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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4226-4230

Chapter 4226

“You’re courting death!”

Bai Yunfei was furious when he saw Ji Hongshang slapped with a palm.


This palm slammed into Bai Yunfei’s body, and a dull vibration was heard, Bai Yunfei’s body trembled, and he was knocked back ten steps.

At the same time, the little girl also flew out, hit a pillar, and fainted directly.

Speaking of which, if it was before, it would be difficult for Ji Hongshang to hurt Bai Yunfei, but after combining the power of the ancient poisonous scorpion’s inner alchemy, her strength has grown by leaps and bounds. In addition, Bai Yunfei has been poisoned, and the power of the demon soul has appeared. The signs of disorder, Ji Hongshang had the opportunity to take advantage of it when the body was at its weakest.


At this time, Bai Yunfei struggled to stand still, his face was extremely gloomy, and he glared at Ji Hongshang: “Ji Hongshang, you dare to betray me?”

Ji Hongshang smiled charmingly: “My good Sect Master , I didn’t want to betray, but who told you to promise to help me kill Yue Feng, but you delayed it again and again? Now I have enough strength to deal with the Ouyang family, and I was stopped by you. I am not reconciled.

” Hearing this ,

Bai Yunfei was extremely angry, and wanted to kill Ji Hongshang immediately, but the power of the demon soul in his body became more and more disordered, and he couldn’t use it at all.

In this case, Bai Yunfei had no choice but to try to suppress the disorder in his body.

“Hee hee…”

Seeing Bai Yunfei’s expression, Ji Hongshang showed a charming smile, and said very proudly: “Sect Master, don’t waste your energy, you can’t solve the poison I gave you at all.”

Shuh! ?

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei was furious and at the same time extremely shocked!

Is the poison from Ji Hongshang? What kind of poison is this so powerful, I didn’t even notice it at all!

At this time, Ji Hongshang walked slowly, smiling like a beautiful snake, took out a porcelain bottle from her body, and looked at Bai Yunfei with a smile: “Sect Master, at this point, I will tell you the truth. Our Five Poison Sect’s treasure is the Five Poison Soul Eater Pill.”

“The Five Poison Soul Eater Pill is refined from ninety-nine to eighty-one kinds of poisonous insects, and no one in the world can solve it except our Five Poison Sect. “

I know that this kind of poison won’t kill you, but aren’t you practicing the stunt of slaying the devil? I think, if the devil soul in your body is completely disordered, the consequences will be serious, right?”


Hearing this, Bai Yunfei was furious and stared fiercely at Ji Hongshang, wishing she could cramp and peel off her skin.

The young master of his dignified Bai family, by his own power, rescued the Demon Lord from the ghost world. His achievements are unparalleled. His current strength is even the best in Kyushu, but he was planted in Ji Hongshang’s hands today. inside.

What made him even more unacceptable was that he trusted Ji Hongshang so much.

This is simply a disgrace!

“Sect Master!”

Seeing that Bai Yunfei’s face was changing and he was very angry, Ji Hongshang said proudly: “Sect Master, are you thinking about how I poisoned me, hee hee, let me tell you the truth.”

Saying that, Ji Hongshang pointed to the corpses of the ten children next to her, her eyes flashing cruelly, and continued: “Before I brought them, I made them take the Five Poison Soul Eater Pill, and you absorb their souls. I was poisoned before I knew it, how about it? Did you not expect it?”


Hearing this, Bai Yunfei’s face changed: “Okay, very good… You planned very well, but have you ever thought about it, even if my demon soul power is disordered, you can’t kill me, because I am a demon The descendants of the clan…”

At this time, Bai Yunfei was extremely angry, but just after scolding a few words, his body suddenly trembled, and his face suddenly turned blue and white.

First, he was poisoned by the five poison soul-devouring pills, which caused the demon soul to become disordered. Now, Bai Yunfei was attacked by the anger of anger, and he could no longer control the power in his body.

“Hee hee!”

Hearing this, Ji Hongshang looked thoughtful: “You are right, you are a descendant of the demon race, it is very difficult for me to kill you, but if I absorb you What about the power of the Demon Soul?”


At this moment, Bai Yunfei’s heart was shocked, panic and anger.

Yes, Ji Hongshang can’t kill herself completely, but she can absorb the power of her demon soul.

