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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4196-4200

Chapter 4196


At this moment, watching Wei An turn and leave, Gong Ao’s face was gloomy, and his heart was filled with anger.

This bastard with a broken leg doesn’t even help me?

If you don’t join the Demon Race, you have no backing, and sooner or later you will be caught by the Nine Heavens God?

No, you can’t sit still like this.

Thinking of this, Gong Ao looked grim, and at that time his heart sank, and he stood up.


In the next second, Gong Ao’s divine power exploded, lightning fast, and a palm slapped directly behind Wei An.

Gong Ao thought about it, since Wei An refused to help, he would just get rid of him.


Wei An was taken aback when he felt the movement behind him, and when he turned back to see Gong Ao bursting out, he was even more shocked, and said angrily, “Gong Ao, what are you going to do?

” Gong Ao was really insidious, and even attacked from behind.

“Young Master Wei An.” The corner of

Gong Ao’s mouth rose slightly, unable to hide the ruthlessness and madness in his heart: “I ask you the truth, but you refuse to help at all, so you can’t blame me.” The

last word Falling down, Gong Ao quickened his speed and slapped it with a palm.

“I’m afraid you can’t do it?”

Wei An was frightened and angry, subconsciously wanting to dodge, but both of his legs were prosthetic limbs, so he couldn’t move at all, so he couldn’t dodge at all.


This palm slammed hard on Wei An, and then heard a dull sound, Wei An trembled, was directly knocked back dozens of steps, and finally hit a tree and stopped.

Gong Ao didn’t use all his strength, otherwise, Wei An would be dead at this time.


At this time, Wei An leaned on the book, only felt the blood in his body churn, and looked at Gong Ao in shock and anger: “If I don’t recommend you, you will kill me? Kill me, It won’t do you any good.”

When he said this, Wei An was a little flustered in addition to anger.

He never thought that Gong Ao would be so ruthless, that he would be allied with him anyway, and he even said that he would do it.

At the same time, there are still some doubts in my heart.

Wei An clearly felt that Gong Ao’s palm didn’t explode with full power, otherwise, he would have died.

Could it be that… Gong Ao just wanted to teach himself a lesson?

Thinking of this, Wei An quickly said: “Commander Gong, it’s not that I won’t help you, but I really don’t have a position in the Demon Race, so let’s go back and have a look first, find an opportunity, and I’ll recommend you to Demon Venerable, how? “

Speaking of which, Wei An didn’t want to compromise with Gong Ao, but if he didn’t compromise, he would die.


In the face of Wei An’s request, Gong Ao’s face was full of contempt, and he sneered: “Young Master Wei An, you don’t have to lie to me, you have never thought of helping me, why should you pretend to agree?”

Saying that, Gong Ao’s eyes flashed coldly, and he continued: “Want to know why I didn’t kill you immediately? Because, your body is still useful to me.”

What? !

Hearing this, Wei An was inexplicably uneasy, and said in shock, “You… what do you want?”

Gong Ao’s eyes flashed with playfulness, and he said word by word, “I thought about it just now, since you won’t help me. , I had no choice but to occupy the dove’s nest and use your identity to join the Demon Race.”

“You should have heard that in the Imperial Palace, there is a forbidden technique called ‘spiritual immersion’. Specifically, I destroy your soul consciousness, and then integrate my soul consciousness and primordial spirit into your body. Nai, at that time, I will become you, and no one will know.”

“Although your body has broken a pair of legs, it is still barely usable.”

“And my body will naturally be brought back to the devil. Respect for the credit.”

“In this way, I not only used your body to save a life, but also used my body to take credit for Li Xia of the Demon Race, killing two birds with one stone, what do you think?” At the

end, Gong Ao’s face was full of expressions. crazy.


This Gong Ao is simply a lunatic.

Hearing this, Wei An was both angry and panicked, but he felt shivering all over, and cold sweat broke out.

You can think of such a terrifying way, this Gong Ao is even more terrifying than the Demon Race.

In panic, Wei An almost cried: “Commander Gong, please give me a chance, I will definitely recommend you, I…”

Thinking that Gong Ao was about to occupy his body and become himself, Wei An Not shudder.


Gong Ao didn’t listen to Wei An’s plea at all. He shook his head and said, “Forget it, if you recommend me, I have to risk being killed. This is the best way to do it once and for all.”

