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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4151-4155

Chapter 4151

As for Mo Yan, she stood there quietly, unaffected by the situation in front of her, and her delicate face was full of calm.


Yue Feng took a deep breath and turned his head quickly, thinking about countermeasures.

As long as the two sides make a move, they will find an opportunity to raid Moyan.


However, at this moment, Wei An rushed out with a wheelchair, his face full of anxiety, and shouted at Xuanwu King: “Father, don’t be impulsive, misunderstandings are all misunderstandings.”

“I was not captured . , but was rescued by the Demon King, not her, I would have died on that cliff.”

When he shouted this, Wei An’s face was full of urgency.

In Wei An’s heart, he no longer had any attachment to the entire demon clan, and the only thing he cared about was the Xuanwu clan. At this time, the Xuanwu King suddenly appeared. For Wei An, it was God’s favor.

This is destined to make an alliance between the Xuanwu clan and the demon clan.

Under such circumstances, how could Wei An allow the two sides to fight?


Hearing this, Yue Feng’s face changed, and he looked at Wei An coldly, terrified.

This guy…. really wants to take refuge in the demons?


At the same time, the Xuanwu King and the surrounding Xuanwu warriors were also stunned, and there was an uproar.

“What’s the situation?”

“Wei An was not captured?”

“He joined the Demon Race?”

The discussion of the surrounding subordinates came, and Xuanwu King was also buzzing, and it was blank.

It took more than ten seconds for King Xuanwu to react, looking closely at Wei An and said, “Wei An, what nonsense are you talking about? Tell your father honestly, are you being controlled by them? These words are all hers. What did you say?”

When he said the last sentence, King Xuanwu raised his finger and pointed at Moyan, his eyes were full of anger.

In King Xuanwu’s heart, although his son Wei An was a little selfish and absurd, he was still very measured when it came to right and wrong.

Even if his legs were chopped off and he was reduced to a waste, he would not do anything for the Demons servilely.

After all, the Demon Race is too evil and a threat to the entire world.


faced by King Xuanwu’s questioning, Wei An almost burst into tears, and quickly explained: “Father, I didn’t lie to you, I was really saved by His Excellency the Demon King, and she didn’t threaten me either. Now, I have taken refuge with the Demons.”

“Father, the White Tiger King is too arrogant, why should we be subservient to him? Why don’t we take this opportunity to bring the Xuanwu Clan and allegiance to the Demons. As long as we do our best to help The demons have unified the realm of the gods, and the demons will never treat us badly.”

Wei An at this time was sincere.

He could see that the White Tiger King evacuated with the demon clan, and the father king was still here, which showed that the father king and the white tiger king had turned against each other. Since this is the case, it is a matter of course for the Xuanwu clan to take refuge in the demon clan.


Hearing this, King Xuanwu’s complexion changed, extremely gloomy.

Absurd, so absurd.

Even if the Xuanwu clan is separated from the entire demon clan, with their strength, they can still have their own piece of heaven and earth, so why should they be subservient to the demon clan? At their mercy?

This son is really crazy to say such a thing.

Thinking to himself, King Xuanwu was even more certain that Wei An was under the control of Moyan. He didn’t have time to think about it, and roared: “Shut up, don’t say anything, today, the father, no matter what, will remove you from the Demon Race. Save it with your hands.”

Facing this situation, Wei An wanted to cry without tears.

Why doesn’t the father believe it?

Mo Yan stood there, with a delicate face, without the slightest emotional fluctuations, quietly watching the situation.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng’s face was calm, but his heart was also a little anxious.

What happened today must not let Wei An succeed, let alone the Xuanwu clan to join the demon clan.

At this time, Wei An took a deep breath and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Yue Feng.

“Okay, Wei An.”

Yue Feng pretended to see through everything, and said lightly: “You don’t have to pretend, you surrendered to Your Excellency the Demon King on the surface, and secretly sent a message to the Xuanwu clan to let them ambush here, right? “

When he said this, Yue Feng’s face was serious, but his eyes flashed with a strange brilliance.

Yes, Yue Feng wanted to disrupt the situation and make King Xuanwu and Moyan fight.