Chapter 4227

“I’m going to kill you… ah…”

Under the anger, Bai Yunfei howled wildly, and wanted to rush over to kill Ji Hongshang, but the power of the demon soul in the body was completely violent, Totally out of control.


Under the madness of power, the entire prayer hall was shaking violently, and I saw that the power of the terrifying demon soul escaped from Bai Yunfei.


A few seconds later, Bai Yunfei couldn’t bear it anymore, his figure fell to the ground with a bang, and passed out.

At the same time, a violent force broke out from his body.

Seeing this situation, Ji Hongshang didn’t have time to think, and immediately sat cross-legged, and began to integrate the power of the demon soul that Bai Yunfei had scattered.

Speaking of which, Ji Hongshang was not a descendant of the demon race, so it was impossible to absorb Bai Yunfei’s demon soul power, but she had previously integrated the inner elixir of the ancient poisonous scorpion, and the ancient poisonous scorpion had survived for nearly 10,000 years. , At that time, there were many demons domesticating the poisonous scorpion, so the ancient poisonous scorpion and the demons have a deep relationship. In this case, Ji Hongshang can naturally integrate the power of the devil’s soul.

Of course, Ji Hongshang didn’t know the origin of the ancient poisonous scorpion and the demons, and she just decided to do it temporarily, which was a mistake.

Huh… I

don’t know how long it took, Ji Hongshang absorbed the power of the devil’s soul, and the face that was originally coquettish seemed even more evil and charming, and the whole body was full of tyrannical aura.

At this time, Bai Yunfei was completely fainted, his face was pale, and his whole body was weak.

He is a descendant of the demon race. Although Ji Hongshang absorbed the power of the demon soul, it is difficult to die.


At this moment, Ji Hongshang was about to stand up when she suddenly saw something in Bai Yunfei’s arms. She was very curious and pulled it out.

I saw that it was a golden book, and this book was exactly what Bai Yunfei was going to give to Ren Yingying.

Ji Hongshang opened it and looked at it, and was immediately overjoyed.


I was still worried that after rushing to absorb the power of the demon soul, what should I do if something bad happened, but I didn’t expect that Bai Yunfei had a secret formula for ‘solving the backlash of the power of the demon soul’.

With this cheat book, I don’t have to worry about the backlash of the demon soul.

Thinking to herself, Ji Hongshang was indescribably happy, so she quickly put away the secret book.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside, and soon, dozens of royal guards were seen rushing in.

The one at the head, dressed in silver armor and majestic, is the commander of the palace guards, Peng Yunhai.

After King Guangping became emperor, he had cultivated a lot of powers over the years, except for Nie Yunxiao, who was able to stand on his own, was this Peng Yunhai.

Speaking of which, the Prayer Hall is a forbidden place. Peng Yunhai and these guards were not qualified to break in directly. It was just that Bai Yunfei’s demon soul was disordered, and the breath was completely violent. The surging breath attracted the air around the Prayer Palace. Severely twisted.

In this situation, Peng Yunhai felt the movement, and immediately brought his subordinates to take a look.

After all, Bai Yunfei was King Guangping’s guest. If he made a mistake, it would be difficult for him to do business.


Entering the Blessing Palace and seeing the scene in front of him, both Peng Yunhai and the guards behind him were all stunned, shocked and angry.

I saw that more than a dozen children fell to the ground, their faces were black, and they had been dead for a long time. On the other side, Bai Yunfei was lying there, his face was pale, and he was unconscious.

Beside Bai Yunfei, Ji Hongshang stood there beautifully, with an unparalleled beauty, that charming curve almost aroused infinite reverie, but the whole body was filled with a suffocating terrifying aura.


Finally, Peng Yunhai reacted, staring at Ji Hongshang and asking angrily, “Sect Master Ji, what’s going on? What’s wrong with Your Excellency Bai Yunfei?”

As the commander of the palace guards, Peng Yunhai’s natural way, what Bai Yunfei has done these days, so he doesn’t care much about the corpses of those children on the ground.

Peng Yunhai only cares about Bai Yunfei’s life and death.

You must know that Bai Yunfei is His Majesty’s honorable guest, and if something happens to him, he cannot escape responsibility.

