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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4361-4365

Chapter 4361


Seeing this situation, Cheng Yi was very annoyed and hurried to catch up.

In the blink of an eye, ten minutes passed, and all of Cheng Yi’s arrows failed, and none of them hit the buck.

“Senior brother!”

At this time, Yueqing finally couldn’t bear it anymore, Xiumei frowned and said, “Can you do it?”

At the same time, Yue Feng also shook his head secretly.

This Cheng Yi is so stupid, he can’t even catch a stag, yet he dares to speak up.


Cheng Yi was embarrassed, scratched his head and smiled bitterly: “Junior sister, don’t worry, this male deer is too clever, it’s really hard to catch, but it’s okay, it’s almost running out of physical strength to be chased by me.”

Yueqing Then he pouted, “Forget it, why don’t you let Brother Afeng try it.”

With that, Yueqing took Yue Feng’s hand, his eyes full of anticipation: “Brother Afeng, if you use animal language, you will definitely be able to catch it. “


Hearing this, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing, shook his head and said, “This method is feasible, but it must not be used.”

“Why?” Yueqing asked curiously.

Yue Feng took a deep breath and said solemnly: “Think about it, if I said to it in animal language, ‘Come here, let me eat you.’ You said, will it come over? Wouldn’t it run faster? “

When he said this, Yue Feng was very funny.

This Yueqing is so naive, but also very cute.


Hearing this, Yueqing couldn’t help laughing, and suddenly burst out laughing, nodded and said, “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that, hehe…”

Seeing that the two were talking and laughing, Cheng Yi didn’t get angry. He said coldly: “I can’t catch it, he can catch it? It’s really a small ring.” After speaking

, Cheng Yi threw the bow and arrow in front of Yue Feng: “Come on, you try.”

Yi’s face was full of contempt.

In his heart, he couldn’t catch the stag, let alone Yue Feng.

“I don’t need this.” Yue Feng said lightly, without looking at the bows and arrows on the ground, then picked up some branches around, and then inserted the branches into the open space not far away.

After doing this, Yue Feng pulled up a lot of night grasses. These night grasses, stained with dew at night, are all the deer like to eat.

Putting the night grass between those branches, Yue Feng retreated into the distance.


Seeing this scene, Yueqing was stunned for a moment, and saw those branches, which looked messy, but after careful consideration, it seemed a little mysterious.


Cheng Yi even smiled disdainfully, and sneered: “Just using these branches, you can catch a deer? How about a child playing a house?” The

male deer was chased for a long time without catching it. Arrived, and this kid, with some branches, wants to trap it, it is simply whimsical.


Hearing the ridicule, Yue Feng ignored it, but quietly hid behind the tree and waited.

At this time, Cheng Yi wanted to make fun of him, but was interrupted by Yueqing.

“Senior brother.” Yueqing said in a low voice, “regardless of whether Brother Afeng’s method succeeds or not, don’t talk about it, I think it’s quite interesting.”

Having said that, Yueqing also hid behind the tree.

Cheng Yi sneered silently, waiting for Yue Feng to make a fool of himself.

Soon, a minute passed, and no buck came.

five minutes.

ten minutes.

Just when Cheng Yi was waiting impatiently, suddenly, he saw the male deer walking slowly, as if smelling the fragrance of the night grass, and entered the branches that Yue Feng had inserted.

“Senior brother, look.” At this moment, Yueqing was very excited, and whispered to Cheng Yi: “That stag was really attracted.”


Cheng Yi was also stunned, but soon He just sneered: “What if it’s brought over? It’s just some branches, can it be trapped?…”

Before he finished speaking, the next scene suddenly stunned the cause.

I saw that the stag, when it entered the branches, was like a drug, and lost its direction in an instant.

Yes, those branches that Yue Feng swung are a fascination formation.


It was at this moment that Yue Feng rushed over quickly, and after entering the fascination array, he cut his palm on the male deer’s numb bone. Suddenly, the male deer let out a cry of grief, and his body went limp and fell directly to the ground.


Seeing this scene, Yueqing was stunned, looking at Yue Feng’s eyes full of admiration: “Brother Ah Feng, you are amazing.”