Chapter 4152

Otherwise, let Wei An persuade the Xuanwu King to turn all the Xuanwu clan to the demons, then it will be troublesome.


At this moment, Moyan Xiumei frowned, her eyes locked on Wei An, and she was full of scrutiny: “Is that so?”

Yue Feng was right. As soon as he left the demon clan’s territory, he was surrounded by these Xuanwu clan. Wei An The suspicion is very big, after all, he is the son of King Xuanwu.

Gudong! Facing Mo Yan’s questioning, Wei An was frightened and frightened, and quickly said

with a bitter face: “Your Majesty Demon King, my loyalty to you can be seen from the sun and the moon. Don’t listen to Yue Feng’s nonsense.”

An viciously stared at Yue Feng and shouted, “Don’t spit your blood. This day, I have been following Your Majesty the Demon King, and I have never secretly delivered news to the Xuanwu clan. Stop slandering me.”

Yue Feng chuckled lightly . : “Slandering you? Then explain the situation in front of you, why did your father appear here without the news?”


Wei An opened his mouth, his face flushed, and he was speechless for a while. to refute.

At this time, Wei An was completely in a hurry. Mad, this Yue Feng has been fanning the flames. If he continues, His Excellency the Demon King is bewildered by him, and it will be more and more detrimental to himself.

Muttering in his heart, Wei An’s eyes flickered, and he suddenly had an idea. He said to Mo Yan, “Your Majesty the Demon King, my father’s presence here is a complete coincidence.

” Just a moment. He knows the ins and outs of the matter, and he will definitely not be arrogant to you again.”

When he said this, Wei An looked expectant.

let you go?

At this moment, Mo Yan did not agree immediately, but stood there frowning and thinking.

It would be best if Wei An could persuade King Xuanwu to join the Demon Race.

Is it just that simple?

“Your Majesty the Demon King.”

Just as Mo Yan was thinking about it, Yue Feng said lightly, “How could this Xuanwu clan appear here, we still don’t know, we will only be more passive if we let Wei An over there rashly.

” , Yue Feng couldn’t help but glance at Wei An and continued: “In case, as soon as Wei An passes, the Xuanwu clan launches an attack, we will be passive, let him stay and use it as a bargaining chip.”

“As long as Wei An passes. On our side, King Xuanwu would not dare to act rashly.”

At this moment, Yue Feng had a serious look on his face.

This Wei An wants to do something unfavorable to the entire demon clan, and he must stop him no matter what.


When the words fell, Wei An was about to explode with anger, almost jumping up, and shouting at Yue Feng: “Yue Feng, what kind of heart do you have? I used to persuade my father to avoid a fight between the two sides, but you have been interrupting by the side. , what? Don’t you want the two sides to fight?”

When he said this, Wei An’s eyes were bloodshot, and he wanted to peel Yue Feng’s cramps.

Yue Feng looked indifferent and said with a light smile: “What’s my peace of mind? I said this for the safety of Your Majesty the Demon King and these warriors. Who knows if you really want to persuade your father after you pass, or you want to take the opportunity to leave Your Majesty Demon King. “

Hehe, don’t be so pretentious, you say that you are beautiful, but you are actually hiding bad intentions.” Wei An said coldly.

Yue Feng put his hands behind his back, and said lightly: “Whoever is hiding the evil between us, who knows in his heart.”


Wei An was so angry that his whole body trembled uncontrollably.

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

“Alright, alright.”

At this moment, Moyan’s red lips lightly parted, and she said slowly, “Don’t be arguing.” After

saying that, Moyan looked at Yue Feng seriously: “Do you really think, let Wei An’s past isn’t right?”

Although Mo Yan is strong and has been on the battlefield for a long time, this is the first time he has encountered the situation before him. At this time, he has no idea at all, so he can only ask Yue Feng to give some advice.

After all, Yue Feng performed well in the territory just now. At that time, he said that those wooden stakes and stones were dangerous, but neither he nor Wei An listened to it, but something really happened.

So this time, be careful.


Yue Feng didn’t even think about it, he nodded and replied, “We mustn’t let Wei An pass, think about it, the King Xuanwu on the opposite side, just because Wei An is with us, doesn’t dare to act rashly, once Wei An passes, King Xuanwu will No worries.”

