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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4136-4140

Chapter 4136

When asking, Mo Yan’s expression was indifferent, and his previous irritability was completely gone.

That’s right, Moyan just now deliberately placed Wei An next to Yue Feng. The previous conversation was also deliberately made to be heard by Yue Feng. The purpose of this was to psychologically put pressure on Yue Feng.

“What if I still refuse?” Yue Feng said with a wry smile.

Mo Yan’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and she said coldly, “Then I will have to execute you.”


Hearing this, Yue Feng looked helpless and bowed slightly: “Okay, I’ll join you.”

When he said this, Yue Feng seemed to be reluctant, but he was very uneasy. .

Yue Feng thought about it. If he wanted to stop the demons from dealing with the demons, the best way at the moment was to join the demons, but Moyan in front of him was no ordinary person. If he agreed decisively, he would inevitably be suspected.

And showing a reluctant appearance, can appear real.


Seeing that Yue Feng finally compromised, Mo Yan did not appear very happy, but said lightly: “Is it too late to promise? You should have heard just now, I just recovered the son of King Xuanwu, and he and you In between, there seems to be some grievances.”

“I’ve already agreed to his conditions, and it seems a bit inappropriate to accept you again.”

Mo Yan said slowly, keeping her eyes on the changes in Yue Feng’s expression.


Yue Feng scratched his head, a little embarrassed, but still squeezed out a smile: “Your Excellency the Demon King, it’s a good thing to have one more person to be loyal.”

Moyan nodded: “It’s not bad, but Wei An knows the new territory of the demon clan and can help us even more, attacking the demon clan at the lowest cost. What about you? What can you help us?”

Yue Feng pondered for a while. , said with a smile: “Perhaps I can’t help you much against the demon clan, but I can help you deal with the realm of the gods.”

At this time, Yue Feng had a sincere expression on his face.


Seeing Yue Feng’s sincere expression, Mo Yan nodded: “Then I’ll trust you for a while, rest well, and when I need you, my subordinates will bring you to see me.”

When the last word fell, Mo Yan turned and left.


As soon as his forefoot left, Yue Feng took a deep breath, wiped away a cold sweat, and sighed inwardly.

This Mo Yan is too scheming, it seems that she has to be more careful in the future.

On the other side, the demon clan’s territory.

Mengya took the warriors of the White Tiger Clan privately to teach Wei An a lesson and cut off Wei An’s legs, which soon spread throughout the entire demon clan.

For a time, the entire demon clan was talking a lot, some said that Wei An deserved it, and some said that Mengyao was willful and did things recklessly.

At this time, in the hall where the White Tiger King was resting.

The White Tiger King sat there, his face gloomy and terrifying.

In front of him, Mengya stood there, the suburbs trembling faintly, obviously a little nervous.

Next to him, Liya was sitting there, her face was pale because her body had not fully recovered, but she was also a little worried at this time. After all, my sister was too self-willed. Although Wei An was very hateful, his father had already expelled him. Yaozu, how could she look at his legs privately?


At this moment, the White Tiger King shouted loudly, pointed at Mengya and roared, “Do you know what’s wrong?”

Just now, the White Tiger King also knew about Wei An’s legs being chopped off, and was very angry at the time. , You know, Wei An is the son of King Xuanwu. Before Wei An almost defiled Liya, he didn’t put him on trial publicly, just because he saw King Xuanwu’s face and didn’t want the whole demon clan to split.

But this Mengya, recklessly, looked at Wei An’s legs.

If King Xuanwu knew about this, how could he swallow his breath? At that time, there will be a gap between the Xuanwu clan and the Baihu clan, and the entire demon clan will no longer be united.

This was not the result the White Tiger King wanted to see.


Faced with the anger of the White Tiger King, Meng Ya did not panic at all, breathed a sigh of relief, and said stubbornly: “Father, I think I did nothing wrong, then Wei An bullied my sister and slandered Your Excellency Yue Feng. It was a heinous crime, I think he cut him off. It’s already a kind of grace that he gave him a pair of legs and didn’t kill him.”

