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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4376-4380

Chapter 4376

“Sect Master!”

Soon, one of the Danzong elders reacted and asked Zheng Chunqiu, “Should we catch up?”

Zheng Chunqiu thought for a while, then shook his head and said, “We don’t have to keep up, then This brother is so powerful that he doesn’t need our help at all.”

Having said that, Zheng Chunqiu looked around and ordered, “Let’s return to Fengzhuang immediately and rescue Elder Linmu and the other arrested people.”

“Yes . , Sect Master.”

After receiving the order, everyone agreed in unison, and then set off towards Fengzhuang.

At this time, Zheng Chunqiu saw Yueqing standing there, motionless, so he couldn’t help but say, “Girl, you are that brother’s friend, right? It’s not suitable to stay here for a long time, you’d better go with us, just in case. If the people from the Five Poison Sect come back, you will be in trouble.”


Yueqing hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded, and followed Zheng Chunqiu and the others to leave.

At this time in Yueqing, her heart was very complicated. The senior brother disappeared, and Brother Afeng also went after Ji Hongshang. She didn’t know where to go, but Zheng Chunqiu said it was right. There are many people in the Five Poison Sect. If you come back, you will be in danger.


On the other side, Ji Hongshang ran and looked back, and saw that the distance between Yue Feng and her was getting closer and closer, and she was about to catch up!


Seeing this situation, Ji Hongshang was anxious and depressed at the same time. It was really embarrassing that the sect master of the five poisonous sects was chased all over the ground.

Depressed, Ji Hongshang saw a hidden hole in the grass in front of her, her eyes lit up and she had an idea.

The next second, at the edge of the hole, Ji Hongshang stopped abruptly and looked back at Yue Feng, who was chasing after him, with a sly smile.


Seeing Ji Hongshang stop suddenly, Yue Feng slowed down, stopped a few meters away from her, and sneered: “Don’t run?”


Ji Hongshang took a deep breath and showed a charming smile: “Friend, you and I have no hatred and no grudges, just for the sake of a Danzong, there is no need to kill me.” To

be honest, Ji Hongshang didn’t want to be so polite, but there was no way, the person with the imprint on his face in front of him was too powerful .

Moreover, there are only himself and him here, no one else, and he is not afraid of losing face.

No grudges?

Hearing this, Yue Feng chuckled lightly: “Ji Hongshang, the four words ‘no hatred and no grudges’, you have the nerve to say it, Danzong has no grudges with you, didn’t you still catch Elder Linmu?

” Also, I’m not afraid to tell you, I’m Yue Feng, and you said I’d spare you easily?”

Yue Feng’s eyes were full of coldness when he said this.

There is no one else around, and there is no need to hide your identity.


Hearing this, Ji Hongshang’s tender body trembled, her eyes fixed on Yue Feng, she was shocked, and she was almost speechless: “You… Are you Yue Feng?”

Yue Feng has been missing for half a year. After a long time, why did you suddenly become like this ghost?

Under the amazement, Ji Hongshang carefully observed, and found that the facial features of the person in front of him were indeed Yue Feng, but the blood-colored marks on his face made people unable to recognize them for a while.

“Ji Hongshang!”

Seeing her shocked face, Yue Feng raised his mouth and looked at her with a half-smiling smile: “Didn’t you always want to kill me and avenge your sister? Now I’ll give you this chance, come on, go ahead. “

While talking, Yue Feng walked towards Ji Hongshang step by step.


Seeing Yue Feng getting closer and closer, Ji Hongshang only felt an overwhelming pressure coming towards her face, her delicate body trembled faintly, and she couldn’t tell the despair in her heart.

I thought this person was just a nameless pawn, but I never thought that he was actually Yue Feng.

If you fight alone, you are not an opponent at all, what should you do?

In a hurry, Ji Hongshang suddenly sounded something, and sneered at Yue Feng: “Yue Feng, I know you are very powerful, but if you kill me, you will not be able to save your friend.”


Hearing this, Yue Feng stopped abruptly and looked at her in surprise: “What do you mean, make it clearer.”

“Hee hee…”

Seeing Yue Feng being frightened, Ji Hongshang showed a charming look. He smiled and said slowly: “A few days ago, I arrested the goddess doctor of Baihuagu, and her apprentice, guess who she is? That goddess doctor is the famous Qin Sheng Mu Xixi, if I remember correctly If so, her apprentice is your cousin, right?”