Hearing this, Mo Yan nodded silently and pondered.

Chapter 4153


At this moment, the King of Xuanwu on the opposite side and the warriors of the Xuanwu tribe around him all focused on Yue Feng.

“The one arguing with Wei An seems to be Your Excellency Yue Feng?”

“It’s really him, he seems to be fine…”

“Looks like this, he was taken away by the demons.” The

surrounding discussion spread Come on, King Xuanwu is also full of complexities, his eyes are fixed on Yue Feng and he is speechless.

To be honest, before Yue Feng helped the entire demon clan get out of the sealed land, King Xuanwu admired him very much in his heart, but since his son was expelled from the demon clan because of Yue Feng, King Xuanwu had a crush on Yue Feng in his heart. have an opinion.

At this time, seeing that Yue Feng was also on the side of the Demon Clan, and Moyan appreciated him very much, King Xuanwu suddenly felt a little displeased in his heart.

This Yue Feng, the entire demon clan respected him so much and had such high expectations, he actually took refuge in the demon clan.

Or… Yue Feng, like Wei An, was also controlled by the Demon Race?

Thinking of this, King Xuanwu took a deep breath and shouted at Yue Feng: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, are you also controlled by the Demon Race?”


Hearing the call, Yue Feng secretly sighed and did not answer, but secretly shook his head at King Xuanwu. Signal him not to worry about himself.

Yue Feng’s movements were so small that neither Wei An nor Mo Yan noticed it.

However, King Xuanwu saw it clearly, but he would have mistaken Yue Feng’s meaning, and he was not under control, so why not leave, it seems that he really took refuge in the demons.

Muttering in his heart, King Xuanwu was too lazy to think about it, and shouted at Mo Yan, “Hey, have you thought about it? I’ll give you one last chance and let my son go immediately, otherwise, we will never die today.

” It doesn’t matter whether Yue Feng has taken refuge in the Demon Race or not, the most important thing now is to rescue his son first.


Facing the threat of King Xuanwu, Mo Yan’s face changed, and her eyes flashed with anger.

He is one of the twelve holy devil kings, and his status is detached. When has he been threatened like this? This Xuanwu King is really courting death.

At this time, Mo Yan wanted to kill Xuanwu King immediately, but she held back.

You must know that this time, only 20,000 demon warriors were brought along, while the Xuanwu clan had as many as 70,000 or 80,000 soldiers.

Thinking of this, Mo Yan breathed a sigh of relief and said to Wei An, “Wei An, go over there. Remember what you said just now, and persuade your father and king to bring the Xuanwu clan to join us.”

“This is me . I’ll give you one last chance, don’t let me down.” Hearing

this, Wei An was overjoyed and quickly said, “Don’t worry, Your Excellency Demon King, I will definitely live up to the expectations.” Yue Feng was startled, and said to Mo Yan, “Your Excellency the Demon King, you can’t take risks…” This Wei An is too cunning, who knows what he has in mind? “Okay!” Just before Yue Feng could finish speaking, Mo Yan shook her head, her delicate face was full of confidence: “You don’t have to worry, even if this Wei An wants to betray me, I have full confidence that in Xuanwu Killed him before the king.”

The last word fell, and Mo Yan’s face was full of pride.

She is not blindly confident, but she definitely has the strength. You must know that Wei An has broken his legs and is inconvenient to move. If Mo Yan really wants to kill him, it is really easy.


Seeing Moyan say this, Yue Feng secretly sighed and stopped expressing his opinions.


At this time, Wei An pushed the wheelchair and walked towards King Xuanwu with a smile on his face.


When they were about to approach, under the signal of King Xuanwu, several warriors of the Xuanwu tribe rushed over to greet him.


When he finally got to the front, Wei An smiled at Xuanwu King: “My son is not filial, and the father is worried.” As he spoke, there was a bit of shame on his face.

King Xuanwu snorted, his eyes could not hide the kindness, and then scolded: “My son, I am relieved to see that you are all right, Father, but what happened to you just now? How can you be in front of all the clansmen? Let me take refuge in the Demon Clan?” As he

spoke, King Xuanwu couldn’t help but glance at Moyan who was on the opposite side.

