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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4296-4300

Chapter 4296

In the hearts of these people, this new named disciple is useless except for his swordsmanship.


However, at this time, Hongxia was concerned about the situation of Dongliu, so how could she hear it? At that time, her pretty face froze and she scolded: “Shut up, you don’t want me to agree to this condition, you come to save Senior Brother? No If you have the skills, don’t be long-winded!”

Honestly, Hongxia didn’t want to agree to Yue Feng’s conditions.

But there is really no other way!

If the big brother dies, he will be completely useless as the wife of the sect master in the future.

So, it’s better to give it a shot.


Hearing this, those Sword Sect disciples bowed their heads one by one, all ashamed.

“Ah Feng!”

At this moment, Qing Yi also reacted, looking at Yue Feng in a complicated way: “Are you really sure that you can cure Senior Brother?”

Yue Feng smiled and replied: “Of course, how could I Talking big?”

Hearing this, Qing Yi’s delicate body trembled, and she was inexplicably excited and excited.

This Ah Feng seems to be omnipotent.

At first, I thought he was just an ordinary person who was seriously injured, but he didn’t expect that in the swordsmanship competition two days ago, he actually won against Hongxia and those senior brothers.

And now, he can even detoxify the poison of black mandala and dili pollen.

It’s amazing.

Although Yue Feng has not yet begun to detoxify, Qing Yi believes in him very much.

“How many of you.”

At this time, Yue Feng first looked at the situation of Dongliu, and then directed at the disciples of the sword sect around him: “Find me some herbs, I want to pick them just now.”

After that, Yue Feng said a few herbs name.

Immediately afterwards, Yue Feng looked at Hongxia again: “And you, prepare a clay pot for me. If that doesn’t work, a porcelain pot will do.”


Hongxia took a deep breath, a little unhappy, this kid really treats himself as a character, how dare he call me?

While feeling unhappy, Hongxia still had some doubts, looked at Yue Feng and said, “What do you want a clay pot or porcelain pot?”

Yue Feng said lightly: “Alchemy!”



Hearing this, Hongxia and those Sword Sect disciples froze in place, and then laughed.

“He can also concoct alchemy?”

“I heard it right…”

“I suspect that he is playing tricks on us on purpose, he won’t detoxify at all!”

Yue Feng didn’t care about these ridicules, just watched Hongxia He glanced and said lightly: “If you don’t want to help, forget it. In short, his current situation is very dangerous. If you delay for a while, he will be more dangerous.”


Hearing this, Hongxia took a deep breath . , My heart is very suffocating, but I still hold back.

The next second, Hongxia urged the surrounding Sword Sect disciples: “What are you still doing? Hurry up and follow his instructions.” After speaking, she twisted her body and looked for the alchemy utensils.

After a while, Hongxia found a clay pot, and at the same time, the disciples of the Sword Sect also picked up herbs.

At that time, Yue Feng did not hesitate, set up a fire under the clay pot, and began to refine medicine pills.

Every step, Yue Feng is methodical and serious.

However, seeing this scene, Hongxia frowned secretly, so that she can refine the antidote?

At the same time, those Sword Sect disciples also looked on with cold eyes, and even a few even laughed contemptuously.

This kid concocts alchemy, just like playing a family.

Can you be a little more fake?


Finally, Hongxia couldn’t bear it anymore, and asked coldly, “Are you really concocting alchemy, or are you deliberately tricking us?”

“Why am I tricking you?” Yue Feng responded lightly, his eyes tightened. Keep an eye on the pot and control the heat.

“Alchemy requires a closed environment and professional utensils.” Hongxia blushed, and said coldly: “How can you be like this? So casual?”

Although Jianzong is not good at alchemy, he has been fighting with Danzong all these years, so he also Learn more about the steps of alchemy.

Really ignorant.

Yue Feng smiled and was too lazy to talk nonsense: “How I refine is my business, so don’t worry about it!”


Hongxia was so angry that she pointed at Yue Feng and continued to say, However, at this moment, there was a sudden vibration in the pot.


With this shock, everyone was taken aback and retreated.

Chapter 4297

Yue Feng was calm, and then slowly opened the pot.


