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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4076-4080

Chapter 4076 The

White Tiger King hurriedly said: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, don’t say that, you are the great benefactor of our Monster Race. I will hold a banquet for you and express my gratitude. It is nothing to be concerned about.” After speaking

, the White Tiger King looked around. After a circle, he continued: “Looking back at the time, all of our demon races were trapped in the sealed land by the God’s Domain for thousands of years. If it weren’t for Yue Feng, we would not have the freedom we have now.” The

voice fell, and the surrounding people responded.

“Not bad!”

“Without Your Excellency Yue Feng, there would be no our monster clan.”

At this time, the White Tiger King stood up and raised his glass: “I just heard from Lia that Your Excellency Yue Feng’s injury has improved a lot, which is really gratifying. Come on, let’s toast Your Excellency Yue Feng together.”

All of a sudden, everyone got up and toasted Yue Feng.

Yue Feng has a heroic personality. Seeing this scene, he is also unceremonious at the moment, and he picked up the glass and drank with everyone.

Three rounds of wine.

The White Tiger King thought of the business, and said politely to Yue Feng: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, I have already followed your advice and will not see Gong Ao again. What should I do next, please give me some instructions.”


Yue Feng pondered for a while, and said slowly: “Now that the war between God’s Domain and Demon Venerable is breaking out, the situation is very unfavorable for God’s Domain. According to my speculation, even if Gong Ao doesn’t ask for your help this time, Jiutian God will send other men down.”

“Although the grievances between God’s Domain and your demon clan have been written off, but based on my understanding of the Nine Heavens God, he will make a fair alliance with you on the surface, but in fact, he will still make you pawns.”

“Wait until you have consumed the demons . After the main power of the clan, the Nine Heavens God will make a big counterattack.”

Yue Feng’s voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the stone hall.


At this moment, whether it was the White Tiger King or the demon warriors present, all of them frowned and thought.

Yue Feng is right, Jiutian God is very hypocritical, but he can’t fall into his trap.

Soon, the White Tiger King reacted and smiled at Yue Feng: “Your Excellency is right, it’s just that God of the Nine Heavens really wants to send messengers, so I refuse directly, I’m afraid it’s not right.”

Yue Feng smiled: “It’s not right. Why is it so difficult, just transfer your territory so that the Nine Heavens God can’t find it.” That

‘s right!

Hearing this, White Tiger King’s eyes lit up, he didn’t expect that the Nine Heavens God could not find the demon clan territory, so he didn’t need to be embarrassed.

“What a joke!”

But at this moment, a mocking voice remembered, and then a tall figure stood up on the seat below. A face full of contempt.

It was Wei An.


At this moment, the eyes of the entire stone hall converged on Wei An, each of them secretly wondering.

What is Wei An doing?

Does he have a better solution? At this moment, the White Tiger King calmed

down and looked at Wei An: “Wei An, what are you doing? Are you dissatisfied with the proposal of Your Excellency Yue Feng?”

This Wei An dared to disrespect Your Excellency Yue Feng, he was really courting death.

However, Wei An was the son of King Xuanwu, and King White Tiger couldn’t say anything.

“Ha ha!”

Facing the White Tiger King’s question, Wei An sneered and said loudly, “Of course I’m not satisfied, our demon clan has inherited thousands of years, and in terms of strength, it is not inferior to the gods and the demons. At this time, the entire gods of the demons are fighting. We have a good opportunity for the rise of the demon clan.”

After speaking, Wei An glanced at Yue Feng and continued: “If you want me to say, we don’t need to transfer the territory at all, let alone wait for the envoys from the Nine Heavens to come to the alliance, but take the initiative to attack first. Destroy the nearby demon warriors.”


hearing this, the other demon warriors and leaders around immediately started talking.

“Wei An also has some truth in what he said.”

“Yeah, over the years, our demon clan have been subordinated to the realm of the gods and have been oppressed.”

“However, it seems a bit inappropriate to take the initiative to attack…” During the

discussion, some Some agree with Wei An’s point of view, some are uncertain, and some are against it.

