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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 4011-4015

Chapter 4011

Ji Hongshang and Sun Dasheng both groaned, and both of them were shaken out.

Obviously, neither of the two had the upper hand this time.


However, in the heart of Sun Dasheng, he was extremely shocked. You must know that his current strength has already stood on the top of Kyushu, and he still has an axe in his hand, but this time he fought Ji Hongshang. .

Sun Dasheng didn’t know yet that Ji Hongshang was infused with Bai Yunfei’s demonic blood. Not only that, but during this period of time, Bai Yunfei’s training had been instructed, and his strength was not what it used to be.


Seeing this scene, Wen Chou Chou and Ren Ying Ying all looked at Ji Hongshang, secretly surprised.

It’s been a long time since I saw this, and this Ji Hongshang has become so powerful.

Shocked, Wen Chou Chou was about to come to help, but was quickly stopped by Sun Dasheng.

“Brother Wen!”

Sun Dasheng took a deep breath and shouted: “I’ll deal with Ji Hongshang, you all go to help Haotian God.”

After saying that, Sun Dasheng locked Ji Hongshang’s eyes tightly: “I really underestimated you just now. , but, today you will definitely die!” After speaking, he urged the figure to rush towards Ji Hongshang again.

“Stop talking big, none of you can leave today.” Ji Hongshang bit her lip, not to be outdone.

Immediately, the two figures collided again, and then they fought fiercely in mid-air.

Seeing this situation, Wen Chou Chou did not hesitate, and said to Ren Yingying and others: “Forget about the Great Sage for now, let’s help Haotian Divine Monarch to deal with the ancient poisonous scorpion.”

Wen Chou Chou’s form was calm, and he could see that there was no danger for Sun Dasheng against Ji Hongshang for the time being, so he decided to help Haotian Shenjun to deal with the ancient poisonous scorpion.

After all, the poisonous poison on the ancient poisonous scorpion is too terrifying. If you don’t take the opportunity to get rid of it today, the entire Kyushu will never have a peaceful day.

“Okay.” When the

voice fell, Ren Yingying and everyone agreed, and immediately urged their inner strength to go towards the ancient poisonous scorpion.

In a blink of an eye, the ancient poisonous scorpion was surrounded by a group, and the pressure on Haotian Divine Sovereign was relieved a lot in an instant. Taking the opportunity to land on the roof of the hall, he sat cross-legged and regained the power of his primordial spirit.


Facing the siege of Wen Chou Chou and others, the ancient poisonous scorpion was instantly provoked and let out a howl. At the same time, under the instruction of Bai Yunfei, he swung his long body, thinking directly. Everyone dumped the ancients.

At this moment, Wen Chou Chou and the crowd did not dare to take it hard, so they had to dodge and give way.

Bang bang bang…

Dozens of skills hit the ancient poisonous scorpion, making a roar, and the ancient poisonous scorpion was shaken back several hundred meters, but with its hard carapace, it did not suffer much damage.

However, the ancient poisonous scorpion was still stimulated to roar, snarled, and sprayed out a piece of venom. The venom met the air, and immediately turned into a mist, spreading toward the surroundings.


Seeing the poisonous fog, Wen Chouchou’s face changed greatly, and he quickly shouted: “Hurry up, don’t get caught by this poisonous fog.” Once you inhale the poisonous fog, you will become a poisonous person.

Hearing the shouting, the surrounding Ren Yingying and Elder Huo quickly spread out towards the surroundings, opened up the distance, and continued the fierce battle with the ancient poisonous scorpion.

Wen Chou Chou, Ren Yingying, and Elder Huo are the top powerhouses in the Kyushu.

But even so, it was still impossible to kill the ancient poisonous scorpion.


After the poisonous mist was released, the strength of the ancient poisonous scorpion was almost doubled. Under this circumstance, Wen Chou Chou and Ren Yingying were even more exhausted!

In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed, and instead of suppressing the ancient poisonous scorpion, the crowd of Wen Chou Chou was in a hurry by the poisonous fog that pervaded the surroundings.


In the face of this situation, Wen Chou Chou’s face was calm, but his heart was very anxious.

The defense of this ancient poisonous scorpion is too strong, and it is full of poison. It has not been able to find its weakness for so long, which is a little troublesome.

“Get out of the way!”

Just when Wen Chou Chou was anxious, he heard a loud cry from behind him, and then he saw Haotian Divine Sovereign bursting out. He had been resting for a while on the roof of the hall just now. The power has recovered a lot.

Chapter 4012

“Your Majesty!”

