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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4181-4185

Chapter 4181


At this time, Fairy Pipa came to the front, and after a close observation, she couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Strange, there is a fire floating in a place with such a strong yin and evil energy, not only that, but there is also a ray of spirit inside… “

No matter who you are, if you meet me, it is considered a fate for us. Come with me first, and I will see if there is a way to help you reshape your body.” The

voice fell, and Fairy Pipa took out a jade bottle, which contained The flame of Yue Feng’s spirit was taken in.

After collecting it, Fairy Pipa rose up and disappeared into the sky.


On the other side, the Imperial Palace.

Several hours have passed since the battle, and the traces after the fierce battle have been completely cleaned up, and the entire Yutian Palace is almost completely new inside and outside.

At this time, in the Imperial Palace, it was even more lively.

I saw that in the Imperial Palace, there were more than 100 seats, and many priests sat in sequence, each with a smile.

On the throne, the Nine Heavens God is dressed in a golden dragon robe, and his mood is also extremely comfortable.

In the previous battle, almost all of the hundreds of thousands of Demon Race troops were destroyed and completely defeated. In a short period of time, they could no longer pose a threat to Yutian Palace. Why are you unhappy?

Beside the Nine Heavens God, Empress Hua Zhao sat quietly there.

At this time, Empress Hua Zhao was wearing a gorgeous long dress, which showed her tight figure vividly, and her manners were endless, and she was unbelievably beautiful.

Since the war broke out between the Demon Race and the Divine Realm, Empress Hua Zhao has been hiding in the Yuyao Xianyuan. Now that the Divine Realm has won a big victory, the Nine Heavens God will hold a celebration feast, so Empress Hua Zhao will naturally not be absent.

But thinking that Princess Dongling’s life and death are unknown, although Empress Hua Zhao had a smile on her face, she couldn’t be happy in her heart.

In the positions below the throne, there were Divine Sovereign Haotian, Gong Ao…


At this time Gong Ao was sitting there, calm on the surface, but indescribably excited.

In this battle, he has made continuous contributions, and His Majesty will definitely not treat him badly.


At this moment, Jiutian God slowly got up, raised his glass, looked around and smiled: “Today’s battle, everyone has worked hard, this cup, I respect you.”

Saying, Jiutian God drank it And do.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, Hong En.” The priests responded in unison, and then raised their cups.

After a glass of wine, Jiutian God’s mood became more and more cheerful, first glanced at Gong Ao, and laughed: “I want to commend Gong Ao Gong’s commander, it was he who investigated the situation of the demons last night, and I changed it just before the war. The innate law formation.”

“Without Gong Ao commanding, we will lose the battle today.” “So, Gong Ao deserves the first credit. Here, I announce that Gong Ao is named ‘Grand Marshal of


In the end, Nine Heavens God took out the letter that Gong Ao gave last night, smiled and said: “This is the commander of Gong Ao, the results of last night’s investigation of the demon camp, you must take him as an example.”


When the voice fell, the entire Yutian Palace was in an uproar.

Many priests congratulated Gong Ao one after another.

“Congratulations to the commander of the palace to be promoted to the Grand Marshal.”

“The commander of the palace… oh no, Marshal Gong, it’s really gratifying…”

“Haha, Marshal Gong, I’ll give you a toast.”

Facing the praises of the priests, Gong Ao stood up and responded one by one, almost smiling and feeling very happy.


However, at this moment, Haotian Divine Sovereign suddenly stood up and said to Jiutian God: “Your Majesty, this letter seems to be wrong. Can you show me?”

When he said this, Haotian Divine Sovereign looked at Staring closely at the letter, his expression was very complicated.

In order to deal with the Demon Lord Gone before, Haotian Shenjun specially conducted a rigorous investigation of the Demon Race army, including the letters in the Demon Race.

At this time, Haotian Shenjun discovered that the paper in the hands of the Nine Heavens God seemed to be exactly the same as the paper used by the demons.


At this moment, the entire Yutian Palace was silent.

what’s going on?

Gong Ao was canonized as Grand Marshal, and his status was equal to that of Haotian God. Does this make Haotian God unhappy?

Gong Ao also put away his smile and frowned secretly.