Chapter 4362

As he spoke, Yueqing held Yue Feng’s arm, and his eyes were full of curiosity: “How did you do it? How did the deer get in and couldn’t get out?”

This man is really unfathomable. As if nothing is impossible.

Yue Feng showed a smile and said slowly: “It’s nothing, these branches seem to be very random, but in fact they contain the truth of the five elements, mutual generation and mutual restraint.”

Yue Feng did not say much, after all, Yueqing did not understand the battle method, and said a lot. She doesn’t understand either.

Hearing this, Yueqing, even though he knew only a little about it, was still incomparable admiration.


At this time, Cheng Yi came to his senses, his face was full of disdain: “What five elements, it’s all a lie, that stag had no strength to chase after me, so he was trapped in those branches. Among them, this kid just picked up a cheap one.”

With that, Cheng Yi pulled Yueqing away: “Junior sister, you forgot what I said again, men and women don’t get along.”


Hearing this, Yueqing blushed and let go of his hand, and at the same time he couldn’t help saying: “Senior brother, you are just not convinced, this male deer was caught by brother Afeng, how can it be cheap?

” , Yueqing greeted Yue Feng: “Brother Ah Feng, let’s go back to roast the deer to eat. We’re starving to death.

” Yi hung to the side.

To be honest, Cheng Yi’s attitude made Yue Feng very unhappy.

Even though he was incompetent, he had to behave in front of his junior sister, but he lost face and refused to admit it.

However, Yueqing has been helping Yue Feng to speak, which makes Yue Feng feel very happy, so he doesn’t care.

While talking and laughing, Yue Feng and Yueqing walked towards the dilapidated temple.


Seeing this scene, Cheng Yi was anxious and angry, and quickly shouted: “Junior sister, wait for me, I have a credit for successfully catching the stag this time.”

Said, Cheng Yi quickly Follow up.

At this moment, on the other side, Fengzhuang.

In the hall, Ji Hongshang was sitting there, her delicate and charming face was full of sullenness, and at the same time, she was a little weak. Although she had the upper hand in the battle against Zheng Chunqiu during the day, it also caused the disorder of the power of the devil in her body. .

For Ji Hongshang, this was a bit of a loss.

Failing to kill Zheng Chunqiu, and letting the other party go, is really shameless.

“Sect Master.”

At this moment, Yuan Tong quickly walked into the hall and said excitedly: “I have already found the whereabouts of Zheng Chunqiu and his party. They are in a dilapidated monastery with a dozen exceptions.”

Said Then, Yuan Tong wiped the sweat from his face.

“Very good!”

Hearing this, Ji Hongshang showed a sneer, slowly stood up and said, “This Zheng Chunqiu really didn’t leave, just because of his ability, he still wants to save the elders of their alchemy sect? Hmph, tonight. Just use this dan sect, I want to make the five poison sects in the entire Dongao Continent, famous and famous, no one dares to provoke.”

Said, Ji Hongshang ordered Yuantong: “Immediately summon a thousand elite disciples and follow me. Destroy Zheng Chunqiu.”

At this time, Ji Hongshang was full of ruthlessness in her heart.

Speaking of which, during the day, Ji Hongshang planned to kill Zheng Chunqiu on the spot, but the power of the demon soul in his body became disordered, so he had to give up temporarily. Naturally, the opportunity will not be missed.

“Yes, Sect Master.” Yuan Tong replied when he heard the order, and then quickly walked out to prepare.

A few minutes later, Yuan Tong and a thousand elite disciples, led by Ji Hongshang, quickly headed towards the dilapidated temple.


On the other side, in a dilapidated temple.

The three of Yue Feng gathered around the bonfire and started roasting venison.

Yueqing seldom walked around the rivers and lakes, and had no experience of survival in the wild, so he sat on the side with his hands on his cheeks and waited. Yue Feng and Cheng Yi each roasted a deer leg.

I saw that Cheng Yi’s baking technique was average, and many places were baked in a short while.

On the other hand, Yue Feng was not in a hurry. Back then, when he and Xiao Xi were in the wild, Xiao Xi cooked food every time. Over time, Yue Feng also learned a lot of cooking and barbecue skills.

I have to say that Yue Feng’s craftsmanship is very good. After a while, he saw that the deer legs were roasted golden brown, and the meat was fragrant.