Chapter 4197

Papa… After the

voice fell, Gong Ao shot like electricity, his Yuan turned divine power, and sealed several big acupoints on Wei An’s body. At any time, Wei An’s body trembled, and he couldn’t move.

“Gong Ao, you scum…”

He couldn’t move, Wei An was so frightened that he was about to scold loudly, but as soon as he scolded a few words, he saw Gong Ao muttering words, and then put his hands on Wei An’s on the head.


For a while, Wei An only felt his whole body tremble, and then a terrifying force poured into his body.

That’s right, Gong Ao has already begun to perform ‘Spirit of the Spirit’. The first step is to destroy Wei An’s soul consciousness. After the soul consciousness is destroyed, Wei An becomes a body without a soul.

Under the crushing force of that force, Wei An only felt that his consciousness became blurred and ethereal.

“You won’t have a good end…”

“Ah…” The

soul consciousness was gradually destroyed, and the unspeakable pain continued to invade Wei An’s soul. For a time, Wei An kept cursing. write.

At first, he scolded fiercely, but gradually, his voice became weaker.

In the end, Wei An’s eyes became empty.


Finally, after the soul consciousness and soul were completely destroyed, Wei An’s body fell softly to the ground.


At this moment, Gong Ao took a deep breath, the corners of his mouth raised a trace of cruelty, and said to himself, “Wei An, I don’t want to do this either, but in order to save my life, I can only sacrifice you.”

As soon as the words fell, Gong Ao continued to use the forbidden technique of ‘falling into the spirit’, allowing his soul consciousness and primordial spirit to escape from the body, and then slowly merged into Wei An’s body.


For a while, I saw strange forces circling around.

If there was someone next to him, he would definitely be shocked when he saw this scene. Gong Ao’s soul consciousness and primordial spirit gradually emerged from his body, and then slowly entered Wei An’s body…

I don’t know how long it took, Gong Ao Ao finally successfully integrated into Wei An’s body.


At this moment, Gong Ao slowly stood up and couldn’t help laughing up to the sky. Although this body with a broken leg didn’t feel very good, at least he didn’t have to worry about being chased by the Nine Heavens God.

After laughing a few times, Gong Ao dragged his original body and strode away.

Gong Ao didn’t know where the temporary resting place of the demons was, but he believed that the fact that Wei An and Dong Zang could come to the False Mountain to investigate just now proved that their camp was not far away.


I don’t know how long it took, Gong Ao finally found the demon camp when he was out of the valley. He took a deep breath and walked over quickly.


At this moment, seeing Gong Ao dragging a corpse, the demon warriors patrolling around immediately surrounded him.

“This…isn’t that Gong Ao? A subordinate beside the Nine Heavens God.”


Under the discussion, these demon warriors didn’t realize that the ‘Wei An’ in front of him was occupied by Gong Ao. The body is no longer the Wei An before.

Seeing that these demon warriors had no doubts, Gong Ao was very excited.


This forbidden technique of ‘falling into God’ is really powerful.

Thinking to himself, Gong Ao exchanged a few words with a few demon warriors and went straight to the big tent.

A few minutes later, in the big account.

Demon Lord Gone sat there without the slightest fluctuation on his face, and his whole body was filled with a palpitating aura.

Moyan and Yutian, as well as the other holy demon kings, all looked awe-inspiring on both sides of the station.

Gong Ao knelt there with a respectful face, with his original body beside him.

“Wei An.”

At this moment, Mo Yan spoke first, looking at Gong Ao and asking, “What’s the matter? Where is Dong Zang who went out with you?” The

voice fell, and the eyes of Demon Lord Gone and the other holy demon kings, They all looked at Gong Ao closely, waiting for his answer.

At this time, whether it was the Demon Lord Gone or the Twelve Holy Demon Kings, there was nothing wrong with the ‘Wei An’ in front of him.

“Return to Your Excellency the Demon King.”

Gong Ao took a deep breath and said politely: “Just now, Dong Zang and I went to investigate the False Mountain, and we happened to meet this Gong Ao, so we started directly at that time, Dong Zang was defeated by Gong Ao and was defeated by Gong Ao. Kill him. I took advantage of Gong Ao’s weakness and killed him.”

After speaking, Gong Ao made a very frightened look: “This subordinate is incompetent and failed to save Dong Zang’s life, please punish him.”