Seeing this scene, Wen Chou Chou was extremely overjoyed, and couldn’t help shouting: “Quick, kill the ancient poisonous cockroach!”

At this time, Wen Chou Chou couldn’t say how happy he was.

The Haotian Divine Sovereign came very timely. You must know that everyone fought fiercely with the ancient poisonous scorpion for a long time, and they were all exhausted. At the same time, they also consumed a lot of the ancient poisonous scorpion’s strength.

It can be said that the ancient poisonous scorpion at this time is the weakest time.

“Don’t worry!”

Hearing this, Haotian Divine Monarch’s eyes flashed with a cold, loud voice, which echoed throughout the Five Poison Sect: “Today, this ancient poisonous scorpion will surely die. You

should step back first.” Tianshenjun stared at the ancient poisonous scorpion, flashing a strong killing intent.

The dignified Haotian Divine Sovereign was actually trapped by Bai Yunfei and the ancient poisonous scorpion. Fortunately, Wen Chou Chou and everyone arrived in time and gave him a chance to breathe. Otherwise, he would have died here today.

At this time, Haotian Divine Sovereign regained the power of the primordial spirit, and the first thing to do is to get rid of the ancient poisonous scorpion as soon as possible, so as to avoid future troubles.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect were all shocked, looking at Divine Sovereign Haotian one by one with fear in their eyes.

“This… This Divine Sovereign of Haotian was surrounded by us for so long before, and has regained his strength so quickly?”

“This strength is too perverted…”

“Divine Sovereign Haotian has regained his strength, now it’s troublesome! “The

discussion continued to come, and Bai Yunfei’s face changed greatly, staring closely at Haotian Divine Sovereign, flashing gloomy and cold.

Mad, this Haotian Divine Sovereign is recovering really fast.

Thinking to himself, Bai Yunfei looked around, his eyes swept over the Wen Chou Chou crowd, flashing gloomy and cold.

I thought that I could teach Haotian Divine Sovereign a good lesson this time. As long as Haotian Divine Sovereign is defeated, the morale of the Divine Realm will definitely drop. After all, Haotian Divine Sovereign is one of the best in the Divine Realm.

Unexpectedly, at the critical moment, Wen Chou Chou and the crowd came, and the situation was thrown into chaos. Not only did it hold back the ancient poisonous scorpion, but it also successfully bought time for Haotian Shenjun to regain his strength.

The more Bai Yunfei thought about it, the more angry he became, looking at Wen Chou Chou and everyone’s eyes, full of murderous intent.

The people of the Ouyang family will be wiped out sooner or later.

However, the most important thing in front of us is not to deal with the Ouyang family, but to keep the safety of the ancient poisonous scorpion. At that time, Bai Yunfei did not hesitate at all, and shouted at the disciples of the Five Poison Sect around him: “What are you still doing? Give it to me. Chong, we must not let the ancient poisonous scorpion happen…”


Hearing Bai Yunfei’s scream, many disciples of the Five Poison Sect rushed forward, ready to intercept the Haotian God.

Speaking of which, Haotian Divine Sovereign’s strength is terrifying, how dare these disciples of the Five Poison Sect dare to do it, only facing Bai Yunfei’s orders, they dare not disobey, so they have to bite the bullet.

In fact, Bai Yunfei also knew that these disciples of the Five Poison Sect couldn’t stop the Haotian Divine Sovereign at all, but if they couldn’t stop it, they could also disrupt the rhythm of the Haotian Divine Sovereign and give the ancient poisonous scorpion a chance to breathe.

Yes, in Bai Yunfei’s heart, the lives of the disciples of the Five Poison Sect were simply not as important as the ancient poisonous scorpion.

“Block them!”

Seeing this situation, the Wen Chou Chou people who had just retreated to the surrounding area, without the slightest hesitation, rushed towards the disciples of the Five Poison Sect who were rushing in from all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect who rushed up were blocked by the crowd of Wen Chou Chou.

“Bastard, die!”

Seeing this situation, Haotian Divine Sovereign did not hesitate at all, shouted angrily, and charged directly at the ancient poisonous scorpion.


Facing the powerful power of the Haotian Divine Sovereign, the ancient poisonous scorpion was not afraid at all. With a roar, he twisted his huge body to face it, and instantly fought fiercely with the Haotian Divine Sovereign.

Bang bang bang…

In the fierce battle, I saw Haotian Divine Sovereign showing great power, and in just one round, he suppressed the ancient poisonous scorpion.

