

Did you catch his master yourself?

Thinking to herself, Ji Hongshang took a deep breath and asked coldly, “Who is your master?”

Cheng Yi gritted his teeth and responded, “Yang Chenzi.”

Yang Chenzi?

Ji Hongshang’s eyes flickered, and her charming face showed a trace of disdain: “It turns out that Yang Chenzi is your master. I tell you, your master will be respectful when he sees me, so you better be polite.

” Also, your master is in the secret room of Fengzhuang, and the deity is treated with delicious food and drink. If you don’t treat him well, you should go to Fengzhuang to meet him.”

“When you arrive in Fengzhuang, if there are people from the Five Poison Sect. When the disciple cross-examined, he said it was my order.”

When she said the last sentence, Ji Hongshang’s expression was cold and arrogant, but there was anticipation in her eyes.

She knew very well in her heart that if Cheng Yi’s plan was wrong, she would not be able to resist at all. She had to know that her strength was almost exhausted in the previous battle with Yue Feng.

Ji Hongshang thought about it and figured out a way to deceive Cheng Yi. After he left, he would cultivate himself to regain his strength. When his strength was restored, he would not be afraid of anything.

However, Ji Hongshang did not know at this time that Fengzhuang had been burned to ashes by the fire. Moreover, Yang Chenzi and the other arrested persons were also rescued by Zheng Chunqiu.


But what she didn’t expect was that when she heard these words, Cheng Yi didn’t mean to leave, but laughed sinisterly: “According to what you said, my master is not in danger, then I will There’s no need to leave in a hurry.” With

that, Cheng Yi greedily looked at Ji Hongshang’s charming curves: “If I guessed right, you were seriously injured, right? Hey, do you want me to help you heal? I’m Yang Chenzi’s apprentice, and I have very good medical skills.”

As he said, Cheng Yi walked step by step.


Faced with this situation, Ji Hongshang was furious and shouted: “Stop for me and dare to take a step forward. Believe it or not I killed you?”

“Kill me?”

Hearing this, Cheng Yi put it away With a smile on his face, his face was gloomy: “If you had the ability, you would have killed me a long time ago, so why don’t you wait until now? Bitch, you still dare to threaten me.” The

last word fell, Cheng Yi suddenly shot, and directly took Ji Hongshang Stop the hole!

Ji Hongshang was already injured, so she didn’t have time to react. At that time, her delicate body trembled and she couldn’t move.

“You are courting death!”

Ji Hongshang bit her lip tightly, her charming face was full of anger, she never imagined that this man in front of him knew his identity and dared to do it!

Chapter 4384

“It’s so hot!”

Facing Ji Hongshang’s murderous gaze, Cheng Yi was not nervous at all, but was indescribably excited, and said with a smile: “To be honest, I haven’t tasted your kind before. As for a woman who is high above, I really look forward to it!”

Said, she sincerely picked up Ji Hongshang by the waist, found a flat ground and put it down, admiring Ji Hongshang up close.

For a while, in this huge karst cave, apart from the poisonous corpses on the ground not far away, there were only Cheng Yi and Ji Hongshang.

The atmosphere is somewhat subtle.

At this moment, Cheng Yi’s gaze was like a beast, staring at Ji Hongshang.

Ji Hongshang was wearing a long dark red dress, but it fell from the hole just now, and many places were scratched, revealing her snow-white skin, and her sexy curves were even more looming and provocative.

“Get out of here, get out of here.”

Ji Hongshang was about to go crazy, screaming non-stop, trying to struggle at the same time, but she was tapped and completely powerless.


At the same time, because of the emotional excitement, the power of the demon soul in Ji Hongshang’s body was completely disordered, forming a red halo around her.

At the same time, the powerful aura formed a gust of wind around him.

Seeing this situation, Cheng Yi was taken aback and hurriedly retreated to the distance to watch. He soon discovered that these gusts of wind were formed by the power in Ji Hongshang’s body. People are not hurt.

Realizing this, Cheng Yi approached cautiously.


After a few minutes, the surrounding winds gradually disappeared, and Ji Hongshang’s demonic soul power that escaped from the body also formed a blood-red light ball.

You must know that after Ji Hongshang absorbed the power of Bai Yunfei’s demon soul, it never really merged. In this case, Ji Hongshang was seriously injured and could not control the power of the demon soul. The force left her body and returned to its original state.


Without the power of the demon soul, Ji Hongshang was even weaker, her face was extremely pale, and she almost lost the strength to speak.

“Huh? What is this?”

And at this moment, Cheng Yi’s eyes were also attracted by the blood-red light ball. At that time, he walked over carefully and grabbed it in his hand.


As soon as his hand touched the ball of light, Cheng Yi felt an incomparably burning pain, and he let go of his hand with a sound of pain.

The next second, Cheng Yi looked at Ji Hongshang closely: “What is this? It’s so weird.”


Ji Hongshang glanced at him, and said weakly, “This is the demon soul of the demon race. , once it is successfully merged, it will have an incomparably powerful power.” With

that, Ji Hongshang’s eyes flickered, and she continued: “Take this thing, just please let me go.”

Seriously, Ji Hongshang didn’t want to . Showing weakness, and even less wanting to belittle someone like Cheng Yi, but there is no way, in the current situation, I am the meat on the chopping board, and I will be slaughtered by others.

What the hell, Demon Soul?

Hearing this, Cheng Yi was shocked, and looked at the blood-red light ball again, his eyes were extremely hot.