“What’s wrong with the letter?” At this time, the Nine Heavens God was stunned, but he trusted Haotian Divine Monarch very much, and he handed the letter over while asking.

Chapter 4182


At this moment, the eyes of the audience also converged on Haotian Divine Sovereign.

Haotian Shenjun carefully observed the letter and said slowly: “Your Majesty, there is something wrong with this paper. I want to ask the commander of the palace, where did you get it from?”

When he said this, Haotian Shenjun looked at Gong Ao. There was some deep meaning in his eyes.

Problem with paper?

Hearing this, the entire Yutian Palace was in an uproar, and many priests were talking about it.

“What’s wrong with this paper?”

“Is it poisonous?”

“Shh, don’t

talk nonsense.” The chatter kept coming, and Gong Ao was inexplicably flustered. You know, this letter was originally sent by Yue Feng , the result was intercepted by himself.

But soon, Gong Ao calmed down and looked at Haotian Divine Monarch with a half-smiling smile: “Your Excellency, the demon army has been defeated by us, what’s the point of discussing this now?”

At this time, Gong Ao still had some luck in his heart. .

This Divine Sovereign of Haotian, seeing that my status was on an equal footing with him, was unhappy, so he deliberately made a fuss about the letter, but I read this letter several times at the time, and there was no problem at all, so there is no need to be afraid.


Facing Gong Ao’s rhetorical question, Haotian Shenjun chuckled lightly: “Of course it makes sense, I want to ask you, when you wrote it, where did this paper come from?”


Gong Ao was stunned . After a while, he said casually: “This is the paper I usually use for official business, what’s wrong?”


The voice fell, Haotian Shenjun shook his head and said with a sneer: “If this is the case, you have committed the crime of deceiving the king, and you are not qualified to take credit, let alone be a grand marshal.”

Gong Ao’s face flushed, and he couldn’t bear it . Stopped, and said displeasedly: “Your Excellency, what do you mean?”


Is this Haotian Divine Monarch sick in his head, is he deliberately making trouble for himself?

At the same time, the surrounding priests were also talking about it.


At this time, the God of Nine Heavens couldn’t stand it anymore, and said to the God of Haotian: “Gong Ao is right, the army of demons has been completely defeated by us, at this time at this celebration banquet, everyone is high Happy, why do you have to struggle with a letter?”

When he said this, Jiutian God was also a little dissatisfied, thinking that Haotian God Sovereign was a little too much.


Feeling the dissatisfaction of the Nine Heavens God, Haotian Shenjun took a deep breath and said respectfully: “Your Majesty, you don’t know something, the biggest problem with this letter is not the content written on it, but this kind of paper. It’s not official paper in Yutian Palace, but paper used by demons.”

After speaking, Haotian Shenjun completely unfolded the letter, pointed out a code on the lower right corner, and continued: “During this time, I have been investigating demons. I learned a lot about the situation of the clan camp, such as the paper for writing credit, the official paper of our Yutian Palace, there is no mark on it, and the paper of the demon clan has a special code for each piece.”

said . At the end, Haotian Divine Sovereign looked back at Gong Ao, his eyes full of doubts: “I want to know, how did Commander Gong get this kind of paper from the demon camp?”


the voice fell, and the whole imperial palace Tiangong suddenly exploded, and many priests were extremely surprised.

“Sure enough there is a code.”

“Yeah, if I didn’t look carefully, I really didn’t find it.” “Looking at this situation, is there something else

hidden behind this letter?” The paper on which Gong Ao wrote the credit turned out to be from the Demon Clan Camp? This… Seeing this scene, Gong Ao froze there, only feeling his brain buzzing. How could this be? There is actually a code on the letter that Yue Feng sent? Why didn’t you notice it at the time? Or….Haotian Shenjun deliberately created something out of nothing? “How could there be such a thing?” At this time, Empress Hua Zhao, who had been sitting silently beside her, was also frowning lightly at this time. She leaned over and looked at the paper carefully, and sure enough, she saw a special number on it. And this kind of number is the unique character of the Demon Race. Seeing this, Empress Hua Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, nodded at the Nine Heavens God and said, “The number on this is indeed a character unique to the Demon Race.” Empress Hua Zhao is not only beautiful and intelligent, but also knowledgeable and talented, so she naturally recognizes the Demon Race. Word.