Chapter 4363


Yueqing was already very hungry, but when he smelled the aroma of meat, his eyes lit up instantly, only to feel that the greedy worms in his stomach were not hooked out: “It’s delicious.” As

he said, his eyes were fixed on Yue Feng’s hand. The roasted deer leg looks very cute.


Seeing her appearance, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing, and then handed over the deer leg: “Try it, I haven’t eaten anything roasted in the wild for a long time.”

Yueqing took the roasted deer leg with a smile . After taking a sip, I only felt it was tender and delicious, and repeatedly praised: “It’s really fragrant, it’s delicious, brother Afeng, you really know everything, it’s amazing.”

Hearing the praise, Yue Feng nodded with a smile: “Eat more if it’s delicious.”


Seeing this scene, Cheng Yi, who was sitting on the side, was suddenly unhappy, and quickly handed over the roasted deer leg in his hand, looking forward with anticipation: “Junior sister, mine is more delicious, you can try it.”

Yueqing glanced and muttered . Said: “It’s all roasted black, it doesn’t taste good at first glance, you should eat it yourself.”


Seeing that Yueqing was a little disgusted, Cheng Yi was very embarrassed, and at the same time he felt a sullen breath in his heart. Get up, walk outside the door, and nibble on your roasted deer leg.

As a result, the roasted deer leg was mushy in many places, and Cheng Yi couldn’t eat it himself.


The more Cheng Yi thought about it, the more angry he became. He really wanted to go back to the trouble of looking for Yue Feng, but he couldn’t think of a reason, so he had to take a walk around the temple to relieve his depression.


As a result, as soon as he walked outside the gate of the temple, he heard a rustling sound from the grass in the corner of the wall. Cheng Yi hurried over and looked at it by the moonlight, and was immediately stunned.

I saw that in the grass, there was a half-meter-long centipede that was slowly crawling. Its carapace was reddish-brown, and there were looming ring marks on it. Nearly a hundred legs were squirming, making the scalp numb. .


is this a red-ringed centipede?

However, while Cheng Yi was shocked, he was also inexplicably excited. He had learned medical skills from his master for several years, and he knew all kinds of poisonous insects in the Kyushu continent.

The red-ringed centipede in front of him seems to be very large, but it is not poisonous at all, and it is also a rare medicinal material.

Haha… I

didn’t expect to go out for a walk and pick up a big baby.

Excited, Cheng Yi walked over quickly, clipped the red-ringed centipede with a branch, and put it into the bamboo basket. Over the years, when the master prepared a rare elixir, the medicinal material of the red-ringed centipede was lacking. I didn’t expect to catch one so easily.

If the master knows, he will be very happy.

Thinking in his heart, Cheng Yi carried the bamboo basket and ran back to the room excitedly.

At this time in the room, Yue Feng and Yueqing were full and were chatting and laughing.

“Junior sister!”

At this moment, Cheng Yin walked in quickly and said excitedly, “Guess what I caught just now?” He said with a mysterious look on his face.

“What is it?” Yueqing asked curiously.


Cheng Yi smiled first, then took out the red-ringed centipede from the bamboo basket: “Junior sister, look at what this is? Master has been preparing elixir for the past two years, but the red-ringed centipede is missing, hehe, I was taken by me today. I caught it inadvertently.”

After saying this, Cheng Yi couldn’t say how proud he was: “How is it? Senior brother is not very powerful?”


Hearing this, Yueqing’s delicate body was shocked, and she was very surprised, because what Cheng Yi said was right, in the past two years, in order to find the red-ringed centipede, Master has found many places.

Afterwards, Yueqing took a closer look, and was also very excited at the time: “It’s really a red-ringed centipede, brother, you are awesome, you have caught such a big one. If Master sees it, he will be very happy.” The

last sentence fell, Yueqing He was about to walk over to pick up the red-ringed centipede in Cheng Yi’s hands.

“Be careful, don’t touch it!”

However, at this moment, Yue Feng, who had been sitting there, suddenly stood up and stopped Yueqing.

Yueqing was startled, and quickly retracted his hand, looking back at Yue Feng, his delicate face was full of suspicion: “What’s wrong? Brother Afeng?”

Is this kid sick?