Chapter 4377


The words fell, Yue Feng’s heart was shocked, and he shouted angrily at Ji Hongshang: “What did you do to them?” At this time, Yue Feng was not as calm as before, and was a little flustered.

Song Qian is Liu Xuan’s cousin and has no blood relationship with Yue Feng, but in his heart, she is the same as her own sister.

Noticing the change in Yue Feng’s face, she was obviously a little nervous, Ji Hongshang couldn’t express the joy, she smiled lightly, and said, “Look at how nervous you are, Mu Xixi is a famous piano saint in the world, what can I do to her? What?”

After saying that, Ji Hongshang turned her eyes and continued: “At that time, when I arrested their master and apprentice, I just wanted to ask some questions, how could I know that Mu Xixi didn’t cooperate at all, so I had to poison her to punish her. As for the poison, it will take three days to attack, and today is the third day, Yue Feng, if you rush back to save them now, it may be too late, but if you have to kill me first, I am not afraid, at least there is Mu Xixi I have no regrets about being buried with such a person.”

When she said this, Ji Hongshang was full of pride and kept an eye on the changes in Yue Feng’s expression.

That’s right, Ji Hongshang was completely trying to scare Yue Feng. She didn’t poison Mu Xixi’s master and apprentice at all. She said that to divert Yue Feng’s attention and disturb his mind.


Sure enough, upon hearing this, Yue Fengxin thought it was true, and panicked completely. His eyes were blood red, and he glared at Ji Hongshang: “Ji Hongshang, you will be punished for doing so many evil things sooner or later.”

“I wanted to stay today . You are dead, but you have done so many evil things, and your sins are unforgivable.” As he

spoke, Yue Feng urged the power of his primordial spirit to rush up to kill Ji Hongshang.

Yue Feng thought about it, first killed Ji Hongshang, and then rushed to Fengzhuang to rescue Mu Xixi and Song Qian. As long as he was fast, he should be able to rush over.


Feeling the killing intent in Yue Feng’s eyes, Ji Hongshang was inexplicably frightened, but she still showed a very calm look, and said lightly: “If you want to kill me, just do it, if you can pull your confidante and cousin to death, I will die. I have no regrets.”

Just as she was talking, Ji Hongshang suddenly stepped out of a surprised look and looked behind Yue Feng: “Mu Xixi? You… When did you run out?

” It’s astonishment, and it’s like it.

Yes, Ji Hongshang deliberately deceived Yue Feng, and there was no Mu Xixi behind him.

I have to say that Ji Hongshang was very similar. At that time, Yue Feng was shocked and quickly looked behind him.


The moment he turned back, Yue Feng realized that he had been fooled, and saw that there was nothing behind him, and there was no Mu Xixi’s figure. For a time, Yue Feng was furious.

Mad, this Ji Hongshang is really cunning.

Cursing secretly, Yue Feng turned around.


However, it was at this moment that Ji Hongshang showed a treacherous smile. Without any hesitation at that time, her delicate body flashed and jumped directly into the hole behind her.

Ji Hongshang just said that to Yue Feng, the ultimate purpose is to create an opportunity to rush into the cave to escape when Yue Feng is unprepared, because Ji Hongshang just observed that the entrance to the cave is not large, but the bottom is extending in all directions. Once he rushed in, it was difficult for Yue Feng to catch himself.


All this happened so fast that Yue Feng couldn’t react at all. When he rushed to the entrance of the cave, he saw that it was dark inside, and he didn’t know how deep it was.

For a while, Yue Feng stared at the hole with a gloomy expression on her face. This Ji Hongshang was really cunning, and she was still allowed to escape without paying attention.

At the same time, I was a little confused.

Should he enter the cave to pursue Ji Hongshang, or return to Fengzhuang to rescue Mu Xixi and Song Qian?

Forget it, let’s go to Fengzhuang.

After a heart-to-heart battle, Yue Feng made up his mind, turned around, and quickly headed towards Fengzhuang.

To be honest, Yue Feng knew very well in his heart that what Ji Hongshang said just now may have been deliberately fabricated to scare him, but Yue Feng did not dare to gamble. If Mu Xixi and Song Qian were poisoned to death, they would feel guilty for a lifetime.

Mu Xixi, Song Qian, here I come.

