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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4071-4075

Chapter 4071

Yue Feng smiled and said: “My suggestion, of course, can’t listen to this Gong Ao. He lost the battle in Fengmo Mountain and has no face to go back to face the Nine Heavens God, so he can only find a way to atone for his sins, And your demon clan is his life-saving straw.”

After speaking, Yue Feng thought for a while and continued: “Also, based on what I know about Gong Ao, on the surface, he asked your demon clan to help, but in fact, he asked you to help. Be a pawn, be a cannon fodder.”

“He will use the blood of your demon warriors to delay the advance of the demons.”


Hearing this, the White Tiger King’s face changed, his eyes flashing cold: “Your Excellency said Yes, based on what he has done to you, he will not treat our demon clan with sincerity.”

Speaking of which, the White Tiger King asked for advice again: “In that case, I order someone to drive him out of here?”

Yue Fengyao He shook his head: “No, just leave him alone and ignore it. If I guessed correctly, the Demon Lord Gone led the main force and has already rushed to the Yutian Palace, leaving only a small number of demon warriors to seal the demons. Wandering around the mountain. The situation is so critical, Gong Ao has no patience to wait.”


Hearing this, the White Tiger King Mao Said, nodded and smiled: “Your Excellency Yue Feng is indeed resourceful, it’s getting late, Your Excellency, hurry up Rest, I will visit again tomorrow.”

After speaking, the White Tiger King said goodbye and left.

The next morning, in the woods outside the demon clan.

In the tent of the camp just built, Gong Ao sat there with a gloomy face.

At this time, Gong Ao had not rested for three days and three nights, and his expression was haggard, but at this time he had no plans to rest at all, and his heart was extremely anxious.

One night has passed, and the White Tiger King has not sent his subordinates to summon him.

God’s Domain is now in the midst of a storm, so you can’t waste too much time here.

Thinking to himself, Gong Ao instructed a divine soldier, “If you go and spread the word, just say I want to see the White Tiger King.” The White Tiger King had no news, so he could only take the initiative.

“Yes, Commander.”

The magic soldier responded and walked out of the tent quickly.

After a while, the magic soldier came back, looking very embarrassed, and said cautiously to Gong Ao: “Commander, those monster warriors don’t want to spread the word, saying that the White Tiger King is busy and can’t see.”


Hearing this, Gong Ao’s face sank and he was very annoyed: “You were stopped by those monster warriors?”

“Yes.” The magic soldier was very ashamed and responded, “They won’t let me in.”

Ma Germany.

Gong Ao was furious, his whole body trembling with anger.

This White Tiger King and these demon clans are too arrogant and arrogant. Now the entire Divine Realm is suffering an unprecedented crisis. Not only are these demon clan unhelpful, but their attitude is so indifferent.

It really makes no sense.

In anger, Gong Ao stood up abruptly and went to the demon clan’s territory in person.

However, the result was the same as before, Gong Ao was also stopped by those monster clan warriors. After several attempts, Gong Ao was always blocked from the demon clan territory.

In the end, Gong Ao was completely angry and returned to the camp tent in a rage.

More than a dozen god generals came to hear the news, but seeing Gong Ao’s gloomy face, they did not dare to speak rashly for a while, and stood aside tremblingly.

“Command Your Excellency!”

Finally, one of the gods came out and said politely to Gong Ao: “Since the demon clan is not benevolent, we are not righteous…”

Before he finished speaking, Gong Ao interrupted him.

“Nonsense!” Gong Ao was in a very bad mood, and scolded coldly: “With our few troops, we can still go in and chop off the head of the White Tiger King?”


The god will take a deep breath and carefully comforted him. : “Commander calm down, that’s not what I meant, my solution is, let’s release a ‘help talisman’.”

Help talisman?

Hearing this, Gong Ao frowned.

The god will continue: “This is the territory of the demon race. After we release the ‘relief charm’, we will definitely attract many demon warriors to come. When that time comes, let’s leave first…”

Gong Ao’s eyes flickered, revealing a trace of it. Smile: “Understood, what you mean, let’s talk about the demon warriors being brought here, so that the demons are forced to fight with them, and then we hide in the dark and watch the tiger fight?” After speaking

, Gong Ao nodded in approval: “Okay, this is a good way.”

