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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4331-4335

Chapter 4331

Hearing this, Mo Qing stopped her tears.

In the next second, Mo Qing glanced at Dong Liu, who was slumped on the ground: “Master, what should I do with him?”

“Kill him!”

Hua Yemeng bit her lip tightly, her delicate and beautiful face was full of coldness: “It is also a disaster for such a person to stay in the rivers and lakes. Today, I will take this opportunity to get rid of him.”

When he said this, Hua Yemeng’s eyes were full of shame and anger.

Dongliu, this bastard, who dared to sully himself just now, he deserves to die.


Hearing this, Mo Qingyi didn’t hesitate at all, holding the long sword tightly, and walking towards Dongliu quickly.

Mo Qing has always been well-behaved, what the master says is what the master says, and this Dongliu has bullied her since he was a child because he is a big brother. Mo Qing wanted to kill him early in the morning, but he only thought about it in his heart before, not at all. Dare to put in practice.

And today, when finally got this opportunity, Mo Qingyi naturally won’t let it go.


Seeing this situation, Dong Liu’s face instantly turned bloodless, and he was so frightened that he knelt down on the spot, his voice trembling: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, Deputy Sect Master Hua, Junior Sister Qingyi, I was I’m obsessed, I’m shameless, I’m despicable, I’m not a human… Please, spare my life.”

At this time, Dongliu, almost crying, kept kowtowing in apology.

To be honest, he didn’t want to be so cowardly, but he had no choice. The sword just pierced through his heart, and he had no ability to resist. If you don’t beg for mercy, you will die.


Hua Yemeng was not moved at all, but incomparably contemptuous, directed at Mo Qing: “Kill him!”


Mo Qing nodded, the long sword turned and stabbed directly at Dongliu!

At this moment, Dongliu’s face turned pale, and he was suddenly desperate.


But at this critical moment, I heard footsteps coming from outside the water prison, followed by a charming voice: “Senior Brother, are you inside?”

It was Hongxia.

In the evening, Dongliu pretended to be very weak and pushed Hongxia away. After Hongxia left, she felt a little uneasy. In the middle of the night, she went to Dongliu’s room, but Dongliu was not there.

Hongxia knew that Dongliu admired Hua Yemeng and guessed that he must have come to the water prison, so she came to check.

Here comes!

At this moment, Mo Qing was startled, quickly put away the long sword, turned around to support Hua Yemeng, and left from the back door of the water prison. The Shanshui Prison behind Jianzong has two exits because of its unique location.

Before leaving, Mo Qing turned back and glared at Dong Liu: “You are lucky today.”

With that, Mo Qing helped Hua Yemeng to leave quickly.

To be honest, Mo Qingyi is not afraid of Hongxia, but this is the main altar of Sword Sect after all, if Hongxia shouts loudly and calls more people, it will be troublesome.

After all, Master has no inner strength in his dantian and needs to be taken care of.


Dong Liu let out a long sigh of relief, and suddenly collapsed on the ground, clutching the wound in his heart, secretly rejoicing.

Fortunately, Hongxia came in time, otherwise I would really die today.

At this moment, Hongxia brought two Sword Sect disciples and walked in quickly. Seeing the scene in front of her, her tender body trembled.

“Senior Brother!” The

next second, Hongxia let out a coquettish cry, and hurried over to help Dongliu up: “How are you? Are you all right?”

After speaking, Hongxia said to her two companions, “Quick, Hurry up and invite Master to come.”

The two disciples looked at each other, didn’t dare to neglect, and hurried out.

After a while, Mu Jianli walked quickly into the water prison, surrounded by several disciples.

what’s the situation?

Seeing the scene in front of him, Mu Jianli’s face was gloomy and inexplicably annoyed.

I saw that the eldest disciple Dong Liu’s heart was full of blood, his face was pale and he was dying, but Hua Yemeng disappeared.

Soon, Mu Jianli came to his senses and took out Qing Yidan for Dongliu to take. Qingyidan is the holy medicine for Jianzong to heal wounds. Even if Dongliu’s heart is injured, as long as he takes Qingyidan, he can temporarily save his life.


A few minutes later, Dongliu’s expression improved, and he looked at Mu Jianli with fear and confusion: “Thank you, Master.”