With this in mind, Yue Feng increased his speed, and his face was full of anxiety.

Chapter 4378

At this moment, Fengzhuang is here.

Zheng Chunqiu brought everyone from Danzong, as well as Yueqing, to the gate of Fengzhuang quickly.

At this time, the sky was bright and bright, and I saw that Fengzhuang was still heavily guarded. Many elite disciples of the Five Poison Sect were patrolling back and forth outside the gate. Previously, Ji Hongshang only brought a thousand elite disciples to raid the monastery and stayed in Fengzhuang. There are tens of thousands more.

Huh …

But seeing this scene, Zheng Chunqiu didn’t panic at all, but strode over and shouted at the disciples of the Five Poison Sect guarding the gate: “Hurry up and give all the people you have arrested these days. I let it go. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.” The

voice was loud and unmistakable.


Hearing these words, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect guarding the gate were all stunned, secretly surprised.

Didn’t the suzerain lead someone to exterminate Zheng Chunqiu? Why is this man still alive?

And…. where did the sovereign go?


At this time, when they heard the movement at the gate, many disciples of the Five Poison Sect rushed over and quickly surrounded Zheng Chunqiu and the others. The one at the head was dressed in a dark blue long gown, with a thin body and pale complexion. Like a dead body, very scary.

This person is Chen Qing, the elder of the Five Poison Sect.

When Ji Hongshang took people to raid the temple before, he specially explained to Chen Qing and asked him to guard Fengzhuang.

Zheng Chunqiu?

Seeing Zheng Chunqiu at this moment, Chen Qing was secretly surprised, but still looked calm, and said coldly: “Zheng Chunqiu, do you still have the courage to come to Fengzhuang? It’s really too long.”

At this time, Chen Qing didn’t know the situation at all, but he firmly believed that Ji Hongshang would be back soon, and Zheng Chunqiu’s group would not be able to fly.

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Zheng Chunqiu frowned, and said coldly at Chen Qing: “I repeat, quickly release all the people you have arrested, otherwise, I will pacify Fengzhuang.” The

last sentence, sonorous and forceful, irrefutable.

For a while, the entire Fengzhuang was silent and silent, and the five poisonous sects around them felt the breath of Zheng Chunqiu, and they were extremely afraid, and could not say a word.


Chen Qing was also stunned for a moment, then showed a sneer, looked at Zheng Chunqiu and said, “Zheng Chunqiu, what do you think of our Five Poison Sect? You want people if you want people? I tell you, even if If the Sect Master is not here, I’m not afraid of you.”

“Everyone listened to the order and prepared to fight.” The voice fell, and the surrounding tens of thousands of poisonous


pulled out their weapons and went straight to Zheng Chunqiu and the others. There was also a chilling air in it.

To be honest, Chen Qing knew that Zheng Chunqiu was very strong, but he was not afraid. He believed that Ji Hongshang would come back soon.

However, at this time, Chen Qing didn’t know that Ji Hongshang was chased by Yue Feng and had no way to escape, and finally jumped into the hole, and couldn’t come back after a while.


Seeing the scene in front of him, Zheng Chunqiu’s eyes were instantly blood red, and he looked around behind him and said loudly: “There are hundreds of times more people in the five poison sects than us, are you afraid?”

Ji Hongshang used poisonous insects to attack the temple before, when Dan sect died a lot of people , there are only less than a hundred people left, and the foundation of the five poison sects in Fengzhuang is as many as tens of thousands.

The disparity in numbers is not unusually large.

However, Dan Zong and the others did not flinch in the slightest. When they heard Zheng Chunqiu’s words, they all shouted and drank.

“Don’t be afraid…”

“The way of heaven will last forever, kill these scum and save the elders…” “

Yes, swear to save the elders, those are the same.”

Zheng Chunqiu has put his life and death aside, what is he afraid of?

Seeing this scene, Zheng Chunqiu nodded approvingly, and then waved his hand at Yueqing: “Girl, swords have no eyes, you should step aside and wait for us to kill these scum of the Five Poison Sects and take your master to the side. Let’s save them together.”


Hearing this, Yueqing complied, and quickly retreated into the distance, at the same time clasping his hands tightly together, unable to express his nervousness.

Sect Master Zheng can beat so many people from the Five Poison Sect with just this few people?

And brother Afeng, I don’t know what happened to him now.