At this time, Yue Feng stood up slowly, looked at Wei An and said, “You are right in saying that, but have you ever thought about how many warriors will be damaged once the demon clan joins the war? You just came out of the sealed land, It is time to recuperate, and it is very unwise to join the war on a whim.”

Chapter 4077 The

voice fell, and many warriors and leaders nodded in sympathy.

What Yue Feng said is also reasonable.

The monsters have been trapped for so many years, and finally left the sealed land. It is better to recharge their batteries rather than rashly participate in the war.

Wei An sneered and shouted at Yue Feng, “There are hundreds of thousands of warriors in our demon clan, why should we obey you as a foreigner? Even if you are the benefactor of our demon clan, you can’t arbitrarily control our destiny like this. “

When he said this, Wei An looked indignant.

Because of Liya’s matter, Wei An had a lot of opinions on Yue Feng. At this time, seeing Yue Feng suggested that the entire demon clan should transfer the territory, and the White Tiger King also accepted the opinion, which made Wei An even more uncomfortable.


As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a loud shout. King Xuanwu, who had been sitting there, stood up abruptly, walked over quickly, and slapped Wei An in the face.

At this time, King Xuanwu was shocked and angry, almost scared to death.

Mad, Wei An, this beast, dared to challenge Your Excellency Yue Feng in public, and continue to let him go on his way.


This slap used all his strength, Wei An covered his face and stepped back several steps, his whole body was covered, and his face was swollen high.

For a while, the entire stone hall was silent.


Wei An quickly reacted and shouted, looking at King Xuanwu very aggrieved: “Did I say something wrong? This is our monster clan’s business, how can he be an alien human to intervene? Son…”


Hearing this, King Xuanwu slapped him again and scolded loudly: “Let’s go, Your Excellency Yue Feng saved our demon clan from the sea of ​​misery, how can we be outsiders? Although we are demon clan, we must repay our gratitude. How did I usually educate you?!”


However, Wei An’s face was full of unwillingness, his eyes were red, and he was very aggrieved, and shouted: “Even so, the fate of our entire demon clan cannot be left to him. In my hands…”

King Xuanwu trembled with anger, pointed at Wei An and cursed: “Shut up, if you talk nonsense to me again, he will no longer be my son.”

At this time, King Xuanwu was very angry.

This son of mine really has no rules at all. You must know that Yue Feng has a very high reputation in the entire demon clan. He not only possesses the power of bird ancestors, but is also treated with courtesy by the White Tiger King. In this case, his son is completely opposite to him. It is courting death, and it will even implicate the Xuanwu family.


At this moment, Wei An covered his face, completely stupid there.

You must know that King Xuanwu has always loved Wei An very much. In Wei An’s heart, no matter what he does, his father will support him unconditionally, but at this time he never thought that his father would cut off his relationship with him for the sake of Yue Feng.

The entire stone hall was also silent.

The White Tiger King and the other warriors around him, as well as the leader, all watched silently without stopping.

The White Tiger King is also very angry, this Wei An has no rules at all, but he is the son of Xuanwu King, so he can’t say anything.

“What are you still doing?”

At this time, seeing Wei An froze there, the Xuanwu King shouted angrily: “You have lost all the faces of the Xuanwu family, why don’t you get out?”

Wei An was very reluctant, but He didn’t dare to refute, so he had no choice but to withdraw from the stone hall angrily.

However, Wei An did not leave directly. After leaving the stone hall, he hid outside the door and continued to listen to the situation inside.

At this time, in the stone hall.

“Your Excellency Yue Feng!”

After blasting his son away, King Xuanwu looked ashamed and clasped his fists at Yue Feng: “I’m really sorry, the dog doesn’t understand the rules, and the words are offensive. Your Excellency is a lot, don’t have the same knowledge as him. “

When he said this, King Xuanwu was very uneasy.

You must know that Yue Feng, as the Nine Heavens Profound Sage of the Divine Realm, since he has the ability to bring the demon clan out of the sealed zone, he can lock the demon clan in again.


Yue Feng smiled slightly and waved his hand: “King Xuanwu is polite, young people are a little impulsive, and your son is full of vigor. It is also excusable to disagree with my suggestion.”

At this time, Yue Feng had a face Indifferent, after so many years, he really didn’t take Wei An’s rudeness seriously.