Chapter 4198


Hearing this, Mo Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and her delicate face showed a bit of doubt: “How can this Gong Ao suddenly appear in the False Mountain?”

Mo Yan was very surprised at this time.

You must know that Gong Ao is very powerful. Wei An and Dong Zang joined forces to kill him.

She just wanted to know, how could Gong Ao appear here.

After all, Gong Ao is a popular man beside the Nine Heavens God. If he suddenly appeared in the False Mountain, will he be followed by the God Realm army?

“Back to the Demon King.”

Hearing the question, Gong Ao’s mind turned quickly and responded: “We started fighting when we met, I don’t know why this Gong Ao came to the False Mountain, but according to my guess, it should also be sensed. I came to check the situation from the previous tremors of the False Mountain.”

Gong Ao was very thoughtful and knew the truth that too much words must be lost, so he didn’t explain too much.

Hearing the answer, Mo Yan nodded and stopped asking.

“Wei An.”

At this time, the silent Demon Venerable looked at Gong Ao and said slowly, “This Gong Ao has a very high status in the Divine Realm. If you can kill him, it can be regarded as our defeat before. Out of anger.”

After speaking, the Demon Lord Gone smiled slightly: “This time you have made a contribution, and I will make you the Xuanwu General. I hope you will serve more of our Demon Race in the future.”

At this time, the Demon Lord was not yet You know, it’s not Wei An at all, but Gong Ao.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Gong Ao was overjoyed and hurriedly bowed.

Heart is also indescribable excitement and excitement.


This forbidden technique of ‘spiritual immersion’ is really easy to use, and even the Demon Venerable didn’t notice it.

“That’s right!”

At this moment, Demon Lord Gone thought of something, looked at Gong Ao and asked: “You were in the False Mountain just now, besides fighting against Gong Ao, what else did you see? Why did the vision of heaven and earth appear at that time? “

Go back to your honor.”

Gong Ao was stunned for a moment, and quickly replied: “Beside the False Mountain, there are two huge statues…” After speaking, he explained the scene he had seen before in detail.

At the end, Gong Ao pondered and said, “My subordinates guess that those two statues should be masterpieces of immortals outside the sky, because other than immortals outside the sky, it is impossible for others to create such a big scene in such a short time. It will not trigger a vision of heaven and earth.”

Immortals from outside the sky?

Hearing this, Demon Lord Gone frowned, suddenly thinking of something, his eyes flashed.

Could it be that Jade Child Immortal Weng?


on the other side.

“Fairy Pipa, wait…”

High in the sky, Yutong Xianweng took Princess Dongling and flew all the way, and finally caught up with Fairy Pipa.


Seeing this, Pipa Fairy Xiumei frowned, slowly landed, and asked Yutong Xianweng, “Is there anything else?” Huh


Yutong Xianweng took a deep breath, held the Tianqingzhu in his hand, and shook it: “I’ll give you this Tianqingzhu.”

Fairy Pipa was stunned: “This is what you won, why don’t you want it? “

Saying that, Fairy Pipa looked at Princess Dongling: “Aren’t you going to help her rebuild her primordial spirit? What? You have to give up now?”

“Why would I give up?”

Yutong Xianweng shook his head with a serious face. I just won disgraceful just now.”

Said, Yutong Xianweng looked at Fairy Pipa closely, and said excitedly: “Tell me, why did you deliberately lose to me just now? Are you afraid that I will lose face? Can I, Yutong Xianweng, not be able to lose?”

“No, we have to compete.”

When he said this, Yutong Xianwen was angrily.

He has a very strong self-esteem and knows that Fairy Pipa deliberately lost to him, so he can’t calm down.

Seeing him being a scoundrel

, Pipa Fairy couldn’t help laughing and laughing, and said softly, “How could I deliberately lose to you? Stop fooling around, I still have something to do.”

“Why am I fooling around?

Yutong Xianweng suddenly became anxious, raised his finger and pointed at Princess Dongling: “She said it, just now she saw you at the end of the competition and deliberately stopped, you said, did you deliberately lose to me ? “

“Do you think I can’t compare to you? You look down on me…”


Hearing this, Fairy Pipa was very helpless and gave Princess Dongling a speechless look.

