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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4061-4065

Chapter 4061

These figures are wearing uniform armor, and they are indescribably powerful, but they all look pale and look very embarrassed.

It was the divine general who had been defeated in the Demon Sealing Mountain before.

The one at the head, dressed in golden armor, is full of style, but there is deep fatigue between his brows.

It was Gong Ao.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Mengya or the surrounding demon clan’s subordinates, all of them subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

It turned out to be some gods and soldiers, what a false alarm.

When the ancestors of the Great Desolation appeared, they resolved the hatred between the demon clan and the gods for thousands of years, and the grievances between the two sides were eliminated, so seeing that it was from the gods, Mengya and these demon clan’s subordinates were not panic at all.


However, Yue Feng’s expression changed, his eyes looked at Gong Ao from a distance, and he was shocked and angry.

In Fengmo Mountain before, Yue Feng originally found a way to break the blood sacrifice formation, but at the last critical moment, he was plotted by Gong Ao, and finally crushed by the powerful force of the formation, he broke a leg and passed out.

It can be said that if it wasn’t for Gong Ao, Yue Feng would not be so miserable.

Yue Feng originally thought that Gong Ao had plotted against him and would leave Fengmo Mountain directly, but he never thought that not only did he not leave, but he saw it so quickly.

At this time, Yue Feng still didn’t know that after the fierce battle at Fengmo Mountain, the Divine Realm was completely defeated at that time, and Haotian Divine Sovereign had no choice but to announce his retreat.

However, during the retreat, many gods and soldiers panicked and strayed into the surrounding jungle, among them Gong Ao.

At that time, after Gong Ao entered the jungle by mistake, because he was unfamiliar with the environment, he could only move forward by feeling. Along the way, he encountered many broken soldiers and gods, and Gong Ao integrated them.

At the beginning, there were only a hundred people, but now there are more and more, almost a thousand people.


When the enemy met, he was extremely jealous.

However, Yue Feng remained a little calm, and before Gong Ao found himself, he turned his head, and then used the branches in his hand to pick up some silt from the stream and smear it on his face.

Soon, Yue Feng’s face was painted like a black cat, completely changing his appearance.

Speaking of which, Yue Feng didn’t want to act so cowardly, but he couldn’t help it. He was severely injured in the Blood Sacrifice Array before, and his Primordial Spirit had not recovered yet. Not only that, but his leg was also broken.

In this case, if Gong Ao found out, Yue Feng would definitely die.

“What are you doing?”

At this time, Mengya looked back and saw Yue Feng’s appearance, and was stunned.

Yue Feng smiled and wrote lightly: “It’s nothing, I didn’t know that something jumped into the stream just now and splashed mud on my face.” I can’t tell the real situation, I can only make up a reason.

deserve it.

Hearing this, Mengya grumbled angrily, and then she signaled to the surrounding demon clan’s subordinates not to move.

At this time, in Mengya’s heart, he thought that these subordinates hadn’t lost the branches, and the formation had always existed. These gods and soldiers in front of him would be the same as the previous demon warriors, and even if they got there, they wouldn’t be able to find them.

However, she didn’t know that this kind of green wood formation needs to constantly change its orientation in order to be effective.


At this time, Gong Ao and those divine soldiers and generals also discovered Mengya and the others.

“Huh? Someone over there?”

“Looks like it’s from a demon clan…”

“Go over and take a look.” The

voice fell, and under the leadership of Gong Ao, nearly a thousand soldiers and gods rushed up quickly and sent Mengya He Yue Feng and those demon clan’s subordinates surrounded him.


Seeing this situation, Mengya and dozens of demon clan’s subordinates stood there in a daze, all dumbfounded.

This is impossible, it is impossible to be seen by deploying the formation.

In shock, Meng Ya tilted her head to look at Yue Feng: “What’s the matter? What kind of green wood formation did you deploy, why is it useless?”


Yue Feng nodded with a calm expression on his face: “This Aoki Array, only with different changing orientations can it be effective, standing there still is useless, so it can be seen.”

Hearing this, Mengya nodded suddenly, but then felt wrong.

Since this is the case, since Yue Feng was about to drink water, these men stood there and didn’t move. In other words, from the very beginning, the formation was useless.

Understand this, Mengya is ashamed and angry.

Chapter 4062

Obviously, before Yue Feng asked him to accompany him to the lake by the stream, it was all intentional.