At this time, Dongliu was very terrified.

If Master knew that I had broken into the water prison privately, and that I was still plotting against Hua Ye Meng, I would definitely not forgive me lightly.

Chapter 4332

“Winter Liu!”

Mu Jianli’s face was gloomy, and he asked Dongliu: “What’s going on? What are you doing in the water prison in the middle of the night? Who injured you? Also, where did Hua Yemeng go? already?”


At this moment, Hongxia and other Sword Sect disciples next to them also watched Dong Liu closely, waiting for his answer.

Dongliu took a deep breath and said weakly, “The disciple was out on patrol tonight, and I overheard the movement in the water prison, so I came over to have a look. After arriving, I saw that Mo Qingyi was about to save Hua Yemeng and leave. When

he said this, Dongliu had a serious look on his face, but felt uneasy in his heart.

Entering the water prison privately, and preparing to sully the dream of flowers and leaves, this matter must not be said, only a lie can be made up.

“Mo Qing ran back?”

Hearing this, Mu Jianli frowned: “She took Hua Ye Meng away?”


Dong Liu nodded, very humiliated and angry: “At that time, the disciple wanted to stop him. How could he know that Mo Qingyi, who learned the swordsmanship from nowhere, was very cunning and ruthless. The disciple was not an opponent, so she was stabbed with a sword.”


Hearing this, Mu Jianli’s expression changed, and he was secretly shocked.

The strength of Mo Qingyi is not even ranked among the disciples of Jianzong, but just now, he actually injured his most proud disciple with swordsmanship.


just when Mu Jianli was muttering secretly, Dong Liu continued: “Master, I suspect that Mo Qingyi’s swordsmanship was learned from that kid named A Feng…”

It was the same one again. kid.

At this moment, Mu Jianli clenched his fists tightly, holding back the fire in his heart: “Pass my order and send all the disciples down the mountain to capture Hua Yemeng and Mo Qingyi, no matter what, they must be brought back to me. “

Yes, Sect Master!”

Feeling Mu Jianli’s anger, the surrounding disciples responded one after another, and then quickly walked out of the water prison.

At this time, Mu Jianli was very angry, and his face was extremely ugly. Last night, it was the one named A Feng who hurt so many disciples of Jianzong. Now, Mo Qing has hurt Dong Liu again.

In the final analysis, that kid’s swordsmanship is too strong, and this swordsmanship must be obtained no matter how much it costs.


Seeing his face, Hongxia couldn’t help but comfort her: “You calm down, the two Hua Yemeng can’t run far, you forgot, you abolished her cultivation in the square before. , is now a waste, even if you get down the mountain by chance, you won’t be able to run far.”

Saying that, Hongxia couldn’t help but glance at the weak Dongliu, and continued: “Senior brother has been hurt, and now the most important thing is It’s healing.”


Hearing this, Mu Jianli responded, and his expression softened slightly.


on the other side.

Located 80 miles northwest of Jianzong, there is a lake, and the lake is an antique manor.

This manor was originally a place for wealthy businessmen to recuperate. However, three days ago, it became a secret stronghold of the Five Poison Sect. After Ji Hongshang led the disciples of the Five Poison Sect into Dongao Continent, she began to look for a place to live, and finally locked it. this manor.

At this time, inside the manor hall.

Ji Hongshang was sitting there, wearing a deep red dress, indescribably charming and charming, but her complexion was very bad, a bit pale, and her mood was extremely bad.

After living in this manor, Ji Hongshang began to press Bai Yunfei, how to fully integrate the power of the devil soul, but after several times of pressing, Bai Yunfei refused to say a word.

This made Ji Hongshang very angry.

Now that three days have passed, Ji Hongshang can clearly feel that the power of the demon soul in the body is already showing signs of disorder. If it is not completely solved, I am afraid of endless troubles.

In front of Ji Hongshang, there were more than a dozen elite disciples standing, all of them bowing their heads and looking nervous.

“Sect Master!”

Finally, one of the elite disciples took a step forward and respectfully said to Ji Hongshang: “Then Bai Yunfei refused to say it, I don’t think we need to waste time on him.