This girl is really interesting. I lost on purpose, so that you can get the Sky Blue Pearl, so that you can reshape the soul, you’d better, and tell the situation.

Chapter 4199

Feeling Fairy Pipa’s gaze, Princess Dongling was very embarrassed, her face turned slightly red, and she lowered her head.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but cry.

At this time, Princess Dongling did not expect that Yutong Xianweng was so determined to win, knowing that the opponent had lost intentionally, he would catch up and ask Fairy Pipa to try again. “Don’t you have anything to say


At this time, Yutong Xianweng looked like she was holding the opponent’s handle, and smiled at Fairy Pipa: “The competition just now doesn’t count, let’s have a competition.”

Sky Qingzhu threw it over.


However, Fairy Pipa stopped Yutong Xianweng, her delicate face was full of seriousness: “I can promise you, let’s compete again, but you must accept this Tianqingzhu first.

” Why?” Yutong Xianweng was puzzled.

Fairy Pipa pointed at Princess Dongling: “Because she needs this thing.”

After saying that, Fairy Pipa looked at Yutong Xianweng closely: “Don’t you want a real competition? I can promise you, I don’t want to release water on purpose, but Tianqingzhu, you must accept it.”


Yutong Xianweng was silent for a few seconds, then nodded, then turned his head towards Princess Dongling and said, “Daughter, you can make it happen. Fairy Pipa is so attentive, it’s really a blessing from her previous life. Since she insists on giving it to you, you can take it.” As he

spoke, he handed the Tianqingzhu to Princess Dongling.

“Thank you, senior.” Princess Dongling took the Sky Blue Pearl and smiled happily.

Immediately, Princess Dongling thanked Fairy Pipa again: “Thank you Fairy.”

Fairy Pipa smiled lightly, indicating that you are welcome.

“Okay, okay.” At this time, Yutong

Xianweng couldn’t wait to say: “What is the competition this time? If there is no bet in the competition, it will be very boring. Let me see what good things I have on me.”

Tong Xianweng began to rummage through his pockets, and after a while, he took out a colorful Ruyi.

I saw the colorful Ruyi, the whole body was lustrous, and there was a charming luster.

“This is made of colorful jade. Colorful jade is rare in the world, and it can be regarded as a rare treasure.” Yutong Xianweng said with a smile.


Fairy Pipa nodded, then thought about it, and took out a jade bottle from her body.


At this moment, the gazes of Yutong Xianweng and Princess Dongling suddenly converged on the jade bottle. They saw that the jade bottle was delicate in texture, and it was also a good treasure. However, it was the inside of the jade bottle that attracted the attention. A strange flame jumped up and down.

Yes, this fire is the soul of Yue Feng.

In Fengmo Mountain before, Yue Feng was killed by Demon Zun Gone. At that time, he wanted to use the flame of Bird Ancestor’s power to regenerate Pan Nie, but when Demon Zun Gone noticed it, he shot again and destroyed the flame of Pan Nii, but It is still a hundred secrets, and a ray of Yue Feng’s soul escaped by luck.

Later, Fairy Pipa happened to pass by and saw the flames that were transformed by the spirit. At that time, she thought it was interesting and put it in the jade bottle.

Such a strange flame.

At this moment, both Yutong Xianweng and Princess Dongling were extremely curious.

“Jade boy fairy.”

This is, Fairy Pipa’s red lips lightly opened, and she said, “I don’t have any other treasures on my body, only this jade bottle, the flame in the jade bottle, which I got on the Mountain of Sealing Demons. I thought it was very interesting at the time, so I put it away. Inside the jade bottle.”

“If you think you can, let’s start.”

When she said this, Fairy Pipa’s delicate face was full of seriousness.

Because anyone with a discerning eye can see that these two bets, Yutong Xianwen’s colorful Ruyi is obviously rarer, while the jade bottle of Pipa Xianzi is very common.

The only interesting thing is the flame inside.

“Hurry up.”

Immediately after he finished speaking, Yutong Xianweng couldn’t help urging. In his heart, it didn’t matter whether the bet was precious or not. What was important was that he could compete fairly and impartially with Fairy Pipa.

“What do you want to compare this time?” Fairy Pipa asked with a slight smile.

“Let me think about it.” Yutong Xianweng responded, handing over the Qicai Ruyi and the jade bottle to Princess Dongling, and then began to ponder.