Chapter 4379


At this moment, Zheng Chunqiu howled and rushed into the crowd of the Five Poison Sect.

At the same time, the Pill Sect elders and disciples behind them also clenched their weapons, followed closely behind, killing the Five Poison Sect.


Seeing this scene, Chen Qing was furious and stared closely at Zheng Chunqiu: “With just this number of people, do you still want to turn the sky over? All of these Danzong people were killed, and none of them were left behind.” As the

voice fell, Chen Qing turned his hand over, holding a green poisonous staff tightly, and greeted Zheng Chunqiu.


At the same time, tens of thousands of people from the Five Poison Sect also rushed up and fought fiercely with the people from the Dan Sect.

For a time, the sound of swords colliding, and the screams continued to resound in the sky above Fengzhuang.

“Ah..” The

disparity between the numbers of the two sides was too great, and in a short while, many disciples of the alchemy sect fell in a pool of blood.

Seeing this scene, Chen Qing was full of pride, and laughed at Zheng Chunqiu and sneered: “Zheng Chunqiu, did you see it? You’re doing this with an egg.”

“It won’t take long for your people to die. I advise you. Surrender.”


Hearing the ridicule, Zheng Chunqiu’s face was extremely gloomy, and when he looked around, he saw that many people from the Dan Sect were surrounded by disciples of the Five Poison Sect.


At the same time, dozens of elite disciples, waving long knives, rushed towards Zheng Chunqiu.

No, if you go on like this, the damage will be too serious.

Frightened, Zheng Chunqiu tried his best to calm himself down, and his blood-red eyes locked Chen Qing tightly: “Don’t be proud of me, and die.” When the words

fell, Zheng Chunqiu’s inner strength exploded and came straight to Chen Qing.

Zheng Chunqiu knew very well the principle of ‘to capture the thief first to capture the king’. If this battle continues, none of the people in Danzong will survive. The only way is to subdue Chen Qing. After all, he has the highest status in Fengzhuang now. .

Hahahaha …

At this time, Zheng Chunqiu only had Chen Qing in his eyes, completely ignoring the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect. At that time, he was chopped a few times by several disciples of the Five Poison Sect, and blood immediately poured out. Dye red clothes.

However, these injuries did not stop Zheng Chunqiu, but instead accelerated.

In the blink of an eye, Zheng Chunqiu was in front of Chen Qing, covered in blood like a god of war, and his tone was cold: “I said, I want to step on Fengzhuang and die.”


The voice fell, and a powerful breath burst out from Zheng Chunqiu, and the surrounding air was violently distorted at any time.

Immediately afterwards, Zheng Chunqiu slammed a palm and called directly to Chen Qing’s heart.

The madman..

Feeling the power of Zheng Chunqiu’s palm, Chen Qing’s face changed greatly, with fear and anger.

This Zheng Chunqiu is really crazy, he would rather take a few knives than deal with me.

Thinking to himself, Chen Qing didn’t hesitate at all, and he couldn’t dodge at the time, so he had to use his inner strength to greet him with a palm.


In the next second, the palms of the two collided fiercely. Chen Qing only felt an overwhelming force coming from the mountains. With a groan, the whole person was shocked and flew out, flying dozens of meters away, breaking Fengzhuang. A pillar at the gate fell to the ground.

“Pfft…” At the moment of landing, Chen Qing spurted out a mouthful of blood and looked at Zheng Chunqiu closely, shocked.

As expected of the Danzong Sect Master, his strength is indeed strong.


“Elder Chen…”

Seeing this scene, many disciples of the Five Poison Sect around were shocked, and then rushed over to help Chen Qing up. As for the other disciples, seeing that Chen Qing was severely injured, their morale plummeted instantly, and they lost the courage to continue fighting.


why don’t we withdraw.” After helping Chen Qing up, someone shouted, and all the disciples nodded.

“Yeah, although there are many of us, we are not Zheng Chunqiu’s opponent.”

“If the sect master is not there, if we fight hard, we will only lose our lives in vain.”

“Elder, your injury is important, withdraw.

” , Most of them are people who are greedy for life and fear of death. They used to rely on a lot of people and they could be fearless, but at this time, seeing that Chen Qing was severely injured, they suddenly lost their backbone.

Chapter 4380

Hu… The

sound of consolation kept coming, Chen Qing’s face was pale and extremely ugly.