It turns out that this is the demon soul of the demon race, a priceless treasure.

Although Cheng Yi seldom walks around the rivers and lakes, before Bai Yunfei rescued Mozun from the ghost world, and then caused chaos in the rivers and lakes in Kyushu, Cheng Yi heard a lot of these things.

But he never thought that one day he would get a demon soul.


At this moment, the more Cheng Yi thought about it, the more excited he became. If he successfully merged with the demon soul, he would be able to fight the invincible hand all over the Kyushu just like the rumored Bai Yunfei.

While thinking about it, Cheng Yi quickly opened the spirit beast sac on his body and put the blood-red light ball inside.

The spirit beast sac is used for holding spirit beasts. Very few people in the entire Kyushu own it. This spirit beast sac was given to him by Yang Chenzi two years ago. At this time, Cheng Yi’s power could not be merged with the demon soul at all, but it could be put into the spirit beast bag.

After installing it, Cheng Yi put away the spirit beast bag.


Seeing this scene, Ji Hongshang felt very unhappy in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show it. She said sincerely, “You already got the devil soul, let me go, okay?”

Saying this When Ji Hongshang was about to cry.

Chapter 4385 The sect master of the

dignified Five Poison Sect actually wants to beg for mercy from an unknown pawn. If this matter spreads out, how can there be any face?

Ji Hongshang thought about it, so she would be soft for the time being, and when she regained her strength, she would find Cheng Yi to take back the demon soul. Not only that, but also let this man live and die.


Cheng Yi looked down at her, and didn’t mean to leave at all, but said with a smile: “You gave me such a big gift, I can’t leave even more, I have to make up for you.

” Falling down, Cheng Yi looked up to the sky and laughed, indescribably excited.

In the next second, Cheng Yi finally couldn’t help it and kissed Ji Hongshang’s red lips all at once.

“Go away, go away!”

Ji Hongshang shouted loudly, but she was tapped and couldn’t move at all. Can only keep his eyes open, Cheng Yi’s movements are getting more and more excessive.

At this time, Ji Hongshang really wanted to die!

You must know that the exercises of the Five Poison Sect are somewhat special. Whether it is a man or a woman, they must maintain the body of a boy. Once the precept is broken, the internal power of the Nine Success Techniques in the body will be passed on to the other party.

In other words, if Cheng Yi took away Ji Hongshang’s virginity today, he would get 90% of her power.

The innocence is gone, and the internal strength will be taken away by the other party. This is the most unacceptable thing for Ji Hongshang.

However, in the current situation, Ji Hongshang no longer has the ability to resist, and can only resign.

“Get out, get out…”

For a while, along with Cheng Yi’s actions, it became more and more excessive, only the voice of Ji Hongshang’s refusal could be heard in the huge cave.

It didn’t take long for Ji Hongshang to hold back. Under Cheng Yi’s offensive, she couldn’t hold back.


At the same time, a strong internal force was also transmitted to Cheng Yi through Ji Hongshang.


At this moment, Cheng Yi was even more excited. I really didn’t expect that today, not only did he enjoy the tenderness of the beauty, but he also got the other party’s skills.


On the other side, Fengzhuang.

During the fire, Yue Feng was sweating profusely and couldn’t be anxious. He searched carefully in every room of Fengzhuang.

However, what made him depressed was that he almost turned over Fengzhuang, but he didn’t see Mu Xixi and Song Qian.


Soon, when passing a side hall, Yue Feng suddenly stopped, and heard a weak hum from the floor under his feet, very painful.

Is there a secret room down there?

Without any hesitation, Yue Feng quickly squatted down and forced the floor to open, and saw that there was a dungeon under the floor.

The dungeon doesn’t have much space, only a few square meters. In the corner, there is a figure curled up.

It’s him?

Seeing that figure, Yue Feng was stunned.

I saw that the man was wearing a white robe, but the robe was completely stained with blood, and his body was covered with wounds.

It was Bai Yunfei.

When Zheng Chunqiu took Dan Zong to save people before, he didn’t find the dungeon at all, and he didn’t know that Bai Yunfei, who once caused a sensation in the Kyushu rivers and lakes, was still imprisoned here.


After being stunned for two seconds, Yue Feng quickly jumped down and brought Bai Yunfei up.

“Yue Feng?”

When he got to a safe place, Bai Yunfei looked at Yue Feng complicatedly, with a sad smile on his face, and said weakly, “It’s really impermanent, I didn’t expect that it was you who rescued me in the end.”

Said At these times, Bai Yunfei looked withered and could die at any time.

During this period of time, Ji Hongshang tortured him almost every day in order to integrate the power of the demon soul. He was roasted by the fire just now, and he couldn’t hold it anymore.


Yue Feng sighed and hurriedly injected an internal force into his body. At the same time, he asked, “Why are you locked up here?”

Seriously, if it was before, Yue Feng would never have been so polite to Bai Yunfei, but this time When I saw him so miserable, I couldn’t bear to mention the previous festivals again.

Bai Yunfei shook his head weakly, and said with emotion: “It is especially wrong to do evil in the sky, and it is impossible to live by doing it by yourself. Why did I become like this, you don’t need to ask more.”

Immediately, Bai Yunfei looked serious: “I will pass on you now. A set of formulas can help your woman, Ren Yingying, to solve the problem of demon soul backlash, you have to listen carefully.”

After speaking, Bai Yunfei said the formula word for word.

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