The more Meng Ya thought about it, the more angry she became, she stretched out her jade hand and pinched Yue Feng’s waist.


When the pain came, Yue Feng couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air, and his footing was unstable for a while, and he almost fell.

“Miss Mengya, what are you pinching me for?” Yue Feng couldn’t help saying.

Meng Ya bit her lip tightly and glared at Yue Feng angrily: “You rascal, you lied to me before and took advantage of me. Miss Ben didn’t kill you, she just took advantage of you.”


Just as he was talking, he saw Gong Ao with nearly a thousand soldiers and generals, rushing to the front, directly surrounding Yue Feng and Mengya gang.

Gong Ao’s face was full of arrogance. He first looked at dozens of demon clan’s subordinates, and finally his eyes fell on Mengya: “You all belong to the demon clan?”

Gong Ao’s tone was very cold when he said this.

You must know that there was a war between the demon clan and the God Realm thousands of years ago. Later, although the ancestors of Honghuang came forward to resolve this grievance, the demon clan besieged Yutian Palace before, and the nature was very vicious, so in Gong Ao’s heart, I’ve never been fond of demons.


Feeling Gong Ao’s tyranny, dozens of monsters looked at each other, and then silently urged their power, ready to fight at any time.

These monster clan warriors are all aggressive and good at fighting. At this time, seeing Gong Ao’s bad words, he is naturally unconvinced.

Mengya looked even more coquettish and looked at Gong Ao without fear: “Yes, we are from the demon clan, and I’m not afraid to tell you that my father is the White Tiger King.”

Mentioning the White Tiger King, Mengya is exquisite On his face, he couldn’t hide the pride.

The daughter of the White Tiger King?

Hearing this, Gong Ao was stunned for a moment, then he showed a smile, and his attitude became obviously polite: “It turns out to be the daughter of the White Tiger King, haha, disrespectful!” After speaking, Gong Ao took a

step forward, He said eagerly, “So, your clan is near here?” To

be honest, Gong Ao didn’t want to be so polite, but he couldn’t help it. The beautiful woman in front of her was the daughter of the White Tiger King, and her identity was extraordinary.

Moreover, in the previous battle of Fengmoshan, hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers were defeated, and they were almost defeated. In this case, the God of Nine Heavens must be furious.

Gong Ao thought about it. Before returning to Yutian Palace to see the Nine Heavens God, he must do something to make up for his faults. And the demon clan in front of him is a good opportunity.

After all, there are hundreds of thousands of demon clan tribes, which is not a small force.

Gong Ao thought about it, going to see the White Tiger King through Mengya, as long as he can persuade the White Tiger King to help the God Realm deal with Demon Venerable, that is a credit, and when he sees the Nine Heavens God, he will not be punished.


Seeing Gong Ao’s look of anticipation, Mengya’s delicate face suddenly changed, and she suddenly became vigilant.

In the next second, Mengya said lightly: “What about the times? What about not?”

Although Mengya is savage, she is also very smart. She knows that there was a deep grievance between the demon clan and the gods, and seeing Gong Ao like this at this time Ask, and instinctively get on guard.


Seeing Mengya’s reaction, Gong Ao smiled and explained: “You don’t have to be nervous, I just have something to do. I want to see Your Excellency the White Tiger King. If it is convenient, I hope you can show me the way.

” …

Mengya pondered for a while, did not answer directly, but asked: “Is it because of the Demon Sealing Mountain?”

“Yes.” Gong Ao nodded, his face solemn: “The Demon Lord Gone has resurrected his genus. Next, there are hundreds of thousands, this power is very terrifying, and the God Realm is about to face the biggest catastrophe in thousands of years.”

After speaking, Gong Ao took a deep breath, looked at Mengya seriously, and continued: “I know your demon clan. I don’t care about the world, but the situation is very critical right now, the so-called ‘lips are dead and teeth are cold’. If the Yutian Palace is destroyed and the Divine Realm is in chaos, your demon clan can’t be immune, right?”

Hearing this, Mengya couldn’t refute, so she nodded. Said: “Okay, I’ll take you to see my father.” That’s


Seeing her promise, Gong Ao was very happy, then turned his head to see Yue Feng, and was stunned for a moment: “What’s the matter? You have met the demons?”