Cheng Yi’s face was full of anger, and he couldn’t help shouting at Yue Feng, “What are you doing in such a shock?”

Chapter 4364


Yue Feng cursed secretly and pointed at the red-ringed centipede in Cheng Yi’s hand: “This thing is highly poisonous, you should put it away quickly, and don’t get hurt.”

Yue Feng once studied medical theory with Shennong, and he could see at a glance that this The red-ringed centipede has a problem.

What? poisonous?

Hearing this, Cheng Yi was stunned for a moment, then laughed: “Boy, do you know what this is? It’s called a red-ringed centipede. It looks big, but it’s not poisonous at all.” “


When it fell, Yueqing couldn’t help but said to Yue Feng, “Big Brother Ah Feng, you haven’t studied medicine, so you shouldn’t know what this is. Brother is right, this kind of red-ringed centipede is big in size. It’s just scary, you don’t need to panic.”

At this time, Yueqing also thought that Yue Feng was making a fuss.

“Junior sister!”

At this moment, Cheng Yi’s face was full of impatience, and he said to Yueqing: “This kid doesn’t understand medical theory at all, why are you explaining so much to him?”

In his eyes, Yue Feng is a liar. Nothing but good luck.

Huh, I don’t understand?

Hearing this, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing. My master is Shennong, who is known as the ancestor of medicine. If you really want to talk about medical theory, you are not worthy of my shoes.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng was too lazy to pay attention to him.

The next second, Yue Feng smiled slightly at Yueqing: “You are right, this thing is indeed called the red-ringed centipede, but the normal red-ringed centipede has a light blue abdomen, that is because it is active in humid places all year round. It was caused by absorbing the cold air from the ground.”

Saying that, Yue Feng pointed to the red-ringed centipede in Cheng Yi’s hand: “And this one has the same reddish-brown belly as the carapace. Obviously, it was not grown in the wild, but was raised and tamed by humans.”

“Also, the environment around this monastery is not suitable for the growth of the red-ringed centipede at all. The sudden appearance of such a large one is really suspicious.” The

remarks are well-founded and hard to argue.


Hearing this, Yueqing was stunned for a while, staring blankly at Yue Feng, speechless, shocked and amazed.

The habit and growth environment of the red-ringed centipede are exactly what he said.

Could it be…. this red-ringed centipede really has a problem?

Thinking of this, Yueqing couldn’t help but said to Cheng Yi: “Senior brother, if you don’t listen to Big Brother Afeng, you can put it away, in case…”

“Shut up!”

But he didn’t say anything. After he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Cheng

Yi , and said very displeased: “Junior sister, I think you are really confused. This kid has never studied medicine, what can you understand? Do you believe in nonsense?” Turning his eyes, he sneered at Yue Feng and said, “Boy, I think you are deliberately trying to scare me. When I release the red-ringed centipede, you will quietly catch it back and sell it for money, right?”

This kid is a liar, for sure It is so.

really interesting.

At this moment, Yue Feng was suddenly angrily laughed, and his face was indifferent: “Although this red-ringed centipede is a good thing, I still don’t like it, anyway, I have already said what I should say, whether you listen or not is your own business. Son.”

Yue Feng is not bragging, even the four innate spirit beasts are related to him, so naturally he doesn’t look down on a red-ringed centipede.

The last word fell, and Yue Feng lay there leisurely, closing his eyes and resting.


Seeing Yue Feng’s appearance, Cheng Yi thought he was pretending, sneered at that time, and said contemptuously, “Okay, what do you think, I know very well, don’t follow me like this.”

With that said, Cheng Yi put the red-ringed centipede back into the bamboo basket, and when the master was rescued, let him make the elixir.

Chi …

But before it was put in, I saw the red-ringed centipede, its long body suddenly bowed, and then, a venom spurted from its tail, hitting Cheng Yi’s face.


Cheng Yi yelled at that time, shook off the red-ringed centipede like an electric shock, and fell to the ground with his face covered, his body trembling non-stop, like a sieve of chaff.

“Senior brother!”

Seeing this scene, Yueqing was taken aback and rushed over to help Cheng Yi up.