Chapter 4078 Huh

Hearing Yue Feng’s answer, King Xuanwu breathed a sigh of relief, and a stone hanging in his heart fell to the ground instantly.

Great, Your Excellency Yue Feng did not pursue it.

At the same time, the White Tiger King and the surrounding monster warriors also showed smiles.


However, Wei An, who was eavesdropping outside the door, was burning with anger at this time.

This Yue Feng is too crazy, my father Xuanwu King apologized to you, but you are not humble at all.

Thinking about Liya again, Wei An wanted to rush in and scold Yue Feng, but considering that King Xuanwu was still inside, he held back.

At this time in the stone palace.

After King Xuanwu apologized, the awkward atmosphere at first eased a lot in an instant.


At this time, the White Tiger King stood up and laughed: “Your Excellency Yue Feng is so tolerant, I represent all the demon clan, and I will toast you again.” After speaking, he drank the wine in the cup.

Yue Feng smiled and took a sip from the wine glass.

“Your Excellency Yue Feng!” The White Tiger King thought of something and asked, “After the banquet, we will transfer the territory immediately, do you want to go with us?”

There was a bit of concern in his words, because Yue Feng was on his leg. It has not completely recovered, nor has the primordial spirit completely recovered.

Yue Feng shook his head: “You don’t need to worry about me. My injury is not healed, so it is inconvenient to travel long distances. Moreover, I have to go back to see the Nine Heavens God.”

At this time, Yue Feng was calm on the surface, but dark currents were surging in his heart.

Mad, after that Gong Ao plotted against himself behind his back, he must have concealed the truth from the Nine Heavens God, and this matter must be exposed.


Hearing this, the White Tiger King was stunned, and the surrounding monster warriors also looked at each other in dismay.

Your Excellency Yue Feng, don’t you transfer with the demon clan?

His wounds haven’t healed yet, can this work?

In the next second, the White Tiger King reacted first, and urged Yue Feng to dissuade him: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, it is too dangerous for you to stay here alone. What if you encounter a demon warrior?”

Yue Feng smiled: ” Don’t worry, as long as I hide in the stone room and don’t come out, even if the demon warriors find me here, they won’t be able to find me.” However, the White Tiger

King was still worried and smiled bitterly: “Since Your Excellency insists so much, that’s fine.”

Wang suddenly thought of something, and continued: “In the northwest of this territory, there is a cave, where the location is hidden. If Your Excellency Yue Feng wants to restore his strength, it is better to go to that cave.”

“Alright!” Yue Feng nodded without thinking.

He was reluctant to follow the demon clan to move away. The purpose was to restore his strength as soon as possible, but he also risked a lot of danger. At this time, Yue Feng, of course, would not refuse when he learned from the White Tiger King that there was a hidden cave.

Seeing Yue Feng agree, the White Tiger King smiled.


At this moment, Liya, who had been silent for a while, suddenly stood up and asked the White Tiger King for instructions: “Or… let me accompany Your Excellency Yue Feng and stay in that cave, This will also make it easier to take care of.”

When she said this, there was a hint of blush on Liya’s delicate face.

Speaking of which, Liya only admired and respected Yue Feng at first, but after taking care of Yue Feng for nearly a day, Liya gradually discovered that she felt different about him.

After being harassed by Wei An, Liya completely understood that she was in love with Yue Feng.

At this time, seeing that Yue Feng did not intend to leave with the demon clan, but stayed to continue to recuperate, Liya decided to stay by Yue Feng’s side to take care of him without any hesitation.

Liya did this because in addition to being concerned about Yue Feng’s injury, she also wanted to know more about this man.

This is a bit bad…

At this moment, aware of the shyness on Liya’s face, Yue Feng immediately guessed that the daughter of the White Tiger King must have fallen in love with him.

At that time, Yue Feng’s first reaction was to prepare to refuse.

You must know that in the Kyushu Continent, Yue Feng already has Ren Yingying, Su Qingyan, Xiao Yuruo… these confidantes are already very content, and really don’t want to provoke other girls.

