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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4041-4045

Chapter 4041


With many companions falling into the deep hole, the formation of hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers and generals was in chaos in an instant.

At this time, no one noticed that at the edge of the blood sacrifice formation, a person lying there also fell into a nearby hole.

It was Yue Feng who was in a coma.

Previously, Yue Feng asked Gong Ao to help him enter the blood sacrifice formation, but was abandoned by Gong Ao at a critical moment. At that time, Yue Feng couldn’t bear the powerful pressure of the blood formation and fainted directly.

After fainting, Yue Feng crouched beside the stone pillar of Shengmen.

At that time, Demon Lord Gone’s mind was on the blood formation. He felt that Yue Feng was stunned when he broke in, so he didn’t pay attention. After that, Haotian Shenjun came, and no one paid attention to Yue Feng.


On the other side, in a dense forest not far from Sealing Demon Mountain.


In the dense forest, dozens of figures were cautiously approaching the Demon Sealing Mountain, and they saw that these people were dressed in strange clothes, and they were all powerful.

Headed by, are two extremely beautiful women. The slightly larger ones are dignified and quiet, yet dignified. Smaller bright eyes and white teeth, but it gives people a sense of savagery.

This group of people is the demon tribe.

At the beginning, after Yue Feng released the demon clan from the place where the demon clan was sealed, he went to besiege the Yutian Palace. The battle was fierce at that time.

At that time, the ancestors of the Honghuang Dynasty named Yue Feng as Jiutian Xuansheng, and also resolved the grievances between the demon clan and the gods. After that, the White Tiger King and Qi Cai Lingfeng took the demon clan and lived in seclusion in the northwest area of ​​Fengmo Mountain. In the jungle, I plan to rest here.

In the past two days, the Demon Lord Gone came to the Demon Sealing Mountain to prepare to revive the minions buried in the ground, and the demon clan was alerted at that time.

Today, the White Tiger King sent a team of monsters to quietly come to Fengmo Mountain to investigate the situation.

The two women at the head are the daughters of the White Tiger King.

The older one is called Liya, and the younger one is called Mengya.

The two daughters of the White Tiger King, Liya is dignified and steady, while Mengya is stubborn and willful. It can be said that their personalities are two extremes.

Bang bang bang…

At this time, as it got closer and closer to the Demon Sealing Mountain, I heard the sound of fighting, and the screams kept coming. In an instant, Liya made a gesture to stop everyone.

“There seems to be a fight over there.” Liya frowned and said slowly: “Could it be that the Demon Lord Gone has resurrected his subordinates?” The

voice fell, Mengya said disapprovingly: “What the hell happened, you can’t tell if you look at it in the past?”

“No way!”

Leah shook her head, her beautiful face was a little dignified: “We can’t take risks.”

Whether it’s Divine Realm or Demon It is not something you can provoke yourself, so you should be careful.

Thinking to herself, Liya ordered to a few of her subordinates behind her, “You guys, Tu Dun go over and take a look, remember, if you find out the news, come back quickly, don’t be found out.”

“Yes . .” The

voice fell, and several subordinates cast soil escape one after another, burrowing into the ground and heading towards Fengmo Mountain.

Earth escape is a common skill among the demon clan, burrowing into the ground like walking on the ground.

“elder sister!”

At this time, Mengya felt very boring, and said to Liya: “I want to go too.”

Liya said without thinking: “You can’t go, today’s exploration of Fengmo Mountain is no trivial matter, you have to be obedient.” My sister, who is stubborn by nature, will definitely go wrong.

Hearing this, Mengya stomped her feet.


After waiting for a while, I heard the sound of earth drilling, and then, several men who had been sent out by Lia, broke out one after another.

“The Demon Lord Gone really resurrected his subordinates.”

“Yeah, now he is at war with the hundreds of thousands of troops of the Haotian God…”

The two who came out first rushed to report the situation.

Hearing this, Liya frowned and her face suddenly became solemn.

This time it’s troublesome, the Demon Venerable resurrected his subordinates, not only the gods will be in chaos, but the demon clan will also suffer.


At this moment, the last subordinate drilled out of the ground, and all of a sudden, the eyes around him converged.