Chapter 4183

With the affirmation of Empress Hua Zhao, Haotian Shenjun showed a smile and threw the letter directly at Gong Ao’s feet.

Speaking of which, Haotian Divine Sovereign and Gong Ao have no grievances or enmity, there is no need to deliberately seek trouble, but Haotian Divine Sovereign is very paranoid and serious.

“Gong Ao!”

Finally, Nine Heavens God reacted, frowned at Gong Ao, and asked coldly: “Gong Ao, tell me, what is going on here?”

“This paper is obviously owned by the Demon Race. Thing, why did you just say that it is the official paper of Yutian Palace?”


When the words fell, Gong Ao’s face turned pale, and he was dripping with cold sweat. He knelt there in fear and said: “Your Majesty, I was wrong just now, this letter was written by the secret agent I sent out, and he infiltrated the demon camp at that time. , At that time, the situation was critical, so I threw the paper in the Demon Clan camp and wrote down their plan.”

At this time, Gong Ao was in a panic.

He never thought that a piece of paper could become a clue, and it was also seen by Haotian Divine Sovereign.

Now that it was seen, I quickly figured out a way to fool it.

Written by a spy?

Hearing this answer, Nine Heavens God frowned and pondered.

On the other hand, Divine Sovereign Haotian chuckled, his cold face full of disbelief, and said lightly, “Gong Ao, don’t lie, as far as I know, the paper and pens used in the demon camp are all There are special demon warriors watching, it is impossible for the spies you sent to pass through their defenses to steal a few pieces of paper.”

Saying that, Haotian Shenjun suddenly sharpened his eyes: “The only explanation is that this letter was not written by your spy at all, but leaked from within the Demon Race. It was just obtained by your chance, right?”


Seeing that God Jun Haotian guessed the truth at once, Gong Ao was completely panicked, knelt there trembling all over, unable to speak.

Looking at Gong Ao’s reaction, Jiutian God understood instantly. He was very angry at that time, but because of his identity, he did not break out, but said lightly: “Is that so? Gong Ao.”


Gong Ao He lowered his head and dared not look at the Nine Heavens God, and said tremblingly: “Yes, at that time, this letter was found outside the demon camp when my subordinate was on patrol at that time. Your Majesty, I was wrong.”

“I read the letter at the time . After that, I was very excited, in order to make merit, I lied that I wrote it myself, Your Majesty, I was greedy for profit and committed this crime, I begged Your Majesty to forgive me this time.”

When saying this, Gong Ao His face was sincere, but his heart was secretly lucky.

Anyway, Yue Feng is no longer there, and Xingri Sun is also dead. As long as he keeps his mouth shut, the Nine Heavens God cannot find out the truth at all.

As for the crime of ‘deceiving the king’, as long as he is sincere, His Majesty will definitely take it lightly.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding priests shook their heads one after another, with disappointment and contempt on their faces.

“It turns out that he picked up this letter.”

“Yeah, I thought he really had such great ability to probe the secrets from the demon camp.”

“Oh, I really can’t imagine that the always arrogant palace commander would be this one. This kind of person, for the sake of credit, dare to deceive Your Majesty.”

The surrounding discussion, you and I came, Gong Ao knelt there, feeling ashamed and depressed.


At this time, Jiutian God nodded slowly, looked at Gong Ao, and couldn’t hide his anger: “Gong Ao, just admit it, I have such high expectations for you and trust you so much, but I didn’t expect that you How dare you deceive me.”

Feeling the wrath of the Nine Heavens God, Gong Ao trembled all over, he didn’t dare to let out a breath, and the cold sweat kept shedding.

Seeing him like this, Jiutian God was a little unbearable, and continued: “If you admit your mistake in time, I will not care about you, but the credit is taken back, you don’t need to take the seat of the Grand Marshal.” Seriously

. Yes, if it was someone else, Jiutian God would definitely kill him directly, but he had always trusted Gong Ao and reused him, so he couldn’t bear to kill him directly.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, Hong En.”

Gong Ao responded quickly, his face full of gratitude.

Although it’s a pity not to be a grand marshal, but it’s not bad to be able to save a life.