Chapter 4228

“Nothing.” The corners of

Ji Hongshang’s mouth twitched, revealing a charming smile, and said lightly: “My sect master has absorbed too many boys’ souls recently, and he couldn’t bear it for a while, and temporarily passed out.”

Said After that, Ji Hongshang glanced at Bai Yunfei lightly, and continued: “I have seen it just now, he is fine, just rest for a few days.”


Hearing this, Peng Yunhai frowned.

At this time, Ji Hongshang was too lazy to talk nonsense, walked over slowly, and hugged Bai Yunfei: “In order to let the sect master rest in peace, I will take him away first. If your majesty comes back, just tell him the news.”

Saying these At the time, Ji Hongshang looked serious, but treacherousness flashed in her eyes.

Ji Hongshang was very careful. He knew that Bai Yunfei was very difficult to kill. If he left Bai Yunfei here, when he woke up, his surprise attack would definitely be exposed.

Moreover, Ji Hongshang still didn’t understand many things about the golden cheat book that he just got, so the best way is to take Bai Yunfei with him, and when he wakes up, it’s easy to ask.


Hearing this, Peng Yunhai refused without even thinking: “Before your Majesty left, I specially explained that I will do my best to guard Your Excellency Bai Yunfei, you can’t take him away.”

At this time, Peng Yunhai, His heart was full of vigilance, and his eyes were fixed on Ji Hongshang.

This woman is very strange. Since Bai Yunfei is in a coma, it would be good to rest in the palace. After all, this is the safest place, but she wants to take people out, which is really suspicious.

Thinking to himself, Peng Yunhai raised his hand.


In an instant, he got a signal, and the dozens of guards behind him immediately dispersed and surrounded Ji Hongshang.

At the same time, Peng Yunhai said with a faint smile, “Sect Master Ji, I know you belong to Your Excellency Bai Yunfei, but please don’t make me embarrassed.”


Seeing this situation, Ji Hongshang’s beautiful face was instantly gloomy and cold, and a burst of anger rose in her heart.

This Peng Yunhai dared to stop himself, he really didn’t know whether to live or die.

In the next second, Ji Hongshang was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said coldly to Peng Yunhai: “This seat has limited patience, I have to take him away today, get out of my way quickly, lest this seat get angry.”

What a crazy woman!

Hearing this, Peng Yunhai’s face instantly flushed red, and his heart was also extremely frightened.

But a head of the Five Poison Sect dares to be unrestrained in the palace, who gave her the courage?

At this time, Peng Yunhai didn’t know, if it was before, Ji Hongshang did not dare to be so arrogant, but now and then, Ji Hongshang not only integrated the inner core of the ancient poisonous scorpion, but also absorbed Bai Yunfei’s demon soul just now. The power, the strength greatly increased.

In this case, let alone Peng Yunhai, even if King Guangping came back, Ji Hongshang would still ignore it.

“Sect Master Ji.”

Finally, Peng Yunhai reacted, took a step forward, pointed at Ji Hongshang and shouted angrily: “I have given up again and again, you don’t know what to do, you can leave, but Your Excellency Bai Yunfei must stay, otherwise Don’t blame me for being rude.”

“You are courting death!” Ji Hongshang was completely impatient, her charming and coquettish face showed a bit of killing intent.


Hearing this, Peng Yunhai was completely furious. After shouting angrily, a powerful breath burst out from Peng Yunhai’s body, and then he clenched a long knife and stabbed Ji Hongshang straight.


I saw that where the long knife passed, the air was suddenly torn apart, and the power was amazing.

Seeing Peng Yunhai burst out, Ji Hongshang’s beautiful face was full of contempt.

“I didn’t want to pay attention to you, but if you insist on courting death, then you can’t blame me.” Ji Hongshang’s red lips lightly opened, and she spit out a word coldly, and then the whole body’s power exploded. In an instant, the entire prayer hall was instantly swept away by a terrifying force. Full of power.


Feeling the terrifying power of Ji Hongshang, both Peng Yunhai and the guards couldn’t help but gasp.

Especially Peng Yunhai, he just felt that it was difficult to breathe.

This Ji Hongshang, who was not much stronger than himself before, was only good at poisoning, but after not seeing him for a few months, his strength has become so terrifying.

Chapter 4229

Not only that…. Her burst of power seems to be somewhat similar to that of Your Excellency Bai Yunfei.

How could this be?

