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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4121-4125

Chapter 4121


Hearing this, Wei An trembled and almost sat on the ground.

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rself go to distract Jutian

ei An, this is your best chance, as long as you behave well, when Liya

of misery, but

it can on

lked over slowly, looked at Wei

worry, I will definitely lead Youtian to the place. Els

was full of confidence, bu

ouldn’t help it, because King Xuanwu said it well, if yo

aking great contributions can we


uanwu King: “You have given birth to a good son, I a

r leaders also nodded

, King Xuanwu smiled and his

e new camp with d


ay from the new territory, seeing the scene in front of them, whet

ighty way. Although there were only a few thousand

r, with a breathtaking aura, is Jut


er it is Jutian or thousands of demon


help, I met the demon clan so quickly, come on,


ne after another, rushing towards Wei An. I saw t

‘s g

but he still forced himself to calm do

ble from the new territory. Therefore, there is no nee

on warriors followed Wei An and ra


er saying that, he led the remaining demon warr

alf an

n and his group were s


an could escape successfully, accept your fate!” The voice fell, and the power of


ack. He didn’t have time to dodge, so


, and a vibration was heard. Wei An was directly shaken an


er landing heavily, a mouthful of blood

ith me?” Yutian’s face was full of contem

Wei An with five flowers, and at the same time, with We


d looked at Wei An coldly: “Who a

er 4


d: “Return to Your Excellency, my name is Zhou Wu, my companion and I are an after-

ellency the White Tiger King dispatched several after-care patrols to patrol around

s very sincere, but he c

protect the new territory. More importantly, it is also the only

ntity is not exposed, the Holy Demon King

ith an extraordinary position and self-contained

‘t kn

is face still sank, and he said coldly, “Boy, do yo


errifying aura s

panicked, but he still insisted: “What I said is the truth,

tered, his legs were weak, and he


t of contempt. These warriors of the demon race really have no cou

ce you said that you don’t know where the new territory is, then I ask you


ing assigned us a mission, he gave us half a day, and when the half day was up, let us go to a

tian’s constant questioning, but he knew that if


t canyon, where is it?” As he spok

ot some

An directly stated where

ered to a demon general next to him: “Go immedi

ellency Demo

and then with several hundred demon war


ve already said what I should say, we are just some worthless and

g as your Excellency lets us go, I promise that

sense, waved his hands and said: “Okay, I’m in a good mood t

would not attack these monster warriors at all. After all, this litt

ow that he was comple

ellency. Thank you

ng Yutian again and again, and then l

er 4

ky with dozens of subordinates,

n was real

but I didn’t expect to get out so easily. When I ret

her s

rs, and soon, the demon general sent by Yo

ency the D

d expression: “My subordinates explored the canyon, but didn’t see

e is a dispute between the demon clan and the god’s realm, and the two sides fought, and


on general looked solemn


unforgivable, and roared: “Ma De, that stinky boy ju


r another, chasing in the direction Wei An left, but

on warriors, flew for half an hour, a

ng, and many other leaders had already arrived. They all looke

the future development of the demon clan, so Wei An’s missi

ellency the Whi

alked forward and sai

dded, indicating tha

face, and couldn’t help but ask,

“Yes.” Wei

whether it was the White Tiger King

ath, unable to hide his ner

housands of demons to our old man. Near the territory, that is, in the canyon

round and continued: “

ll ri

es, the entire stone h

val, looking at Wei An’s ey

vior, he has not let himse

, ok

he was, and he praised the Xuanwu King: “Xuanwu, y

i An, he smiled and said, “Wei An, what was th


d on Wei An at once. Like the White Tiger King, they

e was pacing slowly in the stone hall, telling the story of how he encountered t

ng that we, the dozens of monster warriors, have no threat to him, so he easily let us

er 4


o laughter, which was a tense a

est threat to the Demon Race. Now that it has avoided a

cy the White

ldn’t hide her joy, and respectfully said to t


was in an uproar, and the surro

iss Liya is

a good day for our


er King was also full of With a smile on

coma for more than ten


e stone hall, trembled in his heart, and sudd

, she couldn’t

lso looked

‘s g

ed, and said to the maid with

walked out of the


, and couldn’t help but whispered to King

is the end, it’s time to face You have done a great job

King waved his hand: “L


little, and followed King Xu

s mom

s ro


all over her body, and her head was a lit

new ter

gged by Wei A

t of anger burst out in my heart. That Wei An was so despica

e more angry she became, and


r was pushed open, and the White Tiger King, as well as se


and relieved, he quickly walked over and took Liya’s hand, comfortin

ronged you o

not good, he didn’t see the right person, that Yue Feng is so despicable, and the father wan


felt her brain buzzi

the ki

g person? Yue Fe

s this

, all the people around the

e shameless villain, has alr

too much, just

time we meet, our whole The demon

who came in later did not stand forward,

even more

are they all blaming

ng, you didn’t do a

er: “Father, what are you talking about, w

heart suddenly surged with anger, and said fiercely: “My good daughter, have you forgotten? Yue Feng

25 After

ued: “Later, it was Qi Cailingfeng who gave you Zhuque

“Your Excellency the White Tiger King is too polite, our e


ya was stunned, compl

ants to defile himself?


r figure walked over

ter, you are so good to that Yue Feng, but he is plotting against you,

hmph, it’s better to be cra

raindrops, kept hi


hat’s not the case, Your Excellency Yue Feng is upright and upr

ll misunder


King, Qi Cai Lingfeng, a

ng? Who

ked at Lea closely and asked, “Whoever gave


g and Meng Ya, as well as others, were a

tanding at the door. At that time, Liya’s tender body trembled, and a wave of gri

off the bed, walked quickly to Wei An,


ss anger, she heard Wei An groan, her figure staggered b


e me, but you put the blame on Your Excellency Yue Feng, if it’s shameless, You are the most shameless, Yo


er King, or the surrounding Colorful Lin

to defile Lea,

, ever

ation at the time was like this, Your Excellency Yue Feng and I, took it well in

a explained the details o

but made an agreement with Gong Ao to take me first. When I went out, I was really naive at the time, thinking that he would help me


eyes converged o

nt, and a drop of a need

they are all extremely angry. This Wei An is really

flickered constantly, and h

, it’s o


n the side is even more com

the truth to


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