At the beginning, the ancient poisonous scorpion fought fiercely with Haotian Divine Sovereign for a long time. Later, Wen Chou Chou and others came. Although they did not subdue it, it also consumed a lot of power. At this time, Haotian Divine Sovereign recovered his primordial spirit. The power of the scorpion came back again, and the ancient poisonous scorpion couldn’t hold it any longer.

After all, Haotian Divine Sovereign is in the realm of the gods, and his strength is second only to the existence of the Nine Heavens God.


Soon, ten minutes passed, and the power of Haotian Divine Sovereign’s primordial spirit erupted, and a group of golden light flashed up. In an instant, everyone around was almost blinded by this golden light.

Chapter 4013

The same is true for the ancient poisonous scorpion. His eyes were temporarily blinded, so he hurriedly swung his huge body and stepped back subconsciously.

However, how could Divine Sovereign Haotian give it a chance to retreat, his figure flashed, he chased after him, and slapped the head of the ancient poisonous scorpion with a savage palm.


This palm contains 70% to 80% of the power of the primordial spirit of the Haotian Divine Lord, and it is extremely fierce. When I see the ancient poisonous scorpion whine, its long body curls up, and at the same time, it opens its bloody mouth. Spit out a bead with a burning green flame.

This bead, the size of a fist, is radiant, but the green flame burning all over the body gives people a very strange feeling.

Yes, this is the inner pill of the ancient poisonous scorpion, Tianhuo Pill!

All spirit beasts in the world have inner elixir, and the ancient poisonous scorpion is no exception.


After spitting out the inner alchemy, the huge body of the ancient poisonous scorpion quickly fell from the air, directly smashing a huge deep pit out of the ground, and in an instant, dust and smoke were everywhere.

At the moment of landing, the ancient poisonous scorpion let out a mournful cry, then did not move, and died of breathlessness.

This terrifying poisonous insect that has existed for thousands of years has finally come to an end.


At this moment, everyone didn’t care about the death of the ancient poisonous scorpion. All eyes were locked on the inner alchemy in the mid-air, and they saw that the inner alchemy was floating above the air, as if it had spirituality, floating gently.

The inner alchemy of the ancient poisonous scorpion, this is a rare treasure in a thousand years.

Haotian Divine Sovereign was indifferent, and he didn’t even look at the inner alchemy. He was in a detached position in the realm of the gods. What kind of treasures he had never seen before would naturally not put a small inner alchemy in his eyes.

“Thank you all!”

At this time, Haotian Shenjun nodded at Wen Chou Chou and expressed his gratitude, and then his figure flashed, he came to Bai Yunfei, and grabbed him.

Bai Yunfei was attacked by Nalan Wushuang before, and he was too injured to dodge.

“Your Majesty!”

At this moment, Ren Yingying, who was not far away, couldn’t help shouting: “Kill him!” The

voice fell, and everyone else spoke up, each one filled with righteous indignation.

“That’s right, he is a descendant of the demon race, and he must not keep it.”

“Kill him and eliminate the harm for Kyushu.”

Feeling the hatred of everyone and the powerful breath of the Haotian God in front of him, Bai Yunfei’s face turned pale. , full of fear.

Haotian Divine Lord looked around and signaled everyone to be quiet: “Everyone, this Bai Yunfei is indeed very sinful, but the real danger is the Demon Lord Gone.”

“When I was trapped here before, the Demon Lord left, I have to Find out where he’s going.”

Hearing this, everyone stopped talking.

Because what Haotian Divine Sovereign said is right, Bai Yunfei is hateful, but the Demon Venerable behind him is the real terrifying existence.

Seeing that everyone was quiet, Haotian Divine Sovereign’s eyes fell on Bai Yunfei: “Tell me, where did the Demon Venerable go?”


Facing this situation, Bai Yunfei was not so panicked for a moment, and showed a smile: “The devil Your Excellency Zun is gone, how do I know?”

Bai Yunfei is not stupid, since Haotian Shenjun wants to know the whereabouts of Demon Zun from his own mouth, he will not kill himself for the time being.


Hearing this, Haotian Shenjun’s face became cold, this Bai Yunfei, still dare to speak hard?

In his anger, Haotian Divine Sovereign wanted to kill him immediately, but he held back and said coldly: “You are not proud, if you don’t say it, I have a way for you to say it.”

Immediately, Haotian Divine Sovereign directed at Wen Chou The ugly people said: “The ancient poisonous scorpion is dead, and Bai

Yunfei has also been caught by me. The overall situation has been decided. You can deal with the rest.” disappeared from the public eye.