Chapter 4072 After speaking

, Gong Ao became proud: “This white tiger king, the reason why you see me is that you don’t want to waste the power of the demon clan. He thought that if he left me here, I would have nothing to do? Wait until I lead the demon clan warriors. Come here and see what he does, when the time comes, the monsters will have to fight if they don’t want to.”

Gong Ao’s eyes were full of deep coldness when he said this.

No matter what, I have to pull the demon clan into the water. As long as they can hold back part of the power of the demon, I can be considered a meritorious deed.


Thinking to himself, Gong Ao looked around and commanded the surrounding gods: “Pass my order, and as soon as it gets dark, I will release the ‘rescue talisman’ immediately.”

“Yes, Your Excellency Commander!” The

voice fell . , Inside the tent, more than a dozen gods will respond in unison.


On the other side, within the demon clan’s territory.

The White Tiger King got Yue Feng’s suggestion and never summoned Gong Ao. At the same time, the White Tiger King was also a little worried about Yue Feng’s injury. In order to show his sincerity, he specially asked his eldest daughter Liya to take care of Yue Feng.

Liya had a lot of respect for Yue Feng, so she naturally agreed. During Yue Feng’s recuperation, Liya personally gave food and drink to almost every detail.

This made Wei An uncomfortable.

Wei An is the son of King Xuanwu, with a sturdy figure and super strength. He is regarded as a well-known powerhouse among the entire demon clan. Wei An and Liya have similar grades, and they had a good impression of Liya long before the demons left the Sealed Land.

Later, the two sides gradually became adults, and Wei An had an indescribable admiration for Liya.

At this moment, outside the stone room where Yue Feng cultivated, Wei An was standing behind a tree with a complicated expression on his face.

A day ago, Liya promised Wei An that she would accompany him to practice today, but after a long time, Wei An didn’t even see Liya’s shadow. Finally, I found out that Liya came to take care of Yue Feng, and Wei An was very uncomfortable at that time, so he came to take a look.

Beloved woman, to take care of other men, it would be awkward for anyone to do it.


Just when Wei An was depressed, he saw the Shishi door being pushed open, and then he saw Liya walking out with a plate.

Just now, Liya delivered lunch to Yue Feng, Yue Feng recovered well, and a plate of delicious food was quickly eaten, which made Liya very happy.

After all, Yue Feng is the big benefactor of the demon clan, and it is the blessing of the entire demon clan that he gets better soon.


At this moment, seeing Liya coming out, Wei An’s spirit was shocked, and he hurried up to meet him. He couldn’t help shouting: “Liya, Liya…”

Hearing the call, Liya was standing there and looked back to see that it was Wei An was stunned for a moment, then smiled lightly: “Wei An, why are you here?”


Wei An walked up to him, his burly figure, in front of Liya at this time, was shy Like a child: “You…you promised me the other day that you would practice with me, did you forget?”

When he said this, Wei An’s eyes were full of urgency and expectation.


Hearing this, Lia suddenly remembered, and quickly patted her forehead, with a hint of apology on her delicate face: “I’m so sorry, Wei An, I forgot about this.

” Liya looked back at Shi Shi: “My father asked me to take care of Yue Feng. He is very heavy and needs to be taken care of.”

That’s true.

Wei An smiled embarrassingly, with a stunned look on his face, but he was very aggrieved.

Even if Yue Feng is the benefactor of the demon clan, the White Tiger King doesn’t have to ask Liya to serve him.

Thinking to himself, Wei An tentatively said: “Why don’t I call a few maids here and serve Your Excellency Yue Feng well, you can still accompany me to practice, you know, without you, I can’t feel at ease when I practice. .”

In Wei An’s heart, knowing that Liya also likes him, he will definitely agree.


However, Liya’s answer was to pour cold water on Wei An invisibly: “This is my father’s order, and… Your Excellency Yue Feng is erudite and knowledgeable, and I am also I want to take this opportunity to ask him some questions.”

Liya knew that Wei An liked her, but in her heart, she always regarded Wei An as a friend.


