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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4341-4345

Chapter 4341

At the same time, I was also secretly shocked.

This human can actually speak the language of our wolf clan?



At the same time, the other wild wolves around, after hearing Yue Feng’s words, also let out a burst of agitation, and then stopped, their eyes focused on Yue Feng, puzzled.

This person actually speaks our language?

However, while puzzled, the wolves did not relax their vigilance, their eyes locked on Yue Feng, and they let out a low roar, waiting for an opportunity.


Seeing this situation, the man on the hillside was nervous and relieved for no reason.

This stinky beggar dared to hit my junior sister’s attention and wanted to show off his ability to tame animals, but unfortunately, his courage is commendable and his ability is not very good. At this time, he has already angered the wolves. Let’s see what he will do.

The man at this time believed that Yue Feng was too arrogant and had already angered the wolves, but he did not know that Yue Feng had just used his inner strength and spoke the language of the wolf clan to make the wolves a little restless.

At this time, in front of the woods.

Seeing that he was surrounded by wolves, Yue Feng looked leisurely and relaxed, smiled and said to the wolf king in front of him: “Calm down, I don’t want to have a conflict with you.”

“And, I’m not afraid to tell you, I and I The Four Great Innate Spirit Beasts have deep roots. You know the Four Great Congenital Spirit Beasts, so if you go against me, you will not gain the slightest benefit.”

“As long as you are obedient, you will be fine.”

Saying this At the time, Yue Feng was very relaxed, but he was a little uneasy in his heart.

I used to have a beast ring on my body, and I was not afraid of any beasts, but now that the beast ring is gone, I just rely on the beast language to communicate, what if the wolf king in front of me doesn’t buy it?


Hearing Yue Feng’s words, the wolf king first let out a howl, and then responded in wolf language: “Dear Your Excellency, it turns out that you are a friend of the four innate spirit beasts, please forgive us for being rude just now.”

Saying that, the wolf king walked over slowly, and when he reached Yue Feng, he stretched out his tongue and licked Yue Feng’s hand.

There are many beasts in the world who like to lick them when they show their affection. So do wolves.


At this moment, seeing the wolf king’s movements, other wild wolves around also quickly gathered around and licked Yue Feng’s hands and legs.

Huh …

In the face of this situation, Yue Feng breathed a sigh of relief, and a stone hanging in his heart finally fell to the ground.

It seems that his wolf language is okay, and he has finally saved his life.

Seeing this scene, the man standing on the hillside was trembling all over. From his angle, hundreds of wolves surrounded Yue Feng and completely blocked Yue Feng’s figure, so he thought he was besieged.


While trembling, the corner of the man’s mouth evoked a hint of indifference.

This is the end of arrogance.

“Senior brother?”

At this time, the girl waited for a while, but couldn’t help but open her eyes and asked, “How is the situation?” While asking, she couldn’t help but look in the direction of the woods.

Seeing this, the girl suddenly couldn’t help exclaiming, her delicate body trembled, and she could hardly stand still.

She saw that there were hundreds of wolves around, licking something.

Obviously, the man was attacked just now. At this time, these wild wolves are eating his flesh…


Thinking to herself, the girl felt inexplicably sad, and whispered, “I knew this earlier, I should have stopped him just now.” Although he was just a stranger, but seeing him eaten by the wolves made the girl feel bad. .

The man pouted and said disapprovingly, “It’s him who is courting death, who can be blamed?”

After saying that, the man couldn’t help but glanced at it, then took the girl’s hand and said, “Junior sister, hurry up, let’s go quickly, Now that the wolves are eating that person, they shouldn’t have time to pay attention to us, let’s take the opportunity to leave quickly.” The

man pulled the girl and quickly went down the hillside.

“Senior brother, look…” The

girl felt a little sad in her heart. When she was being dragged down the hill, she couldn’t help but look back. At this sight, her body trembled and she couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Junior sister, don’t scream, you’ll bring the wolves here later.” The man frowned and muttered. At the same time, he couldn’t help but follow the girl’s gaze. He was stunned and his mind went blank.

Chapter 4342

saw that the wolves slowly dispersed, and Yue Feng’s figure also stood up. Although it looked a bit wasteful, there was no scar on his body.