I saw that his subordinate was dragging a comatose figure.

It was Yue Feng.

Originally, Yue Feng fell into the cave under Fengmo Mountain, but it was a coincidence that Liya’s subordinates ran into Yue Feng by using the dungeon, and brought it over without thinking at the time.

Chapter 4042

At this moment, Lia and Mengya, as well as the surrounding men, all gathered around.

“This is?”

“Isn’t it from the Demon Race?”

Speaking of which, Yue Feng is the benefactor of the Demon Race, and it can be said that he is well-known throughout the Demon Race. However, Liya and her sister Mengya, as well as the men who brought them , are the guard soldiers of the demon clan.

The so-called rear guard means that when there is a crisis in the demon clan, they do not need to rush to the front line, but protect the young and old soldiers of the demon clan. When the vanguard army is at war with the enemy, these guard soldiers are responsible for protecting the old and the weak. Keep the young safe and move them to a safe place.

In other words, these rear guard soldiers are called logistics support personnel in Kyushu.

When Yue Feng took the White Tiger King, Colorful Lingfeng, and the demon clan to leave the sealed land, Li Ya and these guard soldiers were the last ones to come out. Later, Yue Feng and the demon clan besieged Yutian Palace. Ria and these rear guard fighters moved to a safe place.

It can be said that Liya and these guard soldiers have hardly seen Yue Feng.

Moreover, at this time, Yue Feng’s face was covered in blood and mud, and he was even more embarrassed than a beggar. In this case, Liya and the others would not associate him with Yue Feng.


Soon, Liya reacted, sighed lightly, and asked the subordinate, “Who is this person?”


The voice fell, and all the eyes around him focused on the subordinates, and each and every face was full of curiosity.


The subordinate did not dare to neglect, and quickly responded: “When the subordinate was using the dungeon, he happened to meet this guy. At that time, he looked very strange. He was neither a magic soldier nor a demon tribe, so he brought it back directly. “

Hearing this, Leah pondered.

A few seconds later, Liya made up her mind and said, “Take him a Beast Yuandan and see if he can wake up.”

Beast Yuandan is a unique healing medicine within the demon clan, and Lia is not sure if he is right Whether the person in front of him is useful, but there is no other way but to give it a try.

Speaking of which, Liya didn’t want to waste the beast Yuandan to treat an unfamiliar person, but the situation in the Demon Sealing Mountain was complicated, and she brought dozens of subordinates.

Since the person in front of him came down from the Demon Sealing Mountain, he must know some details.

“Yes, Miss.”

Upon hearing the order, one of his men quickly took out the Beast Primordial Pill and stuffed it into Yue Feng’s mouth.


At this moment, Mengya looked unhappy and muttered: “This person is hurt like this, it is a waste to use the beast Yuandan, and ah, looking at his clothes, he is not as good as a beggar, even if he wakes up. I guess I don’t know much about it.”

When she said this, Meng Ya didn’t even look at Yue Feng, her delicate face was full of disgust.


Hearing this, Lia couldn’t help laughing, and then said softly: “Little sister, how can you say that? Even if this person doesn’t know the situation of Feng Moshan, we saved him, It can be regarded as a good fortune.”

What good fortune…

Mengya couldn’t listen to it at all, she pouted to refute, but seeing her sister’s seriousness, she finally held back.

“Wake up!”

At this moment, the surrounding subordinates did not know who shouted, and at what time, all eyes suddenly converged on Yue Feng.

I saw that Yue Feng, who had been in a coma, moved his fingers at this time, and then he let out a low pain and slowly opened his eyes.

At this time, Yue Feng only felt that his whole body was in extreme pain.

Damn, that blood sacrifice formation was really terrifying. At that time, it was shaken and flew out, not only breaking a leg, but also nearly dissipating the primordial spirit.


Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng looked around and was stunned.

I go, what’s the situation?

I saw a group of people standing around, staring at him one by one, and two extremely beautiful women among them.

Even though she was wearing an ordinary grass skirt, her graceful figure and beautiful face were no less than the fairies in the realm of the gods.

Moreover, looking at their outfits and the power within their bodies, it is clear that they belong to the demon race.