At this moment, no matter it was Hongxia, Qingyi, or the disciples of the Sword Sect around, they couldn’t help but surrounded them. For a while, the whole thatched cottage was silent!

Qing Yi Jiao’s body trembled, she was indescribably excited and excited, and her legs felt weak.

I saw that there was a yellow medicinal pill lying quietly at the bottom of the pot, and the whole body was flowing with a charming luster. At the same time, a fragrant medicinal medicinal herb also filled the air.

What? !

This… This kid really knows how to make alchemy? !

At this moment, the minds of everyone present were blank. Looking at the medicinal herbs in the clay pot, they felt incredible!

Qing Yi, who was on the side, bit her lip even more tightly. At this time, in addition to being shocked, she was also even more curious!

As a junior brother A Feng, he is almost omnipotent, his swordsmanship is so powerful, and he can

even concoct alchemy… I really can’t see through him more and more.

On the opposite side, Hongxia and the disciples of the Sword Sect were also unable to calm down for a long time, and at the same time they were extremely excited and excited.

This kid really made an elixir.

Then… isn’t the senior brother saved?

“The medicinal pill is ready, let him take it.”

At this time, Yue Feng took out the medicinal pill and handed it to Hongxia.

Hongxia responded, without any hesitation at the time, she gently opened Dongliu’s mouth and stuffed the medicine pill into it.

At this time, Hongxia was filled with indescribable excitement and anticipation. At that moment, she was really afraid of losing her senior brother.


At the same time, the surrounding Sword Sect disciples, looking at Yue Feng’s eyes, also became complicated. At the same time, he held his breath and quietly observed the reaction of the winter stream.

However, two minutes later, Dongliu’s face was still purple and black, his eyes were closed and he didn’t move.

Five minutes passed, and there was still no sign of waking up.

ten minutes!

Half an hour…

“What’s going on?”

At this time, Hongxia frowned and looked at Yue Feng quietly, very suspicious.


The surrounding Sword Sect disciples also reacted and questioned one by one.

“Hey, isn’t this an antidote?”

“Why is there no reaction at all?”

“Tell me honestly, is this an antidote?”

Yue Feng ignored the anger of the surrounding Sword Sect disciples and looked at Hongxia instead. Said: “Don’t worry, he was poisoned by the black mandala and Dili pollen at the same time, and he couldn’t get rid of it for a while. You have to know that it takes a process to remove the poison.

” It’s dangerous, within two hours, he will definitely wake up!”

After speaking, Yue Feng stood by and waited quietly.


Hearing this, Hongxia’s face softened slightly, and at the same time signaled those around to shut up.

After ten minutes, I saw Dong Liu’s complexion, slowly returning to normal, from purple-black to rosy, with brows stretched, obviously not so uncomfortable.

It works!

Seeing this scene, everyone in the audience secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time secretly rejoiced for Dongliu!

Although Dongliu has not fully awakened, looking at the situation, there should be no danger.

Especially Hongxia, and the disciples who were close to Dongliu on weekdays, were even more excited, and they cheered loudly.

“Haha… eldest brother is all right!”

“Yes, eldest brother is blessed, how could something happen so easily?”

“That’s great…”

Under the excitement, Hongxia was deeply relieved In one breath, the charming face returned to a smile at this time. The big brother is finally fine, it really scared me to death just now!


At the same time, Qing Yi was also full of excitement, and looked at Yue Feng with admiration.

Ah Feng is really awesome.

At this time, Yue Feng came slowly and looked at Hongxia with a half-smiling smile: “Your senior brother is all right. I believe that Senior Sister Hongxia is also someone who can tell her words.” After speaking

, Yue Feng pointed Refers to Qingyi: “Next, you should apologize to Qingyi, and from now on, you must honor her as a senior sister!”

When he said this, Yue Feng looked at the disciples of the sword sect behind Hongxia, a The face is relaxed and indifferent.


At this moment, Hongxia bit her lip tightly, her face flushed, and her mood was extremely complicated.

And those Sword Sect disciples behind her also had embarrassed expressions.

This…. how about this?

I made a bet with him just now that if he succeeded in saving the senior brother, everyone present would recognize Qingyi as the senior sister. At that time, I just thought that this Ah Feng was talking big, but he didn’t expect that he really did it.