Obviously, the wolves didn’t attack him at all just now.

Not only that, but the man was even more surprised to discover that the wolves, which were originally vicious and brutal, became extremely docile in front of Yue Feng at this time.

At this…

At this moment, both brothers and sisters widened their eyes, staring at Yue Feng dumbfounded, their eyes full of inconceivable, completely stupid.

Has he successfully tamed all these hundreds of wild wolves?

It’s incredible.

He… how the hell did he do it?

The two brothers and sisters at this time did not know that Yue Feng was extremely talented and had learned a lot of animal language a few years ago, so it was not a problem to communicate with the wolves in front of him at this time.


Shocked, the brothers and sisters froze there, incomparably silent.

However, after being shocked, the man’s face turned into a pig liver color, which was indescribably embarrassing, and his heart was also inexplicably annoyed.

Mad, I thought that this kid was too arrogant and would definitely be buried among the wolves, but he never expected that this guy was lucky enough to tame these wolves quietly.

This kind of ability, the entire East Austria Continent, I am afraid that there is no second one.

“Big brother!”

At this time, the girl also recovered, unable to hide her excitement and excitement, and shouted at Yue Feng: “You are so amazing, how did you do it?!”

When shouting these words, the girl’s face was full of admiration and excitement, and she looked at Yue Feng’s eyes with a strange brilliance.

Like her senior brother, she also thought that this man would die badly in the end, but the result was unexpected.

Hearing the girl’s admiration, Yue Feng smiled slightly.

“Okay!” In the

next second, Yue Feng turned around and said to the wolf king: “The two people on the hillside are my friends. I hope you don’t hurt them. There’s nothing else to do. Let’s go.

” At that time, Yue Feng’s tone was gentle, but he gave people an undeniable majesty.


Hearing this, the wolf king raised his head and howled in response, then turned and walked towards the depths of the woods.


The wolf king took the lead, and the other wild wolves also let out a howl, and then followed the wolf king away, disappearing into the dense woods in the blink of an eye.


Seeing this scene, the girl was even more excited and looked at Yue Feng with joy: “It’s really amazing, these wild wolves can still understand you, are you a beast trainer?”

said The girl’s eyes were full of anticipation.

You must know that there used to be animal trainers in the Kyushu continent, but because of the excessive rounding up of spirit beasts by humans, there are fewer and fewer spirit beasts. Therefore, beast trainers mastered their skills thousands of years ago.

And at this time, this weirdo in front of him could tame the wolves, no doubt that he was a beast trainer. This was simply too attractive for a girl who had not yet experienced the world, and it was impossible to be excited.


Feeling the urgency in the girl’s eyes, Yue Feng scratched his head embarrassedly: “I only know a little animal language, so I’m not a beast trainer.”

Yue Feng is not being humble, he has never learned the skills of a beast trainer. Actually, it doesn’t count.


At this moment, the man who was standing on the sidelines could not help but said coldly: “Beast language? I think it’s just luck.”

In his heart, he still didn’t believe that this guy with all the marks on his face could tame the wolves. The ability, at best, is luck, the blind cat meets the dead mouse.

But the girl ignored her brother’s words and looked at Yue Feng with a look of admiration: “Even if you can speak animal language, that’s very powerful, you know, I like small animals since I was a child, and I really want to communicate with them, just a little beast. I don’t even know how to speak. How about you teach me something?”

When she said this, the girl’s face was innocent and cute.


Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing, nodded and said, “Okay, in fact, beast language is very easy to learn.” After speaking, he simply explained the language tricks of various beasts.

The girl listened very carefully and memorized every word of Yue Feng.

Chapter 4343 The

man was a little impatient, and urged the girl: “Okay, don’t fool around, let’s hurry up to find the master.”

This guy with a face full of imprints, the more he looks, the more angry he is. Break up with him now.

However, the girl’s impression of Yue Feng was getting better and better, and she refused to leave at this time.

“Big brother!”

At this time, the girl said to Yue Feng very enthusiastically: “My name is Yueqing, and my brother’s name is Cheng Yi. Big brother helped us drive away the wolves just now. I don’t know what your name is or where you came from. What.”