Speaking of which, Gong Ao hated Yue Feng. It should not be unrecognizable, but at this time Yue Feng was in a mess, his clothes were tattered, not only a broken leg, but also black mud on his face, completely changed his appearance.

Moreover, after Gong Ao plotted against Yue Feng in Fengmo Mountain at that time, he was expected to die without a doubt.

So in this case, Gong Ao naturally couldn’t recognize it.


In the face of Gong Ao’s inquiry, Mengya was stunned.

Chapter 4063

What’s the situation? This Yue Feng is the Nine Heavens Profound Sage of God’s Domain. In other words, he is Gong Ao’s boss. At this time, this Gong Ao didn’t even recognize him?

Soon, Mengya calmed down and said, “Don’t you know him? He is…”


Seeing this scene, Yue Feng was taken aback and quickly covered the dream with his hands ya’s mouth.

At this time, Yue Feng almost broke out in a cold sweat. He had just put on makeup, but Mengya couldn’t tell his identity, otherwise he would be dead.

When Yue Feng suddenly covered his mouth, Mengya was ashamed and angry, and pushed him away, disgusted: “What are you doing? It’s too presumptuous.”

So annoying.


At this moment, Gong Ao also frowned secretly.

What’s the situation?

What Mengya said was as if she was very familiar with this black-faced guy, and this guy seemed to be very sensitive to his identity.

Something strange.

Yue Feng smiled and hurriedly pulled Mengya in a low voice: “Miss Mengya, in front of this Gong Ao, don’t tell me who I am, do you know?”

Yue Feng’s voice was very small when he said this. , only he and Mengya can hear it.

Meng Yaxiu frowned, although she was very puzzled, she pressed her voice and said, “Why?”


Yue Feng took a deep breath and said seriously, “Don’t ask so much first, I can only talk to you about it. Say something, once my identity is exposed, not only will I die, but you and your subordinates will also be silenced, so you have to help me cover up my identity, understand?”

Identity exposure will be silenced?

Hearing this, Mengya only thought it was a little ridiculous, but seeing that Yue Feng didn’t seem to be joking, she had to nod her head.


At this moment, Gong Ao, who was not far away, couldn’t help but ask, “Is there any problem?” After saying that, Gong Ao couldn’t help but look at Xia Yuefeng.

Meng Ya opened her red lips and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Yue Feng.

“It’s all right…”

Yue Feng put on a smile and said to Gong Ao: “I told our lady just now that I’m just a small person, and I’m not qualified to let Your Excellency Gong Ao know about the situation!

” His mind turned quickly, and he continued: “After the Yutian Palace incident, I was ordered by His Excellency the White Tiger King to go to Yutian Palace to spread a message. At that time, I had a one-sided relationship with Your Excellency Gong Ao.”

One-sided relationship?

Gong Ao frowned secretly, why can’t he remember?

However, Gong Ao didn’t bother to think about such trivial matters. He didn’t say much, and smiled at Mengya: “There’s not much time, it’s not too late, let’s go to your clan.”


dream Ya Ying snorted, and immediately led the way with Yue Feng and dozens of subordinates, heading towards the clan’s land.

Gong Ao greeted nearly 1,000 divine soldiers and generals, followed by him.

After walking for half an hour, Yue Feng, Mengya, and Gong Ao finally came to the demon clan land.

I saw that there was a huge stone hall in the center of the clan. Around the stone hall, there were huge statues of the four innate spiritual beasts, majestic and solemn, with an indescribable style.

Outside the door of the stone hall, dozens of figures stood.

These figures are all the top powerhouses in the monster clan, headed by a silver satin robe, tall and majestic, it is the White Tiger King.

On the right back of the White Tiger King, is Ria.

Ten minutes ago, Liya returned to the clan and told the story of her encounter with Yue Feng. The White Tiger King was also a little surprised at the time, because Yue Feng was so powerful that it was impossible to be so embarrassed. He almost died without breaking his leg. .

However, after hearing Li Ya describe the other party’s appearance in detail, the White Tiger King was very excited and determined that it was Yue Feng. Then you will call your subordinates and go to meet them. Just before leaving, I heard a report from my subordinates that Mengya came back with someone.

Knowing the situation, the White Tiger King did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly stood at the door of the stone hall to greet him.