Hearing this, Wei An’s smile froze on his face, and the whole person was stunned.

He never thought that in order to take care of Yue Feng, Liya would reject her rejection so simply.

Chapter 4073

“Okay, let’s not talk about it!”

At this time, Liya smiled: “I will also prepare some herbs for Your Excellency Yue Feng, so that his legs can recover faster, so I won’t talk to you.”

After saying the last word, Leah left behind a fragrance and left gracefully.


Watching Liya’s figure go away, Wei An was stunned for a few minutes before he recovered. At that time, he only felt very angry and clenched his fists subconsciously.

Ma De, he and Lia were childhood sweethearts, but they were not as good as Yue Feng?

No… Absolutely not.


Just when Wei An was extremely annoyed, several servant girls from the White Tiger clan passed by talking and laughing from a distance. These servant girls were not very loud, but the chatter and laughter still reached Wei An’s ears.

I saw a maid wearing a white grass skirt, and said with a bright face: “I tell you, there was a very strange phenomenon yesterday…”

“What phenomenon ?” “Yeah, let’s

hear it. “

If it’s about the Demon Lord’s army, forget it, it’s boring.” The

other maids urged.

The white-dressed servant girl smiled and said in a low voice, “Last night, I saw Miss Mengya entering the stone room where Your Excellency Yue Feng was resting. I was very curious at the time, so I stopped there and stopped, and then I heard the dream. Miss Ya made a very painful voice.”

“Then, Qi Cai Lingfeng came. At that time, I saw that she was very excited before she went in, but when she came out, her face was full of anger.”

“Miss Mengya also came out with Qicai Lingfeng, and ah, Miss Mengya’s clothes changed. When she went in, she was wearing a short skirt, but when she came out, she was wearing a feather coat.” At the

end, The white-dressed servant girl’s eyes flashed, and she said with a gossip smile, “Isn’t it interesting?”


At this moment, there was an uproar among the surrounding maids.

Is there such a thing?



Hearing this, Wei An, who was not far away, was also shocked and froze there.

Miss Mengya went to see Yue Feng late at night. When she came out, she changed her clothes?

This…it’s worth scrutinizing.

Could it be that Mengya fell in love with Yue Feng?

For a time, Wei An only felt that his heart was messed up. It was okay to serve Yue Feng with the woman he liked. Now even Mengya and Qicai Lingfeng are so enthusiastic about Yue Feng, which made Wei An feel very unbalanced.

At this time, I heard the white-dressed maid continue: “I guess, Miss Mengya must be in love with Your Excellency Yue Feng, and then she took the initiative to dedicate herself. Then, Qi Cai Lingfeng also likes Your Excellency Yue Feng, so I ran into him last night. I’m very angry about the matter between Miss Mengya and Your Excellency Yue Feng.” The

voice fell, and the other maids nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Miss Mengya has an unruly personality, and no one is convinced. Only a character like Your Excellency Yue Feng can make her move.

” We are still trapped in the sealed land, if Miss Mengya chooses him as her man, she will be considered a wise man.”

“Hey, I also like Your Excellency Yue Feng very much, but it’s a pity that I have a humble status.”

Listening to the companions around, all of them were filled with emotion, and the white-dressed maid pursed her lips and said mysteriously: “Do you think this is the end? What else?”


“Speak quickly!”

After hearing this, the other maids suddenly became interested and urged.

The maid in white sighed lightly and said, “I think Miss Liya also likes Yue Feng. I saw with my own eyes this morning that Miss Liya gave Hu Jing to Your Excellency Yue Feng for healing.”

“Hu Jing is ours . The treasure of the White Tiger clan, Miss Liya took it out without hesitation, it can be seen that in her heart, Your Excellency Yue Feng is irreplaceable.”

Hearing this, the other maids nodded.

“Yeah, when Miss Lia was injured, she was reluctant to use tiger crystals.”

“It feels so messy, Miss Mengya, Qicai Lingfeng, and Miss Lia all like Your Excellency Yue Feng, guess what, Who will Your Excellency Yue Feng choose in the end?”

“Shh… keep your voice down.”

Under the discussion, the maids walked further and further away.