Hearing the question, Yue Feng thought for a while, and replied with a smile: “My name is Ah Feng, I’m just a nameless person wandering around.”

Yue Feng is like this, naturally he won’t reveal his true identity , and said the name used in Jianzong along the way.

Ah Feng!

Hearing this, Yueqing tilted his head and mumbled a few words, then nodded with a smile: “The name is quite special, you must have been to many places and seen a lot of the world, no wonder you can understand animal language!”

Immediately, Yueqing thought of something, He asked Yue Feng curiously, “Where are you going next?” Huh


Hearing this, Yue Feng secretly sighed and said with a smile, “Wandering around.”

Then, Yue Feng thought of something, looked at Yue Qing with a complicated face, and continued: “By the way, I heard you just now that your master was taken by I’m caught, what’s going on?” To

be honest, Yue Feng didn’t want to ask so much, but this Yueqing was so lovable, he couldn’t help but ask.


When he mentioned Master, Yueqing sighed, and his delicate face showed a bit of sadness: “My master is called Yang Chenzi, and his medical skills are the most powerful. A few days ago, Master took us out to collect spirit herbs, and suddenly he was attacked by a group of hackers. The clothed man blocked the way, and the other party asked the master’s name, and then took him away.” After

speaking, Yueqing’s eyes were a little red, and he was very worried: “Now the master doesn’t know what’s going on, is there any danger.”

Is there such a thing?

Hearing this, Yue Feng was stunned.

At this time, Yue Feng didn’t know that the people who captured Yang Chenzi were the disciples of the Five Poison Sect.

“Junior sister!”

At the same time, Cheng Yi was full of anxiety and rebuked Yueqing: “You are crazy, how can you tell an outsider about Master’s affairs?”

Cheng Yi couldn’t help but glance at him. He glanced at Yue Feng, full of contempt.

Yueqing Xiumei frowned and said puzzled: “Senior brother, how can you do this? Master said that the most important thing in walking around the rivers and lakes is to make friends. This eldest brother helped us drive away the wolves just now, so chivalrous, don’t you think? Isn’t it our friend? Why do you have trouble getting along with him everywhere?”


After saying that, Cheng Yi didn’t know how to refute, and turned his head angrily.

Cheng Yi’s aim was everywhere, but Yue Feng didn’t take it to heart.

A few seconds later, Yue Feng pondered for a while, and couldn’t help but ask Yueqing, “Do those people in black have any grudges against you?”

Yueqing shook his head: “My master hangs the pot to help the world, and he has been saving people all these years. , I didn’t offend anyone at all.”

No enemies?

Hearing this, Yue Feng frowned and smelled again: “Then do you know the origin of the other party?”

Yue Feng firmly believes that there will be some reason for any grievances, otherwise, the other party will not seek trouble for no reason.


Yueqing tilted his head and thought for a while: “When the other party was leaving, he claimed to be from Fengzhuang.”

At this moment, Yue Feng became more and more confused, Fengzhuang? Never heard of such a sect in Dongao Continent.

“That’s right!”

At this moment, Yueqing’s eyes flashed, and he seemed to think of something: “Today, my senior brother and I passed through a small town, and I heard that besides my master, there are other genius doctors who were also arrested by this Fengzhuang. “

Furthermore, according to the gossip in the rivers and lakes, those people in Fengzhuang were originally from the Xi Cang Continent, and they seem to be the Five Poison Sect…”


Five Poison Sect?

At this moment, upon hearing Yueqing’s words, Yue Feng’s heart was shocked and he almost jumped up.

The main altar of the Five Poison Sect is in the Xicang Continent, how could it come to the Dongao Continent? Moreover, the previous battles between the major sects and the demons had already destroyed the Five Poison Sects.

Chapter 4344

Yue Feng clearly remembers that Ji Hongshang, the suzerain of the Five Poison Sect at that time, disappeared without a trace after the destruction of the Five Poison Sect.

Thinking of this, Yue Feng looked at Yueqing eagerly: “Yueqing, are you sure those people in Fengzhuang belong to the Five Poison Sect?

” Proud of the mainland, there will definitely be a bloody storm on the rivers and lakes.