” There are many famous doctors on the rivers and lakes of Dongao Continent, or if the disciples arrest those famous doctors, they may be able to solve the situation of the suzerain…”

Chapter 4333


Hearing this, Ji Hongshang breathed a sigh of relief and nodded: “Okay, just do as you said.”

Bai Yunfei refused to speak, and had to use other methods.

“Sect Master, rest assured, your subordinates will bring those famous doctors back as soon as possible.”

Seeing Ji Hongshang’s promise, the disciple was full of excitement, and hurriedly responded, and hurriedly left the hall with the others.

Valley of Flowers!

Hundred Flowers Valley is located in the north of Dongao Continent. There are many mountains and few people here. However, there is a valley between the mountains and forests. The valley is full of exotic flowers and grasses.

Although Baihua Valley has beautiful scenery and many famous wild herbs, but also because of this, there are many poisonous insects and beasts dormant in the valley. Therefore, for thousands of years, many people from all corners of the world have explored and collected medicines, but very few of them have successfully left. They were not poisoned by poisonous insects. To die is to be bitten by a beast.

But half a year ago, Qin Sheng Mu Xixi and his disciple Song Qian passed by here and saw the charming scenery of Baihua Valley, which raised the idea of ​​living in seclusion here.

At that time, Mu Xixi and Song Qian, with their powerful strength, completely eliminated the poisonous insects and beasts in the Hundred Flowers Valley, and then built an elegant small courtyard.

Because it is in the Valley of Baihua, the courtyard is called Baihuacaotang.

Since then, Mu Xixi and Song Qian have lived in seclusion in Baihua Valley, living a life of indifference to the world.

Later, some people from all corners of the world came to Baihua Valley to collect herbal medicine. They were rescued by Mu Xixi because of indiscriminate drug use. Mu Xixi had stayed with Yue Feng for a while. When Yue Feng was studying medicine, Mu Xixi also Watching from the sidelines, over time, she has achieved some achievements in medical skills.

The rescued Jianghu people were very grateful to Mu Xixi. After leaving Baihua Valley, they told more people about their experience, saying that there was a beautiful goddess doctor in Baihua Valley.

In less than half a year, the story of the goddess doctor in Baihua Valley spread almost all over the rivers and lakes of Dongao Continent.

At this time, in the Hundred Flowers Thatched Cottage, Mu Xixi sat cross-legged on the grass and closed her eyes.

Next to her, Song Qian also leaned against the windowsill for a lunch break.

“Excuse me, is the goddess doctor here?”

At this moment, a polite voice came from outside the cottage.


Hearing the voice, Mu Xixi opened her eyes, and her delicate face showed a bit of displeasure.

I thought that living in seclusion in Baihua Valley would be very clean, but I never thought that every few days, people from all corners of the world would come to seek medical treatment.

It’s a real headache.

“It’s really annoying!”

At this time, Song Qian also woke up, frowning lightly, “Master, if you don’t want to see me, I’ll send him away.” After speaking, Song Qian got up and was about to go out.

Mu Xixi waved her hand and said softly: “Forget it, since he’s here, ask him if he needs help.”

Although Mu Xixi has a cold and arrogant personality, she is also very kind in her heart. People in the rivers and lakes should help each other, and it is not good to drive people out directly.

While talking, Mu Xixi got up and walked out.

Song Qian quickly followed.

When I got outside, I saw a man standing outside the thatched cottage door. He was wearing a dark blue long gown.

“Under Yuantong.”

Seeing Mu Xixi’s master and apprentice coming out, the man saluted respectfully: “It’s a disciple of Fengzhuang, and I have seen the goddess doctor.”


Hearing this, Mu Xixi frowned, and she and Song Qian looked at each other, and they were a little puzzled by each other.

What sect is Fengzhuang? The two masters and apprentices have lived in seclusion in Dongao Continent for nearly half a year and have never heard of it.

Thinking to herself, Song Qian couldn’t help but ask: “Is your Fengzhuang a sect?”


Hearing the question, Yuan Tong smiled slightly: “Master Hui, our Fengzhuang is a sect, which was established recently, you didn’t I’ve heard of it, and it’s normal.”

When he said this, Yuan Tong was polite on the surface, but there was a strange light in his eyes.