Muttering in his heart, Peng Yunhai only felt that his head was getting bigger.

He didn’t know that Ji Hongshang absorbed the power of Bai Yunfei’s demon soul, so the power that erupted was so powerful and evil.

In shock, Peng Yunhai’s speed also slowed down.


It was at this moment that Ji Hongshang raised her jade hand and called directly to Peng Yunhai’s heart. It seemed light and fluttering, but it was lightning fast.


This palm hit Peng Yunhai’s heart. At that time, he heard a scream, and Peng Yunhai was shocked and flew out, flying dozens of meters away, and then fell heavily on the floor at the entrance of the main hall. At that time, a mouthful of blood spurted out, the pupils dilated, and there was no breath.


Seeing this scene, dozens of guards were shocked, and they all froze in place, not daring to come out.

This Ji Hongshang’s strength is too terrifying, and Commander Peng was killed in one move, who would dare to go up.


In an instant, the entire prayer hall was silent, almost audible needles falling.

At this moment, Ji Hongshang picked up Bai Yunfei again, glanced at the guards, and said lightly: “Who else is not convinced and wants to stop, just come up.” The

voice was not loud, and it even sounded a little charming . , can be heard in the ears of the guard, but can’t tell the gloomy and terrifying.

Ha ha..

Seeing this scene, Ji Hongshang smiled contemptuously and left quickly with Bai Yunfei. Phew… As soon as the forefoot left, dozens of guards breathed a sigh of relief, and then gathered around to check on Peng Yunhai’s situation

. “The commander is dead…” “That woman is really scary, it’s just a palm!” “Look, the death of Commander Peng is very similar to these children. Could it be that…she absorbed the power of Your Excellency Bai Yunfei?” “It’s very possible…” Under the discussion, one of them realized that the matter was serious, and quickly shouted: “Quick, send someone to Beiying Continent to inform His Majesty, quick…” ….. the other side , Northern Ying Continent. After King Guangping occupied Feilongguan, after a short rest, he continued to set off. After a few hours, he finally arrived at a valley dozens of miles away from the imperial city. King Guangping wanted to attack the imperial city immediately, but it was clear that one night, he had to order the army to camp in the valley. At this time, in the big tent, King Guangping invited Ren Yingying to discuss the siege plan together. “Yingying.” King Guangping showed a smile, looked at Ren Yingying and said: “In the battle of Feilongguan, our army is as strong as a bamboo, and the momentum is like a rainbow. The so-called ‘one rush, another decline, three exhausted.’ In my opinion, let’s go early tomorrow morning , I will launch an attack. I guess within two hours, the imperial city will be destroyed. What do you think?” When he said this, King Guangping’s face was very polite, but his heart was extremely gloomy. To be honest, King Guangping didn’t want to be so polite to Ren Yingying, but thinking that she was sent by Bai Yunfei, he could only suppress his dissatisfaction.

What’s more, in the previous battle of Feilongguan, Ren Yingying showed a strong strength, which also made King Guangping a little jealous.

Huh… Hearing this title, Ren Yingying

frowned and said angrily, “Don’t call me Yingying, don’t forget, our old accounts haven’t been settled yet.”


King Guangping was very embarrassed, and at the same time, his heart was also filled with anger.


Because this Ren Yingying was sent by Bai Yunfei, it is really hateful that she doesn’t take herself seriously.

At this time, King Guangping wanted to tear his face, but he held back and said with a smile: “Okay, if you don’t like it, then I will call you Your Excellency. What do you think of my plan just now?”

Ren Yingying asked delicately. There was no fluctuation on his face, and he said lightly: “We came from Feilongguan, the soldiers are a little tired, and it is not suitable to attack tomorrow.”

“Also, we have not explored the terrain of Beiying Imperial City, and we will attack rashly, if we fail. , what should you do?”


Hearing this, King Guangping was stunned for a moment, and then squeezed out a smile: “What are you afraid of, in the battle of Feilongguan, the Gonggong has been defeated by you, and now In the Northern Ying Continent, no one is stronger than Gonggong, even if she is defeated, who can be your opponent?”

Chapter 4230

Speaking, King Guangping continued hypocritically: “When the war starts tomorrow, your Excellency only needs to show up. I think that the defenders of the imperial city must have broken their minds and have no courage to fight again.”