Chapter 4184 The

Nine Heavens God is too lazy to talk nonsense any more, he waved his hand, signaling Gongao to get up.

Gong Ao didn’t dare to be negligent, got up quickly, and sat on his seat tremblingly.


This is, Jiutian God’s eyes fell on Haotian God Sovereign, and smiled: “Fortunately, your eyes are bright, otherwise, I would have been kept in the dark.”

“Your Majesty is polite.” Haotian God Sovereign slowed down He took a seat and nodded politely: “This is what I should do.”

After speaking, Haotian Shenjun glanced at Gong Ao, and said lightly: “Gong Ao, don’t blame me, I have always been fair and strict, not right to people. , I didn’t mean to target you just now.” Gong Ao sneered, and at this time he was completely complacent, and said humbly: “Your Majesty is

polite, I made a big mistake, how dare I blame you?”

“Your Majesty!”

Saying that, at this moment, a divine soldier hurriedly walked in and said to the Nine Heavens God in a complicated way: “Report to Your Majesty, Lun Ri… Xingri Sun, shouting grievances outside the hall.”


At this moment, Gong Ao stood on the spot as if struck by lightning, his brain buzzing.

Sun Xingjun is not dead?

Impossible, at that time, in front of His Majesty, he directly destroyed his primordial spirit, and then ordered his subordinates to bury him on the mountain a few miles north of Yutian Palace…


At the same time, the entire There was also an uproar in Yutian Palace, and many priests whispered and talked a lot.

“Xingri Xingjun shouting injustice?”

“I was surprised just now, why didn’t I see Xingri Xingri…”

“Yeah, I’m also puzzled.”

When they said this, many priests were puzzled. Last night, Gong Ao executed Xingri Xingjun in the secret room. knowledge.

At this time, Jiutian God also frowned, then raised his hand: “Let him come in.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The magic soldier responded and walked out quickly.

Soon, the magic soldier came back, followed by a embarrassed figure, his body was covered with mud, his hair was fluffy, his face was pale and very weak.

But those eyes twinkled unwillingly.

It is the sun star.

Speaking of which, Xing Sun did indeed die last night, but he had taken the ‘Returning Divine Pill’ before, so he was resurrected again.

Before, the demon army camped a few miles away and stared at the Yutian Palace. At that time, not only Xingri Sun, but all the priests and hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers felt unprecedented pressure. At that time, Xing Sun had a premonition that once the war It broke out again, and Yutian Palace was captured by the demons. Everyone could not escape, and he would become the ghost of the demons.

Therefore, before meeting Yue Feng last night, Xingjun Yaori took a ‘Returning God Pill’.

Returning the Divine Pill, as the name suggests, can save a life, but after resurrection, its strength is less than one-tenth of the previous one.

As a result, after taking the magic pill, Xingri Sun met Yue Feng, who came to deliver the letter, and was framed by Gong Ao. After that, he was killed by Gong Ao in the secret room.


Completely finished.

At this moment, seeing that Xingri Xingjun was really not dead, Gong Ao’s face was extremely pale, and he slumped on the ground in panic.


At this time, Jiutian God reacted, looked at Xingri Xingjun, and said indifferently: “Do you still have the face to see me?”

Until this time, God Jiutian thought that Xingri Xingjun colluded with Yue Feng and wanted to betray God’s Domain.

Having said that, the Nine Heavens God looked up and down Xingri Xingjun, and continued: “I didn’t expect you to take the pill, did you know that your betrayal would be exposed, so you took the pill and kept it for yourself? A way back?”

As the ruler of the Divine Realm, the Nine Heavens God could see at a glance from the state of Xingri Xingri at this time that last night, before he was killed by Gong Ao, he took the Divine Pill.

Still a god?

Hearing this, Gong Ao, who was already terrified, was even more shocked.

Mad, this Luminous Sun Xingjun took the magic pill last night. I was really careless, why didn’t I think at that time that he would completely destroy his corpse?


At this moment, Haotian Divine Sovereign, as well as the eyes of many priests around him, will all gather on the body of the Sun Star Sovereign.

Chapter 4185

Because they don’t know the situation, no one dares to ask rashly.

In the entire Yutian Palace, it was silent, and even a needle could be heard clearly.