Seeing Yue Feng’s serious face, Yue Qing bit his lip lightly and said uncertainly, “I don’t know either, but that’s how the gossip is spread.”

Hearing this, Yue Feng pondered . down.

Ma De, if it was really Ji Hongshang, he would not be able to leave Dongao Continent for the time being.

“Junior sister!”

At this time, Cheng Yi, who had been silent by the side, urged angrily: “It’s getting late, let’s go to Fengzhuang to save Master, I’m afraid it will be too late.”

After speaking, Cheng Yi looked Looking at Yue Feng, Yin Yang said strangely: “Don’t make new friends and forget about the life and death of Master.”


Hearing this, Yueqing’s delicate face suddenly turned red, very embarrassed.

At this time, Yue Feng took a deep breath, made a decision in his heart, and said to Yueqing: “Yueqing, it is fate to meet each other, since your master has been arrested, I will go to Fengzhuang with you, maybe I can help I’m busy.”

Speaking of which, Yue Feng didn’t want to meddle in his own business, but as the matter involved the Five Poison Sect, he couldn’t just stand by.

After all, the Five Poison Sect, under the leadership of Ji Hongshang, fully supported Bai Yunfei, not only that, but also released the ancient poisonous scorpion, which harmed many people in the arena and became poisonous. Therefore, Yue Feng must be in charge.


This kid wants to go to Fengzhuang with us?

At this moment, Cheng Yi frowned and his face was also very unhappy.

This guy is not trying to help at all, but is looking for an opportunity to get close to his junior sister.

“That’s great.”

Yueqing was very happy, and cheered and held Yue Feng’s hand: “Are you going to help us save Master? Brother Afeng, you are so nice.”

Just as he was talking, Yueqing was caught by Cheng Yi . pull away.

“Oh, boy!” In the

next second, Cheng Yi looked at Yue Feng up and down, unable to hide the contempt in his heart, and said coldly: “I don’t care what your purpose is, from now on, stay away from us.”

“But I am here . It’s not unreasonable, you just drove away the wolves, it’s a favor for us, and this gold coin is your reward.” The

voice fell, Cheng Yi took out a gold coin from his body and threw it away. At Yue Feng’s feet, there was a very contemptuous attitude.

In Cheng Yi’s heart, he was the only one who could be so close to his junior sister. At this time, seeing Yueqing’s admiration for Yue Feng, not only talking about his friends, but also holding hands and laughing, he was very upset.


Looking at the gold coins on the ground, Yue Feng remained calm, but his heart was a little angry.

This Cheng Yi is really interesting. I don’t know you in the same way. Are you finished yet?

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng still ignored Cheng Yi, but smiled at Yueqing: “It just so happens that I have something to do, and I have to pass through Fengzhuang. We are friends, so please help if you can, so don’t be too polite.”


Hearing this, Yueqing was very happy and nodded quickly.


Yue Feng’s ignorance completely made Cheng Yi angry.

In the next second, Cheng Yi grabbed Yue Feng’s collar, gnashing his teeth and threatening: “Boy, take my words as a deaf ear, right? I warn you again, stay away from us.”

With that, Cheng Yi pointed to the ground The gold coin: “Just like you, a scoundrel, you want to approach my junior sister? You should take care of yourself first when you urinate. This is my last warning. Get the gold coin and get out.”

Seeing his angry look, Yue Fengqing Laugh without saying a word.

“Senior brother!”

However, Yueqing couldn’t stand it any longer, and quickly pulled Cheng Yi away, and said very unhappily, “How can you do this? This brother Afeng is bright and upright, and he helped us drive away the wolves just now. , how can it be as unbearable as you said?”

When he said this, Yueqing’s face flushed, and he was angry and shy.

Senior brother is really, always said that this Feng has ideas for me.


Seeing that Junior Sister was angry, Cheng Yi was stunned for a moment, then his tone softened, and he comforted: “Junior Sister, don’t be angry, I’m doing this for your own good, you must know that the rivers and lakes are sinister.”

Chapter 4345

“Look at this person, a person appears in such a place, with so many marks on his face, he has to be guarded.”


Hearing this, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing: “I just It just happened to be passing by.”