Chapter 4137

At this moment, the whole room was silent.

The White Tiger King’s face was gloomy and angry. This Mengya was really ignorant. Even if Wei An was hateful, he was the son of King Xuanwu after all.

If Wei An had three strengths and two weaknesses, how could King Xuanwu give up?

To be honest, the White Tiger King is not afraid of the Xuanwu King at all, he is just worried that the entire demon clan will become like before, falling into endless infighting.

“You bastard.”

Finally, the White Tiger King reacted, his eyes widened, and he scolded at the nightmare: “You made such a big mistake, and you still don’t know how to repent? You go to the Xuanwu clan now and confess to the Xuanwu King. Quickly. !”

When he said this, the White Tiger King was very anxious, and his tone was unquestionable.

The only way is to soothe King Xuanwu’s emotions quickly, eliminate his anger, and then send someone to find Wei An to ensure that he does not lose his life.

admit wrong?

Hearing this, Meng Ya’s body was shocked, and her delicate face was full of dissatisfaction: “I did nothing wrong, why should I admit it? Father, are you still afraid of the old turtle of King Xuanwu?”

Xuanwu is everything The ancestor of turtles, Mengya, was open-mouthed, and he kept calling King Xuanwu an old turtle behind his back. Originally, she seldom mentioned it in front of the White Tiger King, but at this time, in a hurry, she blurted out.


As soon as the words fell, the White Tiger King was so angry that he couldn’t help it at all. He walked over quickly and slapped Mengya’s face without warning.

This slap not only contained the anger of the White Tiger King.

“Presumptuous!” The White Tiger King burst into flames and shouted angrily: “Your Excellency Xuanwu, you are on an equal footing with me, and you have made a lot of contributions to the entire demon clan. How can you be so rude?”

“Although Wei An is wrong ? , but I have expelled him from the demon clan and given him the corresponding punishment, and you, regardless of the overall situation, privately sought revenge from him, cut off his legs, and dared to say that you were right?”

“Do you know that you Doing this may lead to an infighting between our White Tiger clan and the Xuanwu clan? Once we fight with the Xuanwu clan, and the Demons or the God Realm fight, who will bear the consequences? Are you?” In the

last sentence, the White Tiger King was almost roared out.

However, Mengya just bit her lip tightly, did not respond, and did not mean to regret at all.


Seeing this scene, Liya, who had been standing beside her, suddenly became a little anxious, came over, gently pulled Mengya, and whispered: “Don’t make your father angry, take it easy, Admit it.”

When she said this, Rhea’s face was full of complexity.

To be honest, Liya was very moved by her sister venting her anger for herself, and she felt that there was nothing wrong with it, but thinking about it carefully, Wei An’s life was indeed very important. Once he died, King Xuanwu would be furious and even break with his father. , By that time, the Yaozu lost their unity. There will be great dangers.

In this case, for the sake of the overall situation, I can only make my sister feel wronged.

“I’m right.”

But what Liya didn’t expect was that Mengyao was stubborn and kept shaking her head, and said very firmly, “Sister, don’t persuade me, I did nothing wrong, I don’t want to admit my mistake to King Xuanwu. Yes, in fact, I regret it now, regret not directly killing Wei An at that time.”

Hearing this, Lia couldn’t help laughing.

The White Tiger King was even more angry, pointing at Mengya, almost speechless.


At this moment, several figures rushed in quickly, and the headed one, dressed in silver-black robes, was very mighty, but his face was ferocious, and his eyes flashed with endless anger.

It is the Xuanwu King.

Wei An’s story has long been rumored by the Yaozu. When Xuanwu King found out, he was furious and took people to the top of the mountain where Wei An’s accident happened. After arriving, Wei An was nowhere to be seen. Leaving a pool of scarlet blood.

Aiko, the king of Xuanwu, was eager and searched around the top of the mountain, but there was no clue.

“Where’s my son?”

At this moment, King Xuanwu couldn’t hide his anger, pointed at Mengya and roared: “What happened to him?”