Wei An, who was not far away, heard this and was completely dumbfounded. He just felt unspeakably uncomfortable.

Chapter 4074

Liya also likes Yue Feng?

Impossible, this is never possible.

After a few seconds, Wei An regained his senses, and his face was extremely hideous.

In Wei An’s heart, Liya was the pure and snowy goddess, and the partner he swore to protect for the rest of his life. He didn’t believe that Liya’s heart was also tied to Yue Feng.

But the fact is in front of her eyes, Liya has given the tiger crystal to Yue Feng.

Tiger crystal is the healing medicine of the white tiger family. According to legend, it is the essence of the white tiger that was born from the ancestor of the white tiger after the creation of the world. In the next ten million years, no matter how many injuries the king of the white tiger suffered, as long as he took out the tiger crystal, Can heal quickly.

Later, the White Tiger King handed over the tiger crystal to Liya for safekeeping, until now.

Wei An clearly remembered that half a month ago, he wanted to take a look at what Hu Jing looked like. At that time, he begged Liya to take it out, but Liya always refused. At this time, in order to heal Yue Feng, he took it out without hesitation.

The more Wei An thought about it, the more upset he became.

At this moment, Liya took the newly collected herbs and came from a distance to send it to Yue Feng.


Seeing Liya, Wei An hurried up to meet her.

Liya was stunned for a moment, her eyebrows frowned lightly: “Wei An, why are you still here? Don’t you want to practice?”

Wei An couldn’t be in the mood to practice at this time. “Lia, did you take out the tiger crystal and give it to Yue Feng?”

Wei An’s voice trembled a little when he asked about it.

Without thinking about it, Lia nodded and said, “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Yue Feng is the great benefactor of the entire demon clan. Without him, there would be no demon clan today. It is a matter of course to take out the tiger crystal for him to use.


Hearing this, Wei An took a deep breath and endured his displeasure: “Lia, Hu Jing is the treasure of your white tiger clan, how can you just take it out? Besides, you didn’t give it to me when I wanted to see it. Take a look.”


Seeing Wei An’s unhappy appearance, Lia couldn’t help laughing and said softly, “Wei An, why are you so careful? You were not in a special situation at the time, of course I I can’t just take out Hu Jing and show it to you.”

“The situation is different now. Your Excellency Yue Feng is the great benefactor of our demon clan. He is seriously injured and needs to recover quickly.”

Wei An suddenly became anxious and couldn’t help it. Holding Liya’s wrist: “What’s the difference? I’m your playmate since childhood. We’ve known each other for so long, and how long have you known Yue Feng?”

“Can this compare?”

Liya frowned . , while speaking, he also kept struggling: “What are you doing, let go of me.”

However, Wei An was completely stimulated at this time, and he couldn’t listen to Liya’s words at all, and grabbed her wrist tightly. , asked unwillingly: “Lia, let me ask you, do you like Yue Feng?”

At this

moment, Lia was stunned, then nodded and said: “I like it, Your Excellency Yue Feng not only brings We monsters are out of the sea of ​​misery, and they are omnipotent, who doesn’t like this kind of existence?”

When she said this, Liya’s face was taken for granted.

At this time, Liya didn’t understand what Wei An said about love, it was love between men and women.


Hearing this answer, Wei An only felt that the invisible sledgehammer hit him, his body was shocked, he stumbled back two steps, his face instantly paled, and he was in a trance.

Heart is also extremely uncomfortable.

Leah…. Leah really likes Yue Feng.

Seeing Wei An’s reaction, Liya was at a loss. What happened to Wei An today? It doesn’t feel like normal.

Muttering in her heart, Lia didn’t bother to pay attention to it, so she was about to leave, because Yue Feng was still waiting in the stone room to deliver the herbs, so this matter could not be delayed.


Wei An stopped him just before taking two steps.

“What’s the matter with you?” Leah frowned, very impatient.

I need to take care of Your Excellency Yue Feng, and I am very busy, but it is really annoying to be stopped by Wei An repeatedly.

Wei An looked at Liya closely, with a bit of madness in his eyes: “You can’t like Yue Feng, you mustn’t like him.”