“Haha…” However, before Yue Feng could speak

, he saw the White Tiger King laugh in approval: “Okay, okay, I’m very pleased that Liya has this heart.”

Wang Chong nodded to Liya and said, “Okay, you can stay here and accompany Your Excellency Yue Feng to heal in the cave. This is also a way of expressing gratitude for our entire demon clan.”

Chapter 4079

Seeing the White Tiger King’s agreement, Liya was full of joy, nodded and sat back in her seat, her eyes peeking at Yue Feng from time to time, showing a shy attitude, indescribably charming.


Seeing this situation, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing and laughing. He opened his mouth to refuse.

However, as soon as he said a word, the White Tiger King came over, patted Yue Feng on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, this matter is settled like this, Liya is virtuous and attentive, with her taking care of you, I and I The warriors here can rest assured.”

Seeing that he had said so, Yue Feng had no choice but to nod his head.

And Wei An, who was still outside the gate of the stone hall, was in a hurry at this time.

How could this be?

Liya actually asked to stay and take care of Yue Feng…

No, this is absolutely impossible.

The banquet lasted for more than an hour before it was completely over. The White Tiger King acted resolutely. After everyone left the stone hall, he immediately summoned everyone from the demon clan to prepare to transfer the camp.

And Liya took Yue Feng directly to the cave in the northwest.

But before going to the cave, Li Ya needs to go back to the stone room where Yue Feng rested and clean up. In fact, Yue Feng doesn’t have many personal belongings, and he has nothing to pack. So soon Leah came out.

At this moment, Lia was very excited and anxious.

Excitedly, before Yue Feng’s injury was completely healed, he was going to be alone with him.

And what is apprehensive is, will Yue Feng, a big man admired by everyone, like him?

While thinking about it, Li Ya rushed towards the place where she joined Yue Feng. Yue Feng’s leg has not completely healed, so he can’t wait too long.


However, when she came to a corner, Ria suddenly stopped, and her delicate face showed a bit of impatience.

I saw Wei An standing there with a complicated expression, as if he had been waiting here for a long time.

“Wei An!”

After being stunned for two seconds, Lia calmed down and said coldly at Wei An, “What the hell are you doing?” Originally in Liya’s heart, she still regarded Wei An as a friend, but In the stone hall just now, Wei An was disrespectful to Yue Feng in public, which made Liya very angry, and began to hate Wei An in her heart.

Wei An was very excited and looked at Liya closely: “Liya, why do you want to stay and take care of Yue Feng? Didn’t you say you didn’t like him before?”


Liya breathed a sigh of relief and said lightly, “Does this have anything to do with you?”

This Wei An is a lunatic, and he really doesn’t want to say a word to him.

Feeling Liya’s indifference, Wei An’s head was shocked, and then she said affectionately: “Liya, can’t you feel it? I like you. When our demon clan was still trapped in the sealed land, I would I’m fascinated by you, I want you to be my woman, I…”

Wei An became more and more excited as he spoke, and couldn’t help but approach Lia.

Liya frowned, subconsciously distanced herself from him, and at the same time interrupted coldly: “Okay, Wei An, don’t say it, even if you like me, we can’t be together.”

“Why? “Wei An froze there, puzzled in his eyes.

Li Ya is not hiding it, saying word by word: “Because I like Yue Feng, when you asked me before, I was not sure, but now I am sure, I like Yue Feng, not only like, but also worship him.”

“I know that Yue Feng has many confidantes, and they are not inferior to me at all, so I don’t expect to be his real woman. As long as I can stay by his side, I will be satisfied.”

Speaking of this, Lia greeted him. Wei An’s eyes: “So, stop pestering me, it’s impossible for us, you know? Get out of the way.” After the

last word fell, Lia pushed Wei An away and walked away without looking back. .


Seeing Liya’s figure go away, Wei An’s face was hideous and extremely ugly.

good very good.

Leah…I am so affectionate to you, but you take me as a joke. At this moment, I, Wei An, swear to heaven, you will regret it.

Thinking about it, Wei An turned and walked towards the camp of the Xuanwu family.

At this time, the Xuanwu clan, like the other demon clan, responded to the order of the White Tiger King and was packing up and moving their territory, a noisy scene.