“Your Majesty.”

Faced with such a scene, Xingjun Yaori did not have the slightest fear, but was unable to express his unwillingness. He knelt there and shouted weakly, “Your Majesty, I am wronged, I did not collude with Yue Feng, and more I never thought of betraying God’s Domain, betraying Your Majesty.”

When he said this, Xingri Sun was full of grievances.

He is loyal and loyal, but His Majesty does not believe in him.


Jiutian God’s face did not fluctuate at all, and he said lightly: “Then why did Gong Ao say that he saw you secretly meeting Yue Feng with his own eyes?”


Hearing this, Yaori Xingjun trembled, looked around immediately, and finally locked Gong Ao tightly.

For a time, Xingri Sun’s eyes were extremely blood red, and his heart was also extremely resentful.

It turned out… it turned out that he slandered himself.

“Your Majesty!”

Thinking to himself, Xingjun Xingri knelt up instantly, pointed at Gong Ao and shouted, “Gong Ao slandered me, I didn’t have a secret meeting with Yue Feng at all. Last night, I was patrolling outside Yutian Palace. I met Yue Feng….”

“You are talking nonsense.”

However, just halfway through, Gong Ao reacted and almost jumped up and shouted: “Xingjun Yaori, have you ever had a secret meeting with Yue Feng? I want to make a quibble. Not to mention that I slandered you.”

At this time, Gong Ao looked very angry on the surface, but he was panicked in his heart.

The truth must not be known to His Majesty, otherwise, everything will be over.

“Gong Ao.”

In the face of the anger, Xingjun Xingri laughed in anger and looked at Gong Ao closely: “I have no enmity with you, why did you frame me like this?”


Gong Ao I was so anxious that I wanted to refute, but I didn’t know how to speak.

After all, he did slander others, and he was at a loss.

“Gong Ao!”

This is, Jiutian God gave Gong Ao a cold look: “Let Xingri Sun finish the sentence, without my permission, you are not allowed to interrupt.” When saying this, Jiutian God’s face was extremely gloomy, and his tone was even more serious. It’s undeniable majesty.

At this time, the Nine Heavens God had vaguely understood something.

Because in the secret room last night, Sun Xingjun had not explained, but Gong Ao shot to destroy the primordial spirit. At that time, he thought that Gong Ao was just angry and would be so reckless.

But thinking about it now, the scene at that time was suspicious.

And these doubts are all on Gong Ao.

Seeing Jiutian God speak, Gong Ao was like a deflated ball, his face was extremely pale, and he bowed his head and replied: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Immediately, he stepped aside.

At this time, Sun Xingjun did not hesitate at all, and explained the situation in detail: “Your Majesty, after I met Yue Feng at that time, Yue Feng gave me a letter, saying that it was the battle of the Demon Lord Gone. The plan…”

“Later, I was going to give the letter to Your Majesty, but I ran into Gong Ao, who stopped me at the time and said he wanted to help hand it over…”

“But I never thought that Gong Ao would be so insidious, slandering me and Yue Feng for colluding, and betraying His Majesty.” At the

end of the story, Yaori Xingjun knelt there and shouted apologetically: “Your Majesty, I was wronged. , I beseech Your Majesty to be clear.”


The voice fell, and the entire Yutian Palace suddenly exploded.

This palace arrogance is really hateful, not only deceiving His Majesty, but also slandering Xingri Sun. This kind of scum, staying in the realm of the gods is simply an insult to the realm of the gods.


At this moment, Jiutian God was full of anger, slapped the throne heavily, stood up instantly, pointed at Gong Ao and shouted angrily: “You bastard, you really disappointed me.”

“Your Majesty, this kind of scum, Let’s execute it directly.”

“Yes, Gong Ao is so evil, it really loses the face of our God’s Domain.”

For a time, the surrounding priests also criticized Gong Ao, and they were full of righteous indignation and anger.

“Gong Ao, die.” Haotian Shenjun shouted angrily, without any hesitation at the time, the figure erupted, like a bolt of lightning, coming straight towards Gong Ao.

It’s over, it’s over now.

Seeing Haotian Divine Sovereign’s return, Gong Ao’s face was pale, his legs were weak, and he could hardly stand still.

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