Feeling Yue Feng’s gaze, Liya and Mengya felt a little unhappy in their hearts. Liya was gentle and didn’t show it, while Mengya was unruly but not used to Yue Feng.

Chapter 4043


Soon, Mengya was the first to react, and said fiercely at Yue Feng: “What are you looking at? Let’s dig out your eyeballs.” Then, she made a fierce look .

Hearing this, Yue Feng didn’t panic at all, but couldn’t help but laugh.

This little girl is young, but her temper is not small.

“Are you still laughing?”

At this moment, Meng Ya was so angry that she was about to come over and do it. But she was soon stopped by Leah.

“Little sister, don’t make trouble.” Liya said softly, her voice gentle, but with an unquestionable majesty.

Meng Yatian was not afraid, but she obeyed Liya’s sister’s advice. She glared at Yue Feng and stood aside.


This is, Liya’s eyes fell on Yue Feng and asked, “Who are you?” The

leading woman asked Yue Feng, “Who are you?”


Facing Li At Ya’s question, Yue Feng smiled slightly, and did not answer immediately, but instead asked: “If I guess right, you are all from the demon clan, right?”


Liya nodded and responded: “My father The king is the White Tiger King.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mengya on the side answered proudly: “Have you heard of the White Tiger King, among the demon clan, the strongest and greatest being, one of the four innate spirit beasts , so, you have to be more respectful to us, and even more aware of awe, you know?”

What? The daughter of the White Tiger King?

At this moment, Yue Feng was stunned for a moment, surprised.

Haha, that’s really good.

At this time, the realm of the gods has entered an unprecedented crisis. If there is help from the demon clan, the Demon Lord Gone will definitely be defeated. It’s just that Yue Feng was seriously injured, and the whereabouts of the demon clan were mysterious. In this case, it was difficult to find the habitat of the demon clan.

But Yue Feng never thought that he would meet the demon clan so quickly.

Also, they were rescued.

Speaking of which, the Nine Heavens God is self-willed, selfish and arrogant. Yue Feng doesn’t like him at all, and he doesn’t want to help the God Realm to deal with the Demon Lord, but Yue Feng also understands that once the God Domain falls, the Demon Lord’s next target is the continent of Kyushu.

The so-called cold lips, for the sake of the overall situation, Yue Feng felt that it was necessary to talk to the demon clan.


Seeing Yue Feng smiling but not saying a word, Liya and her surrounding subordinates were a little baffled.

What the hell is this guy doing? No brain problem.

Finally, Leah frowned and couldn’t help but said, “What are you laughing at? You haven’t said who you are? My men brought you out of the ground, what happened to you? Also, why are you here? Feng Moshan?”


Yue Feng took a deep breath and said seriously: “I am Yue Feng, since you are the daughter of the White Tiger King, take me to see her quickly.”

When he said this, Yue Feng’s eyes full of urgency.


Hearing this, whether it was Liya, Mengya and the surrounding subordinates, they were all stunned, followed by a roar of laughter.

“What did he say? Yue Feng?”

“Looking at this outfit, the beggars are better than you.”

“Do you know who Yue Feng is? The benefactor of our entire demon clan, the Nine Heavens Profound Sage of the Divine Realm, just like you, how dare you brag that you are Yue Feng ?

The subordinates couldn’t help but sneered, each of them couldn’t hide their contempt for Yue Feng, and at the same time they were all angry.

You must know that Yue Feng is so powerful that even the ancestors of the Great Wilderness praised him. How could such a character be so miserable?

More importantly, Yue Feng is the benefactor of the demon clan. The guy in front of him pretends to be Yue Feng, but he looks down on the demon clan, why is he not popular?

The mockery kept coming, Yue Feng smiled and didn’t take it to heart at all.

“I don’t know whether to live or die.”

At this moment, Mengya couldn’t help it, she walked over quickly, and shouted at Yue Fengjiao: “You’re not too timid, you dare to fake the name of our demon benefactor, you really have come to the end of your life. “

Speaking, Mengya tilted her head and said to Liya: “Sister, I said just now to leave him alone, you still give her the Beast Yuandan, this is a crazy neurosis.”