Chapter 4138

At this moment, the whole room was silent. The White Tiger

King blushed and was very embarrassed, but he quickly reacted and said with a smile at the Xuanwu King: “Your Excellency Xuanwu King, you see how this has made… you calm down first!”

The king would never be so servile to King Xuanwu, but he had no choice but to temporarily give up his dignity for the sake of the unity of the demon clan.

Besides, this time, it was Mengya’s fault.

However, King Xuanwu ignored the White Tiger King at all, his eyes, like sharp swords, locked on Mengya tightly.


In the face of King Xuanwu’s anger, Mengya didn’t panic at all, with an indifferent look: “Where is your son? How do I know? He has been expelled from the demon clan, you need to find him and go to the territory Look outside, ask me what to do?”


Mengya’s attitude made King Xuanwu furious and shouted: “Very good, you dare to be so righteous after committing a murder, you…you chased out of the territory and cut Wei An’s legs on a mountaintop, this matter Think I don’t know?”

When he said this, King Xuanwu was very angry.

This Mengya was so unruly and arrogant, she hurt her son, and even pretended that nothing happened.

It really makes no sense.

The more angry King Xuanwu, the more proud Mengya, sneered: “Yes, I cut off Wei An’s legs, he tried to sully my sister, it’s not a pity to die, I see his legs as punishment, what’s wrong? ?”

With that, Mengya’s delicate face showed a bit of disdain: “I tell you, if it weren’t for him being your son, I would have killed him with a sword, so as not to harm others, Miss Ben. You should thank me for leaving him alive.”


Hearing this, King Xuanwu almost exploded with anger, pointing at Mengya, speechless.

In the next second, King Xuanwu turned his head to look at King White Tiger, and said angrily: “King White Tiger, you can do it, you really can, and you have given birth to such a good daughter.”

King White Tiger was speechless and smiled: “You calm down first, I have already checked this matter.”

Said, the White Tiger King scolded Meng Ya angrily: “You bastard, at this time, you still dare to speak out, and quickly kneel down to apologize to His Excellency King Xuanwu. Also, Wei Wei Where is An? You can tell me quickly.”

At this time, the White Tiger King was also in a hurry.

“I chopped off Wei An’s legs at the time, and then took the warriors away. Who knows where he is?” Mengya pouted and said lightly, “Perhaps, what Wei An did before, God knows where he is. I can’t stand it anymore, if I put it away, it may be captured by the Demon Race or the God Realm.”

Having said that, Mengya’s eyes fell on King Xuanwu and continued to tease: “Your Excellency King Xuanwu, you are here to rush. It’s useless for me to yell, if I have time, I might as well go out and look for it, maybe there is still a chance to find it, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to find the bones if it’s too late.”


This damn girl deceives people too much.

When these words fell, King Xuanwu was furious, his eyes instantly turned blood red, and he shouted: “Well, you dead girl, you made my son become disabled, and you are still talking slander at this time? I think you are courting death.

” !

As soon as the voice fell, King Xuanwu’s power exploded, and his figure was like a ghost, hitting Mengya’s chest with a palm.

This palm contains all the power of the Xuanwu King, and it is as fast as a thunderbolt. Wherever it passes, the surrounding air is violently twisted, and its power is amazing.


Feeling the power of this palm, Mengya lost her calmness just now, her delicate body trembled, and her pretty face was pale. At this time, she wanted to dodge, but the terrifying power of King Xuanwu completely enveloped her. His legs were so weak that he couldn’t hide at all.

“Don’t hurt my sister.”

Seeing this scene, Liya next to her also changed her pretty face. She couldn’t help exclaiming. At the same time, she wanted to rush over to resist, but her body was weak and she had not recovered. She was completely powerless.

Seeing that Mengya was about to die in the hands of King Xuanwu, at this critical moment, a figure rushed over quickly, blocking Mengya, raised his right hand, and greeted King Xuanwu with a palm.

It is the White Tiger King.