Mozun disappeared, and the hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers and generals who had followed Haotian Shenjun before also scattered and left. Haotian Shenjun thought about it, first gather the scattered divine soldiers and generals, and then do all they can to track down Mozun Ge. Nirvana’s whereabouts.

At this time, Divine Sovereign Haotian didn’t know yet that Demon Lord Gone pretended to be him and broke into the realm of the gods.


Seeing this scene, both Ji Linglong and the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect were all anxious.

The Sect Master was arrested, the Five Poison Sect lost its protection, and it was at stake.

Anxious, Ji Linglong wanted to catch up, but was afraid of Haotian Divine Sovereign’s strength, so he held back. At the same time, there was Sun Dasheng blocking him. Just hold back.


And Wen Chou Chou everyone was relieved.

Chapter 4014 In the

next second, Wen Chou Chou looked around the audience, raised his arms and shouted: “Everyone, the ancient poisonous scorpion has died, and Bai Yunfei has also fallen into the hands of God’s Domain. Now what we have to do is to completely destroy the five poisonous sects and eradicate these The scum who colluded with the demons will not be left behind.”

“Kill!” The

voice fell, and the surrounding Ouyang family members and the Xia Yin sect members burst into a howl, killing the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect.

Seeing this situation, Ji Hongshang’s pretty face changed, and she immediately shouted: “Don’t panic, fight back with all your strength, and swear to protect the sect.”

“Protect the sect!”

Encouraged by Ji Hongshang, the Five Poison Sect present The disciples, one by one, screamed frantically as if they had been beaten with blood, and fought fiercely with the Xia Yinzong and the Ouyang family.


For a time, the sound of skill collisions and screams constantly echoed over the Five Poison Sect, and the ground was stained red with blood.

Although these disciples of the Five Poison Sect were all brave and not afraid of death, without Bai Yunfei and the ancient poisonous scorpion, they would not be able to stop the siege of Wen Chou Chou and Xia Yin Sect.

In less than half an hour, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect were damaged. There were 150,000 disciples who originally stayed at the main altar, but now there are less than 50,000 disciples left.


Seeing this scene, Ji Hongshang’s delicate face was full of despair.

How to do?

Is the Five Poison Sect really going to be destroyed?

I’m so unhappy.

“Ji Hongshang!”

At this moment, a loud shout came, and then several figures came quickly, tightly surrounding Ji Hongshang.

It is the elders of Xia Yinzong, and the leader is the elder Huo. At this time, Elder Huo

pointed at Ji Hongshang and shouted angrily: “Where is our head? Tell me, where is she?”

After entering the Five Poison Sect until now, Nalan Wushuang has never been seen. This made Elder Huo very anxious.


At the same time, the elders of Feng also locked Ji Hongshang tightly.

“Come on, where is our head.”

“If you tell the truth, we will give you a treat.”

“Don’t play tricks, you won’t be able to run today.”

Ji Hong shouted angrily from the elders . Chang’s delicate face was full of solemnity, and her heart was even more frightened.

These Xia Yinzong people are really deceiving. Before Nalan Wushuang raided the sect master and ran away, but now, her subordinates questioned herself aggressively.

The head of the five poisonous sects, when has he suffered such a useless feeling?

However, Ji Hongshang was the master of a sect, so she quickly calmed down.

“You are in charge?”

At this time, Nalan Wushuang’s eyes turned, while thinking about it, he said coldly: “That Nalan Wushuang acted daringly, blatantly betrayed the sect master, and secretly raided.”

“The sect master was going to attack her on the spot . Kill, unfortunately, Yue Feng appeared at a critical moment and rescued her.”

Finally, Ji Hongshang’s eyes flickered with a hint of cunning, and pointed at the Wen Chou Chou crowd not far away: “If you want to know the whereabouts of Nalan Wushuang, just ask. Yue Feng and Ouyang family members.”

At this time, Nalan Wushuang knew very well that under the joint siege of the Ouyang family and the Xia Yin Sect, it would be difficult to preserve the Five Poison Sect’s main altar.

In this case, Nalan Wushuang deliberately said that Nalan Wushuang was rescued by Yue Feng.

Was rescued by Yue Feng?

Hearing this, Elder Huo was stunned for a moment, and then subconsciously looked at Wen Chou Chou and everyone.


At the same time, the crowd of Wen Chou Chou not far away were also stunned.

Immediately afterwards, Wen Chou Chou took the lead in reacting and shouted: “Several elders, this Ji Hongshang is completely nonsense, if Feng Zi came back, how could he not contact us?”

“Also, this day, we have been together.”


Hearing this, Elder Huo suddenly recovered.