Yes, Fengzhuang is the manor occupied by Ji Hongshang, and this Yuantong is a disciple who was ordered to come out to find a famous doctor. During this time, the name of the goddess doctor Mu Xixi became more and more popular in the rivers and lakes. These five poisonous sects Disciple, the first to stare at her.

Chapter 4334 Huh

At this time, when he heard Yuan Tong’s answer, Mu Xixi nodded: “It turned out to be a newly established sect, you came to me, what’s the matter?”

Yuan Tong smiled, very He said politely: “The owner of my house heard that there was a goddess doctor in Baihua Valley, and he admired it very much, so he specially sent me here to invite the goddess doctor to Fengzhuang for a talk.”


Hearing this, Mu Xixi smiled lightly and said in a tactful tone: “You and your village owner don’t know each other, and I don’t want to go far, so let’s forget it.

” Break through quickly, you don’t want to go anywhere.

More importantly, this newly established Fengzhuang has nothing to do with himself, and is really not interested in making friends.


Seeing her refusal, Yuan Tong was very embarrassed, but he still smiled and begged: “The goddess doctor don’t refuse first, to be honest, the owner of my house has recently suffered from a strange disease, and the lotion has been greatly affected. I’m suffering, and I asked the goddess doctor to come with me and show the owner of my house.”

It turned out that he came to see a doctor.

Mu Xixi froze there, silent.

“Goddess doctor.”

At this time, Yuan Tong continued to say with a sincere expression: “Life is at stake, if the goddess doctor saves the owner of our house, we in Fengzhuang will definitely be grateful to Dade. The Buddhists say: saving one life is better than making seven grades. Buddha, the goddess doctor is very graceful, and she should not die without saving, right.” I

have to say, this Yuantong is very good at talking, for a while, Mu Xixi put down her worries and nodded: “Okay, since you I sincerely invite you, then I will go with you.”

After speaking, Mu Xixi ordered Song Qian, “Qianer, pack up, let’s go.”


Song Qian nodded, then quickly turned around and went into the room to pack her bags.

A few minutes later, Mu Xixi and Song Qian followed Yuantong to leave Baihuagu and headed towards Fengzhuang.

At this time, Mu Xixi didn’t know that she was facing a trap.


At this moment, the main altar of Danzong.

On the mountain behind the main altar of Danzong, there is a huge alchemy room. This alchemy room is completely transformed from a natural cave and has a large scale.

At this time, in the alchemy room, the elder Lin Mu was sitting there, quietly observing the alchemy furnace in front of him.

Below the Dan furnace, the fire is burning vigorously.

There are five elders in Danzong. Each elder has a very high achievement in the art of alchemy, but the most skilled is Rinmu. It is said that Rinmu entered Danzong at the age of five, and now he is sixty-five years old. For 60 years, he has not left the alchemy sect, and he has devoted himself to studying the technique of alchemy every day.

As a result, Linmu was also dubbed ‘Danchi’ in Danzong. ‘

And at this time, Lin Mu was refining a kind of medicinal pill ‘Jueyuan Dan’ that was lost two years ago. The so-called Jueyuan Dan, as the name suggests, after taking it, the inner power of the dantian will be instantly emptied, which is very domineering.

Swish swish…

But at this moment, I heard a few breath fluctuations from outside the alchemy room.

Who is rushing into the alchemy room?

When the alchemy was disturbed, Rinmu was very unhappy, and immediately strode out. When he went outside, he was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that there were several men in black standing outside the alchemy room. These men in black covered their faces, only showing a pair of eyes, and they were not good people at first glance.

“Who are you?”

After being stunned for a few seconds, Rinmu frowned and asked, “Dare to trespass into the forbidden area of ​​Danzong?”

Hearing the scolding, several masked men were not nervous, but looked at each other and talked in a low voice.

“Is it him?”

“That’s right, Rinmu, the head of the five elders of Danzong, has extremely high attainments in the art of alchemy. If he is captured, he may be able to help.”

“Then don’t talk nonsense. .”

Under the discussion, several masked people couldn’t help but rush over to surround Rinki.

Yes, these masked people are the disciples of the Five Poison Sect. They came to arrest Rinmu at this time to help Ji Hongshang solve the power of the demon soul.

What a bold man!