Chapter 4139 To

be honest, King White Tiger knew very well that this matter was entirely Mengya’s fault, and it was reasonable for King Xuanwu to do something to her.

But… Mengya is his daughter in the end, and any father would not watch this situation and remain indifferent.


The White Tiger King and the Xuanwu King touched their palms, and they heard a dull sound. After that, the Xuanwu King and the White Tiger King frowned, and then each took a few steps back.

Obviously, no one took advantage of this palm.

However, King Xuanwu was extremely angry in his heart. This White Tiger King wants to cover up his daughter?

At the same time, I was a little surprised.

Since the Sealed Land came out, the strength of this White Tiger King has become stronger day by day.

The Xuanwu King at this time clearly felt that the White Tiger King just hit that palm, and he didn’t use his full strength at all, but he used ten layers of strength.

In this case, it was just a tie.

If the White Tiger King exerted all his strength, he would definitely be seriously injured.

Realizing this, in addition to anger, King Xuanwu felt a little more jealousy.

“White Tiger King!”

Soon, Xuanwu King reacted and said coldly at White Tiger King: “What do you mean?”


The White Tiger King took a deep breath, tried his best to calm himself down, and said lightly, “Your Excellency King Xuanwu, I have no other intentions, it’s Mengya’s fault, but even if you kill her, it won’t change the facts, I think just now Mengya is right, what we need to do now is to quickly find Wei An’s whereabouts.”

When he said this, the White Tiger King looked sincere.


However, King Xuanwu didn’t appreciate it at all, and couldn’t help sneering: “King White Tiger, don’t pretend to be with me, aren’t you just trying to cover up your daughter? Today, I have to kill her.”

At this time, King Xuanwu had lost his mind because of his anger.

The White Tiger King took a deep breath and said in a firm tone, “Then I will have to accompany him to the end.” The

voice was not loud, but there was no doubt about it.


King Xuanwu nodded, a hint of coldness in the corner of his mouth: “Since you want to show favoritism, it seems that we have nothing to say, I will go to Wei An now, if he has any problems, my Xuanwu clan, and you The white tiger clan must never die.” After the

voice fell, King Xuanwu strode away with a few of his subordinates.


Watching Xuanwu King leave, the White Tiger King let out a long sigh, his face was complicated, and his heart was even more chaotic.

The most worrying situation happened.

But Mengya, who was behind him, had a look of indifference, and pouted, “What’s so amazing…”


As soon as he finished speaking, the White Tiger King turned around abruptly, slapped him, and cursed angrily: “Shut up, you didn’t cause this matter? You still don’t know how to repent? Let me tell you, if we are the White Tiger clan. If you fall out with the Xuanwu clan and cause the entire demon clan to fall apart, you are a sinner.”

Mengya was very dissatisfied with her face covered, and she had to refute, but was stopped in time by Liya.

“Your Excellency the White Tiger King!”

At this moment, a slender figure walked in quickly, with a delicate and beautiful face, showing anxiety, it was the colorful Lingfeng.

Qicai Lingfeng also knew about Mengya cutting off Wei An’s legs. Just now, when she learned that King Xuanwu was angrily coming to Mengya to settle the account, Qicai Lingfeng rushed over immediately.

At this moment, seeing the situation in the room, Qi Cai Lingfeng immediately guessed something, looked at the White Tiger King and asked, “Have you done it?”


The White Tiger King nodded, and then told the situation just now.

After listening to this, Qi Cai Lingfeng was very helpless, and said to Meng Ya: “Meng Ya, you are so impulsive.” After

saying that, Qi Cai Lingfeng thought for a while, and continued: “Then Wei An was cut off with two legs. Legs, without help outside the territory, will definitely die. If King Xuanwu finds his corpse, he will definitely come back and start a war with your White Tiger clan. What can we do?” The

White Tiger King sighed: “This is the end of the matter. What else can I do? Just fight.”


Hearing this, Qi Cai Lingfeng became anxious and stomped: “In our current situation, we must not fight infighting, think about it, we are demons. Once there is a fight within the clan, the Divine Realm and the Demon Race will take advantage of the emptiness to enter.”