Chapter 4298

But…. This Qingyi is not only ugly, but also the weakest female disciple of the entire Sword Sect, and these people are all elites. If you recognize Qingyi as a senior sister, where will you put your son?

“A Feng!”

Seeing this scene, Qing Yi walked over quickly, with a complicated tone, and whispered to Yue Feng: “Okay, don’t embarrass them, and I’m not qualified to be a senior sister. ?”

Qing was kind-hearted, and when he saw the embarrassment of Hongxia and the others, he couldn’t bear it.

Moreover, Qingyi was bullied since childhood, and suddenly, when she was asked to be the senior sister of these people, her identity changed from heaven to earth, and she felt a little uncomfortable.


Hearing this, Hongxia and the surrounding Sword Sect disciples nodded subconsciously.

This Qingyi is quite self-aware.

not qualified?

Yue Feng frowned and said patiently to Qing Yi, “Qing Yi, you are so smart and kind-hearted, why are you not qualified to do it? Today, you should obey my arrangement and don’t express your opinion.”

When he said this, Yue Feng felt in his heart. Very emotional.

Alas, this Qingyi is really kind. He was bullied by Hongxia and this group before, but now he can’t bear to see that the other party has a problem.

Seeing Yue Feng say this, Qing clenched her mouth for a while, looking so cute that she couldn’t tell.


At this moment, Yue Feng’s eyes turned back to the people in Hongxia, and his tone was somewhat sarcastic: “You really want to go back on your word? Talking doesn’t count?”


Hearing this, Hongxia’s face flushed extremely red, and she couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground to get in.

Afterwards, Hongxia took a deep breath, walked slowly to Qingyi, pressed the dissatisfaction and resistance in her heart, and whispered: “Elder Sister…”

When she called out this title, Hongxia lowered her head and said in a very loud voice. It’s so small, you can’t hear it if you don’t listen carefully!

Seriously, calling out to Senior Sister Qingyi, Hongxia felt ten thousand reluctance in her heart.

This stinky girl, not only looks ugly, but also has average strength, what qualifications does she have to be a senior sister?

But I can’t help it. I lost the bet with Ah Feng just now. There are so many people around me watching.


Seeing Hongxia really shouting out, Qing Yi’s body trembled, she couldn’t believe it, but she still responded in a low voice.

Until now, Qingyi still hasn’t gotten used to it.

Hongxia bit her lip tightly, hiding her disdain, and was about to turn around.


However, Yue Feng couldn’t see it anymore, looked at Hongxia with a smile, and asked, “Senior Sister Hongxia, what are you calling? The voice is too low, I didn’t hear it.”

“She heard it! “Hongxia said angrily.

Yue Feng shook his head: “She doesn’t count, I have to hear it, you forget, it was me who bet with you just now, you have to make me satisfied.”


Hearing this, Hongxia instantly burst into anger, this Ah Feng was deliberately trying to embarrass herself.

At this time, Hongxia wanted to kill Yue Feng immediately, but she held back in the end. Anyway, this Ah Feng is Hua Yemeng’s named disciple, and the trouble is too stiff, Hua Yemeng will definitely ask.

Thinking of this, Hongxia bit her lip so hard that she was about to bleed, and shouted at Qingyi again: “Senior sister .

You’re welcome.”

After saying that, Qing Yi still gave Yue Feng a speechless look, Ah Feng really likes to play around, but thinking about it carefully, being a senior sister seems to be a good feeling.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng nodded, but he wasn’t very satisfied. Looking at Hongxia, he said seriously: “By the way, I heard about the rules of your Sword Sect. This is the first time this disciple sees Senior Sister, Or if it’s the words of the master, it’s not over with just one shout, you still need to kneel, right?”

When he said this, Yue Feng deliberately glanced at Dong Liu who was still in a coma.

This idiot, just deliberately pretended to be in front of me just now, to see how I deal with your woman and companion.


At this moment, Hongxia was completely angry, and she raised her jade hand and pointed at Yue Feng: “Don’t go too far.”

At the same time, the surrounding disciples of the Sword Sect also glared at Yue Feng.

Chapter 4299

Yue Feng didn’t panic at all, he smiled and said: “Senior Sister Hongxia, don’t be angry, I don’t want to do this, but when Dongliu came just now, he really told me that.”