Liya said lightly: “Why?”

Chapter 4075


Wei An took a deep breath and said loudly, “Don’t you know? Your sister went to look for Yue Feng last night. She has already dedicated herself to it. They already have a relationship. Yue Feng is your sister’s man. How can you like him?

” Only me, I am your future and belonging.”

Wei An almost roared out the last sentence.


Hearing these words, Liya’s body trembled, and she was completely stunned there.

My sister went to look for Yue Feng last night, and they were still…

impossible, this is absolutely impossible.

The younger sister is arrogant and willful, and she looked down on Yue Feng before, thinking that he was a lame, trash, how could he take the initiative to show up?


Seeing that Liya froze there and didn’t speak, Wei An came over again, took Liya’s hand and said, “In my opinion, Yue Feng’s appearance is benevolent, righteous and moral, but he is actually a lecherous villain. To…”


Before the words were finished, Liya broke free, raised her jade hand, and slapped Wei An’s face fiercely.

“Wei An, Yue Feng is an idol I respect, you are not allowed to slander him like this, let alone slander my sister’s innocence.” Liya’s pretty face was full of frost, and she said coldly, “Don’t come to me again in the future. ‘ The

last word fell, and Leah turned to leave.

In Liya’s heart, Yue Feng is a hero who stands up to the sky. Even if his sister devotes herself to her life, he will remain calm and will never accept her disorder. After all, my sister has just grown up and is still young.

And Wei An is just anecdotal, and he spreads it everywhere, which is very hateful.


Seeing Liya resolutely leave, Wei An became angry and clenched his fists tightly, his nails almost bleeding.

Well, since you don’t believe me, I will find evidence myself, and I have to seize Yue Feng’s lewdness.


At this moment, in the stone room.

Yue Feng was wearing a white robe, sitting there cross-legged, indescribably cold and handsome.

This day, under Li Ya’s careful care, Yue Feng is no longer in a state of embarrassment, and his injuries have recovered very quickly. At this speed, in two more days, the broken leg will be restored to normal, and the power of Yuanshen will be completely restored.

“Your Excellency Yue Feng!”

At this moment, Liya pushed open the door and walked in, her delicate face full of respect: “Father, the king asked me to send a message and ask you to go to the stone hall to talk about it.”

Encountered Wei An outside . Son, Liya didn’t say it, she firmly believed that Yue Feng was a great hero, and the things Wei An said could not be true.

To the stone temple?

Hearing this, Yue Feng was stunned for a moment: “What are you going to do there?”

Liya smiled: “I reported your situation to my father just now, and my father learned that your injury was healed very quickly. Please all the leaders of the demon clan to hold a banquet for your Excellency.”

Yue Feng couldn’t help shaking his head and laughed.

This White Tiger King, who is not an outsider, is so polite.

At this time, Liya came over and said softly: “Your Excellency Yue Feng, everyone in the stone hall is here and waiting for you, you don’t know, all the warriors of our demon clan admire you very much. This banquet It’s for you, they’ll be disappointed if you don’t go.”

Yue Feng wanted to refuse, but when he heard Liya say that, he had no choice but to nod: “Okay!”

After saying that, Yue Feng left the stone room and went to the stone hall with Liya.


Soon, when he arrived at the stone hall, Yue Feng was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that there were hundreds of seats in the huge stone hall. At this time, the seats were filled with warriors and leaders of the monster clan, and on the innermost throne, the White Tiger King sat there with a smile on his face.

“Haha…” The

White Tiger King was very happy when he saw Yue Feng coming in, he quickly stood up and greeted: “Your Excellency Yue Feng is here, hurry up and be seated.”

“I have seen Your Excellency Yue Feng!”

At this moment, the entire stone The demon warriors and leaders in the hall also stood up one after another and greeted Yue Feng with admiration on their faces.

However, there is a figure among them, his face does not have the slightest respect, but a trace of contempt and disdain.

It was Wei An.

Yue Feng smiled, nodded to everyone, and then sat in the VIP seat.

“Your Excellency the White Tiger King.” After sitting down, Yue Feng smiled at the White Tiger King and said, “It’s not an outsider, why are you so polite?”

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