At this moment, Mengya and Gong Ao also came to the stone hall. At this moment, Gong Ao put a smile on his face and greeted the White Tiger King: “Your Excellency White Tiger King, don’t count. Today, your style is still the same.”

Speaking of which, Gong Ao wouldn’t be so polite to the White Tiger King before, but there is no way, in order to win the White Tiger King over, and even more to do meritorious service in front of the Nine Heavens God, he doesn’t care at this time. So much on.

Chapter 4064

However, what Gong Ao didn’t expect was that the White Tiger King didn’t even look at him, walked down the steps quickly, and walked towards Mengya.


At this moment, Gong Ao stood there, his smile froze on his face, very angry.

This white tiger king is too crazy, he is also the commander of the Nine Heavens God, he is so neglectful.

It’s him!

At this time, the White Tiger King came to him and looked closely at Yue Feng behind Mengya, excited.

At the same time, the White Tiger King couldn’t express his anger. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that the benefactor of the entire demon clan would end up in such a mess now.

A month ago, the entire demon clan was still trapped in the sealed land. At that time, the various tribes were still fighting with each other, and it was almost a mess of sand. After that, Yue Feng strayed into the sealed land. , pacified the grievances of various tribes, and then successfully brought everyone out of the sealed land.

It can be said that without Yue Feng, the entire demon clan is still trapped in a dark and dark place.

Without Yue Feng, there is no Yaozu today.

In the heart of the White Tiger King, not only is he extremely grateful to Yue Feng, but also very respectful. Therefore, even though Yue Feng was so embarrassed and deliberately smeared black mud on his face, the White Tiger King only saw Yue Feng’s figure and still recognized it.

“It’s really him, it’s him…”

At this moment, the White Tiger King was so excited that his voice trembled. It was unimaginable that the White Tiger King, as the existence that ruled the entire demon clan, lost all his majesty at this moment, but was excited. like a child.

Broken, broken!

Feeling the excitement of the White Tiger King, Yue Feng felt very complicated.

Although he arrived in the demon clan’s territory, Yue Feng didn’t have to worry about Gong Ao’s revenge, but he had broken his leg and his primordial spirit had not recovered, so he didn’t want to worry about it.

Moreover, in Yue Feng’s heart, there is a personal grudge between him and Gong Ao, and he doesn’t want to involve the demon clan.


Just when Yue Feng was thinking about what to do, he saw the White Tiger King kneeling on the ground in excitement!

“Benefactor, we meet again… Back then you saved all of our demon clan, please accept my worship.” The White Tiger King was so excited that he said with emotion.


Seeing this scene, there was an uproar in the audience, whether it was the surrounding demon clan, Gong Ao and nearly a thousand soldiers and generals, all opened their mouths.


Totally shocked!

This is the White Tiger King who has commanded the entire demon clan. His status is detached and his strength is strong. At this time, he is so excited to kneel to a waste with a broken leg.

And Liya and Mengya were also stunned there, their delicate bodies trembling.

Especially Meng Ya, biting her lip, she stared blankly at Yue Feng, speechless.

I thought that this cripple was a big liar, but I never thought that he was really the benefactor of the demon clan!


Gong Ao, who was frozen there, frowned, staring at Yue Feng’s back, thoughtfully.

What’s the situation?

The White Tiger King paid no attention to his dignified commander of the Divine Realm, but he was so respectful to a guy with a broken leg.

At this time, Yue Feng’s mood was extremely complicated. But soon calmed down.

“Oh, king!” In the

next second, Yue Feng leaned on a wooden stick in one hand, and quickly supported the White Tiger King with the other hand, pretending to be very frightened: “What are you doing? Legs, this is my duty.” As

he said that, Yue Feng blinked at the White Tiger King secretly, and at the same time glanced at Gong Ao not far away from the corner of his eye.

The White Tiger King is very smart. Seeing Yue Feng doing this, he immediately guessed something. Your Excellency Yue Feng must have some grudge with Nagong Ao, and he did not want to reveal his identity, so he said that he broke his leg for the sake of the demon clan.

Thinking to himself, the White Tiger King quickly stood up and smiled at Yue Feng: “No matter what, you are the great hero of our monster clan.”

Yue Feng nodded and let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, this White Tiger King is not stupid, otherwise, his identity would really be exposed.

big hero?

Hearing this, the surrounding Yaozu tribe looked at each other in dismay. This guy is not from the demon race, how did he become a big hero?