Since this day, Xia Yinzong has been with the Ouyang family all the time. If Yue Feng comes back, it is impossible for him not to know.

When they understood, Elder Huo turned around and continued to question Ji Hongshang.

However it was too late.


Just as Elder Huo turned around a few times, he saw Ji Hongshang quickly take out a bottle of purple pollen from her body.

Chapter 4015 In the

next second, Ji Hongshang quickly unscrewed the bottle and raised her jade hand. Immediately, the pollen formed a purple cloud, directly covering the elders of fire.

It is Ziying pollen.

The violet flower is a rare flower unique to the general altar of the Five Poison Sect. The pollen contains a strong fire poison. This fire poison is very strange.


Ji Hongshang’s speed was too fast, Elder Huo couldn’t even react, and they were covered with pollen. Then, the pollen came into contact with the air and burned instantly, forming a purple flame.


In an instant, I heard a scream from the elders of the fire, and without exception, they were all burned by the purple flame, and even the elders of the wind had their eyes burned.

Under the screams, Elder Huo fell one after another, covering their faces and rolling on the ground in pain.


Seeing this scene, Wen Chou Chou and everyone were furious.

This Ji Hongshang is really insidious, and she made such a ruthless move.

“Elder Huo…”

At the same time, the surrounding Xia Yin Sect disciples also exclaimed, and then wanted to surround themselves, but seeing the purple flames that were still burning, they were all inexplicably horrified, and they didn’t dare to dare. One step closer.


Taking advantage of the opportunity, Ji Hongshang’s delicate body flashed, and she rose up, directly grabbing the poisonous cockroach Neidan floating in the air in her hand.

Yes, when Ji Hongshang diverted the attention of Elder Huo and the others, he also wanted to get the inner core of the ancient poisonous scorpion. Speaking of which, the inner alchemy of the ancient poisonous scorpion is extremely poisonous, and it is difficult for others to integrate the power inside. , but to Ji Hongshang, it is a priceless treasure.

After all, what Ji Hongshang cultivates are all poisonous exercises. Once the power of the ancient poisonous scorpion inner pill is integrated, the strength will be raised to a whole new level.

The moment she got the inner pill, Ji Hongshang didn’t have time to get excited, but shouted at the disciples of the Five Poison Sects below: “Don’t be in love… break through…” The

voice fell, Ji Hongshang urged her figure to move towards Fly away.


At this moment, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect, who were still struggling, took out some bottles and jars from their bodies, and the bottles and jars were filled with all kinds of poisonous insects.

After joining the Five Poison Sect, one must always be in the company of poisonous insects, so each disciple of the Five Poison Sect often carries some poisonous insects with them.

In the next second, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect scattered the poisonous insects one after another. These poisonous insects gathered together, and there were tens of thousands of them.

It can be seen that among these poisonous insects, there are blood-red centipedes, and green scorpions…hs

Seeing this scene, everyone in the Ouyang family, as well as the members of the Xia Yin clan, couldn’t help but gasp. .

“Hurry up!”

Wen Chou Chou shouted loudly without thinking too much.

Hearing this, everyone scattered to avoid being hurt by these poisonous insects.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, many disciples of the Five Poison Sect rushed out of the siege and fled towards the distance

the other side. Holy area.

In the Yuyao Xianyuan, it has been a day since the Demon Lord Gone broke into the wedding, but the entire Xianyuan is still dead.

I saw that in the fairy garden, the Nine Heavens God and Empress Hua Zhao were sitting on the throne with pale faces.

In the seats below, many guests were also sitting there, slumped.

I have to say that the poisonous Tianluosan used by Demon Venerable is too overbearing. One day has passed by now, and the poison in the bodies of the Nine Heavens God and many guests has not yet dissipated.

And Yue Feng on the wedding stage was even more anxious.


Luo San was so terrifying today.

Just like the surrounding guests, Yue Feng Yuanshen was suppressed to the death during this day and could not be activated at all. Not only that, but the power of Bird Ancestor was also sealed.


At this moment, a team of patrolling soldiers came quickly.

These patrolling soldiers are responsible for inspecting the situation of the entire Divine Realm. They change their shifts once a day. Just now, this team of patrolling soldiers was about to return to the Yutian Palace to change their shifts, but found that there was no one in the Yutian Palace.

Under the doubts, these patrolling soldiers hurried to Yuyao Xianyuan to check the situation, because the Nine Heavens God was not in Yutian Palace, but rested in Yuyao Xianyuan.


when they got to the front, seeing the scene in front of them, these patrolling soldiers were all stunned.

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