However, when he got to the front, seeing Cheng Yi’s state, Yueqing’s face was pale, and his eyes were full of panic and fear. I saw that Cheng Yi’s face had turned reddish brown under the attack of the poison, which was very scary.

Chapter 4365

This… This red-ringed centipede is really poisonous.

And it’s very toxic.

For a time, Yueqing was so panicked, her eyes were red and her face was full of anxiety, she wanted to reach out and pull Cheng Yi, but she didn’t have the courage.

Who knows if this poison will be contagious.


At this time, Cheng Yi covered his face with one hand, enduring the pain, and pointed at Yue Feng with the other: “You did the ghost, right? Otherwise, how would you know it

‘s poisonous?” When he said this, Cheng Yi’s eyes were blood red, and he could not wait to peel off Yue Feng’s cramps.

This kid, who was able to tell the origin of the red-ringed centipede just now, then this highly poisonous red-ringed centipede must have something to do with him. Maybe, he deliberately brought it to harm.

“Senior brother!”

Hearing this, Yueqing stomped his feet in a hurry: “Why are you still against Big Brother Afeng? He reminded you just now, but you didn’t listen.”

At this time, Yueqing almost wanted to I cried, brother is so narrow-minded.


At the same time, Yue Feng also sighed, looked at Cheng Yi and shook his head: “I originally planned to try to save you, but I didn’t expect you to target me everywhere. Forget it, life and death have fate, the taste of this poison, Take it slow.”


Cheng Yi laughed miserably, and shouted at Yueqing, “Junior sister, you heard, he knows how to detoxify, what does it mean? This poisonous red-ringed centipede is the He got it.”

“This person has ulterior motives and is not a good person, you should find the antidote from him and kill him.”

This person is really hopeless.

Seeing this, Yue Feng shook his head secretly, his face extremely indifferent.

He was not worried that Yueqing would do something to himself. After all, she was kind-hearted and could see good and evil.

“Senior brother!” Sure enough, when he heard Cheng Yi’s words, Yueqing

trembled with anger in the suburbs. He stomped his feet at that time: “If you still do this, I won’t care about you anymore. You can fend for yourself.”

To turn away.

Seeing this scene, Cheng Yi panicked and quickly shouted: “Junior sister, don’t go.”

Then, Cheng Yi apologized to Yue Feng: “Brother Ah Feng, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have treated you like that before, I promise in the future. No. “

When he apologized, Cheng Yi seemed sincere, but he was extremely reluctant.

Yue Feng smiled and did not respond.

At this time, the poison on Cheng Yi’s face had spread to his neck. He was so panicked at the time that he asked Yue Feng carefully, “Can you really help me detoxify?”

“Yeah.” Yue Feng nodded.


Cheng Yi took a deep breath and said suspiciously, “If you really help me detox, I will never go against you again, and I will sincerely apologize to you.”

Seriously , If it was half an hour ago, Cheng Yi would not have soft words to Yue Feng.

But there is no way, I am deeply poisoned now, if I drag it on, I am afraid that my life will be lost, so I can only give it a try.


Hearing this, Yue Feng smiled slightly, shook his head and said, “You have already apologized just now, and it’s useless to apologize again, so let’s just say, if I successfully detoxify you, you will see me in the future. How about calling your master respectfully?”

To be honest, with Yue Feng’s personality, he is too lazy to care about Cheng Yi’s life and death, but no matter what, he is Yueqing’s senior brother.

However, Cheng Yi is narrow-minded and really hateful, and Yue Feng decided to completely suppress his dignity.

This kind of person just needs to be treated severely.

“You…” As

soon as he finished speaking, Cheng Yi was furious and glared at Yue Feng: “Don’t go too far, you want me to call you master? What qualifications do you have?” How dare you humiliate yourself.

Feeling Cheng Yi’s anger, Yue Feng didn’t panic at all, stretched his waist, and said slowly: “Forget it if you don’t want to, I didn’t force you, it’s getting late, I still want to sleep well. ” When the

last word fell, Yue Feng was about to lie down and rest.

“Big Brother Ah Feng.”

Seeing this situation, Yueqing hurried over, biting his lip and begging: “My senior brother has a small heart, don’t be as knowledgeable as him, hurry up and save him.” As he

said, Yueqing pulled Yue Feng arm, shaking slightly.

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