Chapter 4140 The

White Tiger King smiled bitterly: “Then King Xuanwu has lost his mind, can you persuade him?”

When he said this, the White Tiger King was holding back his fire and was speechless.

Qi Cai Lingfeng pondered for a while, and said slowly: “The only way to avoid this infighting is to change the territory again.”

Change again?

Hearing this, the White Tiger King was stunned for a moment, then nodded in agreement: “Okay.”

Speaking of which, the White Tiger King didn’t want to fight the Xuanwu clan at all. You must know that the entire demon clan only escaped from the sealed land not long ago. It’s time to recuperate, if you fight inwardly, it will take a long time to recover, but just for the sake of face, I just made a fearless appearance in front of Qi Cai Lingfeng.

After the discussion, the White Tiger King immediately summoned other tribal leaders to discuss the matter of continuing the migration.

A few minutes later, when all the tribes assembled, they left the newly established new territory and headed for the distance.

At this time, Qi Cai Lingfeng did not follow everyone, but stayed at the end, moving some wooden stakes and stones in the depths of the territory. Seeing this situation, the White Tiger King was very puzzled. He came over and asked, ” Qicai

Lingfeng, what are you doing? Hurry up and go with everyone.

I’ll catch up with you after I set these up.”


At this moment, the White Tiger King frowned, “What did you set up?”

“A formation!”

“A formation?”

Seeing the puzzled look on the White Tiger King’s face, Qi Cai Lingfeng smiled and said, “Yes, Your Excellency Yue Feng taught me some simple formations before, but I have never used them, so I will try this time.” Feng looked around and continued: “This new territory, we searched for so long before we found it, it would be a pity to give up like this, I thought, if the demons or the gods came here to investigate, we would use this formation to give They teach a little lesson, so that we won’t be shy when we go, right?”

When saying this, Qi Cai Lingfeng’s delicate face showed a bit of cunning.

Yes, the formation of Qicai Lingfeng was taught by Yue Feng. At the beginning, Yue Feng had just obtained the power of Bird Ancestor and was assisted by Qicai Lingfeng, and finally gained the trust of the entire demon clan. At that time, in order to thank Qicai Lingfeng, Yue Feng Feng taught some simple formations.


Hearing these words, the White Tiger King understood Qi Cai Lingfeng’s intentions, and he couldn’t help laughing immediately, nodding his head and saying: “Okay, your method is good, it’s too embarrassing to leave like this, leaving one behind. Formation, so that when the Demon Race and the God Realm come, they can also suffer a little.” After

speaking, the White Tiger King called some demon warriors to help Qicai Lingfeng deploy the formation together.

A few minutes later, the deployment of the formation was completed, and the White Tiger King and Qi Cai Lingfeng quickly left.


this moment, the other side.

Yue Feng had been recuperating in the stone room for several hours, and his condition was much better.

In the past few hours, Mo Yan also sent someone to bring medicine to Yue Feng, so Yue Feng’s injury has basically recovered, but the power of Yuanshen has not fully recovered.


At this time, Yue Feng was sitting there recuperating, and suddenly the door was opened. Then, a demon warrior walked in and said politely, “Mr. Yue Feng, Your Excellency the Demon King has a request.”

Half a day ago, Yue Feng was still a prisoner. These demon warriors didn’t take him seriously at all, but now it’s different. Yue Feng joined Moyan and is already his own.

And Yue Feng is also a hero of the Kyushu continent, so these demon warriors are politely called Mr.


Yue Feng nodded, followed the demon warrior out of the stone room and walked towards the tent where Mo Yan was.

Soon, after entering the camp, Yue Feng was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that Mo Yan was sitting in the center, with more than a dozen demon generals standing on both sides, each with a solemn expression, and the position below Mo Yan was Wei An.

At this time, Wei An changed into clean clothes and sat in a specially made wheelchair. Although he took medicine, his legs were chopped off, his vitality was severely injured, and his face was still pale.

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