Chapter 4154

At this time, in King Xuanwu’s heart, he thought that Mo Yan was afraid of his own strength, so he let Wei An go, but he never thought that Wei An took the initiative to request.


Under the scorching gaze of King Xuanwu, Wei An lowered his head and felt a little nervous, but he quickly adjusted his emotions, squeezed out a smile and said, “Father, what I said just now is true. Look at me, what happened to me by the daughter of the White Tiger King?”

“When the White Tiger King expelled me from the entire demon clan, he didn’t care about your face at all. His daughter Mengya was even more hateful, stalking me secretly, and then I cut off my legs.”

“With such a bloody feud, is that the end of it?” Having

said this, Wei An looked around at the surrounding Xuanwu warriors, and continued, “Father, you didn’t evacuate with the White Tiger King and the others. It seems that he has turned against him. In this case, why don’t we go directly to the Demon Race?”

“The Demon Race is powerful, and with our participation, we will be able to unify the Divine Realm soon. At that time, our Xuanwu family will be a great hero. That Demon Lord Gone will definitely not treat us badly.” After

saying these words, he spoke bitterly.

“Don’t say it.”

However, King Xuanwu shook his head, his expression was firm, and his attitude was also very firm: “As one of the four innate spirit beasts, I will never give in to anyone.” After

speaking, King Xuanwu’s eyes flickered, Looking at Wei An, he continued: “Wei An, think about it carefully. Thousands of years ago, the war broke out between the demon clan and the God Realm. What was it for? Wasn’t it to be unwilling to live under the gods of the God Realm? It wasn’t for freedom. , if we now turn to the Demon Race, wouldn’t it go against our original intention?”


Hearing this, Wei An was a little anxious: “But our Xuanwu clan has broken away from the entire demon clan. If you want to stick to the principle, you can only rely on the strength of our Xuanwu clan. Under the current situation of God’s Domain, we can protect ourselves. “Is it?”

“The White Tiger King will not let us go, let alone God’s Domain, and now that we have the opportunity to list the big tree of the Demon Race, why can’t we follow the will of God?”

When he said this, Wei An’s face was full of expressions. eager.

He couldn’t understand why his father would be so pedantic, what’s the benefit of fighting against the demons?


However, King Xuanwu didn’t listen at all, and shook his head again and again: “Don’t say it, I will never agree. If I agree, what face will I have to lead the Xuanwu clan in the future?”

Said, King Xuanwu. He squatted down and carefully inspected Wei An’s broken leg: “Let me see your injury, and then let’s get out of here.”

King Xuanwu thought that since his son had returned safely, he would not start a war with him.

Although there are only less than 20,000 demon warriors on the opposite side, each of them is very strong, especially the female demon king, whose strength is even more unfathomable. If you really want to do it, you may not be able to take advantage of it.


Seeing King Xuanwu’s resolute attitude, Wei An knew that it was useless to say any more, so he nodded and let King Xuanwu check the injury, but those eyes kept flickering, secretly thinking about countermeasures.

He had already promised His Excellency the Demon King to make the entire Xuanwu clan surrender.

But the father and the king have always disagreed, which is difficult to do.

No, you have to find a way.


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng, who was standing opposite, frowned, and his heart was up and down.

What is Wei An doing? Really persuade King Xuanwu to surrender?

Although King Xuanwu’s strength and resourcefulness were slightly inferior to King White Tiger, his belief was still firm, and he would definitely not agree.

At the same time, Mo Yan is also Xiumei frowning lightly. She seems calm on the surface, but her heart is a little complicated.

Is this Wei An okay?

Will Yue Feng guess right, Wei An will defect and betray himself…

At this time Wei An is on his side.


At this moment, King Xuanwu carefully inspected Wei An’s injury, and he was completely relieved, because the wound healed very well, and if he took good care of it, he would be able to grow new feet in the future.

Saying that, King Xuanwu is about to stand up.


However, at this moment, Wei An suddenly raised his right hand, fast as lightning, and poked directly towards the center of the back of the back of King Xuanwu.

The center of the back spine is the weakness of the Xuanwu family. Others don’t know it, but as the son of the Xuanwu King, Wei An is very familiar with it.