Saying that, Yue Feng tilted his head towards Yueqing and said, “Forget it, since your senior brother is suspicious of me, let’s not be together, you can hurry up.” The

voice fell, and Yue Feng turned around and was about to leave.

Yue Feng really planned to go to Fengzhuang to find out, and he had no idea about Yueqing, but Cheng Yi kept making irresponsible remarks, so he dismissed the idea.

“Big Brother Ah Feng!”

However, at this moment, Yueqing chased after him and grabbed Yue Feng’s arm, his delicate face was full of sincerity: “My senior brother doesn’t know what’s wrong today, he’s crazy, please don’t I have the same knowledge as him.”

Having said that, Yueqing looked at the mark on Yue Feng’s face, and continued: “Brother Ah Feng, I see the mark on your face, it is not natural, my master is very skilled in medicine, you can follow us. Let’s go together, when the master is rescued, I will let him remove the mark on your face for you, and it can be considered as a repayment for your life-saving grace, okay?” The

words were so reasonable that it was difficult to refuse.


At this moment, Yue Feng breathed a sigh of relief and nodded in approval.

This Yueqing is not young, but he knows how to repay his gratitude, which is really rare.

Seeing Yue Feng smiling but not speaking, Yueqing was a little anxious, and continued: “Brother Ah Feng, you forgot, you promised to teach me animal language just now, you are gone, who will teach me? Let’s be together, okay? “

When he said this, Yueqing’s charming eyes were full of sincerity.

“Junior Sister!”

Seeing this scene, Cheng Yi was completely anxious, and suddenly shouted: “He is going to leave, why do you keep him?”

Immediately, Cheng Yi gave Yue Feng a cold look: “Boy, hurry up Let’s go, don’t stay here

to get in the way.” When he said this, Cheng Yi was both annoyed and depressed.

I don’t know what kind of charm this kid has, and he actually fascinated his junior sister like this.

No, no matter what, this kid can’t be allowed to follow.

“Brother, are you enough?”

At this moment, Yueqing’s pretty face was full of anger, completely anxious, and stomped her feet: “If you do this again, I will tell Master everything that happened today, Brother Afeng helped us just now, you But if you treat him like this, see if the master knows and won’t punish you!”

With that, Yue Qing snorted, then pulled Yue Feng and said, “Brother Ah Feng, let’s go!”


Yue Feng nodded and walked down the hill with Yueqing.

To be honest, Yue Feng didn’t want to go with them, this Cheng Yi was really annoying, but Yueqing sincerely invited him and was really embarrassed to refuse.


seeing this scene, Cheng Yi’s face was blue and white for a while, and then he reacted and shouted: “Junior sister, wait for me.”

Yelling, Cheng Yi quickly chased after him.

the other side. Fengzhuang.

Mu Xixi and Song Qian, led by Yuan Tong, finally arrived at Fengzhuang after two hours of rushing.

At this time, it was dusk, and I saw the entire Fengzhuang bathed in a golden sunset. Not far away, the mountains in the distance and the lake nearby formed a beautiful picture. This beauty is simply fascinating. .


Seeing this scene, Song Qian was very emotional, and couldn’t help but said to Mu Xixi: “Master, this place is so beautiful. It would be very nice to be able to live in seclusion in such a place.”

Mu Xixi smiled lightly and said Without responding, he was interrupted by Yuan Tong, who was walking in front.


At this time, Yuan Tong was full of smiles, looking at Song Qian and said with a smile: “Little Master, as long as Your Excellency the Goddess Doctor cures the illness of my house owner, you are our VIP guests of Fengzhuang, and I want to be here. You can stay as long as you want.”

As he spoke, Yuan Tong led the master and the apprentice into the hall of the manor.


Mu Xixi looked around in the hall, and saw that there was no one there, and couldn’t help but ask, “Where is the owner of your house?”

Mu Xixi frowned secretly as she spoke.

Strange, before entering Fengzhuang, I thought the environment here was pretty good, but after entering, why did it feel gloomy?

At this time, Mu Xixi didn’t know that after Ji Hongshang occupied Fengzhuang, he instructed his disciples to raise poisonous insects everywhere.

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