In the next second, Chen Qing waved his hand: “Withdraw.” To

be honest, Chen Qing didn’t want to withdraw in such a woeful manner, but he had no choice. He was seriously injured and had no strength to fight. If he continued to fight, he would die in vain.

However, Chen Qing is despicable and cunning, and it is not far from being cheap to Zheng Chunqiu.

When he was about to leave, Chen Qing ordered to the disciples of the Five Poison Sect around him: “Let me tell you, I set fire to Fengzhuang.” When he said this, Chen Qing’s eyes were full of cruelty.

Ma De, even if he withdraws himself, he cannot let Zheng Chunqiu successfully save people.

“Yes, elder.”

Upon hearing the order, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect guarded Chen Qing and quickly evacuated, while igniting the torches and throwing them into Fengzhuang.


In the blink of an eye, the flames spread rapidly, covering the entire Fengzhuang.


Seeing this scene, Zheng Chunqiu was extremely shocked and furious. He never thought that Chen Qing and these disciples of the Five Poison Sect would be so despicable that they didn’t care about the morality of the rivers and lakes at all, and set fire to them before leaving.

In anger, Zheng Chunqiu’s eyes were blood red, and he shouted at Dan Zong and others: “Quick, go in and save people.”

Yelling, Zheng Chunqiu rushed in first.

To be honest, Zheng Chunqiu really wanted to catch up and kill Chen Qing completely, but the fire in Fengzhuang was burning, and the fellow rivers and lakes trapped inside were in urgent need of rescue. One step at night would be burned alive.

It can be said that time waits for no one.


Seeing that Zheng Chunqiu rushed in first, the surrounding Danzong people did not hesitate at all, and rushed into the sea of ​​​​fire.

Half an hour later, many people were rescued, including Yang Chenzi.


Seeing Yang Chenzi, Yueqing, who had been watching not far away, was surprised and delighted, and hurried over and hugged Yang Chenzi tightly: “Master, I’m relieved to see that you are all right. “

While talking, Yueqing kept expressing gratitude towards Zheng Chunqiu: “Thank you, Sect Master Zheng.”

At this time, Zheng Chunqiu, because he was saving people in the fire, was covered in blackness and was in an indescribable embarrassment, but fortunately at this time The fire wasn’t that big and there were no injuries.

“You’re welcome.” Zheng Chunqiu waved his hand and responded with a smile.

Yang Chenzi was also grateful, and then asked Yueqing, “Where is your senior brother?”

“Senior brother…”

Yueqing bit her lip tightly, not knowing how to answer for a while: “Senior brother left last night, I will I haven’t seen him again, and I don’t know where he went…”

Just as he was talking, Zheng Chunqiu interrupted: “You two, the fire in Fengzhuang is getting bigger and bigger, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time, let’s leave first. “


Yang Chenzi nodded, and followed Dan Zong and others with Yueqing and quickly left Fengzhuang.

In a blink of an eye, everyone walked cleanly, leaving only a raging fire in the entire Fengzhuang.

However, no one knew that in a secret room in the basement of Fengzhuang, there were still two people trapped, it was Mu Xixi and Song Qian. Because of Mu Xixi’s special status, Ji Hongshang did not detain them with the others, but detained them alone in the underground secret room.

This underground secret room is very hidden, and neither Zheng Chunqiu nor Danzong found it.


At this time, watching the fire spread to the secret room, accompanied by the billowing smoke, Song Qian’s body trembled, and she couldn’t tell the panic: “Master, it’s on fire, what should we do?”

Mu Xixi His face was also extremely pale, completely lost his previous calm, and sighed: “Could this be the fate of our master and apprentice?”

When he said this, Mu Xixi closed his eyes and felt very desperate.

He was a dignified piano saint, and he ran across Kyushu. In the end, he was trapped in the underground secret room of Fengzhuang.

I’m so unhappy.

At this moment, outside Fengzhuang.

The fire was getting bigger and bigger, turning the whole sky red.


It was at this time that a figure flew quickly from not far away, with long red hair and a blood-colored face, it was Yue Feng.

What the hell!

When he got to the front, seeing the scene in front of him, Yue Feng felt a little stunned in his heart.

I saw the entire Fengzhuang, submerged in a raging fire, except for the fire, not a single person could be seen.

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