Wei An did not pack up, but found his confidant Tian Qi and said, “Don’t pack up, take our people with me.”

Chapter 4080

Tian Qi is a warrior of the Xuanwu family. He is about the same age as Wei An. He followed Wei An when he was very young, rested together, and practiced together. It can be said that Tian Qi is not only Wei An’s right-hand man, but also his brother.


Hearing this, Tian Qi was stunned for a moment: “Everyone is packing up and preparing to move the camp. What are you calling the brothers to do?”

Wei An was too lazy to talk nonsense, and urged: “Don’t ask so many questions, hurry up. Go and convene people, this time, I have to do something earth-shattering.”

Seeing him like this, Tian Qi didn’t ask too many questions, so he hurried to convene his subordinates.

A few minutes later, nearly 5,000 warriors of the Xuanwu clan were assembled. These warriors were all under the direct jurisdiction of Wei An, and they were all very powerful.

At that time, Wei An did not hesitate to leave the territory with several thousand men and head towards Gong Ao’s camp.

the other side. In the demon territory.

Yue Feng was sitting on the rock at the intersection, waiting for Liya to come and meet. There is a bit of complexity on the cold face.

Just now, Yue Feng saw Wei An intercepting Liya halfway.

Yue Feng had come here. He didn’t understand at first that he and Wei An had no grudges, but Wei An had always been against himself at the banquet. It wasn’t until he saw him stop Liya just now that Yue Feng understood that this kid likes Li Ya. Ya, that’s why I can’t get used to myself.

“Your Excellency Yue Feng!”

Just when Yue Feng was thinking about it, he heard a gentle voice, and when he looked up, he saw that Liya had come over at some point, standing in front of Yue Feng, slim and slim.

Yue Feng was stunned for a moment, then he recovered and smiled: “You’re here!”


Seeing Yue Feng’s goofy look, Liya couldn’t help laughing out loud, and then asked curiously, “Your Excellency Yue Feng, what are you thinking? Are you absent-minded?”

Yue Feng scratched his head and smiled: “You and Is that Wei An all right?”

Wei An?

As soon as Wei An was mentioned, Lia was deeply conflicted, her smile froze, and she said lightly, “Let’s not mention him, this Wei An is a lunatic.”

Thinking of Wei An stopping her just now, Lia couldn’t express her disgust. .

Sure enough, something happened.

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng immediately understood something, smiled and comforted: “I guess it is good, then Wei An likes you?”


Lia was stunned for a while, a little uncomfortable, but still ordered Nodding: “Yeah.”

Then, without waiting for Yue Feng to speak, Liya said quickly: “But I don’t like him at all, this Wei An is too self-righteous, I used to regard him as a friend, but at the banquet today, he was so indifferent to your Excellency. Li, I don’t understand the rules at all, I hate him to death.” Hearing this, Yue Feng smiled bitterly and said

, “If he likes you, he would treat me like this, and it is human nature.”

Yue Feng thought for a while and continued: “How about this, you don’t have to take care of me, and move with your compatriots.”

Seriously, this girl Liya is gentle and kind, and Yue Feng loves it from the bottom of her heart, but she doesn’t want to be because of herself. This caused conflicts within the demon clan. After all, that Wei An was the son of King Xuanwu, and his status was not ordinary.


At this moment, Liya’s delicate body trembled, and then she bit her lip tightly and said, “Your Excellency Yue Feng…you…do you hate me?”

Yue Feng shook his head and said, “No, you have taken good care of me this day, and I am too late to be grateful. How could I hate you?”

“Then why did you drive me away?” Liya was a little excited and looked aggrieved: “In my heart, you are a great hero, a benefactor of our monster clan, and I stayed to take care of you, which was agreed by my father, and many warriors saw it at that time.”

“If you don’t let me follow, I will Father and those warriors knew about it, and thought I made you angry.” At the

end of the story, Leah’s eyes were red, and she almost burst into tears.


Seeing Liya’s pitiful look, Yue Feng panicked and quickly consoled: “Okay, don’t be sad, I won’t let you go, okay? .”

Yue Fengtian was not afraid of the earth, but he was afraid that the woman would cry.

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