Chapter 4044 The

last sentence fell, Mengya couldn’t help but glared at Yue Feng.

Seeing her arrogant look, Yue Feng was very helpless.

This is, Liya is also Xiumei, and she couldn’t help but say: “Mengya, don’t talk yet.”

Saying that, Liya said to Yue Feng: “Do you know what you were talking about just now? Do you know, Yue Feng is the benefactor of our demon clan, and has a very high reputation in our entire demon clan, you pretended to be him, have you thought about the consequences?”

Like Mengya, Liya also thought that the man in front of her was lying.


Yue Feng was very helpless, scratched his head and smiled bitterly: “I can’t see that I have such a high reputation in the demon clan, that… I’m really Yue Feng, I can still lie to you. Can’t it?”

After speaking, Yue Feng looked at Liya seriously: “So, you take me to see my father, the White Tiger King, whether it’s true or not, and then we’ll know.”


Hearing this, Liya lightly Biting his lip lightly, he groaned.

This is true. As long as he goes back to see the father, he will know at a glance whether this person is lying. However, the situation of Fengmo Mountain has not been investigated much.

Moreover, this person was too seriously injured, and it would take some time to bring him to the Hui family.

How to do?


At this time, Mengya couldn’t stand it any longer, she walked over and frowned, “Do you really believe what he said? This man is a liar. He just wasted one of our beast Yuandan, and now he pretends to be Your Excellency Yue Feng, follow me Look, just kill it.” With

that, Mengya pulled out a cold dagger.

I go.

Seeing the dagger in Mengya’s hand, Yue Feng was startled, is this girl so cruel?

At the same time, Liya also trembled, and quickly stopped: “Little sister, don’t be impulsive.”

After saying that, Liya looked around, and ordered to the surrounding men: “I’ll go first, Hui people, you guys. Accompany Mengya, follow him with him, remember to take good care of his injury and don’t let him have an accident.”

When she said this, Liya’s delicate face showed a bit of complexity.

Speaking of which, Liya didn’t believe in the man in front of her either, but she also understood the impermanence of fate. If this person is really Yue Feng, and leave him here and ignore him, it will be troublesome.

After thinking about it, Liya returned to the clan first, and told her father the situation as soon as possible, so that the father could make a decision as soon as possible.


Hearing this, Mengya was stunned and reluctantly said: “I don’t want to take him, sister, if you want to go back, I will go back with you.”

Then, Mengya pointed to Yue Feng: “Even if you want Save him and let these subordinates take care of it.”

Lia smiled bitterly and said softly: “Sister, you are obedient, I do this because I want you to experience the experience alone. Moreover, if this person is really Yue Feng If you do, you will take good care of him along the way, and your father will reward you when the time comes.” At the

end, Liya patted Mengya’s shoulder: “Okay, that’s it, my sister believes in you. That’s ok.”

After saying the last sentence, Lia moved her figure and quickly rushed towards the clan.


At this moment, Mengya was very depressed and couldn’t help shouting, but Liya was very fast and disappeared in the depths of the jungle in the blink of an eye. At that time, Mengya stomped her feet in anger.

After that, Mengya glared at Yue Feng angrily: “Wait, wait until you meet the father, let me know that you are not Yue Feng, and see how I peel your skin and cramp your muscles…”

After saying this , Mengya walked forward quickly.

The surrounding subordinates did not dare to neglect, they lifted Yue Feng up and followed closely behind. Yue Feng was seriously injured, his right leg was completely broken and he could only carry it.


Looking at Mengya who was annoyed in front of him, Yue Feng was not angry, but was indescribably relaxed.

He now just wants to see the White Tiger King as soon as possible.

Because of meeting the White Tiger King, not only did he save his own life, but he could also invite the demon clan to send troops to help the God Realm deal with Demon Venerable.


At this moment, the Demon Sealing Mountain is here.

“Ah…” On the

battlefield, the fighting became more and more tragic, and I saw that the morale of the demon tribe was getting stronger and stronger under the encouragement of the Demon Lord Gone. The divine soldier fell into the hole under the blood sacrifice formation, and the formation was in chaos. In this case, the casualties were increasing. …

Chapter 4045

“Your Excellency God.”