At this time, King Guangping, Just want a quick fix.


However, Ren Yingying shook her head very simply, and said beyond doubt: “If you want to go to war tomorrow, you will go to war. I won’t show up anyway. Anyway, my suggestion is to take a day off and go to war the day after.”

After saying this, Ren Yingying didn’t give King Guangping a chance to refute at all, got up and walked out of the big tent.

Yes, Ren Yingying didn’t want to break the Beiying Imperial City, because once the Beiying Imperial City was broken, the entire Beiying Continent would be completely occupied. This was not the result she wanted to see.

Therefore, Ren Yingying rejected the proposal of King Guangping.


Soon, returning to the resting tent, Ren Yingying took a deep breath, her delicate face was full of worry.

The current situation, even if it is delayed for a day, will not change the hidden danger of the Northern Ying Imperial City being breached. After all, after Gonggong was defeated by himself, the entire Northern Ying continent was panicked, and the soldiers did not have the courage to fight again.

How to do it?

For a time, Ren Yingying frowned and fell into contemplation.

A few minutes later, Ren Yingying suddenly thought of something, and the whole person was excited, and she could help Beiying mainland to find reinforcements. At that time, he pretended that he couldn’t beat him, and then went back to ask Bai Yunfei for the cheats.

Yes, just do it.

After making up her mind, Ren Yingying walked out of the tent quickly, and sneaked into the Beiying Imperial City while taking advantage of the night.

Ren Yingying plans to ask Su Qingyan to support Beiying Imperial City. You must know that Su Qingyan is now the suzerain of Xia Yinzong, and Xia Yinzong is very powerful. Once they come to support, Beiying Imperial City will definitely be able to defend. .

However, to deliver the message to Xia Yinzong, it is definitely not possible to find soldiers in the camp, so Ren Yingying thought about it and decided to go to Beiying Imperial City to find someone to deliver the message.

the other side. in the big account.

Ren Yingying’s extremely cold and arrogant departure made King Guangping very annoyed.


At this moment, King Guangping’s face was gloomy, thinking of Ren Yingying’s attitude just now, his heart became more and more angry, and he couldn’t help but patted the table.

Ma De, this Ren Yingying, doesn’t give himself any face at all, or else he has his own battle plan.

“Your Majesty!”

At this moment, a general walked in and said cautiously: “The whole army has already begun to rest, tomorrow morning, do you want to start the siege?”

King Guangping said angrily: “What city to attack? Tomorrow Continue to rest, that little bitch Ren Yingying doesn’t show up, can you beat Gonggong?”


Hearing the scolding, the general was very embarrassed, but he quickly thought of something and whispered: “Your Majesty , before coming in just now, my subordinates seem to have seen Ren Yingying leaving the camp and seem to be heading towards Beiying Imperial City.”


At this moment, King Guangping froze there, frowning secretly.

This Ren Yingying, who doesn’t want to attack the city tomorrow, is now taking advantage of the night to go to the Beiying Imperial City. Could it be that she wants to cooperate with the enemy?

No, she has been subdued by Bai Yunfei, and it is impossible to betray her.

After thinking about it, King Guangping didn’t guess Ren Yingying’s intention. He didn’t want to guess too much at the time. He ordered to the general: “Go, send someone immediately, and secretly guard all the exits of the imperial city. Once you find Ren Yingying coming out, come back and report immediately.”

The general didn’t dare to be negligent, and nodded quickly: “This subordinate understands.” The

voice fell, and he quickly walked out of the big tent.

It was late at night, and King Guangping felt a little tired, so he waved the other generals out, then closed his eyes and rested.

Time passed by minute by minute.

Two hours later, the general walked into the tent quickly, and respectfully said to King Guangping: “Go back to your majesty, the last general will send someone to guard around the imperial city, and then Ren Yingying will return after half an hour in the imperial city. The big camp.”

King Guangping was meditating when he was suddenly disturbed, and he was very unhappy, but he didn’t have a seizure, but said lightly: “Since she came back half an hour ago, why are you so late?”

“Your Majesty!”

The general showed a smile and couldn’t hide his excitement: “At that time, the general kept an eye on his mind, and let his soldiers continue to guard the major exits of the imperial city. As expected, when we were about to leave, we saw a sneaky person. He left the imperial city in a hurry, very suspicious, so I caught him.”

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