Liya also frowned, very puzzled, but she was icy and smart, knowing that her father did this, he must have his reasons, so she stood aside and didn’t ask more.

Chapter 4065

However, Mengya couldn’t help it, she came over and said to the white tiger king: “Father, what’s the matter with you? He is obviously…” While speaking, Mengya did not forget to look at Yue Feng in surprise .

What the hell is this Yue Feng doing?

Even if he is afraid of Gong Ao, but this is the territory of the demon clan, Gong Ao has less than a thousand magic soldiers and generals, what is there to be afraid of.

“Shut up!”

Just after saying a few words, the White Tiger King stopped him: “You have been exploring outside for so long, you should be tired, go and rest.”

Seeing the White Tiger King say this, Mengya pouted. , no longer speak.

“Commander Gong Ao.”

At this time, the White Tiger King turned around and smiled at Gong Ao: “I’m sorry, I was neglected just now.”

Gong Ao reacted and forced a smile: “It’s okay.

” , Gong Ao couldn’t help but glance at Yue Feng: “This is…” To

be treated so politely by the White Tiger King, it must not be easy for him to be in the Monster Race, right?

The White Tiger King turned his eyes and explained with a smile: “The commander doesn’t know anything, this is the hero of our demon clan, who made more contributions for our demon clan than I did, so even me, I have to be courteous. “The

White Tiger King is very smart, and deliberately made up a reason to prevaricate it.

Speaking of which, aware that Yue Feng and Gong Ao had something to do, the White Tiger King planned to drive Gong Ao away directly, but seeing that Yue Feng did not have any instructions, he could only play it on the spot.

At the end of the story, the White Tiger King directed at Lia: “Quick, bring the hero back to heal.”

“Yes, Father King!”

Hearing the order, Liya responded, then greeted a few of her subordinates, and helped Yue Feng to the resting place behind the stone hall.

I see.

Seeing Yue Feng being taken away, Gong Ao suddenly nodded. In the next second, Gong Ao thought of the formality, and hurriedly said to the White Tiger King, “Your Excellency White Tiger

King, please forgive me for disturbing you so rashly. To be honest, I came here this time to ask for something.”


The king’s face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and he said lightly: “What is the matter, please tell the commander.”

Gong Ao took a deep breath and explained in detail what happened in Fengmo Mountain.

At the end of the speech, Gong Ao looked anxious and bowed deeply to the White Tiger King: “Your Excellency White Tiger King, although there were some grudges between our God Realm and your demon clan before, it has passed, and now we are in the God Realm and should be mutually dependent. , to help each other.”

“The Demon Lord has resurrected his hundreds of thousands of clans, and he is so powerful that he is going to start a war in the realm of the gods, so I want to invite Your Excellency the White Tiger King to lead the demon clan to fight against the devil with our gods.”

“Your Excellency, it should be clear that Demon Venerables are cruel by nature. Once they capture Yutian Palace, they will turn their heads to deal with your demon clan.”

After saying the last sentence, Gong Ao looked closely at the White Tiger King, his eyes full of urgency and anticipation.


Knowing these circumstances, the White Tiger King did not directly agree, but frowned and pondered, and finally said slowly: “Gong Commander. This time is indeed no trivial matter, but, although I am the supreme commander of the monster clan, I am so big. You can’t make decisions on your own, you need to hold a meeting to discuss it.”

At this time, the White Tiger King was serious on the surface, but there was a hint of coldness in his heart.

Of course, the White Tiger King would not agree to this kind of thing easily, and he also needed to seek Yue Feng’s opinion.


Gong Ao nodded quickly and said with a smile, “This is what it should be.” The

White Tiger King hummed, then looked at the nearly 1,000 soldiers and soldiers behind Gong Ao, and said lightly: “There are more , This is the habitat of our demon clan, there are many inconvenient places, so please bring your men and camp in the woods outside the clan.”


Hearing this, Gong Ao was stunned and felt very unhappy.

This White Tiger King is too arrogant, and they all formed an alliance immediately. You didn’t provide us with a place to cultivate, and you drove us out of the clan?

But even though he was upset, Gong Ao didn’t show it. He nodded embarrassingly, and then gathered nearly a thousand soldiers and generals to set up a temporary camp in the woods outside the clan’s land to rest.

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