Chapter 4200

“Think about it, I don’t have time to make trouble with you.” Fairy Pipa shook her head and smiled bitterly, and couldn’t help but urged gently.


As soon as he finished speaking, he sensed a powerful aura coming from not far away.

Sensing this breath, both Yutong Xianweng and Princess Dongling couldn’t help but turn their heads to look.


Seeing this, Princess Dongling couldn’t help but take a deep breath!

I saw nearly 20,000 demon warriors coming in a mighty manner. In front of these demon warriors, it was the Demon Lord Gone and the Twelve Holy Demon Kings.

At this time, the Demon Lord Gone, suspended in mid-air, was majestic and had an amazing aura.


Seeing the Demon Lord Gone, Princess Dongling trembled in the suburbs and was flustered.

Princess Dongling can’t forget that at the wedding with Princess Dongling, the Demon Lord Gone suddenly appeared, kidnapped him, and then destroyed his own primordial spirit. If it wasn’t for Yutong Xianweng passing by, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In Princess Dongling’s heart, she already had a shadow on Demon Venerable, and when she saw him again at this time, her soul would tremble.


At this time, Demon Lord Gone’s eyes were fixed on Princess Dongling, and his tone was filled with incomparable contempt: “My life is really big, the primordial spirit has been destroyed, and it has not died yet.

” In his proud mouth, when he learned about the situation on the False Mountain, Mozun Gone guessed that it might be the Jade Child Immortal. ‘s whereabouts.


Feeling the powerful breath of Demon Lord Gone, Princess Dongling pretended to be calm and did not respond, but her delicate face was extremely pale.


At this moment, Gong Ao, who was in the demon army, stared at Princess Dongling tightly, and was extremely shocked.

Is she not dead?

Although Princess Dongling was taken away from her innocence by Yue Feng, Gong Ao was very resentful and decided to forget Princess Dongling at that time, but when she saw it again, her heart was still hard to calm down.

After all, that was the goddess whom she had adored for so long.

At this moment, Gong Ao wanted to rush over and say hello to Princess Dongling, but thinking that he was using Wei An’s identity, he forcibly held back.


At this time, the Demon Lord Gone’s eyes fell on Yutong Xianweng and Pipa Fairy’s, his eyes flashed with complexity: “Yutong Xianweng, Pipa Fairy, it’s really rare to meet two people here.” The

last time In the battle between gods and demons, a ray of soul-mind of Demon Lord Gone had wandered for nearly ten thousand years outside the nine heavens. During those long years, he had encountered countless immortals from outside the heavens, including Yutong Xianweng and Pipa. Fairy.

What a disappointment.

Yutong Xianweng frowned, looking very displeased, took a step forward and said to Demon Zun Gone: “Demon Gonie, if you pass by, hurry up and don’t hinder our competition.

” The Pipa Fairy deliberately released water, which has already made Yutong Fairy very depressed.

And this time, before the competition started, the demons came to make trouble again, which made Yutong Xianweng very annoyed.

Although the Demon Lord Gone is very famous and powerful in the realm of the gods, in the eyes of Yutong Xianweng, it is nothing at all, and his words are naturally rude.


As soon as the words fell, the Holy Demon King Jutian strode out, pointed at Yutong Xianweng and scolded: “Dare to talk to our lord like this, you don’t want to live anymore?”

This old man really has no rules at all, and he must be taught a lesson.

I thought to myself, Jutian was about to rush up, but was stopped by the Demon Lord Gone.

“Yutian, step back.” Demon Lord Gone said lightly, his voice was not loud, but there was no doubt.

Yutian took a deep breath, glared at Yutong Xianweng, and backed away.

“It turned out to be the Demon Venerable who was wandering outside the Nine Heavens.”

At this time, Fairy Pipa’s red lips lightly opened, and she said lightly to the Demon Venerable Gone: “I didn’t expect you to reshape the body, it’s really gratifying, Yutong and I. Immortal Weng is reminiscing about the past, if you are okay, please don’t disturb us.”

Fairy Pipa has a weak nature and doesn’t care about the battles in the realm of the gods. At this time, I just thought that my competition with Yutong Xianweng would not be disturbed by the outside world.


Hearing this, Demon Lord Gone smiled slightly, nodded and said, “I won’t disturb the two of you reminiscing about the past, but I will take this girl away.”

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