Immediately, Yue Feng Looking around, he said to the disciples of the Sword Sect, “You have all seen it, right? I didn’t mean to be embarrassed.”

For a while, the disciples of the Sword Sect bowed their heads in embarrassment and said nothing to refute.

Because of what Yue Feng said, Dong Liu did force him to kneel before.


Seeing this, Hongxia’s face flushed red, and she couldn’t help but feel aggrieved.

When Dongliu forced Yue Feng to kneel just now, although Hongxia was not there, she knew Dongliu best. As a senior brother of Jianzong, Dongliu has always been arrogant and domineering. What Ah Feng said at this time proved that Dongliu had It does.


After a few seconds of stalemate, Hongxia finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She bent her knees and knelt down in front of Qingyi. All her dignity and pride were forgotten at this moment.

“Elder Sister…” Hongxia lowered her head and said slowly, “I have offended you before, I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

When she said this, Hongxia almost cried.

She never dreamed that one day she would apologize to this stinky girl, Qing Yi, and she never thought that she would be so servile in front of this stinky girl.

At this time, Qingyi’s face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and he did not respond.

Only at this point did Qing Yi understand that Yue Feng did this for his own good and for the sake of not being bullied in the future. Therefore, he must show his due attitude.

If they are still as obedient as before, it will only make people like Hongxia look down on them even more.


Seeing that Qingyi did not respond, Hongxia was a little anxious and looked at Yue Feng for help.

Yue Feng showed a smile and nodded with satisfaction: “It’s okay!”

After saying that, Yue Feng didn’t let Hongxia get up immediately, but looked around at the surrounding Sword Sect disciples: “Senior Sister Hongxia has already set an example. , what about you? What are you still hesitating about?”


Hearing this, the surrounding Sword Sect disciples immediately looked at each other with complicated expressions.

After a brief silence, these Sword Sect disciples all knelt down and apologized to Qing Yi.

“I’ve seen Senior Sister..”

“Elder Sister, we were wrong in the past, please don’t bother with us!”

“Yes, please forgive us!”

Seriously, these Sword Sect disciples don’t want to be here either. Qing Yi was so complimented in front of him.

But there was no other way. Senior Sister Hongxia was too soft. If she didn’t do it herself, she would have no face to stay in Jianzong in the future.

For a time, dozens of Sword Sect disciples knelt in front of Qing Yi. Although there were not many people, this scene was shocking enough.


Seeing this scene, Qing Yi was no longer silent, but showed a smile and raised her hand: “Everyone is welcome, please get up.”

After speaking, Qing glanced at Dong Liu, who was still in a coma: “Senior brother hasn’t woken up yet, you guys hurry up and send him back to his room to rest.”

“Yes, yes…”

At this moment, how dare Hongxia and those Sword Sect disciples have any opinions? They nodded one by one, then helped Dongliu up and left in despair.

“A Feng!” As soon as

his forefoot left, Qing Yi couldn’t hide his excitement and admiration, and hugged Yue Feng tightly at once: “You are really amazing, you are not only good at swordsmanship and alchemy, but also Hongxia and alchemy just now. Those people are all stunned.”

“You know what? When I saw them before, I would hide far away, and I didn’t have any sense of existence in Jianzong, but just now, I finally experienced what it feels like to be respected by others. , thank you, Ah Feng, thank you very much.”

When he said this, Qing Yi hugged Yue Feng tightly, completely forgetting the difference between men and women.


At this moment, Ruanxiang fell into his arms, and Yue Feng’s mind was immediately clouded. He only felt a scent penetrated into his nostrils, and his brain was buzzing.

However, Yue Feng quickly reacted and smiled awkwardly: “It’s nothing, these people are just bullying the soft and afraid of the hard. By the way, you… can you let me go first?”


Hearing this, Qing suddenly understood something, and quickly let go of her hand, her face flushed, and she couldn’t say anything shy.

Chapter 4300

What happened to me? Why did you get carried away and hug Ah Feng?

Thinking of this, Qing Yi’s face turned even redder.

For a while, the atmosphere became a little more subtle.