Chapter 4155

“What are you doing?” The

sudden change made King Xuanwu stunned and couldn’t help but scold. He never thought that his own son would suddenly attack him.

“Father, I’m sorry, I don’t want to do this either, but I can’t do anything about it.” Wei An’s face was complicated, and at the same time madness flashed in his eyes, he responded, “I did this for our Xuanwu clan.” The

voice fell, Wei An accelerated, his right hand was like a bolt of lightning.

“You bastard.”

Xuanwu King shouted angrily, trying to dodge, but he was too close, and it was too late.


“Hurry up!”

“Wei An, you are so bold…”

At this moment, the surrounding Xuanwu warriors, seeing this situation, their faces changed greatly, and they shouted, and at the same time wanted to rush over to stop . However, it was too late.


In the next second, I saw Wei An’s finger pointing precisely on the back of King Xuanwu, and in an instant, King Xuanwu’s whole body softened, and he just sat there and couldn’t move.

The weak spot was attacked, and King Xuanwu needed at least six hours to recover.

What the hell!

Seeing this scene, Yue Feng, who was standing on the opposite side, was suddenly shocked, watching Wei An tightly and speechless.

This kid is too ruthless, for the sake of his own future, his father dares to do it.


And Mo Yan, who was standing aside, raised her red lips slightly, showing a charming smile, looking at Wei An’s eyes with a bit of approval.


This Wei An finally did not let himself down.

“Wei An.”

At this time, King Xuanwu sat there paralyzed, his face was grim, his eyes were full of anger, and he shouted at Wei An: “Are you crazy? Have you thought about the consequences of doing this?”

Feeling the anger of King Xuanwu , Wei An was very nervous, but still gritted his teeth and said: “Father, you can blame me, but I don’t regret it, because this is the only way out for our Xuanwu clan.”


Hearing this Then, King Xuanwu only felt that his heart was stuffed, and he couldn’t speak out of anger.


At this moment, the surrounding Xuanwu warriors also gathered around, pointing the long knife at Wei An, and shouting.

“Wei An, do you dare to do something to your father? It’s absolutely disrespectful.”

“Let go of my king.”

“Let go of my king, spare you from dying.”

The angry shouts of the Xuanwu warriors kept coming, but Wei An didn’t hesitate at all. Panic, he held a dagger tightly in his right hand and placed it on King Xuanwu’s neck, his face became extremely fierce.

“Take me back with a special code, otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel.”

Wei An almost roared these words.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding Xuanwu warriors all froze there, not daring to move. They never thought that Wei An not only raided King Xuanwu, but also threatened his life.

Crazy, absolutely crazy.

Yue Feng was also completely stunned, looking at Wei An closely, his heart was extremely complicated.

This Wei An is really despicable. In order to please the demon clan, he even used his father’s life to blackmail the entire clan.


For a time, the audience was silent, and a drop of a needle could be heard clearly.

Seeing that the warriors of the entire Xuanwu clan were stunned by him, Wei An’s face was hideous, but he couldn’t tell the excitement and excitement in his heart.

Afterwards, Wei An looked around and shouted, “Throw away all the weapons and swear allegiance to His Excellency the Demon King Moyan.”


He wants the entire Xuanwu clan to be loyal to the entire Demon Queen?

Hearing this, King Xuanwu’s eyes were bloodshot, and he almost fainted. At the same time, he wanted to scold him loudly, but Wei An’s neck was tightly stuck and he couldn’t speak at all.


At the same time, all the surrounding Xuanwu warriors also exploded.

Allegiance to the Demons?

This…. how can this become the lackey of the demons in the future?

No… Absolutely not.

The hearts of many Xuanwu warriors were extremely incomparable. They were all proud Xuanwu, and they were never willing to be subservient to others. At this time, they could not do anything to surrender and be loyal to Moyan in front of them.

But seeing the life of King Xuanwu, he was holding it in Wei An’s hands at this time, and one by one did not dare to speak out against it.


Finally, one of the elders of the Xuanwu clan slowly walked out of the crowd, knelt down at Mo Yan, and said loudly, “I would like to be loyal to Your Majesty the Demon King.”

He didn’t want to be loyal, but he had no choice.

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