Looking at the masked men rushing up, Rinmu was furious. At that time, his inner strength urged him to directly attack him. However, he was skilled in alchemy, but his cultivation strength was not very good, and he was quickly caught.

Afterwards, several masked men quietly took Rinki out of the forbidden area in the back mountain.

It is precisely because the alchemy room is a forbidden area and no disciples come here on weekdays, so Rinmu was arrested and no one saw it at all.

Chapter 4335

During this day, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect acted simultaneously in various places in Dongao Continent. Not only did they deceive Mu Xixi and forcibly arrest Linmu, but also other famous doctors were also brought to Fengzhuang by various methods. .


the other side!

On Dongao Continent, about a hundred miles northwest of Jianzong, there is a mountain forest.

In the mountain forest, a figure rushed forward, and the blood-marked face was dripping with sweat. It was Yue Feng.

After escaping from Jianzong, Yue Feng had been flying for several hours and was already very tired, but Yue Feng did not stop. Because he knew that he had killed so many disciples of Jianzong, and Mu Jianli would not let it go.

Seriously, if Yue Feng would not have been so embarrassed before, but there is no way, the power of the Faye Red Lotus has not been fully integrated, and in the previous battle, Yue Feng has consumed a lot of strength, and continued to confront Jianzong head-on, It’s self-destruction.


I don’t know how long it took to run, but Yue Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing a small stream in front of him, he was instantly refreshed.

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng walked quickly to the stream, washed his face first, then poured a few mouthfuls of river water, and sat by the river to rest.


While resting, Yue Feng’s thoughts were surging, and he unconsciously thought of Hua Yemeng and Mo Qingyi.

I’m gone, Jianzong won’t deal with Hua Yemeng, right?

Although she is the deputy suzerain, I broke into her room in the middle of the night and was seen by so many people. It was difficult to explain who it was.

And Qingyi, will she also be implicated?

Muttering, Yue Feng thought about it, she and Hua Yemeng were not friends. If she wanted to protect herself, she only needed to tell her true identity.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng is no longer worried.


However, at this time, there was a sudden sound of footsteps behind him. The footsteps were very dense and fast. Obviously, they were all experts in the rivers and lakes!

Hearing the movement, Yue Feng quickly looked back.


Seeing this, Yue Feng almost jumped up from the ground, and at the same time he couldn’t help gasping for air, very speechless.

Nima, this sword sect is coming so fast, it is bound to be with me forever.

I saw a few people coming from the direction behind them, all of them filled with a powerful breath, holding a long sword, murderous, and they were the six elders of Jianzong.

At the same time, the six elders also saw Yue Feng, and they were immediately refreshed and shouted angrily. ” Stinky

boy, let’s see where you’re going!”

“Killed so many of our disciples, hurry up and capture!”

“You can’t escape, accept your fate!”

Surrounded by a group.


Yue Feng stood there, motionless, but his face was extremely gloomy.

That Mu Jianli really looked down on me so much that he even expelled all the six elders.

Thinking about it, Yue Feng smiled slightly, with a cynical attitude, and said to the six elders: “Let’s stay on the line, see you in the future, do you Jianzong want to kill me?”

Having said that, Yue Feng sighed lightly and continued: “I’m just a nobody, so there’s no need to engage in such a big battle, right?”


Hearing this, the six elders looked at each other in dismay, and their hearts were all stunned.

This kid is quite courageous. Even in this situation, he can still laugh?

In the next second, the Great Elder Tang Yun couldn’t help shouting angrily: “Don’t chat with us, quickly put down your weapons and surrender, and return to the main altar with us, maybe you can save a life.”

“If you are stubbornly resisting, then Don’t blame us for being rude.” The

voice fell, and the other elders nodded.

“Execute them on the spot.”

Yue Feng showed a smile and answered indifferently: “You think I’m stupid? If I go back with you, I’ll be the only way to die. Well, hurry up and leave, I don’t think I see you. , otherwise, I have no choice but to be rude.”


Hearing this, whether it was Tang Yun or the other elders, their faces were instantly blue and angry.

This kid is really crazy. Not only does he not surrender, but he dares to threaten us?

“Stop talking nonsense with him!”

At this moment, Tang Yun’s eyes were full of anger, and he shouted: “Come together, first teach him a lesson, and then take it back to see the sect master.”

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