Seeing that the situation was getting worse and worse, Gong Ao panicked and shouted at Haotian God: “I can’t beat it, withdraw… withdraw,”

If you don’t withdraw, you will die . .


Hearing this, Haotian Divine Sovereign did not respond, took a deep breath, and his face was extremely gloomy.

Ma De, in the end, it was a step too slow. I thought that this time, leading hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers, I could disrupt Mozun’s plan, but I didn’t expect that in the end, Mozun successfully captured those Mozu tribesmen. .


After a few seconds, Haotian Divine Sovereign shouted unwillingly: “Quickly evacuate Fengmo Mountain.”

When he shouted this sentence, Haotian Divine Sovereign was unwilling, and he was the number two figure in God’s Domain. , invincible and famous, but now he is in a situation of escape.

But there is no way, if you don’t withdraw, you will die.

There is still a chance to withdraw.


Hearing Haotian Divine Sovereign’s cry, the surrounding gods and soldiers didn’t hesitate, one by one gave up their stubborn resistance and fled in all directions.


Seeing this scene, Demon Lord Gone laughed up to the sky, and at the same time madness and cruelty flashed in his eyes: “Warriors, don’t let any of them run away, chase…”

“Ow…. “The

voice fell, and the hundreds of thousands of demon tribesmen screamed frantically as if they had been beaten with blood, and chased after the gods and soldiers who had fled in all directions to the west.


At this moment, in the dense forest a few miles away from the Demon Sealing Mountain.

Mengya and more than 20 subordinates were walking slowly with Yue Feng. Because of Yue Feng’s injury, they walked very slowly.

“Slow death…”

At this moment, Mengya couldn’t help but turn her head and glared at Yue Feng, and muttered to herself, “I don’t know what my sister thinks, she has to protect this liar.

” A burden, when will I be able to return to the clan?” The

words were full of disgust.

Mengya’s voice was not loud, but Yue Feng, who was behind him, could hear it clearly. I didn’t think much about it at the time, just smiled.

After all, it’s hard for anyone to be calm about this kind of thing.


But at this moment, I heard a burst of howling sounds coming from behind, and then I saw a lot of figures, approaching quickly.

All of them were tall and covered in blood-red armor.

There are hundreds of them, and it is the demon subordinates captured by Demon Venerable.

Just now, under the order of Haotian Shenjun, the gods and soldiers fled in all directions, some of them fled into the dense forest here, and there were hundreds of demon tribes chasing in at that time.

It’s just that this dense forest is too big, these demon tribes did not catch up with the escaped warriors and gods, but unexpectedly bumped into Yue Feng and his party.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Mengya, Yue Feng and dozens of subordinates, their expressions changed.

“This… this is a demon warrior…”

“Oh, there are too many demon warriors, we are not opponents at all.”

“It’s all because our speed is too slow, otherwise, we would have left here long ago…” During the

discussion among dozens of subordinates, they all looked at Yue Feng subconsciously, and regarded him as a broom star in their hearts.


Soon, one of his subordinates reacted and said to Mengya: “What should I do now? Demon warriors are very difficult to deal with.”

Mengya is young and has never experienced this. How can I know what to do? , panicked.

“Don’t panic, there is me.”

At this moment, Yue Feng smiled slightly and said, “As long as you follow my command, I…”

At this time, Yue Feng was very confident, because this is a dense forest , The natural environment is very suitable for formation, but Meng Ya coldly interrupted before he finished speaking.

“Shut up for me.” Meng Yajiao shouted, pointed at Yue Feng and said coldly, “It’s all you, if it weren’t for dragging you as a burden, we wouldn’t be overtaken by the demon warriors.”

Without this guy , everyone has long returned to the clan.

As soon as these words came out, many of the subordinates were also very indignant and opened their mouths one after another.

“Yes, this kid is not only a burden, but also a broom star.”

“Miss, why don’t you kill him. If you kill him, we will leave quickly. Those demon warriors should not be able to catch up with us.” During the

discussion, many subordinates advocated To kill Yue Feng on the spot.

Hearing this, Meng Ya did not hesitate at all, holding the dagger tightly, she was about to stab Yue Feng.

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