“I…” After a few minutes, Qing Yi reacted, lowered his head and said

softly, “I suddenly remembered something, I’m leaving first, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

, ran out of the thatched cottage as if escaping.


Watching Qingyi’s back go away, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing.

This Qingyi’s shy look really looks like Xiaoxi, it’s really cute.


At this time, Yue Feng was in a good mood, and his thinking and business ratio were active. At this moment, he suddenly thought of something.

I’m really stupid. I always wanted to use ointment to remove the marks on Qingyi’s face, but why didn’t I think of refining a five-soul pill?

Previously, Yue Feng had been concentrating on using herbs to make ointments, but he never thought of refining medicinal pills. At this moment, he suddenly remembered that there was a medicinal pill that would treat the marks on Qing Yi’s face very well.

And this elixir is the Five Spirit Pills.

Many years ago, when Yue Feng recognized Ouyang Zhennan as his adoptive father, Ouyang Zhennan planned to marry his daughter Jingwen to him, but Jingwen liked a man named Bai Xiaotian.

Yue Feng clearly remembered that when he met Bai Xiaotian for the first time, the other party was humiliated in all kinds of ways, and he also proposed to try to make medicine pills.

At that time, what Bai Xiaotian refined was a Five Spirit Pill.

Five Spirit Pills, as the name suggests, after cultivators take it, there are five kinds of gain effects, namely ‘tempering the muscles and bones’, ‘improving internal strength’, ‘quieting the mind’, ‘beautifying the skin and keeping the face’, and ‘immune to poisons’. effect.

Speaking of which, the Five Spirit Pills are only a medium pill among the Wuji Pills, so Yue Feng seldom refines them.

And just after refining the antidote for Dongliu, Yue Feng remembered the five spiritual pills.


Thinking of this, Yue Feng was very excited, he quickly selected the medicinal materials, and began to refine the five spiritual pills.

Yue Feng thought about it, taking the Wuling Pill as the main ingredient, and then preparing an ointment for external application. With such a two-pronged approach, the marks on Qingyi’s face will definitely be removed.

Half an hour later, Yue Feng refined the five spiritual pills, but it was already dark by this time.


At this time, Yue Feng put away the Five Spirit Pills and muttered secretly.

It’s better to wait until Qingyi arrives tomorrow, and then give her the Five Spirit Pills.

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng sat there cross-legged, and began to integrate the power of the red lotus of the law. He practiced until the middle of the night before falling asleep.

Perhaps it was to help Qing Yi solve his worries, Yue Feng slept soundly this time.

“Ah Feng!” Early the

next morning, Yue Feng was in a daze when he was awakened by Qing Yi.

Yue Feng opened his eyes and was stunned when he saw Qing Yi in front of him.

I saw that today Qingyi was wearing a long emerald dress, her hair was tied up high, and she was indescribably youthful and charming, but the mark on her face made Qingyi still a little unconfident.


Even so, Yue Feng was stunned for a while.

If there is no such mark, Qing Yi’s temperament is comparable to Chang’e.

“Ah Feng!”

Seeing Yue Feng staring blankly at him, Qing Yi was very embarrassed and lowered his head and said, “Why are you looking at me like this?”


Seeing her shy look, Yue Feng couldn’t bear it. Zhu laughed, and then took out the five spiritual pills from his body: “Qingyi, you take this, and then apply the ointment I specially prepared for you.”

Five spiritual pills?

Qingyi was stunned when she found the pills, and then asked curiously, “What five spirit pills? There are ointments, what are you doing?”

Yue Feng smiled, with a mysterious look on his face: “You follow me first. Go do it, and keep you in case you have unexpected surprises.”


Qing trusted Yue Feng very much, and immediately stopped asking questions and took the Five Spirit Pills.

Afterwards, with the help of Yue Feng, Qing Yi carefully smeared the plaster prepared by Yue Feng last night on his face.

At that moment, Qing Yi felt that her face was cool and comfortable. After a few minutes, she washed off the ointment under the prompting of Yue Feng.

“And then?”

After washing his face, Qing Yi asked Yue Feng.

Yue Feng smiled slightly, but instead of answering immediately, he handed over a mirror.


At this moment, Qing Yi took a delicate photo, and suddenly her delicate body trembled, she couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air, her heart was full of surprise.

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